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Satisfaction Rating

Highland Homes has been the worst experience ever. I signed a contract on a lot for a Westin on 2/18/17. I advised my rental company that I was vacating the home I currently reside in on 2/20/17. Went to their home studio the Friday after on 2/24/17. On 3/10/17 received a call that the home doesn't fit on the lot and that I can pick a smaller home. Why? How would you not know that a house doesn't fit on a lot from the door. On that date, they sent me a cancellation notice.

However, to my surprise after the cancellation was already emailed to me and signed on 3/10/17, their home studio proceeded with cashing my check in the amount of $15,263.00 on 3/14/17. Why? They knew the Contract was cancelled. I signed a Contract with a new builder and now I have to wait for my funds to be returned. Why? When it should had never been cashed!! Oh and supposedly the reason for my cancellation on their paper states: Unable to Secure a Loan!!! Liars!!! I have my pre-qualification letter and, was approved. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDER. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT FULL OF ** AND YET STILL CASH MONEY THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO THEM.

Satisfaction Rating

Performed 1st walk through on a new home with the builder. Over 50 deficiencies found and provided to the builder. Some were rather serious concerns. Builder advised that all would be resolved by second walk through of which we had advised we were bringing a home inspector. They frowned at the mention of a home inspector coming. Just prior to the walk through two weeks after the first one. We are informed that we are not allowed to be present at the home when the inspector comes. They will be making repairs to the over 50 deficiencies we provided as they see fit and if our inspector provides a report containing additional deficiencies, they have the right to fix or repair at their discretion.

One hour prior to the inspection we emailed them back indicating that the contents/wording of their email indirectly indicate that things are going to be done their way and no other way. They did not respond and therefore we went directly to the model home offices and cancelled the entire process. BE AWARE THAT THIS CONTRACTOR/BUILDER DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE AN HONEST COMPANY and the appearance of skilled workmanship and attention to detail/professional quality lacks and speaks for itself. BE SURE TO BRING AN INSPECTOR WITH YOU IF DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY and watch out for their trying to pay off an inspector to favor them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Satisfaction Rating

We had a home built by Highland Homes that was completed in June of 2015. From the beginning it was a nightmare. It was one mistake in the building process after another. At one point the plumbing was put in the wrong location because they don't know how to read blueprints. Because of that mistake the cement floor in the living area had to be busted up and broken into in order to redo the plumbing. Because of this the vapor barrier is compromised. No getting the barrier back since the floor had to be replaced.

Since moving in we still have people coming to fix problems. The air conditioner sounds like a loud door slamming every time it starts up and shuts off. They won't do anything about it because they say it works fine. It is so loud that if you're taking a shower it sounds like someone is coming in the door, slamming it behind them. Hurricane shutters were suppose be installed due to code, but they never put them on. I had to argue with them to do so. Stucco work was done poorly. Carpet buckles in the seam area. The stove was damaged in the back and had to be replaced. If we hadn't moved the stove out we would never have known. Cupboard door has damage to it. The front door jam had to be replaced due to poor workmanship. Other doors in the house had problems shutting properly, too much gap in the doorway.

The people that work for Highland Homes also sent people that were in the market to buy a home to our house to get a look at how they build homes. We were home and found two men walking around our house looking in the windows. When we asked what they were doing they told us Highland Homes said it would be okay to come look around. This was without our knowledge or permission. We our still having to deal with them for repairs. This is one builder you don't want to build with. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Satisfaction Rating

Let me start by saying that at first we thought that we were doomed because our appraiser for the VA did not want to approve anything but $10,000 over the base price. So even though you were able to afford more and were approved for me the appraiser was not going to go up! This delayed the house because we had to appeal. Then we had a survey issue, weather problem, back order of supplies, etc.

The owner, Bob Adams, felt the least he could do would be cover our full closing costs as the delay put us past the termination of our current lease and we were homeless. This freed up funds for the hotel, pet fees, storage, and food costs since we were in a hotel. I cannot say enough about Ken **, our salesman. He has come in on days off because of the delays to get things done and approved. I am so grateful for Mr. Adams and Ken for their OUTSTANDING customer service and generosity. There has been more but this gives you an idea of what kind of builder this company is and how his staff is generous and creative. Thank you.

