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Wilmington, DE

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Do not purchase any products from this company. The only good thing was the delivery drivers were Courteous and professional. Couch came in and it smells horrible for over a week. In the corner sectional part of the couch it doesn't even line up properly. I'm impressed on how bad they screwed up on the design. See pictures!!! Called customer service and women with a thick Carolina accent was terrible. This company is no good!!

The first sofa I received was defective. There was a large flaw in the material of cushion and some staples were poking up on food rest. Finally was able to get Shuee's to replace it but I had to get same sofa. New one came. Still had defects. They reupholstered bad areas but it is not going to hold up. Very disappointed in Shuee's and Klaussner!

I purchased a sofa, love seat and chair from the "dump". The furniture was made by Klaussner. The problem I have is that this imitation leather is peeling. I must say the dump did offer me a gift certificate for about twenty percent of what I paid. I must be one of the few lucky customers that got something besides rejection and disappointment. Never again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice (never again) shame on me!!!

I went to Johnson, a furniture store in Toronto, to buy a good sofa-bed and asked for a very good one. The salesman sold me one for $1,800 and today it was delivered. I am in total shock. It's absolutely terrible and, definitely the worst furniture I've ever seen in my whole life. It is ugly, has a terrible finishing and there is no support. The feet is plastic and the finishing is unacceptable. I took some pictures of the finishing but unfortunately I am not able to post it. If I had seen this furniture in the store I would not pay $100 for it. IT IS GARBAGE. I am so angry. I will try to return it tomorrow, because it is bad in all aspect. Unacceptable! Purchased sofa that was priced almost $1000.00. Absolutely terrible.

I purchased an oversized chair and loveseat. The furniture is still under warranty. The chair has two places, in seamed areas, where the material has pulled away (making a hole) or has thread which is unraveling. The retailer came out and took pictures of the defects nearly 3 weeks ago. I keep contacting the retailer and am told that Klaussner has not responded to their request to have the chair replaced. We have sat in this chair a total of less than 10 times since having it. The material is substandard and pulled like crazy. Very dissatisfied with the response I'm getting. This stuff is under warranty and should be replaced immediately. Will never purchased their furniture again. You get what you pay for, I guess. I just didn't think $600 for a chair was cheap!

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This is by far the worst furniture I have ever purchased! NB Liebman will not do anything about it and said that the manufacturer considers the quality that I received as their normal! WOW. Is it normal for your cushion to begin to flatten after 4 months in a home where only 2 people live, who work full time... I weigh 115 lbs and work 50 hours a week, so my furniture get "sat" on very infrequently. How about the wood frame that you can feel with every part of your body... the arms, the foot extender...all hardly cushioned. And lastly the HOLE when you recline... my grandkids hide in there! This is their idea of quality. Never again will I ship NB Liebman. And never again a Klaussner!

I paid about $4000 for a sofa and two chairs down in leather. It's absolutely the worst furniture I've ever purchased. I've had it about a month. The foam cushions did not bounce back. There's barely any foam in them. No support at all. The people who actually sell furniture should know more about furniture! Like I say it's only a month old I can't sit on the couch because it hurts my back. There is absolutely no support. The chairs have already been sent to an upholstery person for more foam. If I could return this crap I would! I will never purchase Klausner furniture again!! It truly sucks! I am trying to get my order number and a copy of the receipt from Shuee's.

Purchased sofa that was priced almost 1000.00. Absolutely terrible. Hardly ever used because I used a lazy boy chair mostly. I had that for probably 25 years and was great. It was actually a Stratolounger brand. Finally the leg rest broke and I started using my sofa to rest. It is so pathetic and no support at all. I bought at a BON-TON. I am not attempting to contact Klaussner because the sofa is like 7 years old, but based on the usage, it is horrible. I will never buy this brand again.

One of the cushions fell apart at the seam. I live alone, no kids or grand kids using the couch. The sofa is out of the year warranty by a month or so but they wouldn't give me a cushion cover. My salesman said he got them to come down from 79 to 59 dollars. I don't think that's very good customer service when I spent thousands of dollars on the couch. My friend said her cushions have a lifetime warranty. Will look for that next time.

