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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2021

Unless you are flipping a house or not going to keep your house very long. DONT Do IT!!! After 6 months drawers are starting to fail. Trim is coming loose. And this is with only two very careful homeowners. They use subcontractor for everything which gives them a great excuse to blame the other guy for any problems. One guy promised the world, then disappeared to Florida, then next guy does the same. My list: lots of nail holes not filled, large gaps between joints, easy close slides failing, apron sink installed very shoddy, gaps between quartz countertops and support brackets, so no support at all, trim falling off because it was not nailed correctly, doors that don’t close because they hit trim.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2021

With my kids grown and out of the house, I began redoing the entire house. Paid HD $7,000 up front, because they MAKE YOU, then waited 5 months to get install scheduled. The day before install I called the countertop company that HOME DEPOT chose, English Countertops, and they hired them and paid them directly, not me, and asked if there would be a lot of dust and if yes would they be putting up tarps. I was told there wouldn’t be any dust but I needed to disconnect reverse osmosis system and dishwasher.

Thank goodness I didn’t believe Kyle and ran to Dollar Tree to buy 7 thin plastic tarps to especially drape over and protect new reclining living room couch and reclining loveseat and new 75” flat screen tv and good thing because as all the other reviews stated, the NIGHTMARE was about to begin and boy if I could only turn back time to before this countertop place entered my home and destroyed my new Samsung black Stainless fridge by DENTING the front (after I babied this bad boy, wiping only with a microfiber towel and with the grain ) and in 9 hours it was destroyed.

They scratched the left front trying to WEDGE a quartz piece in between it and my stove and also put a deeper scratch further on left side 3/4 to the back and took off the paint, down to the silver and the 3 hours late plumber walking in to the countertop guys already demo-ing and breaking up the old tile countertop going around and under my new drop in KRAUS sink cuz they couldn’t wait any longer on this guy who had a tool belt on packed with I 1,000 screwdrivers that he didn’t need and ended up gouged the entire length of the faceplate of my 1 yr old dishwasher and I’m still waiting on the Kyle guy to keep his word and replace it and my fridge. They showed zero respect to my home and personal property and continue to HIDE. They also can’t even caulk and it looks like a blind dog did it.

They gouged up my newly painted walls, cut (2) large 12x4 holes in my cabinet walls to get to sink and didn’t even go thru it or use it and they could’ve just measured it to begin with instead of going to such extremes. Then they didn’t even repair it and just left it for me to repair. They coulda just left me the pieces and I (a girl) would have spackled the pieces BACK IN hello. Then they proceeded to “clean up”, I guess you’d call it, but wiped all my brand new appliances with the same filthy dirty milky white grout dust and quartz dust, bucket of water also used to wipe off the 1” of grout dust sitting on top of my new dishwasher and off THE FLOOR. Those grout granules scratched and ruined my fridge, dishwasher and micro to the point they have a scratched grey look along with the cloudy milky film that stills remains, I can’t get it off and I’ve tried many different things.

I’ve never used anything abrasive. I’ve never used anything with chemicals. I’ve always taken exceptional good care of my stuff and always looked just as good as the day I got them. I use to love my kitchen even with the old tile countertop but thought after all new appliances I should upgrade the countertop. Now that will be a decision that I will forever regret and actually don’t even want to be in my house anymore. I just want to move and sell it, after being in it and my kids growing up in it for over 20+ years. The glory of new countertops faded the same day that they were put in and they mean zilch to me. They’re so ugly anyway and trying to find what I like and would look good off a 1x2” sample is ludicrous; impossible, and for such a huge decision and certainly not a cheap one, you would think that a trustworthy company like HD would have a simple, logical way for the customer to get some kind of idea. But haha wrong again.

The lady working with me at my Las Vegas Serene Home Depot knew I didn’t want anything busy. She was supposed to be working with me and coaching me. Key word: SUPPOSED to. She knew I wanted more of a solid WHITE but said that what ended up being installed would look very nice. Well it doesn’t and I knew it wouldn’t. It’s ugly bathroom looking, VERY busy and CREME COLOR. I had creme. Why would I want that again with my black cabinets. Now I’m stuck hating it to the point I don’t want to look at it or be in the kitchen or even in the house. I want to MOVE. AFTER 20 years. How can this be?? I never got to look at the quartz countertop before it was cut and brought to my home the day of installation.

I never got anything but a guy from English coming to my house with this hi tech laser beam to measure everything precisely which I admit was wonderfully reassuring but that must just be part of their deception, nothing was installed precisely everything from the beginning to the end. Was just a mind blowing ball of destruction and lies, chaos and craziness and it was all so unnecessary. And nobody’s returning calls from HD or English after they haha PROMISE to follow up and call us. I want my appliances back to the condition they were pre-install. They had no business damaging them and if they thought that was going to be a problem they should’ve protected them with some thing that would’ve taken (5) minutes to do and probably cost $1.00.

Bottom line HD hired them and they are HD’s “employees” and FULLY responsible for any screw ups. Nobody returns calls and they just blow us off just like everybody else. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. There are OBVIOUSLY NO BUSINESS ETHICS. Where’s the BBB? This cannot go on and something needs to be done people. We aren’t talking just a couple $100 and it’s not one State, it’s in EVERY State! We are getting “scammed” by a once reputable hardware store and that’s against the law people.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2021

The end result looks good from a distance, but the quality is crap. We had our cabinet makeover done in September 2019. First of all, there was a mistake in the order that I did not catch before signing on the date of install. As a result, one of our upper cabinets did not get refaced on the bottom, so it does not match the rest of the cabinets. Second, we ordered knobs for the doors that did not arrive with the rest of the materials. At the suggestion of our consultant, we had two of our cabinets with shelves and doors to be replaced with 3 large drawers, with the idea that I could store my pots and pans in the drawers for easy access. Well, the first time I tried to put my pots and pans in one of the drawers, one of the supports for the drawer fell out of the cabinet wall! The installer had to come back to fix it and to install the knobs.

Needless to say, I can't store my heavy stuff in any of the drawers. And despite the installer spending lots of time trying to make sure all the drawers were straight, one of them still isn't quite right, and catches on the one below it. Then, one of the knobs kept falling off. I replaced the screw with a longer one, so now it stays on, but it is loose. A few months after installation, our silverware drawer fell out. The glide tracks were only held in place with one screw, where there were holes for 3. Now, one of our cabinet door hinges is all wonky, and it's only been a year! I think the biggest problem is our existing cabinet walls are not strong enough to handle the updates. We should have been advised as such and told that a makeover was not an option. I feel like the consultant just wanted to make the sale. We probably could have bought all new pre-made cabinets and had them installed for less than what we spent on the makeover.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2020

I had been looking forward to having my kitchen remodeled for 15+ years. I finally had the chance to do so. My husband and I went to Home Depot in 2018 for a consultation. The lady told us it would take approximately 3 months. She had the cabinets pictured on the screen just like we wanted. It took them 3 and half months just to get started and 7 and a half months to finish. It’s been 2 years later and my cabinets are falling off the hedges, my plumbing is leaking off and on and my floor is lifting. I will never get another big project done from them again and not to mention we are out of a whole lot of money. Someone on the street could have done a better job. I’m only writing today because I’m sick of it, it’s 2 and half years later on October 9th 2020 at 10:20pm and my husband is trying to fix the leak under the sink again. The faucet is not on correctly so he has to put a bucket under the sink until he can get the tools to fix it tomorrow.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2020

I designed my new kitchen with the help of the Home Depot kitchen designer at the Palm Coast FL store on Nov 10, 2019. The countertops were installed on Dec 26, 2019. Upon installation, I informed the installers, Crew2, that one of the peninsula countertops was too short, by 11 inches. They looked at my diagram, designed by the Home Depot kitchen specialist & they agreed that the countertop was too short. They made a phone call & I was assured that they would remake the countertop & they would call to set an appointment to install the new one. Upon further inspection, I noticed a large dull area, with noticeable scratches underneath, as well as sharp edges around the edge & on top of the countertops. The dull area, 6" by 5", I discovered later, was actually filler.

I waited for months, contacting the kitchen designer by phone & through email, asking for an update. She eventually sent a rep, March 14, 2020, from the granite people to look at my countertops. The rep contacted Crew2 & Crew2 came out on March 19, 2020 to look at the countertops. They told me that too much filler was used on all the countertops, looked at all the sharp edges & the drawings & agreed that all the countertops should be replaced. I waited a while, because of Covid, but I stopped into the store to speak with my kitchen designer. She gave me the business card of another person to contact. I called them several times, left messages, but they never called me back.

Eventually I called a Supervisor at Home Depot, Sept 8, 2020 requesting my money back if they could not fulfill what they had promised. I received a call from Crew2 on Sept 10, 2020, that they were remaking all my countertops. Then an email came from Crew2 on Sept 17, 2020 saying that I was not exempt from ADA guidelines & they couldn't remake the kitchen countertop that was too short because it did not conform to ADA standards. I am a private residence & therefore do not need to go by ADA standards. The opening on the design would have been a 37 inch opening, which is standard. I have left messages for the store manager, who had told me that I shouldn't have to be handling this, that my kitchen designer should be making sure this is corrected.

I called my kitchen designer & she told me that she was told she wasn't to deal with me anymore, that I needed to deal with another person who was now in charge of complaint. I have still not received a call from that person. I bought the cabinets, the appliances & the countertops when the designer helped me design my entire kitchen back on Nov 11, 2019. It's been over 9 months, since these countertops were installed & I'm still waiting for Home Depot to make this right.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

I contracted with Home Depot to do a kitchen refacing. I was told it would be only three days. They are right if nothing goes wrong. I'm on three weeks now without a full functioning kitchen. A day after I paid in full, way, way over priced, I went to my local Home Depot store and saw they were having a sale on granite counters, 20% off. I went home and called asking for the 20% off. I was denied. I was given about 5 reasons why I was not entitled. After the counters were installed there were some problems. The counters were cut wrong and looked horrible. Mind you a guy came to laser measure a week prior.

After numerous calls and losing two weeks, and being told "that's how they are supposed to be" the company came back, trimmed the counter to size, sealed all openings on the sides (which wasn't done on the initial install). It took almost two weeks to do what should have been done on day one. There is a saying "You get what you paid for." I didn't, I paid an enormous amount, way over priced, and didn't get what I paid for. Avoid this service that Home Depot provides. It's terrible.

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Reviewed May 31, 2020

Beware of installation group used by Home Depot on lake Pleasant Parkway, Peoria, Arizona. From the estimator Scott to asst Mgr of installation Andrew to his Supervisor Bill and evening on to regional manager Dennis. Honesty and professionalism is nonexistent. Andrew continues to say, "I’ll handle and call you right back." Never once did that happen in a several week period. I had to keep calling back and get the run-around. We escalate it to Andrew's supervisor Bill and he performed the same.

Then supposed regional Mgr Dennis called and we informed him we wanted our money back. He “Ok I’ll get it rolling”. That was over a month ago (this has been going on since first of February). Last week Andrew called on May 22 saying “I heard you want to cancel order and get your money back”. “I’ll start the paperwork today and your check will be about 15 days out”.

This Friday May 29th he called and said, "They tried to refund money on May6th and your bank refused it." We immediately call our bank and there’s no record of that at all. This dishonest by Andrew, Chris, Bill and Dennis has gone on far too long. At this point if it comes out of Andrews's mouth it not the truth. I will stop at this point as there’s far more. As they have tried to cover up their actions with regional office without success. Regional office personnel have caught them and are very upset with the dishonesty. If you need counter tops. Go pick out your own and they will have a list of very honest and professional installers. DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT INSTALLERS OR ESTIMATORS IN THE PHOENIX, ARIZONA AREA.

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Reviewed March 18, 2020

I purchased granite counters at Home Depot and this was the worst decision I ever made. My counters look so bad. They look dirty all the time. These are the worst granite I ever saw. I hate my kitchen now. I have been trying to complaint but they are not listening. It has been 8 months. My advice, do not ever purchase your counters from Home Depot. They hire very incompetent companies. I am so disappointed.

