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Renewal by Andersen

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Renewal by Andersen is the full-service window-replacement division of 114-year-old Andersen Corporation, the owner of the most trusted family of window brands in America.

Renewal was founded with a mission to redefine the industry and to offer a different—and better—window-replacement experience.

Renewal by Andersen’s Signature Service is committed to giving you the best customer experience possible, through the perfect combination of the best people in the industry, a superior process, and an exclusive product.

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"Outstanding Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors" J.D. Power
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2019

Renewal by Andersen is considered the top of the line and I had heard great things from homeowners about the windows and how well they were produced and how courteous the staff was. I was given the information by requesting it from users and I found out when I used Renewal by Andersen that everything that was said was true. They also had a showroom in Livonia, which was convenient for me.

I’ve called our salesperson each time and he was very courteous. He also had the ultimate product knowledge. After the first time, when he got the half-hour presentation and all the samples, I told him to get to the windows on the second visit and that I didn't need a sales talk because we were gonna do it. I also told him that I would pay half for the down and half when they complete it, so he didn't have to push me on the one-year. He backed off a little, although he wanted to tell me how good it was. I said that if I was gonna get one-year interest-free, then I was gonna pay it all at the end, I would have that hanging around. I don’t like things hanging around my neck. I’m a go-now, do-now guy, and he worked with me on it.

I came on a three-part plan. I did a whole bunch of windows the first time, but I did a bit less the second time, and I’m gonna be doing the last two windows on the third. Then, I’m gonna save for number four because it is gonna be expensive. I have an 11-window home, which is a beautiful colonial in Canterbury Commons, and I wanted it to sparkle. The windows I got are just like a dream. I got the cut-ups and they are inside the window. The windows look smashing and they are put together. I’m already seeing savings on the coldness with the use of the windows that I have. They’ve been here two times doing a good job and they were able to start and complete their work, two men each in one afternoon or one day. When the guy came for the final measurement, he gave me the date. We were told by our salesperson that it was gonna be around five months away. He had given me a sales job and I told him the date was very good.

We have the windows and I didn’t go very far off-field. I got a lot of standards, white frames and white windows, and white hardware. I didn’t make it difficult for the factory in Minnesota. As far as the kitchen window, we have a view window for my wife and she also loves the awning window. My wife was having a problem with the dinette window and it is pretty large. She was gonna surprise me one day and she got the window open because we could get it open and we could do almost everything from the inside. However, she couldn't figure out how to get it closed again, so we called the office again, but they didn’t have anyone that was in the neighborhood they could shake loose.

Brandon, the general manager, was listening in to the receptionist trying to find a truck. He lives in Fenton and he said that he would come over. He did and he was super great. I asked him why he was making that call and he said, “Because customers are supreme.” He is a pleasant man and I could see why he is the general manager of the year. If I had a company, I’d hire him in a moment.

I hear other people telling me what they did and I also hear that the windows freeze up on them, however, I don’t expect that with Renewal by Andersen's windows. I expect to pay a bit more and I’m probably paying around 12% to 15% more than the Livonia company, but it is worth it. Renewal by Andersen won’t get a complaint from me.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2019

We have an old farmhouse and my dad had put in some Andersen windows 50 years ago. They held up for a long time. They would probably still be holding up if there wasn’t some goof when they put aluminum siding on a couple of them, that were in pretty bad shape. What happened was the aluminum siding was covered over the sill, but they didn’t put any drain on there in case any water got in. The aluminum siding over the sill got water in it and it rotted it out. And so, the whole bottom part of the window started to go to heck. Now, new Andersen windows don’t use wood anymore like that and that was what forced me to replace these windows.

