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I paid approximately $1700 for the Perfect Sleeper Elite III mattress. Will never make that mistake again. I became interested in the mattress after sleeping on one in a hotel. I liked that mattress and assumed that if I purchased one it would be identical, it was not. I like a firm mattress, and the one I received was firm... for a week. After that it showed impressions where I slept and was no longer firm but soft. Exactly what I did not want. I called to complain, they sent someone out to look at the mattress then sent me a letter later that basically said they couldn't find any manufacturing defects so case closed. So I am stuck with it. I will probably move it to the guest room and get another mattress... but it will never be a Serta again.

Bought a King Serta iComfort mattress last year in the absence of my husband who was still working and living in NY when I moved to TN. I lay on several mattresses for a good while till the salesman swore by the Serta iComfort after I mentioned my husband's back problems. It seemed comfortable in the store and now that I read other reviews it makes sense but the mattress did not feel as firm in the store as it does now. I mean it is painfully firm, because now after a year I have back problems and hip pain from the pressure of the mattress. My husband hates it so much he would gladly throw this overpriced mattress to the curb. I was also told to jump on it by the salesman which I have done. I tried pleading with Serta to let me return the mattress for a softer one even if they prorated it, they simply brushed me off saying "We are sorry you feel this way, and sorry but you are stuck with your purchase".

I previously owned a $500.00 memory foam mattress that was way more comfortable than this thing. Needless to say we are not happy with the mattress and due to the swift and canned response by Serta this will be the last mattress that I bought from them. I am currently searching for a good mattress topper to see if that will help. If not we'll bite the bullet and throw it out.

Do NOT fall for the 30 day in home trial. We did, and now they are charging us over $500 dollars. Apparently it was in our confirmation e-mail that they charge 15% of the mattress price, as well as delivery fee, if we do not like the mattress after the 30 days. No problem paying the delivery fees, however the 15% charge when it was a 30 day in home trial is a joke. Mattress was not comfortable, hurt my back, felt every movement my husband made in the bed. Serta just lost our business forever. We had intended on buying a Tempur-Pedic mattress from them (more expensive) but they just lost out on that sale. Will be buying our mattress elsewhere. We will definitely be sharing our experience with them to our friends and family. So disappointed.

We have owned this queen size mattress for 7 months. Sags where we sleep making it very uncomfortable. The center between us is uncompressed, making a slanted feeling. I am 175 lbs. Quite disappointed considering the price paid and their claim of years of good comfort. I haven't looked into warranty/exchange yet.

After purchasing an iComfort mattress, it failed within two years. The mattress was tested for a 'fail factor' (my term) but it was within their specs so we were denied an exchange. I had them test it 6 months later and it was still within their specs so we were denied again. When I sleep on any other mattress, as on vacation, my back is markedly better. Now I wake up every single day in pain. I see a chiropractor, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist just to maintain (and that is on top of doing daily exercises to keep my back strong). $2600 down the drain. I will never, ever consider a Serta again. Thanks for nothing Serta.

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We bought a Serta Latex Mattress back in 2000. It was getting time to replace it so I started looking as it is almost 17 years old and it is starting to sag. My husband wanted the exact same mattress. Well they discontinued it and only make the Latex Mattress in Salt Lake City, Utah. So I called the Serta Manufacturer in Salt Lake. Had them look up the specs on my old mattress. They said they now sell a latex that is only a 1/2 inch difference from my old mattress but it is not a pillow top. It is a euro top but you should not be able to tell much difference. They said I would have to purchase through a local store and gave me the store information Bradley's Furniture in Salt Lake City. I called them and asked a lot of questions about the mattress over the next couple of days. I was told that the owner had this same mattress and loved it, the owner's son said he had this mattress and loved it, so forth.

