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Words cannot describe how I feel about the customer service team. They are friendly, experienced, and skilled problem solvers! I know I can trust them. Withdrawals are made very easy for anybody who wishes to do so. I am truly amazed by how simple it is to complete such a task! Incredible. The payout options are pretty good. I have seemingly tons of options to make payouts and I tend to use all of them whenever I feel it's necessary. I can't say enough good things about this company. The funding options are great, just like the other parts of the company. Truly amazing.

It was hard to get in touch with someone to discuss payment distribution disputes. Often I would get an automated service and would have trouble getting a real person on the phone. The menu of options did not always address what I was looking for. I was hoping to negotiate a lower annuity payment age but they had a nonflexible distribution age requirement. This is an instance where I wanted to speak with someone over the phone. I was happy with their offered layout options. Although they tried to convince me to get a period certain, I ended up going with life with guaranteed term. I was overall pleased with my experience selecting funding options. They offered me single payment, series of payments or social security, and I chose a series of payments.

An associate will guide you and help you understand the situation. Be sure to give them all the necessary information in order to get the best results and most money possible. I am able to withdraw enough money each month to pay all my bills. They helped me get the maximum amount of money that was due to me. My payments are always on time and accessible whenever I need it. I chose to have my payments come on a monthly basis. That helps me to budget my money instead of a lump sum that I may waste or overspend. They had the funds to help me before everything was settled. So I'm satisfied with their funding.

I had a few hiccups in the process but the people who I talked with were very helpful and explained things easily. I contacted customer service about three times twice on the phone and once on an app and each time someone was able to help me with my situation and fix the problem immediately. I think this company is one of the best ones out there. They have people who really know what they are doing and they are very helpful and make me feel like they actually care about what I am doing and who I am as a person. We came to an arrangement that best fit my needs. I was at first told I couldn't do what I wanted to but then with a bit of persuasion then I was able to get my way. There could have been more of these options available but because of my past credit history and other issues I was not able to do exactly as I wanted to but everything worked out fine.

I was new to investing and they were always very helpful and didn't make me feel stupid. I highly recommend this company for people just starting out. I plan to have my money here for a long time and see no need in taking it out. They really helped me make the most of the money I had because they knew like I did, it would have to last me the rest of my life. So they asked me what my plans were for the future, if I wanted to travel, etc and we budgeted that in.

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These people were awesome. They got the job done right. I felt like I made the right investment and answered all the questions I had and then some. I walked away knowing I made the right decision. This process was so easy and very user friendly. I had no problems completing my transactions through them. All the tools were there to fully understand what I needed to do, like I was being walked through it with a rep by my side. The payout options are very explanatory and easy to understand. They offer several options on how you would like to payout or cash out your money from them. They will walk you through it til the end. Very happy with how they funded by monies. They offered just the right amount of tools that I needed to feel like I was doing the right thing.

Mostly use designated financial planner that has been very helpful. Keep me informed of progress and usually calls at least two times a year to go over portfolio. Seems knowledgeable and honest. If I have any questions I feel good about being able to ask his opinion. I follow Prudential website periodically to keep up on market. Have not made any withdrawals at this point in my life, but feel I have gained enough to hopefully last my lifetime at this point. I am 67 and still work part time. Option for monthly payouts when I am ready to withdraw, I am not ready to withdraw at this point in my life. May need it for the future however. Some people do not agree with my approach, but do not know how long I will live. Funding options were pretty much predetermined by the board at Prudential according to my options which I chose. I am in an more conservative approach at this point in my life.

It's okay but need a good insurance policy. Might get AARP but not sure yet. Lincoln Mutual is an option also. They do not seem to care much... have been trying to find the very best one so am still looking and the price also matters!! I hope to find one very soon. The payout is too much!! It's a search to find the right one that fits your budget. Just keep checking online is my best guess and ask your friends for their opinion. Eventually you will find the best one to fit you and your family's needs. Good Luck To All!

I work for a Financial Professional and have been calling Prudential Annuities Service Center quarterly for the last two years to obtain client statements. Every time I call for one particular client they tell me the same thing, that my boss is not listed as the Financial Professional. So I spend a half hour to 45 minutes to get it straightened out.

Today I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. After 45 minutes, he assured me the matter was taken care of and that he would send me the clients statements. After waiting two hours, I never received them. When I called Prudential back to find out what had happened, I was told there was no record of our conversation. I asked the person on the phone where they were located and he told me "the Philippines". I will never invest my own money with Prudential. Nothing but awful customer services.

Knowledgeable staff, efficient processing, and good return investment advice. Curious and friendly advisors that are interested in my best interests. Great locations of branches and Internet access. Quick and easy process whenever needed. Staff goes above and beyond normal standard of service. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family. There are a few payout options. Some I prefer more than others but I like having the options available. They are responsive to customers different needs and wants. A perfect combination of versatility and convenience. The funding options are varied and very useful. It is very nice to be able to choose from many options instead of only a few. Staff is helpful and informative.

While I have no experience with the website or 800 customer service, all questions have always been answered promptly by our local agent and his recommendations have worked out quite well. There have always been several ways to add funds to the account and they have all worked when they have been used in the past and continue to be used.

They were very caring and helpful, were very concerned about my needs, answered all my questions efficiently. Even contacted me through emails and phone calls to follow up. I could withdrawal at any time but I did not choose to do so because I'm very confident with this company. They showed a real concern for me. And kept me well informed on all policies. It pays out well. I had no concerns. Like I said I'm very happy with this company and all of their policies. It was a good investment for me and my family. The funding options are perfect for me and my family. I would recommend this company above others that I have tried. I'm very satisfied with everything that they do. Would recommend them.

