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This was quite an investment however, it is well worth the price paid. In addition to grilling space, there is a searing plate and two warming trays. The gas bottle is concealed in the grill. Its appearance is beautiful and quite frequently discussed. No doubt a wise "expensive" but durable and long lasting grill. Mine is approaching 8 years and it looks brand new.

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On the 4th of July this year 2017 I went to light my sisters KitchenAid barbecue for our family dinner. I opened up the cabinet turned the tank valve open. Closed the cabinet door. I then turned burner #1 on and proceeded to click on the lighting mechanism provided by the manufacturer labeled lighter with a red button, to no avail. I reached for a box of long wooden matches on a table near the barbecue (obviously a chronic issue) and held the lit match near the burner... Nothing so I opened the valve to burner number 2 and moved the lit match to be next to the opening of the 2nd burner still nothing. By this time the match was nearing my fingers so I dropped it on top of the burner. I could not hear the gas nor smell it. I thought "She must be out of propane." I went into the house to advise her of our misfortune to which she replies "I have another tank on the side of the house."

I went back outside and found the tank. I picked it up and brought it next to the BBQ. I opened up the cabinet on the barbecue to exchange the tanks and that's when it went up in flames. I sustained 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my face, left arm and hands. The barbecue and tank burned for 10-15 minutes throwing 13-15 foot flames. I was rushed to the hospital while our neighbors sprayed water on the houses to prevent them from catching fire. When the fire department came the tank had already burnt itself out and we were out of danger. They said there was nothing left of the barbecue to be able to determine the cause. All too often a problem with these types of propane/natural gas barbecues they said.

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KitchenAid got their start selling their iconic mixer in 1919. Today, KitchenAid is a major distributor of indoor and outdoor household appliances. Their grills are manufactured in partnership with Nexgrill Industries, Inc. and can be found at retailers nationwide.

  • Side by side comparison: KitchenAid’s grilling website allows consumers to do a side-by-side comparison of up to three grills at a time to compare features.
  • Versatile: From small two-burner grills with fold-up shelves and towel bars to full-size five-burner grill with rotisserie and side burners, KitchenAid has a grill for every size living space.
  • Natural gas conversion: Convert your propane gas grill to natural gas with a natural gas conversion kit, available from Nexgrill Industries, Inc. online.
  • Easy to find: KitchenAid grills are sold at major national retailers, and an online ordering option will be available soon.
  • Instructional videos: Find out how to clean your grill, convert from propane to natural gas, assemble your side burner, reset your liquid propane regulator and turn your grill on and off with KitchenAid’s vast online video library.
  • Best for KitchenAid grills are best for homeowners with either a large or small outdoor living space.

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