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27 Coastal Credit Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

I've been with this company almost 3 years and for the past year, the experience that I've had has been absolutely horrible. I went out on medical leave from Sep. 2016- Jan of 2017 and still made my payments each month broken up. Not one individual I spoke with noted my file the entire time I was out of work to say that I would be making my payments each month in two increments. On the day that I had my daughter I was called by an extremely rude young woman demanding payment. Mind you I had just gotten out of surgery and they were at the time the least of my worries with me already making arrangements prior to my leave. I went back to work in Jan 2017 and started making my payments again in full in Feb. I fell behind by a payment in September after hurricane Irma and I've been trying to get caught up with my payments.

Today Dec. 1st, 2017 I called in to make a payment and was greeted by an extremely rude Knika who had the nerve to tell me "why don't you pull out a calendar and tell me when you gonna pay us" after speaking with a very helpful Corey via email earlier in the week about what was going on in my life. I politely asked her to speak with someone else as I was not in the mood for her attitude. She placed me on hold and never came back. Me now irritated hung up and called back where a very pleasant young lady Nikita answered and I asked to speak with a manager.

The manager Steve surprisingly was extremely rude and belittled me. When told that the company's customer service was horrible he said to me "this is not customer service." Me working in the hospitality industry with people all day long along with having over 10 years of customer service experience was a bit confused because last time I checked I was the customer and you are the employees working to take care of me the customer. If that's not considered customer service then I've been doing it wrong my whole life. I have never in my life been so disrespected by so many people in one company. This entire year it’s been something with them. I would never recommend anyone to work with them. They do not know how to treat their clients.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

Called to pay my car note but changed my mind and said I would mail it. The rep named Jenny got very nasty with me because I didn't want to pay the fee and began to belittle me and talk very condescending to me as if she was doing me a favor or the late fees were coming out of her check. Asked for a supervisor his name was David ** and he was WORSE!!

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Original review: July 24, 2017

Some of the worst people I have ever come in contact with!!! I have had nothing but issues with them. I have had money issues and car payments have been behind but are always caught up. (paid 2 weeks late because of a new job) They harass you and do not care about any issues you have even though you are up front with them. They have customer service etiquette whatsoever! And it seems I am not the only one who has had issues... all bad reviews. Would not recommend them to my worst enemy!!! My next step is calling the Better Business Bureau because I refuse to be treated the way I do when I am talking to these idiots!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

I've had my loan for almost a year. Back in october my identity was stolen and I am still recovering financially from it. When it happened they worked with me for a payment. As I mentioned before I am still financially recovering and I hit a bump in the road and I tried to make arrangements. The girl I spoke to, was insulting. She spoke to me as if she were a mother asking her 10 year old "What did you do with your money". While raising her voice. Now I understand creditors are owed this money and being firm and intimidating is their job but not to be ugly. Her behavior was unprofessional, berating and very disrespectful. It was 1 payment. There is no reason to be nasty to someone who is trying under these circumstances. Also to add insult to injury I found out a couple weeks ago that they add late charges every X amount of days TO any late charges. The debtor has resulting in compounded fees. That to me is simply taking advantage of the consumer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

Do not ever get a Loan from Coastal Credit! They are horrible and don't care about anyone except getting their money! I had some health issues and was on temporary disability! I could no longer afford the car payment until I start receiving my disability! First I started receiving phone calls and texts the same day the payment was due! I called and told them my issue! I continued receiving more phone calls about 6 times a day even after discussing my situation with them! They in turn called my family members after I stopped taking their calls. At this point I was two months behind, so I called and told them I could make 1 payment. I was told I needed to make two payments! I told them I was only able to make one payment! Needless to say this continued on for weeks and I wasn't going to make any payments until I had something in writing saying they would not repossess the car if I made one payment!

It's been 3 months now and I'm being threatened by this company for legal action after they verify my employment! I've told them that I was back at work and able to pay going forward but can't catch up! They still threatened legal action! Any good company would be happy to receive any money and keep a customer no matter what they have to do! This company is horrible! They have no customer service and their staff talks to you like you're the lowest scum on earth! They never reported on my credit report when my payments were on time for the first two years, but once I get behind they report that!! I wish there was something that could be done about that as well. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

Bought our 2007 Pontiac G6 back in 2013. Great car was financed under military approval through Coastal Credit and was fine, up until Nov 2016 when I was hit head on and our car was totaled. Kayla from Coastal Credit has been harassing me stating that she is going to proceed with legal proceedings, now mind you we borrowed $16,000.00 for the car and just about had it paid off until the wreck. USAA picked up on majority of the payoff and GAP took care of the rest of the balance. Now they are saying that we owe $1,200 and saying that we were past due on payments, which was a lie. I have had to block their number from calling me everyday while I am in school and at work.