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Reviewed March 3, 2020

Went HD to get kitchen remodeled. Sale person came out - we purchased- HD called to tell us to get kitchen ready. They would be out to start the work. We did. We waited on that date until about 10:30 passed the expected time of 10 am- NO ONE CALLED - we called them and Madison the Project Manager says, "Oh I meant to call you to tell you that all the material is NOT IN" - Umm we took PTO off of work - when were you going to call to let us know- it was a mistake was her explanation and said she would call back to rest- she did and guess what? The installer didn’t show up - AGAIN! And we had to call them AGAIN!

Madison was rude and Nonchalant about the whole situation I’m concerned that we had taken time off from work. I am pretty much say, "Oh well. It is what it is." We complained and nothing could be done per the GM- 7 days later a contractor shows up and 5 days later they are still working on my kitchen.. NOT happy —waiting on another part- oh and the Home Depot Interior has been paid and said that we could not be compensated for the run around nor loss of our paid time off from work- I would not use Home Depot EVER AGAIN! Poor service, Horrible Communication and no accountability of any of their errors- Project manager Madison is untruthful in a nice way to say it - my husband and I feel like we have been RAPED- Financially, emotionally- mentally!!

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2020

I met a contractor by the name Jason ** at the Valley Stream Home Depot and he explained to me that he works under Home Depot. He took me to the back to register My info in the system under his name and mine. He said the manager Frank is a good friend of his. My credit card was charge for products I never received. Then he introduced me to his girlfriend in the cabinet department. Her name is Kendra. We put a big order in for cabinets. She messed up the order where it was numerous exchanges. She stop answering our calls and left me stuck with extra cabinets and said I can't return them.

They sent 2 site manager to my house from Home Depot and American Woodmark. They said they see the problem and will fix it. After they left. he sent a few emails about the corrections. And stop communicating from there. It's more to the story with full proof of this situation. This store makes Home Depot look bad. It's sad that a store you really need can be so cold when it come to repairing your home. A place where you rest at night.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2020

We were remodeling our kitchen with new cabinets, countertops and appliances. I have always used Home Depot for material supplies such as drywall, paint, electrical supplies, etc.. We ordered $3000 of kitchen appliances and started the process of counter top and kitchen cabinet design. We had drew up plans for our kitchen and went to Home Depot to go over plans. They said we had to make an appointment. No problem, we made appointment online and went into store for appointment. Our designer was helping someone in appliances and after an hour waiting we left. We ended up working with a local supplier of kitchen cabinets and countertops. My opinion is these big box stores provide items within their store but greatly lack the skills and customer service required for kitchen design. I would think twice about using Home Depot for custom kitchen layout and design.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2020

If you want to avoid frustration and a bad experience pls do NOT order special order countertops from Home Depot. Their Quartz subcontractor is totally incompetent. Wasted 2 month and finally had to cancel the order. HD should be held liable for incompetence.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2020

We ordered cabinets and they came damaged with chunks of the cabinet gone! They refuse to replace it!! Their customer service is terrible and they don't care about their customers at all. Broken products is unacceptable. They have lost our business and we are telling everyone we know what happened and to stay away as well.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

This was not my first negative experience with Home Depot, but I tried to give them another chance. I ordered kitchen cabinets and countertops for $10,000 and the cabinets arrived with several of the boxes crushed. My local store's kitchen department was not properly trained nor responsive and now they will not exchange or refund me and I'm stuck with cracked cabinets that I can't use. Customer service was a waste of time and I'm super disappointed. I will never shop there again nor can I recommend in good faith to family or friends. Save your hard-earned money and shop at a local cabinet store, not Home Depot!

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2019

Ok this project started in September when we first had the sales man come out from Home Depot and show us designs for Cabinet refacing, countertops and Backsplash. Chose out all three. We had an extra cabinet lower and upper installed. During the initial process we had the initial installer give a completion date of prior to the week before Thanksgiving. Ha Ha???? Little did we know the cabinets were coming from Canada and were going to be delayed by One week and we are the ones having to communicate with the contractors and not Home Depot. So the original dates given were backed up due to delay in the making of the new cabinet drawers and doors. Plus being caught up at Customs. So the cabinet guy finally makes it out and does excellent work. That part of the job is done.

Next Step countertop. Lack of communication again. The countertop was not ordered and said could not be ordered till the new cabinets were installed for measurements and installation. So back up on that as well. And major lack of communication between us, Home Depot, and the contractors also. The countertop should have actually been ordered in the start of the project when they had the initial measurements to work with. Home Depot has no local warehouse they keep items in and all have to be ordered and is usually on back order. When the installer for the countertop came out to do the measurements for the counter he just conveniently left a piece of paper in one of the drawers saying what the preinstall instructions were without even telling us it was there before he left. :(

It said we're responsible for moving the stove and dishwasher and possibly refrigerator also. Which means we would have to hire another outside contractor to do these at our cost as an additional cost on top of what we already paid. Luckily that did not happen. So the countertop guy finally makes it out after another delay in getting the counter from back order of course. We are also having another sink and faucet put in as well. He removed the sink and along with it takes our garbage disposal collar. Which is the next story of the next installer and an additional cost as well.

So the counter installer comes and installer comes and installs the counter. We're excited awesome new counter. He installs the new sink and faucet. However misses and does not drill a hole for the soap dispenser that came with the new faucet. So he had to be called back out and drilled the hole for it. All good. No. He drilled the hole where a support board was for the sink. Called him back and said, "Well just remove that board. It will be fine and the dispenser will be fine." Ok done. Well not really. The seam under the counter has cracks in it which he is going to have to come back out and repair.

Ok so onto the Plumbing for the sink being done. Lol. Sink guys come out and first thing they are missing is the garbage disposal collar which the counter guys took when they took out the sink. So we're told have to run and get one otherwise can't do the install. Additional 16 dollar cost. Oh fun is not over yet. The plumbers took out our under the sink water filtration system as told them was not going to use it. Guy said, "Well just sit it in the garage." Hmmm. Went out to lunch. Came back, looked in garage and huh. Nowhere to be found. Had to call and have that returned. Hmmm.

Oh but wait. We are finally onto the backsplash being installed at an additional 280.00 dollar expense. So the Backsplash guys come out on Monday and look at our walls and do a measure of the level of the new counter. Counter had a bow in it and we were never told that backsplash can't be installed on stucco walls. So we were told that we have to hire a drywall company to come out and flatten the stucco to have the backsplash put on. The guy says he will be out Tuesday morning. Nope, "Well sorry can't make it out till Tuesday night."

Our original appointment time with the backsplash guys were for Monday and Tuesday. But the installer said he would be back out Tuesday and Wednesday to do the grouting. HaHa. So now being told won't be till Friday because somehow our appt was given to someone else. Seriously after spending close to 28,000 and having to be the intermediary between the contractors and this project now going on 3 months since the initial sale. Has turned into a nightmare. What was supposed to be a nice addition for my Mom to enjoy has been nothing more than stressfully.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2019

I will never do business again with Home Depot!!! They can't get the job done correctly!! Have had so many issue the first week of installation from broken parts been delivered to my home, to having to have my husband clean leaking water, from our sink that Home Depot just installed to having them ask us to go buy Parts for them! Just today the cabinets they ordered and measured got installed and they are the wrong size and it looks like half the cabinet door is missing! Never doing business again. I am so upset! As soon as I called to speak to someone in that department I got nothing but voicemails and still no call back! Go with another company, not Home Depot!

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

I bought my full kitchen from Home Depot in Edison, First of all some cabinet and door came broken and some door was wrong, when I complained about that they were not very helpful. I did wrote to Home depot. Complained about it but NO one answered back. I also bought some flooring and they did not have the molding for that at that time, I finished my flooring but still need the molding to finish it up. Now it's more than 2 months and I still do not got the molding which is already in order they keep on saying and postponing the date and says it's in backorder. My apartment is now delayed more than 2 months. Which should be rented by now. I lost couple of tenant and losing the rent because of Home Depot service and behavior.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2019

This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever dealt with. We were referred to a saleswoman at the Home Depot Kitchen department. She is the only reason there is 1 star. She helped us design our kitchen within our budget. She was actually great. However, it all went downhill from here. We purchased new kitchen cabinets and countertops. Our kitchen cabinets were from Thomasville.

The delivery service Home Depot used could not have been more unprofessional. They were more than 2 hours late from their allotted 4 hour window. The delivery man threw our cabinets in our apartment. The shotty care along with the terrible packaging of the cabinets resulted in many scratches. One of my cabinets had a totally cracked frame. Because of the cracked frame, Home Depot ordered a replacement cabinet. The cabinet was supposed to take 2 weeks. It took 4! And you guessed it, the replacement cabinet had a cracked frame. I do not even know what to say.

Then there is the countertops. We contacted Home Depot to let them know our base cabinets were installed so they can come and do the final measuring for the countertops. The measurer said it would take a week and a half until he had time to come and measure. When he finally came he was in and out in 5 minutes. Refused to take our sink base. Then a week and a half later the countertops were deliver. However, the measurer put the wrong seam in the tops, therefore, the countertops did not fit into our space.

When the installers tried to remove the tops, they damaged our 2 lower cabinets, 1 upper cabinet and our wall. The countertops were re delivered the next day with a second seam. Everything fit, however, the sink cut off was too big! The measurer took the wrong measurement. The countertop installers had to come again. This whole process has been such an ordeal. Steer clear at all costs. You would think dealing with a company like Home Depot would be safe, it was not.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2019

I've had a kitchen remodel go on for over one year. They removed the heater from my kitchen and never completed the installation of the replacement heater. I haven't had heat in my kitchen for over one year. They ignore my messages. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2019

To all the first-time homeowners, this review is for you: I was warned that kitchen renovations are time consuming and could be difficult but the additional stress, lack customer service, and horrible recommendations for vendors was far worse than one could experience. Here is a list of discrepancies that occurring during my 7-month relationship with Home Depot:

Cabinets went to the wrong Home Depot location. The kitchen designer at store #1220, where I purchased the cabinets and all kitchen items, kept saying that the cabinets were not at their location even though I would get multiple phone calls and voicemails from Home Depot stating that the cabinets arrived and I needed to schedule a pick up. While I was trying to figure out why I was getting these phone calls, no one responds to email, it is impossible to get anyone on the phone and there is no voicemail system. It took two weeks for me to figure out that the cabinets were sent to a different store and I needed to set up a delivery from that location.

I was able to set up a delivery date of July 26, 2019. On July 21, 2019 I wanted to confirm with my kitchen designer that Gotham Builders could bring up all the cabinets to our apartment. I have in writing that Home Depot would work with our contractor Gotham Builders to bring up all purchased items (cabinets, appliances and miscellaneous materials). I was told by my kitchen designer that our contractor can no longer provide this service.

I called Gotham Builders and spoke with the operations manager. According to Jackie, Gotham Builders has never brought in any kitchen appliances delivered by Home Depot because it creates a liability for their business. Understandable. In April, when we spent $20,000 with your company, it was under the impression and in a written agreement that Home Depot would handle all items being delivered into our apartment. Home Depot and Gotham Builders “do this all the time” and it would not be a problem. I wanted our kitchen renovations to begin and I had four days to this problem solve.

On July 26, 2019, cabinets were delivered. Home Depot deliveryman showed up and dropped off five pallets of cabinets and appliances outside of our building. Luckily, I was able to pay some of the members of the facility team in my building to bring up these items. July 30, 2019, I received a phone call from deliveryman that he is 10 min away with fillers that were not in original delivery - again no confirmation that I was getting a delivery. Also, I work five days a week and I am not always available to pick up my phone and be around to take deliveries at a moment’s notice. I told the deliveryman that I could not accept this delivery.

July 31, 2019, I confirmed with Jason, manager at store #1220, that I would receive fillers on Friday August 2. I took a day off from work on August 2, 2019. August 1, I received a phone call from Jason that the wrong fillers were ordered and that they put in a request for new order - takes 3 weeks to get new fillers. After the conversation with Jason on August 1, I received a call on Friday August 2nd that they have two packages being delivered and on its way. Despite Jason stating that I did not have a delivery, I did in fact have a delivery. Luckily, I took the day off from work to pack up my kitchen to get it.

