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Last updated: Oct. 31, 2017

361 Jenn-Air Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2015

I read all the other reviews and would agree with the other reviewers, the Jenn-Air (Pro Style) appliances sucks. I brought my appliances in 2005 a 4 burner cooktop (gas), dishwasher, convection/microwave, and double oven. The microwave stop working in 2012, I called Jenn-Air who recommended a certified vendor to fix the microwave, the service company advised me not to get the microwave fix, because the BTU from the cooktop will burn the microwave motherboard out again and it will be a waste of funds. I could not move the microwave, because I have custom cabinets, which were designed based on my appliances' specification.

I bought a Jenn-Air new microwave, the new microwave outlined the same specs as the original microwave, but the specs of the new Pro Style was actually different, the microwave would have probably burned-out anyway returned to Bray and Scarf. I have a non-working microwave in my kitchen, but the cooking vent still works. Three of burners on the cooktop don't work, the parts are no longer available. My husband manually lights the burners praying every time. I need a new cooktop, but I am afraid the new cooktop may not fit the specs of my cabinets. The dishwasher spills water on my kitchen floor when draining. Also need new racks, the wheels broke off. I need to hurry and order the racks before they're discontinued. I was thinking about purchasing the Pro Style refrigerator, because all of the other appliances are Jenn-Air, which are broken anyway so does not make sense to buy Jenn-Air.

I need to start replacing my appliances with another brand that can fit my cabinetry specifications. Oh by the way, the handles on the double ovens breaks often and the motherboard burned out before, the oven was still under warranty at the time. The appliances has a lifespan of 6-7 years. The Sears Elite appliances have a 15-20 year lifespan, the products will be outdated prior to breaking down. You will need to upgrade for modern and current time. Jenn-Air is about the look, not the quality of the product.

Why are the Jenn-Air parts discontinued so quickly? This is a way to get the consumer to buy new Jenn-Air products. I'm done with Jenn-Air. The worse thing about Jenn-Air products they are only sold at certain certified dealers, the prices are the same across the USA. The certified dealers can't provide promotional deals unless Jenn-Air offers a discount/rebate. The next time I will explore KitchenAID, GE Profile, or Wolf. I haven't heard great things about Viking. A repair guy told me to run as fast as I can from the Viking products. He also stated there was only one certified repair vendor in the DMV area, which it take months to get something repaired.

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Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

The ice maker on my 3-year old Jenn-Air (JFC 2290VEM7) french door, counter-depth refrigerator just shorted out. The module showed scorch marks at the heater pin. Of course, it's not covered under the warranty. I called customer service and their offer was to sell me a flat-rate one-year warranty for almost $400. Deplorable customer service and useless warranty, never buying Jenn-Air again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2015

Purchased Jenn-Air stove, dishwasher and refrigerator in 2009. Stoves controls went out within the first two years and now the broiler does not work. The dishwashers controls have now gone bad and can only get it to work on one setting. The wheels on the rack have all broken and the rack itself is now falling apart. The refrigerator is the only thing that has not had a problem. These were all Jenn-Air top of the line products. I would never purchase them again. A waste of money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2015

I called Jenn-air about two years ago when half of the control panel stopped working. Now the whole thing stopped working. Had it replaced with mass appliance because when I called Jenn-air two years ago and waited on hold for an hour and had no results with my question, "Was there a recall on the control panel that controls all operations to the stove?" And there was no recall or any thing that could be done. I've spoke with a couple of other consumers and they too are not happy with Jenn-air.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2015

I purchased all new Jenn-Air appliances for my remodel. The cooktop has never worked from the start. Jenn-Air has sent a service company out 3 times and now the fourth to figure out the problem. I asked for the cooktop to be replaced or my money back but they refused. They said their policy was to fix it no matter how many service calls it takes. My first time purchasing Jenn-Air and it will be my last. What happened to customer satisfaction??

