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Kohler vs. Ella’s Bubbles

Ella's Bubbles and Kohler Walk-In Bath

What is the difference between Kohler and Ella’s Bubbles?

Ella’s Bubbles and Kohler are two popular walk-in tub companies with some significant differences. Kohler has one model with customizable colors and design elements, and Ella’s Bubbles offers a wide range of models. Kohler also includes installation in the price, while Ella's Bubbles provides a contractor network you can use to find someone to install your new tub.

  • Kohler is best for customers who want an all-in-one experience with an in-home consultation and installation.
  • Ella’s Bubbles is best for customers who want a large selection of walk-in tubs and don't mind handling the installation separately.

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

kohler walk-in bath logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Overall star rating4.84.6
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
kohler walk-in bath logo4.8Read reviews
ella by ellas bubbles logo4.6Read reviews


kohler walk-in bath logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Basic tub starting priceOnly available with quote$4,000
InstallationIncludedDIY or local contractors (contractor network provided)
Financing offered
Discounts offered
In-home quotes required
Warranty - LaborLifetimeVaries by installer
Warranty - PartsLifetimeFive years
Warranty - TubLifetimeLimited lifetime
kohler walk-in bath logoOnly available with quoteIncludedLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
ella by ellas bubbles logo$4,000DIY or local contractors (contractor network provided)Varies by installerFive yearsLimited lifetime

Available walk-in tub types

kohler walk-in bath logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Soaker tub
Wheelchair-accessible tub
Bariatric tub
Tub/shower combo
Two-seat tubs
kohler walk-in bath logo
ella by ellas bubbles logo

Tub features

kohler walk-in bath logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Step-in height3 inches6 inches
Fast drain
Quick filling
Grab bars included
Number of hydro jets1011 to 20
Number of air jets1713 to 20
Chromotherapy offered
Heated seats option
Heated backrest option
Remote control option
Showerhead options
kohler walk-in bath logo3 inches1017
ella by ellas bubbles logo6 inches11 to 2013 to 20

Services included with installation

kohler walk-in bath logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Bathroom door resizing
Old tub removal
Wall repair and repaint
Electrical wiring
Flooring touch-up
kohler walk-in bath logo
ella by ellas bubbles logo

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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    Kohler is a well-known manufacturer of stylish bathroom fixtures. The company offers a walk-in tub with options for color, faucet finish and LuxStone bath walls. Kohler also offers professional installation, and a representative will help you personalize the look of your new walk-in tub and surrounding walls. The company's tubs feature low step-in heights, hydrotherapy jets, fast-drain technology, a heated backrest and a convenient hand-held shower wand. The entry door is extra wide, and the size is customizable to fit your bathroom.

    Kohler has financing available, and its walk-in tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

    Kohler’s walk-in bath features a 3-inch step-in height, a multifunctional hand-held shower wand, easy-to-grip handrails, an extra-wide entry door and an accessible control panel. The tub also has hydrotherapy jets, bubble massage air jets, fast-drain technology and plenty of depth for soaking.

    The floor is textured for safety, and the tub comes with a choice of colors and faucet finishes. Customers can choose from a selection of surrounding LuxStone wall finishes. Financing options include no payments for 18 months for qualified customers at participating dealers. Financing offers may vary by dealer but typically include down payment and monthly payment options.

    What Kohler customers say

    Kohler walk-in tub customers give the company good reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Satisfied reviewers say the process is easy and the installation is quick and professional. Additionally, customers say Kohler representatives are professional, polite and very informative.

    The rep was very polite and the installation of our tub went really well. My wife has been enjoying it. I've been in it too and it was great.”

    Pere S. of Summerfield, OH

    Ella’s Bubbles

    Ella’s Bubbles offers a wide variety of walk-in tubs. Models include inward-swinging door, outward-swinging door, two-seat, wheelchair-accessible and lay-down walk-in tubs. The company also offers shower-column kits and folding glass doors that let you use the walk-in tub as a shower.

    The company's tubs feature foot massage jets and full-body hydrotherapy jets with adjustable pressure and microbubble infusion therapy. Dual-drain technology and a patented swivel tray set these tubs apart from others on the market.

    • Inward-swinging door tubs come in six models: Elite, Royal, Petite, Deluxe, Ultimate and Companion. The seat height is 15 inches, and the door width is 16.25 inches. All models come with grab bars, access panels, hydro jets and air jets. Some inward-swing models feature a removable swivel tray.
    • Outward-swinging door tubs come in six models: Monaco, Capri, ShaK, Lounger, Mobile and Front Entry. These models cater to those who require maximum accessibility.
    • Two-seat walk-in tubs from Ella’s Bubbles include the Big4Two, Tub4Two and Companion models. All models feature enough room for two people along with hydro and air jet options for full-body massage.
    • Wheelchair-accessible tubs come in five models: Transfer, Transfer32, Transfer 26, Transfer60 and Transfer XXXL. The large entry doors on these tubs allow easier access for those who use a wheelchair or have limited mobility. The outward-swing door allows the bather to hold onto the deck and wall-mounted grab bars while getting in and out. All wheelchair-accessible tubs have strategically placed hydro and air jets and a wide, comfortable seat.
    • Lay-down walk-in tubs come in two sizes: 30 inches by 60 inches and 32 inches by 72 inches. The tubs have four therapeutic jetting package options and a single drain with an emergency pull-up chain.

    Optional features on most models include a heated seat and backrest, LED chromotherapy, ozone sterilization, infusion microbubble therapy, a seat pillow or raiser, headrest and neck support, a four-fold or bi-fold glass shower screen and a complete shower column for deck-mounted faucets.

    What Ella’s Bubbles customers say

    Both DIY installers and those with professionally installed Ella's Bubbles tubs were happy with the customer service, price and tub features. A few negative reviews mention issues with installation or delivery, and one reviewer had difficulties exiting the pool as a mobility-impaired bather.

    We purchased Ella's Bubbles walk-in tub for my husband’s aunt. ... Ordering was easy and it was all delivered like it was supposed to be. The end product is great and we love our experience.”

    Karen of Oxnard, CA

    Bottom line: Kohler or Ella’s Bubbles?

    Kohler offers one model of walk-in tub, focusing on the customized design options for color, faucet finish and choice of surrounding walls. A Kohler representative will help you design a look to fit your bathroom space, and a professional from an authorized dealer will install the tub in as little as one day.

    Ella’s Bubbles offers a huge selection of models but doesn't have options for colors or finishes. However, Ella’s Bubbles has hard-to-find models such as lay-down walk-in tubs and models made to fit two bathers together, and its tubs also have a foot-massage jet configuration feature. It's important to note Ella's Bubbles does not include installation in the price of its walk-in tubs.

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