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63 Honeywell Heaters Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2018

I was using this space heater when it caught fire. It's only a year old. By the grace of God I was in this room when it happened. Flames actually shot from the heater and I was able to unplug it quickly. This product should NOT be on this market!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2018

HZ-709: I came home and smelled something burning. I went into my daughter's room and found the heater putting out a burnt smell. Could have burned down my house. I took the cover off and found the safety tip over switch pins burnt up. To me that says it was a loose connection. This could have destroyed my life. Why is there no recalls on these? Shame Honeywell. I hope someone contacts me. Someone should start a class action after reading about these things catching on fire and melting. I included pictures if you have any doubt.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

I like how the heater turns off when it's hot or when it falls over but the big problem is that I nearly killed myself with this heater. Why? Manufacturing flaws. Apparently the creators of this heater are so stupid they decided to let it BURN THE PLASTIC ON MY PLUG RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CLOSET.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 17, 2017

I purchased my Honeywell space heater about 2 years ago. I use it only in the winter months (and usually only a few days of the week during the winter season). It is kept in my house office for personal use. The other day, I had it on and noticed that there were sparks and it appeared that there was electrical problems randomly starting while the unit was running. I turned the unit off and tried to restart it after it cooled down, Same concerning electrical sparks and seemed to almost catch fire. I shut the unit off and will not use it ever again. I agree with previous reviews. I am glad I was present when I noticed anything wrong and very grateful that it did not result in a house fire or worse. My model was: Honeywell Model HZ7300-TGH. Be careful.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

I purchased this heater at Walmart. I've had this heater approx. 2 years and only use it in the winter months which is about 5 weeks out of the year and we don't use it every day for that time. The other night I was watching TV with my wife and she screamed "the heater is on fire". I unplugged the heater and the plug was on fire and missing one of the prongs to the plug. Thank God we were not asleep and the house caught on fire. I'm in the process of calling Honeywell and I have been on the phone now for over 30 minutes and no answer yet.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

I am in the HVAC market and I had purchased three of these units for my house. I figured I can't go wrong with Honeywell... Wrong!!! This whole design from the "well of honey" is a reliability nightmare, needing a lot of regular tlc - when they work. I have installed every filter I could possibly use to filter the water inlet so water is not an issue here (from filter, water softener in addition to their recommenced filter). Every end of season I clean the three units in addition to the built in recommended self cleaning cycle. All three units need to have "something" replaced at the beginning of every winter. For starters, the water sensor goes bad. To follow, I had to replace two water reservoirs and now a third one because they develop micro cracks and hot water leaks.

Then a solenoid valve died and water kept spilling all the time. Don't believe me? Search for 50027998-002 in Amazon and read the top reviews! I decided to research why the units go bad so often. My findings? Sit down while reading this! Honeywell released the unit initially with a thermoplastic that cannot stand the boiling water temperature, so the water sensor develops tiny cracks, water goes up those tiny cracks and fools the sensor which triggers a "water overflow call service" message (six led blinks)! Another nightmare caused by the same thermoplastic is the micro cracks in the reservoir tank causing it to constantly leak. More proof? Here it goes (I was told by HW's contractor's tech support line!). Honeywell had to change the plastic parts for a higher temperature thermoplastic so new units are now a darker grey. Also the original cracking water sensors were light gray - they are now black.

How do you tell the difference if you are color blind? Simple: Honeywell changed their plastic replacement parts for that unit to now have a -002 (instead of a -001 that indicates the crap plastic they used). Did they ever mailed me a recall notice or advisory bulletin? No!! So, I called Honeywell tech support again since all the units I have are still under their 5 years warranty. Their warranty tells you to return the unit to the place you bought it so they can file a claim with Honeywell. Well, in addition to being without a humidifier for over a month, that worked only once! Consecutive calls to the distributor were answered with a "call their 800 number for TrueSteam and they'll send you the parts". I did and they replaced one water reservoir once.

Calls afterward including one made yesterday, November 28, 2106 were answered with the same old story: return it to the distributor. And we are in the trade! Can you imagine if you are a homeowner dealing directly with them? Good luck. Lesson to be learned: never ever purchase this overpriced nightmare. Do some online research you will be shocked by the feedback on this unit. What I wrote here is the tip of the iceberg. Second lesson: big names don't mean anything. In the case of Honeywell their warranty is a bluff and totally useless. I will do anything in my power to avoid people fall in their trap. Honeywell, shame on you!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat RTH8580WF did not function properly out of the box, after a few minutes during setup the screen faded away and you could barely make it out. Online help videos are very basic, overly complicated Wi-Fi set up. Would not buy again.

