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I've had other accounts with Fidelity and they're amazing to contact. Always helpful and knowledgable about all questions. Very good experience. I still have many questions about the withdrawals but it seems like it's a fair arrangement. I know when I contact them they will actually guide me through what will help me. While I have many questions, the layout options have been very helpful for me. It was a rather sad experience on how I gained annuity but helpful and reliable. I still have further questions regarding but know they will be answered to their fullest ability in Fidelity. They are so nice and always so helpful.

Everyone was very helpful. The process was personalized for me. It helped to increase my income for the future. Any questions that I had were answered efficiently. Withdrawal options were prime. They gave many options to make it possible to access my money. I was happy with the realistic terms of this annuity. Payout options were also feasible. they have a realistic approach to handling people's money. I am glad I chose to work with this company. Funding options were easy and convenient. There is not much to say except that they work with you and make everything easy and real. I recommend this company.

Customer service was very helpful, and they knew what they were talking about. They steered me on the right direction, and worked very well with me. The withdrawal options were very reasonable, and I was happy with them. They were also explained very clearly to me. The funding options were very reasonable. There was a lot of options that I felt comfortable with. Overall, I was very satisfied, and had a good experience.

The customer service staff was generally happy and easy to get a hold of and to be helped. Every time I had a question they answered it and if they couldn't they would find the answer soon as possible about my rates for the annuity. I was able to withdraw when I needed. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible. The payout options are generally good so I'm happy about it. Guaranteed me payouts for a specific time period. Something I don't like if I were to die during the period my spouse would have to continue the payments. I'm overall satisfied with the funding options for this. They have a wide range of funding options.

The customer service was very good. They were very considerate and attended to my needs. They answered all of my questions and did a very good job. I liked the withdrawal options but I wish there were more so they could fit my needs. They are satisfactory but I want more options. I think they would have a better options. The payout options were okay. I was happy with the service and I think they are going to give the money to my recipient within a timely manner. They provided a lot of funding options to choose from that best fit my needs and the person who I set up the annuity for. I think they did a great job.

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Customer service was great and very informative. Helped me with any concerns I had. I was very happy with the service, and would recommend them. Was thoroughly explains all options that were available. Left me wondering for nothing and was explained in detail no matter what I asked. Payout options and ways are many with this company. I know my money is where I want it and when I need it it's accessible and at my disposal with very few obstacles. Many options for funding and easy transfer and access to each one. Very secure and nothing is left unturned no matter what the issue. I have had no issues at all.

They work with you every step of the way and I love that about them. They are really helpful. They allow you to withdrawal and don't give you a hard time about it. If you wanna come back they even help you with doing so and they work hard to keep you. They have a great pay out system and I'm glad they work with you and they don't make it a huge payout. If you need a little one they allow you to have it. I'm happy to have worked with them thru out the years and wouldn't trade them with another company. They work hard and very good customer service skills.

Our visit was very productive with many questions answered and made easy to follow along. I did not feel lost and I felt like they really wanted our business. They explained how and when to withdraw from our annuity. Plus also mentioning about fees or hidden things. It's more of a solution to save money for future happenings. The options are really satisfactory with the understanding that they will match dollar per dollar we build it up to. That makes us happy that we picked the right place. You can take money from your checks from work and put as much as you want in it. So little by little you will build up your annuity for the future.

Fidelity has never disappointed me & I think they have trained their employees extensively because they always have an answer for all of my questions. All of the representatives I have spoken with are kind, patient, and helpful. I trust them with my financials and I believe they are one of the very few companies that put their customers 1st. Fidelity has a few withdraw options that I am unaware of because that money needs to stay put and accrue interest. Their withdrawal options are no different than any other company that I am aware of. I do know that Fidelity offers more options for their customer than most other insurance companies. My company directly deposits 10% of my paycheck every week & they match about 4%. I don't know what else is offered as far as funding is concerned.

