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Last updated: Dec. 3, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

I have been smelling a sweet smell and didn't know where it was coming from. My God. My neck is tight for no reason and have been sick not knowing why. I'm pretty healthy so it didn't make sense. Finally I googled weird smell from Hunter Fans. I couldn't believe this was happening kind of bittersweet. You're happy to find the issue and know you're not crazy, then the fact I've inhaled this crap for so long. I can't afford to be going to the doctor especially not really know what the hell is wrong. I'm so upset that a company didn't have a recall and make this public. I read on previous remarks that even formaldehyde could have played a part in my forgetfulness. Pray for me please???

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

A few weeks ago I started to smell a "metallic", "Electrical", burning smell. I was able to trace the smell the Hunter Ceiling Fan in my master bedroom. I turned the fan off, but continue to smell the smell. I cut the fan back on and it no longer worked, apparently, the motor had burned out. My neighbor took the light fixture off the fan and we found melted and burned wires. He suggested that I purchase a new light kit. My electrician told me that it was fortunate that I turned the fan off, as it would have eventually resulted in a fire in my home and that I should NOT replace the light kit as the whole fan was affected. (When I spoke to the Hunter representative, she disagreed with the Electrician. Who do you think I'm going to take advice from??)

I read ALL of the reviews that have been posted here, so I was prepared when I contacted the Hunter Company and spoke with (Gloria) who told me she was in the "NO MODEL Department", she was no help, so I asked to be contacted to someone who could. I was then contacted to the another department, (Spoke to Stephanie), she told, as were many others, that I needed to "FIND" my Model#, that I needed to "Find the Gold Sticker", "I Needed to Remove the Fan From the Ceiling to FIND the Model#"... I told the representative that I had done all of the above, not to mention, I had my Owner's Manual/Installation Guide, in my hand, and the Model# was not to be found on any of them.

Now, let's be real, most Appliance Manufacturers list their Model/Serial Numbers on their OWNER'S MANUAL, the fact that Hunter refuses to list their Model #'s on their products, is an indication that they want their consumers NOT TO FIND THEM. I then asked to speak to a Supervisor, (Josie), while on hold, and fortunately, as I Save ALL my document for products, I found the "PARTS GUIDE" for my Fan, THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE THAT THE MODEL NUMBERS ARE FOUND! The supervisor, told me that 'since' I was able to provide 'them' with the elusive Model #, she would connect me to the "Incident Department".

Even with all the information for the fan, the Hunter 'Incident Rep' (Jessie), nickeled and dimed me for photos to PROVE the fan had burned itself out and stopped working. I was told to email her photos of the fan, casing, light kit, and she would determine the "Next Step??" (See Attached Photos). I inquired as to 'how long' this would take, she stated 24 to 48 hours. I will return to update this post and let you all know what transpires in the next two days... today is 2 Nov 2017. A word of advice, there are advocates in your State's Attorney's General office that will take these types of consumer complaints and will contact these companies on your behalf. In Illinois where I live, IT WORKS!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

Love their fans but their customer service department is the worst I've ever encountered. You never can speak to anyone. Indefinite holds, rerouting to voice mailboxes that are full and then they hang up on you, and answers to emails that don't even pertain to what you are writing to them about. So purchase your Hunter Fans at a local store and if you have a problem, just take it back to that store because you'll never get to speak to anyone about it at Hunter Fan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I called Hunter to ask for a part number and the representative I talked to was very rude, the opposite of being polite or respectful and he hang up the phone on me. That's not appropriate or acceptable. They should be ashamed for treating the customers like this. I will never buy a Hunter fan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

My wife and I over the years have purchased several Hunter fans, one being an 'Original' fan. When purchasing, the sales people said the Original comes with a lifetime warranty, which was one of the reasons for paying more for the model. The Original, after using for thirty years is now making noise. Contacted the service department, but they will not honor any warranty without a receipt. We ask how many people keep all their receipts over the last thirty years? We believe this is a cheap way out, showing that Hunter Fans does not truly stand behind their products. Needless to say, we will not be buying any more Hunter fans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