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

I have had a nice looking and very pricey Jenn-Air pro-style gas range for about 6 years now. The original plastic control touch-panel on the front (part number 5760M339-60, used on many similar ranges) failed after only a couple of years. Touchpad positions started going dead, then it just started beeping randomly failing to respond or reboot at all. I replaced it myself with a new unit ($250!!!) which included the whole stainless steel assembly for the front panel. Now THAT one has failed with the same symptoms as the first, and I've just ordered YET ANOTHER replacement unit.

Clearly this is a design flaw, not a random failure or misuse issue. Neither my dealer nor Jenn-Air customer support has been a bit of help, even so far as telling me how to reduce the chances of failure. My suspicion is that the failure is heat-related, but I rarely use the broiler (gas) and never turn on the high-temperature cleaning mode. Note I also have a Jenn-Air Dutch-door counter-depth refrigerator which has given us nothing but trouble. I am writing a separate complaint for THAT little lousy product. If Jenn-Air/Whirlpool (the parent company) doesn't get its design, quality and support acts together, they will surely lose their customers to the Asian and European brands, just the way the car companies did. I want to buy American--really I do--but in this case I feel like a total sucker!!!

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Original review: Oct. 27, 2015

My expensive 3 year old refrigerator needs a control panel. I have a warranty purchased from Jenn-Aire. They first stated that they would shut down the frig for a week, while taking out the control panel and repairing it. They would not provide a frig in the mean time. INSANE, no one repairs parts, they replace them and a week with no frig is horrible service. Then they said they'd refund the cost of the warranty because the repair would cost too much. Huh? This is idiocy. Then Wanda, who would not give her last name, stated that the refrigerator could not be repaired because the control panel, which actually fits Jenn-Aire, Maytag, and whirlpool models EAP3653270 and cross reference W10468943 was no longer available. I found it readily available by googling in less than 3 seconds. JENN-AIRE ARE THIEVES AND DISHONEST. THERE SHOULD BE A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEM FOR THE RIP OFF WARRANTY.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2015

My oven is 7 years old. I have only used self cleaning feature about 3-4 times. The touch panel burned out and had to be replaced. The part was almost 300 plus 150 for service call. If the oven has a self cleaning feature, then it shouldn't burn out the touch pad. I was told that sometimes the temperature gets too hot. They said unfortunately components may fail due to factors over which they have no control. I will never buy Jenn-Air again. That is not an answer. When I called to find out what to do, I was told no technician was available.

Original review: Oct. 7, 2015

Purchased all Jenn-Air Appliances for a remodel at a cost of over $10,000.00!!! From the date of delivery and installation on December 24th, Christmas Eve, I have been extremely disappointed! I purchase the appliances with high expectations only to discover that on Christmas morning the over of the Dual Fuel downdraft range did not work. This is not what I was anticipating on Christmas day, and committed to hosting Dinner for 30! I had to cook at my neighbor's home and transport food back to my home, very nice to have wonderful neighbors that were out of town!

The dishwasher will not completely dry the dishes and will not discharge the water, leaving appropriate 3 inches of water in the bottom. I must manually discharge the excess water by hitting cancel after each wash. The microwave light on the inside continues to blow the bulb, but this was never covered by the manufacturer warranty so, I paid for approximately 15 lights and the replacement, it will not completely warm food, it takes extremely long! The refrigerator also has its share of issues. The compressor has been replaced 2 times, the design of the water/ice dispenser on the door is set too far forward and water or ice goes everywhere on the floor.

I have replaced the dishwasher motor, motherboard, control panel, the oven door toggle switch, control panel 4 oven burners on the bottom and 2 gas burners on the stove top. The microwave lights continues and the control panel 2 times and as stated 2 compressors, relay switches evaporators, dryers!!! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A JENN AIR PRODUCT AGAIN! These items should be recalled and a lawsuit against the parent company filed for all the lost time and enjoyment sitting around waiting for service representative on over priced faulty appliances!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2015

We bought all new Jenn-Air appliances in 2008. The fridge has been fine and the dishwasher alright but a little noisy and doesn't seem to pump all the water out, the range on the other hand not so much. The downdraft is useless, it sucks the heat from the burners so the heat's uneven and doesn't draw in any of the smoke. Our main problem is with the oven though, it will heat up to let's say 375 and beep to let you know it's up to temp which it is. The problem is that although the oven indicates it's holding steady at 375 the oven shuts itself off (this is great when you're hosting a dozen people for X-mad dinner and you find out the temp is down to 150 after a couple hours of cooking). I'd say this happens at least fifty percent of the time. We've had to reheat the oven up to four times to cook one pizza.

