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Purchased a new phone unit to go with the 3 I had in April. Phone broke and sent it back on July 1, 2016. Did not hear from them in two months. They told me to send the base which I did. It is now almost October 1 and I am on the phone with the main company who is also having trouble getting in touch with the repair center who has my phone in McAllen, TX. This is the second time speaking to them, because at first they gave me a number that was not in service! The one I found online went unanswered... just rang and rang. I am about ready to file a small claim.

Who would have thought that Panasonic is not BBB accredited? Now I do! I called the repair department regarding a defective phone. After getting my serial number, the rep told me right off that the phone was out of warranty. I pointed out that there were 2 months left on the warranty. He agreed (I reminded him that I am not a liar). He then said that all they could do for me was send a coupon for 20% off another Panasonic phone. I asked him to define "One year warranty" for me. He held his ground. I threatened to go to my credit company to get a refund and go after them. Then he told me that I can send it back for replacement. I am utterly disgusted. They actually train their customer service to lie and cheat the customers! That is the LAST Panasonic product I will buy.

Seriously what the heck has happened to Panasonic company? Panasonic has seemed to me like a household name for as long as I can remember, and I am 52. I cannot even believe how many hours I have been tossed around just trying to get customer service, technical support, and now replacement for a defective part that took me hours for their technical support to verify with me through remote technology was sent out DOA. Which after being sent running through hoops to return, has been returned, and not only do I still NOT have a replacement for, they are trying to charge me again to even send one, and I cannot get a supervisor on the phone, or even a call back again!! Which was the case when I wanted to make a complaint about the first two representatives I spoke with while just trying to get authorization to return the stupid thing, which still as of yet have not been able to speak with anyone.

All I can say is I hope (if anyone there cares at all) someone listens to the recording of those initial calls for crying out loud! I cannot ever remember a worse customer service experience. I have been treated like complete crap by customer service reps. I had a friend listening in on a speaker call, and was appalled at how two different representatives spoke with me. I have yet to get a call back from a supervisor with regards to this nightmare. Of course they are never available to speak, after I have waited on the phone 30 minutes just to get a customer service rep., only to find out they have no idea what is going on. It is the craziest thing I have ever seen. How can a person be treated so poorly when their techs have proven that the part was delivered defective. Guess what, all this, over a 10 dollar replacement remote for a sound bar. Shipping included. Lol.

So you tell me, how smart was it to lose not only one lifelong customer over this, but 2, because my friend overheard the way two customer service people spoke to me, including refusing to put me on the phone with her supervisor. I am telling you, this is clearly a warning of what has happened to Panasonic, and I want nothing to do with that company again. I am only grateful to know this over the loss of 10 dollars, versus hundreds, or thousands. I will not ever purchase a Panasonic product again as long as I live, unless they can prove to me that they have completely overhauled their customer support/service. I recommend that you do the same. It is much too risky. I am truly in disbelief of the experience quite frankly!!

Not happy with this company's service. I ordered the Panasonic Ionic Facial steamer on 2/18/2016. It cost me $170 (2x more expensive than similar product on the market). 30 days later the product is broken! The product came with 2-year limited warranty. I ask for an exchange. The company asks me to pay shipping to get it exchanged! It's ridiculous! None of their product or services reliable!

This Panasonic Cordless Telephone does pick up messages, does not record them, and only show up 3-4 days later. It does not record them, only shows name and phone number. I bought this from Amazon but they won't take it back for something better because return time has passed. One of the batteries died 2 days after I got it home. It is a piece of junk.

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I don't usually do these reviews but Panasonic really got under my skin. I ordered a home security kit. I got it right away, shipping was fast. We set it up and it kept disconnecting. The app was a battery drainer and I knew immediately that I did not want to keep this product. I sent an email that I would like a return and why. I got an email the next day asking all the questions I had already put in the email and I replied that I answered these questions. Another email came stating I needed to contact technical support and another email address was given. I emailed them and a day later they replied they could not help. I then called. I was transferred 5 times. Then the correct department was closed.

I called the next day transferred again 5 times. Finally got to tech support who said I had to troubleshoot. I was furious by that time. I said all along that it was not broken, just wanted to return it but now I am livid after wasting time and energy being sent back and forth emails and spending 2 hours on the phone being transferred. She said I can return but will be charged 15% fee. I called back to speak with supervisor who said that is their policy bottom line and he cannot change that. I explained to him the poor customer service and he apologized and said nothing he could do.