I have a sleeper sofa called Cruze from Klaussner. I was concerned with all the bad reviews but I thought logically that if a company was going to have a lifetime warranty on their frames etc. they must have a MUCH better product than the same priced sleeper sofas at Ashley furniture (they have a 1 year warranty). I am happy with the quality that I received. My only complaint is my accent pillows kinda aren't as poofy as when I first got them but my world hasn't come crashing down because of it.

Plus it's GORGEOUS... Is it going to last me 10 years without any problems? Who knows but I think it's circumstantial. You never know, my husband might have to use it more frequently, or a kid body slams it. The place I bought it from explained that it is their responsibility to send the Klaussner guy to my home if needed I should call the store. Seems pretty simple even if I eventually have to make the call. Very reasonably priced for USA made. Gotta love that.

My coffee table is an off white, from the Sea Breeze collection. The wood has soaked in the colors of a cup, coaster and an unlit candle. The manufacturer, Klaussner, will not try to fix it or replace it. It's less than a year old. I have bought more than 6k of their furniture in less than a year and they don't have the decency to at least try to get the stains out.

The fabric on the chairs is substandard and is susceptible to pilling. And because I sprayed Scotchguard on the fabric the company will not stand behind their product. I have used Scotchguard on my furniture and have had no adverse affect of the fabric. The fabric on these chairs is substandard and worthless and the company (Klaussner) would not stand behind their product. I purchased two new chairs and made sure they were not from the same company.

Purchased a Klaussner Sleeper Possibilities Roll-Arm Queen Sofa through JCP March 2012. This sleeper sofa was used ONLY twice before the bed/sleeper mechanism broke off the frame. The bed is UNUSABLE and the sofa cannot be sat upon. I phoned JCP where we purchased the sofa and purchased an extended warranty and was told that my extended warranty covered only spills and damage to the upholstery of the sofa and I needed to contact Klaussner to discuss the faulty mechanism. I contacted Klaussner and was told that Klaussner only covers the mechanism for one year.

I explained to the customer service rep that we had only used this sofa twice and it was clearly a faulty mechanism. Klaussner refused to repair their faulty product and JCP passes the blame to Klaussner. Buyer beware when purchasing from all retailers selling their product, or hope that something breaks in the first year or you will be stuck with a 1200.00 broken sleeper sofa!

All their stuff is American made. Every big item in my house is from them. I have zero complaints. Delivery was free for me. It all depends on the store you get it from. The company has nothing to do with what the retailers do.

After furniture shopping for months, in May of 2013, we special ordered a queen sleeper sofa from Klaussner Home Furnishings. The sofa was delivered in September. It was beautiful and comfortable. After one year, the sofa started making LOUD creaking noises when I sat on it. So loud I didn't want to sit on it for fear it would collapse. I must add at this point that we have no children, no pets, and are not large people. I am primarily the only person who sits on it and I weigh 120 lbs.

The company we purchased it from called Klaussner who replied that because it was over a year, and we didn't pay for extended warranty, they would only pay for materials no labor. Of course this meant 'tough luck' as labor IS the cost. Thankfully my husband is handy and removed the backing to see what the issue was. The backing had very little support and the wood slat that was there had so many staples in each end that it weakened the wood ends and support. He put extra supports in so we could use the sofa. Warning to potential buyers, unless you are capable of furniture repair, don't expect quality from Klaussner.

I purchased a Mason sofa sleeper that had a lifetime warranty on the frame. After 2 years the frame broke on one side, making continued use a safety hazard. I emailed, tried to call, NO ONE would even respond. Very poor customer service. Would never buy from them again.

I bought a sofa from Klaussner that has a lifetime warranty on the springs and frame. I am having an issue with what I believe to be either the springs or frame. I can't even get them to send somebody out to look at it. I was told my sofa is out of warranty. What am I not understanding about their lifetime warranty (which is why I bought the sofa in the first place over another one that I was looking at? Now, nobody will answer my call, return my call. I just keep getting "ticket closed - out of warranty" email.

