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Installation & Setup

Reviewed Nov. 8, 2023

I purchased my home not even 2 years ago. The AC unit struggles to keep up. It has already stopped on me twice before and tonight again. No one seems to have a clue about what is going on, they service, find nothing and move on. It says the HVAC is covered up to 2 years via website. I don't know how true it is. I know the deadline is approaching. I'm afraid that my unit has been dropped, improperly electrically installed or came from a scratch and dent place because it is having way too many issues. In my last home my AC unit ran for 8 years before I had my 1st issue. There is another customer on here having AC unit issues too. Also there are reviews on various Highland Homes websites people having AC unit problems. Maybe a screenshot file can be compiled and put together? Please research outside of this to see what is going on.

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Installation & SetupStaff

Reviewed Nov. 8, 2023

We (new Highland Homes owners in the Summer Crest community -- Ocala, Fl.) have had a terrible time trying to get all the issues in our new house corrected (under the Highland Homes warranty program). The warranty specialist in our area does NOT communicate properly with the home owners when they have a warranty issue!

Another issue is that when we turned in a request to install a new 6' PVC privacy fence (in the backyard) they want it installed on the property line (both sides of the backyard). The problem is that there is a utility easement of 5' on both sides of the backyard. Therefore we moved the fence in from that utility easement of 5' and they denied our request for the fence. You should not install anything somewhat permanent on any utility easement! We learned that years ago through experience! If you are looking to purchase a new home in the Ocala area I would recommend that you pass up this builder! There are many other great builders in the Ocala, Florida area.

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    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2023

    I am writing to bring your attention, once again, to the ongoing and frustrating issues I have been experiencing with the air conditioning unit in my recently purchased home from Highland Homes, Strada. Our property closing date was on 2/11/22, and since then, I have been facing numerous challenges with the HVAC system, especially during the oppressive summer months when the humidity exacerbates the problem.

    My primary concern revolves around the AC system's inability to adequately cool the entire house, with a particular emphasis on the master bedroom. Despite submitting multiple warranty requests and receiving numerous visits from Strada Services, the appointed HVAC company, the problem remains unresolved. On eight separate occasions, or more including July 26th, 2023 Strada Services has attempted various fixes, including adjustments to the attic, vents, ductwork, and insulation, but unfortunately, none of these efforts have proven effective in resolving the cooling issues.

    During my investigation, I discovered that my 2005 square-foot home is equipped with an undersized 2.5-ton AC unit, whereas industry standards dictate that it should have been fitted with a 3.5/4-ton unit. It has come to my attention that Highland Homes made the switch to Strada Services from a previous HVAC company due to increased material costs caused by Covid. Intriguingly, homes completed before this transition, including my neighbor's property at 107 Eagle Summit Dr Riskin FL (a 1715 sq ft home), were fitted with correctly-sized AC units (3-ton) model number GSZ140361LB by the previous company, while mine model number GSZ140301KG and some other homes in the neighborhood are grappling with the same issue.

    The consequences of this undersized AC unit have been substantial. My utility costs have skyrocketed when compared to similar-sized homes in the area, yet my house remains uncomfortably warm, with the temperature rarely dropping below 77-79 degrees Fahrenheit, even when the AC runs 24/7 on the lowest setting. The master bedroom, in particular, lacks proper cooling, compelling me to rely on additional fans to seek some relief from the stifling heat. Also causing molding and rusting on the air handler due to constant condensation.

    As the summer progresses and humidity rises, the situation worsens, making the house unbearably hot. Having to resort to using portable air conditioners in other bedrooms as a makeshift solution is far from satisfactory, especially for a home of this size and caliber. Despite my consistent efforts to communicate these concerns to Highland Warranty Technician, the issue remains unresolved, significantly impacting the quality of life for my family and me. In light of these persisting problems, I urgently request the following actions to be taken: I request the immediate replacement of the current undersized 2.5-ton AC unit to a suitable 3.5/4-ton unit that matches the size of my 2005 square-foot home. Highland Homes has already had about 18 months to solve this.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2022

    Do NOT buy a home from this company or do business with any subcontractors employed by this company. You WILL get poor craftsmanship with windows that do not open or close properly, sinking foundations with cracks and leaks throughout, the lowest grade appliances poorly installed. Any attempt to honor their warranties or resolve these issues will be met with deaf ears. RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY from this TERRRIBLE builder!!!!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 17, 2021

    Dealing with these builders has become a nightmare. They are not transparent and are currently declining to provide the reason why the home they built has not achieved certification of occupancy. Beware of issues with this company and the representatives such as Stephanie ** was absolutely rude and others in the office demonstrate poor communication skills or desire to provide customer satisfaction.

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    Reviewed March 1, 2021

    I’m currently in the process of getting my new construction home build with Highland Homes. I chose to go with a new built in order to have reassurance and a sense of ease without worries that come with an already built & lived in home. To my dismay this is not what I have received so far. Though Grace has been amazing the workmanship & quality of the built is very poor. I have addressed several issues currently of the built with drywall left with holes and covered up with molding which has been done without the flooring placed. Damaged kitchen cabinets, rotten & cracked wood placed where the faucets go. This will become problematic with all the rain we get in Florida. Tiles installed without covering the tub where debris is left that will cause drain issues.

