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Absolutely worst experience with customer service. I started this wonderful endeavour on 09/19/2016 when I signed up on their website to receive a quote and consultation for blinds. I received a phone call later that day to schedule my appointment through their third party company. I scheduled my appointment for October 11th for 5pm-6pm. When the day finally came and no one arrived I gave them a call to see what the hold up was. When I first spoke with the absolutely pleasant woman on the other line she told me "we called you for a follow up, and you no longer wanted our service". Seeing as how I had absolutely no calls from anyone on this day I found that pretty amusing and told the woman that. She of course immediately had to put me on a brief hold.

She came back to tell me the scheduler she needed to speak with was on the other line and I needed to continue to hold. Anxious to know by this time Of course I continued to hold since at that point I've already wasted 15 minutes of my time. When the Woman came back the next time she told me "there was an issue with the DC and your appointment". At this time of course I was already flustered being told that someone called me which was a lie, and now there was an issue with the DC which no one informed me of. I asked to speak to a supervisor since I was now receiving two different stories both of which were out of my control and made no sense. After another 5 minute "Brief" hold I was on the phone with the scheduling manager. He informed me that the woman I had spoke to on September 19th was the wrong scheduler and scheduled me with the wrong department, of course apologizing and stating we should have followed up earlier.

At this point my blood had already boiled over and I asked him what follow up seeing as how now after missing the appointment I had to follow up with them. Still trying to gather the information and process if I would still consider their service I asked for their next available. I was told the following thursday between 2pm-5pm. I told him I would need 5pm-6pm which I already had in order to make it work. He said "the next available for that time frame would be the 7th of November". At that point I was baffled that not only they could fail with Customer service, but they could also care absolutely less about pleasing the customer. Instead of even trying to do something to resurrect poor communication and bad customer affairs they decide to and make me wait even longer. I would never recommend this company and frankly will never shop from them either because of this. If I could rate less than one star I would.

On September 22, 2016 the installers came to install the windows that was charged to my account on the 8th of Sept. over $3500.00. The installers said the window area was not measured properly, therefore, the windows would not fit as they were supposed to. They jammed them in and used a lot of caulk to cover up the discrepancies. The windows look different from outside and just look wrong. I have tried to have The so called supervisors come and look and have them done properly but no one calls back or comes to date. Tried calling the store #3504 and corporate and got a runaround. No one wants to stand behind their products at Home Depot and I am very disappointed in their lack of care to their customers.

I purchased windows from Home Depot in May 2016. The windows were installed at the end of June 2016. However, they ordered the wrong window for my family room and I was left with a white window while the rest of my windows were beige. I was advised my window would be in a few weeks. The window was finally installed at the end of August. After installing the window, they used the wrong color caulk. I had to make many calls for someone to come out and use the right caulk. The guy came out and basically wiped some new caulk over the old.

Additionally, the window does not close properly and there is caulk left on the siding of the house. I have called the manager of the local store and he just handed me off to someone in the Kansas City Office (who has never once returned a phone call). So now I am left with caulk on my siding, a half ass caulk job and a window that doesn't close properly and HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE! I have always used Lowes and I will never use Home Depot again. Absolute worst customer service experience ever! After spending over 7k, you would think they would want to ensure their customers had a positive experience.

I wanted Andersen windows. I had Home Depot come to my home and the salesman said that Andersen made vinyl windows and they are wonderful (Simonton). I said, "No, I really want the original Andersen windows." He begged me to let him show me the sample. OK... They sounded and looked fine... No staining, etc., to be done. The first three windows (a year ago) were installed and so far they're good. (Double hung, single windows.) In July I ordered two more sets but this time double hung on either side of stationary windows... for two rooms. When the order was first delivered, the installer said the squares were wrong and didn't even take them out of the truck. They had to be returned. Next delivery... no good, again. Third delivery trim was no good and one of them, on the bottom, isn't there.

