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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

The customer service is excellent, answers all questions, walks you through the process so you feel informed and comfortable with the process. Absolutely secure, I had no worries my information would be shared, and they made you feel like they always had your best interest at heart. They are very knowledgeable, and know exactly how to consolidate your debts for you, and they make sure they are affordable to pay your debts while you are able to pay your month to month expenses. It was great having to only pay one bill a month, help me to eliminate mistakes that were resulting in penalties or incorrect late payments. It made me feel more content that I didn't have the stress of all those bills, and was able to pay this on time every month.

I called and called and called and finally got hung up on. Then I went and tried to find another number to call and I get the janitor. All in all, they definitely need to work on that. The staff was icy, the lawyers decidedly unprofessional, etc. I don't have a problem trusting them. It's the fact that I was on hold for hours just to get hung up on. That alone can really piss a person off. Very disorganized and disorderly. I've never seen one person so flustered. The man I saw after days of calls was dirty, and could give me no information I didn't know myself. The end result was what I wanted. I see no reason to complain about that. I definitely would have preferred that they use a better customer relations adviser. Then they would have gotten 4 stars.

The customer service was the best part of using this business. The customer service employees were very nice and tried their best to help me. The service seemed to be conducted in a secure manner. I for some reason didn't have a good feeling about it though. I am going to have to give them just a satisfied for the security category. I was happy with the customer service. They were very knowledgeable and answered my questions in a professional manner. The value wasn't very good at all. I thought there were too many high fees applied to each loan that they had to offer.

The customer service experience was a pleasant experience I suppose. Although, I only had to use the customer service just once, but based on that experience I wouldn't mind too much if I had to use their customer service again. The service really just felt pretty secure. It really seemed that they knew their stuff. They made sure the experience was as painless as humanly possible for me by informing me every step of the way. The value of services was really great.