    The work is done fast, without taking the time in providing good quality work. I have taken pictures addressed my concerns to be told it’s still being worked on. The only thing I have seen is the problems are being covered up not taken care of and fixed. I notified the personnel & supervisor in charge of the built regarding my concerns through email, text, pictures & even spoke to them in person. Recently, my home is now closed where I do not have access to entry. When addressed, Sheila from the office told me if the builder closed it I can not see what has been done with my own home until the final walk-through!! Interesting how I addressed these issues and now I’m not able to see my home until it is finally done!! God knows if anything was completed correctly or masked like a bandaid!!

    I write this review because I have had 2 new built homes done before. This was suppose to be my new starter home in the beginning I was happy to start a new life in my home and entrusted in Highland Homes to provide a awesome, easy experience with great quality work!! Now I question did I make the biggest mistake!! My advice is check the work to make sure things are being done right!! Because so far all I have seen is poor workmanship, lots of coverup and now the builder failing to allow me to see the home I’m purchasing because I called them out!!

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    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2020

    Purchased the home in April 12,2016. From the get go problems, problems, PROBLEMS. First I noticed the ceiling in my porch and lani, I was told it was supposed to be that way really with the drywall about an inch away from the house. They came and “fixed” it. Just put some caulking in it!! Then the roof or ceilings itself looked like someone forgot to finish it. Just painted over it. Called. Sherry comes over. Looks and say, “They're all like this even my home.” I am sure!!!

    Then the bathroom the tiles lifting off the green starting to spread. Called again. Sent someone over. They took down half the tiles and decided it was the pan cause we had sand coming up in the one corner; new pan tiles broke shower door so they had to replace it. The tiles were not set straight by the toilet or under the lip grout cracking off little pieces leaving space for ants to crawl in. We went on the lani to see if we can see anything... BINGO. There was water on the other side. Damn. We saw a worker and asked him what it was. He says it’s a crack where the wall and floor connect. He fixed it. A while later the grout around the pan is cracked all the way around and the tiles have grout missing and the blue color is back on the outside by the shower. Master bath same stuff. The grout is coming away and also around the tub which we never use. Oh and all the silicone around the vanity, kitchen counter same thing.

    The door step (silver plate between the door frames on the floor) are not on right. Well let’s just put some wood shims under them. That’ll fix it again “right” then let’s spread silicone to fill the hole that’s left even in bathroom one. Then the kitchen, vinyl not glued down properly. My vacuum cleaner on low is sucking up my vinyl. Again caulking around the base of the cabinets was done by a kid I am sure. No uniformity. We won’t talk about the pipes or septic or the horrendous smell coming out of my sink!!

    Let’s go outside now; they left big holes above the design. We van had ants. Big ones running track up there and in the house again, we never would have known it if the siding hadn’t blown off this year. When they came to fix it the siding was held on by one nail here and there which by the way we had to pay the deductible. There are holes everywhere where things can get in, like a squirrel!!

    I complained so many times they knew my voice. We were told that the supervisor was away when they were doing part of our home. I would love to see someone about all this. We bought this home so we don’t have to move or spend a lot down the lane being seniors hence the new home. I suppose to get to speak with anyone higher up than the guy who hammers the nails is non existent!! There are many many more things, you need to see it to believe it. Thanks.

    Susan GG

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    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2020

    Danny ** "Salesperson" of Highland Homes in Bridgeland provided us with wrong information about the lot. He lied to me, my husband, and my mother-in-law standing in that lot. When the salesperson showed us the lot, he explained that the houses would be built backyard to backyard. However, now that my house has been completed, the side of a two-story 2 house is now overlooking my backyard, completely ruining the overall vision that I had for my home. We solely made decisions based on the information provided to us by sales person. After speaking with the builder and the vice president of Highland Homes in hopes of getting the house built in a different lot, at the same agreed-upon price, they both refused and now I feel cheated and neglected as a customer.

    Now the house price has increased so much and we are stranded because of sales person. Why would you lie to a customer and murder their dream? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd have to back out on my dream house, which I'd invested so much time, money, and energy. With my current lease expiring in a few days, and no home, I am without another option and I have nowhere to go. I am very very dissatisfied with highland homes. Never in my life, I will recommend highland homes to anyone.

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    Reviewed June 29, 2020

    I have been mentally preparing my parents (70/71) to sell their home and move closer, close to two years to get them to agree. When you office on 6/25 - they said prices go up $30K July 1st. Guaranteed our price if we move forward before then, We submitted application Same day. The Next day we get a call from the agent stating that “corporate” has raised prices by 30K- denied our application since we didn’t want to move forward with new price. Super unprofessional and they seem money hungry, I am back to square one with my parents. I Do Not Recommend them.

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    Sandra increased rating by 3 stars.
    After a positive interaction with Highland Homes, Sandra increased their star rating on June 19, 2019.

