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Recovery Centers of America (RCA) is the fastest growing addiction treatment provider in the U.S., making treatment for addiction and other mental health disorders as affordable and accessible as any other disease. With world-class clinical treatment in state-of-the-art facilities throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, every RCA patient is given the highest standard of care and evidence-based treatment with dignity and respect close to where they live and work.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Oct. 15, 2019

I live in Wilmington, Delaware and I was at a point where I really needed help. We found Recovery Centers of America online and we looked into their social media. They are convenient as their location was close by so my family could be in touch with me and come to see me on the weekend. When I got there, I was greeted at the door by one of the RSS people. I was in a rough shape and my only concern was procedures. I was clueless on what was gonna happen to me. They processed me and got me situated in my room along with RSS but then I received no information.

If it wasn't for one of the other patients, who I actually did become friends with, I wouldn't even have known where to go to eat dinner. She basically showed me around since none of the staff did that. That was a little troubling because if somebody didn't befriend me and showed me around, I wouldn't have known what to do. I brought that to human resources' attention and she was really great at it. She made an appointment with me right away, came to my room, and I told her my concerns. Communication was mainly the biggest problem. Maybe RSS didn't know what they were supposed to do versus the nursing staff. And of course, I'm in the middle, in the dark, not knowing what to do. In the end, they let me know that they understood my concerns and I was happy with that.

All the tools that I got from Recovery Centers, especially the Big Book, have equipped me to be successful on my post-treatment. I've been attending on all the encouragement that the group leaders gave and the importance of attending AA meetings when one gets out. I was lucky enough that I didn't need an outpatient recovery and they helped me. Along with the help of the therapist, Lisa, I had in there, Sarafina, who works there, was my liaison with the outside and she helped me find a therapist. She was really great, so it made my transition out easy. Also, Dana, who was in-charge of the medical part of my stay, was great in setting up so that I could get medication and then tracking with my doctor to make sure he was licensed for the insurance information. That went really well and I like Dana a lot. She also gave me the shot before I left. I was in Recovery Centers for the 30-day program and I was happy with it.

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Recovery Centers of America response

Thank you for taking the time to submit feedback – we take these issues very seriously and want to listen and make sure we’re improving wherever necessary in order to provide the best possible experience for both our patients and our team members. If you are willing, we would like to discuss the specifics with you. Could you please reach out to 833-RCA-ACTS or ? Please note you can choose to remain anonymous in any communication with our team. Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 10, 2019

Recovery Centers of America was one of the places that my insurance would cover. From day one, it was awesome. The people at the desk were super nice even though I had a little buzz on. I knew what I was getting into. Two weeks into it, I saw the girl from the front desk and she said that I was so sweet when I came in and that she was glad I am doing well. She remembered me and I asked her if I caused any trouble back then. She told that I was just great. So, that reinforced the fact that when I came in, it wasn’t like I was a sheep going through, but it was personal. The girl was there on Day 1 and she was talking to me on Day 14. It makes you feel like you count and you mean something to somebody. It was really, really cool.

It has absolutely been amazing in terms of what I learned there, and to take like skills of coping to the outside world. I've made many great connections with people there and I had an opportunity to learn so much about myself and about other people. I was a peer leader in there, and it really meant a lot to me to have other guys count on me. I’ve always played sports my whole life, and it reminded me that camaraderie of being in a team. Everyone has an up and down day, and you might get in arguments, and you might not agree on everything together, but you’re all in it together. It was really cool for me. It was just the kinda atmosphere that I thrive on.

The kitchen staff was amazingly awesome. The staff of counselors that I worked with and talked to on a day-to-day basis were fantastic. They got to know me and I never felt like a number or just a random name. I could have real life conversations with them, and not even about recovery. I never felt like they were belittling me. It was like you all know why you’re here, but at the same time, I felt like a regular person just getting help. I didn’t feel like I was in a rehab facility. Every one of the people I worked with were so cool. I felt so comfortable around them. It was great for me.

I’m out of the program now and I feel good and I’m healthy. I still talk to guys that are still in there or out of it. We keep in contact and we really made good friendships. It is really cool that you’re all on the same boat. I like that. We’re all here for a reason, and we all count on each other, and wanna help each other in the next level. I’ve learned a lot and I would welcome the opportunity to help anyone.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: April 18, 2019

The folks from Recovery Centers of America came and picked me up and it was nice. But with the traffic and the weather we had in February, the drive was a little rough. At the same time, the way you have to go from Frederick to Waldorf is not an easy commute, no matter what time of year. When I got to the recovery center, I was physically ill and throwing up. But the nurse for the in-process was good, although there was a ton of repetitive information. You had to in-process five different groups of people so some of the information was redundant. It gets a little old, especially when you're not in your sharpest mind.

