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Like many who have posted on this page, I have just had to have the thermocouple replaced for the second time in 4 years on my GE/Rheem water heater purchased from Home Depot, at a service call/labor cost to me of about $240 each time. A Home Depot Resolution Expeditor in Atlanta GA explained to me over the phone that they, or GE/Rheem, are fulfilling their complete obligation to the customer by providing the thermocouple free (a ~$10 part) as many times as required while the water heater remains under warranty.

And once the 1-year labor part of the warranty expires, he noted, it is after all our choice to pay a service call/labor charge since they now view the part as being self installable and provide instructions. Besides, given the twelve year expected lifetime of my water heater, the obvious implication is that I would only have replace the part five or so times before having to get a new water heater anyway. I suspect the defect is with the Ultra Low NOx units, although the expeditor would not confirm that.

I just finished writing a review for a GE double wall unit and didn't expect to be doing this so soon again! I am flummoxed. Our water heater has been leaking since we bought it. After checking and rechecking everything, my husband called out a plumber today. I was standing outside while the plumber tried to determine the problem; he indicated nothing was wrong with the way it was installed or the wiring; apparently, the leak is internal and has caused the inside to rust. He said the heater is a bust and, now, we are stuck buying a new one. He said to NEVER buy GE water heaters and now I know why! The water heater we have is barely a year old. I am so disgusted with GE. After dealing with a shoddy double wall oven to boot, I cannot even see straight. Spare yourself the hassle and do not buy GE products.

This GE hot water heater is 4 years old. The pilot light went out again, so I called GE support. They directed me to the viewing port to check for the pilot light and how I should look "up to the left." Weird design on the placement of the viewing port. Do most people look up to their water heater so the viewing port is below the pilot? In any case, GE support said to hold the black gas control knob down and click the Piezo spark generator 15 times and THIS would warm the thermocouple. That DID get the pilot lit and I then turned the black gas control from pilot to on and then turned the temperature control from pilot to hot. Ok, we're good. It would be good if the manual said, "Click 15 times."

This GE Hybrid water heater worked fine for years, then a sensor gave out. I called the service 1-800 number, gave them the code and arranged to have a service all 3 days later (the earliest). The serviceman call me just before the appointment and asks if the parts were there? Parts, what parts? It seem the service center were suppose to send parts based on the error code to my house prior to the service call. Nothing was ordered. The parts had to be sent from their central warehouse a further delay of days. An appointment was set for the Fri morning before a three day weekend. We waited and waited. Nothing. Called the 1-800 and they had rescheduled me for Tue morning without ever telling me. Nothing, nada. Tue morning came... nothing, nada again.

Called the 1-800 and they had reschedule me AGAIN for the afternoon without ever telling me once again. Now a total of 12 hours waiting for a service call that never came and sitting here hoping that they might show in the next 4 hours. I regret buying this water heater not for the product but for the HORRIBLE customer service that shows a total disregard for their customers. Look elsewhere unless you want to repair this item yourself!

I have a lot of rentals and replace 10 to 15 water heaters a year. I started buying GE water heaters from Home Depot 4 years ago. I noticed a lot of people returning used water heaters then I started getting calls. It was always the thermocouple. After talking to GE several time and having tenants without hot water for days I returned 2 for new ones then HD stopped taking them back. Just when the complaints for the water heaters going out was increasing HD switched to Rheem water heaters. I was happy until the first call came in. No hot water on a Rheem.

Going online I found out Rheem owns GE water heater. Yesterday had a tenant call no hot water and now I have replaced every thermocouple on every water heater I replaced with a GE or Rheem. GE/Rheem have been no help and the people I talked to at Home Depot were so helpful. I finally sent a letter to Craig Menear CEO which prompted a call from a nice lady from the Escalation Dept who never answers her phone. I have noticed a lot of corrosion on the cover of the combustion chamber, not looking forward to that problem. Most of the water heaters I replaced gave me 15 years of service. Wish I could have gotten half that.

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Don't buy this junk. Put in a GE water heater for my ex a few years back and the pilot would stay lit. Took it back to Home Depot and the got a second and it wouldn't stay lit either. Took it back and as I was searching through the water heaters, nearly all of them here open box and had been returned. Found one unopened boxed unit on a second shelf. Installed that. It failed. GE sent out a new pilot unit (whatever they call it). That seemed work a few years now, or so I thought. I get a call today because my ex accidentally burned herself because she had to boil water to have hot water. Ok, the accident is her fault, but why was she boiling water?... Because the pilot went out again. And unbeknownst to me, the pilot has been going out on a constant basis now since it was put in and requires a paid plumber visit. Buyer beware. GE water heaters a problematic junk.