Just letting anybody that is looking for financing to not go through Coastal Credit as they have horrible customer service and will harass you every minute of the day and will not care what you are doing. If they cannot reach you on the phone they will blow up your email! I have had to block them on my personal email as well. This company is by far the worst company ever on the face of the earth and will never and I mean never do business with this company ever again! Kayla will not work with you what so ever and will even get ** with you! So beware of this company. They don't care about their customers. All they worry about is themselves!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2017

In fall of 2015, we (me and my ex-boyfriend) needed a car due to our old car breaking down and the birth of our second child. We ended up at a dealership under recommendation of a friend. The process went great, the dealer helped us until we found a loan company which was Coastal Credit. We signed off on the papers and were able to drive off with the car that night.

However, after the first late payment (which was only a day or two late due to it being the weekend), is when it all started to go downhill. First and foremost is when the harassing phone calls began. After the first late payment, they began the "courtesy calls". They would literally call 5-6 times per day, from various numbers, one day before and the day of the bill being due! We weren't even overdue yet and they still called at an alarming amount anyways. If we were one or two days late, the same thing. On one particular occasion we weren't even 10 days late and they called our parents, our family members, friends and employers to "hunt us down" and we weren't even into the next billing cycle!

It got so bad, I had to write them and tell them to stop harassing my loved ones. They are not the ones on the lease, so why are you calling them to get a payment to a car that does not legally involve them? I had to tell my family to block them just so they wouldn't get any more calls. They even went as far as to enroll me into text notifications, that I did not agree to or want to contact me. They even go as far as to make "home visits" where they physically come knock on your door, and leave a note saying they will repossess your car and take action against you and a whole month hadn't even elapsed yet!

Secondly, is the customer service. As I said earlier, they enrolled me into a texting notification system, and I was super pissed (excuse my language) when I started getting unwanted messages from them. I quickly shut that down by UN-enrolling as fast as they enrolled me. Currently, me and my ex, who signed off on the car are not together. He now lives in another city, and I am the sole provider for me and my two children. My expenses have doubled and are completely my responsibility. Me and him barely talk, if we talk at all and has been the case for about 5 months now. This prompted me in running out of savings very fast and unable to meet all of the car payments. I explained this to the agent who was able to get me a deferment at that time. But ever since then it's just been the same harassing calls one right after the other.

I am unable to answer during the day due to prior engagements and I told this to the agent in an email and this is what was his reply and I quote "It is evident that you are unable to make this a priority you are required to" and "We can no longer wait on you guys. You guys have given us the runaround long enough" and also accused me of being "Avoidant". First off, in my opinion, how rude is that. I've told this man several times, I'm busy, I have so much on my plate, and the co-signer, my ex, is not even with me anymore and you're still being judgmental? How do you get avoidant out of that? So, basically, me literally having no time out of my day AND me telling you that amounts to me being avoidant? Wow.

In addition to that, I found it really rude that he told me about my priorities and accused me of giving him the runaround when in fact I've simply never answered any calls due to my busy nature. My ex was the one who answered and said god knows what. It's that type of judgmental comments and rude remarks that would keep me from contacting them if I were being avoidant as the agent claims.

Overall it seems like Coastal Credit has adopted harassing and shameful practices all aimed at doing nothing but scaring, threatening and shaming people into getting their money. If you're looking for a credit company aimed at pleasing customers and helping them with their financial issues this is not the company for you. It only been a year and a half and I am in the process of finding another (better) finance company to come in and refinance the lease. If I could give this company 0 stars I would but unfortunately you have to give a star. I do not recommend this company in the slightest. Please proceed with this company with caution and keep your options open. I regret not having the opportunity to do research this company before signing on the dotted line.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

We made our last payment and they said we would receive the title in 21 days. Ok, 21 days pass and then they say, "No, you have to wait 4 weeks and then won't get it until 21-50 days after that. If you want it sooner you have to fill out paperwork to expedite the process." Then we waited just to call and find out they were only sending a release of title form to the DMV. Every time we found out any information we had to call them and demand info.

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profile pic of the author
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I work in the financial industry. Prior to my current position, I had challenged credit problems from the military and only financial institution that would approve me while the dealer was out of town was this company. Since then, it has been more than headache. First, one local office in Norman, OK closed down and was transferred to Denver, CO and now recently that office has closed. It is a very suspicious loan service. They attempted to secure the vehicle since I was 3 days past due saying I was over 30 days past due and I happened to be with family on vacation which I ended up having to actually spend time trying to prove on time payments then reported 30 days late on my credit which made me furious.