It took a while to figure out what was happening and then we just lived with it for awhile. Then I remembered we had an extended warranty and called it in. I told the customer service agent our problem and that as far as I knew the problem had existed since new. She put me on hold for about five minutes and when she came back told me that since the problem existed since new it was a pre-existing condition and they wouldn't cover it. Needless to say not a big fan.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

We renovated our entire kitchen and reduced the room right down to the wooden studs and I worked on that room for almost an entire year. We purchased all Jenn-Air matching appliances and the touch pad on the double convection is failing on some of the touch locations and the part is no longer manufacture but also not only is the part not manufactured, I am unable to find any appliance by any maker that will match the design of the remaining appliances. The dishwasher touch pad recently also died and the parts to fix this are available at a cost of over $300.

I am retired and after spending over $7,000 on kitchen appliances just seven years ago do not expect two of four to fail within seven years. I even went to the Jenn-Air facebook page, made some comments, received an answer from one of the Jenn-Air people with an e-mail at Jenn-Air and "maybe they will be able to assist you. We are so sorry you having trouble." It has been well over one month with no answer or comment of any kind from Jenn-Air. I am not looking forward to the future when the double oven's touch pad completely dies and we will be unable financially to replace all the appliances in our kitchen or to deal with mismatched kitchen appliances. As you can note from the photo, all the appliances have the same handles and we even purchased a faucet for the sink that matches the handles on the dishwasher, refrigerator and double oven.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2015

Bought a stainless steel outdoor grill partly due to the Jenn-Air "lifetime warranty" on stainless steel parts. The bowl assembly rusted within a few years and fell apart. When calling to get the warrantied part, I was told it is no longer made so there was nothing they could do. Jenn-Air rep stated even if it was available, it would be too expensive to ship. I didn't realize their lifetime warranty was valid only if it didn't cause any inconvenience to Jenn-Air. Their warranty states repair or replace at Jenn-Air's discretion. I discussed with the rep that if the part is no longer made then they needed to repair or replace the grill to honor the warranty. They declined. I offered to have the part fabricated by a local shop, again they declined.

The Jenn-Air rep at first tried to tell me the warranty was only for some stainless steel parts. I read him the lifetime warranty description from the Owners manual that states "all" stainless parts have a lifetime "repair or replace" warranty. Offered to even send him a picture of the warranty statement right out of the manual. The logical option is to repair the grill by having a local fabrication shop make the part for the grill out of a sheet of stainless. If Jenn-Air no longer makes the part, then this is a reasonable solution or they can replace the grill – as the warranty states, their choice. Either is acceptable.

To date, Jenn-Air will do neither. The rep then asked for pictures which I sent. Never heard back. Made a call a few weeks later and the response was "we are looking into it". It has been several months, more requested pictures sent after I called for a status update on my claim, several more calls made to Jenn-air and they are still "looking into it". They have never once gave the courtesy of a follow up. I suggested they send a local rep out to look at the grill, they state they have none.

To date, the lifetime warranty is useless and I have an expensive grill that is unusable. Not the response I would expect from what I thought to be a reputable company. Very disappointed in what I believed was a quality company and product. In my opinion, Jenn-Air flat out lied in writing about their warranty. Nowhere does it state that the warranty is good only when the parts are available. Lifetime means lifetime. I can only conclude from my experience that this is how Jenn- Air treats their customers and honors their warranties.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2015

I picked this Stainless Steel Grill out and it was paid for my family as a gift because my Long-used Sears Kenmore Gas Grill was just plain worn out. I was sold by the stainless steel construction, the Jenn-Air name, and the Lifetime Warranty. After I got it, I was worried when I read about the poor after purchase service, and lack of spare parts inventory by NexGrill, the actual manufacturer of the grill.