On Dec, 27,2014, My husband and I purchased a recliner, chair and ottoman from Klaussner in Raleigh NC. We special ordered the furniture with a fabric of our choice, and the wait time was 4 weeks. When the furniture arrived, the ottoman was the wrong fabric (which was easily resolved) and the upholstery job on the recliner was of poor quality. After a 10 minute conversation with the warehouse manager, who tried his very best to convince me that this WAS Klaussner's idea of a quality upholstery job, they finally acquiesced and took both pieces back to be repaired/replaced. Over the course of the next 5 weeks, I called, emailed, and even reached out to the company via social network. The response was incredibly weak, and I couldn't get the information I was in search of.

I was a refund on the furniture, because I felt that it was not the same quality as the furniture displayed in the showroom and I was disgusted by the lack of customer service. The week of delivery, I reused delivery 3 separate times, however, on the day that it was supposed to have been delivered, I FINALLY received a phone call from the owner, who informed me that if I didn't receive the delivery that day, (because they sent the truck out with the furniture anyways) there was no telling when I could get it because they didn’t often deliver to my area. He flat out refused a refund. I felt pressured to accept the delivery, and when it did arrive, one of the issues that they were supposed to have fixed wasn't. I signed the delivery receipt, marking it "Accepted under protest", and would like to know if there is anything at all I can do about this?

In February 2015, we purchased a Klaussner leather reclining sofa from Jeff Lynch in Greenville, SC. In less than a month, stitching was completely out on the middle cushion (where no one sits). We reported the issue and Jeff Lynch sent a representative to look at the sofa. Within another week, stitching was coming out in the other cushions and on the back of the center cushion. We were told by the Jeff Lynch rep that they would order two cushions. We told Jeff Lynch this will not resolve the issue of stitching coming out on the rest of the sofa. It appears the thread is rotten or some other issue on all of the stitching. We are still waiting on Jeff Lynch to resolve the issue. Suggest you shop elsewhere if you want service after the sale! It is sad that this product is American Made and the quality is pathetic!

Power Reclining Sofa #14503 - NO ONE has contacted me in a month - What the heck is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sofas Unlimited Mechanicsburg PA. The couch is horrible, has pockets and ripples from sitting in a few weeks. I was told pieces have been ordered by the pictures I sent. What are pieces, there is no stuffing and also a fabric pull on one. They said will only fix one that was showing the pockets. That's because no one sat on the others. We now have, all need fixed. I want it picked up and my money back or store credit. It's just plain bad. Everyone makes mistakes and this one is.

This was an entire foul-up from beginning to end. BOTH Klaussner AND their retailer (Furniture Solutions of State College PA) are totally unresponsive to customers and incredibly incompetent. On 4-14-14 we ordered a Klaussner "Holly" custom sofa with two throw pillows from Furniture Solutions, The Benner Pike Shops, State College, PA. After waiting over four months and getting numerous excuses from retailer i.e. "Don't have the pillow fabric--shipping from China," "Have the pillow fabric, but out of sofa fabric, shipping from China," "Have fabric, but so many sofas are on backorder..." I decided to contact Klaussner directly. There is NO WAY to talk to a company representative, must email.

After second email, I finally got a phone call. The woman, Brenda, did not know they even had an outlet in State College. Promised to get the facts. Then, got an email from a different person, Carol, saying they had contacted the salesperson for that area and all further contact would be through him. Mr. ** called three days later. He stated, "We don't deal with the public, all contact is through the retailer." I told him Furniture Solutions representative's, **, reasons for the delay. He was a bit mystified by the "China" comments. As was I, since I had chosen Klaussner because their product was advertised as, "Proudly Made in the USA." He promised to look into it personally, although, "We don't usually do that."

Two weeks passed and we were never contacted by Furniture Solutions OR Klaussner again. My husband finally went to Furniture Solutions and told them he would be back the next day and he wanted either a firm delivery date on the sofa or a refund of the non-refundable deposit. The next day he got the refund. After six months we never learned if the order had ever been placed, or if the sofa was in production. Following order number was dated 4-14-14. Refund was issued 9-5-14 almost 6 months later.