Installer also said that the weather stripping on one would have to be replaced because it wasn't put in right at the factory. (They're all supposed to be inspected!!) One evening, watching TV, it became windy and suddenly howling began in one of the double hungs. Just like a pack of wolves! Rep. came after we called and he said they'd have to be re-wrapped. That was 3 weeks ago. Still waiting. BUT... and this is the kicker... at 4 AM this morning, (9/13/2016) I was awakened by HOWLING in my bedroom which isn't the one that has the howling I called Home Depot about originally. I couldn't believe it. Now there's no point in doing anything with the first window because it's obvious that this is a Simonton Window problem and not just a fluke! I lost hours of sleep. I'm still trembling from anger and disappointment.

We're talking about several thousand dollars here. Not just a can of paint for $20. I gave a down payment and the balance is being held until this is taken care of. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm extremely sorry that I didn't go to a local business instead of a monolith like Home Depot. The only receipt I have is for the down payment.

During the sales process, the Home Depot rep with not provide me with a written proposal which made it very difficult to compare the windows they were installing and the work they would perform. I wish I had seen this site prior to deciding to go with HD based on my years of good experience of shopping in their stores. In fact, we spent upwards of $50,000 at our local store last year alone while refurbishing our new condo. HD's price was about 25% more expensive, but we opted for that since we trusted them... BIG MISTAKE!

One area that I wanted to make sure that I was getting what others showed in writing was the fact the windows would be Energy Star certified. The salesman promised on the phone twice that the manufacturer would ship windows for our job that were Energy Star certified. I should have gotten that in writing as I did not learn until AFTER the windows were installed that they are not. The windows are energy star certified for states south of where we live in Pennsylvania. I have tried calling Home Depot and they just keep referring me back to the sales rep that is now saying that he only stated that the windows were energy efficient. The local store will not help me as they say that it is a different division. Thanks HD for ripping us OFF!

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DO NOT BUY WINDOWS FROM HOME DEPOT!!! I purchased windows for my home in Brooklyn NY from Home Depot in August 2015. Their installer arrived with the custom windows within the time they promised. However, the windows did not fit. Additionally the windows were blue, as ordered, but the trim they wanted to install was white! Not as agreed to. 2nd time. Once again there was a problem with windows - again this time one of the windows did not fit. I live in the NE and it was cold out. Not a good time to replace windows but what can you do. Forward to 3rd time. They show up with the window, late for the appointment WITHOUT THE TRIM AND WOOD NECESSARY TO INSTALL THE WINDOW. I am refusing to pay them and will continue to fight the charge on my credit card.

Wasted a day having Home Depot come out and quote replacing windows. Retail price on the windows (Andersen) was approx $500/window. They wanted $1500/window in removal and re-installation. Figure a window replacement is no more than 4 hrs/window at 2 people per window you are talking 8 hrs labor per window for $1500. That is nearly $200/hr. Tried to get them to explain this highway robbery and all they could say is, "that is the pricing we get." Really, who pays $200/hour for a home construction contractor?

Home Depot is very convenient for me - the local outlet is just a few blocks away and has been my source for hardware, gardening and building materials. This issue involves the purchase of replacement windows and their response to the quality of those windows. The windows were white vinyl sliders purchased about 10 years ago. I purchased them on account so there is records. This spring when I went to clean them I found the seal in all six panes of glass had leaked. All of them! I went to the store and spoke briefly to the person at the Window/Door dept - her reply, "It is what it is." I made an online submission to Home Depot. The reply dealt solely with the comment by the employee and not the product. I followed up with a second message - directly to the asst mgr. No response.

It is sad to say that Home Depot is too big to be accountable and care about customer service. I will be dealing more with the local lumberyard/hardware outlets. I dread that thought of what I have in store for me with the five patio door I purchased from Home Depot - I guess that will be another review. I wish I had known that the Home Depot motto is "It is what it is." Please pay a little more and suffer a little inconvenience to spare yourself my experience.

I do considerable renovations for myself and others. You can guess who I will not recommend. I don't know what I would do if I saw someone looking at purchasing a HD window product - I will be tempted to share my experience like I wish someone had done with me. By the way, thanks Home Depot for the 15% off windows deal. I put that towards the new replacement of replacement windows.

