GE dishwasher warranty: cost, coverage and plans (2024)

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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GE Appliances, a Haier company, is an American manufacturing company that produces household appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and dishwashers. The company backs the quality of its dishwashers with a limited warranty that can provide coverage for repair and replacement costs.

Key insights

  • GE provides a one-year limited warranty on its dishwashers, which includes parts and labor.
  • Read the manual before operating the dishwasher initially. Damages caused by improper use may result in a voided warranty.
  • GE’s factory service team completes all in-warranty repairs.

GE dishwasher warranty coverage and plans

GE includes a standard one-year limited warranty on all its dishwasher models. This warranty covers the cost of repairs and replacement of parts that fail due to defects in materials or the workmanship of the unit. The warranty period is good for one year after the original purchase date.

You can also purchase extended warranty coverage for your GE dishwasher through Bodewell, a protection plan partner for GE appliances. The company provides coverage periods of one year, three years or five years. The extended warranty includes the costs of parts and labor and a replacement cost feature, which can give you money toward a replacement if the company cannot repair your broken dishwasher.

Limits and exclusions

GE provides a list of exclusions in the warranty document. Reading the manual included with your new dishwasher is important because it contains proper use instructions — failure to follow those instructions could void the warranty.

Some warranty exclusions are:

  • Damages caused by improper installation or maintenance (e.g., not following the installation instructions provided by the company or using a detergent that’s not approved for the machine)
  • Certain replacements to the electrical system, like house fuses
  • Cleaning or maintaining the air gap device in the drain line

How to register a GE dishwasher

GE provides a few ways to register your new dishwasher. You can complete the preprinted registration card included with the dishwasher and mail it to the company at the address provided. Another option is to visit the Product Registration page on GE’s website. You can choose between creating an account or registering as a guest. If you register online, be prepared to input the product’s serial number and model number, which are printed on the inside of your dishwasher.

The company does not state that product registration is required to file a warranty claim. However, it’s still a good idea to complete registration to ensure that you receive prompt service from GE if you need to submit a claim later.

GE dishwasher warranty cost

The warranty is included in the price of your new GE dishwasher. You can also opt to purchase an extended warranty offered by GE’s partner, Bodewell. Plans and pricing are listed on GE’s website.

Bodewell provides one- to five-year extended coverage plans. Each varies in cost depending on the dishwasher model and where you live. One cost estimate the ConsumerAffairs team received shows prices of a one-year plan at $82, a three-year plan at $220 and a five-year plan at $325.

How to file a claim for your GE dishwasher

You can schedule in-warranty service by visiting the GE Appliance Factory Services webpage. Log in with the email address and password you used to create an account and register your dishwasher with the company. You can also continue as a guest if you didn’t create an account initially.

GE provides a phone number to call with questions about service and repair. The number is 800-432-2737.

GE dishwasher warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

A home warranty could offer added protection for your new dishwasher after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Dishwashers are usually covered appliances under most home warranty plans. This includes coverage for repairs or replacements caused by normal wear and tear of the appliance.

Your new dishwasher could last between nine to twelve years or more, so a home warranty would give you many years of coverage after the one-year warranty expires. In addition, other appliances may be covered under your plan, like washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens and more.

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Pros and cons of GE dishwasher warranties

The GE warranty includes the costs of both labor and parts. Also, reviewers on the ConsumerAffairs website commented that the company dispatched technicians promptly to service in-warranty dishwashers, some within 24 hours.

A drawback is that the warranty period is only for one year. For comparison, some of GE’s competitors offer two-year warranties. In addition, you are limited to using the company’s factory service team for warranty claims instead of your preferred appliance repair professional.


  • Warranty includes labor and parts
  • Some reviewers say they experienced quick turnaround times


  • Warranty period is only for one year
  • Must use GE’s factory service for in-warranty repairs

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What is a GE dishwasher warranty?

The GE dishwasher warranty is a one-year limited warranty that provides purchase protection on all its dishwasher models. If part of your dishwasher breaks within the first year due to a manufacturer’s defect, the warranty gives you the right to have it repaired or replaced by GE.

How long is a warranty on a GE dishwasher?

The limited warranty period is good for one year after the purchase date. It includes repairs and replacements for parts as well as labor costs.

What is GE’s customer service information?

You can contact GE’s customer service by calling 800-626-2005. The company also provides a live chat and a contact form on its website.

Bottom line

The GE dishwasher warranty covers all parts and labor costs for repairs and replacements within one year of the purchase date. You can purchase an extended warranty through Bodewell, which offers one-, three- and five-year plans.

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