This is now a matter of principle for me. The 15% is not going to make or break me but the fact that the customer has to pay for their poor quality and horrible customer service infuriates me. If they had good products a return would not be an issue but because they know they are terrible at pleasing customers they have to force the money out of us on returns. I will NEVER buy Panasonic anything ever again. What a terrible way to run such a large company. I am still returning the product and I vow to tell everyone I know not to buy from them. Shame on you Panasonic. I have never been treated like this from a company in all of my life.

We owned a Cordless telephone by Panasonic for 10 years. It proved to be a great phone, so we decided when it was time to replace to stick with Panasonic. The new set came KX-TGF370 and we liked the call block option, but have had repeated problems with the phone. When I'm on the line, and have another incoming call and push the flash button, then return to original call, it hangs up on call #1. It doesn't have as far a distance of coverage as our old telephone. The batteries don't last nearly as long as the paperwork says they will, and on inactive mode, runs down in 2 days instead of 11. Many times there is static on the line that we never experienced before. The changed placement of the buttons, causes accidental hang ups. Based on our experience with this product, we would never buy Panasonic again.

We feel the 15% restocking is unjust. We ordered a security system directly from Panasonic. The system would not work through the thick walls of the home. No warning was given that this may occur. The package will be returned exactly as received (even with a baby monitor included that we did not order or pay for). We are honest people who expect to be treated with the same respect we would show others. We feel this is extremely unfair. We understand we would pay the shipping for the return, but this is becoming an expensive purchase for something we cannot use. We hope this problem will receive attention and can be resolved. We hope to hear from Panasonic about this matter.

I bought product from store 2 months ago. Screen on 1 of my handsets stopped working. Called company to be told that I had to pay for shipping. I can't afford to ship item and feel it's unfair that I pay for shipping when unit is defective.

I am having trouble setting the number of rings to the Maximum # of seven for the Panasonic Phone system Models from KX-TGF372-375. When I go to panasonic e-mail address for an answer, they come back wanting $36.00 to answer my question. I paid good money to purchase their phones and now they want money to answer my question about their phone system. What a RIP-OFF!!! I now have a bad taste for All Panasonic products!!!

I called Panasonic customer help number and I was transferred twice, then advised to send the handsets to factory center in Texas. When I requested their phone number, I was informed there is no phone, and I could track my package via tracking number from UPS. I then asked the representative: "What is wrong with this picture - you are asking me to send four out of five handsets to a place that has no phone number. Is this something you would do?" I no longer have a receipt, and the phones are out of warranty. I then requested an estimate for repair and was told the factory center would send me or call me with an estimate for repair. I thought this totally unacceptable.

I bought a plasma TV after doing some research on it and even talking to every salesmen I could get a hold of. They all told me that plasma is the way to go. It is a great TV. Well, after just 2 years my TV has now given me the 7 flashes of death. I have called around to see about getting it fixed. The prices I am being quoted were 400-1000$. I can buy a new one at that price. I am being told that this was one of the worst things I could have bought and that the service men have seen this on a daily basis with Panasonic TV. I am highly upset and unsatisfied with this TV. I feel I was lied to by everyone I talked to. They just wanted a sale and make a joke out of me. I will never buy another TV from Panasonic.

Panasonic KX-TG4771B, Ser: 4LAXAo74321 - Equipment does not have a SAR assigned: Frequency 1.92 Ghz - 1.93 Ghz. Transmission power 115mW (max). FCC RF Exposure Warning: 20cm (8 inches) from user's body. Hand Set Base Station (does not come with a head set). ICD 9 CM E926.0 Over-exposure to microwave radiation: 10 MW2 International. FCC Title 47 C.F.R. Bulletin 65c.

I am bummed. I bought a DMR-EZ457v a month ago and it suddenly stopped working. I have an antenna and I bought this jewel to record over the air signals so I could record shows that come on after I am in bed. The American market for DVRs is cornered by the cable, phone and Dish people and service must be bought to use theirs. I called Panasonic because no one (and I mean no one) locally or any other place works on these machines. They asked me when did I buy it and where. I told them eBay and last month. I was told that since I got it on eBay it was covered under warranty and to send it to McAllen, Texas. I did and today I was informed that since it wasn't an authorized Panasonic dealer on eBay I purchased it from, it was going to cost me $255.00 plus tax to get it fixed. The Panasonic lady on the phone this time said she was sorry many times and asked what did I expect them to do? I wanted some kind of discount. I expected them to honor their word and fix this machine! That wasn't going to happen but they would send the broken one back to me for free if I wanted it! Geesh!