Home Depot constantly does their business at 1 AM to 7 AM and all day long. 1 AM to 7 AM is a noise code violation. I am awakened every night to the sound of backing up of trucks with beeping noises and the dropping of pallets. Sometimes it sounds as if a bomb went off. I called the police to no avail. This morning I was awakened at 1:17 AM. I notified the police and the store. The noise stopped for a while and began at 6:17 AM again. This began again last February. I have been told in the past, that when people complain they simply move the activity to another store. They are breaking the law and they also have a fence that is broken and does nothing for noise violation. It's a security and health issue because there are rats back there and children go back there through the holes.

Bought $25000 (approximately) triple pane windows in 2013. Each year they get more distorted. All of the windows suffer from this problem but the living room one is the worse. When the sun is on them you can barely see through it. Finally I went to Home Depot to complain about them. Guess what, lifetime warranty doesn't cover them.

They sent someone from Jeld Wen to check them out. I was told that the problem was the triple pane. Then he said it was moisture. Problem with that is the window is dry as a bone. Then he decided they would replace just the living room as it was scratched but that I would have to pay $500 + for installation as the installation warranty had also expired. Doesn't matter that it wasn't an installation problem. They were suppose to come out 3 times to install and as yet still no replacement. They changed the date without informing me, the installers couldn't lift it the 2nd time so they had to book two crews, the 3rd time the installer was sick. I am very unhappy about these windows and I recommend no one buys them, especially from Home Depot.

In the fall of 2015 I accepted Home Depots offer to have their contractor replace three Milgard windows. I asked about rescheduling if it was raining and was told the contractor would decide this at the time of the appointment. On Nov 17, it was raining heavily with high winds, and he said they install in wind and rain routinely. He was late, couldn't find the windows, showed up at 11:30 and finished after 6 pm. By Dec rains, one of the windows was leaking badly, even spraying inside on my wood floor, which had been installed the previous year. Today I am still packing the window and floor with towels, which rapidly become sopping wet.

A week or so ago, the Home Depot rep came out and put some caulking at the top of my leaking window, told me that my siding is old and that's the problem. So now I must replace the siding. I regret acting on my desire to have windows that open and close with ease. It's strange that the old siding has caused leakage around the replaced window but none of the remaining Milgard windows leak.

We had all new windows installed in our house approximately 2 yrs. ago and the fascia board was faulty. This is the third time we had to call the Depot for repairs. On May 15, 2015 my first phone call was made. Needless to say, I spoke with numerous people being transferred from one person to another constantly. Many phone calls made to the store, talked with field managers, installers, etc. Then on Dec.10, 2015 the fascia was installed.

This piece of material is approximately 20 ft.long. Seven months for something this minor. Very dissatisfied with this company that the new roof we just had installed was installed by others simply because dealing with the Depot was a joke and quite appalling to be honest. The managerial employees have really learned quite efficiently how to ignore the customer. Hopefully we will never have to deal with them again on this particular repair and we will certainly not hire them again for an install.

I had my windows installed April 2013. 5/10 windows I had installed were foggy due to poor seals. I had them replaced October 2013 and during this process the installation contractor ripped chunks of wood out of my living room window frame. In July 2015 two more windows had to be replaced due to fogginess between the window panes, poor seals. Those windows were replaced after 3 months of bantering back and forth with the Installation Manager. The Home Depot escalation Dept offered me a $500 gift certificate to cover the expense of replacing my window frame then lied and said I didn't want it. The Installation Manager in the meantime had sent me an email offering me $250 gift certificate. I told him the main office offered me $500. He said he would have to go to his supervisor to authorize the $500 gift certificate. I was confused.

To date I still have not received the gift certificate even though I've have email contacts with the Installation Manager who said he would get the information for me right away from his boss and failed to follow through. I am disappointed on many levels first of all based on the integrity, Home Depot seems to lack, professionalism seems to no longer be of value either. I went all the way to the regional manager. She was the regional manager for Alaska Washington and Oregon and she never returned my call. I would say the fish rots from the head down.