August 5 is start date for kitchen. August 7, one of the tiles on the floor looked off. There was too much space in between tiles and it was not even. I noticed this at 6pm so I did not think to call the contractor. August 8, 10am, contractor still not here so I called the office. I spoke with someone explaining the tile situation. Contractors arrive at shortly after my phone call. I explain I saw the tile was not put in correctly, so I walked on the floor to see if other tiles in the kitchen were messed up. I get a phone call back from the head contractor, saying that I moved the tile by walking on it and blaming me for giving his guys additional work. Additionally, I was a ** idiot for walking on wet tile and I should know better. It was harsh, rude and unacceptable for the customer to be spoken to like this. If something is not done right, I want it fixed.

On June 25th I received email confirmation that all appliances were in and will be delivered on August 23rd. On August 8, I received a phone call from the fabricators that they cannot take measurements for countertop without all appliances in. I called Home Depot to move up the delivery date to August 16th. I received a follow up phone call that the refrigerator is on backorder until September 25th. How can I get a confirmation that all appliances are in with a delivery date and then find out a month and a half later the refrigerator is not in and on backorder? Stove, microwave and dishwasher will be delivered on August 15th. I decided to cancel my order for the refrigerator with Home Depot. I found the same refrigerator with P.C. Richards and it was $100 cheaper.

August 12th - the workers broke the hinge to our door and we could not enter our apartment. I was locked out of my apartment. Also, they blew out the outlet in our living room that had the refrigerator, TV and WIFI connected to it. Zero notification. Facility workers in my building were able to fix this issue. Again, I received a phone call from the construction company that blamed me for all of these items that were broken.

September 25, 2019 - upper cabinets installed incorrectly. Extremely sloppy job installing the cabinet molding. Sent photos to main office. They agreed and ordered new molding to fix the issues. It would take a couple of weeks for new molding to arrive and be delivered. Additionally, the microwave was installed on a slant.

I received a phone call from my Home Depot representative to check in how things were going. I told him that the cabinets were done carelessly and I hope that someone will come back to look at this. I was told that the contractor would come back the next day. No one came back. I called Gotham the next day and I was put on speaker. I said that I am frustrated with the work that was done in my apartment. I was told that someone would come today and no came. The man on the phone replies “I guess I will have to put our guys on a fence and give them 10 lashes for that.” I replied and said “excuse me?” He repeats that statement again and I could hear laughing in the background. I said I just need someone to come and look at the work. Honestly, that comment was racist and extremely inappropriate. I was very uncomfortable. At this point, I no longer took phone calls or spoke with Home Depot representative over the phone. I only felt comfortable speaking with Jackie, Gotham’s office manager.

October 21, 2019 Home Depot delivers molding. I received three boxes, two of which were soaking wet. I guess they were left out in the rain the day before. All three boxes were open on both sides. As you can imagine, it was extremely difficult for the deliveryman to get the boxes off of your company's truck without molding moving out of the boxes. One of my neighbors helped me bring the three opened and wet boxes from the lobby to my apartment. It was evident that some of the moldings were chipped.

October 25, 2019, I get a phone call from Gotham Builders that our kitchen is done. I come home to find that the cabinet doors were still not even, most of the cabinet doors are touching which makes it difficult to open, the stove was on a slant, the microwave was still on a slant, paint on the floor needed to be removed, and backsplash behind the stove and refrigerator were missing. Finally, all of this work was rectified on October 30, 2019.

My experience with Home Depot was horrible. I was promised by the manager of the kitchen department that I would get a refund of at least $500. I was told by Jason the store manager that I would receive a phone call once the work was complete to discuss this refund. Neither the phone call or refund happened. So, I wrote a letter. I sent it out to any email I could find and I got a phone call from customer service the next day and I was given a $250 gift card. I am not sure if I will use it.

I was lied to regarding delivery of kitchen materials in order to lock in a sale. The contractor that was suggested was horrible. I am not all negative. Penn Fabricators, who did our countertop, was fabulous and I will give them the review that they deserve. Overall, if you live in an apartment building and you are looking to do renovations, do not use Home Depot.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2019

We paid $18,000 for Home Depot to turn our brown cabinets into gorgeous White ones. That was 3 months ago. The first attempt to install them failed because none of the drawers opened and because all of the cabinets were warped, had visible nail holes, and were just generally imperfect. We reported the problems immediately, and actually were told by a customer service rep that we signed a form saying the work was acceptable, so we were SOL. I LOL'd at her since I'm an attorney and asked for a manager as if my name were Karen. I did my best Cabinet Karen on the phone with this manager and we've since had TWO sets of new cabinets come through and, you guessed it, there are still problems.

The first replacements were also flawed, and the second replacements were the wrong size. To be clear, we're not being picky. The company agrees the work is substandard. For the inconvenience we have suffered, one would expect some sort of discount or compensation...after all, we haven't received the benefit of the bargain we are paying for...but Home Depot has never apologized or offered to work around OUR busy schedules. How many more days of work must WE miss, merely so Home Depot can not do THEIR jobs up to par? DO NOT TRUST THE FUGLY BUMS AT HOME DEPOT TO DO YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2019

My husband I saved for years to remodel our kitchen at our home, which was originally built in 1964. We worked with Pam **, a kitchen and design consultant at Home Depot #6533 in North Richland Hills for almost a full year on the design of our tiny kitchen (our entire house is only 1550 sqft, the kitchen is not big), just to make sure no detail was left uncovered. We decided, to try to save a little money, we wouldn’t even change the layout or “footprint” of our original kitchen, no water lines moved, no electrical moved, etc. Just new cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Everything, including the installation, was purchased through Home Depot. The total cost coming to approximately $27,000 for everything. We were told multiple times that Home Depot would take care of everything and our kitchen would “look like it should be in a magazine” when it was done. Any damage to walls or anything while demo and install were taking place, Home Depot would patch and paint to match our existing. We didn’t order new flooring, because the kitchen was already costing so much!

We paid for everything up front (a mistake apparently) at the beginning of July 2019. Our old kitchen was demo’d on 7/26/19, and we were promised that everything should be done by August 9th. Again, the kitchen is small, and since we weren’t changing any flooring or lighting or the layout, we had no reason to think it wouldn’t be completed when we were promised. We planned a family reunion at our house for 8/17 for 25 of our family members.

Needless to say, it has been a nightmare since the Home Depot contractors demo’d our kitchen. Problem after problem, and none of them our fault. We are now three months in and our kitchen is still not done. Despite almost a year of meeting and prepping, the lower cabinets that were ordered were the wrong size (again, it’s a small kitchen, there’s not very many cabinets). Our cabinet brackets are loose, so some of the cabinet doors overlap when you try to close them, one of the cabinets is cracked and they installed it anyway, our lower cabinets were installed crooked, we have a recessed wall for our refrigerator, and the wall has holes behind it (like i can see our garage!).

Our actual walls look awful, they are dinged and scraped and where they demo’d our old cabinets, they basically just slapped some white paint up there to try to cover it (our kitchen walls are not white, it looks awful). We have several items that have been sitting in our garage for months that still need to be installed, etc. We have no water, no working sink, no working dishwasher. For three months. We had no working oven, until my husband finally just installed it himself, even though we paid for Home Depot to install. My husband also installed our new refrigerator, which Home Depot was supposed to do, after it sat for weeks in our garage. We have no water, so once we were finally able to do a little cooking, thanks to my husband installing our oven, we have to wash our dishes in our backyard with a water hose, or in my CHILDREN’S BATHTUB!

I’ve only listed a few of the big problems here, there are way too many little problems to list. Home Depot is not responding to us, or they keep putting us off. Someone was supposed to come today to do some work, but, as usual, my husband got another text today saying they can’t come. I have sent EIGHT emails to Pam ** in the past week, and she will not reply to me. I have confirmed her email address and that she does still work there, and she told one of the HD contractors that she is receiving my emails, she just is not responding. My husband calls and emails with little to no response.

Needless to say, we are devastated. We had to cancel our family reunion, we have gone WAY over budget, we have spent almost $30K, this is a year-long process, we’ve had no kitchen for almost 3 months. We couldn’t cook for two of those months, at least we can use an oven now, thanks to my husband. My husband and I have 3 children. Having 3 hungry kiddos, and no way to cook is not fun, and we can’t afford to eat out every day!! We saved for years for this. And not one person at Home Depot seems to care. We have been blown off time and time again. We are not rich people, lol. We had to work hard to save for this “once in a lifetime” kind of remodel, and it has been a nightmare.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

We engaged Home Depot Interiors to completely reface our kitchen cabinets and replace countertops in February. The job was supposed to be "high end". We paid over $30,000 for the job before they even started. They started the job in March and it was "completed" in early April. The work, however, was not to our, or Home Depot's, standards. Two division managers have been to our home in the intervening months. Both agreed that significant rehabilitation work needed to be done to "complete" the job, including removal and replacement of a significant portion of the new cabinet facing. The division manager inspected the job on July 2nd and identified 11 significant repairs that needed to be completed, too many to list here.

It is now mid-October and we're still waiting to hear when the repairs will be made. One example of their work...they removed 5 existing under cabinet lighting fixtures and never replaced them. We still have wires protruding from the walls for those! Even though the work and materials have "lifetime" warranties, they are not at all responsive. Save yourself the hassle and stress....I CANNOT RECOMMEND HOME DEPOT INTERIORS FOR ANY JOB. Very disappointed in quality, service and responsiveness. If there were an option to give zero stars, that would have been my rating.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

Remodeling our kitchen was years in the making. How lovely they make the whole process seem in the store. DON'T USE HOME DEPOT. This cost us well over 20K and that was not flooring or electrical. For that amount of money we get nothing but unanswered calls, lies and excuses. Tearout was done almost 2 months ago. We have been without our kitchen for far too long already and we were told it will be another 5 weeks before we can get the install done because the guys are "busy". I think I would rather move than go through this.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

Salesman was attentive and always addressed all concerns. However What we agreed to and paid top dollar for has not and cannot be delivered. The installer Chris was unprofessional, rude to our electrician, unapproachable, argumentative and lacked technical skill! The laminate appears wavy both visually and the touch, edge joints are wide and rough cut, thereby appearing like black stripes on white cabinets. Some are wavy and appear poorly adhered, mismatched and poorly aligned seams were hidden with caulking, glue was left all over cabinets, counters, floors, inside cabinets. The installer used chemicals to remove only after being asked to do so thereby removing color from counters. I was told he didn't care about them because he knew they were to be removed.

The installer had to be asked to clean up after himself on the first day whereby he said he never does. Only at the end. He further shared he really doesn't want to be doing this much longer but likes when Depot gives him the job because he is not responsible for any of it. Folks I kid you not! Promised crown moulding. Nope not happening. Promised built up island to match height of perimeter. Nope didn't happen. Told a cabinet which appears crooked due to sag in ceiling would be corrected for visually with laminate and plywood. Nope didn't happen.

We were told to remove under cab lighting. We had electrician do it. Installer covered the wires. One problem after next. He then hung up on our electrician. When we tried to problem solve. We informed install manager who never comes out to see the work and at this point we have asked for another installer to complete the job. I could go on but you get the gist. Take your hard earned money elsewhere.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

We had HD do a kitchen remodel for us 9 years ago and we were satisfied until two days ago when the undermount sink fell down into the cabinets below. The guy who came to fix it said it was installed with only glue and wooden shims but without the clips. We’re in the process of doing a basement remodel and he told us that most of the subcontractors they use can’t get work elsewhere because they don’t know what they are doing.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2019

I recently went to Home Depot to quote for redo my countertops and backsplash. The customer service rep Scott went through the whole process with me nicely and patiently step by step in details. After measurement of countertop done, Alexia **, Project Coordinator - Kitchens called in giving me an update on scheduling production and installation, and willing to try her best to speed up the production to meet my tight timeframe for installation. Really impressed with her kind customer service and positive attitude. I would recommend Home Depot, Kitchener to everyone. Scott is special and Alexia is the best!

