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Model # BFG6240S403NOV. As soon as I called plumber about this water heater, he told me "let me guess. Thermostat issue right?" I have replaced three thermostat within last 4 years. Company is failed to provide after sales service for well known issue. Company is offering free parts but refuse to pay labor chargers which range from $150 to $250 per installation.

I bought a 58 GAL Electric American Water Heater 6 YEAR in 2006 and it's still going strong. Best Water Heater I have ever had. I need to retrofit so I thought I'd put in a replacement because the heater is way past its shelf life even though it works as new. Current health makes me want to get it installed now so I don't have issues in the near future. I am searching for the same Heater that is NEW 2016. Best Water Heater Ever. I'm scared to get something made in China. All You people who are complaining must be doing so about a GAS Heater. BIG difference. Please be specific.

My husband and I have had nothing but problems working with this company. Their product is inferior. We have had more than 3 complaints with this water heater. Within 3 weeks of my husband passing away, we have had the control valve/thermostat fail, twice. The day of his memorial, my entire family had to go to neighbors to get hot showers. The using of "American" in their name is misleading and manipulative. I hope to spare other customers the utter pain and frustrating at dealing with this so-called company.

My water heater stopped producing hot water on 06/06/2016. On 06/16/2016, after several visits by my plumber, Big City Plumbing, my water heater was replaced by a new American Water Heater: model # g61-50T40 400 (the box indicated a new 6 year warranty...). I have a 6 year warranty on the old Water heater effective 01-18-2012. So, after 4 years the water heater had to be replaced. My issues are: Water heater had to be replaced after only 4 years. Per Melanie at American Water Heater Company: they only prorate my warranty on the new water heater by the remaining warranty on the original water heater. That implies that they do not have much faith in their product. I would not recommend this company for water heaters.

If I could rate the service of this company less than one star I would. This is the biggest crook of poo that I have EVER witnessed. We purchased our new hot water tank from Sears in Nov of 12 and have had nothing but issues since. The first one happened in Oct of 14 and every couple months since we've had something happen. Not every time do we call to talk to the warranty company because when we call in Oct of 15 (with another issue of it not staying lit) they gave us a 'how to light' manual and said, "When it goes out, try these things then call if there are still issues".

So anyway, every couple months we call and they tell us to take something apart and clean it then relight and we're good for a little bit but then the same stuff happens again. The last issue that occurred on 5.12.16. This is the one that has cost us the most. This time, we paid the contractor they send $169 to tell us they couldn't fix it and that we would be a WEEK without hot water. A WEEK, there is a 8-year-old boy living at my house and I would go a week as a 75-year-old women without hot water. This is ridiculous! As many times as we have had issues and yet again they are coming out to fix the same stuff that has been fixed before, we still are not permitted a new hot water tank. This is the worst warranty I've ever experienced in my life and I've seen some shady stuff. I will NEVER purchase another Whirlpool, especially if I know American Water Heater Company is attached in any way.

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I bought a 75-gallon water heater from Lowe's made by American Water Heater. In June 2013, it broke and received a replacement unit under warranty through Lowe's at a price of $600. In April 2016, the new unit UBG62-75-T75-4NV started leaking again. I contacted a licensed plumber and diagnosed that the inner tank was ruptured and not repairable. I've reported American Water Heater and they issued a Return Authorization number after more than 10 phone calls, wasting a few hours each time of phone call. I went to Lowe's with the authorization number and the Lowe's needs to find out the replacement unit because the unit I have is no longer available. The manufacturer, John from American Water Heater, said the replacement unit is VG6275T100NV. Later Lowe's told me that the replacement unit VG6275T100NV is priced at $3700.

The Lowe's told me that I have to pay the difference of $600 and $3700; in other words, I have to pay $3100. Now all I am asking is to replace my water heater since it's supposed to be covered by 6-year warranty. Mine is less than 3 years. But then, I have to pay $3100 additionally after warranty coverage? What kind of warranty is it? There must be a fraud here. After two weeks of agonized talks with American Water Heater and Lowe's, I had to give up this battle and ask a local plumber to install a totally different brand water heater because I desperately need hot water. I can't believe this type of irrational business is still around in the greatest nation like America. Thanks for reading my horrible experience.