Please do not buy this piece of junk. My tank broke down, no hot water after 2 years. Tons of other people, same problem.

Purchased GE water heater in 2009 from Home Depot. Now today 4-5-16 woke up to no hot water. Followed instructions to re-light pilot, pilot would light, but when adjusting temp gauge pilot would go out. After repeating this 10 times over 4 hours, pilot will NOT light at all. Called 1-800 number and spoke to Tyler, he assumes problem is thermocouple... will FedEx overnight part. (Fingers crossed) Have read numerous complaints about this PART and numerous replacements of same. Will update this review upon receiving new part and installation... Hey GE... Why not give me a simple authorization number that I can take to Home Depot and get the replacement part NOW!!

I've had this water heater for 2 1/2 years. It was fine for the first two except that the pressure relief valve constantly dripped. I learned to tap it with a hammer once in a while to stop the drip. Six days ago, it tripped the breaker. Customer service insisted my two year old breaker was bad. Nope. Three days later, cold water the whole time, it tripped the whole house breaker. Customer service then said they should never have said it was the breaker, that it was probably the element. They showed me how to test it. Yes, it was the element. They gave me a replacement part. THERE IS NO DRAIN VALVE ON THIS WATER HEATER.

When I called them back to ask how to drain it, they didn't know. Worse, the repair manual says there IS one. The response from them? "Oops." The instructions on how to drain it? "Well, call a plumber or uninstall it." When I asked how uninstalling it would help, since the cold water pipe goes in a few inches from the floor and that would drain the tank onto my floor, they responded that they guessed that was possible. To make matters worse, the manual that comes with the water heater doesn't match the model--and says specifically that it DOES have a drain valve. It definitely does not.

I have 48 gallons GE Water heater for defective which stop working 4 times now. It had same problem within 4 years. Now seems like it getting bad less than every 6 months. I called GE and ask them for a replacement or credit but they turned me down. I really want to take my water heater away because it had too much trouble since we purchased this GE water heater from Home Depot. Can you tell me what to do or how to file a lawsuit against GE companies with same issues less than every 6 months?

Water heater will not stay lit. I light the pilot, it stays on, but when I turn on the burned it fires up and goes out. I call the 1800 number these ** won't stand behind their warranty because it's installed in a home that's horse shot. Whirlpool never gave me a problem. So I call to get help so I can fix it and so ** tells me "we can't send you a replacement part because it not installed correct." How the hell does he know. He's on the damn phone and the water heater has worked fine for the past five years. Then Home Depot gets the kick back if you need repairs and they charge 125.00 just to diagnose. This is in my mother's house who is on disability and these people just take advantage. I will never ever buy anything from General Electric again. Very upset with customer service and poor warranty. What a waste of money.

Just had to have my GE water heater replace, both connector couplings blew off the top of the heater. The pipe is made of supposedly galvanized steel and a copper connector was used. Both pipes coming out of the heater were rotted to the point that they could not be screwed off the tank. What a piece of garbage. This water heater was installed before I bought the house. It had a 2007 date on it. As soon as they see that it was purchased at a big box, you get no satisfaction. Why? Because they sell a substandard product to the big boxes to be purchase by homeowners and not professionals. Did you notice that the drain valve at the bottom of the heater is plastic? The reason - so you will accidentally damage it and will start to leak. This product is a piece of junk, don't ever consider buying a GE water heater.

About two and a half years ago I purchased a fifty gallon GE water heater which had a twelve-year warranty on it. Rheem now owns the GE water heaters. I cannot speak for the Rheem water heaters but this GE water heater was certainly a lemon! It broke down twice in the two and a half years we owned it. The first time it was within the first year so they paid for both the part and labor but we had to wait to have the needed part shipped to us so it took at least two days to have it fixed. The second time a defective part caused the pilot light to go out so we had absolutely no hot water. This was very recent and would have to pay the labor to have it fixed so we decided to just replace it with a fifty gallon Bradford White water heater which we understand are much better.