The other disappointment is the lack of quality in the product - windows. I live in an area where the weather gets very cold and rainy. Surprise (not) my living room window fogged over about a week ago, it's December of 2015. The installation contractor wants to see it even though I sent him a picture. I told him it's no longer there. He said let him know the next time it happens he'll run up and look (lol). In my opinion think Home Depot puts its value in profit instead of the customer, a great disappointment. By the way have you ever measured the 2x6 planks of wood at Home Depot, they are 2x5.5 not 2x6. Hmmm what's that about.

We had a plate glass window crack in February 2015. In searching for a repair we have some odd shaped windows, so getting someone to respond was difficult. Or people would come and we'd never hear from them. Finally we liked the Home Depot sales person who gave us a good price. We signed on the dotted line 4/26/15. We added another pair of windows to the job on 5/15/15. They told us they would probably do the installation in July. I called in early July to find out the status of our job. Nobody called me back.

In August we got a call from the installer. There were some problems with the shapes and they needed to come back and re-measure the windows. That happened right away. They would probably be installing them in October. It is now 11/20 and we still are having trouble reaching anyone willing to take responsibility for the job. I want my windows but now I'm afraid if this is the response for a $13,000 order for 8 windows what will happen when there is a problem with those windows? Home Depot sucks!

I ordered a replacement window for an old picture window in a home I was refurbishing. The installers were supposed to arrive between 10 am and noon. No one showed, so I called the customer support center. The person put me on hold and contacted the installers. The installers said they would be there "soon". 3:00 pm and still no installers. Again I called customer support. I'm put on hold again while they call to check status. The customer support person was unable to reach the installers. At 7:00 pm I get a call from customer support to see how my installation went. I told them no one ever came. They advised me that an installation manager would be contacting me within 30 minutes. Surprise! no one ever returned my call.

It's now the following day at 11:00 am and still no one has returned my calls. Finally through customer service I get hold of the installation crew. They tell me they came, but no one answered the door and they tried calling. I checked the call log on my phone to find out when they called. It was 5:15 pm when they had arrived - well after dark. How were they supposed to work after dark in the November cold? I still can't get hold of a Home Depot installation manager, so I guess I'm out the $179 deposit I put down. I've spent thousands at Home Depot over the years, but no more. I'll be going to Lowe's instead.

Home-depot offers a double warranty. It covers installation and any thing else that might occur (lifetime). So my wife and I decided to go with them. Well like other reviews. We like the windows but we were not happy with the installation. One screen was bent so bad it had a 3/4" gap at the bottom, and the picture window has a 1/2" gap covered up with a vinyl strip. I called Home-Depot (they supply you with three phone numbers) three months ago. Finally they returned my call and set up a date to come out to correct the issues, guess what, they didn't show up. No phone call nothing just another day of work missed without pay. Im still waiting for these issues to get resolved. The warranty is worthless. Run away before you sign anything.

I had all the windows in my house replaced with Andersen through Home Depot. The salesman was easy to work with, the installation contractor and crew were fine during the installation, but, a year and one half later, I still cannot get anyone to replace a defective lock on my bedroom window! It doesn't matter who I call, no one will help! Lifetime warranty is a joke!

I called number on "Hardware Guide" that has instructions to installing a casement window crank and get no help!! Guy does not know product and cannot tell me and has to get "more clarification", and I have given him the part number and mfg. code and have a simple question as to what the part looks like underneath and what the "clip" looks like on the part. He REFUSES to help me and answer a simple question but instead needs to "make a file", get the window number on and on. It goes over a half hour and all he has to do is look at the exact part and tell me what the underneath looks like. But he is very hostile and puts me on hold a number of times with NO help and refuses to help and finally hangs up. Home Depot has the WORST customer service!

We ordered windows in Oct 2014. They were supposed to be installed by mid-November. Didn't hear anything by November and contacted rep. Lots of excuses and apologies. Windows came in January. They were the wrong size... 6 of them. Only 1 was okay. Had to reorder. Very poor communications. Finally went to local store. Project Manager - He was EXCELLENT. He "tried" to get ball rolling. Heard from rep and we're to get windows within 3 weeks. Windows came in in March... again... THE WRONG SIZE! It took FIVE TRIES TO GET THEM RIGHT. Windows completed in June. One window still doesn't fit right. We'll see how it keeps cold out in winter. The lip that you grab is on top of window. It's ridiculous! We have to pull down from bottom of window because we can't reach the top once they are up. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Home Depot OR SIMONTON WINDOWS.