Very little hot water. I have to rush thru my shower to be able to have enough hot water. And even then there isn't enough to do any extras such as shave legs/pits or to scrub brush my back or feet. I have to skip washing my hair to be able to fit anything else in. I called the company that installed the water heater and they told me that while using the hot water, cold water enters the tank, so there is less and less of it. What a bunch of hooey. I didn't have this problem with my old water heater that is the exact same size, in fact, I would take a leisurely shower and still be able to have another person shower immediately after me. This is a piece of junk! And to top it off, the jerks that installed it WAY overcharged me. I am going to have to replace this piece of costly junk. I don't need to stress over having enough hot water to get through my shower every morning; I have enough stress in my life without that.

Purchased Envirotemp water heater from Lowe's on 11/22/2015. Seemed to work ok at first. Now as you're taking a shower within 5 minutes or less you have to turn the cold water down to get hot water. In a 15 minute shower, by the time you are finished you have to have the cold water turned all the way off to have hot water. The company keeps telling us that it is not their tank that is faulty, that it must be a water leak or faulty water faucet on our part.

Well within the warranty period my water heater pilot would not stay light, hard to relight and went off again. Contacted warranty service. They sent instructions by email and wanted to refer me to local plumbers on their own list. I was able to relight the pilot only if the metal cover over the valve was not used. No parts sent although they would recommend the most likely part needed was an inexpensive thermo couple. None sent. I'm wondering now if running the heater without the plate across the valve (the only way it stayed on for months) is safe.

Now I'm 5 weeks past the 6 year parts warranty and can't get heater to work. I called, explained to first person then to 'manager' named Fernando. I should get some help considering this is a long standing problem they never helped me with while under the useless warranty. And that I felt now they're laughing at me even after telling them I have a special needs child who needs to be kept clean.

If you consider this product has no warranty protection really on their equipment other than 6 year inner tank 6 year parts. Well they're not even willing to send a $ 10 dollar part unless you pay a plumber's service call first. I believe the people manning the phones for this companies warranty work aren't helping the consumer and the boiler plate warranty is useless unless the tank springs a leak which is not the most likely failure. Reading other people's experience of poor service if the tank floods their home or that they complain of pilot light not staying on being a common problem (and mine also) suggests this company is laughing at their consumer's problems more than helping them resolve issues.

Since writing this report, the company has come in and changed our hot water tank out for a new one. We are very thankful for them doing so but it shouldn't have been such a battle. Crossing our fingers all goes well with the new one.

Original Review

My husband and I built a new home and moved into it the end of August 2015. Right from the start there were issues with our hot water tank. It was leaking and it was trying to ignite about every 30 seconds. We immediately contacted the company who installed it (Jetco Mechanical) and they had several of their plumbers look at it when they came in to fix other infractions. In total they looked at it approx 4-6 different times, cleaned the filter a few times, could not figure out where the leak was and then left telling us that because of the construction going on outside we were going to have this issue until it stops. This did not seem right so we got hold of our builder and since then we have had the manufacturer rep plumbing company visit, Ye Olde Plumber.

During his two visits this plumber was able to fix the leak (this is 3 months after we moved in), he replaced all components in the tank but it still was not working properly. He then indicated that he was sent a notice by the manufacturer that was issued a while back that a specific type of filter needs to be installed to make it work. He said he would order this. He then bypassed something on the tank so that it would work and we would have hot water (Later the manufacturer told me that he had disengaged the pressure switch and this was safe practice) and left...

Two weeks later we heard nothing so I called Ye Olde Plumber... They would look into this. When we heard nothing again I decided to call the manufacturer direct. They indicated that they would look into this right away. He did what he said and we had another plumber from yet another company come and install this filter. (9 visits to date and lots of time taken off work for my husband and I). Unfortunately this filter that they added did not work and the plumber left saying that he could not fix it and left leaving us without hot water(this was on a friday).

