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Independent Home vs. Spirit Walk-In Tubs

Independent Home

What is the difference between Independent Home and Spirit?

Independent Home and Spirit are both good options for those with mobility issues and those who suffer from chronic pain. Both companies have multiple walk-in tub models and sizes to choose from, and they have options for a variety of budgets.

There are a few differences between Independent Home and Spirit, but the biggest difference is that Independent Home is a nationwide company and Spirit only serves the St. Louis area. Additionally, Spirit includes installation in its overall price, and installation with Independent Home depends on its network of dealers.

  • Independent Home is best for customers who need wheelchair-accessible tub solutions. Independent Home also offers more customization features and nationwide availability.
  • Spirit is best for Missouri residents (near the St. Charles and St. Louis areas). Additionally, Spirit is a great option for those wanting a company that employs its own installers.

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

independent home logospirit walk in tubs logo
Overall star rating4.65.0
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
independent home logo4.6Read reviews
spirit walk in tubs logo5.0Read reviews

Cost and installation

independent home logospirit walk in tubs logo
Basic tub starting priceOnly available with quoteOnly available with quote
Installation includedIncluded
Financing offered
Discounts offered
In-home quotes required
Warranty - LaborLifetimeNot specified
Warranty - PartsLifetime5 years for motor
Warranty - TubLifetimeLifetime
independent home logoOnly available with quoteIncludedLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
spirit walk in tubs logoOnly available with quoteNot specified5 years for motorLifetime

Available walk-in tub types

independent home logospirit walk in tubs logo
Soaker tub
Wheelchair-accessible tub
Bariatric tub
Tub/shower combo
Two-seat tubs
independent home logo
spirit walk in tubs logo

Tub features

independent home logospirit walk in tubs logo
Step-in height4.5 inches2.5 inches
Fast drain
Quick filling
Grab bars included
Number of hydro jetsCustomizableNot specified
Number of air jetsCustomizableNot specified
Chromotherapy offered
Heated seats option
Heated backrest option
Remote control option
Showerhead options
independent home logo4.5 inchesCustomizableCustomizable
spirit walk in tubs logo2.5 inchesNot specifiedNot specified

Services included with installation

independent home logospirit walk in tubs logo
Door sizing
Old tub removal
Wall repair and repaint
Electrical wiring
Flooring touch-up
independent home logo
spirit walk in tubs logo

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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    Independent Home

    Independent Home has seven walk-in tub base models with options for customization. Most models come in a variety of sizes, and there’s a compact option that’s great for people with limited bathroom space. Additionally, there’s a wheelchair-accessible model, which is ideal for many with mobility issues. Independent Home’s base models include the following:

    • Life: This walk-in tub model has a 5-inch step-in and includes grab bars and a fast drain and fill system. Its measurements are 32 inches by 52 inches by 40 inches.
    • Dignity Dual Massage: The Dignity Dual Massage comes in four sizes. It includes chromotherapy, a self-cleaning system and 30 three-speed jets.
    • Celebrity: The Celebrity walk-in tub is available in six sizes. Features include a chrome finish, hand-held shower wand, left- or right-mounted door and an anti-slip floor and seat.  Add-on features available include hydrotherapy jets, whirlpool options and gold-tone fixtures.
    • Access: The Access tub is wheelchair-accessible and lets bathers slide into the seat rather than stepping in. Other features include right- or left-mounted doors, a lever handle, safety bars and a quick drain system.
    • v4 Celebrity: The v4 Celebrity offers features like air jets, water jets, chromotherapy, electronic controls and a cleaning system. Its measurements are 30 inches by 52 inches by 40 inches.
    • Supreme: The Supreme walk-in tub has two grab bars, a hand-held shower wand, an inward-swinging door and a slip-resistant floor. It measures 33 inches by 55 inches by 40 inches. You can also add water jets, air jets or a combination.
    • Royal: The Royal measures 27.5 inches by 59 inches by 22 inches. It features include a right- or left-mounted door, an anti-slip seat, anti-slip flooring, hydrotherapy jets, a powerlift seat and a hand-held shower wand.
    • Cube: The Cube is a compact option for smaller spaces. It’s available in two sizes. Features include a hand-held shower wand, right- or left-mount door, hot temperature maintainer and hydrotherapy jets.

    Independent Home walk-in tubs have a lifetime warranty, and financing is available.

    What Independent Home customers say

    Independent Home has several happy customers on ConsumerAffairs. Reviews praise the professional installation and the ease of the process. Customers were also happy with the jet therapy and how comfortable the tub is. There were a few complaints on the tub fill time, and some mention having to buy a bigger hot water tank to accommodate the tub.

    The sales rep I had was really fine and he had a lot to do with me getting the tub. He followed through. And the guys worked on my tub until night. They cleaned up everything and everything just went perfectly. ... I'm getting old and I can't stand up as well as I used to. I sit down and enjoy it.”

    Thurman of Nashville, TN

    Spirit Walk-in Tubs

    Spirit offers walk-in tubs with a patent-pending step-in threshold of 2.5 inches. This low step-in is an appealing feature that sets Spirit apart from other walk-in tub companies. Additionally, Spirit offers six walk-in tub sizes, with models designed to be installed in the same space as an old bathtub.

    Other features Spirit offers include grab bars, easy locks and an anti-slip seat and floor. Customers can also customize their tubs with features like air jets, hydro jets and heaters.

    Spirit’s walk-in tub sizes:

    • 30 inches high by 26 inches wide
    • 30 inches high by 30 inches wide
    • 30 inches high by 32 inches wide
    • 40 inches high by 26 inches wide
    • 40 inches high by 30 inches wide
    • 40 inches high by 32 inches wide

    Spirit offers a lifetime warranty on some parts and a five-year warranty on the motor. It also employs its own installers, which simplifies the installation process.

    What Spirit customers say

    In the numerous favorable reviews for Spirit, customers rave about the great service they received from the patient and knowledgeable salespeople and the installers who took the extra time to make sure everything was working properly. Though many reviews noted the high price, no one questioned the value of the product they received. On the whole, they were happy with the service and equipment.

    It was expensive but it was worth every penny. I encourage people, especially the elderly and those that can't get around well to get it. ... I realized how hard it was for my daughter to get in and out of a regular bathtub. It gives her the independence of being able to bathe herself.”

    Mary Beth of Maryland Heights, MO

    Bottom line: Independent Home or Spirit?

    Independent Home and Spirit both offer multiple walk-in tub options for a variety of budget ranges. Both companies also have plenty of customization options. There are a few differences, though — for example, Spirit offers one of the lowest entry thresholds in the market at 2.5 inches (Independent Home’s is 4.5 inches). Also, Independent Home works with a nationwide network of dealers, while Spirit only serves those in the St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri, areas.

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