The people at Fidelity are awesome! Every time that I call to talk to someone I am treated with the utmost respect. Even though I am not as financially savvy as some people they always treat me like I am the most important person that they have talked to all day. They never get frustrated with my questions and are always quick to answer them. They provide the options that I need to be satisfied. They are always processed fast and accurately. I have never had a problem and would highly recommend them to anyone that is interested in doing business with a company that is fast and accurate.

I have always been happy with the way the payout options are handled. You have all of the options you need, the people are very good at accurately processing your requests and they are done in a timely manner. They have a great selection of funding options available and I have never had any problems with them. They are fast, accurate and things are always handled in a timely manner. I have always been happy with the options that are provided to me and it makes me happy to know there are more options available than I can even use.

They are very helpful. Easy to work with. Care about you and the money you're using. Willing to help. Answer any questions you may have or need help with. They take the time to help explain things to you. They get in touch with you right away. Willing to answer any questions you may have and they care about you and your family's future and your money. They are very helpful and explaining things to you so you understand what is going on with your money and how you should use your money wisely. They are very helpful in explaining what you can use and how you can use it and what is out there for you to use. They care about how you are using your money and for what you are using it for.

Met with the broker and they laid out all the different options so that even a novice would be able to understand. Also did a lot of follow up later on. Had the options of withdrawing at any time through direct deposit to a bank account... a PayPal account... or a check at your own discretion. These were the options that I recalled and using all three at one time or another and it being very smooth. Was able to fund the annuity directly through the broker or through your own bank. Direct deposit through your own personal bank or with a check through the broker.

Their customer service is good. Easy to deal with. Very straight forward process with helpful staff. Website was very helpful and easy to navigate. There are plenty of payout options to choose from. Depending on your living situation you can choose which option works best for you. Most people go with the monthly check. I am very satisfied with the funding options for my annuity. They offer a wide range of services. You can go for a fixed rate if that's more of your style or a variable rate. You decide.

Really great customer service experience with this company. No issues or problems whatsoever. Very kind and helpful. One of the best customer services. The withdrawal options are so very awesome. Very quick and professional services. No hassle at all guys. I would recommend the withdrawal method. Very good guys. The pay out options are very really great. I would for sure most definitely recommend this service method guys. I love it. Great pay outs provided to you. I have a really great funding options experience. Great funding without all the unnecessary hassle involved with most places. I'm highly satisfied with funding options and I would recommend funding options to everyone. Great service.

Always good experience. Fast service and to the point. Fidelity is the best brokerage compared to most other brokerage services. I really like the service. Give me enough option to withdraw my fund when I have emergent need. Very flexible fund and very highly recommended. Always there to serve me. Never use this service before but as Fidelity as my provider I believe it will be to satisfaction and always top notch service. It always give me the most efficient funding option without much hassle. Better than my bank if I must say. What else can be said, ne plus ultra.

The people weren't transparent. They didn't call-in a timely fashion and they didn't explain anything. They didn't work with me in a timely fashion and when I would call the people were rude and acted like I was a burden and bothering them. They seemed shady because they wouldn't outright answer my questions and the times tell me that my money was in the bank when it wasn't. I will not do business again with this company and I tell my friends and family not to practice business with this company.

Every time I withdraw money it says negative bank balance because they freeze accounts and do not tell the customer the truth of what is going on with the bank monies and transaction. I finally get payout to get done doing business with the company of these fidelity people. It is not a fair business makings and I just pat out and go. It make me happy. These are clowns to do business and I say no in the future to these companies business. They shady people who data clear and truthful to any customer.

They are top quality and some of the most knowledgeable people out there. They make sure you are getting a great plan and are always very helpful. It is a very convenient process for drawing out my money in several ways instead of having to go through all complicated processes of getting info about anything and so I don't have to worry or struggle with getting it on time. They make it easy for me.They have a complex process that allows me to get the most funds possible. One of the best out there. Very convenient and smart ideas always being created.