Still, I had a good treatment. I got along great with everybody. I even ended up becoming the men's group president and that was cool. The staff was wonderful too, but there were a couple who were like former corrections officers. Two of them particularly had a mindset that you’re an inmate rather than a patient. That was because they got mixed people. I was there voluntarily but then some people were court-ordered. But regardless of that, we were there for treatment. Still, a couple of the RCA staff were a little heavy-handed. Other than those two though, everybody treated us with respect and as a patient.

The biggest negative about the whole thing was that I didn't realize that the opioid epidemic was so damn bad. My addiction was with alcohol but clearly, the majority of the people at the recovery center were there for opioid abuse and issues. That demographic was very young too, relative to the alcoholics. They're in the young and middle 20s and for about two weeks, it was tough because their addiction is not what alcohol addiction is. It was a mess. The older people were primarily there on their own accord. They wanted to change and anybody who wants change will make that decision and treatment. But a lot of the young people didn’t care. They hijacked people's treatments and were in and out of classes. They were so disruptive and disrespectful. It was almost as though some of those people had been in the criminal justice system. So maybe it wasn't the proper treatment facility to start with.

I know RCA can't do a separate facility but there might need to be separate classes. RCA has to decide where their sweet spot is gonna be. If it’s gonna be everybody, then it is what it is. But if they’re gonna be selective, they have to find their spot. If they’re gonna do opioid addiction, they can do better by having facilities and treatment classes that go to addiction.

I think the opioid problem is big enough that they can have a center that's just based on that and then have the proper staff. The addiction that persists around the opioids is a lot stronger and more destructive. There were people who were in detox for a week, whereas an alcoholic might go in there for three or four days. Not everybody from the RCA staff had been a heroin addict either. You could tell which instructors or guidance people had a background in it and then those who did not. There were some people who had real world experience and there were some people who had book smarts because they went to college and ended up as a counselor or therapist.

From the management standpoint, there was also a lot of what appeared to be the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. There were certain little things like whether something was scheduled or what they would do when the next person comes in. When I got there, the classes started right on time, 9am on the dot, in the first few weeks. But then they started less than five minutes and sometimes, 15 minutes. The treatment is very expensive care too. I was fortunate enough that my insurance company was gonna pay for everything. But it was basically $30,000. If you count the number of people in there, that’s a lot of money.

I mainly went to the one in Waldorf because it is physically closer than the one in Earleville, Maryland. The facility was about a year and a half old and it was a really nice facility. I'd give them credit for that. But if they don't make changes, they're gonna start having some fundamental problems and I would hate to recommend RCA to somebody then. Word is gonna get out like, "Don't come here. This place is a mess." But I'm assuming that the new CEO would make changes with their approach. I would speak very highly of RCA but I would also have people do their due diligence. If I was going into a program, I would ask what their mix is, who and what they treat, and what they specialize in.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Jan. 23, 2019

With my attitude towards my life, I didn't like to go to the Recovery Centers of America at first. But once I started to get to know the staff and they started to get to know me, I thought they were pretty good. The place sort of grew on me. The whole staff, like the people serving the food, were really cool. There were some days when you'd get different people and you wouldn’t like them as much as the other people just because the other people were so good. Some courses sort of went a little sideways, too, but it was never a big thing with me. I really took all the lessons even if the staff and I got in a little back and forth type of thing. I really liked it to be a type of lesson but it was more of working-on-myself type of thing. It was helping me working on myself.

I didn’t like learning, but I learned from being there that is a better way to use your time. They prepare you in there for when you get the urge to use. They get you equipped with tools. So far, I haven't used what I went in the center for. If you really need help, the center is a good spot to go. I saw a lot of people in there who were not feeling it but I was. Once it was my second week, it was hard because I was away from my family, but if I didn’t have those things to look back to, it would have been so hard for me. The center pushing the meetings on me was good as well. There was a lot of stuff to do that were cool. We got to go to the movies one time when we made all the meetings.

The only thing that could have gone differently was they could have let you look for a job in the meantime while you were there. They could help you get employed coming out. Overall, I like how the program went and it worked for me. There were little things to learn from and it was a good experience. But you kind of don’t know what to expect when you get out of being in a facility. You need some time as you can't just jump right back into a job. I just got a job today. This is my third week out.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Jan. 19, 2019

Recovery Centers of America was my first rehab. Everybody else was saying that the one in Devon was by far the best one, so I chose that one. When I first got there, I had a little anxiety. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know anyone that had been to a rehab to get an idea of how everything works. Everything was a new experience. But as far as my experience with RCA, I had a good time. Everything was good. The activities, art, music and all the things that you can do therapeutically, were able to help and I like that. The food was good and the beds were okay. The community was tight and the staff was wonderful. They understood our position as addicts. They weren’t aggressive but were nice. Especially in my first week, everybody was so welcoming, making sure I have everything that I needed.

