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About two years ago I purchased a Lasko 37" oscillating tower fan Model 2711. It had a one year warranty. I used it for two summers (about 6 months total) and it quit working. I called customer support at Lasko and was told to use compressed air to clean it "and if it still doesn't work you can buy a new one." I used the compressed air and it worked for one more day and quit again. The design of this fan does not allow you to clean it. I sent an email to the company complaining about the product and never got a response. I would like a response and a refund or replacement since the product is not made to work once dust or lint collects.

Purchased the LASKO Ceramic Tower Heater from Walmart. Thought I was going crazy when I woke up in the middle of the night smelling a very strong chemical odor. Turned heater off immediately. Happened for a second time and decided to see if any other complaints matched mine. Sure enough they do. No luck with customer service. This heater is going into the garbage! It should be recalled and taken off the market. Do not purchase! I say again...DO NOT PURCHASE THIS HEATER!

I have had model CC 24841 for a year now. Just started using it the second year and the plug at the wall socket melted and was welded to the inside of the wall socket, took a lot of force to pull it out of the socket. Now unit is unusable and I do not get any help from customer service, they do not answer. Also after reading reviews here on other units, I realized a horrid burning toxic order I was having when I used my heater was actually coming from the heater not another source. Which I had hunted and hunted for what was causing it not realizing it could be a new heater doing it. The smell would make me sick at my stomach and when I woke up after a night of using it I would have breathing problems.

I have a heart condition and this is not a good thing for anyone to experience much less an unhealthy person. And what about children??? This is so dangerous. These heaters should be removed from the market, I could have been burnt to death if I had not been awake when the heater plug fused into the wall socket. And who knows what harm the toxic fumes could have caused... This needs to be address and fast!!

We were using the heater in the low mode for a few hours. Turned it off and shortly started smelling a burning smell. We had the heater since the first of the year so thought maybe dust or something but it keep on. I got up and checked the heater and the top was very hot then the power light went out and would not come back on. I'm just now researching my options.

Lasko Heaters and their customer service people added much unnecessary problems and stress for 3 years. I used a Lasko heater that caused a TOXIC burning smell in my house that lingered and resulted in my removing so many things such as rugs in my house. And me hiring so many professional for services trying to find the cause of the odor with no success. Spent so much time and money spent for this unnecessary problem. The heaters worked great so I bought 2 more. Wondering if the smell could come from the heater I called Lasko. Many problems reaching them. They told me there could be no way that the odor could come from the heaters. I called them 5 times in 3 years asking questions such as do they have a filter to clean. They answered "No" to all.

The last heater I purchased had a toxic plastic burning smell that made me sick. And the plug got hot and blew a fuse also on one of them. I emailed them twice and called leaving messages but no response. Then I found many reviews on Amazon of users with the same experiences. I am still trying to determine how I will deal with this. They are very unsafe and can cause illness.

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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater - My fiance and I purchased this space heater through Amazon on January 11, 2015 this past winter for our reptile room, as the house gets very cold during the winter months. The heater never worked accurately since day one and would occasionally go above the selected maximum temperature guidelines we would set. It would frequently go as many as 10 degrees past that. We walked into the reptile room this week on May 6th, 2015 at approximately 5:00 PM to find the space heater had turned on by itself. Not only did it turn on by itself, but it did not stop. The thermometer in the room was pinned at 120 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.

The space heater had been running for God knows how long and sat at its highest capable reading of 99 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT with no safety fan or mechanism in sight. We found our three beloved Crested Geckos dead. My two Gargoyle Geckos barely survived and the eggs from our now deceased geckos seem to be hanging on by a thread. I am not optimistic about their future. We are baffled as to how it not only turned on by itself, but Lasko has absolutely no safety features and DANGEROUS product mechanics. There is no telling if the heater would have ever shut off or burned down the house had we not come home when we did. When we left that morning the heater was plugged in and OFF. Whatever controls the heater's temperature gauge or thermostat must have malfunctioned, causing it to run without any end in sight.

There are several other very specific Amazon reviews from consumers who have experienced very similar and almost exact results from this Lasko heater. We have attempted to contact Lasko by phone multiple times now and have not heard back, nor have we even reached a live person. After being put on hold for hours at a time, we feel we have exhausted all other options. We will be filing a complaint with the BBB, Amazon, and pursuing legal action to have Lasko reimburse us for the cost of our deceased geckos and the cost of their product. We seek that they remove these highly dangerous products from the market and issue a statement acknowledging the defective products and their negligence to recall them after multiple complaints from others referencing these similar issues.

As devastated as we are about this loss, we are also concerned for others and don't wish it on anyone to see the horrible sights we saw that day. What if this were to happen to someone's child? We cannot sit by and do nothing while countless others are at risk. Do not buy any products from this company if you value safety. You will be putting you, your pets, family and loved ones at risk.