The application was easy. With the current market I have decided not to use it yet. It has performed well in spite of the current economic situation. Some are better choices than others now. I feel that it's a good investment to supplement retirement (Social Security and other investments). Especially, since the market performance is bad. Have not withdrawn yet. I can but with the current market situation I'm waiting till it increases in value for a better monthly payment. The payout options are good. Especially, if you hold it until it can gives you a maximum or larger monthly amount. You can fund it with other investments that are not doing well in the market or make monthly payments towards the time that you retire or the period you chose and according to the annuity. That's my understanding. Applied for mine after age 65 for additional monthly income.

The customer service was so very helpful and really helped me when I needed to be helped. Withdrawal was an easy and fun way to do business in a time when people do not like to busy themselves with banking on banks like the bank of america and loans and stuff to do in places. What a lot of money I received that day! Funding was really great and I could buy whatever I wanted with the cash that I received. And that cash was really helpful in so many ways that people cannot even imagine.

They were very responsive. timely and thorough. Also were patient with my questions, never interrupting at all. I always got the answer I needed, and they were great at follow-ups. Never any rudeness or rushing at all. I never had any problem whatsoever. They explained any procedures and what the options were for me. Very easy and painless. I got a full accounting and they kept me up to date. They had very good terms. Not the easiest sometimes, but with enough follow through and patience we always seemed to get things done and I was happy with the results. Good options. They explained things very well and provided great information. The process was smooth and they made sure I was happy the whole time.

I have been with them for over 6 years. I wanted to start something for my retirement fund. I thought that this would be a good thing to invest in. And I just hope that it pays off.

Recommended to me by a friend and I'm very satisfied. I like the fixed income element while minimizing my risk. I was a little hesitant at tying up my money long term but I'm glad that I did it.

I had a very enjoyable experience and would recommend to anyone thinking about getting an annuity, to go with Prudential! The consumer service is outstanding, and the representative that worked with me was extremely nice, and very knowledgeable in helping me with my annuity, and I would highly recommend them to all of my family and friends!

They care about the customers’ needs. You are not just another number. They will work with you to achieve financial goals for retirements, savings for later in life, life changing events.

Works very well with me. They keep me informed about my annuities and notify me if there are any changes. They are very good about keeping me informed about everything.

Prudential is a very customer oriented company to work with. I am highly satisfied with the Return on Investment and the options available for retirement accounts.

I purchased a Prudential annuity a few years ago because I had extra income to invest and I wanted a safe place to save it. An annuity in my opinion is one of the best options. After a few years I felt the need to withdraw it from Prudential for an unexpected major purchase. It was easy to withdraw when I needed it and the service was good.

The feeling of a secure guaranteed income is smiling type of feeling that allows a person or partners to plan and plan and plan and relax doing it with regard to enjoying retirement options of pleasurable activities dreamed of for a long time finally coming true.

MY experience has been very positive in the sense that I have not had any serious issues with my annuity. The fund options are a bit limited in general and I would like to have more investment possibilities. The fees are reasonable and have been well explained to me. The annuity website is easily accessible to me and has always been very useful.

Guidance advice is very tailored and insightful. Contact and initial consultation with knowledgeable personnel a huge plus. Product performance has been above expectations.

I don't know much about it. It doesn't pay as good as a investment you can move around or change how you want to invest your money. It is usually fixed income that pays once a set period of time.

Prudential Financial has a most acceptable offering for Annuities. I have a personal advisor that provides guidance and essential information in a professional manner that is truly relevant to my life situation. My advisor is efficient and personally concerned about my financial well-being. My advisor provides customized services that are directed specifically to my available assets and treats me as a most valued customer at all times. My advisor completely personalizes my Annuities to meet my future requirements and always has my best interests in mind.

They were really thorough in explaining the annuity and how it worked and it worked out well. Would recommend. Their customer service is great and I never had any problems.

Customer service staff make it easy for novice investors to use products. The advisors give tailored sound advice. Product performs at level above most competition. Website easy to navigate and manage.

This was the first time I have ever had an annuity. It is still a work in progress getting to know everything about the operation and pros and cons of having one. My wife and I were first told about one from our in-laws. They have had an annuity for about six or seven years now and they are very satisfied. So when we had the opportunity to acquire one we did. We get help with being able to understand what we can and cannot do with it. But as time goes on we are getting better educated about it functions. And how we will benefit in the long run as opposed to putting our money into some other form of investment.

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Prudential, also known as "The Rock," has been in business for nearly 140 years. Today, Prudential is one of the most recognized and one of the world's largest financial services institutions. Prudential was also one of the few companies that declined to participate in the TARP program in 2009.

  • Service online: This secure online resource allows customers to access their account any time for checking values, making transfers, and downloading statements.
  • Retirement Red Zone: Prudential helps to educate and inform consumers through its Retirement Red Zone, named for the years during which it is crucial to turn retirement savings into cash that will last a lifetime.
  • Highest Daily Lifetime Income: This optional purchase with Prudential variable annuities allows consumers to lock in new account highs daily.
  • Find a Financial Advisor: Consumers wishing to discuss Prudential annuities can use the online tool to find local Prudential and independent financial advisors.
  • Roadmap to Retirement: Prudential provides this educational reference to current and prospective customers outlining the steps to take, and the conversations to have, when planning for retirement.
  • Best for Savers, savers plus income generators, and retirees.

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