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Original review: June 16, 2016

Purchased this unit in November. This was one of the mildest winter on record for the Northeast. So the unit was not being used regular and just on the chilliest of nights only in a bedroom when retiring for the night; which was always turned off sometime during the night. We were away for about 3 weeks this winter. By March no heat. I guess now that Honeywell is in Defense/Military contracting, there not much innovation going into residential products.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2016

I used this heater less than 2 months. It overheated and melted the silver plastic around the display. Very dangerous. Now it is junk. I always thought Honeywell as a trusted source of heater. Not now. I see many other people having problems with this same heater.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2016

I purchased a Honeywell HZ970TD1 from Target several months back. The heater sat in the box until now. At 40, I was struck ill with a heart attack. I'm downstairs in the guest room which doesn't hold heat. Excitingly, It was finally time for me to use my new heater. To my disappointment, this thing stopped working after less than 24 hours of total use. It'll run for 2 to 3 minutes and then completely crap out. All led lights are visible with no indication of errors. After reading online reviews, it pains me to see just how many people have heaters with this same exact problem.

The feedback to Honeywell is overwhelming with no resolution in site by Honeywell. I've contacted Honeywell customer service only to be transferred over and over. I've been placed on hold countless times. Finally, I was disrespected so bad by a rep that I decided to write a review. I'm shame to have ever done business with this company. My wife is 8 months pregnant and now has to separate herself from me because there's no heat to comfort her. I can't travel up and down the stairs yet so I'm stuck. Something has to be done. This is wrong, unfair and just plain O immoral. Someone needs to make things right with me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2015

I read with horror some of the other reviews. Mine worked for years, and then noticed the light on the off-power control would flicker and then stopped working. I took off the face panel and looked at the wiring in the back. A small black switch on the inside by Tower was melted at the "L" corner (power in) and the wire frayed and rusted. It could be rewired and simply bypass the switch or new switch placed, but after what I read here I think I will pass. Made in China, got many years of good use out of it with no problems until this. Shame to send such a large, heavy, and probably toxic oil to the landfill.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2015

Honeywell Space Heater Model HZ-709. I've had this heater for 4 years. Last week I woke up, thank God, to my bedroom being 90+ degrees F and there was an odor. I shut off the heater and noticed that the plug was too hot to touch and had begun to melt! Once everything cooled off I unplugged the heater. Both the plug and receptacle were charred! I was going to see if I could get the part(s) to fix the heater but after reading that others have had this same issue and worse, I cut off the cord, disassembled the electronics, and threw out the heater. The bottom line here is that these heaters are unsafe and need to be recalled!! If you have one I strongly recommend you dismantle it and throw it away before you have a fire or worse!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2015

The heater worked fine for a couple of years in my aging Mom's bedroom. After I inherited it, it failed within a month. The LED panel froze. It would light, but none of the buttons would control any functions. The heater would not turn "on", i.e., it would no longer heat. After reading the other reviews here, I consider myself somewhat lucky.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2015

Honeywell customer service took my breath away with the total contempt with which they treat their customers. On hold for hours then just get cut off. And of course customer service cannot actually provide service. They simply direct you to someone else in the company who cannot help and is totally disinterested. It has been a long time since I have wasted that much time with such little satisfaction.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2015

Honeywell keeps sending me e-mails and when I try to get them to stop or I try to unsubscribe, their website claims I did not enter data correctly, etc but it is an obvious ploy to not keeping their websites working and they think that allows them to continue to hammer us with e-mail advertisements. This is abuse, harassment, just like the phone calls at night.

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Original review: May 21, 2015

I tipped the Honeywell HZ 709 heater sideways and it has not worked since. I read the troubleshooting info which says this heater should restart after tipping it over but it has not! Very disappointed. Haven't used it since which was over a year ago. So basically I got one season out of it. I have the booklet that came with it but I can't find the receipt. I bought this at Target.

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Original review: May 10, 2015

I just had the plug on my Honeywell HZ-709 heater completely burn one of the leads of the three prong plug even though the heater was turned off. It is warm enough here that I was even considering putting my Air Conditioner on. For no apparent reason the plug just shorted and burned the lead to the point that it left burn marks on my wall. This is something that is associated with these heaters because if I look at the receptacle that that heater was plugged into I can see char marks on the receptacle, and it followed the heaters wherever they were plugged in. I got these at Home Depot and they will be going back tomorrow.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2015

I bought two Honeywell HZ-717 Black Digital oil-filled Radiator Heaters around November or December 2013 from Wal-Mart and now neither one of them work now. One went out on me about the latter of February 2015 and my other one just went out on me March 5, 2015. I don't understand why they would make something that does not continue to work for years to come. These Heaters are costly and now they are not working. There's no explanation on why they stop working. No more than "if you tilt them" or "if they get too hot" they will shut off. Why not make a Reset for these heaters so people can continue to use them? At $69.99 plus tax a piece I haven't gotten my money's worth. I threw my boxes away because I thought I could trust the name "Honeywell." There should be a recall on these heaters.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2015

