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The customer service rep was as helpful as he could be but in the end it wasn't enough to help me. I ended up being transferred to a different department. They have some decent prices but most are quite expensive. I was not satisfied with the quote that was given to me. I wasn't offered any discounts. I was told one price and that was it. They transferred me to many different reps that couldn't help at all so in the end I didnt use them. They tried to add more fees to my total bill but I refused their service. I wouldn't recommend them and I wouldn't use them again. That's just based on one bad experience.

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The customer service was fantastic, by far the best. I am so happy to be with the company like this. It is truly like no other. They were so helpful and full of knowledge to make my experience so much better. Such a low cost versus other brands. The value was amazing and affordable. Even if you have a low income you can afford this. There are always discounts and coupons and that is the best part. I always love a good coupon. You can't beat this company's deals and discounts. Anyone is lucky to be with this company. There weren't too many additional fees and that is the best part. No one wants to be hit them and this company doesn't hit you with surprises and fees you don't want.

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Customer service was kind and did their job. Didn't go above and beyond, but didn't do anything to frustrate or annoy me either. Overall I'm satisfied. Purchase price could always be better. Here I am somewhat dissatisfied and would love to see a better purchase price but other than that I am pleased. There are a fair amount of discounts to offset said purchase price so here I am satisfied. Although I wouldn't complain if more discounts were offered. There are some additional fees but not a whole lot, and much less than competing companies. All in all I am satisfied with the additional fees, they are no burden at all.

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Customer service was awesome. They provided me with everything I needed to know plus more so I'm very satisfied with the customer service information. The purchase price was everything because it fit just right in my purchase decision. I had enough of the money just for everything so the price was great. I'm very happy about my discounts but I really don't get much of them but it's still great having discounts when it's needed but I love discounts - they are great. I would recommend the additional fees only if it's required but other than that I really hate it when they tell us it's extra we gotta pay for with all the extra additional fees.

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Located in Bethesda, MD, SenecaOne has been in business for over twenty years. SenecaOne provides videos of their account executives on the company website so that consumers can feel more comfortable, knowing that service is personalized.

  • Quick access to funds: SenecaOne offers a $5K Right Away program for qualified consumers to obtain cash in as little as twenty-four hours.
  • One-to-one service guarantee: Seneca has developed a set of guarantees for its customer service, including fifteen minute callbacks during certain hours, no pressure and fast approvals.
  • Cash advance: Some customers who meet certain qualifications may be able to obtain a cash advance on their final payment ahead of approval. SenecaOne has a proprietary product called Instant Advanceā„¢ that can provide a check or wire transfer in as little as twenty-four hours.
  • Pre-paid Mastercard: Consumers who have been approved can have their funds loaded onto a SenecaOne PrePaid MasterCard rather than deposited into a bank account. This can allow access to funds faster.
  • Dedicated structured settlement service: SenecaOne has separated their structured settlement services from their lottery winnings services with a dedicated toll-free phone number to structured settlement account executives.
  • Best for Consumers with structured settlements and consumers with lottery or contest winnings.

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