Recently purchased Lasko ceramic tower heater. Like most I'm still trying to teach company by phone... Still not possible. I ordered this unit from WalMart online to add a little bit of extra heat to my kitchen. However, it does not do a thing to add any warm. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

I love my Lasko heater. Today, after 3 yrs use, I decided to take the back off of the heater to clean out the dust. I found that the back was attached w/ 4 Phillips head screws and 2 crescent screws. What idiot does something like that??? Thank God that I just happened to have a crescent wrench that would fit!!! What would I have done if I hadn't had that wrench??? Lasko heater is a good product but evidently all logic was thrown out the door in the finishing Dept.!!!! P.S. I have been in Quality Control for over 20 yrs and mixed screws are totally unacceptable!!!

Have Lasko model 5592 tower heater purchase from Sam's Club. Had unit plugged in. Plastic cord burned completely through...caught on fire.

Lasko Tower Heater - The heater almost caught on fire in my home. You can visually see the burn marks on front of Heater. Now here is the result, I continued for 4 days calling the 1-800 number on back of heater Lasko Main Number. Forget it. On hold every time for 30 min resulting in never speaking to anyone. Then a recording "Leave your number and we will return your call" never losing your place in line. That's a joke! Did that 3 times, no return call. Last I sent an email again, no response. Never will I ever by a Lasko product again.

Purchased from Walmart...But before I buy I like to read the valuable reviews. And I found one that would validate what I was trying to do. Which was from a gentleman, whose heater in his Chevy Tahoe died on him (RIP heater, no CPR, OBITUARY, EULOGY)... nothing. So I buy the damn thing (Lasko 100), per Chevy Tahoe Man... Which was: Use with a 400 watt inverter. Plug into cigarette lighter. Plug heater into inverter/converter (whatever) it's called. And WALLA!!! Instant heat. NOPE, NADA, ZILCH!. What I got was: A piercing, high pitch noise, and no heat. WHAT!!! Why Mr. Lasko?. Oh yeah - read small print 'MADE IN CHINA'.

Just turned on my Lasko Heater. Immediately it gave off a chemical smell. I have respiratory problems. Contacted company. Was on the phone for 2 hours on hold. No one ever answered the phone. The product information said do not return to place where you bought the item. Notify the company itself.

They do not call back when leaving messages for products that fail. They suck, suck, suck. Only my opinion could be wrong? Do not support this company! Space heater failure. Less than one year old. Left three messages with no response. Never again. Be aware!

Bought a Lasko heater and 1 day after return possibility with Home Depot unit stopped working. Contacted Customer Service and they got back to me within 2 days and had some tips on how to see if I could get it to work and otherwise I should call them. Called and was on hold for 45 min. Tried again 2 hours later and again on hold for 45 min. Left a message and should get a call back as soon as my number in line came up. I also e-mailed them and got an e-mail back the next day that they would call. Never received the call and I tried again. Again I was on hold for 50 min. and just finally gave up. Do not buy their heaters, not worth the aggravation.

I have two oscillating tower heaters, both of which just dropped dead on me in a year's time! Like most, I don't have my receipts so just stuck with two towers of junk. However, when in working condition, they were awesome. So for short term, if you don't mind wasting $65, then this is the route to go. Maybe there's a fix I haven't found yet??

I plugged my Lasko Ceramic Heater model 5307 into the wall and for a few weeks, it worked just fine. Until one day, I noticed it oscillated slower. So I did the maintenance follow-up on the heater. About a week later, I was using my heater in my bedroom while I worked and in only 5 hours, the plastic case that covers the heater and the oscillation button have melted! And now I cannot make the heater stop oscillating when in use. Do not purchase this product because it also leaves the smell of something burning lingering in your air! I plan to contact Lasko immediately about this, what is done to it or if anything is done at all from the company remains to be seen.

3-month old heater model 5536 does not work. Plug it in a live outlet and it has no power. It just stopped working. I lost the receipt but I filled out form for warranty. I was told that was only for marketing purposes.

Here is the email I sent to Lasko to make them aware of the problem with the space heater. I sent this in early Feb. and have not received a response:

"My husband purchased a digital ceramic tower heater model 5571 recently. We have had it plugged into the same wall outlet for about 2 weeks. I unplugged it today and saw that my outlet looks burned. This heater may not be safe. We still have the receipt and plan to return it immediately, but I wanted to make you aware of this possible safety hazard."

i purchased one of lasko's new ceramic heaters for 80 dollars. used it two times for about two hours each time. it shut off and i did as directed still wouldn't come back on did as directed again and still nothing except the on button fell into heater. spoke with Lasko rep who says they can't replace? are you kidding me. it was two weeks before it broke.

I have a Lasko ceramic heater and the electric cord burned off next to the base. It could have started a fire. I can no longer use this heater.

My Lasko model # 5560 ceramic space heater has quit oscillating and the on off switch quit working. I am unable to shut the unit off, except by unplugging it from wall.

I have a Lasko ceramic air space heater model #5560. The plastic case that surrounds the heater has melted. I checked on the web site and this model number is not part of the recall.

I talked to Lasko's Customer Service Department several months ago about repairing my Lasko Model 5700 heater. I was told it was recalled for a dangerous electrical plug problem. I gave them all the information over the phone and also over their internet site. It was supposed to take 3 to 4 weeks for directions how to send the heater back for a replacement. I have since contacted the company again via their internet site and have had no reply.

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