This is the second time I purchased a surround heater by Honeywell. I plugged it in and heater start smelling hot so I unplugged it, just today I tried plugging in again to see if it worked but no fan and it heated and smelled again. Scary, knowing you spend money on a faulty heater which works for a month, garbage it because I recycled box.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2015

HZ-709 - Do not buy this heater. Buyer beware. The on/off switch stopped working for no apparent reason. It wasn't too hot. It just wouldn't turn on anymore. No way to reset it. Terrible product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

Honeywell Oil Heater HZ-690 - Heater worked for a few months then the three position switch stuck and would not move. Took it apart, the plastic gears were melting. Something was shorting, which would lead to a fire. Kaz corporation are greedy liars, made in china for their profit margin.

11 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2015

The cheap plastic knob (on/off) strips/breaks after a short time. Should use metal or allow for easy fix/replacement. Does not. While unit works fine it is useless if you can't turn off or on. Don't purchase.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2014

Their thermostat never worked right; I called their 800 number and they told me to take it off the wall. I said no, because I might not be able to get it back on. They insisted I take it off otherwise they could not help so I did. It still did not work, and I could not get it back on the wall so I had to pay an electrician $150 to get it back on. I asked Honeywell to reimburse me for the $150 and they refused. Lousy products, even worse customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2014

I purchased the Honeywell HZ-709 7 Fin Oil Filled Heater from Home Depot, IT functioned well for a little over a month. I utilized the heater to maintain the temperature in the pet area. Keeping the setting on Low... and temp Medium low. After my black lace and Albino Pearl Angel fish had spawned and we were hatching the new lings, I found the temperature in the room went a little over 90 degrees. The newly hatched Angel fish floating in their one gallon mini tanks. (20) I have been breeding and selling Angel fish for quite sometime, receiving 200 to 400 eggs a laying, three laying in the tanks. For which I receive $9 for small and up to $25 for a larger angel fish. Doing the Math... average 300 fish and 3 lays, at a average price of 15.00 dollars equals $13,500.00. This poorly designed and manufactured heater has hurt my business. Not to mention place my family and myself lives in harms way...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2014

Neighbor bought it at Yardsale, not use it till today. Plug in, heat up, shut off, tapped on front of switch area and it goes on and off. I plug it in, push power and F goes on, then E then it shuts off. Guess from other reviews, these have problems with overheating and plug fires! Well I guess that's why this 1 won't turn on and has an E on led screen. Time to toss it to the curb for recycle.

13 people found this review helpful
Original review: April 21, 2014

Bought this heater two years ago. Last winter, NO problem. This winter, had the plug melt in cyber-power surge protector. Not sure why, but thought no big deal. Maybe too much for the surge protector. Months later, TODAY, heater plugged in but turned off for days. Sitting here and outlet catches fire. Thank god I was home and right next to it. It is 70 outside. Had grandson in lap. Got it out safely. What if I hadn't been sitting right here??? Can't find a recall on this heater. Thanks for NOTHING, Honeywell.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2014

Purchased this unit and did okay for a few months. Today it caught fire seconds after turning on and melted the back side. Luckily, I was standing right by it and was able to unplug it quickly before the house could catch fire. Never again Honeywell will I let you put my family's life at risk!

18 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2014

I bought the HZ 680 model about 5 years ago. Haven't used it much until last year. This year when I turned it on blue sparks came out of it.

12 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2014

The heater plug melted and the heat from the plug melted the receptacle and plate. Luckily this happened just when it was time to wake up and go to work. The room was half filled with smoke. It was plugged into a 15 amp household circuit and yet the breaker never tripped. If you value your home and well-being I would suggest scraping this unit.

37 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 1, 2014

Honeywell HZ-717- series heather caught fire and set a room ablaze. DON'T EVER BUY A HONEYWELL PRODUCT AGAIN. They do not stand behind them and they are cheap garbage. MAYBE IF WE ALL BOYCOTT THESE MAD BOMBERS WE CAN LIVE SAFELY. Repeat - Honeywell's HZ 717 is a deadly fire inducing piece of garbage. Sparks and flame were coming from it. I have huge repair bills. At least we are alive to tell the tale. How many caught fire and were blamed on poor placement instead of innate safety errors? I can only hope that my curses reach the CEO of Honeywell and burn him like a fire, all over his greedy body. Do you hear me, you thieves?

26 people found this review helpful

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