Panasonic KX-TG4744B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Talking Caller ID - I purchase this 4 phone with Base Set in Nov. 2013 and my family is very happy with this item! Some extras that it features are: If power goes out, you can still use the Base as a speakerphone for emergencies. The phones all have one common phone book built in. You can block callers also. When the phone rings, a voice will tell you the name on the caller id if it's someone in your phone book, if not then it says the phone number. Each phone has a speaker phone button. If you miss a call, the phone has a orange light at the top of each handset that flashes until you tend to it or check the message. The phone system has a built in Alarm Clock that will wake you up when needed. The phones features Call Waiting button & Redial button. You can adjust the handset volume on each phone. You can use the main base independently if so desired, it has all the same features as each handset and It is the main operating station for the Voice mail. This Panasonic phone system is also available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 phone hand sets. I paid approx. $90 for the 4 phone package. I highly recommend this system, Panasonic has paid attention to detail and customer requirements. Best Regards, In Texas.

This is a $400 rebate for purchasing a Panasonic AGAC130APJ. I first submitted my rebate on January 21, 2014, and sent an email to the company to make sure that the form was accepted. I got no reply, and found out weeks later that it had been denied. I resubmitted on February 5, 2014 and it was accepted. The fine print says that the rebate will be mailed within 8-10 weeks. I just called today, May 6, 2014, and they said it has not been mailed yet, and got no reason for the delay. I have complied to all the rules for this rebate, and it has been approved. They are just not mailing the debit card.

I received this phone system as a Christmas gift in 2012. On 12-26-2012, I called the Parts of Panasonic and ordered additional parts to include a Handset Model No. KX-TGA470 B at which time they informed me it would take a couple of weeks. I didn't receive it as scheduled so I called back and they gave me a new date of March 3, 2013. I waited until 3-13-2013 to call, at which time I was told it would be 5-10-2013 as the shipping date. I think they're in the process of mixing the plastic. It's a learning experience that we are passing around to our family and friends. If you're going to deal with Panasonic, forget it. Never again.

I have sent in the DMR-EZ48V Recorder to the Panasonic Exchange Center in McAllen, Texas to be repaired 3 times before the warranty expired and the problem is still not fixed properly. The first time I sent the unit in, they sent it back to me stating that there was nothing wrong with the unit. I sent it back to them with a Panasonic DVD RAM disc stuck inside the unit. This time, they claimed they repaired the unit after they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I spoke with Bonnie ** to make sure they send back the DVD disc that was lodged in in the unit. When Panasonic mailed the unit back from being repaired, the disc wasn't returned with the unit. So I sent the unit back telling them this time the audio and input 1 wasn't working and left Bonnie ** a notice inside the returned unit that I would like to give them two options if they were still unable to repair the unit correctly, that they agree to pay for a local service tech to repair the unit or reimburse me the purchasing amount of $324.74 in order to avoid further action taken. Do you think you can help me with this matter?

Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EZ485V - This is by far the worst item I have ever wasted my money on. I can't believe that Panasonic put out this crap of a product. First thing is the tuner. It is very poor and all recordings are of terrible quality, even with HDMI. Also the VCR is worse than my 30-year old betamax. The screen will not change from 16:9 to 4.3 at all. I find that a bad thing to have to deal with while using it on different televisions. My Samsung plasma HD Cornea TV has the best possible picture available and I don't want to waste my time trying to use this piece of junk anymore. It is now yard sale fodder.

I have a Panasonic DVD recorder, DMR-EZ28. It does not record scheduled recordings. This has 5 “weekly” scheduled recordings. (Total: 4 1/2 hours @ Extended Play). The unit skips roughly every other scheduled recordings and enters an error code: "You interrupted the recording", which I can’t do since I'm not even at home! And the code must be removed before the next week, or the unit will never record that exact scheduled recording again. About every 4th or 5th scheduled recording, the unit turns itself on and freezes. I come home later that evening or from vacation, and the unit is on but frozen. The remote won't work; you must hold the Power button down for 30 sec. to force a reboot. Sometimes I even have to hold down the Up + Down channel buttons for 30 sec. to force a "Factory Reboot" which wipes out all set-up and programming, to get the unit to power down.