The sales team have been really nice. They recognized that there was a goof in the window and they were fixing it as they go. But then there was a detail somebody missed, and then we had another problem. But I’m comfortable with it. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get this all straightened out pretty well. I'm also having problems with the payment system. What sold me was the two years with no payments, no interest. And although I had to have it paid off by that time for 10 grand, I had basically four windows installed. I said I could nickel and dime it until it comes up toward the end and then I could just wipe it all out. 10,000 isn’t all that much. But we didn’t have it the right time, then they got it the right time, then all of a sudden I got payments to make which I’m not supposed to. That was the only goofy part about it, but they were working on it the last I knew. I’m confident they will get the payment situation straightened out.

Also the windows and the installation work were top-notch, absolutely beautiful and high-quality. They did a very good job in a very short time and kept the place very clean. They are expensive windows, but they’re damn good. One was a large picture window. Another one was a not quite large picture window, but a open large swing window, and the others were the usual up and down windows. I’m very happy with it. I love the windows.

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Renewal by Andersen response

Hi Ron - Thanks for taking the time to share about your experience! We are so happy to hear that you are loving your new windows! If any of these issues do not get resolved, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly and I can help get the situation resolved! Thanks again!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2019

When we built our home 40 years ago, we had Andersen windows installed and we were very happy with those windows. And those windows were still in the house when we sold it two years ago. It’s still airtight. The salesperson that came here also did a very good job. I like the quality of the windows and since I had them installed at our other house 40 years ago there’s been some major upgrades in technology so we’re very happy. They do an excellent job on the installation.

We bought our house two years ago. It’s an old farmhouse built 1965 and everything in the place was original. We had to tear everything out and replace. The old windows were single pane and drafty, so we had to do something. We did it with Renewal and so far, so good. Their timeline was right on. They said it would take two days which surprised me because this was winter. They also said the person that was coming in doing the staining, that would take a few hours, and they were spot on. The first day, they did all but three windows and the door. Those items had to be totally removed and installed. The others were just a removal of the old window.

We asked a lot of questions and the rep was here an hour and a half. He did a real good job of showing us the differences between a single pane, your normal double pane windows, and the windows that he installed, like about the heat loss. He had some device that actually measured on a meter how much heat loss is going through in the windows, which we ultimately purchased. It’s not a complete job, but still, they didn’t have to touch the woodwork on those windows. And the siding was no factor. With their measurements, they were able to remove everything and install the new with no damage to the siding. I was wondering how they were gonna do that, and it must have been just because their measurements were so accurate. And as far as the workmanship inside, they had floor coverings all over. They were very cautious of doing any kinda carpet damage and the cleanup was virtually spotless.

The quality is excellent. The house is quieter and we definitely don’t have the draft. It’s gonna be so much more comfortable in the winters. And maybe we’re gonna have a total recovery of what we invested in 10 years. The comfort level right now is well worth the wait to recover your savings. We put on Facebook how happy we were with our new windows by Renewal by Andersen and we got a number of comments. A couple of people responded to us that they had the same experience.

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Renewal by Andersen response

Thanks for the awesome review, Dean! We are so pleased to hear that you are satisfied with your experience with our team. Thanks for taking the time to share!

2 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2018

The Renewal by Andersen rep was very knowledgeable. He explained everything really well, so I knew exactly what I was gonna get. I dealt with him with my father-in-law's house first, and he did a very good job with that one. I liked Renewal by Andersen so much that I ended up choosing them for my house too. I thought about the quality and how well they explained everything to us, and I liked what I heard. Everything went exactly how the rep had said it would be, and it worked out the same way with my house too. He seemed like he knew what he was doing and talking about, so just the way he was, was all right with me.

Renewal by Andersen had their person come out to measure, and he came when they said he was gonna come. Then, for the installation, they told me which day and that they would start it at 8 in the morning. The guys arrived at 8 and they were very good people. They were very personal where it was like you can talk to them like they're neighbors. They definitely knew what they were doing and they did very quality work. I liked the way they weather-sealed the outside with the caulking. They did a really nice job there. Taking the old windows out, they were really careful with the old bay window, and they made sure it didn't fall. There were two groups, and they helped each other right throughout. One group had a patio guy doing the patio, and the window people are kind of a separate crew.

