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Earlens produces light-driven hearing aids rather than acoustic-boosting devices. This new technology uses light in order to make your eardrum vibrate, which your ear perceives as sound. Earlens hearing aids are tailored to your ear canal and compatible with Apple technology. For this type of hearing device, the user must see an ENT to determine whether or not they’re a good fit.

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    • Customized for your ear canal
    • Fuller sound spectrum
    • Rechargeable processor


    • Requires ENT for implant and removal
    • Compatible only with Apple tech

    Bottom Line

    Earlens hearing aids use light-driven technology to improve hearing loss. Rather than amplifying sound, these devices make the eardrum vibrate. This is intended to give you a fuller sound spectrum.

    What is Earlens?

    Earlens is a privately held medical tech company. Its goal is to help people who are dealing with hearing loss. The company achieves this by using updated hearing aid technology — these hearing aids work with your natural aural system by vibrating the eardrum, ideally giving you a fuller spectrum of sound.

    Unlike most hearing aid models, Earlens does not use amplification to help users. Instead, it uses a more recent technique known as light-driven technology. This tech is intended to improve word recognition and sound quality.

    How do Earlens hearing aids work?

    With Earlens, you need to be evaluated to ensure you’re a good candidate for its hearing aids. Once the company determines its hearing aid meet your needs, you’ll meet with an otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), who cleans your ear and takes an impression of your ear canal and eardrum.

    The doctor’s office sends this impression to Earlens so the company can create a 3D model from it. The team then uses this model to customize the “Light Tip” and lens for your hearing aid. About two weeks after the initial impression, your ENT can insert your custom lens.

    Earlens hearing aids work using light instead of an acoustic receiver. The Light Tip creates a small infrared laser that pulses, transmitting information to the lens; the lens makes contact with your eardrum, which causes it to vibrate. This motion is perceived as sound.

    How much does Earlens cost?

    With Earlens, the provider decides the cost. Your hearing aid cost likely will include:

    • The initial consultation
    • Impressions
    • Lens placement
    • Fittings
    • Adjustments with an audiologist

    Earlens also offers a trial period and a three-year warranty covering manufacturer defects and free software upgrades. It includes one-time replacement coverage for loss or damage.

    Earlens FAQ

    What kind of accessories come with Earlens hearing aids?
    The Earlens website doesn’t make clear exactly what comes with your hearing aids. The lens portion of the hearing aid is installed by a professional. Users then get a behind-the-ear processor, plus a charger and adapter to recharge it.
    How do I clean my Earlens hearing aids?
    Earlens provides mineral oil and instructions on how to use it properly. This helps prevent earwax buildup in the ear canal. You can use baby wipes, isopropyl alcohol-based wipes or a soft cloth to clean the ear tip for the behind-the-ear processor.
    Does Earlens offer a trial period for hearing aids?
    There is a trial period, but Earlens doesn’t clarify the length on its website. Instead, it recommends that you discuss your trial with your provider.
    What types of hearing aids does Earlens offer?
    Earlens offers light-driven hearing aids. Rather than amplifying sound (as with most hearing aids), Earlens directly vibrates the eardrum.

    Do we recommend Earlens hearing aids?

    Earlens hearing aids are a good choice if they fit your needs. Not everyone will be a candidate for this type of hearing aid, though; an ENT can assess you to determine whether Earlens hearing aids are right for you. This light-driven technology is intended to help with word recognition and overall sound quality. Note that there is no set cost for Earlens — retailers can set their own price for this new technology.

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