I had a similar experience to that of Timothy of Lakeland, FL. I purchased 2 Hunter Ceiling Fans Model 51027 with light assembly. The fans both worked fine for a while but within a year the light on one of them no longer functioned and I needed to replace the wire harness. (I figured this out by swapping parts with the working fan). When I contacted Hunter back in the summer the very friendly support staff told me it was on back order but was within 30 days of being available. Then a month later they told me I had to wait until October. Waiting impatiently!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

Let me start out by saying Hunter Fans used to have a great reputation for quality ceiling fans. They must have cheapened them up considerably as the fan I purchased 1 year ago, has already stopped working. I called their customer service and they diagnosed the problem over the phone and I was told I needed a light switch assembly. I was told they were on backorder but expected them any day. I gave them my credit card number and they said they would ship my part as soon as it was available. 3 weeks later I still had no part and no update about when it was going to be sent to me.

I then called their customer service again inquiring about my part. I was told the LIE again that they were still on backorder but they should have them in stock within the next couple of days. The original order was placed on 6/30. Today is 8/28 with still no part. How can a company that markets its self as selling a superior product stay in business treating their customers this way? I know I will never purchase another Hunter product now knowing they are not quality and their customer service is so incompetent and indifferent with the customers.

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Original review: July 19, 2017

I have always bought Hunter Fans because they used to be a good quality fan but the last 10 fans I have bought only lasted about a year. I don't know what is going on but I will never buy a Hunter Fan again until they start producing a better quality item. I say to whoever thinks about buying a Hunter Fan needs to think about a better product because Hunter Fans are junk now. I'm very disappointed with these fans.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2017

Attempted to obtain a replacement remote from Hunter for my 10-year-old ceiling fan. Hunter's Initial Response: "Please get on a ladder and look at the top of your fan's motor housing about 6 inches from your ceiling and get the model number... If you can see it. Oh... And if you can't see it... Hire an electrician to disconnect your fan and lower it and read it to you. Then call us back with the model number." Hunter's Final Response: "We're sorry, but we no longer offer a remote for your fan, or any conversion kit to a more current remote unit. But, you can buy a new fan from us if you like. That's just the way we do business. We wouldn't make any money, if you could easily replace your remote for a 10-year-old fan."

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2017

I purchased my fan online and found it to be easy to install, runs quiet and smooth with no vibrations. I purchased the fan without a light kit and installed the light from my old fan (had to do some modifying to base switch to mount light) but worked well and looks good. Just want to say job well done.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

Bought Hunter 52"Dempsey low profile back in 11/2016 for remodel project. Did not install until 4/2016. Found broken blade. Called Hunter customer support and they stated no problem. That it would be covered under warranty and a new set of blades would arrive by 05/13/2017. They lied. No blades and I called again. Stated it was on back order and I would have to wait 3 more weeks. Parts did not arrive so I called again on 06/16/2017. When I gave them the reference # they stated they would have to be ordered??? Because after 30 days of original warranty parts order it is automatically cancelled from their system!!! Stated they are now ordered and in stock. Will have by 06/23/2017. Still no blades.

I work in a service company and we would be out of business if we dealt with customers like that. I own a few Hunter fans in my home but this is the last. What good is a company if they don't support their product. This is not an old, discontinued model but a fairly new model! Hunter gives me no reason to ever buy their product again. If you enjoy frustration, buy Hunter. If you want a company that believes in and supports their product, DO NOT BUY HUNTER PRODUCTS. Two more points - 1. I never wrote a review like this so you can imagine my frustration. 2. This fan was purchased through Lowe's and I contacted their complaint department twice to see if they could help - no luck either. Hopefully people read this and can avoid troubles with a simple purchase such as a ceiling fan should be.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 23, 2017

The last Hunter fan I purchased had the connectors for the lights switched and wouldn't work. It was brand new and when I took the part back to the store they checked other boxes and confirmed that the wires were not correct. Had to wait for a part from Hunter. The fan did not last long and I had purchased some additional Hunter fans for a rental property that were never installed Augusta Model # 21636. Two brand new in box fans, did not have adequate screws for one fan, so had to get into the bags from the second. The manual did not show properly that you had to put the fan part in and that it fits tightly into the ceiling bracket that if you don't tuck all the connections into the electric box won't even fit.