I had the patio door and bay window replaced, and then I did my one-bedroom window at this time. Eventually, I'd like to do more when I can afford it. They gave me eight to ten weeks as timeline when I had done it early summer. But it ended up being quicker because it only took six weeks. I had the trim work which is what I'm always impressed with. They did such a nice job with the oak trim that they put back on around the windows. They do an outstanding job and they do it so quickly and efficiently. Then they already had set up for my city inspector to come out, and that all went as smooth as silk.

I've already told people how great Renewal by Andersen is. I think it's the way to go, even if it's a bit more up front. I've got a lifetime guarantee and good financing, and then I had gotten a good deal as it was anyways, so it has made it a lot easier also. I recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone who would ask or anyone that wants windows. I'm more impressed with their product than the vinyl windows that I purchased about 10 years ago. They are on the other part of my house. They seem to be all right and that's why I haven't replaced them yet, but they're nowhere near as good as the windows by Renewal by Andersen.

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Renewal by Andersen response

Thank you for the awesome review, Donald! We are so pleased to hear that you had a great experience with Renewal by Andersen! Thanks again for taking the time to share!

4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2018

I liked Renewal by Anderson’s product the best over that of other window retailers. Even though it was more expensive, I figured it would be better in the long run while I was living there and then it would be better for resale of the house later. I went online and got an appointment scheduled with the reps. They came to the house and went through their spiel. I purchased seven windows. Two of these have a thing that makes the window open to see through it and the rest are sliders. After that, I was in contact through email and via phone call with the main rep that they sent over until the windows were installed. He was knowledgeable and good. He was also there on the day of the installation and he followed up a couple of weeks after everything was done.

When the installers arrived, they walked around the house and made sure they had all the correct windows with them. They told me what they were gonna do and that they were gonna try to do the installation in one day but they might have to do it in two days. They worked with good speed and it took them six hours to install all the windows that I purchased. Also, they were very friendly and good people, and they were even gonna buy me some pizza, which was nice. I would absolutely recommend Renewal by Anderson and for sure that’s because of the installers.

The windows are amazing and they'ire great products. They are insulating well, not just air but also noise. The sound level from outside has drastically been reduced while I’m inside. I definitely went out on a financial limb to get these windows over others, but if I had more disposable income the cost would not have been any issue for me. For what they charged and what they gave me, I’m not regretting my decision to pay that money. I have been telling people that the windows are really good. There have been a couple of times when my neighbors were gawking at our windows and asking me about them. Whenever that happened, I told them about the price point and where I got the windows, and that they're worth the cost.

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Renewal by Andersen response

Thanks for the awesome review, Eric! We are glad that you are satisfied with your experience. And we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience in so much detail! Thanks again!

3 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2019

My wife and I just had two sets of sliding glass patio doors installed for right around 15K. Everything went well; the doors seem excellent (time will tell!). They are argon-filled double pane low-e glass. Our patio does not get a great deal of sun but is, of course, exposed to cold in the winter, so we look forward to the benefits. I would have given a five-star review, esp. with Andersen's local choice of installation crew, who were pleasant to work with and did a good job. The only bittersweet part was their upfront salesperson.

"Scott" did a good job of selling us what we needed and moving everything forward. When I emailed him (three times!) to inquire how Andersen compared to another company that utilized and instant, electronic privacy glass, he would absolutely NOT respond to me. I could not believe it! The doors I asked Scott about were probably much more expensive and not applicable for our use, but the fact that once he made the sale but then would not respond to my emails after the fact, prompt me to NOT call him for further sales.

Since we had replaced all of our windows in our home just a few years ago, I believe Scott thought there were no more sales to be made. As a *former* salesman, I would remind every salesperson to always be aware of future potential sales, and to never alienate a possible customer. As I've mentioned though, the doors seems great and the installation was seamless. Nate, Garrett, and their installation helper (sorry, I've forgotten his name), were great, and overall this was not a bad installation. I look forward to many years of quality performance from our new patio doors!

