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I have recently decided to refinance with St George Bank, moving from ING. My husband and I approached St George in August and filled in necessary documentation to proceed. This past week I have spoken with St George to follow up and they advised me they have been in contact with ING on a weekly basis to have this application settled, but ING have sat on it and are doing nothing. Yesterday I spoke with ING who informed me they received the paperwork on the 8th of September but have failed to do their job. After speaking with a number of people I was told to wait and it will be done soon.

I have spoken with them again today and they still have not acted. It is obvious they are just hanging on as long as possible to receive their Interest payments monthly and that is disgusting. I have found their Staff to be rude and unhelpful considering they are taking a wage from my money and yet are unwilling to sort out this situation and let us move on. I can't understand how as Customers we are held to ransom by ING, when they have had our paperwork for 5 weeks now. I want this sorted out now and I will never be a returning Customer. This is not our first run in with ING but it will definitely be our last.

We have 2 business loans accounts with them ING. Since their so called "upgrade" to their website it has nothing but trouble. Our accounts can no longer be view on online, several phone calls and emails has been made and sent to but nothing has been resolve. Fancy enough their website works effectively on direct-debiting but nothing else.

No physical branch therefore there is no "real person" you can go to for assistance... If you are looking for Customer Service with ING, don't bother cause there is none. The words "Customer Service" are not part of their vocabulary at ING. Whatever advertised on their website regarding customer care "We're here to help 24/7", is nothing but a lie and a joke. "A 5 STAR TERRIBLE SERVICE AWARD FOR ONLINE BANKING OF 2016 GOES TO ING AND THE COMING YEAR". Applaud to all ING staff, well done keep up with the bad service!!!

My late husband opened a tax deferred TSA with ING. He passed away in 1998, and the account was left to my two minor aged sons. We have been struggling with the VOYA customer service. They told us that the account was "closed in 2013". That money was taken from my late husband's paycheck--it is my children's, not VOYA. This fight is not over. My sons need that money to pay for college. I am a teacher and a union member. VOYA often sends representatives to our schools. You can bet your life that I have alerted the Union and the Wisconsin Education Association Council to NOT endorse this company. They are thieves.

I have been trying to do a roll over for nearly 3 months. They keep making me jump through hoops; every time I try to call I wait on hold for at least 5 minutes. But the most infuriating trouble is trying to obtain the account number, they know that is what keeps a roll over from happening. Like millions of people, I will change jobs and employers use different providers, a roll over is very common. I have never experienced anything like this. I will never use Voya/ING or affiliates ever again.

My In-Laws purchased a contract from ING that has now become Voya. Do not even think of calling Customer Service unless you enjoy speaking to a phone clerk with limited English language ability. You will NOT get ANY straight answers, period. The annuity contract and the statements are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. They say that you cannot track the performance of the funds you have invested in and there is no association in mutual funds available off the Street. Such a dazzling bit of magic will allow Voya to REDUCE your investment by secret FEES and CHARGES. AGAIN with no possible way to track what is happening to your Money, ALL without explanation. I lodged a complaint and a week later Suzy ** claims they need 2 more weeks because an actuary is required to investigate... MORE SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Bottom line... Do not BUY anything from Voya. Leave your money in a cookie jar, you can STEAL from yourself.

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Me and my partner went to open a joint account. It has been a 2-week process. We keep being told different information each time we call up, after a minimum 15-minute wait time. I have been with ING for 2 years now and even have my super with them. I can no longer see the point and will most likely change banks and super accounts in the near future.

I've had an ING Direct account and mortgage for nearly 10 years, and am one of those that should have benefited from the Rate Renewal Class Acton suit. Since I never received a check, I inquired. The staff was utterly incompetent, repeating again and again that the remaining funds were given to charity. Again and again I said that I knew that, but wanted to know where my check was. After literally an hour of babbling, the agent "escalated" the call. At that point I was given a defunct website and telephone number. I should say I was "blown off," because I told the agent at the beginning that the website and telephone numbers no longer worked. This is one of many frustrating experiences I've had with the company's support staff. And please note that they lost a class action suit due to their fraudulent refi claims. The rates are sometimes good; the service is terrible.

My wife lost her job and is 59 1/2 and was told that she could make a lump sum withdraw from her 403 account but we were only sent 20% and we were told that we could only take out 20% over a 5-year period. We may lose our home due to this company. I would not ever trust this company as we were lied to the whole time. Seems they want to benefit from keeping her money and really do not care about their customers.

About eight years ago I opened an account with ING Direct. Now it seems that the company has moved overseas and I am no longer able to access my account. I can't call the number because it is an international number and my phone will not call overseas. It is not a lot of money, however, it is still money that belongs to me. This is frustrating at best! How do I contact this company to access my online account. I do not remember my username and password. Their website has ridiculous hoops to go through in order to get in and I am unable to jump through all of them without speaking to someone.