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2019

If you are looking for a new kitchen don't go to Home Depot. I ordered my new Thomasville kitchen cupboards October 1, 2018. They promised me the kitchen would be up and running by Christmas. Unfortunately I didn't ask which Christmas! We removed the d cupboards and everything was dry like it always was. The subcontractor came and did the work in one day instead of the two days required. He had to cut the water lines and remove one of the coupling joints to put in the cabinet. The subcontractor miscalculated where the holes needed to be cut and had the joint and waterline butt up against the cupboard floor. This was done at the end of November. The pocket door in my kitchen was screwed open at the same time by the installer. It took until the end of January for the countertop to be measured and installed.

At this point I was having the sink, tap and waterlines connected. After installing the sink the plumber refused to continue to connect the waterlines because the bottom floor of the cupboard was spongy and wet. The subcontractor said it wasn't his fault and who cut the water lines and removed the t joint? So Home Depot kept me from having water in my kitchen for 9 months. Yes, 9 months. If it wasn't for my own insurance company and an extra $1,000 I still would be waiting. Home Depot refused to owe up to shoddy workmanship by their subcontractors.

By the way I had to prove that it was wet, leaking and that there was damage done, but all the subcontractor had to say, it wasn't his fault and that is what their complaint department accepted. They had me doing jumping through all kinds of hoops for 9 months. Eleven months later I have my kitchen, no thanks to Home Depot, the manager of Woodstock's Home Depot and their customer care service. I was also emailed and told not to contact the manager of the store because they were handling it. Handling what? Also the manager was to meet me twice for refunds and chickened out both times. I have spent over $30,000 on this kitchen and other home repairs in the past 2 years. I won't set foot in another Home Depot again. If any of you are smart you too will stay clear of Home Depot. Home Disaster!

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2019

Updated on 10/24/2019: If you are thinking about purchasing a Kitchen from Home Depot, make sure you do your Homework! Fabritec supplies Home Depot with their Eurostyle and Moments Kitchen's. Fabritec filed a notice of intention under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act on July 22, 2019. Home Depot is aware of this and is still selling and promoting their kitchens. Home Depot says they have no obligation to let their customers know that the supplier is in bankruptcy protection. It's anyone's guess as to whether Fabritec can pull themselves out of their financial mess or whether they go belly up. I certainly wouldn't be counting on the 25 year guarantee that they offer.

I purchased a kitchen in April from HD, supplier was Fabritec. It's been a nightmare. You can get the details from my earlier review. I'm still waiting for 2 cabinet fronts, almost 7 months later! I'm adding this new review to let people know about the bankruptcy, because I think if you're going to spend thousands of dollars on a kitchen that is suppose to be guaranteed for 25 years, you should know you are dealing with a supplier (Fabritec) that currently is in bankruptcy protection.

Original Review: I ordered my new custom designed kitchen cabinets from Home Depot Newmarket, Ontario on April 3. I was told it would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. The supplier was Fabritec. The order finally came 9 1/2 weeks later. The order was a disaster. Items were missing, some were incorrect sizes, most other items were damaged. Everyone apologized, said they would fix it, blah, blah. 2 months later the missing and incorrect items show up and they are STILL the wrong sizes and damaged.

It has now been almost 5 months and half my kitchen is still waiting for replacement pieces or missing items. At best the items will arrive in good condition in the next 2 months...making the promised delivery of 4-6 weeks ACTUALLY 7 MONTHS. Home Depot says they have no influence over Fabritec and how quickly or the quality of the cabinets. Yet they are the ones selling and promoting the crap! I paid over $14,000 to Home Depot for a very small 10 x 10 kitchen, only the cabinets and not the installation and now they tell me they have no control or influence over the supplier. WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS BUY ANYTHING...ESPECIALLY A KITCHEN FROM HOME DEPOT OR FABRITEC AGAIN. Worst consumer experience I've ever had.

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Reviewed July 13, 2019

Home Depot kitchen cabinet refacing and countertop installation, a significant expense, was a very unpleasant experience for me. After a number of calls and emails, since placing my work order six months ago, the work remains incomplete and no inspection has taken place. Cabinet face boards has began to peel, even before using the cabinets and an open hole is now, where there was none before, under my countertop. Once the charge was placed against my card, I found the salesperson and project team to be very unresponsive and inconsiderate - never responded to my emails or phone calls.

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Reviewed July 3, 2019

We had an initial consultation back in April, it's now July and we haven't heard or seen anyone! Although the bills for the job have been steadily coming in like clockwork, which that is another story. The salesperson stated that their contract with Home Depot is on the line and if we do not give them a 5 start review they potentially lose the contract. To which I would say, nice job! We cannot get the Salesperson to call us back and give us answers to what's going on, why the loan is screwed up, etc. And the contractor has only responded through email and only AFTER we make multiple calls and attempts via email to find out what is going on. GreenTree lending is an absolute joke!

Our loan is supposed to be interest only for the first 6 months so I have been paying more each month to pay down the principal. The problem is they apply your payment this month to the next month’s bill, so all your extra principal payment is covering the interest and fees. And they won't fix it! Matt ** is our contractor and is a lazy liar. He'll tell the saleswoman that he called us and has been in contact when in fact he hasn't. (when we can get the salesperson to call us.) Home Depot, terminate your relationship with this vendor, they are dragging your name into the toilet!!! Do NOT EVER do business with Home Depot's kitchen cabinet refacing program!!! I'm $11k into a pit of hell!

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Reviewed June 12, 2019

Started a kitchen remodel with 2 bathroom vanities and hall reface of linen cabinet. Was told 1st phase of project would be 6-8 weeks. Told that on Feb. 20. They didn’t start the count from there. Cabinets ordered and arrived for delivery just before Easter. Delayed until Tuesday after Easter. Then wait to be scheduled for install. Cabinet installer was fabulous. Countertops couldn’t come to do template until 1 week later. Told that day, May 15th that countertops would be ready for install in 2-3 weeks. No. At almost 4 weeks from template was told they haven’t even done them. It will now be another 2 weeks.

Have been without a sink since old cabinets were torn out. Manager at Home Depot basically implied everything was normal. My problem.. I didn’t address that they questioned whether I had paid for countertops. I paid when I ordered. I will never purchase anything through Home Depot again. I purchased windows through them last year and was happy. Thought I could trust them to not string me along. Very, very disappointed. Average time for kitchen remodel according to internet sources is 6-8 weeks. Mine won’t be done in 3 months plus and that is phase 1. I am trapped. Buy from someone else.

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Reviewed June 5, 2019

On February 20 2019 Home Depot was to start a reno on the kitchen in our condo using the north Surrey Home Depot. Once they showed up to begin work they realized the largest counter had been left off the order and was not there. This resulted in them not being able to complete the cupboard installation. Because they only realized this part way through they had already torn out the old counter and cupboards and had installed the cupboards they had. This left the kitchen unusable. We were told it would be 2 weeks until they got the new cupboards. It was actually April 15 2019 before they installed the missing cupboards.

When they disconnected my old dishwasher they forgot to cap off the pipe so when our neighbours ran their dishwasher the dirty dishwater came spurting up into the cabinets they had just installed. There was also a second leak in another pipe caused by them. They had us find plumbers to fix the situation and Home Depot paid them but it didn't help the stink in my kitchen from the cupboards. The measurements were not done correctly despite my sending them the specs for the new appliances and the fridge has a huge gap around it on all sides and it looks terrible. I was told they could put in trim to hide that but this was never done.

On February 21 the floor installation people were supposed to show up - they did not. They finally got there two days later. On February 22 the counter installation people did show up but couldn't do the job because the cupboards were not installed. They finally installed the rest of the cupboards (including replacing the damaged one) on April 15. This was 2 MONTHS later. Not 2 WEEKS later.

When they finally came in to measure for the counters - the quote went from $3300 to $4200. At this time we decided we'd had enough and did not want to continue with Home Depot. We requested that they refund the money we had already paid them for the Backsplash tiles and installation. We were told they had given the tiles to someone therefore would not refund the cost. They did not give them to me so I have no clue who picked them up. This is their responsibility to keep track of - not mine.

We are now currently out the money for the backsplash, the compensation they had promised us for work days taken off to be there and they didn't show up and our kitchen is only half done. We have tried to come to an agreement with them but they keep changing the contact person for us while telling us no one else has authority to talk to us about the case. We are now on our seventh Home Depot representative (Vikas, Rhonda, Jim, Jim #2, Chris, Steve and Lupna) and have gotten nowhere. Despite promises they NEVER return phone calls. Don't use this company. When something goes wrong they will not help you and they will not honor their promises!

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Reviewed May 29, 2019

I wish I had seen the other reviews on this site before ordering cabinets from Home Depot - our story is repeated over and over again here. It took 4 weeks of hounding them after the promised delivery date to confirm an actual delivery date, and then we got 1 days notice for an out-of-town delivery - and had to unload the truck by hand, as their pallet jack broke. Some cabinets were the wrong size, some drawers didn't fit, some cabinets were incomplete, some fittings were not what we ordered, and they included 4 doors and 22 handles that we didn't order! Everything was covered in dirt as they had been sitting somewhere for weeks.

The replacement pieces took a few more weeks of hounding to order and receive, and then they came with a different style of slider hardware so we had to remove and remount them all. Too many build quality problems to list, but they include drawer sliders pulling off of the cabinet wall as they were insufficiently attached, drawer faces partially held on by stripped screws, broken finger-jointing that had been glued together at the factory, etc. It has been six months since we raised our first concerns, and we are still being stalled for our requests for compensation. We paid a LOT of money for these cabinets, and will need to spend a bunch more time fixing their poor quality. We really regret not going with a smaller, local company that would be responsive and accountable - it's not like they could make a worse quality cabinet!

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Reviewed April 30, 2019

It's been almost ONE YEAR!!!! Do not use Home Depot as the contractor for KraftMaid cabinets. We placed our order 4/25/18. The products arrived in June. There were significant problems with the product we received. If we had a problem with the paint, wrong doors or poor quality we were placed in the back of the production queue. It takes four to six weeks to get the replacements. No expedites by the vendor (KraftMaid) or contractor (Home Depot). No communication as to when the replacements would arrive. It is March 20th 2019. We are still waiting for replacement doors. Almost one year from the date we ordered and paid in full for the cabinets

Why go to Home Depot for help? Why use Home Depot to purchase and install the cabinets. Very poor follow-up. No help from Home Depot to assist with the delivery of replacements. We only heard from a manager once. That was as a result of our complaints due to not hearing anything regarding our problem. He left and no one told us.

As far as KraftMaid. They became adversarial especially their local district salesman. He became sarcastic. We went to the Regional Manager for KraftMaid. He has been helpful. The problem was simple. The quality control by KraftMaid was poor. If we found defects like cracks or holidays in the painted surface etc we went to the back of the production queue as I mentioned earlier. It took WEEKS to receive replacements. Do not use Home Depot as a contractor for a product purchase including installation. The contractor doing the cabinet installation was EXCELLENT NOT HAPPY, NOT HAPPY.

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Reviewed April 3, 2019

Thinking about a new kitchen? Considering using the Home Depot? My husband and I did too. I signed for ours on July 28, 2018 and it's still not finished! Home Depot has not delivered, they don't know how to execute, they do not communicate or manage. We chose white cabinets by KraftMaid. We've had to order over forty doors due to imperfections in the finish. Not only did KraftMaid blame us, the customer, stating that our standards are too high but so did a Home Depot store manager simply saying we are too picky. And there is concrete acknowledgement from KraftMaid regarding their own door finish problems or they wouldn't keep sending replacements.

Installation is not within industry standards as we have cabinets coming apart, uneven trim, shims falling out and other problems. Maybe it has something to do with the cabinet that is cut on an angle; not square. This experience has truly been a nightmare. It is only natural for the customer to expect a quality door finish as well as quality installation that reflects the high price tag. My advice to you is to choose a small-town store to give you the kitchen of your dreams!

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Reviewed March 28, 2019

They reschedule us 5 times. One of the time I had to cancel out vacation plans because the contractor told us that, "If not this week then we are busy for the next 2 months." To accommodate us the Assistant manager named Brett called and said he will give us 10% off and disappear. We could not get hold of him for next 8 months. We are still fighting for our discount and they are just ignoring us. Highly not recommended.