The mattress had to be shipped to me by freight which I paid for. The mattress cost $1899 plus shipping and then they charged me a finance charge for using the finance company that has zero percent interest for 12 months. The mattress arrives and we get it on our bed. It is nothing like our old mattress, we tried to sleep on it. Both of us were miserable so I contacted the store and told them the mattress was terrible and there was a problem with it because it slopes down on all sides, you can't sit on the side of the bed or lay on the side of the bed because the sides collapse all the way down and you roll off. The middle was hard as a rock, I was told to take it off my bed and jump all over it. WHAT? I never had to do this for comfort on my other mattress. My body hurt so bad from that first night I could hardly stand it. So we tried the second night - there was no way so we went and got our old mattress and put it back on our bed.

I ordered a 4 inch pillow top hoping that would help. We put it on and still no relief and if you got to the edge you would fall out of the bed onto the floor. I took pictures of the mattress and sent it to the furniture store again, they said they would contact Serta. I heard nothing for 4 days. Finally I called Serta CS in Salt Lake City, I sent them the photos directly. They told me there was nothing wrong with the mattress and that I should not sleep so close to the edge or sit on the edge of the bed. I said "WHAT? How am I suppose to get into or out of the bed as it collapses completely down and you roll off onto the floor?" She said we needed to sleep in the middle of the mattress, I said that did not help and the mattress is terrible. I only weigh a little over a hundred pounds and my husband weighs 225. He can grab the whole side of the mattress when he sits on it.

She told me "Well don't sit on the side of the mattress then, and that is just too bad because we are not covering anything on this mattress." I contacted the store back, they told me I had to pay to ship it back and there would be a restocking fee of 20% and it had to be back to them in 30 days or else. I called the finance company and they said the furniture store was not suppose to charge a finance fee and they are suppose to get the mattress themselves and not charge me for return shipping and you are not responsible for getting it back to them under their 30 day return policy.

So basically I am out about $1000 because of all the fees for shipping $300, finance fee almost $100 and restocking fee of $380 and they are trying to make me pay to send it back to them which is another $300 and I don't have nothing to show for it. I was totally lied to about this mattress being the same as my other mattress. I will tell everyone I know not to buy a Serta Mattress because they are a piece of junk and they do not stand by their products at all. I have never seen a mattress like this. It is worse than a mattress at a cheap hotel and they ripped me off for a lot of money at this point. Serta is a joke and does not stand behind their products!

Hello, I purchased a Serta Perfect Sleeper Glitz Euro Top Cal King Mattress Set in December 2015. In less than 7 months my bed collapsed on one side. I have a 10 Year Warranty but Serta is refusing to replace the defective mattress. It must be a problem with their product because there's several complaints with other customers who are experiencing the same issue. I spent $1000 and want to have my warranty honored and receive a replaced mattress asap. That's not much to ask for because I paid to make sure I get comfort from a reliable company. QVC does not want the responsibility and has passed it back to Serta. It's been over a month and still no response from honoring my warranty. I want to resolve this issue because the mattress is causing aches and pains. Think twice before getting a mattress from Serta.

Bought this bed in April of 2013, it was ok for about 6 month. Now it sags so much it's almost impossible to sleep on, and getting out of it is even harder. We paid over $2000 for this bed and figured it would last a good 10 -15 years not the 3 1/2 we have had it. It has been bad for almost three years and is getting worse. I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. Can't really afford a new mattress, and I am not happy with Serta. My wife has Lupus and the bed is making her condition worse. Owning this bed has been a nightmare instead of sweet dreams.

My wife and I bought this product in early 2014. At first (first two weeks) it was nice. We had never owned a new mattress before. Due to being young, newly married, and having a small child we never had the money for a new one so, when we finally got to where we could we bought one. We shopped for about 3 days testing out different ones from different places and found this one. Like I said it was great AT FIRST. Two weeks after bringing it home I woke up with the worst backache I at 24 had ever experienced in my life with exception given to slipped discs in high school. The next day same thing and my wife was the same. This went on for about a week until we decided it was the bed.

We ended up spending over a hundred and fifty dollars just three weeks after buy this thing for a 6 inch memory foam bed pad. Fast forward to today and the memory foam is flattening out and I am waking up multiple times during the night and getting very little sleep and so is my wife. LONG STORY SHORT: This mattress was the worst investment we ever made and will soon be replaced with something a lot more reliable.

