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I ended up in the emergency room 3 times during the time I was using this inhaler brand. The last time, I was actually admitted to the hospital. The night before, I was at the airport where I worked. I could barely breathe and I ended up calling the airport paramedics who gave me 2 nebulizer treatments. By the next morning, I was just as bad. I tried driving myself to the hospital but I couldn't make it. I pulled into a fire department parking lot that was on the way and ended up being taken to the hospital by medic unit. I now use ** and never have any problems.

I have asthma and get much worst when I use the inhalers as a rescue inhaler. Today my doctor told me I was reacting to the preservative, which are **. This preservatives can cause restrictions, creating breathing problems. I do not use them anymore.

Picked up a refill inhaler yesterday. My pharmacy apparently has switched from ProAir to Ventolin. I found it really awkward to use, the cap cannot be completely removed (presumably so people won't lose it?); already awkward to hold with the cap dangling under hand. I found it needs a much firmer push than any inhaler I have used before. I got the idea to remove the inhaler- exactly as one normally would do to routinely clean the dispenser- and try using the new inhaler with the old ProAir dispenser. No go - the counter mechanism is permanently attached to the medicine canister (patent issue?).

Still needing my dose, I reinserted the canister into the dispenser, taking care to position it so that the attached counter was properly positioned. Halfway into the dispenser the canister got stuck. I cannot pull it back out, I cannot get it the rest of the way in, I cannot even get it to dispense. The entire device is just stuck. Now I need to get through the night without it or go to the emergency room to get a new one.

We are having exceptionally hot weather for this area, and it's entirely possible that this issue is due to heat - even if that is the case, it would extremely poor design to manufacture an inhaler so sensitive to heat that the canister cannot be removed and reinserted in warm weather. I would try sticking it in the refrigerator for a little bit, but inhaling cold air is one of my asthma triggers.

Prescription costs $40.00, 8 out of 10 times the inhaler gets clogged. Currently have 2 - one clogged after 42 inhalations, the other after 80. No amount of rinsing or cleaning or boiling in water alleviates the problem. So, I have $80.00 worth of medicine that I NEED, that I can't take.

Since CFC inhalers disappeared and the HFA type were introduced, my asthma symptoms have been so much worse that I needed to get on corticosteroid maintenance. HFA inhalers cause irritation to my lungs and I know I'm not the only one who noticed this! Proair is the worst! I recently had my pharmacy switch me to Proair and the stuff is literally making my asthma worse. I can take enough that I'm jittery and I'm wheezing worse for it!!! Terrible product and it also clogs frequently, so obviously not enough research and development went into this thing. I would not at all be surprised if this inhaler and its manufacturer are responsible for deaths of asthmatics who switched to using it.

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It worsen the symptoms about 2-3 hours. After inhaling one puff, I start feeling chest and muscle tightness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, swelling of throat, allergy alike watery eyes and running nose. This product is possibly most toxic inhaler I have ever try.

I'm really not familiar with these inhalers but I'm using one now for bronchitis. Just my third day but I can breathe better after 2 wks of this. Either I was getting better on my own or the inhaler or antibiotics are helping. I sympathize with all you guys that have breathing problems. And yes, big pharma does not care if we breathe or not! Lining pockets is what they care about. Plus the air quality from daily spraying will soon have everyone sick, which is the agenda. But so far I can breathe. If I had asthma, I'd be having the air tested inside my home, to see if maybe I was breathing dangerous chemicals.

I'm running around huffing and puffing, sucking on the end of this inhaler thinking I must be getting sick because I can't breathe and I noticed this morning, my inhaler had no meds in it… even though the number of puffs left was 30. This isn't the first time that has happened.

I have been using ProAir for a year because it is the only rescue inhaler my insurance will pay for. The insurance company has now switched to another rescue inhaler. One canister was empty when I picked it up from the pharmacy. Another problem is when it hits the back of my throat, it causes me to cough. The last problem I had was it was helping too much. I was using it every 1-2 hrs. The strange though was when I finished 1 canister and refilled the script the new canister worked fine. Not a safe product for me.

I have had Chronic Severe Asthma since I was 7 years old born in 1979. My triggers are dogs, cats, smoke and lack of fresh air indoor, air pollution. I used to go through 2 Ventolin type inhalers a month for years as a teenager. Was great when the white generic albuterol came out and you could get them for $16-$18 at Walmart. If I was not taking albuterol I was on Advair at $375.00 a piece and a crooked asthma doctor wanted me on 2 per month. It's funny the Advair disk have exactly 28 hits each like big pharma is counting their profit of each hit, anyway doc told me 1 hit every 12 hours. I could not afford 2 per month so I took only 1 hit a day and it worked, but when I ran out It was labored breathing. It was like a clock I needed to take the Advair every day at the exact same time or I would have trouble breathing many times.