After we purchased the GE water heater we found a very competent, reasonable plumber who warned us about our GE water heater and he was right! He told us he constantly gets calls to have them fixed when they aren't old. I called Rheem to ask if they would pro-rate a refund for our lemon GE water heater but they declined, saying it could be fixed. I am not happy to have to replace the GE water heater but we couldn't see spending the money to have a lemon fixed and probably have to go through the convenience of no hot water again within a year or two. By the way, I HATE cold showers! I want to warn anyone who is considering a GE water heater!

I purchased my home in 2009, and a brand new "GE" water heater was installed. About 3 years later, the pilot light went out, and would not stay lit. I found out that the issue was a bad "thermocouple." Called GE and it was still under warranty, meaning that they would send me the new thermocouple (of course, I was responsible for installation... some warranty). Now, three years later, and the thermocouple is bad again. But when I call GE, they will not even send this $20-30 part... I have to pay them to order another (probably defective) thermocouple. Terrible customer service.

I replaced the water heater on 3/2/2014, purchased from Home Depot. On 12/29/2015 I noticed a lot of water on the floor in my garage that was closed in for a game room 14 years ago. Water was running out of the drip pan onto the floor. Upon inspection I found the inner tank rusted out at the bottom right next to the sight glass by the burner. The heater is only 1 year 9 months old. Now I have to replace it again along with my laminate floors. At least it is covered under full 2 year warranty. I called GE and they said it was probably a defect in the tank. Now, who is going to pay for my floors? I always thought GE had good products. Never buy another one.

In July 2012 I purchased a GE water heater from Home Depot and had it professionally installed; in January 2015 after returning from a long weekend trip we had no hot water. I had purchased a "lifetime warranty" along with the water heater so I contacted Home Depot. I was referred to the GE for service. After 1 1/2 days of being transferred around GE, never allowed to speak with a supervisor or manager, I gave up trying to get service from GE. I went to the store where I purchased the water heater and made enough noise that Home Depot sent someone to my home to "repair" the water heater.

On December 22, 2015 I got home from work only to find that I have no hot water. A 12 year warranty appliance lasted only 3 years 5 months. This is pathetic and now I'm being told that I have to purchase a new water heater but the old will be prorated and I will be given store credit. This is absurd. GE should be footing the entire bill for this poorly built appliance. Totally not satisfied with this and will take it up the chain at GE.

Same complaint regarding GE water heater purchased from Home Depot May 2011. No hot water. Followed all instructions to re-light pilot which is not re-lighting. This water heater was installed professionally. I have never had a water heater go out on me in less than five years!

We bought this GE Ultra Low NOx Ge in 2008. We have changed pilot parts a few times. But that has NOT HELPED, it only lasts a month with no interruption. For sure at least once or twice a week since 2010 the pilot goes out. And of course our warning sign is when we jump into the shower in the AM, hoping for a warm shower only to find out that yet again the pilot light is out.

Yes, it only takes 20 minutes to ignite and warm the water. But some mornings you just do not have that extra 20 minutes. On important days I try to remember to check prior to going to bed, but without fail it turns off. Last week 3 mornings, lukewarm water. Started this week off Sunday... off (that is # 1). It is finally time to dump this!!!

Long story short, after just 4 years my GE low nox thermocouple wouldn't give me a signal (suppose to be 15mv). I warranty ordered a replacement from GE. Just for kicks, I cleaned the old one with my wire brush, and BAM! now it works! but having disassembled the whole thing I go may as well put in the new one. The GE kit comes with 3 new gaskets which seems like is necessary to replace since this heater is of the sealed type. Now there is a Home Depot kit that comes with a single gasket, and that maybe OK if you just slide out the whole burner (4 star screws) and nothing else, both gaskets are not too worn. At this point you can just wire brush the old thermocouple and see if that does the trick. Disconnect the thermocouple off the valve, put a volt meter there, put a cig lighter under the thermocouple and you should get ~15mv. If this works shove the whole thing back in and see how long it lasts.

We purchased a GE water heater GEUNM441216338 12/04/12 at Home Depot. About a year later the thermocouple went out, the part was overnighted to us. My husband is handy & was able to replace part. NOW it's out again & another thermocouple is being overnighted but may possibly receive it Wednesday.

Updated on 08/13/2015: We received thermocouple Wednesday but after spending a couple of hours installing the part, we had to call GE and explain that it was the wrong part. We were told, "Oops we did not send you the updated installment instructions and sent it to us through email". BUT the water heater pilot still did not light. We called GE the next morning and we went through lighting procedures with the tech on the phone & still the pilot did not light. We were told that the gas control did not work so they overnighted the 2nd part which we received this morning. If we had called a plumber for these repairs we would be out a lot of money which on a pension can hurt. Hopefully this works!