I've never experienced such deliberate avoidance of a request. They claim to be the "most ethical" company, but trying to withdraw funds is like wading through a swamp of dense muck. When I call and talk to a customer service advisor, that person either does nothing or does NOT understand what to do. Then I'm presented with a number of hoops to jump through, including going through their ridiculous and redundant "planwithease" website. I had no choice about this company as it was chosen by the institution from which I retired.

Invest through ING. Pretty happy with the way things are going, want things to be better. It satisfied as things are. I really don't know how helpful I can be as far as I am concerned. Things are pretty automatic and I have very little if not nothing to do that would change the way things are.

I have been unable to access my 401K account information for several months. My employer switched from J.P. Morgan to VOYA to manage our accounts, so I had no choice. The password provided was not valid. I was unable to access the account through their website no matter how many times I tried. They have sent passwords to my address on 3 separate occasions and none of them worked. When calling the number provided, I was kept on hold for more than 15 minutes before I could talk to someone. Another password was mailed and it did not work. My company will be switching to Fidelity as of 1/1/16 so all of this will become a moot point. But my issues with VOYA were NEVER resolved. I'm glad my employer is dumping VOYA.

Got an account with ING while I was employed. Now I am retired and it is a struggle to get my money from the distributor Voya on time. They do not deposit funds on time each month. I cannot recall the last time I got my money on the first of the month. My bank has assured me the fault falls on ING. This is true since my monthly statement shows they wait up to a week before making the deposit into my account. When I called to rectify the situation I was blown off by a Supervisor. They are bad news.

Like other reviewers I had a small amount of rollover 401K money that was placed in an ING/Voya account. After receiving statement after statement from this company showing various ridiculous fees being taken out of my account, I decided to close it and invest into a more reputable company. As I was doing a 60-day indirect rollover to another IRA account, I requested that no taxes be taken out of the check. When I received the money, there was a $95 termination fee AND a $35 maintenance fee charged. They also took out state taxes, which was listed on the check.

I called back to request a new check without the taxes taken out. They cancelled the first check and sent a second check in the same amount as the first incorrect check. This time when I called I was told that there was a "debit balance" on the account that was paid first before the check was issued. Does not make any sense. This company is terrible - if you want endless amounts of unnecessary fees charged to your account, then use this company. Otherwise, invest your money elsewhere.

I had a small balance through a former employer, and was told that since it was under 5K I needed to take it as a distribution. Voya was provided the simple directions on what needed to be on the check for it to be correctly deposited into my qualifying IRA (bank's name, my name, account number). Well, they sent the check without the account number so the bank deposited it into my checking account. It's fixable, but when I called Voya to send me a statement that showed the distribution, the "customer service" rep tried to argue with me that the check shouldn't have needed an account number on it to be directed to the right account.

I can forgive a mistake. Can't forgive when a mistake is made and then you get an argument instead of an apology... just say "sorry" and fix it, you jerks. So... I now need to open a new IRA (inherited) for a significantly larger amount... and guess who will never ever get the business. Take yours elsewhere!

We have been trying to get a home loan from our investments for 3 weeks now. Every day we call and someone tells us something different. We were first told 5 days with the signed promissory note, proof of a purchase agreement (ours is notarized) and proof of the closing date. Then the date kept changing further and further out. We provided what they requested, yet they red flagged our account! Apparently, they're not smart enough to know how building a new home works.

They keep treating it as an existing home and don't understand that we're needing this money for the down payment on the construction loan. They refuse to hand the phone to a manager after we've complained that they're holding up the building of our house. It is ridiculous to go through so many hoops to obtain our own money. We went through less obtaining the construction loan and that's been completed through the government itself! I've sent an email in regards to our situation to our Attorney General and social media. Maybe we'll get someone outside this joke of a company to help us!

Called and spoke to another rep. Advised the State was requiring an email or fax confirmation that the I did request the info and they were working on it. Rep denied doing this. Asked for a manager. Rep came back and told me no. "We don't do this. We won't email or fax you anything." Read her what was being requested. A statement saying "your request for information has been received." "No, we don't do that. The State of IL will have to call us for something like that." And she went silent. She would not say anything further. Not "I am sorry." Nothing. Horrible service.

I have a large annuity at Voya (that used to be ING) and have been trying to find out how to transfer it somewhere else before it expired. I was left on hold at a call center in Manila for hours and no one in the US would talk to me. They don't call you back and you are sent to a call center overseas. I never want to deal with this awful company again. This is what is wrong with the USA. I suppose the CEO is too busy buying yachts and homes to deal with the little people who support this company. They are frauds. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM VOYA. They are terrible. I am going to get my money back if I have to take legal action. They are awful.