I could not get Advair and went back to albuterol because price ECT. Finally I had enough when I could not get the generic anymore and now Ventolin FHA and Proair FHA were $50-60 a pop. I suffered for 2 straight weeks having trouble breathing but refused to take any type of inhalers. Been 3 years now drug-free and I truly believe they put something in Advair and albuterol to get you physically addicted or maybe the drugs are physically addictive. The Last straw was the new FHA scam and how big pharma Glaxo Smith Cline ECT received new patents on FHA and quadrupled the old price and generics were not available.

Sure it's good to have one around for emergency, but I believe the human body can function without it. My lungs work way better being off the drugs. Anyway good luck to fellow asthma suffers and by the way if you're ever south of the border Panama or Colombia ECT you can still buy the old non-FHA inhalers for $5-$7 in any drugstore, no prescription needed. I used to buy about a dozen back in the day and fly back with them. Drug prices in the USA are IMMORAL and drug companies want you on their drugs for life.

I am a Respiratory therapist and I have asthma that is well controlled. My trigger is bronchitis, so when I get sick, which is usually every winter, I use my rescue inhaler PRN. I refuse to have any of my doctors give me a script for Proair, nor do I accept the pharmacy trying to pawn this product off on me. I will only accept Proventil or Albuterol HFA. In my time of need Proair simply does not work. What good is a rescue inhaler if it doesn't rescue you from restricted airways? I tell my family not to use this product as well as informing my doctors.

Tip, it's actually the ethanol that is hurting your lungs and heart. Ventolin HFA does not have ethanol. It costs $63 now, and I pay it. I can barely afford to eat, and the other inhalers like PROAIR HFA are covered for free. But, alas, what's the point of taking a medicine that doesn't work and that will probably kill me too? No, I can't afford to eat now, but at least I can breathe. TAKE THE FREAKING ETHANOL OUT OF THESE INHALERS! (Good Lord, what kind of world do we live in where they don't even care that they are killing asthmatic children by the hundreds?)

I rarely ever use a inhaler unless I'm sick but one day this past summer I wasn't breathing well to the point where I decided I will use my inhaler. After taking the Proair I had no relief at all and it made me extremely jittery and my heart race. That usually happens for me with albuterol but it was worse than usual, and on top of the fact that my breathing wasn't improving I started to get nervous which made the breathing worse. I thought I was maybe crazy for thinking the inhaler didn't work for me but the other day I went to my doctor and even she said Proair is not good.

After finding this website, I'm very relieved to know I'm not the only one who has experienced this but at the same time very upset because there are people who have worse asthma than me and get attacks and if I were in a situation like that and this inhaler didn't work I would panic. I hope they stop giving these out or somehow improve them. It's extremely dangerous.

This inhaler is garbage. It's 3 AM and I have taken about 6 puffs because it provides no relief. The one prior to this got stuck after about 10 uses and I rinsed it out - still didn't work, I couldn't get another one because the insurance only covers 1 per month I believe. This is a health concern for me, the pharmacist rinsed it out in hot water for like 5 min and still didn't get it to work. I've never had issues until this new one came out. I have to use this in the middle of the night but after the usage it doesn't clear my airways at all, I wind up getting up to use my nebulizer machine and I feel I shouldn't! This is a very expensive product for it to not work, not to mention that it's an emergency product that should be used to prevent an asthma death. It's garbage and something should be done. Either lower the price and allow for us to get multiple ones or bring the old one back.

Pro-Air and ANY of the new propellant type of inhalers are an example of how sick and corrupted our government is and how much OUR government listens to greedy pharma companies. Does ANYONE who has asthma really prefer the resulting effects from these new inhalers as opposed to the old? I'm guessing not, and I'm positive after 30 years of problems myself I sure do not. They are horrible. How can we the people not have a voice and be able to choose what we want to use, all because of some Montreal Protocol??? So because the inhalers that worked the best contain CFC's the companies who manufacture the product decided to discontinue the production of them to abide to this protocol? Did I mention that the companies producing the medicine would generate an additional 1.2 billion dollars in revenue in America alone!