I have spent 4 hours putting the fan up, taking it down, re-wiring, reinstalling and although before the lights worked, not by attaching the fan thingamabob (it's not even listed in the manual) nothing works not lights or fan. I am ready to throw 2 boxes of fan parts in the garbage. I would not recommend this company's fans for any reason. I called customer service and the young woman was very professional, but she suggested that I move the fan to a different room and then maybe it would work for me. DON'T BOTHER BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS! You will be wasting time and money.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2017

I purchased a Hunter Model 52018 ceiling fan/light. It subsequently started making noises when the fan was operating. Soon thereafter, it would only operate in a single direction and subsequently failed to operate at all. When I described the symptoms to a Customer Service Supervisor Heidi, she informed me that she suspected the problem was the capacitor in the electrical circuit. I assured her that was not the issue and that the leads to the fan coil were corroded. I was then told by Heidi to take and send pictures of the issue I described for her. After sending the requested pictures, I received a reply that my request for warranty was denied. I was told the reason for the denial of warranty was that the fan motor casing was opened. Nowhere in the warranty document is there a mention of warranty being voided by opening the fan motor casing.

A subsequent call to Customer Service Center for clarification of warranty denial led to a conversation with "Supervisor" Jay who informed me that there was, in fact, no "Supervisor" Heidi and that there was nobody above him with whom I could speak. So, I either spoke to someone who misrepresented that she was a Supervisor the day before, or that "Supervisor" Jay was lying. The only remedy to this situation that was offered was an enticement to purchase more Hunter products via a 35% discount.

The fan was not damaged due to improper installation (the fan worked fine for over a year), misuse, abuse, improper care, failure to follow Hunter instructions (I was, in fact, instructed to take pictures of the defective motor coil). Accidental damage caused by the fan owner or related parties, modifications to the fan (only disassembly). Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair, improper voltage supply or power surge, use of improper parts or accessories, failure to provide maintenance to the fan, or acts of God (e.g. flood). In fact, there was no DAMAGE at all, only disassembly of the fan and, as the picture shows, corrosion of the motor coil which is certainly not caused by any of the above.

So, Hunter sells defective products, denies warranty for something that is NOT in their stated reasons for denying warranty (and in fact, tells you to send documentation of the problem then denies warranty for sending the documentation!), employs customer service representatives that misrepresent themselves, and attempts to solve the issue by getting you to purchase more of their products. Very unhappy with the product, company and especially customer service!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2017

Try returning something to this fine company and you will quickly find that you would get farther trying to repeal and replace healthcare. AWFUL. A very simple return (botched 3 months ago) "didn't go through", not a very big deal but wasn't notified, stayed on the phone on hold for 45 min as my account was recreated. No explanation on what's going on, just trying to reinvent the wheel over there. Best of luck Hunter managing your high dollar contracts with Home Depot and Lowe's. Your lousy company lost my respect and future business.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 24, 2017

Customers spend more money buying Hunter when the product is not the best as they advertise. I spent over $600.00 in four ceiling fans for my Florida Room 4 years ago, and now they have discontinued the part that graduates the speed so I have one of the ceiling fans working at just one speed. I called Hunter spoke to Lisa, and Kevin he said Jossie would call me back and still waiting. Kevin said to go to Home Depot and buy four more ceiling fans and they would give me a 35% discount. It sounds great from their part for me to make another $680.00 investment on ceiling fans for them to discontinue parts when and as they wish. I bought Hunter thinking it was the best but I should've bought Hampton Bay (half price). Well I guess they do this because they really aren't interested in being considered as having the best product. Next time will be Hampton Bay, I should've listened to the sales rep. at Home Depot.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

Hunter Fan 52 " with Light Kit - Installation of ceiling primary bracket when installed did not allow the cover screws to align. The slots for mounting screws were not wide enough and required bending the bracket to align the screws. This adjustments also interferes with the cover screw alignment. The threaded stem for the globe retainer nut is too short and requires additional adjustments. I ordered this model to replace the same model number that had fan switch problems except for the fastest speed. Nothing interchanged. I dropped the globe and cracked trying to install it and they want $30. Plus shipping on a fan that only cost $98. Definitely not happy with this poorly-designed product. Did I mention the light assy did not work and they only send a harness for warranty. Definitely unhappy with this product.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