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Reviewed March 23, 2019

Went into HD for granite counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms. 7k this is Dec 2018. HD subcontractor come out with demo crew to demo tile countertops. Crew of three with their carelessness they didn't put a cloth on my tile flooring instead of a cardboard. The mortar from old countertops demo crew puts chips all throughout the kitchen flooring and crack a kitchen window.

HD immediately take care of window but flooring goes through there insurance company Sedgwick!!! Sedgwick sends out another third party adjuster. He gives Sedgwick his finding. Sedgwick is not returning any calls after a months of damage floors. This remodel is for to sale property. Cost me more money just sitting waiting for Sedgwick HD insurance to cover flooring. If don't hear something in next week file lawsuit breach of contract both subcontractor and HD.

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Reviewed March 10, 2019

Nothing else I can say but one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever been through. Would not return emails or telephone calls. Had to chase them down time after time. They knew they were and are wrong in NOT resolving the countertop issue and they will not fix. Instead, they want to give me money to shut me up and go away. They have been nothing short of a nightmare to deal with when expensive problems arise. Their contractor was terrible and had to come 6 times and still not installed the countertop properly. The story is a 7 month gong show and we have done nothing wrong. They have screwed up again and again. Watch out for larger purchases because they do not back their product or their workmanship.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

I am working with a contractor to replace my kitchen cabinets which sustained damage during Hurricane Maria. My cabinets were ordered from HD #6402 in Puerto Rico on July 31, 2018. They arrived on island early in October. Due to scheduling conflicts with other repairs and my contractor travels, my install did not begin until November 10, 2018. My damaged cabinets were removed and one new cabinet was unpacked. Imagine my despair when I discovered the wrong color had been sent (I had worked with my contractor for months, always asking for a dark mahogany color, and had, in fact, been in communication with him while he was placing the order)! What was sent was a light-medium colored cabinet.

Despite how devastated I was, knowing I would be without a kitchen, I told the contractor to send the cabinets back. It is now February of 2019, and I still do not have my replacement cabinets. My contractor attempted to work with the store, and reported he would either be on hold for long periods of time, the call would "drop", or, if he did speak with someone, they were unhelpful. On the 29th of November, I became involved and began calling corporate, as well as the store. I experienced the same issues with the store, but I did actually speak with the salesperson who sold my cabinets, who stated my contractor did ask for mahogany.

This continued for almost a month, where I was making calls every few days. What I was told, by Home Depot corporate offices, is that it is up to the store manager whether they decide to exchange or return merchandise, and that the store has to watch their bottom line. Corporate cannot, or will not, override the store. This is an unacceptable situation. It took over a month and a half for anyone at Home Depot to even agree to exchange the cabinets, but they are requiring a 15% restocking fee. Mind you, no consideration has been made for the time I have spent, without a kitchen, during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This particular store is a home improvement store, in an area that was hit by 2 Category 5 hurricanes. I know they have been extremely busy and their "bottom line" is in no danger. This shows how "compassionate" Home Depot is toward their customers.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2019

First the project manager came to my house and did some measuring... He told me the job would be 4 to 6 weeks max start to finish!!! I’m not going to go into all the details in between but the bottom line is it’s took 15 weeks to complete my kitchen!!! The only reason I gave them a one star review is because it came out the way I wanted. In another words it was only because of my decision of color cabinets and appliances!!! My advice would be that no one ever ever never has a kitchen installation done by Home Depot!!!

I sometimes wonder if this was the first kitchen that they ever did? I’m not the type of person who normally comments on anything good or bad but this was just so bad I had to put it in words... Thank God I’m just a single guy because if I was married I would most certainly be getting divorced right now!!! There is no way that any woman would have put up with that timeline!!! My advice for Home Depot is to get out of the home projects field completely... I would have paid $5000 more to someone else who could have completed it in the allotted time.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2019

GOLETA CA. Ordered kitchen cabinets and countertops. Had to pay 100% at order time. Many came in defective, warped, damaged and had to be replaced. That delayed backsplash by months. Some of the cabinets doors were replaced 3 times over. A 1 1/2 month job took 7 months!!! What a nightmare. Installed peninsula with 5 inch scratched and scratched new sink at installation. Had to replace. Backsplash came cut to small had to wait for another. Installers scratched peninsula, wall and back counter at time of backsplash installation. Put in crown molding with a seam that did not fit in. Had to replace molding. Caulked molding three times over. Third time oozing and gaping holes still. Caulked where under cabinet lights show 3 times. Still light shows through.

HD Corporate office advised me to ask for half of amount I paid in reimbursement which I did, Then she turned around and offered me one sixth which I refused. Ended up with ZERO reimbursement. They were also supposed to reimburse me for a panel damaged at installation. Never got it. They do not care once they receive $$$$. Called local store Mgr and asked for someone to come and look at my negligent job and they refused. Also asked for a different MGR to call back. He never did. I will never step into another HOME DEPOT again.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2019

A project that we were told would take “no more than 4 days” stretched into 4 months! I lived with my entire kitchen in boxes in my living room and dining room. The incompetent person who “measured” ordered the wrong color and the wrong size doors, drawers, etc. Since it was a special order each time there was a mistake it took another 4-6 weeks. During this abomination a hurricane struck my parents' home in NC and they had to stay with us. It was a huge embarrassment to have missing drawers, missing doors and my kitchen spread all over! At one point, 3 months in, I inquired as to when the project would be finished and was told I was not a priority. This company sucks! DON’T DO IT!

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2019

From the very rude project coordinator, Amber, Jacksonville Beach location, to the contractors who destroyed my walls, didn't cover new countertops, threw away my disposal, spilled plaster on my floor and didn't clean up, this was a terrible experience. When I complained about it to Amber, I was told, it is to be expected. It was an absolute joke that they run kitchen remodels. At one point, Amber came to my house and started yelling at contractors on my front lawn. It was the most unprofessional experience I have ever seen. Look elsewhere!

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2019

Hello, I would like to STRONGLY advise you NOT to buy your kitchen counters or cabinets from Home Depot. The story I have is very long so I will just give you a very quick review. I ordered cabinets and counter in June 2018 and it is now end of January 2019 and I still don't have my proper kitchen counters in and they still haven't fixed my cabinets that broke right away. The counters they sent me were not the color I ordered and I have had to battle them all this time and kept showing my proof that I told the guy the color I wanted but because they messed it up on their end they are refusing to get me the product I wanted or give me a proper refund. They offered me $500 to keep the ones they sent to me but I told them, "Why would I keep something I didn't order?" And the mistake was their fault.

I asked them to show me ANY thing that shows the color they gave me after I paid and they have failed to show me anything that they sent me which shows the wrong color. They even went as far as to change a document I was sent. They tried to send me a copy of a document they said they sent me on a specific date and even gave me the email address they said they sent it to, so when I went to my email to retrieve this document it was different than the one they changed to show the color. Even after showing them that I was never shown anything that has the color I have ended up with they are basically saying I am lying and they are right. I KNOW I TOLD THE GUY THE COLOR I WANTED and I have proof that I took a picture of the color a few weekend before I had to finalize the color.

They are crooks and will not correct a mistake an employee make in entering the color and now I am stuck with a Quartz countertop I don't want, 2 cabinets that are broken and instead of Home Depot fixing the drawers they just gave me the hardware to fix it myself, even after I explained I paid huge money to have all the cabinets come in one piece and didn't think I should be the one to put the broken pieces together. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, I have ran into quite a few people now who have said they have had very bad experiences with Home Depot so please don't waste your money because if they screw up you will have to pay the consequences.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2019

My wife and I ordered kitchen cabinets the first week of Oct 2017 with the written guarantee that they would be installed before Christmas. It is Jan 2019 and they still are not done. They altered documents to remove the guarantee and gave us nothing but a runaround. Trust me and go anywhere else for your kitchen.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2019

5/2018: I trusted Home Depot to help me update my 100% oak wood kitchen cabinets in my 970 sq. ft condo. The sale person sold me laminated cabinet doors. I am overcharged for labor and product. The cost of my project total $8,087.00 (2x's the cost for all new cabinets or a full kitchen renovation). It was a (1) one man, (3) three day rushed job. The quality of the product (laminated doors with messy laminated trimming/paneling) is poor. The paneling is not secured and the trimming is sloppy. The project does not added value to my home as the sale representative claimed it would. It devalues the home. As a single female, first time homeowner, this project was not good. It discourages me from using Home Depot for any future home improvements.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2018

I hired Home Depot in February to reface my cabinets and install new countertops. It is now December and my kitchen is still not done. They did not install the dishwasher to the new countertop. They put in a cabinet where there used to be drawers. They then send new drawer fronts that are too small. Next they sent the drawer fronts with the wrong surface. The cutting board split out. One drawer does not close properly. The Lazy Susan doors were not installed properly and there is a large gap where it should be seamless. I keep getting promised a "rush job" when they have messed up the order. 10+ months is certainly no rush job, and the poor craftsmanship and lack of quality is unacceptable, as is their terrible customer service. I could not get anyone to call me back, until I threatened to not pay the bill with the finance company.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2018

I purchased kitchen cabinets from Home Depot. Spent over $15,000.00. Not all the cabinets that came were the correct size. Deliver was over 2 months with no kitchen. We wanted a counter in the kitchen but the cabinets were not the correct size. So we have NO counter. We ordered custom built cabinets and paid BIG money for them and all we got were stock cabinets. I do not believe the Company personnel had the experience to handle large scale Kitchen projects. I will be selling these online just to get rid of them. No help from Home Depot or Martha Stewart - the brand we purchased. This purchase was made at the Home Depot in Dickson City, Pa.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Nov. 5, 2018

We contacted Home Depot Interiors in Corpus Christi about refacing our existing cabinets. We live five hours away, so each consult was a ten hour round trip. We were lied to at the first consultation about there being a lifetime warranty. In actuality it’s five years (they extended to ten). After six weeks we were contacted that they were ready to install. However, our Installation was cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled, when I was almost at the home. Then I was strung along for four days before being honest and telling me they really didn’t have anyone to install and I had to head back home. This delayed the installation for another month, where we realized the replacement linen cabinets had not been ordered.

Once they arrived, we realized the replacement corner cabinet door had also not been ordered. The installer was the only person who seemed to be on top of things and did his job as well as he could. The lack of communication, with Ignored phone calls and no reply to messages is appalling. How does a company like Home Depot stay in business with such a lack of consideration for their customers? Now awaiting linen cabinet doors, as ones ordered weren’t correct, and once again no response to our calls. Never again will I go to Home Depot for cabinetry. By the way, this was handled out of the San Antonio branch.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2018

Purchased granite countertops in Jan 2018. They installed scratched discolored countertops in Feb. Said they would replace them... now on Oct 31 they come to replace counters for a second time and realize they cut counters too short. I am now without sink, stove, kitchen for 2 weeks until they can redo. I also had to take a total of 5 days off of work for installers to keep coming out. Ridiculous!!! Will never deal with Home Depot again!

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2018

I recently had Home Depot redo my countertops and backsplash. They turned out beautiful, but we ran into a glitch when my old oven died a month later. The cutout was too small for modern ranges. AT NO COST TO ME, they had someone come out and enlarge the cutout to fit the new oven perfectly. I would recommend Home Depot, Mansfield, Texas to everyone. Debbie is the best!

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2018

My wife and I ordered a kitchen remodel through Home Depot on March 3rd 2018. Our kitchen was unofficially complete on October 2nd 2018. 7 months for a kitchen remodel? I could build an entire house in less time! The end project is unsatisfactory and we are extremely disappointed! We paid very good money for this project! I feel like I was scammed! I definitely did not get my money's worth! If I could give a negative star I definitely would! I WILL NEVER USE, REFER OR SUGGEST THE HOME DEPOT AGAIN.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2018

We chose HD for the entire kitchen remodel, all the way down to the studs and including all electrical, plumbing, cabinets, appliances, etc. The project began early in April and isn't finished yet. It's now October!!! We were told that we'd have a project manager... we didn't have one. We were told that the kitchen would take about a month to complete... it's been 6 months and it still isn't complete. HD requires you to pay for the whole installation upfront... we did, now we have no recourse. HD uses subcontractors, which were a major part of the problem, with the exception of Rovics Construction, which did the teardown, electrical, plumbing, and cabinet installation. I will highly recommend their work.