They are very inconsistent with their accounting. Their financial practices are significantly less than ethical and they are rude and will harass and do skip tracing before you're 10 days late to contact individuals even contacting my employer and causing misunderstanding. I have contacted to the Federal Trade Commission and the US Attorney General and the DOD, and others to get this loan company shut down and will not stop. Do not whatsoever go to Coastal Credit. Beware of the illegal practices and if you cannot get approved, then try a buy here pay here dealer. I should have just a loan from a family member or had a co-signer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2016

Don't walk - RUN!! Horrible company. Ripoff. Repossessed our car wrongly. Was told they were a "busy" because it was the end of the month and that is why the mistake was made. Cost us a bunch to get it back. Never could give the correct payout amount nor a statement of our account. They will hand-deliver you letters and charge you a "field delivery" charge. Rude, rude, rude customer service. Absolutely horrible all around.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2016

I paid off my car loan with money order on Dec. 2, 2015. I have yet to receive my title. I have tried to reach them for 3 days, all I get is a busy signal. My local DMV said it was sent to Orange Park Fl. That office is closed! I can't reach anybody to tell me where my title is. I'm very worried.

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2015

I have never been late on my payments on and now they are making "courtesy calls" on the day you are due. I spoke to them 3 times even after they said they "noted" my account I wouldn't get anymore calls. I still am getting calls AFTER making my payment. Payment is due on the 15th. I told them repeatedly I would make it on the 18th and I did. I am still getting harassing calls. This is ridiculous. I told them their policy is outrageous and stop calling me. Harass someone who isn't making their payment. They said they just started this policy because they have many people in the military. I am not military??? Why bother someone if they are making payments on time?

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2015

I have had my car for 3 years. I was not late on a payment from October 2012-May 2015, so almost 3 years. I had some financial issues in May and became 2 weeks late. Now, mind you my credit score has gone from a 420 to a 590 in great part due to me paying this payment on time. But once I became late, they still have not reported me as late (which is good), but I have spoken to so many rude customer service people at this company, that I don't even know what to say anymore. I was contacted on a Saturday by a lady named Dawn, who called me a deadbeat and told me that I needed to get my life together and fulfill my end of our contract. I asked to speak to her manager and she told me that there was no supervisor. This lady has called and harassed me repeatedly. This company calls me at least 6 times a day on 6 different phone numbers. Oh yeah, the car that I have is worth about 1000 and I owe $5400 on it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2015

Shady substandard business. After filing bankruptcy, Coastal has lied and conned to the furthest extent in an attempt to solicit extra payments, breaking the agreement with the trustee office.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2015

I had a my loan with Coastal Credit for a year now, and not one time I felt so disrespected by a team lead named Bill **. He spoke to me in a manner where he needs to be replaced immediately! His customer service is at a negative 10! I will leave no stone unturned until this person get reprimanded! I also mentioned to another account representative that goes by the name "O Mac" not to contact on a specific line due to my job, however he continues to do so. These two men are very disrespectful, and hopefully whomever will review the recordings! I've been nothing but open with these people and this is what I get in return! However with the company I wish them the best with having those two guys on their team!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2015

On Sunday September 13th approximately 8:30 AM, I got a knock on my door by my neighbor Steve (who lives in the apartment directly above mine), informing me that he watched Car Masters repossession company tow my car. On Monday September 28th I worked out a deal with the finance company, Coastal Credit LLC, who hired Car Masters to repossesses the vehicle, to satisfy my balance owed on the account in order to regain possession of the vehicle. I was instructed by Michelle ** at Coastal Credit, after paying the $1400 I owed, to contact the repossession company Car Masters of Gastonia, NC in order to regain possession of my personal belongings and my license plates so that I can then contact Adesa Charlotte Auction to regain possession of the vehicle.

Adesa Charlotte is the Auction company that picked my car up 3 days after it was in possession of Car Masters in order to get it ready for auctioning just in case I couldn't satisfy my balance and regain ownership. I did as I was told and Car Masters instructed me that in order for me to claim my personal belongings from my vehicle and license plates I would have to bring my License and a copy of the car key with me to their location between the hours of 8am-5pm. I picked up my personal belongings and license plate from Car Masters on September 29th 2015 sometime around noon. Once I obtained the license plate, I then set up an appointment with Adesa Charlotte Auction to obtain the vehicle. I was told by Adesa Charlotte that I can come Wednesday September 30th, 2015 and all I needed was my license and the license plate in order to drive the vehicle off the lot.

I was able to get dropped off to Adesa Charlotte, which is 40 miles from my home, the next day Wednesday September 30th, 2015 around 3:15 PM with my license and license plate in hand and ready to drive my vehicle off the lot. Upon arrival, I was asked by Kristie at Adesa Charlotte rather or not I was aware that my car had no forward gear. Confused by the question, being that I hadn't had any mechanical issues with the transmission at all since it had been replaced in March of this year, I explained to Kristie that couldn't have been possible as the car was running and driving perfectly fine before it was repossessed by Car Masters. Kristie went back to speak with the mechanics before coming back out to confirm to me that there were indeed no forward gears on the car and I would have to have it towed off the lot.