They were very friendly and helpful. They showed me the best options for my family. Everything I needed help with or questions they answered for me. There was many different options for me with this company. I have never had any problems cashing out with this company at all. Everything is fast and easy. When the time comes to get paid there are several different options for you to choose from and all payouts are done within a timely matter. There are many different ways to fund or take out. They have something for everyone. There is something as easy as bank account to PayPal, Skillz.

We have always had good help whenever we needed it. Very knowledgeable and courteous to customers too. We would definitely recommend them to anyone else who was looking to purchase annuities. We have never had any difficulties whatsoever withdrawing money from our account at any time. They have always been extremely helpful and courteous to help us with our transactions whenever we needed them to.

I signed up with Fidelity to give myself a chance to receive my annuity payments faster. I mean, it is money that I need and I have a right to do that. It has been a very good investment for me and my wife. I highly recommend it to all. Comes in very handy for little unexpected cost, like when our a/c went out in the middle of summer and we needed a cans infusion, it was there for us. Nice to know you have it when emergencies come along. I set up my account so that I would deposit money about every month, but I was able to maneuver it. Some months I wasn't able to put the amount expected, and other months I could put in significantly more. They were very flexible and happy to change based on my needs. It's a good company. They are very helpful when it comes to assisting customers. I would totally recommend this company to other people. I love the funding options as well. Totally recommend!

I have some questions but they answer it really quick and they sound really friendly. They also give me some additional tips even if I don't really ask about it. Convenient and fast. They have multiple banks that I can go to and they don't charge you that much so I would stick to them and they help me a lot. They have a modern and fast way of doing payout and they can give you diff options. If I need help they can easily process your account for hassle free. Although it takes a while before they can fully process your account but it wasn't as long as the other banks plus it is safe and secure so I don't need to worry.

The customer service I received was very professional and helpful. The company provided me the needed help I was looking for and I learned a lot from the whole process and they are just great people to deal with. The process was very straightforward and simple. I was assigned a representative that helped me throughout the entire time and I was very happy with the job they did. I like this company and the way they conduct business. There are numerous payout options but I chose the check by mail because I find it the simplest and I also believe it is a secure option and I received my check on time without any problems. The funding was great because I can use monthly direct deposits or I could mail check an alternative option. I chose the direct deposit because it was so easy and I did not have to worry about anything else.

Very nice staff to talk to and resolve my problems in a timely manner. Always available. Very high quality staff. Love Fidelity. They are very professional. Have several options to withdraw your funds and receive your money. They have the quickest withdrawals of any Investment company available. They have sufficient payout options and its designed for the customer to be able to access funds whenever needed. Love them they are the best. Several ways to fund my account. Very flexible and easy to use interface. Not a hard process to access. Its very easy and optimized for the customers.

Great Customer Service. You can contact them a variety of ways including through their Mobile App. They are always very happy to help customers like me with understanding things or processing changes and will give you important money saving advice. Fidelity offers a variety of Annuity Withdrawal options according to one's specific needs and Withdrawals can be done by phone or online or mobile app but not all. They offer several Payout Options such as Income for guaranteed period, Lifetime payments, Income for life with a guaranteed period certain benefit, Joint and survivor annuity. They offer several Funding Options such as Single Premium Funding, Flexible Premium Funding, Charitable Funding, Variable Annuity Funding Options. I have used a couple of these and it's worked out great.

They guide and help you with everything from A to Z. Any questions you may have they will not only answer but make you feel confident as well. This is a very flexible plan. That was one of the key selling points for me. To be able to change if anything came up was a plus in my book and something I treasure. You have plenty of options when it comes to payment. Anything that would fit your suiting. You really can't go wrong this is something for everyone. The ways to pay are plenty and great. This was something I was mainly concerned about but after asking questions I felt much more comfortable about the funds and the way they come about.