The appliance salesperson made mistakes with our orders. The appliance delivery company delivered damaged goods, then took weeks for pick-up and redelivery. The biggest, and still ongoing complaint, is with their tile installation sub-subcontractor through Precision Counter Tops, whose original installation was unacceptable, as was the repair. We were scheduled for a complete tear-out and re-do, but it's now been postponed. A comedy of errors. HD must take responsibility for the poor work by their installers.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2018

The sales person promised to finish the entire remodeling in 2 weeks, which is the main reason why I have selected Home Depot. It has been 2 and a half months and I was told it will take another month to finish the entire project. At this point, they still have 1/3 of the project unfinished. My family basically have to eat out for 3 months due to the continuous delay and unfulfilled promises.

On top of the delay, I have to step in and take the lead to communicate with Home Depot. They completely drop the ball on keeping me in the loop. In addition, Home Depot changed my design without my approval. For example, the cabinet installer told me that he cannot complete his task because the drawing does not include a double oven. However, the double oven has been installed already and I specifically told the Home Depot sales rep about the double oven before they move forward with the blueprint. Overall, my family is still going through this never ending nightmare.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2018

After 8 hours in store to design the kitchen, 30 min to let me use the project loan they already approved, finding out 3 weeks later they can't install in my location and we have to install ourselves, losing a cabinet, waiting another week for the missing cabinet and then getting three different answers as to where the new cabinet was and when and where I could get it, I will never use Home Depot again for a kitchen remodel. I spent close to $20k and they gave me $250 credit on my project loan back and a $75 dollar gift card toward the $200 I had to spend on a scissor lift to get my 8ft pantry to the third floor after the 3rd party shipping company left it sitting on the sidewalk. NOT JOKING.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2018

The Home Depot in Crestwood (Birmingham), AL at 7001 Crestwood Blvd #1300, Birmingham, AL 35210 is a complete joke. We flip houses and spend $100,000's per year on products and materials at either Home Depot or Lowe's. This was my first time buying from this location and rest assured, it will be my last. We spent around $3,000 on a small cabinet set that needed to get here within a few weeks. We narrowed it down to Home Depot and Cabinets To Go. Cabinets To Go could have the cabinets there within 10 days guaranteed. We ended up going with Home Depot because the cabinets were pretty much identical and less expensive. The rep said they would be there within 2 weeks or 3 weeks at the latest. That was on June 13, 2018. It is now August 20, 2018, and no one can tell me when the cabinets will be here. At this point, I think the representative forgot to put the order in.

The main frustration is that NO ONE from the kitchen department will answer the phone when you call. I finally got a manager on the phone last week after I was on hold for 30 minutes. He was very rude and could not tell me when the cabinets were going to arrive. When I asked to cancel the order, he said I would have to pay an additional stocking fee. I have tried calling today and once again, no one will answer. I called Home Depot's customer care and they have got in touch with someone, but they said that the cabinets were supposed to be here already but are not. They cannot provide any information about where they are at, or when they will be here.

This is not the way to do business. I am not going to name drop on the representatives that "helped" me with this order, but it is pretty much the whole kitchen department since no one answers the phone. If these people worked for me, they would have been fired a long time ago. This time lapse has caused more money from interest and other bills than the cabinets are worth. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

First delivery attempt - person walked in and looked under my sink. Within seconds I was told that I had a copper fill line and they would not be disconnecting and hauling away the old dishwasher (paid service) as it was company policy not to touch copper fill lines. Delivery person assured me that as soon as I had done the needful myself, it would be smooth sailing and they would come back and haul away and install as paid and agreed upon when I had put in my order.

Second delivery attempt - another person this time, and again within seconds, without even a cursory attempt, announced that it was impossible to remove the dishwasher. My kitchen had a tiled floor and he was afraid he would scratch it during removal. My husband who was around offered to help in the removal, but he muttered something about not having the time, it would put him behind in other deliveries. We had prepaid about $144 for installation, haul away and installation accessories. Talked with the delivery company and they said their policy was to never work in kitchens with tiled floors, and they were canceling... Maybe mine is the only tiled kitchen floor in all of America! Note that the first delivery person made no mention about the floor. They were willing to just drop off the dishwasher in my kitchen and leave. Disgusted with the whole experience, asked them to take the dishwasher back and went ahead and canceled the entire order.

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2018

I signed up for a kitchen remodel with Home Depot Interiors in San Antonio, TX, April 9, 2018, it is now August and project is still incomplete. This week (15 weeks later) they installed molding around kitchen island and baseboards under kitchen sink. The whole process has been overwhelming and frustrating. Project was to suppose to be completed within 4- 8 weeks and we're going on 16 weeks now. Communication is terrible. The countertops Home Depot installed had to be removed and replaced after I noticed two different colored countertops were merged together. I had to pay additional costs for plumbing to remove and reinstall sink and pipes because of their mistake.

I was promised I would be reimbursed for those additional costs and that has not happened. The second countertop Home Depot installed is a different shade than the rest of my kitchen countertops they initially put in. Issues and complaints were escalated and I have not been contacted to see how Home Depot will resolve these issues. I have been calling for weeks and no resolution is offered or approved. I had to file a dispute with Home Depot Customer Solutions and Escalations Dept. I hope to get some answers and some help from them.

Total cost for project was $15,483. I have countertops that do not match, customer service representatives that can't answer nor resolve my complaints. Managers that do not return phone calls. The material they used to reface cabinets is peeling and that is an issue I have not even been able to bring up because I can't reach anyone in that dept that can help. It's been a nightmare. I had to call two weeks straight, twice a day just to get them out here to finish kitchen island and baseboards.

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Reviewed July 25, 2018

Colorado Home Depot Kitchen Installation: I met with the Sales Consultant on 10/10/17 and picked out kitchen cabinets, counter top and backsplash. Everything was going as planned and completion of the project happened before Christmas. Everything went well until the final installation, which was the backsplash. In the process of moving the stove, it got damaged in a small area on the side (visible location of course). There were a few items that needed to be corrected with the cabinet and granite top, which was addressed in a timely manner. The stove was the issue. A rep for Home Depot came out, took photos and was going to address issue with Blayne the installation manager. It was agreed that Home Depot would issue me $200.00 gift card for Home Depot. Which was great as I planned on purchasing a new dishwasher.

I signed the agreement on 3/22/18 and sent it in the provided UPS envelope. The agreement stated I would receive the gift card within 15 days of their receipt of the agreement. After a while and after the 15 day time frame came and gone, I tried to contact Blayne to ensure my receipt of the gift card. Blayne dodge me for about 3 1/2 months. I finally had to contact the headquarter office and open a case number with customer resolution. Which Blayne told the headquarter office that he sent it in the mail 7/3/18. I gave it a week due to the holiday and still nothing. I finally got a money order sent in the mail on 7/13/18 by the contractor. My experience was great until I was promised something from appliance damage and was given the run around by the installation manager.

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Reviewed June 12, 2018

In New City, NY ages ago we had a delightful experience with Home Depot on Kitchen remodel - worked great and it was magnificent. That fooled us into believing that we could AGAIN trust them. Nope. Our Georgia renovation is a horror show. We are now three weeks in and products not delivered and nobody calls back. I am visiting the store end of the day TO PERSONALLY see the manager. Local rep, nice guy, does nothing in a big way. We should NEVER have taken this project on. STAY AWAY.

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Reviewed May 22, 2018

Ordered basic granite counters in March and paid right away at the estimate desk... Before they were even measured. I paid in full that soon because I was promised I could get them done by mid April. I originally wanted a more expensive material, but they said this material came the fastest. It's the end of May and we still haven't gotten the counters installed, and now we're being told it won't be until June. Mind you, this is a rental property, and every bit of work that needed to be done has been done, including an entirely new roof. I'm throwing thousands of dollars down the drain by having to wait to get renters in.

In the months it's taken to get these countertops, I could have more than made up the cost of having them done with a better material through a private company. On top of that, they charged my card incorrectly multiple times, and refunded it to the wrong card. Thank goodness for Amex moving it to the right account for me. Spend the extra money up front. Everything they estimate you is a lie.

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Reviewed May 22, 2018

I strongly recommend using someone else for your countertop purchase and install. I recently purchased countertops from Andrew Lauren through Home Depot (April, 2018) and I am not satisfied with the quality nor their service. I believe they took advantage of me and waited until the last minute to present some issues to sucker me into paying a ton of money for something VERY VERY minor. My six year old son is a type 1 diabetic so I went with their expedited service for an additional $300 to get our kitchen back in a working order as soon as possible. I was quoted $300 for the expedited service… Then my salesperson told me it is actually $500. They later gave it to me for the original offer of $300 and then acted like they were doing me a favor. This expedited service was offered before install/delivery. The countertops were delivered with minor chipping on the top.

They were also delivered/installed with some clear substance that I can’t wipe off (probably some type of sealer). I recently reached out to them to fix but it has yet to be addressed. When I purchased the expedited service they said they do the demolition to the old countertops the day before install (that later turned into a same-day demo). I requested that the countertop demo be done right away (10 days earlier) so that if something came up I would be able to address it, get quotes, or handle myself. They said that there wouldn’t be a problem and that it is protocol and they have to demo the day before (which again turned out to be the day of the install, not the day before). As soon as the demo team arrived they told me that the install had to be rescheduled out because I need new valves under my sink (I couldn’t go any longer without my kitchen… Those of you who know about type 1 diabetes in children know what I’m talking about).

I assumed this was a big deal and asked them what the charge would be to handle it as I needed my kitchen back in order for my son ASAP. They said the charge would be about $500 plus a $253 teardown. I didn’t know what this meant but it seemed like a big deal as they would have to leave, stop the job, and reschedule me out for another time and who knows when they would be back. The description of work needed was that everything is on pause until this happens because its important and needs teardown (very poor description that wasn’t true). I called and asked them if there was anything they could do on the price and they said no. Assuming this was just a really big deal I just said, "Go ahead" so that we could get the install done. This is the point where I felt completely taken advantage of. They finished that “work” in less than maybe 15 minutes.

They used a couple of maybe $10 parts and moved on to the countertop install. I said, WAIT a minute, I’m going to call the office back because that is ridiculous for 15 minutes of work. Someone who wasn’t paying attention like me wouldn’t have known that their $753 dollar charge was COMPLETELY not reasonable and they were taking advantage of consumers like myself. They described the valve replacement and “teardown” as something that seemed like a big deal, later to find out it was resolved in 15 minutes and they had $753 dollars additional charged to my credit card. This is ridiculous, hence the poor review. I called and spoke with Dolores ** and she said she wasn’t going to do anything for me, wouldn’t work down the price, and had a very rude tone. The others involved in all of this ere Bailee **, Erica **, and Glenn ** (the salesman).

Had they completed the demo when I asked I would have been able to investigate and compare prices or do it myself, but they did not. Had they told me that the “teardown” they were talking about was just to take apart my old parts under the sink. I would have done it myself! The installer even said he would have done it without question but the office had to be called because of the valves.

So he was just going to do it free of charge, but once the office was involved they charged extra. I feel like I was taken advantage of because they didn’t come to do the demo earlier like requested, they knew I would want it done that day and I’m sure they do this to other people in a jam. They didn’t give me the opportunity to compare pricing. Consumers be aware of these ridiculous charges and unnecessary pressure. I hope no others get tricked. Home Depot needs to find a new vendor for their countertop install. I’m really disappointed and was ripped off.

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Reviewed May 11, 2018

We were told the job to resurface our kitchen would take 4 days, from the start of the project to final completion. It actually took 6 MONTHS! We had 4 different individuals come out to take measurements because the prior measurements were incorrect. There was zero communication from their office in Kent, Washington. I had to call multiple times to get updates. Please do not use these people! They are overpriced and give awful customer service. This has been one of the worst experiences of our lives and they offered us a 15% discount, like a slap in the face. If one person reads this and decided to not go with Home Depot then this post did its job!