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Renewal by Andersen response

Hi Michael - thanks for taking a minute to leave us a review here. We really appreciate your honest feedback. I'm sorry you had a difficult time trying to get in touch with your sales consultant after your job. That's definitely not the way we expect our teams to treat homeowners. I'll be passing your feedback along to the team you worked with so they can use it to improve their processes. Thanks again, Michael, and if you need anything in the future I'm happy to help.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2019

This is strictly on the sales experience. The sales rep that came to my house was very personable and professional. He wanted to provide his spiel on the windows and what separates Andersen in the market. I explained that I was looking to replace 7 windows. He asked if I wanted to hear finance options. I said no, not right now as it depended on the cost of the windows. He then stated that if I were going to base my criteria strictly on cost then he was going to be the most expensive and that it probably wouldn't be a good fit.

He asked what the estimates were that I had already received. I told him. He said he would be more than this, most likely over 16K. I never saw a sample window, he never took measurements. He just basically assumed I was strictly price driven I guess or he based it off of the fact that I live in a condo and therefore didn't want to spend the money? Not sure. He was at my house less than 10 minutes. I appreciate that he didn't want to waste my time, but honestly whatever window I decide to go with I'm paying cash. I'm not financing and I think he jumped to assumptions.

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Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2019

We were pleased with Renewal by Andersen Company from the start. Eric ** was our sales Representative, and he was great to deal with, absolutely no pressure. Tania was our Concierge. She did a wonderful job of keeping in contact with us about everything from start to finish. Anthony ** was the installer. He and his helper did a fantastic job. They cleaned up everything when they got done. All I had to do is put the drapes back up.

Renewal by Andersen response

Thanks for taking a few minutes to leave us a review, Joyce! We will be sure to share your comments with the team...nothing like a happy customer leaving good feedback!

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Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2019

We were extremely pleased with everyone involved from beginning to end. First of all our salesperson, Rick was a joy to work with. He felt like a friend from the moment he walked through our front door, he was extremely efficient with helping us choose what best fit our needs which was really appreciated as we had 15 windows and our back sliding glass door all in need of replacement. He also worked diligently with our HOA to get approval for our replacement windows as they were completely different from the ones we had when applying for an approval, Rick went above and beyond and was extremely professional and hard working to get the approval we needed. The Men who came to install our windows and back door were professional and really hard working and everything was completed within the two days as promised. The entire experience was completely stress free and we love our new windows and our back door.

Renewal by Andersen response

Hi Darlene! Thank you for taking a few minutes to leave feedback about the people, the process, AND the product. All three are important parts to our signature service, and we're glad your experience lived up to that! We hope you enjoy that great new view for many years to come!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2019

Dan and Darrell did a 3 day install at my house Sept. 9-11. They showed up 5 minutes early every day and worked with incredible efficiency all three days. Each day the areas they worked were cleaner than would they started, including my garage floor! They also communicated with us each step of the way. The installation went flawlessly and looks great!

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Renewal by Andersen expert review by Joseph Truini

With locations across the United States, Renewal by Andersen, a division of Anderson Corporation, offers start-to-finish window and door replacement with a focus on energy efficiency.

  • Windows: Renewal by Andersen offers a variety of window styles including picture, sliding, awning, casement and bay. The company also offers 15 different styles of specialty windows with custom options.

  • Patio doors: Renewal by Andersen has several styles of patio doors to choose from including hinged French patio doors and sliding doors. The company offers free consultation with a representative.

  • Product visualizer: Renewal by Andersen’s product visualizer takes a picture of your home and superimposes a custom window over it, allowing you to see how a new window would look before you purchase.

  • Mobile app: The company’s mobile app generates a 3D model of your home based on pictures you upload. You can then visualize different styles of windows all around your home.

  • Best for: homeowners who need to replace windows or patio doors in their home.

Profile picture of Joseph Truini
Joseph Truini Home Improvement Contributing Editor

Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

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