Great customer service, 24 hour support, either by phone or chat online. They are always very helpful and willing to help. The service is a huge plus to an already awesome company. I had no issues with withdrawing. It was a very simple, very easy, process. And of course, I had all the helpful customer service people to offer me their help as much as I needed. I would highly recommend this company because the payout service was so so so simple and easy and painless and quick. Definitely well worth it. I was not happy with the funding due to the company never wanting to willingly offer up me the funds to help me out but that's ok. I just used my own funds.

My 74 year old sister is extremely ill and is in a nursing home. She wants to transfer a $140,000 IRA to her checking account. I have been dealing with Fidelity for her. I was told a form was necessary to be completed with a medallion signature guarantee. I found the proper person and made arrangements for him to come to the nursing home. Another phone call told me no form was necessary but I could talk in the phone with a representative to get the transaction done. We spoke with a rep on 4/25 and were told the funds would be transferred in 10 days. They were not.

I was told I could only speak with Gerard ** who was unavailable but would call me back that day. He did not. The next day, May 5 I had an appointment with him at 10 am with my sister required to be there. He did not appear. On May 9 we finally connected. He told me the password was frozen but would be unfrozen when the people that do this had time. Today is May 11 and the password is still frozen. One representative told me I should go to a branch. There is no branch here and obviously they would not speak to me without my sister who cannot travel. The money is necessary for bills. I have no idea what to do now. Nobody at Fidelity remotely cares.

They were knowledgeable and were able to help me to understand what I was doing and what steps I needed to take to grow my money. This meant that I came into it not really knowing what I needed to do and they helped me along the way. Although I was not able to withdraw for a little while, I was able to get information and got a reasonable amount of times to withdraw. Certainly it was not unlimited, but I really don't need to change or withdraw from my account all that often. I would absolutely recommend what they offered. They were able to help me grow my money exponentially, in a way that I never expected and was able to get a crazy amount of money. I set up my account so that that I would deposit money about every month, but I was able to maneuver it. Some months I wasn't able to put the amount expected, and other months I could put in significantly more. They were very flexible and happy to change based on my needs.

It's a good company. They are very helpful when it comes to assisting customers. I would totally recommend this company to other people. I love the withdrawal options very well. Customer service could never be any better. I love this company. The payout options are amazing. I am a happy customer who will be a customer for many years to come. I would recommend this company to others cause it's a company I really like. I totally love their funding options. They could never be any better. I like this company so much that I'd recommend them to my friends. I'd also recommend my family check out this company when it comes to funding options as they take very good care of their customers. I will be a happy customer for many years to come.

It was a great experience. They were very helpful and useful. I would use them again. I think the company treats their clients right overall. I'm not really sure on this subject but then they would handle it with the right matter and be a good company to do business with. Sounds like a company I could use. The payout options are the best I know. They are very fair. I would tell my family and friends all about it. They treated me with respect and honor. Not sure how I would like this one. It seems like a good option but I'm not sure I would use them and see if I liked it and then decide based on that information.

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Fidelity is a privately held company with over $4 trillion in customer assets. Fidelity was founded in 1946 and has been an innovator in the consumer financial industry throughout its entire history.

  • Investor Center: Consumers can search for a Fidelity Investor Center to learn more by talking to an advisor or attending seminars.
  • Customer support: Fidelity offers many methods for contacting a representative, including phone, email, in-person visits, and instant messaging.
  • Income Strategy Evaluator: This simple questionnaire helps guide consumers toward the right mix of income-producing investments to meet their retirement needs.
  • Refer a Friend: Fidelity provides a simple way to refer friends and family, making it easy for consumers to help others gain access to Fidelity's customer service, one-on-one financial guidance, and its large choice of investment options.
  • Comprehensive customer portal: Registering for a Fidelity online account gives consumers access to the full range of Fidelity products including stocks, mutual funds, and retirement accounts.
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