I used it without problems with a few years. Last year while cleaning it to grill some Omaha Steaks that I got as a gift for my birthday, I found that the flame tamers, burners and crossover plates were all rusted out. The chrome plated pieces that are part of the lid/top handle, and the handles for the doors were bubbling and coming apart, but I never bothered to order replacements before. On top of that, turns out that the advertised stainless steel cooking grates are stainless steel clad cast iron, and they had split open and rusted to pieces over the course of being used for 3-4 years.

I pulled out the manual, and contacted Grill Services thinking that I could order replacement parts to be supplied under the lifetime warranty. Was told that the lifetime warranty only covered some of the all stainless steel parts. The crossover tubes which protect the grill from gas build in the case of faulty ignition (which are riveted to the bottom of the bowl/firebox are not available, and not replaceable under warranty). Further that the bowl/firebox being made of stainless steel did have a lifetime warranty, but the parts attached to it did not. And the lid handle and the door handles were not covered by the warranty and would cost me over $40 to replace. Then, I was asked for the receipt (give me a break it was a present about 5-6 years ago. I told that the parts they were going to supply (flame tamers, burners, and cooking grids/grates), would be shipped as a one-time courtesy, but I would have to pay $38 for shipping.

I contacted the people who coordinated the gift purchase for me, and managed to get a copy of the original receipt. I contacted Grill Services, thinking that the warranty would be honored in full, and I would not have to pay for shipping since I could prove ownership/purchase. Nope, no such luck. What's more, the person I talked to on the phone did not seem to be interested in registering the grill in my name since I had proof of purchase for future warranty claims. It took nearly five months for Grill Services to deliver the parts. When I phoned in on a regular basis to get an update on the expected delivery date, I was given a new delivery date at least four times over the over four months I waited for the parts.

When I finally got the parts, the flame tamers had cosmetic damage, the stainless cooking grids were welded together crooked and they were smaller than the original parts, and the burners were delivered with some of the holes oversized, and some of the holes not drilled. I phoned Grill Services to complain about the defective parts I received and to get a RMA. I was told that I could throw away the defective parts, and I would be put back on the waiting list for the same parts, because they were already back on backorder.

I found the crossover tubes that Grill Service said were not available for sale made out of stainless steel for $8.70 each (and in stock from several Internet Aftermarket BBQ Parts Suppliers). It seems ridiculous that I should be forced to pay an aftermarket supplier to buy safety parts that should be under lifetime warranty from the manufacturer of the grill. My next grill is not going to be a Jenn-Air or any other grill manufactured by NexGrill.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2015

My ice maker has not been working and I have had to have the Jenn-Air repairman come to my house 4 times to repair the problem and I have just called again for him to do the same thing. Thank god I purchased the extended warranty. The people at Jenn-Air are very nice but could care less about my inconvenience. My refrigerator is only two years old and I paid close to 2000 dollars. I was expecting top quality of the product but did not receive it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2015

Purchased a new kitchens-worth of JennAir appliances (range, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher) expecting a premium level of quality. The dishwasher didn't work from installation. The problem, diagnosed by a Whirlpool authorized service technician today, was a dead motor. Bad enough in this era of quality that they ship non-functional products, but the real issue was the ridiculous dialog with their customer service people. Instead of owning up to their warranty, Customer Service diagnosed the problem (over the phone) as low water pressure. My $25 to Home Depot to build a 3/8" water pressure gauge showed that not to be the problem. Nothing like standing behind your products.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2015

For anyone reading this - don't waste your money with Jenn-Air. Just purchased a whole kitchen's worth of appliances and pretty much everything is a problem. The fridge doors don't close properly and are uneven (moisture and frost - having to get that repaired), the dishwasher smells and all they tell me to do is that it has to be cleaned with a special product monthly (in 44 years I never had to do that for a dishwasher that is used maybe once/week), the microwave won't pop popcorn (and the response was "put it on a plate" - yeah, doesn't work - they don't care), range top scratched - but warranty on scratches is only 30 days, and the range was installed before my kitchen was done and I was unable to use it, so by the time I cooked it was post-30 days and it scratched right away.