I bought the GE Hybrid water heater 3 years ago and have been having trouble with it for about six weeks. I had a plumber out 3 times who could do nothing. Now they tell me the evaporator needs to be replaced. So the technician comes out today and it is tucked in a corner of the basement, but he cannot get in to service it. So they tell me I must get a plumber to disconnect it and move it out into a bigger space in the morning, then have the tech come back and deal with it. Then call my plumber to come out and reconnect it. This is going to be a very expensive proposition. If I have one more problem with this I will dump it and buy an old fashion water heater. What a piece of crap. Do not intend to ever buy another GE product.

GE Geospring Hybrid Water Heater - I bought this water heater after reading glowing reviews of its energy efficiency. I have owned this product for a little over 3 years. In that time period it has produced several error codes and needs to constantly be checked and reset in order for it to function in hybrid mode. The GE technicians came out and replaced an evaporator coil and expansion valve after about 14 months of use. Since that time error codes continue to happen on a weekly basis or more often. Reset the system and all is fine for about another week, then it throws more codes.

I have called numerous times to the GE tech support who will send someone out for a fee. The warranty is crap for such an expensive product. It doesn't work as advertised and has been nothing but a pain. If you want to spend hours of your time and lots of money buy this product, it won't let you down. I am now contemplating just replacing with a conventional water heater and pay the extra money on the electricity bill. It will be money well spent.

Our original water heater went out after 20 yrs. Went to Home Depot and purchased what we thought was a GE Water Heater (has the GE logo on it but is really a Rheem) model # GEUNM331203863 Sept 2 2012. My husband who is an electrician installed and had it checked out for correct install by our plumber same day who said he did a great job. On 6/9/2012, my son said - "we have no hot water" - of course I didn't believe but checked out myself - sure enough, no hot water. Pilot light was out for no reason and I could not get it restarted (followed instructions and pilot light came on but would not stay on after releasing ignition). Called GE who transferred my call 4 times - I forgot to mention that I was online as well looking up the model only to find that there are 100's of complaints for the same model - I was told that it's the Thermo Couple and they were Fed exing it. Received next day and had professional install - still didn't work.

Called GE again only to find out that they were less cooperative. Got professional back to take the thing apart again to check both the sensor and the ignition box. GE sending that out as well. Water heater guy said he's been through this before and probably won't work. Spoke to next door neighbor who I found out had same problem and had to get new water heater like most of the complaints that I have read. Also discovered that the water heater that clearly has the GE insignia is really a Rheem water heater - explains now why I can't pull the manual off the GE website.

Our old water heater was a Caloric which is now defunct but functioned faithfully for 20 years. I have 3 other GE products in our home that we have also had problems with: Freestanding oven/stove.....first time we used the self clean on oven,the glass cracked and had to be replaced - used self clean again, same thing happened. Our refrigerator is also a GE and we had a shelf failure - only thing that was on that shelf was bread. Every time - I call GE they say "we have parts only warranty." Next time, I will buy LG - heard wonderful things as well as great customer service.

We replaced our 16 year old water heater (no GE) not quite two years ago. It's supposed to be under a 6 year warranty. Apparently it doesn't cover much, and trying to get tech. support for a replacement part is very aggravating. The pilot light won't stay lit, the PG&E tech. said he sees this several times a day with this particular water heater, they probably should recall it if they didn't already. He lit the pilot, took several minutes. It keeps going out. I call GE, am told I can't get info. regarding parts until a plumber checked it out. And then, only a one time thing! Really?!?

So now I have to pay a plumber, have no hot water. I have 4 kids. That means no showers, laundry or dishes until a plumber can verify it's a POS! Not happy at all with GE. Oh, by the way, bought a GE dryer a few months ago, the repair guy has been here three times!! It should be a lot easier to have repairs made on warranty products without having to pay extra for plumbers and appliance repair technicians in order to fix a shoddy product!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GE PRODUCT AGAIN!!

We purchased the GE water heater from Home Depot in February of 2012. We are now having to replace it after several service calls. We have had nothing but trouble and extra expense. We have decided to buy from a local company, not a GE water heater and have it replaced. The last licensed plumber at our house was afraid to continue working on it. It was making loud noises. Explosion! He was afraid for his and our safety. Never again will we buy a GE product. It should last 10 - 15 years. We have drained it yearly to extent the life of the water heater. GE should step up and take care this repeated problem.