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Reviewed April 21, 2018

I had my kitchen cabinets resurfaced by Home Depot. When the cabinet doors arrived I pointed out to the installer that there were two doors with very noticeable dents in them. He stated that he will install them for now and make sure new ones were ordered and reinstalled right away. This was 3 years ago. I have since then left repeated messages for the local Fort Myers office who installed my cabinets as well as the 800 number where I made the appointment with. No one has ever returned my calls and no one has ever offered to resolve the issue. This is the worse customer service and the worse remodeling job ever. The laminated parts are peeling off and I never even cook in my kitchen. I would never ever recommend having cabinets resurfaced by Home Depot. The fact that this company will not stand behind their work is so disappointing.

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Reviewed April 14, 2018

DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT IN-HOME SERVICES for your remodeling projects. In January of this year we began a kitchen remodeling project. We decided to use Home Depot for the project because we were told that they would manage all aspects of the project and stand behind the work of their individual contractors. The initial refacing of the cabinets went well except for a couple doors which were put on opening the wrong way and some missing molding. The doors were corrected. The appliances were delivered and installed with no problems. When the tech came to measure for the countertops, we were told that the new counters would be approx. ¼ inch higher than the old ones. This was not a problem. However, when the countertops were installed they were actually 1 1/2 inches higher than the old ones. This left the stove and dishwasher looking like they were sitting in a hole.

When HD was informed of the problem, they promised to fix it. The tech came out and fixed the problem with the dishwasher but was not prepared to do the stove. Now three months after starting this project, we still do not have resolution on the stove and missing molding. We are quite disappointed in HD’s lack of response and would not recommend using their services as a result. The cabinets and the appliances look great, but the countertop problem has spoiled the whole project. Had HD delivered on their promises we would have given them a good recommendation, but lack of follow up has soured us on their services. See the pictures below to see how HD has left this project hanging for two months.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 12, 2018

I broke my hand and needed a dishwasher. Found one online @ Home Depot. Ordered it on a Tue, they would deliver Friday. I stayed home from work all day Friday. No delivery, no call. When I tried calling to inquire, got disconnected 4 times. Finally, on Sat, got a hold of someone who had no idea why dishwasher didn't get delivered or why I didn't get a call. Said someone would be calling me to setup the delivery. No one called. I called on Monday and they said they would need to reschedule for Thursday delivery. When I clicked on the link to check status of order, it said, Thr, 12-4 pm. I get home Wed night and the message on my machine says 9 am-1 pm delivery.

I called and told them I have Dr. appt at 10 a.m. and they said they would change the notes for 1 pm delivery. I get home at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday and they had called me for delivery at 10:00 a.m. I called back again, and they said I missed the appt and would need to reschedule. I told her about the previous conversation about the Dr appt. She said she sees the note, but they cannot dictate when deliveries happen - its all done by gps. There's no way to deliver today. How is the communication so messed up here? I told her to cancel my order, she couldn't do that, I had to call another number and go through the whole saga again. Finally got order cancelled and they promise full refund in 5-10 days... we'll see. Here I sit, 2 weeks in with a broken hand and no dishwasher. I will never order an appliance from Home Depot ever again.

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Reviewed March 21, 2018

When we started our kitchen remodel the first week in November, 2017, we were told it would be done by Christmas. We ordered all our appliances, countertops, cabinets, floors, backsplash and everything. We were told we would receive a call before Thanksgiving to set up a time to start construction since we had torn everything out. No call, two weeks after Thanksgiving we called, the phone system at our local Home Depot (Cherry Hill, NJ) hung up on me four times before I got through to someone. When I finally did they said they were waiting on a call back from us. We found an email saying specifically that THEY had to call us, but we finally got around to getting things back on track. Two weeks before Christmas we were informed that the remodel would be done in early January, "so sorry for the delay, but with Christmas it slowed things down." In January, we were told, again, "so sorry, but the remodel would be finished the LATEST mid February."

February rolls around, permits were granted and everything seemed fine. We would check on the house weekly, call the construction company and Home Depot with no call backs with no luck. Well, now it is March, 2018 and we are told things "in an ideal, perfect world" would be completed the beginning of April. They lost our floor order, so now we can't put the floors in. Our cabinets have been sitting in boxes in our house for weeks, and we are moving in. We had to pay three months of extra rent with the expectation that by the time we moved in the end of March the kitchen would be done (every month asking our landlord to extend).

Now we are moving in next week, our floors have magically disappeared, there is no end date in sight, and we are STILL getting the runaround by Home Depot and the local contractor they work through. This is so amazingly unprofessional, I have NO idea how Home Depot has a renovation section of their store. We have been put off, lied to, and now we are out almost $10,000 of extra rent and now food we are going to have to eat out for an extra month because we are moving into the house with no kitchen.

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Reviewed March 19, 2018

I bought a microwave and had it installed through Home Depot. The installer did not screw it into any studs, vented the van into the kitchen instead of into the vent in the wall and put a large hole into my new cabinet to hold the microwave up, the washer holding the microwave in that large hole was smaller than the hole. I contacted H.D. They referred me to Sedgwick Claims who then referred me to Linn Star who is the one who installed it. It took several phone calls, emails and 2 visits from installers saying they would not touch it to fix it because it was way too messed up.

Sedgwick was going to close the claim until I contacted them and told them they were not going to do that because my microwave was not fixed, they once again made me contact Linn Star who after several phone calls and emails finally agreed to buy me a new cabinet and mail me a check to have my contractor install the microwave correctly (I refused to let them install it, if they couldn't do it correctly the first time and it took this long to get it fixed why should I give them another try). It is now 3 months later and I just got a call to schedule delivery of the cabinet, I still have not seen the check. I will NEVER recommend or buy any major appliances from Home Depot. Anytime I would try to contact Home Depot they would refer me to Sedgwick. Save your time, money and patience and DO NOT have anything installed through Home Depot, once they have your money they don't care what happens!

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Reviewed March 18, 2018

We are doing a full kitchen remodel, after doing much of the work ourselves or hiring out ourselves we decided to use Home Depot to do the installation for our backsplash. The company they outsourced the project to scheduled the install and then had 2 no call no shows. When they finally did show up, the job was done terribly. They left a mess of silicone caulking and grout all over my new countertops, new flooring, new stainless appliances and our new cabinets. Not only that but they also damaged our new custom cabinets in several spots.

We called Home Depot and it took a week and several calls from us before we even got a callback. They scheduled a time to come look at the shoddy work only to have the contractor they hired call and reschedule causing us to cut plans short to be there. They came to “fix” the backsplash and clean up but I’m still not satisfied as Home Depot did nothing and made us deal with the contractor they hired.

The tile is cut unevenly and when we went to put the light covers and electrical covers back on, there are gaps and also cracks in the tile. Erskine Interiors who did the project for Home Depot made light of the whole thing, making our time not seem worth anything for the 5 Saturdays and the one weekday we gave up for a backsplash install. They offered $300, just to make me go away. Home Depot did nothing to make this right. We spent a lot of money there and will close our account once this project has been paid off and never shop there again. Very poor service in the way they handled this, or should I say I the lack of handling this. Tarnishes the whole projects. I want Home Depot to make things right.

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Reviewed March 16, 2018

Against my better judgment for going with a big box store but as a result of an "excellent" salesman who promised his best workers and to personally "oversee" our project, we signed a contract for new countertops and cabinet refacing May 25, 2017. Countertops installed mid-August, excellent work by that subcontractor. Cabinet refacing "completed" September 7, 2017. Good work but 4 problems discovered that weekend, but "no problem, they will fix everything. Called and sent emails to salesman and our project coordinator. I was totally ignored by our local contacts until November 2, 2017. Tried finding other contacts within HDI but we'll hidden or was told to contact local office.

The new contact, a divisional manager, immediately offered us a $2,500 credit which was much appreciated. December 15, 2017 worker arrives to fix everything without any idea what the 4 problems were. Then after opening a box with repair materials, we discover all materials incorrect. He told me he'd file report with local office and I sent email to manager without any response and once again was ignored until January 18, 2018. That day I requested additional compensation for further delays. Was told that's possible but not until all work had been completed. February 7, 2018 all repairs completed and we finally have use of the entire question. Contacted manager same day to express our satisfaction and work out final credit amount. It's March 16, 2018, five weeks later and no response! To be continued...

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Reviewed March 14, 2018

Was working with the customer care about the kitchen project. After couple of time going back and forth then customer care decided to ignored me. My request about the information of the materials. Nothing. Still waiting. So now Home Depot denied give information to customer about the materials. Home Depot make the customer paid. Stay away from Home Depot. Materials are poor, managers disrespectful, customer care doesn’t work, etc. Don’t use Home Depot.

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Reviewed March 10, 2018

Kitchen cabinet refacing and quartz countertop installation - We signed and were told if we put this on our HD credit card we would get 2 years interest free. Months later we're still seeing 6 months and struggling to change. Home Depot called to schedule my cabinet refacing. We set a date and I got a call on Friday to confirm they would be onsite Monday 10 AM. I was told I needed to empty all my cabinets and there may be some dust in the air, "So cover your furniture." I spent the weekend packing up my cabinets, moved everything to storage and covered all my furniture with tarps. And I scheduled vacation to be home while the work was being done.

Although they confirmed a 10 am Monday arrival they were a no show so I called them and was told when they were loading up their truck they found they were missing some materials, "So we're not coming." I was like, "Really? You confirmed on Friday, I spent the whole weekend getting ready, now I have an empty kitchen and you're not coming and didn't bother to call?" And they blamed their contractor.

They said they would get back to me that day with a delivery date for the materials. I got no phone call so I called back. Now I was told the guy who was supposed to call me had a car accident and the manager would look in things and get back to me. After not getting the update I was promised I called them 3 days later and was told my materials were shipping from Canada on 2/28 and they could start the job on March 5. I said they may need to deal with customs, "So let's target March 12." I received a call on March 7th (which is an improvement I guess) stating there was a delay and the materials won't be shipped until March 15th. Then he went on to add, "Sorry for the delay but we're dealing with a new supplier." I said, "Don't blame the supplier because from my perspective the problem is HD."

HD visited the house and took measurements. HD sent someone to the house a second time to take measurements a second time for the purpose of creating a build of materials. On Friday HD confirmed they were starting on Monday. On Monday HD was a no show and no call because as they were packing their truck they determined there were materials missing and they didn't want to do a partial on the job and revisit later. HD said they would call me that day with a new delivery date that may be as soon as 3 days. I got no phone call because apparently the guy who was supposed to call had a car accident. Spoke to manager who said he was taking ownership and would get back to me with a delivery date. He did not so I called back 3 days later and was given a ship date and we arranged a new install date.

5 days after the materials were supposed to ship I was called and told the materials had not shipped because the company they get them from in Canada ran out of materials themselves. Now I'm given another ship date. To say the problem is their Canadian supplier is reprehensible. The problem is HD. Since I have a contract I don't know how this will work but if the materials do not ship when promised I am canceling the whole thing and starting over with someone else even if I have to sue HD for what I've already paid.

What a disappointment. I used HD expo years ago when I rebuild my own bathroom and it was wonderful. Pallets in the garage and with each phase of the project I would go down and get what I need. How far they've fallen. Oh, just try complaining to someone. Call HD and they route you to the local home services office that screwed things up in the first place. It's like they get customers using the HD name, HD takes their percentage and walks away. I feel pretty stupid trusting HD.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2018

In Nov 2017. I hired Home Depot to do a reface on my small kitchen. It was contracted out to OUT OF SPACE owner Dino. I ordered new doors, quartz countertop and new drawer unit. The reface is a absolute mess, the vinyl that is put on the front of the existing cabinets is not even on straight, peeling off, the hinges from the new doors were attached and now have split the wood and they want to come back and just glue it without any support behind it. Here is a list of what issues I have. 1. Cracks are in my cabinet frames from the hardware from the doors. This cannot be left like this. 2. The countertop was removed and a hole was left in my wall. It was not until I asked why this is not fixed, we were told how to go about fixing it. I insisted that it be fixed and we were left to finish the job by cleaning and sanding it down so we could paint. I was informed by Ifran it should have been fixed and paint ready.