I was on the phone with Panasonic for 6-8 months over this, and they eventually agreed if I paid to ship the unit to McAllen TX, they would send me a new unit, which I did. The second unit (dif. ser. #) is doing the exact same thing. It's going on 2 years now and I'm sick of "Panasonic". Is there a "Class Action Law Suit" or "Recall" or "Lemon Law" I can file for, to at least get part or all of my $250 back so I can go and buy a different DVDR that actually records scheduled recording from the new HD TV signal?

I have a set of 3 phones. It quit working as it did before in December 2010. Static online then no sound at all i.e. pressing keys down, dialing, etc. Roger had to do a test before I return it, which required removing batteries. I could not do that as I have only one working thumb. He insisted I had to do this test before return. I had the garbage man open it for me. It was embarrassing. I called back and got Roy who stated that I had to remove batteries from another phone and try them in a non-working one. I told him my previous experience and how this delayed the use of my phone.

He again insisted I had to remove the batteries. I told him I am a disabled senior without use of one thumb and didn't want to go through this again. Finally, he switched me over to the mailing address and did not give me a reference number. This phone is still under warranty and had the same first problem 4 months after purchase. I bought the phone on your recommendation. I must pay to return the phone. It cost $8 twice now. My blood pressure went up being told I must remove batteries as it was not accepted that I could not. I have not had use of one phone for over a month.

I have a Panasonic cordless telephone that I had purchased on eBay with a warranty that was to run out on 2/22/2011. I sent it in, as printed, on their manual to Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company through USPS with a dated postal service delivery confirmation receipt on 2/03/2011. On 2/22/2011, I received a call from Myla, in customer service, she said that the warranty had run out on 2/22/2011; the phone repair service was void, and that they do not accept paid receipts from eBay.

I told her I had purchased on eBay from a seller of this new phone along with the warranty. I had a receipt from the USPS stamped on 2/03/2011, and that I found it funny that she was calling me on 2/22/2011 the day the warranty expired. She just laughed and said there was nothing they were going to do under warranty, and that I would have to now pay for any repairs.

I told her I would contact Consumer Affairs. She said it did not matter, and there was nothing anyone could do to help me with this. I said we will see then, and I hung up. The next day I called back and I recorded the call with Myla to get her last name. She refused to give it to me, and I informed her I was recording the call. She said in that case, she would no longer speak with me and she hung up.

I ordered several things; from a camcorder ($300) through extra battery and a charger (not included!). You don't get a confirmation email or any follow-up emails about the order status. If you email customer service, you don't get an answer (I tried it multiple times). If you call them, be prepared to hang on for 2 hours and then they'll give you an answer that isn't correct at all. You can call again (if you have 2 hours spare time) but it's useless. They have no idea on what's going on with your order, they will just say something randomly generated I think.

Nobody will doubt on Panasonic's product quality. That is the reason I bought below model for my 2 HP air-con. Model: Panasonic CS-C18HKH SN : *****. There was some vibration noise from the compressor. We called the agent in Butterworth through the dealer. They sent a gentleman to check. Surprisingly, this gentleman concluded that it was due to the compressor/motor even without opening the casing. He arranged KL headquarter to send over the compressor. The installer (recommended by dealer) was doubting it was compressor/motor issue.

Anyhow, he just followed instruction to replace the compressor/motor. During the installation of the whole external unit (it was uninstalled and brought back by the installer for replacement of the compressor/motor) at my house, the vibration noise was even louder. The installer was very sure this was not compressor/motor issue now. He did some adjustment on the casing and the issue solved.

I purchased a Panasonic X100 mobile for Rs6000. Now, its battery is down. I searched it everywhere but didn't find it. It's creating a big problem for me. I am having all the products of Panasonic but due to this battery fault it's creating dissatisfaction for me in your products. How can I get the battery of this phone. If I don't get the battery, it's wastage for me of Rs6000.

Panasonic is claiming that the Blue-ray Disc Home Theater prior to 2010 does not support Netflix, due to a hardware difference. However, the truth is that its only a software update, which they do not want to provide, and are asking consumers to purchase new players. The generation I purchased is a 2009 model which includes Viera link, which advertises support for streamline applications. I already have Amazon Video, YouTube, Pandora, and Tageshau. Panasonic is falsely informing consumers that it can not support Netflix due to hardware, and not provide them with any options to upgrade their units, other than to buy new players.