I purchased a Klaussner sectional and recliner about 6 months ago at Kittle's Rooms Express in Indy. The salesperson was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was able to select the fabric I wanted and heat and massage options on the recliner. This was a custom order, but arrived in a few weeks and was delivered by very efficient delivery team. After the delivery guys left, I realized that the inside of the arms on the recliner didn't have padding. I called customer service at Kittle's and they picked it up, took it in and made it right. We love the quality for the price on both the sectional and recliner.

I purchased a dining room table and chairs from the Raleigh, NC store. When it arrived it was horrible. Every chair was uneven and you could see the screws hanging out of every one. I wanted a simple refund, but they insist this is a "minor problem" and can "fix" all the chairs. They are not responsive to repeated calls to get this issue resolved. I so wish I never bought this furniture from them.

This item (chest of drawers) is junk! In less than a year it begins to self-destruct. Drawers begin to warp and not close correctly, and the glued wood covering begins to peel and fall off. Contacting customer service is futile with no interest and management is cowardice and offers no contact or resolve. "I would not purchase Klaussner Furniture."

I purchased a leather recliner couch in September of 2009 from Be Seated Leather in Rochester Hills, MI. This supposedly $3000 couch was on sale for half price. By the way, delivery is not included in the purchase price. After four months, the seat padding was lumping up and had to be replaced. By December 2010, the leather on the armrest was coming apart. Not the stitching but the leather. When I was purchasing the couch, I was assured this was the top of the line leather of exceptional quality. Mind you, this is in a home with no kids, just two retired people. I contacted Be Seated Leather in January 2011 about the problem. I was advised the couch is out of its one year warranty. For a fee of $100 they would repair it. So much for the "lifetime warranty" stated in the newspaper advertisement. The manufacturer of this top of the line couch is Klaussner. Google them and read other comments. I'm sorry I didn't. All in all, buyer beware!

On Saturday, 1/31/10, I purchased a sectional for my basement. I was pleased with the salesperson and store atmosphere. I was referred to a third party delivery surface to get the furniture to my house. I called on Monday, 2/1/10, and spoke with Henry. We decided they'd deliver on Wednesday, between 2 & 5 p.m.

On Tuesday evening, I received phone call from the delivery service indicating that they could only deliver between noon and four. I explained I worked full-time and could only take time off from 2-5pm. The representative was very rude and argumentative. I immediately called Klaussner's and spoke to the store manager, he was able to smooth things over.

On Wednesday, the delivery service showed up and refused to set-up the furniture because they didn't think it would fit through the archway to the basement. They never brought the furniture into the house and just returned it to the warehouse. I called Klaussner's and explained the situation. The store manager was not available but they told me to call "Joan" at the Clifton Heights, PA office. I called Joan and she now informed me that I had to pay a 20% restock fee. I told her that I didn't want my money back I wanted furniture that would fit, and I wasn't really convinced that the furniture that I paid for wouldn't fit because the delivery men would not bring it in the house.

I mentioned that this was not a very good customer service experience. First I was insulted on the phone by their delivery scheduler, then the three men who delivered the furniture refused to even try to bring it in and were very hostile with me. Which made me feel uncomfortable as a young woman. Joan replied that it was my responsibility as a consumer to know whether furniture would fit or not. I explained that other furniture of similar size had fit so it seemed to be a non-issue.

I also mentioned that I paid $900.00 and I didn't have a product. She then retorted that I could go into the store less my 20% and buy something else. I feel strongly as a consumer that this practice is unfair. I wanted to use my full $900.00 towards a purchase in their store. A better customer experience would have been to understand that possibly through honest intentions, the furniture just wouldn't fit. Claiming 20% of my purchase price is just plain wrong! This is unbelievable to me.

I ordered a four piece set of upholstered furniture from Kalussner which was died in different die lots. Therefore, the furniture pieces did not match each other and were sent back to the company. The company is now stating that that particular fabric has six different fabrics in the same family and they cannot guarantee that all fabrics will match. They are stating that as long as it is within the family of colors and within the company's tolerance level, the furniture will not be replaced. This information was never supplied to me or the middle-man furniture company before purchase.

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