So here we are, we had a great product that worked great. Oh yeah, did I mention this is a medicine for breathing, one of the most simple yet necessary processes for human life to exist. I digress, so this functioning medicine is replaced with an excuse for a product which doesn't do 1/10 of what it should. How does this make any sense? This logic would be like taking fish out of water because their water is polluted. That will keep the fish healthy! Ok, not that bad, but certainly not that far off. I hope the people who enacted this, one day find themselves feeling like they are breathing through a coffee stirrer without the proper propellant to deliver the medicine to their lungs.

Scientists and doctors can tell me all day it's the same medicine, but it's not through the action of not performing the same. The propellant does not get the medicine to the areas of the lungs needed, and that renders the medicine different and inefficient. I can attest to this. I have not had a good breath of air since 2008. Thank you Montreal Protocol, you have ruined my breathing.

I have been using inhalers for about 10 years. I was on Ventolin for years, right up until about 3 years ago. When my insurance company decided that they wouldn't pay for it, so I got switched to Pro Air. I have been very unhappy with it since I started. It doesn't help, and I find myself trying to use it more than I should, because I am getting no relief. I have to use it as a rescue inhaler, and does not work fast. Also have had the same problem as a number of people on this site. It starts off with 200 but I am lucky if I get 50 out of it. I took the whole inhaler the first time it happened to my Pharmacy, told him what happened, that I pushed it down and nothing was coming out. In front of everyone he proceeded to say it was the way I was doing it, that it was something that I was doing wrong.

Well this has been going on except for maybe a handful of times, every month. I never use the full cylinder. Which I can't afford, my co pays are very high. I have tried even switching it to another holder. Nothing! I called my Dr today and told him I will pay out of pocket. Want my old one back!!! I now see after reading all these complaints that it wasn't me. And shame on the Pharmacist for making me feel like an idiot!!!

The last four inhalers I received worked for only 50 puffs, not the 200 puffs that were supposed to be there. I asked for another inhaler from my doctor only to find this is the ONLY product that my insurance company will cover. I called the company that makes this and explained how they were not working correctly. They insisted it was my fault for not taking the unit apart and cleaning it on a weekly basis.

I told them that was crazy, I never had to do that with an inhaler before. I also told them I have heard others complain about their product and they did not seem at all concerned. I don't have severe asthma attacks, but if I did I do not see how I would be able to take apart and clean the unit while gasping for breath. This is a danger to those who have bad attacks and a ripoff for everyone who buys it. I have contacted the FDA in hopes that they will remove this dangerous product from the market.

After being sober for a year, my life saving generic Albuterol inhaler was changed to ProAir HFA. It tasted just like vodka. Well guess what happened? Didn't take long before I was back on the booze. It is a daily fight to not drink. The latest insult is my ProAir inhaler now tastes like vodka and cheap incense and gives me a severe headache. I would think it may have been produced in India but canister says Ireland. Sad that those of us with lung diseases (I have asthma/COPD emphysema) will have to struggle for breath until the day we die because of some bs about fluorocarbons destroying the ozone layer. Ozone layer is damaged due to numerous puncture wounds from aerospace technology.

I have had over 20 of these inhaler. This one has a rosy taste and smell. It does not relive my symptoms after the first two puffs. I been using this inhaler for years. As a matter of fact I called the doctor to get more mess because it is getting worse.

Our 3rd son has Reactive Airway Disease, which in his case is an asthma-like response to respiratory viruses. We have always used albuterol with a nebulizer and it has generally seemed to help, but this past year one doctor prescribed an inhaler plus a mask. It seemed much more convenient, and worked for awhile, but we certainly haven't used the 200 doses it claims to provide. We usually only have to use it for a few days before he's better, and have only used it for two or three colds since we got it, so maybe 100 puffs max have been used (and it should be less than this, because we alternate use with the nebulizer).

When I got out the inhaler this time, it read in the 80's in terms of doses left. Then after using it for 4 puffs (2 puffs each, 4 hours apart) it said that it had run out. I found complaints on this forum and now shocked and upset about the problems this inhaler has and plan on complaining to the company. My husband is an attorney and if he weren't working full-time I would ask him to consider looking into this as it seems deeply wrong that a life-saving medicine is not a) working as prescribed and b) giving very low or inaccurate doses for what it claims.

I was on a Delta flight to ATL from MSP. The plane pushed away from the gate, delayed due to frozen components in the aircraft. Jet fuel power burner blowers were trained into an opening in the bottom of the plane for over 30 minutes. The exhaust fumes entering the cabin smoked up the air so badly that we couldn't see halfway to the front of the plane. This eventually triggered the worst asthma attack of my life. I calmly used my HFA based rescue inhaler and gave it time to work. Then later repeatedly with no relief of symptoms, I told the flight attendant that I thought I was having a medical emergency.