Finally I got some traction on this issue. It took many calls and much frustration with store level management that I had to finally give up with them and take it to the next level. So I wrote emails and shot gunned them off to the executive team at Home Depot Corporate and low and behold the next morning I get a call from Customer Care escalations saying they want to make this right. They did. I returned the windows for a full refund. Then later that day, I get a call from the district manager wanting to speak with me about my experience and ask if there is any way that he can win my business back. "We shall see." Why Home Depot #622 did it take me going over your head for you to get right? Why was it so hard for you to do the right thing from the get-go? What were you going to lose, except for a customer whom apparently has a loud enough voice that I can be heard in Atlanta? Shame on you and your customer service skills Store #622.

Original Review

So we went and sat down with one of their Window Experts, let's call him Joshua. I told Joshua that I had seen these retrofit windows by Milgard online. They are called Bar something windows and are specifically made for doing replacements on a stucco sided house with aluminum existing windows without having to bust out all the stucco. He told us he knew exactly what we needed and we proceeded to get down to the particulars. Dimensions, style, color, glass type, screens, etc. He showed us pictures of the moulding styles and we choose one. Brick Mould I think they called it.

During this process Joshua and I discussed the installation process and the fact that when I had seen the video online I was quite positive that I could do the install myself since it looked so easy. (I have some skills) So when we were done Joshua had us look over the dimensions and sign that these were proper and copasetic. We were told that it would take 4 to 6 weeks and they would be delivered to our home.

Fast forward almost 8 weeks later they finally are delivered and my wife sends me a picture saying the windows are here and I see nailing fins on them! I ask her to take more pictures close up since these look nothing like the Z-Bar windows from the videos and she does and my worst fears are confirmed - these are not the correct windows. I have her call the store to speak with someone about them and a MOD, let's call him Matt, says that all she has to do is cut the nailing fins off and they will install like the retrofit windows. REALLY?? My wife and I go to Home Depot when I get off work and speak with Matt directly and he tells me the same thing. I ask him to provide manufacturer's suggested methods of installation that clearly depict this process.

He tries, but is unable to get the files. Assures me he can do it tomorrow after speaking with the manufacturer directly. And at the same time says, "Well you signed the order so I don't think there is much we can do about it." You have got to be kidding me. How am I to know that your window expert input the wrong SKU code for the window(s) that I requested? I am contacted by another MOD, let's call him Ceaser, who tells me to go to the Milgard website and download the AAMA 2400-10 Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with a mounting Flange in Open Stud Frame construction. I of course had already been researching the net, speaking with the manufacturer and so on and knew this was not going to show the proper procedure. I asked Ceaser to speak with his store manager about getting us the proper windows like we had come into the store to buy. He says he will pass that information along.

I get a call back from the manufacturer and the rep tells me that the windows we were given are the wrong type for our application and that we should get Home Depot to make it right by exchanging them for the right windows. I then get a call from the store manager whom is out of town at the time, we will call him Johnny. He wants to hear the story since his corporate office has emailed him about my complaint. He listens and then asks if the manufacturer said they were going to give me new windows. I said "No, they did not say that." They said they would speak with the dealer, Home Depot, about making this right since the windows I was sold were incorrect for our application. Johnny goes on to say that most likely the manufacturer will not be able to follow thru with their promise of making it right. And repeats to a certain extent what MOD Matt said. We signed the order. AGAIN???

Let's be real. I trust in the professionalism and expertise of your designated representative to fill out the order correctly. Myself being the customer and not familiar with your SKU numbers and proper terminology would not be able to recognize that he did not give us the Z-Bar retrofit windows like we had requested. But in fact ordered us new construction type windows. Now the manager Johnny is only willing to exchange the windows as long as we agree to pay a restocking fee!! WTF Home Depot. It is quite apparent that you do not want me to shop at your stores anymore.