I purchased a DVD Recorder DMZ-EZ28K on 7-25-2008 and it broke on 7-21-2009. I contacted Panasonic and was told to ship it to McAllen, Tx Service Center. Couple of weeks later, box shows up with a replacement DVD DMR-EZ485V, no phone call, no permission to exchange models was given by me. I tried to call service center but connected only to an automated phone system with no call back. So I have used this "replacement" DVD for a year and it does not produce a quality image as the old unit.

Bottom line, I am still not happy about the switch. My broken unit was still under warranty when sent in. It was a better quality recorder. The replacement unit was a model at least a year older than the unit I purchased. I still see the DMR-EZ28 selling for 250 while the exchanged unit is worth only $100 at best. This simply was not a fair trade and I was taken advantage of by Panasonic's unfair repair/replace tactics. I lost about 150 dollars in the trade.

I purchased my Blu-ray surround sound system on May 2009. On April 2010, the Blu-ray broke by displaying "does not read disk". I tried both DVD and CDs. Nothing worked. Less than one year, I can not believe that I have this problem. I paid over $700.00 relying on the brand name Panasonic. Today, June 9, 2010 the replaced "refurbished" Blu-ray does not turn on. I have been using the Blu-ray to work out since I am unemployed. My Denise Austin Pilates DVD is stuck in it. I purchased this with the reputation Panasonic used to carry.

The customer service in Philippines is horrible. There are delays and inaccuracies when I follow up. This is unacceptable. I want my money back. I could have bought a piece of ** brand and saved my money. Now, I am unemployed and ** that I spent one penny on this equipment. I do not want a "refurbished" replacement. I do not want to have to go through this again. This is why people direct their complaints to the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Reports. I want my DVD returned to me. Please investigate my claim and contact me Home theater system does not work with out the DVD player. It’s not turning on. It is a useless product.

I bought a Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-ES15 on the 17th March 2008 for $269. It was just into April 2010 when it wouldn’t accept any disc at all. All other parts seemed to be working. The store sent it off to their service repair (which I believe is in South Auckland). I did mention at the time I was not inclined to pay for any repairs amounting to $200 when the machine cost me $269!! I later had a phone call from their service repair shop informing me that it would cost $191 to repair and they mentioned something about a "ram" and I told them I was not going to pay that amount and they informed me that I had to pay $50 for an assessment fee.

I was angry and declined and told them they could do what they liked with the machine and felt they were overcharging. I’m not computer minded (being a pensioner) but when I got off the phone I thought that particular model did not have a ram and could not be fitted to a computer like the higher priced one so why did they mention a ram when all it wouldn’t do was accept a disc! I received a call from Dick Smith's today (Tuesday 15th June) to say the machine had arrived back at the shop and there was $50 to pay. I then told them exactly what I told the service people they could do what they liked with it I wasn’t paying that amount but on reflection why was it sent to a repair shop in South Auckland when we are in the West!? Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what my legal position is. Thanking you.

I have purchased several Panasonic products throughout the years and never had a problem with them until now. I purchased 3 cordless phones together with an answering machine. It cost $79.95 plus tax at Wal-Mart. The telephones would not hold a charge, and when I pushed on the speaker button, the call disconnected. I called Panasonic's customer service department, and I was informed that there were problems with that particular model telephone. She instructed me to unplug all of the telephones and plug them back in one at a time, fully charged, to find out if all the phones were defective or just one or two of them.

I still had the same problems after checking each one of the telephones. I called customer service back again to let them know the outcome and was told that I could mail the product back at my expense, since the 90-day warranty was up at the time. The person on the phone indicated I would receive a new product. I paid approximately $7.50 to ship it back in the original box with a copy of my receipt.

To my astonishment, I was sent a unit wrapped in what looked like a saran wrap, not in a new Panasonic box but in a cardboard box. When I called customer service back again to indicate that I did receive a new telephone answering machine system as I was told, they said that it is not their policy to send a new product when the original one is defective. Instead, they send a refurbished one. I was shocked! They would do nothing to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. Is it really legal to replace a defective product that someone paid full price for with a refurbished one? I will never buy another Panasonic product again.

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