She said to just hang on that it would be over soon. Finally other concerned passengers who were fearful both for me and themselves standing, clogging the I isle way, offered to help. It was then that I remembered that I might have a 6 year old expired CFC inhaler in my computer bag in the overhead storage several seats up. Once it was retrieved for me I used it 3 puffs and I had relief within a minute or so. I am glad to be alive. I documented this event with Delta and they apologized and sent me an S75 gift certificate from Amazon.

I've been using Proair inhaler for about a week now. It has taken about 6 or 7 puffs to get it working for me also. I thought that my asthma was getting much worse. Proair has taking a good couple of hours for me to feel "almost" normal. I still have some tightness in my chest but I am able to breathe. I had a different brand previously and didn't have these issues. Glad I decided to check up on things. I'm going to find out about getting my old brand back.

ProAir does not provide relief of asthma attack. It does not open up airways. Only Proventil works within minutes. BCBS makes doctors prescribe ProAir HFA instead of allowing them to prescribe PROVENTIL. ProAir inhaler does not relieve constricted airways. Puts asthma sufferers in a dangerous situation.

I have used this brand for several years. Most of the time they are fine, but the most recent two that I have gotten have been repeatedly clogging after a few uses. This causes no medicine to be dispensed. If you rinse the plastic part out with hot water, it will unclog for a bit. Because this is a rescue inhaler, do you see how it could be a problem if it doesn't dispense medicine? I do not know if there has been a design change, but this needs to be addressed. I do not have much confidence in this product right now, and it could literally be a matter of life or death.

I try to not use the inhaler much as possible. Yet when I do need it, it runs out for no reason. IT LEAKS. I'm talking about the yellow plastic dispenser.

I've had asthma since I was born and I've been using ventolin inhalers ever since I can remember and these proair inhalers actually make my asthma attack worse unless I take 5 to 7 puffs. I won't buy them anymore. I had to go through my insurance and get approval to continue using my regular ventolin inhalers. Luckily I have a ppo plan so they didn't give me trouble. Just a lil' aggravating to have to call and wait for override. I hope everyone will do the same and get rid of proair for good.

The Proair HFA inhaler I picked up today had 54 doses left of 200 doses according to the reading on the actuator. I also did a floating test and the canister floated instead of sinking if it had been full. Is this the norm or just a fluke?

I don't need the inhaler very often and about 3 years ago when I had to use it, it didn't seem to work at all. It was not clogged, it just didn't work. I used an expired CFC inhaler during the next attack I had and it worked immediately. I complained to my doctor who said that the new propellant was a very fine product that worked (end of conversation).

This time (2015) I was having a very bad attack and used a brand new Proair and it did not work. It was primed and blowing a nice big cloud of mist. I was jittery, and headachey, but I still could not breath after 15-30 minutes. It was almost 45 to an hour before I started getting relief. It seems that the propellant actually makes the attack worse. I'm getting plenty of medicine, but the irritation from the alcohol or HFA does not allow the medicine to work.

I once again complained to the doctor who said, "no one else had complained". The asthma coordinator for the HMO I belong to just kept saying that the "studies show it works" and that it's for the benefit of the environment. This is very disturbing as I have talked to a friend who also has asthma and she says she has had to take 5-6 puffs and had it not work for her. Now she has a nebulizer that she uses. Please post if you are having problems because as soon as I can get enough references to back me up, I will write the FDA and everyone else I can think of. But I need some back up because they aren't going to listen unless there is a lot of us.

Bronchitis diagnosis in ER prescribed ProAir HFA. Hot showers provide much better relief than this inhaler. After 5-6 doses, a metal piece fell out of the inside causing canister to detach from plastic housing. Searched and searched for maker's contact information to no avail. $45 is a considerable unplanned expense for this senior widow on fixed, limited income. Are healthcare professionals responsible for staying informed about integrity and effectiveness of medications prescribed for patients paying for and relying upon their medical expertise?

My doctor and insurance keep pushing these HFA Inhalers on me for my Asthma. They don't work. They usually make me far worse, especially the next day, my lungs are much worse. They give off a horrible taste where I feel like I'm coughing up paint fumes for days after I've tried using the inhaler. The product doesn't even feel like it reaches my lungs. I get shaky on it, headaches, dizziness. And it doesn't help my Asthma. If it wasn't for my nebulizer, I'd probably be dead from trying to use useless, ineffective HFA Inhalers. And, I'm allergic to ethanol which doesn't belong around asthmatics. These need to be taken off the market. We need something that is safe and works.

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