I contacted the manufacturer right away and he said that he would send the plumber back that day but he never did show, We called our builder, Accropolis, right after this happened and he has not returned our call. We called the manufacturer and he will not return our call. We have called Jetco and they indicated that they cannot do anything. Every company that we have dealt with has told us that they cannot authorize a new hot water tank and puts the onus on one of the others... not sure where to go from here.

We really do not want to use any hot water tanks manufactured by this company anymore. They have shown their true colors and we believe their product to be poor quality and we have now experienced their horrible service. Would hate to go through issues with them again in the future. Details on the tank I am referring to: Model # PC 199-50-3NV. Product #: 0320039. Serial #: 1428T491590. See attached pictures.

Ordered an anode rod for our hot water heater from AWH. Never received any confirmation or tracking number (but they were quick to charge the credit card). After several weeks, the rod still hadn't shown up. Called AWH, and they said "well, there was a problem with UPS" (blame someone else!) By that time, we couldn't use the hot water, so we had a plumber bring the part. AWH said they would refund the money (3X what the plumber charged!) to our credit card. After 5 weeks and no sign of a refund, we called AWH. They said they had sent the credit to the cc company the day after I cancelled and that the cc company would take 4-6 weeks to post it (blame someone else!). Called the cc company - they, of course, had no record of ever receiving any credit from American Water Heater. The credit card company is handling this refund now.

On 10/3/15 (a Saturday), my in WARRANTY, American Water Heater flooded my utility room in my home. When I called the 800 number on the side of the unit, I spoke with a Lee Anne. She told me that my unit was indeed under warranty and would be covered. I proceeded to ask Lee Anne what I was supposed to do to get my unit repaired and restore hot water to my home. I was instructed by American Water Heater to call a plumber and replace the unit and mail the invoice into American Water Heater and it would be taken care of. I did EXACTLY what American Water Heater told me and called a plumber who came to my house with a new water heater, when the plumber said that I would have to pay him for the unit and the service, I contacted Lee Anne again and she told me to send the invoice with their R number to a specific PO box in Johnson City, TN.

After having the unit replaced, I received a invoice for $700.00 from the plumber. On Monday 10/6/15, I proceeded to do EXACTLY what American Water had told me to do and mailed the invoice with photos of the in Warranty product sticker of the defective water heater to the PO Box given. Not having heard from anyone at American Water Heater, I called on 10/19/15 and spoke with Cinnamon who promised to resolve it and get back to me.

On 10/21/15, I contacted Paula who put me in contact with Kim ** who would look into it and get back to me. Kim has been in contact with the plumber that did the work at my home and Chris (a Team Lead) at American Water Heater. And the resolution is, they want to pay me $150.00 for a $700.00 invoice after following their EXACT instructions. That is why I am filing this complaint against American Water Heaters. When I questioned Kim as to who the CEO or CFO of American Water Heaters is, I was told "she did not know." Model 62-40H-045DV, Serial #0950T402755

Bought unit approximately 3 years ago, 40 gallon tank --SN1028T424934. Pilot kept going out and kept relighting until it would no longer relight. We called service 4 times past month and received a replacement unit with no thermo-coupler. Upon taking it apart, the rust and time taken found that the thermo-coupler was missing. We called service and replied that only the pilot was required. For a tank with 3 years’ service causing this much aggravation, we decided to buy a new tank from another company. What should’ve been done, a whole new burner unit, including thermo-coupler and pilot should have been send, since no labor was involved on their part.

My water heater's gas control/thermostat has a status indicator that blinked a code indicated the gas control/thermostat was defective. I called them and in a few minutes they processed a free warranty replacement. I had read about complaints. However, I was taken care of by a friendly & helpful person and would highly recommend them.