Expert Review

Joseph TruiniHome Improvement Contributing Editor

Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.    More about Joseph→

Highland Homes has been building custom homes in communities throughout Southwest, Central and North Central Florida for more than two decades. The family-owned company has dozens of home plans from which homeowners can choose, along with additional options to customize their homes.

  • Proven track record: With more than 50 years combined experience building homes in Florida, the team at Highland Homes is knowledgeable about the types of homes and architecture widely found in the area.
  • Design your dream home: With a database of more than 30 home plans and hundreds of design options, homeowners can create their dream home in planned communities, on the waterfront or with plenty of acreage.
  • Local Florida flavor: Homes can be built in many communities in central Florida and the surrounding area, including Tampa, Lakeland, Ocala and the Orlando areas. Highland Homes' staff is based locally, as well, so homeowners' questions can be answered quickly.
  • Team of lenders: Highland Homes works with a team of preferred lenders who can determine your optimum home-buying power. They can even help restore credit before securing a mortgage.
  • Move-in ready homes: Highland Home has many houses of various sizes and styles that are built and ready for immediate occupancy.
  • Best for Highland Homes is best for first-time homebuyers, growing families and homebuyers who want an affordable, but customized home.

Question and Answers - Highland Homes

What problem is your company trying to solve?

Highland Homes strives to provide quality and affordable new homes in Central, North Central, Southwest and Tampa Bay, Florida.

What sets Highland Homes apart from the competition?

We have a longstanding reputation of quality, value and integrity with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Home buyers are given personal attention throughout the building process. Our New Home Specialists work one-on-one with each buyer to find the best fit for their individual situation, and our buyers truly build a personalized dream home. After selecting their community, home site and home plan, homebuyers receive a design consultation at the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio where they choose from hundreds of options to personalize their new home to their style, needs and budget. When construction begins, homebuyers are assigned a Personal Builder as a main point of contact to answer any questions, orientate them with the construction schedule, and demonstrate the features, product usage, and maintenance information to personally acquaint the homeowner with their brand new home.

Our new homes in Florida are priced from the low $100’s to low $300’s and no matter the price point, every new homebuyer receives the same quality care and attention.

What needs do your products and services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

We provide affordable, quality built homes with products that meet the needs of both first time home buyers, and move-up buyers. Through strong relationships with preferred lenders, we are able to offer mortgage programs tailored to a variety of budgets, including finance options with just $99 down with qualifying financing.

How does Highland Homes measure success?

We measure success with profits as do most companies, but also with customer feedback surveys to measure the satisfaction of our homeowners on everything from our website and initial contact with our company, to the purchase process, to how they are enjoying their home after move in.

What are the most common misconceptions consumers have about homeownership?

Often people feel that homeownership is an unobtainable goal. The most common misconceptions we encounter with Florida homebuyers is that a large down payment is required to purchase a home, and that new construction homes are not affordable. These are both common myths due to media reports and that most home builders in our local markets do not provide products for first time home buyers and focus instead on only the affluent real estate market.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

Ten years ago, Florida was at the peak of the housing bubble with record pricing. Five years ago, that bubble had burst and the real estate market was crashing. We are in a slow, but steady recovery after the housing market bottomed out in late 2011. The number of single family home permits is gradually rising, and in 2014 our company celebrated our best year since 2007.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Highland Homes?

You don’t have to have perfect credit or a large amount of savings to purchase a brand new Highland home.

Has your business received any awards or recognition that your customers would like to know about?

2015 - BUILDER Magazine’s “Builder 100/Next 100” List – Highland Homes ranked the 102nd largest home builder in the nation (based on number of closings in 2014). This was our 12th consecutive year to make the list which ranks the top 200 home builders in the nation – quite an honor for a local, family-owned company who builds homes in Central Florida, when ranked against large corporations who build throughout the U.S.

How has Highland Homes grown or evolved?

We survived the recession and the worst housing market crash in modern times to not only thrive, but continue to grow, add new employees and expand into new housing markets in Florida.

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Company Name:
Highland Homes
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3020 S. Florida Ave Suite 101
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United States