3. The wall on the right side still had and has old caulking and crap stuck to my wall. It was to be fixed and cleaned off so that the installer from Majestic Marble could caulk the side. When I complained to OUT OF SPACE to Dean and to Irfan, who is the project manager about it, I was informed that It should have been sanded and repaired so the countertop could be completed. Ben, who did the cabinet job, was sent back, not to fix the wall but to just add caulking. He kinda laughed about it as if it was not a issue. The wall and the wainscoting, which was broken and reattached broken, looks like crap. My daughter took it upon herself to fix it. Again it was laughed off.

5. The back wall under the backsplash which I didn't replace, showed the old green paint that I was told not to paint over, we were going to attached a strip of quartz to cover under the black splash it, was silicone with clear and shows the discolour through, makes it look moldy and dirty. 6. The vinyl skin that is stuck on the front of the shelving and stripped along the cupboard front, was never prepared and therefore is not sticking the way it needs to be. It's bubbly and started to already lift. When Ben can back again, I asked about this and left me glue to fix it. He added some to one part that was lifting. Some areas that needed the skin were missed and it shows.

7. The new drawer cabinet I had made was installed and between the countertop and first drawer, was hollow, and a strip of vinyl skin was added across the opening and when I placed my finger there, I could pretty much push it through. It is attached to nothing and in a short amount of time will be pushed through and will be left with a hole. 8. The vinyl strip under one of my cabinets is cut crooked looks like crap.

I have been fighting this since Nov. This should not be happening. I have taken off several days from work just to deal with it. I am asking for a refund and have also gotten in a new professional contractor to look it over. What he saw verified my complaints and also told me I overpaid. I am in agreement with him as I paid for a job I thought was professional and got a crappy job. I was told by OUT OF SPACE, they would come back and fix the issues but I don't trust them. I asked for someone else to come back rather than the first guy BEN who cut corners and did a crap job. I am in the works with HOME DEPOT to get a full refund. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2018

In the last week I want to share my experience with readers so others can be warned of dealings with Home Depot. I decided to trust Home Depot considering it is a big company to do my kitchen renovations. It was done with TK Refacing located in Newmarket ON . The 3 day renovation somehow was rushed turning get it to a 1 day job. I was missing one cabinet and one drawer. This was Dec 27-17. After hundreds of emails and getting the runaround from both Home Depot and Total Kitchen Refacing I finally got my missing cabinets on January 21-2018.

The next problem came when the missing cabinet was installed crooked as the company did not give the installer the lazy Susan hinges. I told the installer the door was crooked and there was a huge gap as the crooked door was not aligned with the frame of the cabinetry. I then asked him to go to Home Depot to buy the lazy Susan hinges. He went only to return saying he could not get them. He told me the company would call on the Monday January 22-2018 and have someone come out. No one never did. I have opened numerous complaints to Home Depot only to be given no answers. I had to report this to the Better Business Bureau.

Total Kitchen Refacing told the BBB I refused to let them in my house to fix this crooked cabinet which is false as they never contacted me. They have misrepresented the correct actual facts of what kind of poor service and workmanship they provided to me. I refuse to go into another Home Depot Store again. It will be Canadian Tire or Lowe's Canada. Eventually I had to pay out of pocket expenses to have a handyman remove the crooked cabinet, install the correct hinges and put the door back on. I never imagined that Home Depot Installation Services provides the worst customer service I have ever experienced as a Canadian Consumer. Also TK Refacing (Total Kitchen Refacing) located in Markham, ON is just the same. Do not hire any contract services with either as you will get burned just the way I did.

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2017

We ordered thousands of dollars of kitchen, bath and Laundry cabinets. Shorted one for the kitchen. 1/3 of the kitchen came in wrong color. Sent them back. Seven months later they were finally replaced with the correct color. Now two which put together are not made the same. One good quality and the other standard. There is a gap because of quality. Not a good company to deal with. Lack of customer service. After they get your money they don't care if anything is right or if you get what you are supposed to get. You have to call and call and wait and call and call and wait. Months!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2017

They didn't even show up to the first appointment to measure the kitchen. I called the store and they gave me the contractor's number. So I called the contractor and they said the store had called them and said I cancelled the appointment. I will not try to use them again for anything.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2017

*Troy the installer was very nice and did a good job, and Cher the head of communication on the Cabinet Refacing project was very nice. Trash cabinet design was incorrect and they will not refund it saying the door front belongs to me now... It is the wrong size by a lot... Even if it was the right size for the space it won’t open due to wall trim. I pointed this out to the sales guy and he said they could work around it (my background is not in construction and I knew it would be tricky). I have the pricing sheet that says they charged me $295 for it and they are willing to refund me $89 because they can’t refund the actual door. I had a discount, either 15 or 25% I can’t find it on the paperwork so the $295 was discounted but not down to $89.

I was charged for two glass panes and they were not provided and the installer says Home Depot doesn’t even do glass panes. They told me about three weeks until install and waited 6. They rescheduled on me so many times after I had taken off work already. They originally wouldn’t meet with me because my husband was available and they would be giving me “an estimate, the real money, and would be taking a significant amount of time out of their day.” The sales guy said he would be present at the completion of install to verify everything went as we talked about, I have never seen him again.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2017

Totally mislead about project and time. Lost pieces of order, staff disappeared, no one helped. Once they had your funds, they couldn't care less and no one gave a clear idea about the MONTHS it would take to finish. Spend the extra money and have a professional do it, as they are not.

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2017

I ordered a new countertop and tile backsplash from East Hanover, NJ Home Depot. Everything started great, the Home Depot associates were great - the problem is the contractors they used. The countertop installers left electrical outlets exposed and I ended up with a short that I needed to pay an electrician to fix. When Home Depot called for a balance due I mentioned this and they said they would review and get back to me. Then the tile backsplash was scheduled and the Friday before (work was scheduled for a Mon/Tues) I was told at 4:15 that I was confirmed and they would be calling be back before 5:30 with a window of time on Monday. I didn't get a call on Friday so I called 8am Monday. It was then I was told I was rescheduled to 11/3 and 4. I had arranged to be home from work, I had the plumber cap the appliances and I had the plumber scheduled to come back late Tuesday to hook the appliances up again.

After several hours of phone calls with ACS and Home Depot I was given 2 different reasons for the change and assured a crew would be here first thing Tuesday morning and would finish the work in time for the plumber to come. 10:10 the crew showed up - but with no materials, which had been discussed with the manager the day before (that the crew needed to pick up the materials). I called at 9 am and the manager assured me they were on their way. When I called the manager back at 10:15 he said that was a mistake to ask about the materials - he is now telling me he told them to come to the house first and check to see if they need anything, yet the crew thought I already had the materials. The customer service has been just horrendous. Then to top it off Home Depot called me last night about the balance due. No, I'm not giving them another dime, told them to talk to the manager that I have been dealing with.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2017

I had my kitchen cabinets resurfaced 2 years ago. There is a one year warranty. Within the first year I had them come back 3 times because the laminate was pulling away. The warranty is up and we are now fixing it with Gorilla Glue.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2017

Oh how I wish I knew then what I know now. Hiring Home Depot to reface our kitchen has been one issue after another. NOTHING that was "promised" actually happened. From poor products to unmet deadlines, from wrong measuring to errors in ordering, from unacceptable craftsmanship to lack of communication, my wife and I could not be more displeased. The 3-5 day "promise" is a complete joke. The cleanliness of the process was a complete lie. The contractors were less than professional. One contractor was at our home for 1.5 days then never showed up again. A second contractor came to "clean up the mess" left by the first guy. The countertop we ordered was to be a high gloss laminate... all it does is show water spots.

Oh, and let us not forget that the countertop subcontractor arrived but said they couldn't remove the old countertop so simply left. All the while we are living for more than 6 weeks out of boxes with all of our kitchen "stuff" packed away. When we would make calls to the General Contractor, Matt, we should have saved our breath. Because we continue to seek compensation, we discovered that Matt is no longer employed by Home Depot. Samantha has taken his place and because our complaint is 6 months old, she has really nothing to offer us. This project was nearly $20,000... a huge amount for us to invest with little or no reward. My wife and I continue to love the refacing idea, but would NEVER recommend Home Depot for the project. The anguish was not worth the reward. Because of this experience, Home Depot will not be receiving ANY of our future business. Go elsewhere people.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2017

Best way to share my experience with the Kitchen remodeling dept is to show you the letter I sent them when I fired them. By the way THD is The Home Depot, and Andrew ** was the 3rd party installer contracted by Home Depot. Patty was our representative employed by Home Depot. "I am unhappy with the service I have received and want to cancel my order, and get a refund. I understand the estimate costs $250. We paid $1,200 down for the countertops and expected to be treated better. Between Home Depot not managing this process well, and Andrew ** not responding to our emails we were wondering if anyone one had remembered that we ordered C-tops. I place blame on Home Depot and Andrew ** but more so on Home Depot and their business practices.

Home Depot asked for a lot of money down. This is not standard practice for a remodel. I am not sure how Home Depot gets away with requiring so much money up front, but as an estimator in the commercial construction business for over 20 years I can tell you this is not normal and appears to be illegal per the CA State Licensing Board. If my wife and I had not pressed Patty at Home Depot to tell us what was going on, I don't think Andrew ** would have ever contacted us.

The initial email from Andrew ** on Friday stated that we'd be contacted the day before the estimate/site visit with a time window. This did not happen until we called Patty at THD, who then had to call Andrew **. It appeared that we had been forgotten. We were satisfied with Andrew ** responses to our questions, but we cannot agree to pay for 100% of the countertops before the job is complete. Paying for 100% before job completion, and getting bad customer service is a recipe for failure. If the install is unsatisfactory and as bad as the customer service we have received; then we have no leverage to fix the problem.

Maybe I am a picky customer because I am an estimator for a large construction company. However, I can tell you this process has all the red flags of a job gone wrong. I have been working for general contractors in the Los Angeles industry for over twenty years and this experience has been unprofessional and frustrating. I have paid THD $1,200 and the Andrew ** estimate/site visit was $250. I expect a refund of $950 immediately."

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2017

I did an entire kitchen remodel with Home Depot cabinets, countertops, all new stainless steel appliances, top of the line that they carried. The person that assisted me was less than helpful. She does this perhaps daily but her qualifications did not measure up. It seemed as though she just wanted a sale! She got a hefty commission out of me. I really wanted granite but she talked me out of it. She focused solely on Silestone. So that's what I ended up with. Straight end which is terrible! It's too dark for the space. I also purchased a Pegasus black double sink. I loved it until the partition between the 2 sinks started to become very rough to the touch. It's under-mounted. I spent close to $30,000 dollars doing this kitchen remodel! I had to refinance my home in order to do this remodel! I purchased an LG high end stainless steel dishwasher and it only last 2.5 years before I had to replace it.

The same thing happened to my LG refrigerator. The store worked with me on the refrigerator. I was not informed that the countertop was going to be seamed together. It looks awful. I've called the corporate office several times over the past 5 years. The countertop had a chunk miss out of it that I noticed and a company came out to repair it. That was not first quality as far as I'm concerned. Never having done a remodel I was unaware of what could and would happen. I assumed that Home Depot sold first quality products but as I've mentioned, I'm not sure now! My last communication with corporate at Home Depot was very unsatisfactory. They said too much time has lapsed. I've been trying to get a resolution for over 3 years with no resolve.

I also bought all new doors for my entire home. This included a full stained glass fiberglass front door. They measured for it but it came in wrong. They installed it anyway. Later on they sent me a refund for that door. All the materials that I needed to do finishing for all of the window frames, faucet, cabinet hardware was purchased from Home Depot. If I had a do over, I would NOT go to Home Depot! Unfortunately I will not get to do a do over in this lifetime. I hate Home Depot and their attitude and unsatisfactory customer service. I don't enjoy cooking in my kitchen anymore. I should have used local businesses and supported my local economy! This goes for all of my doors as well. The resolution that I would like is new countertops and a new sink. I've considered calling the local news stations and sharing my displeasure with Home Depot and their poor customer service.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2017

We purchased a granite countertop thru Home Depot and paid for installation. This counter was manufactured by MSI. There is what they are calling a fissure, to me it is a crack running thru the granite, and a chip has developed. Neither company will warranty this material. I have only had it for a year. Poor workmanship, poor quality granite,