We were pleased at first but started having problems after about a month. Mattress started to sag on both sides where we sleep. It was like sleeping in a hole. We contacted Mattress Firm who advised us we were still under warranty. It took well over a month to get an inspector to our home. Turns out, it wasn't the mattress, it was the box springs. They were destroyed. We turned them so the outsides now faced inside so we could sleep again. Our claim was denied because our roof leaked onto the mattress. We just need new boxes. Who cares if there's a stain on the mattress? Never again.

I bought the 3" Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress topper from Kohl's a month ago and I've been losing sleep ever since. It's like sleeping on lava. I'm heading into menopause and really needed the cooling ability. Maybe this gel topper will help me stay warm in the winter. Hope I can make it until then...

We had our Serta mattress for only six months when it started sagging on both sleep sides. It's now been two years with the same mattress and my husband and I cannot even roll over. We call it our cocoons! Aches, pains, discomfort! I think I slept maybe two hours last night!!! Dreading the thought of even trying to get some sort of refund, I bit the bullet and made the call. Serta told me that because it's under five years and I purchased it from Menards, Menards will help us out. Sure enough, Menards guided me on what to do.

They advised me to cut both tags and mattress fabric surrounding the Serta label and return both original tags with receipt to customer service for a full refund! Yay! Go MENARDS! We don't even have to return the darn heavy mattress!!! Guess we're shopping for a new mattress tonight! Hoping we could find a regular, no foam, no pillow top mattress like the old fashioned kind! We have a regular firm spring mattress in our spare room that I sleep on like a baby! It has to be 20+ years old!!!! That's what I want! A Regular Non-Foam, Non-Pillow top mattress! Wish me luck!!!

Bought Serta foundation and mattress. 4 yrs foundation cracked and broke, breaking all but one board. When we looked inside, all the boards were cracked due to staples holding support to the wood. Paid to get new foundation under warranty. We upgraded to higher quality. 3 wks later new foundation broke in same way. The breaks are due to bad wood and big knots in wood. Defective products,. They wanted us to pay again to trade new foundation. I will never recommend a Serta product. Why do that? If they use bad products, the next one will be bad too.

We bought a Serta harmonizer mattress one year ago this month. We started seeing the sagging in about 4 mo, it only got worse as the months went. Now we can hardly sleep in it, our backs hurt all the time. We bought it from QVC, and I thought it would be ok. We already had a Serta we have had for 18 yrs, and just now replacing it. I now know it isn't QVC's fault but Serta's. I had to check mine myself because Serta had no one to check it and it cost me 35.00 dollars, and they still denied my claim. Serta is a bad name in mattress. Do not buy.

In September of 2013 I purchased a queen size Icomfort memory foam mattress. I tried the one in the store and loved it. I asked about indentations if I slept in the same spot and support as I have back problems. After 22 months of use I started noticing there was no memory to the foam! I also noticed that there was a indentation where I slept. I could push on the mattress and it bounced back like plain old foam. I called the store and they passed me to the Serta rep in their store. I was told that the only thing they could do is send a Serta rep out to see if the indentation remain for as long as 10 minutes at a depth of 1.5 inches or more. They said it was all just an interpretation of the rep. It was the only thing they would look for. I made the purchase of a waterproof cover. This was a requirement to keep the warranty valid.

It has now been 2 years and 9 months and it just keeps getting worse. I will have to purchase a new mattress, but rest assured it will not be a Serta memory foam! My daughter has a memory foam topper she purchased 2 years prior to my expensive mattress and her topper still acts like my mattress did the first year of

use and it was less than 200.00! Grand does not stand behind the product and neither does the manufacturer.

Well we bought a Serta mattress 3 years ago with a 25 year warranty. The bed is sagging badly but not enough with Serta's unrealistic sag test so they will not replace it. I am a laborer by trade and my back feels good all day. When I go to sleep I feel like I am laying in a ravine and it is hard to get out of bed. When I do wake up my back hurts so bad - I can barely make it to the bathroom. And after suffering for a couple hours my back starts to get back to normal. Paid almost $3000 for mattress and are now stuck with it. Do not buy Serta. They will not or do anything possible to avoid having to give you a new mattress. They could give you a 100 year warranty - doesn't do you any good if the time comes when there is a claim - if you like wasting money and having a miserable existence like me then buy a Serta.