When gas comes on to heat the water, the unit makes a popping, knocking sound -- quite loud. I was told by the company that this is caused by sediment in the tank and to drain, flush, and refill the tank.. I have done this 4 or 5 times. I was then told to drain the tank and put in a gallon of red cider vinegar, let it stay for several hours, then drain, flush, and refill the unit. I did that and the popping, rumbling, knocking sounds persist. I called the company's approved repair service provider, and a technician came out, but he did not know what to do or how to fix the problem. He charged me fifty dollars and left. I have had at least a half dozen phone calls to the American Water Heater Company, and I have written a letter of complaint on July 14, 2015, but I have not yet received an answer or response.

Our home is a Trendmaker Home built in 2011, and we have 2 American Water Heaters that came with the house. They repeatedly ceased to operate intermittently (one and then the other, constantly trying to re-light the pilot). Then they would not light at all, and I called the customer warranty line and new parts were sent. $800 worth of plumbing bills later, the same thing occurred again, only this time the valve on the controller leaked out of the drain pan and through the ceiling, causing $500 in water damage to my home. We replaced both water heaters with new Bradford White Corp. water heaters, and they have been working great. I would not recommend anyone using the American Water Heater brand.

This has been the worst experience with a product that I have ever had. Approximately five to six weeks ago, I observed the Honeywell thermostat blinking four times in one of two of my American Water Heather Co. gas water heaters. Approximately five weeks later, I observed the same four flash in the second American Water Heater Co. gas water heater. I contacted America Water Heater Co. customer service warranty and advised them of the issue. They advised that they would send out replacement thermostats for the two water heaters.

After installing them both, approximately two to three weeks later they both went out again back to back. I contacted customer service again in reference to the issue. I asked if I had flushed the water heaters prior to install, which I did. At this time, customer service advised that they could either overnight another thermostat or replace the entire water heater. Figuring that this was entirely unusual that both thermostats go out twice, I opted to have one of the water heaters replaced first. I was given a warranty exchange number and advised to contact the place of purchase, North side Plumbing Supply in Houston Texas. North Side Plumbing Supply advised that they did not have any water heaters in stock as the new water heater regulations had recently taken place and would be backordered until the end of the month. Two other distributors of American Water Heater Company water heaters in the Houston area said the same.

I contacted Customer service back and advised them of this. The customer service agent advised me that I could take to water heater to Lowe's for the exchange. After spending most of my off day today (5-11-2015) taking the first water heater out, Lowe's advised me that the exchange was only for Whirlpool water heaters. I was very upset as there was no going back, with the water heater strapped down in the bed of my truck. I contacted customer service again and spoke with ** (5-11-2015 at approximately 3:14 PM CST). I explained my situation and desperation as my two kids and wife were not going to be as understanding about the lack of hot water in the house. ** refused to help me only referring me back to the company of purchase. I advised her that no one seemed to have the water heaters in stock in the Houston area. ** continuously stated that she did not know what to tell me.

When I asked for a supervisor, desperate for a solution, ** continued to argue and talk over me while on the phone. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor and ** refused continuing to argue with me stating, "They are just going to tell you the same thing." The customer service for American Water Heater Company was extremely unprofessional and had little regard for customer service or families in need of basic hygiene. I have no idea what I am going to do at this point. The water heater is still strapped in the bed of my truck. This is a pretty bad feeling. I am very disappointed in the way that my family has been treated by American Water Heater Company and will not purchase their products in the future.

This unit has been repaired several times and it only lasts a few years/months. The burner assembly failed, all replaced, thermocouple went out twice more, gas valve assembly ($198) and now the unit has failed and traced back to a faulty thermo switch. My biggest complaint - No help or correct advice was given in the manual or help desk in how to test for this problem. They just kept saying to buy a new water heater. The replacement switch requires replacing the entire door assembly - ($180). 20/20 hind sight I should have replaced it at the first sign of trouble or better yet, bought a quality unit to begin with.

My American Water heater broke on Easter Sunday. I called a plumber the next day. He told me the Thermal Coupler needed to be replaced and to call American. I called American and asked if I could order the part since the heater's warranty had expired on 6/2014. They proceeded to ask me questions. “Where is the heater located?” I told them “in a Utility room in the bathroom.” The woman on the phone told me that my Model cannot be placed in a Bathroom at all, and that Voided the warranty or any parts. I was then asked to take pictures of the Unit in the Bathroom. I took the pictures and emailed them over. A whole day went by with no response. I called them back up. They claimed to have not received the email. I sent it to ** this time. I called him the next day, due to no response from the previous day.