Only thing so far not to give a problem is the oven, but that's rarely used so I am guessing it's only a matter of time. Everything is crap. Don't waste your money. Keep it simple and go to Lowe's or Home Depot and you'll probably get at least the same quality for probably half the price. Totally regret my purchase.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2015

We purchased a Jenn Air stove, gas cooktop with electric oven. I loved the gas cooktop but the oven has not worked properly since we had it installed. Thankfully we had purchased the extended warranty on the stove. The repairman was here five to six times in the first three years. The oven was not working properly and so the sensor was replaced time and time again. We were so frustrated that we contacted the seller and wanted to get a new stove. He wrote to Jenn Air outlining our frustration. Jenn Air came back to us asking us to let them fix it once more. We agreed. The final "fix" did not work and to top it off we have not been able to contact the Jenn Air rep. Replacing the stove with a Bosch cooktop and wall ovens.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2015

My Jenn-Air grill is about 14 years old and still looks and works great. I ordered replacement components and rec'd in 2010. I reordered in May 2015 and got 1/2 the order and told 4 month wait for the rest. Rec'd new email saying they still don't have parts and if I don't respond in 14 days they assume I don't want them and will cancel the order?? Also said federal regulations do not allow them to hold orders??? Strange email. Replied that I can wait for the order.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2015

Dishwasher - the rack never stays on the track. I can't tell you how many dishes have been chipped because of the rack running off the track and slamming the dishes together. Double ovens - after 5-6 hours of constant cooking or baking, I guess they overheat and both shut down completely. Cooktop - the cooktop is gas, but has an electric ignitor. If the burner gets wet, the ignitor starts clicking and will not stop when the burner is turned off. Ultimately, the breaker has to be shut off for a while before the clicking will stop. Awful. Just Awful.

Original review: April 24, 2015

Does not keep vegetables fresh. Just bought 3 weeks ago, I lost my fruits and vegetables after few days. Unacceptable for 7k. Just want to return it.

Original review: April 7, 2015

Jenn-Air dishwasher - The timer knob has broken and jenn air no longer has a replacement part.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2015

My Jenn Air PRG4810LP range has 2 glaring defects. Both aluminum crowns on the 2 dual flame burners have melted and sagged right where one of two gas ports are located. My opinion: should have never made these from this cheaper low pressure cast aluminum pot metal... they simply can't handle the heat of the burner btu output. Notice the gas pouring out in the sagging melted spot. It will undoubtedly get worse with that heat pouring out. This range has less than 2 years of use as it's a summer home. I've never seen such shoddy quality for the burners, even on a $300 range, and this one costs $7,000 new. I also had 2 ignitor modules go bad, one within 6 months, and another after 6 years.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2015

I put all Jenn-Air appliances in my kitchen when I built my new house. HUGE MISTAKE! I have seriously regretted that decision ever since. I have already replaced the dishwasher as it was a complete piece of junk. It was broken before I even did the first load and had to get repairman out to fix it. When it happened again a few months ago, I just decided to yank it out and put in a real DW (Bosch).

Have been having problems with the double wall oven. It has been faulting out and presently won't run. The fridge hasn't been too bad except for the fact that the ice in the icemaker bin won't last more than a day and it completely frosts together in a lump. The compactor hasn't given any trouble. The electric cooktop is fair. The exhaust hood is just cheaply built. If you are looking for kitchen appliances, DO NOT purchase Jenn-Air. The customer service people I have spoken with are completely uncaring about my plight. This has resulted in a big waste of $10,000 spent on appliances.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2015

Purchase a Jenn Air Pro PRG4810NP Range. After several years, am moving to a new location which does not have natural gas available. I have contacted Jenn Air regarding converting the range to LP and have been told that it is not possible; the range is set up for one or the other. I asked what the differences are to determine if parts can be change to LP, after all, how does the factory set them up differently? I have not received a reply.

I have also been told that the range is not convertible and I should have known that before I made the purchase. I explained that no salesman tells you this. They said the information is available in the installation guide. I explained that you don't even receive an installation guide until you make the purchase - all of the manuals come with the purchase.