We bought the Serta iComfort series bed. I wake up in pain everyday. I called Rooms To Go and spoke with someone in customer service who said there was nothing they can do. We spent $2,500 on that mattress and I sleep better on my daughter's $200 mattress than I do on the Serta. I will never buy another mattress from Serta.

Serta iSeries ~ This was our third mattress purchased in three months. The first one was Astoria, terrible and after 30 days was falling apart. Replaced with an upgrade (prodigy more money) and soon that too was returned and replaced with iserta (more money again) the salesman said this was the best mattress on the market and had no complaints. After the first year we began sinking into a hole! We have been contacting the warranty department ever since (1 1/2 years) to get this taken care of... Guess they are sleeping on a really good mattress because they're not getting back to me... Really???

This mattress is nothing short of fraud on the part of Serta. First of all, it is a $1800 mattress. For the first year it was fine as we seldom used it in our vacation home. But gradually, it developed this "hole". I mean like a "mush hole" in the center. Serta said I would have to pay an inspector $75 if I wanted to take advantage of their warranty and there would be no guarantee if there was not an indentation of at least 1.5". Well, you see there is the catch. There is not an indentation. It is a memory foam mattress. If you looked at it and put a yardstick across it, it would show barely any indentation at all. This is not an indentation - it is a "mush hole" that you have to struggle to get out of in the morning. And it is horrible on your back as your butt lays in about 5" deeper than the rest of your body.

We purchased the IComfort Serta Mattress in December 2011. We paid approximately $5,000 for the unit. The motor had to be replaced within the first three months. Even though they say the mattress doesn't need to be turned - you must turn it otherwise you will get indents in the mattress. Most recently, my lower units quit working in June. The parts were on backorder, I waited for three weeks. Today, the upper units stopped working and the parts again are on backorder, expected to arrive in June. The only way to lower the bed is to disconnect the unit.

We purchased an iComfort mattress in September 2012, and it is already broken down. Much over the 3/4" allowed. We had a rep look at it as there is a fabulous 25-year warranty. Unfortunately, the Serta Company does not play well with customers. One of the two tags were missing (not removed by us), and for that reason they will NOT cover the warranty. Funny fact that this mattress hasn't even been in existence for longer than their warranty. Makes me sick to my stomach that we have thrown away $1800 for a bed that we had just a little over 3 years. In my research, they also do not abide by their warranty if there is a stain, no matter the size. Truth be told, they will do anything to not cover your mattress under their "fabulous" 25-year warranty. Beware, and shop around unless you don't mind paying $40 per month to sleep on a mattress.

I have sold many mattress, and I bought a Serta Masterpiece. After a few short months the bed not only sagged. The coils poked a hole in the side of the mattress. I had to start cutting them off. I think I am going to have the media let people see what they are up against.

I bought the mattress along with its normal box spring. In 2013 about 1 year I noticed it sagging. I decided to get a different frame that has crossed bars. Now it's 2016 and it sagging more than ever and it has this brownish rusty looking color coming from underneath the mattress cover. This thing has a 25 year warranty and it horrible. Company will not replace mattress if stained. Well I haven't done anything that's for sure. I have asthma and allergies so I've kept it really cleaned.

We were sold an iComfort mattress at Mattress Firm. Bought the adjustable frame as well and we're charged over 3500 bucks. We returned the first mattress within 120 days as was allowed to try a different one because we were unsatisfied with the first one. Little did we know that the second mattress, Savant iComfort, would be just as painful as the first. I am writing this with extreme back pain. While Mattress Firm has agreed to credit me for the mattress, it still doesn't take away the fact that they sold a terrible product and Serta manufactured a product that causes back pain while alleging to be a comfortable and supporting mattress. Never buy a Serta mattress. I do blame Mattress Direct as I begged them to return it after 2-3 days!!! They only replaced it with another horrible back-aching bed!!! Never, never, ever buy a Serta mattress!