I spoke with another woman who stated he was not in yet and she assured me he would look at the pictures as soon as he arrived. I received a call from ** . He told me that they cannot ship me the part because my water heater is place in the bathroom. I explained again, “it is a Utility room with a concrete floor, has 2 vents which face my family room.” He denied my request for the part. The other Woman I spoke with said it was a Hazard to have this heater in my Bathroom Utility room since the only door to get out is the bathroom. The only way around this situation was to buy a new Water Heater. I called my Plumber to start that process. I went in the bathroom and read the labels on the American heater, found a label that stated, “The American may be installed in a Bathroom if it is 8" from top and 4" from sides.”

I then called American again. I even sent ** the picture of that label. ** told me they cannot service me and my Tank is voided due to its placement. I was forced to buy a new Water Heater which is a WhiteBoard. I found out that in my Townhouse community, all 48 of us had these heater's installed. Does that mean when a part fails each one of them has to buy a new Water Heater? I asked my plumber about this and he stated their concerns do not even apply to you because my particular model is made to go into a Bathroom Closet.

American Heaters please think of the hardship you have caused families due to your labels. ** and ** both pointed out that on page 4, in the book that comes with the heaters, it states the heater's can't go in Bathroom Closets. I purchased this townhouse and did not see the book. The Label on the Units state different. I suggest they put this statement on their Website for all to see.

If it is true and these Heaters are a Hazard, this should be clearly written on their WEBSITE. I wrote this to protect homeowners about the American Water Heaters may be a HAZARD if placed in a Utility Closet in the Bathroom. My townhouse was built sometime in the 80s. The previous homeowner bought her heater in 2009, and the warranty expired in 2014. I replaced the American with a Whiteboard. God Bless.

It is leaking from the bottom of the tank. This has flooded my basement and has cost me thousands of dollars in repairs and many lost items due to water damage. This heater is just over 2 years old. I spoke with a representative that gave me an authorization number, so I could have it shipped to my home. This is not the first time that your product has failed causing me thousands of dollars in 2012 also. It was professionally installed and I would just like to have the product replaced. My authorization number is **. THEY REFUSED THE WARRANTY ON THE HOT WATER HEATER, AND THEY ARE ONE OF, IF NOT THE WORST COMPANY THAT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!! WARNING.

Five months ago, I purchased a Whirlpool water heater (gas, 50-gallon, 12-year warranty) from Lowe's. Immediately I started having problems with the filter screen on my kitchen faucet plugging up with sediment in the hot water. Then my shower heads starting plugging up. I've had to turn off the water in the middle of a shower, unscrew the shower head and dump out the sediment just to get enough water pressure to rinse shampoo out of my hair. Now the filter screen for the kitchen faucet has to be emptied once a day. Over the weekend, the filter screen for the dishwasher clogged up and cost me a lot of money to have cleared by a plumber. When my wife takes a bath, over a tablespoon of sediment is left at the bottom of the tub.

So I have been calling the 877 number listed on the water heater and speaking to someone from American Water Heaters (???). They are annoyingly polite but keep telling me over and over and over again that their water heater is not defective. The problem they claim is with my water which is, supposedly, unusually acidic and attacking the standard aluminum anode in their water heater. The solution they suggest is that I buy and install at my own expense a better anode, which I can only purchase through them.

I keep telling them that water isn't the problem because none of my neighbors all of whom use the same city water supply have such a problem. None of my 20 rental condominiums in this area have such a problem, and I myself never had such a problem in 8 previous years I've lived in this house until I bought this new water heater. Meanwhile, their water heater continues to clog up my entire plumbing system and they continue to tell me their water heater is not defective.