I chose Home Depot for vinyl window and door installation because I assumed it would require little effort from me. A salesman came out with his spiel about why it was worth paying double for standard windows, because the installers had insurance and they'd replace the screens if they broke. $5800 for two windows and two doors. That's over $3000 for installation of 2 windows and 2 doors. I was promised the next step would be that I would be contacted to arrange measurement. Two weeks went by, and no contact. I called, and was promised a "substantial discount" if I didn't cancel the order because of their mistake. I reluctantly agreed, and someone came out to measure the windows. I was promised installation on August 23rd. Nobody showed up. I called to ask for a refund. No follow up from Home Depot a week later. What a waste of time. I could have had the windows installed 5 weeks ago for half the price. Adios Home Depot.

I signed a new window install contract on July 22, 2015 and was told 7 days later the price was going to increase by $500. I signed a written contract and agreed to the terms and then was told the price for 1 Simonton window would be $500 more. Never heard of signing a contract and having the terms change. Nowhere in the contract does it say, "after the final window measure" that the price is subject to change. Very disappointed in this Breach of Contract...Home Depot, Tucson, AZ. Oracle and River Location. Window manager and Associate were friendly but would not agree they made an error and would adjust the price for their mistake.

I hired Home Depot to install 17 windows in my Mom's house. Within a week we noticed that one of the windows was not opening properly. The original installer inspected the problem, told us he would get parts to fix the window. After not hearing back from the installer in 2 months, I contacted his supervisor to ask for an update. To my shock, the clerk I spoke to on the phone told me the supervisor had already closed out the service request. I asked the supervisor to return my call and let me know why Home Depot closed out the service request when they never repaired the window. Because I didn't hear back from the supervisor after two weeks, I contacted Home Depot again. Without explaining why the service request was erroneously closed they scheduled the installer to repair it.

The installer had to reschedule the repair. Then on the day of the rescheduled repair, after we had rearranged our schedules to be home for the repair, the installer called to say he could only come at 4. 6:00 rolls around he still had not shown up. He did not have the courtesy to call us to tell us he would be late. When my Mom called him to ask why he hadn't shown up, he said he was busy with a job, and asked to come the next day. If we had known he couldn't complete the job today, we would have changed our plans accordingly -- instead my Mom wasted time waiting at home for him. I left a message with the installer's supervisor to complain about the no-show.

Then I called the installer to complain that my Mom waited an entire day for him to show up. The installer admitted he simply FORGOT about our appointment. It is very irresponsible to treat a service request, that was left open for two months and was only addressed after I complained, so lightly that you would just forgot the appointment. To his credit the installer came immediately and fixed the window. I felt the obligation to leave another message with his supervisor saying the installer handled the job but his performance was still unacceptable.

This was the worst part. The supervisor called me back and complained that I was calling him at 9:30 pm. I explained nowhere in my call did I tell the supervisor I needed an immediate call back. I was doing the courtesy of letting him know the job was done, in case he was not communicating with the installer. I was being blamed for making the courtesy of updating my complaint with new information. The supervisor was telling me it was inappropriate for me to call the number given to me by Home Depot to update him on a service request. I am profoundly troubled that my call was met with hostility.

The installers did an amazing job and in a timely manner. They were very polite and very trustworthy. We left our home unlocked for them to help themselves to bathroom and drinks, never an issue. The windows are beautiful and all around very happy with our service we received. I'd recommend them!

The appointment was for 4 PM. Before 4 PM I received a call from the estimator he could not make it and would be there about 4:30 PM. At 5:05 PM he showed up. I told him I wanted a twin window, single hung. He said an Anderson would be about $2200 (parts and install), way higher by a factor of 3x than a HOMEADVISOR estimate for a different brand. The next estimate was for $1200 for a Jeld-Wen replacement. Still 1.5x higher that the "HomeAdvisor" estimate. He did not seem like he wanted to work with me and find a solution. At that point I said then forget it. I will never use HOME DEPOT for this sort of business again. The service rep/estimator should not be doing this sort of work as he has NO CUSTOMER EMPATHY. Wed this week LOWE'S will be coming for their estimate -- Preliminary they had told me the wood price and estimated labor cost... Lower that all the above.