Around 5 years ago, after having another brand mattress (that we LOVED) for nearly 15 years, we figured it was time for a new mattress. We shopped around and decided to go with a Serta. We went with the highest end model Serta in the store. We tested it in the store and it was very comfortable and very supportive. We brought it home and it was never as comfortable as our old mattress had been when new, but overall we were happy with it... for about a month. About a month in, we started noticing that both sides where my wife and I slept were getting lower (after a month!) and there was a mountain in the middle.

We figured that it was probably just because the mattress was new and needed time to settle. Apparently we were the ones who were supposed to settle though. The problem continued to get worse, much worse. Now about 5 years in we have to go replace this $3,000 piece-of-junk mattress because there is a huge mountain in the middle with two steep slopes on either side. Terrible mattress. Will never purchase Serta again!

I am trying to save just one person from having this experience. Serta does not send the mattresses that you lay on in the stores. I bought from Serta direct because they had a promotion that turned out to be less than honest. The mattress that we were sent was a lot different than the store model, and we went to several different stores. Now we are going to lose $489 simply because the one picked was not the same as what was delivered. So we lost $489 in 40 days. Please just shop other companies, Serta won't even work with us. 15% disposal fee, (like they are going to throw away a brand new mattress) yea right. And $200 shipping. $489 wasted. Worst retailer experience and was hung up on after complaining, and being put on hold for 28 min.

I have posted a couple of times about my experience with the iComfort by Serta. After the second failure of a "custom built" iComfort sleep set, and doing my own inspection for Serta, my wife and I agreed to pay a little over $100.00 to have a hybrid replace the iComfort. This mattress is a vast improvement over the previous 2, but it is still not worth the three thousand dollar price tag. The original purchase came with a 25 year warranty, and the mattress we settled on has a 10 year warranty.

Since the furniture store we purchased the original sleep set from went out of business, we had to deal with Serta. This was actually easy enough to do, taking pictures with measuring tools. There was a serious lack of communication with Serta, no email confirmations, etc., but they did replace the mattress, only the mattress. 6 months in, I'm not happy, but grateful that it's better. There is still a problem with the depression, or sagging in your sleep area. I still have a backache after 6 hours. I really hope this company will get back to quality over quantity, and EARN some customer loyalty.

Updated on 5/6/2016: Coil springs combined with space age "foam" technology. Best of both worlds, correct? Just not the case. No matter what I do, this mattress sags, and sags, and then sags some more. This mattress was a compromise with Serta, from the i-Comfort to the i-series. I lost 15 years of warranty. All 3 of these mattresses were just plain inferior in their design, engineering and function. My wife and I have been vigilant in rotating this newest mattress twice per month. Perhaps they could learn how to temper a spring. Perhaps they could use real world testing, perhaps they should consider that I'm not full of crap, and simply do a lot better job.

We were sold an iComfort mattress at Mattress Firm. Bought the adjustable frame as well and were charged over 3500 bucks. We returned the first mattress within 120 days as was allowed to try a different one because we were unsatisfied with the first one. Little did we know that the second mattress, Savant iComfort, would be just as painful as the first. I am writing this with extreme back pain. While Mattress Firm has agreed to credit me for the mattress, it still doesn't take away the fact that they sold a terrible product and Serta manufactured a product that causes back pain while alleging to be a comfortable and supporting mattress. Never buy a Serta mattress. I don't blame Mattress Firm but just never ever buy a Serta mattress.

My husband and I were married 2/14/13. We decided we needed a new mattress soon after. We went to Mattress firm purchase a mid level innerspring mattress. After 2-3 months we noticed it was dipping, and holding our positions where we laid. Then we discovered the mattress was absorbing the color of whatever sheet we placed on that week. We contacted Mattress Firm and by the measurement of the 'dips ' it had developed (I weigh 174, my husband 230, not lightweight, but not over the top) they would exchange it. We were coerced into their top of the line Icomfort series by serta. It had all the bells and whistles. Adjustable base, the feet, the head lounge position, plus 'massage' settings (which is little more than a bad vibration, think back to the sleepy hotels where you'd put a quarter in... that's it) but nonetheless.