    Updated review: June 19, 2019

    I am acknowledging the Artesia sales team of Highland Homes for good service recovery. I previously expressed dissatisfaction with Dolly and Highland Homes because our earnest money deposit was not returned when my husband and I decided not to purchase a home. Initially we were told the deposit was refundable. However I am happy to report that Dolly and Highland Homes refunded our earnest money deposit after they sold the Prosper home we were going to buy.

    Original Review: June 2, 2019

    We were going to purchase a Highland inventory home in Artesia. Dolly ** was very gracious initially and told us our earnest money deposit would be refunded if we didn't secure financing. Due to circumstances beyond our control we did not secure financing and decided to wait before buying a new home. When we explained this to Dolly ** of Highland Homes in Prosper, she refused to return the money. Ms. ** said she could only return it if she sold the house. This is not what she said initially or what the contract specified. Ms. ** is heavy handed in her sales approach. The contract language is ambiguous and unclear. If anyone is going to purchase a Highland home from Dolly ** or any salesperson, it would be wise to use an experienced real estate broker or a real estate attorney to advocate on the buyer's behalf. I want people to learn from our experience, so they won't be taken advantage as we were. Sandra **.

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    Highland Homes author review by Joseph Truini

    Highland Homes has been building custom homes in communities throughout Southwest, Central and North Central Florida for more than two decades. The family-owned company has dozens of home plans from which homeowners can choose, along with additional options to customize their homes.

    • Proven track record: With more than 50 years combined experience building homes in Florida, the team at Highland Homes is knowledgeable about the types of homes and architecture widely found in the area.

    • Design your dream home: With a database of more than 30 home plans and hundreds of design options, homeowners can create their dream home in planned communities, on the waterfront or with plenty of acreage.

    • Local Florida flavor: Homes can be built in many communities in central Florida and the surrounding area, including Tampa, Lakeland, Ocala and the Orlando areas. Highland Homes' staff is based locally, as well, so homeowners' questions can be answered quickly.

    • Team of lenders: Highland Homes works with a team of preferred lenders who can determine your optimum home-buying power. They can even help restore credit before securing a mortgage.

    • Move-in ready homes: Highland Home has many houses of various sizes and styles that are built and ready for immediate occupancy.

    by Joseph Truini Home Improvement Advisor

    Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

    Highland Homes questions and answers

    What problem is your company trying to solve?
    Highland Homes strives to provide quality and affordable new homes in Central, North Central, Southwest and Tampa Bay, Florida.
    What sets Highland Homes apart from the competition?
    We have a longstanding reputation of quality, value and integrity with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Home buyers are given personal attention throughout the building process. Our New Home Specialists work one-on-one with each buyer to find the best fit for their individual situation, and our buyers truly build a personalized dream home. After selecting their community, home site and home plan, homebuyers receive a design consultation at the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio where they choose from hundreds of options to personalize their new home to their style, needs and budget. When construction begins, homebuyers are assigned a Personal Builder as a main point of contact to answer any questions, orientate them with the construction schedule, and demonstrate the features, product usage, and maintenance information to personally acquaint the homeowner with their brand new home.

    Our new homes in Florida are priced from the low $100’s to low $300’s and no matter the price point, every new homebuyer receives the same quality care and attention.
    What needs do your products and services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
    We provide affordable, quality built homes with products that meet the needs of both first time home buyers, and move-up buyers. Through strong relationships with preferred lenders, we are able to offer mortgage programs tailored to a variety of budgets, including finance options with just $99 down with qualifying financing.
    How does Highland Homes measure success?
    We measure success with profits as do most companies, but also with customer feedback surveys to measure the satisfaction of our homeowners on everything from our website and initial contact with our company, to the purchase process, to how they are enjoying their home after move in.
    What are the most common misconceptions consumers have about homeownership?
    Often people feel that homeownership is an unobtainable goal. The most common misconceptions we encounter with Florida homebuyers is that a large down payment is required to purchase a home, and that new construction homes are not affordable. These are both common myths due to media reports and that most home builders in our local markets do not provide products for first time home buyers and focus instead on only the affluent real estate market.
    How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
    Ten years ago, Florida was at the peak of the housing bubble with record pricing. Five years ago, that bubble had burst and the real estate market was crashing. We are in a slow, but steady recovery after the housing market bottomed out in late 2011. The number of single family home permits is gradually rising, and in 2014 our company celebrated our best year since 2007.
    What is something you wish every consumer knew about Highland Homes?
    You don’t have to have perfect credit or a large amount of savings to purchase a brand new Highland home.
    Has your business received any awards or recognition that your customers would like to know about?
    2015 - BUILDER Magazine’s “Builder 100/Next 100” List – Highland Homes ranked the 102nd largest home builder in the nation (based on number of closings in 2014). This was our 12th consecutive year to make the list which ranks the top 200 home builders in the nation – quite an honor for a local, family-owned company who builds homes in Central Florida, when ranked against large corporations who build throughout the U.S.
    How has Highland Homes grown or evolved?
    We survived the recession and the worst housing market crash in modern times to not only thrive, but continue to grow, add new employees and expand into new housing markets in Florida.

    Highland Homes Company Information

    Company Name:
    Highland Homes
    Year Founded:
    3020 S. Florida Ave Suite 101
    Postal Code:
    United States