I had a US Craftsmaster water heater installed. The hot water smells like rotten eggs. I called Craftsmaster and they want me to order a new part for 68 plus shipping and pay another plumber to install. I told them that they know there is a problem and they should put the new anode rod in instead of bulking the customer for more money. I call them and they said it was not covered under the warranty. They were kind of rude. I told them I would contact the bbb and they just said "well good luck with that". My point is they know something is wrong and instead of fixing it, they just leave it up to us to do it. They should notify us that if we are on well water that we might need the new part.

We've had our American Water Heater for a month. It's been leaking since we got it. Our plumber replaced a part of the copper pipe, a gauge of some sort. This didn't stop the leak. I called the company. They said we needed to add an overflow tank, which of course costs more money. They couldn't explain why we'd never needed this with our previous water heater. We had the tank installed and the pressure lowered, just in case. Still leaking. Our plumber has been here 3 times. We are getting rid of the tank and expect American Water Heater to reimburse us our money.

The Heap program provided me with an American heater from Lowe's. It's been nothing but a nightmare. It makes all kinds of noises constantly and won't stay lit. It's off more than it's on sometimes up to 3 or 4 months at a time. I've contacted every number I could get my hands on and no one seems to care including the program that had it installed for me. They wouldn't even give me a number to someone higher up. I want to make it clear that I'm appreciative of the help I receive but on the other hand what a terrible waste of tax payers’ money. The plumber who installed it said the American heater from Lowe's is the only heater Heap used for this program.

I purchased a American water heater from Lowe's and have had nothing but bad luck with it. Plumber installed it and a few days later the water really smelled bad, so bad you can't be in the room with the hot water on. I called them and they said I had to buy a different anode rod so I did from them. Another plumber visit, water is still as bad. I have been told it couldn't be bad then American water heater company got really snotty about it. I'm going to try one more time then I'm going to sue them and Lowe's over this.

We had a 40-gal Propane Gas American Water Heater installed by a plumber in July of 2011. Initial performance was OK, though not perfect but the heater is in the garage the full length of the house from the master bath so I attributed the deficiency to the length of plumbing in crawl space. Winter was worse, but again I blamed it on the plumbing. Then over the past year the performance has slowly deteriorated. It seemed to provide about a tankful of hot water, then lukewarm, then cold over a 10-12 minute period. I have 30+ years in facility maintenance, including a major military base with over 2,000 units of family housing (and that many "residential" type water heaters) so I first suspected that the thermostat/valve was to blame.

Called American and was told that they would reimburse for locally purchased repair parts so I wouldn't have to wait and also pay shipping. Sounds good, right? Not so fast. No one here in middle Tennessee stocks a replacement for the Robertshaw Unitrol valve they use. Did get a newer electronic valve only to find a non-match to the thermocouple (new one uses a wired thermopile). Returned the valve. Did they have the right kind of thermopile? -- No. (Good thing because it turns out the whole access door is a manufactured assembly and it wouldn't have worked anyway.)

Studied American's parts diagrams and lists online and called American back. Verified that the two wires from the Tstat/valve were for a hi-temp cutout. That seemed to explain the way it was performing if the cutout was tripping and then took a while to cool down and reset. Explained that to the lady at American and she asked if I had called a plumber. Said, yes, I had one out twice already and this was our joint thought. Can't just get a new cutout, gotta get a whole assembly but they would provide (as long as I paid shipping). OK, how about that assembly, a new burner, and a new thermostat/valve? Nope, will only ship one part at a time. Oh, so I can pay for overnight shipping three times potentially. Yup. Ok, charge me for shipping and send the assembly. Got plumber back and everything re-assembled. Seemed to be working and then ... everything shuts down -- pilot is out, will not relight and hold.

Five days without hot water and possibly two more for one more part and two more for another and maybe $60+ more shipping? No thank you. Went to Lowe's and thank goodness they didn't have an LP unit in stock because I now have learned that American makes the Whirlpool brand as well (Lowe’s is stocking almost nothing labeled American so perhaps they have gotten the brunt of complaints as well, but if what you stock is the same underneath, standby!). Two major plumbing supply house also did not have an LP unit in stock. Went to Home Depot and found a 50 gal Rheem LP gas unit. Called a third plumbing supply and they also had a 50 gal LP but at a higher price so I bought the one at Home Depot.