I've gone so far as to state that I believe this would be good grounds for a class action lawsuit for everyone who has purchased a Jenn Air range not knowing that after an expensive (my set up was $7,000) purchase you cannot count on being able to move and convert the stove; while even the least expensive of ranges are convertible with a kit.

After this statement, they went so far as to have someone from customer service call me at home to go over the fact that a sales person should have explained this, that the installation manual states that it's not convertible, etc. I explained about their manuals and when you receive them and told them that they were of no help and no one should spend the money on their appliances. So now I've got a $7,000 stove that I have to try to sell or leave behind.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2015

We bought all new appliances from Jenn-Air $10K worth. Fridge freeze all food no matter what the temp setting is at. Jenn-Air has covered repair cost, but refuses to replace the fridge. I was told the only way they will replace the fridge is, "if the part that is defect is no longer made and if the unit was still under factory warranty." Really?? What about the several hundred dollars wasted on frozen food????? I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER JENN-AIR PRODUCT EVER... BEWARE OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE RUNAROUND. I'm selling all my new appliances on Craigslist.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2015

I was boiling potatoes on the back burner of my Jenn-Air Gas Range. This burner is considered "high performance". During cooking, the range started to beep, so I went to check what was happening and there was an F1 error code on the display, but I didn't see anything wrong, so I looked a little closer and the steam from the potatoes had melted the corner of the display. I called my local distributor and they sent a service guy over to see if it could be fixed- $600 Canadian for the part and $300 for labour!!! I can't even fathom spending that! Now my oven won't work at all, just the burners, but what I don't understand is how this could happen? Why is there a high performance burner at the back if the display cannot take the heat? I don't feel like I did anything wrong, I boiled potatoes on the stove and I feel this repair should be covered.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2015

Bought jenn air hoping for quality. Fridge is so noisy it wakes us at night. Ice /water dispenser broke after 1 year and replacement board is almost half the price of a new fridge. Oven heating element burned up in less than 1 year. Dishwasher needed new pump after less than 2 years. Now the microwave died.

Original review: Feb. 5, 2015

I had a gas on glass cooktop installed in a newly constructed beach house. It looked amazing, and I absolutely loved the way it looked with the granite countertop. Four months later, May 2014, the glass cracked when using it. I called Jenn Air, and they set up an appointment for an appliance company to look at it. Sure enough, it had to be replaced. However, the replacement cooktop was cracked upon delivery. So, another had to be ordered, and that was now scheduled to arrive in July. Do you have any idea what it's like to make breakfast without a cooktop? You can't! It's impossible! At that point, I had been without a cooktop for two months.

I'd like to say the situation was resolved only it wasn't because the cooktop scheduled to be installed in July was defective as well. FIVE cooktops later, Jenn Air finally gave up and admitted that their gas on glass cooktops were defective. They discontinued that model, and they returned the money I paid for the cooktop in November. They never apologized, and they never offered to do anything else to show how sorry they were that I was without a cooktop for 7 months. I lost an entire season of rentals, and they just didn't care!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2015

We have an eight year old over sized Jenn Air gas range with six burner top, convection bake oven, that has never lived up to our expectations. At most, only two burners will work at a time. The broiler stopped working probably six years ago and the oven cooks very uneven with or without the convection bake on. Tonight, one of the two burners stopped working. I am furious that I purchased such a lousy product! There is no one in our area to work on this piece of crap on top of all of this. Do your homework people. Do not purchase a Jenn Air appliance of any kind. Hoping to find something affordable to replace this junk!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2015

Just three weeks into our new construction house that come with "Top of the Line appliances" (!!!) and gas range control panel started failing when oven is hot (it actually failed in first day). We basically have no control over oven at 350°F. Panel doesn't accept any command and does what he wishes. So much for top quality product :( I called the retailer and waiting on service people to call. Just simply disappointed. Dishwasher and fridge are Jenn-Air too. Waiting for them to fail on me any day as the crappy material they used doesn't look sturdy enough to handle daily needs.

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