On Dec. 10th, 2016, we purchased and had professionally installed 2 Hunter ceiling fans, Item # 53048. After less than a month, the light stopped working in one of them. The installer replaced the light kit switch and it worked for another few weeks. Now he says we need a new light kit. We replaced the wall switch to insure that was not the problem. I notified Lowe's and they tried to order a new light kit, but Hunter would not allow them to do so. They said I had to. I called them and finally spoke to Samya (Suh-mi-yah). She was so rude. She said they would not send a light kit or anything unless she could troubleshoot with us on the phone. She is now sending us a new wiring harness based on 2 questions. 1. Are we using the correct bulbs? Yes. 2. When we pull the pull string does it click? Yes. I am disabled and have no idea if the wiring harness will work or not.

Lowe's is being great about this and is having someone install it again for us. Hunter fans used to be the BEST in quality. I don't see that. Their customer service leaves you feeling taken advantage of and angry that you were treated so rudely. I will never buy another one. We've only had this for 2 1/2 months and all this trouble. Not worth it. Our other ceiling fans that these replaced worked for 23 years! That is not a typo... 23 years. These haven't worked 2 months. Frustrated and still sitting in the dark. Errr!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

I bought a new light fixture for my Hunter ceiling fan. I guess I accidentally ordered 2. I tried to return one and got the weirdest response ever to a inquiry, "We can't accept it back." What? The return instructions online were, "just mail it back but call us to let us know it's coming." But when I called, I got, "We can't accept it." The second one wasn't even opened! What the heck! Never doing business with them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Put up 2 52 in. ceiling fans and within 2 years both fans lost significant speed, esp. in the fast mode. Thought Hunter was the gold standard, and if it was, it is certainly NOT the case anymore. Put less expensive Harbor Breeze fans in garage and spare bedroom over 5 yrs ago and they are running great. Will never buy another Hunter ceiling fan again. Read similar problems with Hunter fans on many other forums. Buyer beware!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

I purchased 4 ceiling fans from that match the look that I needed. They were initially unavailable but their website showed they would be available in late September of 2016. Ordered the fans as soon as they became available. Once I received them I began the process of installing them, 3 of the 4 installed without issue. The 4th one however, I was unable to mount all of the fan blades due to a defect in the manufacturing of the parts. 3 of the 5 blades would not align properly to be attached. I contacted Hunter for replacement and was told they were on backorder and I would not receive one until January of 2017... It was currently mid-October. I waited until January and the replacement finally arrived.

I once again removed the old fan and began the installation of the new one... And once again the same defect as the previous fan, only I was able to get 3 of the five blades mounted this time. I contacted Hunter Fans again and was once again told that it would be the end of February before they could send another one. Currently 4 1/2 months... They have my money. I still have no working product. So far they have offered to send me a different fan... But then I would have 3 matching fans and 1 that doesn't which is my current situation anyway. A full refund but I have to pay return shipping for 5 fans... costing me at least $80-100.00. Or wait another 2 months to get another fan that may or may not also be defective.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2016

Hunter Palatine 52 fan - non support. I bought a new fan and was having the fan installed by an electrician when the installation could not be completed due to a mis-manufactured fan blade bracket. The screw holes were not tapped to accept the screws. My wife contacted Hunter support and sent a copy of the purchase receipt and a picture of the defective part. They said that we painted the part and that voided the warranty. We did not paint the part, it came straight out of the box that way. I would suggest that everyone avoid this manufacturer since they will fabricate any excuse to not stand behind what they sell. In my opinion that is worse than a low quality manufacturer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

Have a fan model #52109 that stopped working after a year. Started throwing sparks out of the motor housing. Hunter claims to have a lifetime warranty unless the fan was a gift and you have no receipt. Then it's "oh sorry, go buy a new one." I have 5 Hunter fans in my house but I will never buy another one. What good is a warranty when the company won't honor it?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