Got plumber back for third trip and replaced the American with the Rheem -- fit perfectly height-wise for the flue and all the water and gas connections. Have checked the reviews on the Rheem units and aside from one negative one that Rheem responded to and said, "Call us. We want to make this right for you.", all the rest were highly positive. The litany of bad experience makes me say without hesitation, DO NOT buy an American Water Heater or one made by them and branded by someone else like Whirlpool. They are junk and the warranty is weak.

We have vacation home in N.C. which has a American power vent heater. When we went down there at Christmas time the water heater was not working. Contacted a local plumber to look at and he called American on the problem we were having. They told us it needed a new control valve which cost 271 dollars with next day delivery. Installed new valve next day and the valve was bad. We called back American and told them what the problem was.

They told the plumber they would send a new valve but would not there until Friday because of New Years. Wednesday I called American to see who was going to pay the plumber for Tuesday work on heater when it was there fault the valve was bad. They told me that when the second valve was installed to have the plumber call them and work out a deal. Got the new valve on Friday and installed it and still did not work. Plumber calls American on the problem and woman says if you would have talked to me I would have suggested to send another part with it, which would have a another 50 dollar's.

Now here's the problem I have now, American won't give any money back to me because the valves were installed. B.S. DON'T BUY AMERICAN OR WHIRLPOOL. Very disappointed I've spent over 650 dollar's on a water heater and still don't have one.

My plumber installed an American Water Heater 12/14/2012 for $4999.50. On 12/28/14 water began pouring out of the bottom. We called our (former) plumber to ask about warranty coverage and he hung up. Researching further, I find that American Water Heaters used commercially have a 1 year warranty (my new water heater has a 3 year warranty on the glass tank). I can see why American's warranty coverage is shorter. If American is using inferior parts to make more money, then covers themselves by making their warranty period super short, the savings to consumers is offset by water heaters that may fail in 2 years. I'll never buy an American Water Heater again!

In April of 2011, I contacted American Water heater regarding my leaking water heater. I had purchased this water heater in 2005 and had a 9-year warranty on the water heater. American reluctantly told me to find another water heater and call them once I had done it. I went to Lowe's and selected a Whirlpool water heater manufactured by American Water Heater. I was then told I had to return the old water heater to Lowe's and then I could get the new water heater. At no time did American tell me that the remaining warranty on the old water heater would be transferred to the new one even though the new water heater has a 12 year warranty. I received nothing in writing and was not told this by anyone at American. This morning the water heater that was installed in my home on April 9, 2011 began to leak and will not heat water. I called American and was told that the warranty on my previous water heater had transferred to the new one and my warranty ended in August 2014. They diagnosed the issue with the water heater over the phone and tried to sell me a part for $153.50. I complained and asked to speak to a manager.

A manager called me back and apologized for their deceitful and dishonest practices but she was not willing to do more than that. Do not purchase Whirlpool/American Water heater products because they are not reliable. I was told this by a plumber who says that they are the worst water heaters on the market. I filed a complaint with the attorney general in my state. I am not sure what they will do but I plan to tell everyone who will listen to avoid this company.

We bought a water heater over 5 years ago from Home Depot. It's a propane water heater, 40 gallons. Worked fine till the thermocouple went out. What was supposed to be a simple fix, an $8-12 part, turned into a nightmare. Turns out that Whirlpool in their infinite stupidity made their thermocouple a left hand thread. Any replacement thermocouple that says "universal" on it will not work even with their "adapter" in the package. You can ONLY order the conversion kit and thermocouple from Whirlpool's parts people at 18778176750. And it goes from being an $8-12 part to a $35 part with shipping costs. Since it's the 3rd of December, and we really could use some hot water, that means it's a $30 overnight shipping cost. Rat bastards who give not a ** about the problem. Will NEVER buy ANYTHING with Whirlpool's name on it ever again. EVER.

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