GE 40 gal. water heater model GG40T06AVG01. Initial purchase at Home Depot on 9 Sep 2011, installed myself. Less than a year later it failed on 18 Aug 2012. Replaced/installed by myself. Less than 3 years later, it failed on 8 May 2015. Poor quality product.

GeoSpring water tank - Bought this year and a half ago. Everything worked fine for the first 6 months, then alarms, codes, failures, service call after service call... non-stop since. For the last year, the tank has either beeped constantly every day or 2, or presents failure codes, F4 is the code of this week. We had a tech in and out of here so much, that he even left his tools here seeing that he comes back once a week. What a piece of garbage this unit is. When we bought the unit, we read all the bad reviews, but were assured that GE had the issues worked out. This is NOT the case... stay Clear of GE products, they use cheap chinese parts, but charge you top dollar for their units. There are far better units out there than this one. We so disappointed with this unit, that we stay clear of ALL GE PRODUCTS.

We recently purchased a GeoSpring hybrid electric residential model # GEH50DFEJSRA, and are very disappointed. The capacity is 50G, replacing our previous 40G, yet we run out of hot water quicker after only 2 showers. Our kids are young and currently not showering every morning, but in the near future they will be and this heater will not serve our family. Any household with 3+ people should not purchase this, however 2 or less and you should be fine. The re-heat time is also very poor. I took a normal shower, and a full hour later my wife took hers and still ran out of hot water.

Finally, everything I've read here regarding GE's poor customer service is true. They havent returned our calls, and when talking to them they inform us they will charge us $95 to inspect our tank. Their solution is for us to change the setting every morning to High Demand, and then reset to Hybrid once the showers are complete. Most people regard a HWH as an appliance that they should not have to adjust daily.

Purchased GE water heater just less than 2 and half year and goes bad. It happened right on Saturday night and we need this fix badly but the GE support was not opened. We ended up to call a local repair guy and get it fixed. It appears the most common problem with GE from many reviewer has experienced with. I will call GE on Monday and see if they can reimbursed the repair cost. Will provide more update.

Our prior water heater lasted decades. This GE Water heater lasted less than 3 years. We bought it July 6, 2012, and it stopped working March 26, 2015. It's the thermocoupler, and the guy installing it is having a horrible time. He's been at it 3 hours! We've used him before so this isn't someone we just found in the yellow pages. He says that GE are designed to be "repair-unfriendly." So, I just paid $200 and he thinks it will go out again within 1 to 3 years max.

We've been here 45 years w/ 3 water heaters. We recently bought a GE because the brand name is good. We are done with GE. Suppose a more vital part broke and gas leaked or it exploded. When a product is poorly made, there is no telling what can happen. We plan to get a new one as soon as possible. The problem is that so many places make junk, that we don't know whether we will be spending more money to make ourselves less safe.

Without decent consumer regulations, people are constantly being cheated and there is nothing consumers can do about it, except pay and pay and pay. No wonder the 1% percent become richer while the rest of us become poor. One reason California consumers have been subjected to worse and worse business practices is their foolish decimation of the country's best consumer protection statute, Bus and Prof Code 17200. When consumers learned that if an attorney fought against a big business and won on behalf of a consumer, the business had to pay the attorney fees, a majority of the voters were outraged that the attorneys were getting paid and they repealed the essence of the law.

The California voters were successful in getting rid of the section which allowed the consumer's attorneys to be paid, but that also killed the consumer's ability to fight against a corrupt business. Our GE water heater cost $417.60. Previously, I or another consumer who had been sold such dreck could sue GE to make them stop cheating consumers. No more. Now GE and other mega-corps can cheat as many people as they want with substandard merchandise and making millions more in profit.

But where do we go? GE made millions selling cheapo products, so Maytag, Kenmore, etc. will do the same. They focus on the bottom line in the short run. Until they've completely trashed their company image, making junk is more cost effective. By the time the chickens come home to roost, these executives will be gone along with the multi-million dollar pay checks.

When people myopically reduce regulations, they end up being cheated as there is no one to stop the crooks. The best regulations are consumer protection laws which allow individuals to sue the corporations who then have to pay if and only if the consumer wins. Yet, people cut their own throats by voting away these types of consumer protection statutes.

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