Started bay window replacement/new bay window installation in 8/2014 - still hasn't finished (today is 5/2015). Required several reminding - job started several weeks later than has been promised. Salesman doesn't have hardware samples - relying on pictures only installed wrong hardware - required 4 times to install and uninstall. Workers damaged siding outside, installed wrong size brackets resulted in agley window exterior view. Still didn't fix Installed wrong size bay window, nails sticking out from the window inside the house (base window skirt) till today (not yet, but injuries can occur). Total visits about 12, every visit come unprepared, do not have required parts leading to next appt. Didn't show up for today's appointment, after I called, rescheduled for tomorrow. They don't care if you take day off from work. The worse experience ever with home improvement job.

First had issue in the Pooler GA store. Waited for well over an hour for someone to help me. I had a sales rep come out and give an estimate (which was way overpriced) but since I used them in the past if I wanted to match the windows I had previously installed I had no choice but to give them my debit card for a deposit. I scheduled for the actual install team to come for final measurement. My appointment was for 12:30 (mind you I coordinated this for my one-hour lunch break). At 12:34 pm I got a phone call he was running late I explained I was on lunch and had other obligations at work that I could not wait around for him. I sent several emails to my sales rep and left him several voice mails. I did not get a return phone call until 3 pm when my sales rep was telling me the installer was there and why wasn't I. I asked for a return phone call from management and got nothing that day.

The next day I called them again and left messages as well as called corporate customer care. Still no reply from anyone. The next day I left more messages with sales rep and corporate customer service. Nobody returned my calls. I finally called Pooler GA store and spoke with an assistant manager and asked for a return call. Nothing again. Thursday I did the same thing and got no response. Friday the same. Finally got a return call and it was basically insinuated I was the one at fault for not being home at 3 pm on Monday. At this point I felt I was due some compensation. I was told someone would call me back. After calling them back on Monday I was offered a very small discount and was basically told take it or leave it because it was all I was getting. I discussed the fact I was a repeat customer. They claimed that they had no record of this. I let them know I spent $6000.00 with previously. They kept telling me they had no record of it.

Not once did they ask if I had a different phone number or last name. I told them I would let them know. I then called corporate customer service again and had to leave several messages before a return call. I finally spoke with someone who actually took time to investigate and asked the right question. She immediately found my previous purchase. This whole ordeal has been going on now for almost 2 weeks. They are trying to blame me for not rescheduling the installer to come back out. I am not going to do this before I get a resolution to all my problems. The moral of this whole story is that once they get your deposit they treat you like you are not important. They don't care if they provide you with any customer service so if you are looking for any type of decent service - BEWARE!!! You will NOT get it.

Home Depot replaced 28 windows and screens in my home 5 years ago. 11 of the windows were vinyl, we did those upstairs. The down stairs windows were wood. They also fix any rotting wood. The contractor was professional. The job was done in a timely manner. They cleaned up well. These windows, 5 years later, have been an excellent addition to our home and the windows And screens are life guaranteed for up to two more owners of our home if/when we move.

I signed a contract with Home Depot to have two double-glazed windows installed. The contract was signed on 1-15-15. Two windows were delivered on February 6, one of which was totally wrong. The installer saw immediately that it wouldn't fit and I refused to have it installed. I heard NOTHING from Home Depot about it or what they would do. In desperation, I called on 3-16-15 to ask about the order. I was PROMISED I would get a call back within 48 hours! I don't know what clock they use, but after almost 72 hours I called again. Once more I was told I'd get a call - still waiting (but not holding my breath). I will NEVER sign another contract with Home Depot, and don't recommend doing so.

I ordered blinds for a new office in October, and it's now March and we still don't have the correct orders in. I've been passed off to several different people in the department about the mistakes and the timeline and the response is to put me on hold, or offer the manager who is conveniently out to lunch. I've heard different excuses from each person I've spoken to as well, who directly contradict the other sales people and installation team.

After 5 months of errors, I got a voicemail last night telling me blinds (extra mistake blinds that the installers returned) are ready to be picked up in the store. So now I'm apparently supposed to pick them up and install them myself after paying Home Depot for the service and repeating over and over that they are extras anyway. Long story short, I'm going somewhere else to finish the order and will never give Home Depot money again.

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