My account from a former employer rolled over into a VOYA plan. VOYA and IDP contract for this to happen at the end of employer/employee relationships. VOYA charges customers ridiculous fees for the privilege of having to chase their money down including monthly charges for "administration" and an additional fee to roll the money out of a VOYA account. The fees are designed to chip away at small balances until there is nothing left to administer. These relationships should be illegal and exist only because the financial services industry has a powerful lobby. When asked about the fees VOYA's CSR was irascible and defensive. Not only do you pay for the privilege of chasing your money but you also pay the CSR to treat you poorly. Congratulations VOYA, keep up the great work.

My husband is deceased. He had an ING access account which appeared to be worth a significant amount of money. I'm trying to find out where it is or where it went to. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me. I contacted Voya and they have no record of him and his social security number.

I think this company just does not care about customer service. I have been waiting over a month for a loan which they say takes 5 days to process. When I called at the two week mark they said it wasn't processed but they will. 4 weeks and nothing. Monday they said I would have by Friday. No supervisors come to the phone. No response to the contact up on the web page. What is going on Voya? This is terrible.

I am trying to set up a new 401(k) account with Voya. Have had to talk to several different people and have received different information. Definitely not TRowePrice!!

So my company signed us up with this 401k plan. I have tried to get setup, it took over 5 attempts and even called them to get my information into their system. Finally it’s there but they signed me up for a financial adviser that I have to pay for which I never agreed upon. My current investments have all been changed and I cannot get anything changed. I have called 6 times now dealing with Voya and Morningstar to get the service turned off and to change my vestments. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. If your firm goes with Voya, do yourself a favor and say NO. It’s run by a bunch of idiots.

Every now and then my wife goes in to the 403b and requests a loan from her retirement. Most of the time they fail to process the loan in a speedy manner. As they put it - somebody is working on it. It seems that ING has very poor customer service. Can't wait to take all of the retirement out of ING and invest it somewhere else. Other times, the wrong form has been filled out as they decided to change them. They don't bother to tell either. No calls. No communications.

My plan summary states I can make loan payments directly to the plan in addition to payroll deductions. The plan states I can prepay the outstanding balance in whole or in part at any time. I have sent in a payment and they are refusing to post to my loan.

Firstly, they take your information over the phone to transfer your 401K to another institution. That's scary - How are they sure it's me? Secondly, my broker says that the $150 exit fee is steep and unreasonable. The whole reason I left ING (now Voya) is because their fees are exorbitant.

I had 4521.00 invested in my 401K. Today I see 0 as the balance. I called customer service today. I called first time, on hold for more than 45 minutes and customer survey came up. This is a strange experience for a financial company who does 401K.

I am on Long Term Disability, I had researched some, although I am heavily medicated and an agent had me fill out forms for medigap supp F and D policies. When my Sister saw them she told me I should not take them, so I cancelled the applications. When I 1st called ING/Voya, I was told I would need to sign a letter to cancel coverage, I never received this letter and received a call today stating I am unavailable for benefits. W/O this coverage my prescription drugs will bankrupt me, The Part D medigap policies do not cover through the gap and the medicare advantage does and I have had it since 04/2013. I believe they should allow the coverage since I am still on the plan until end of year and never signed to cancel stating I knew what I was doing.

Opened an account for my daughter for her to access while at college. There was some confusion as ING requested change of password. When password did not work we both called to request funds. ING response was no password, no funds and refused to return our own money even after several calls and discussions with supervisors. No wonder they are changing their name. Criminals!!!

I opened a Retirement account upon being employed by the County of San Bernardino in June 2013. Upon ending my service with the county effective May 14, 2014. Subsequently, I requested for the refund of my contributions into the plan. By Check #** for $1,247.97 my contributions were to be refunded. I called when I failed to receive this check on time but was always told give it time. Getting tired of waiting, I called on Wednesday July 16, to report non-receipt of this check and requested that the check be stopped and instead to be paid by direct deposit into my account with Wells Fargo Bank giving the following details: Account Name: Johnson **, Routing #: **, Account #: **.

I was told it will take 4 working days for the credit to reflect in my account. I called on Monday July 21, 2014, was told it normally takes 2-3 working days to stop payment of a check and that with that in mind that I should only expect the credit into my account by Wednesday July 23, 2014. When the credit did not reflect on my account, I called on Wednesday July 23, 2014 and this time was told the check has been cashed on Monday July 21, 2014. I told the Customer Representative that I never received the check, not to talk of cashing it. I was told a copy of the check will be requested to be mailed to me.

I have now received the copy of front and back of the check and noted the endorsement signature at the back of the check does not belong to me nor am I B. ** name written at the back of the check. In fact I have never operated any account with Bank of America in my whole life. Therefore, I am requesting for immediate direct deposit into my account as stated above.

OBSERVATION: 1. The system that operates with ING is inefficient and negligible that takes 2-3 days to stop a check in 21st century. 2. A check was cashed out 4 working days after it was reported not to have been received.

My patience is being exhausted and I cannot wait indefinitely for your inefficient system. I hope I will not be forced to involve legal action to receive my contributions. Once again, I am emphatically denying ever receiving the check nor operating an account with Bank of America.

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