On my first couple of days, they brought my meds to me because I wasn’t feeling too well. They also didn’t force me to go to meetings. They told me to just go whenever I'm ready. Once my first week went by, I got the flow of everything. Someone in the community helped me out when I didn’t know where to go. The therapists were very nurturing, making sure if I had any urges or thoughts, I was welcome to come to them and share and talk about those. They would also ask me everyday if I was okay or how was I feeling.

Recovery Centers of America definitely did a good job. Right now, I’m in RCA at Wilmington for IOP, and I chose to go to RCA. Anything that had to do with them, I was willing to do it. It’s the same system -- caring and nurturing people. They also understand that I am an addict and I need help. There was no judgment. I would definitely refer Recovery Centers of America. I’ve already done that for other individuals who are first timers. I told them that when I went to the RCA in Devon, it wasn’t like a jail facility. I got so comfortable there and for my last few days, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave yet. That’s how comfortable I got.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2019

Our 20 year old son entered the program here and for 30 Days was given unbelievable care and services. We were immensely impressed with the facility, the employees, therapist and everyone we came in contact with. Their professionalism and Dedication to their work was truly evident. Our Son is Home; We are all very Grateful for their care and the results.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Oct. 4, 2019

Everything was decent with my interactions with the staff at Recovery Centers of America. The organization needs to be a little better though. Their timing on their groups needs to be a little better. A lot of the therapists and instructors were late. They were behind on a lot of their scheduling as far as that goes, and they lost track of some people’s personal items and had medications mixed up. Other than that, everything’s fine.

Recovery Centers of America response

Thank you for taking the time to submit feedback. If you are willing, we would like to discuss any suggestions or concerns. RCA has established a toll-free number so that any party can raise concerns by dialing 833-RCA ACTS or emailing us at Please note you can choose to remain anonymous in any communication with our team. Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Oct. 3, 2019

Everything went great with Recovery Centers of America. I love it. I wish I couldn't have left. The staff was welcoming, supportive, and inspirational. I was in detox for two days, and I got moved to residential. About a week and a half after I got moved to residential, I became the president of residential. All the people I was with in rehab, we’re still in contact now. We got like a little group thing on Facebook. We keep interacting with each other just to make sure we’re all on the same page and we’re checking up on each other.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2019

I have friends who went to Recovery Centers of America. I went there, too, and everybody was very welcoming upon my arrival. Cassandra was my primary therapist. She and Peter, one of the other in-home therapists or counselors, were amazing help. There were also quite a few nurses who were very helpful. However, I checked into the place because it said on the website that they are a co-occurring unit. During my stay there, I only saw a psychiatrist twice. I’ve been in mental wards before and I was in Sheppard Pratt for a while where I met with my psychiatrist everyday. Still, I’m not on the right meds. It helped being in Recovery Centers of America for the 30 days, being secluded from everything, but things really haven’t changed since getting out.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2019

Going to the Recovery Centers of America was not something to get excited about but when I arrived there, the experience was fine. Their staffs were perfect. They did what they could do and everything was positive. So far, I’m doing good.

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Recovery Centers of America expert review by Erica Spiegelman

Recovery Centers of America offers in- and out-patient recovery therapy for people with heroin, opioid and alcohol addictions and those with mental illnesses. RCA also treats cocaine addiction. It has centers in Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  • Treatment focus: Recovery Centers of America focuses on heroin, opioid and alcohol addiction and mental illness. They also help families of people with addiction learn to cope and help the person they love.

  • In-patient services: Recovery Centers of America’s in-patient recovery programs include 24-hour nursing care, psychiatric and psychological services, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention and intervention, medication monitoring, discharge planning and help with re-entry into the community.

  • Out-patient services: If outpatient services are right for you or your loved one, RCA provides both intensive and general services including individual and group therapy, family and couples therapy, 12-Step recovery and meetings, and psychological and medical services.

  • Admissions: RCA will provide a free and confidential assessment to see if recovery services are right for you or your loved one. They also provide free insurance verification and door-to-door transportation in most cases.

  • Locations: There are six in-patient treatment centers: Danvers, MA; Westminster, MA; Earleville, MD; Waldorf, MD; Mays Landing, NJ; and Devon, PA. RCA also has out-patient options in Manahawkin, Voorhees and Mays Landing, NJ; Danvers, MA; Devon, PA; and Wilmington, DE.

  • Best for: young adults, adults, older adults, families and people who have relapsed with heroin, opioid or alcohol addictions.

Profile picture of Erica Spiegelman
Erica Spiegelman Drug and Alcohol Treatment Expert

Erica Spiegelman is an author, motivational speaker, and addiction and wellness specialist who works with individuals on personal growth and overall wellness. She’s a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC)-II from UCLA.

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