I purchased replacement fan blades for $25 and a replacement glass piece for $30 on their website based on what they told me would match my ceiling fan. The glass piece fit, but the blades didn't. I called to get the return information. After much back and forth they decided that it was my fault that I got the wrong blades and and they refused to pay for return shipping, which would cost $20. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Their return policy for internet purchases is terrible and their customer service people were unprofessional and rude.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

We purchased a Hunter model 59232 from Costco and my husband, a licensed contractor, installed it. It wouldn't work, he couldn't figure out why... so called the support number. He was on hold for just a few seconds. The woman who responded stayed on the phone with him until the problem was solved. Very good experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

In the course of three phone conversations we went from "no problem, get me the model number and we'll send one right out" to "prove it, none of your business, you don't have to like the terms of our warranty," and my personal favorite: "There is no supervisor higher than I." Absolutely demanded that I reinstall a known faulty and potentially dangerous (literally watched the smoke billow out of the housing) unit so they could do some troubleshooting... this after I was told two days before that I had a bad motor.

Presently waiting for a call back from the CEO... found his number on the internet after Heidi at customer service refused to give me even that. I know what customer service looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Hunter failed to meet any standard of acceptable customer service. If it is their direction to make it difficult and unpleasant to meet the terms of their written promise to their consumers they certainly have done so. NEVER AGAIN.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

About 2 years ago I installed four (4) Hunter ceiling fans, each with the Hunter wall switches. Unfortunately the little plastic buttons, which snap on, easily break. On one of the wall stitches, the slider broke off inside the switch itself.

Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

Purchased 4 Hunter Fans, 3 with remote and one with pull chain for fan and light. Had electrician install all fans, before I moved into a new home. One fan installed in the main living area of the house was noisy from day one. The others were not. I've have called customer service and the company has told me that the problem is in synchronizing the remote with the fan and lights... and after several attempts over the phone, customer service would send a new remote control assembly to be installed inside the noisy fan. It is a very high 12 foot ceiling - the electrician who was paid for all installations, hot wired the fan to the ceiling so at least I would have a fan and light til the part is received. Unfortunately it only runs at high speed and is still noisy. I received the new control and am waiting to find someone to install the part and re install the fan so I can use the remote.

As said in other reviews customer service is not helpful and keep assuring me that once the new part is installed all of the problems with the noise will be eliminated. I paid quite a bit of money for the three remote control fans, plus the installation. I will re-post if and when I am able to get the new part installed and fan working quietly.

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

I am rating Hunter ZERO STARS. I just finished installing a replacement light kit that was sent to me from Hunter to replace the light kit from a BRAND SPANKING NEW Hunter ceiling fan purchased at the big orange store, Home Depot and guess what, I'm still standing in the dark and once again the fan works. When I first spoke to their representative one of the questions he asked was did I screw the light bulbs in. Yep, you're right in thinking that. No it didn't go over real well with me. And now after reading all the reviews on Hunter I feel like an idiot. And let's not forget the reason I purchased the fan in the first place. Purchased to replace a HUNTER CEILING FAN that was a year and a half old because the starter capacitor went on the fan. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

I bought a ceiling fan from Home Depot, had to have it even though it was a bit pricey. The name Hunter meant I was getting the best quality since I was willing to pay a li'l more for the fan. Well after 2 years the fan motor died. I know to some that seems like a long time, however, I have fans that cost a lot less and not by a company that is supposed to stand for quality that are over 16 years old. I called the company and all I was offered was a website where I could purchase a new motor. Why would I buy a new motor from a company that has this kind of business? Please save your money and don't waste your time calling customer service, only to become frustrated. Also, warn all of your friends.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

After spending countless hrs on their phone, simply requesting a replacement remote, I was told they HAD TO HAVE the original receipt. Yesterday morn, I sent them my FedEx statement showing I had bought the fan at Lowe's for $393.25. It was a heater fan 52". They said they would send me one the first week we had the fan (bought on 7/22/16) but we never got it so we limped along until I finally called back. The fan was 6 weeks old, so how would they treat a customer with a much older fan? Makes you wonder huh? I'll never buy another HUNTER FAN in my lifetime! If you do, just be aware they have no warranty.

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