We were sold. Brought it home, liked it for about 4 days... then the problems started. Couldn't GET comfortable, YOU Can't Roll over, YOU'RE Stuck In YOUR Own sent you created 5 mins ago. Forget about having sex... that's out completely! Then the backaches start. 3 months in, my husband is spending more time sleeping on the couch than in the bed. He would constantly wake up in pain, or worse, never fall asleep. So less than a year into our marriage, we're sleeping in different rooms.

We contacted Mattress Firm, they kept saying it takes more time to get use to a new mattress, 6, 8 months pass, now they say they need a measurement of the dips??? What? And now 2 years later, I've had several back issues. Even had 12 trigger point injections to relieve the pressure and tense muscles in my back, and most recently, my left shoulder (I'm a side sleeper) has pinched nerves so badly that my primary care physician, my x ray technician and a specialized pain management doctor have all asked that I get a new mattress. But I'm stuck. This piece of hell that I sleep on cost me 3700. Not including the pillows and mattress protector he sold us. I had to buy that in payments. I can't afford another mattress. We are newlyweds, without a matrimonial bed!!!

Unbelievably disappointed in Serta and Mattress firm. Kudos to my husband who once a week, or every other week will sleep in here to make me happy. But this mattress is ruining our quality newlywed couple time, and just as importantly our health, which is now, no surprise hurting my performance at work... can't lift with a bum back and shoulder. Thank you Serta, thank you Mattress Firm for destroying my belief in the integrity of businesses in 2016. You have succeeded!

We bought a Serta Mattress from JCPenney on March 21, 2015, delivered to our home on April 9, 2015. Two days after delivery we called JCP and complained about the holes in the mattress. They sent a technician who found no problem at the time. But what he used to measure the depression was almost laughable. It appeared to be a round gadget that couldn't have weighed more than a 1/2 lb. then he took what looked like a string and placed it on top of the mattress from side to side. You could see a small hole but even I would know that there has to be some weight put on the mattress to see the high definition of that depression. We called JCP several wks later since they never got back to us with his report. When they told us there wasn't any problem I immediately said that there definitely was a problem but was told that I couldn't put another complaint in for 30 days.

In 30 days I complained once again. They sent out a technician who told us while in the house that we not only had a problem with the mattress but that the box springs were warped also. We called again, and again with absolutely no help from JCP. Upon delivery of that king size mattress immediately we found two holes on either side of the mattress with a definite ridge in the center. Even on just making the bed it was obviously visible that the 2 holes were definitely present.

After getting no results from JCP we called the JCP Corp offices. They said they would arrange for pickup and refund or credit our account. As you can tell by this complaint THAT WAS A BIG TIME NO SHOW! Again this has been an ongoing battle. On January 18, 2016 my husband spoke to Rose in the furniture dept at JCP and she said this case is closed. HOW CAN THIS CASE BE CLOSED WHEN WE STILL HAVE A MATTRESS that requires us to leverage ourselves by holding on to the sides of the bed to pull ourselves out of the bed.

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Michael J. Breus, Ph.D.Mattress Contributing Editor

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., known as The Sleep Doctor, is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and is a regular contributor on the show. He is also the author of several books, including The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep (Rodale Books; 2011) and Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health (Dutton/Penguin; 2006). Dr. Breus has been featured on several national media outlets, including The Today Show, The CBS Early Show and Psychology Today.    More about Michael J.→

Serta has been making quality mattresses for over 80 years and has been recognized and awarded for its products. It is committed to being environmentally responsible in manufacturing and production. Serta and Simmons are now the same company.

  • Variety: The Serta perfect sleeper is the lower cost line which is great for light use or occasional use. The better model is the iComfort Series (introduction of foam and gel).
  • Retail stores: Serta has a number of retail stores around the country where consumers can test out the mattresses before deciding which one to purchase.
  • Support: It has excellent customer support, both when purchasing mattresses online and in retail stores.
  • Financing: Customers can finance their purchases and can get 0 percent APR for up to 60 months in certain cases.
  • Best for Serta mattresses are best for eco-friendly, parents and professionals.

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