Devastated and in tears, I instantly contacted Coastal Credit where I was told by one of the reps (not sure of his name) that I will have to contact Car Masters to file a complaint with them, and then wait to hear back from Coastal Credit on how the issue would be resolved. As instructed I contacted Car Masters and spoke with a guy named John. I explained to John the situation and he told me he would file the complaint on his end but he was sure the fault lied on the auction company (Adesa Charlotte) who came to pick the car up from Car Masters 3 days after it was in their possession. After speaking with John at Car Masters I called AAA to have the car towed from Adesa Charlotte to my address at **. The cost of the tow was $140 total.

On October 2nd 2015 I spoke with Michelle ** from Costal Credit LLC, and she agreed that she would be my direct contact from the company so that I will not have to go back and forth with different reps when I call in to try and have issue resolved. Michelle ** told me that in order to have my claim investigated, I had to send in a statement from myself giving details of the entire incident, proof from the auto repair shop (CSI Automotive in Concord NC) that replaced the transmission back in March, and a witness statement from my neighbor (Steve) who witnessed Car Masters tow my 4 wheel drive 2004 Hyundai Sante Fe, with the tow truck hooked to the front of the vehicle, the front two wheels up, and the back two wheels on the ground on Sunday September 13th 2015. Which is the incorrect way to tow a 4 wheel drive, and proves Car Masters was at fault for damaging the transmission.

I gather all the information and sent it by email to Michelle ** (**) on Tuesday October 6th, 2015 around 7:45 PM. I talked to Michelle ** on Friday October 4th and she confirmed she received the documents Wednesday morning and forwarded them to the correct department for investigation. She advised the investigation can take up to 72 hours and asked me to also send pictures of my car that show where "No Forward Gear" was written on the window, and I did as told. Michelle ** advised me that her company should have a decision made by Monday October 12th 10:30 AM. That Monday October 12th 2015 I didn't hear anything back from Coastal Credit LLC. Tuesday Morning October 13th, 2015 I tried calling Michelle ** direct line and got no answer.

I then reached out to an Attorney who instructed me to allow one week for a response and if I didn't hear anything back by then, I would probably have to file a claim through the small claim court. Shortly after talking the Attorney on Tuesday October 13th, Michelle ** contacted me and advised that there had been a decision made and Coastal Credit LLC is willing to offer me $350 Partnering with Car Masters who is willing to offer me $350 as well, which makes a total of $700 in the form of a cashiers check.

I explained to Michelle ** that I would not accept the offer at that time and that I needed to speak with my attorney before accepting anything. Michelle explained to me that Coastal Credit LLC was offering money out of the kindness of their heart and really had no responsibility or control over the damages that were done to the car while in possession of Car Masters. She stated that I have 7-10 business days to accept the offer or the offer would be withdrawn. I explained that I understood and that I would get back in touch with her today October 14th 2015 to let her know what I planned on doing.

I have done a lot of research, in addition to reaching out for legal assistance and getting an estimate for repairs from Tony's Inspection in Concord NC (which would be the shop that will repair damages). I am positive that I should be fairly compensated for the mechanical damages done to my car during repossessions. Tony's Inspection informed me that a USED transmission at the least would cost $750 for the part only and the labor would be somewhere between $750-$800, which gives me at the least a projected amount of $1500-$1600 for repairing with a used transmission. The problem is there was a brand new transmission put into the car back in March and it's not fair for me to have to replace the brand new transmission with a used transmission due to negligence and improper tow of another party that was beyond my control.

Unfortunately the $700 offer will not subdue. In addition to the repairs, I also had to spend $140 to have the car towed, at least $250 in cab and Uber fare to get around with my 3 kids (9 year old, 2 year old, and 5 month old infant). I live in a state alone with no other family so I don't much assistance with transportation. My daughter who is a scholar student has since been put on Academic Probation because of her attendance and is threatening to have to repeat 4th grade because she has missed days due to me not having transportation. I was offered a job position the week before I went to regain possession of the vehicle only to find out I couldn't drive it so the position offer was taken back and I no longer have a job.

Not having a job means I can't pay bills, pay my car note, and I am suppose to have $600 for first months rent and security deposit for an apartment I was approved for which is bigger, in a better neighborhood, and more affordable than where I am now. If I don't have the $600 by October 30th I will lose the apartment. Me not having a vehicle, causes me to not be able to work, which is affecting me financially and causing more stress. I won't have the money I need to move into the new apartment because I haven't been able to work. Furthermore, me not having any transportation enables me from being able to look for another job.

At this point I just want to be compensated fairly. $700 will not fix my car and allow me to be mobile again. I will need a better offer that will at least be enough to reimburse me for the $140 I spent on tow fees and have the transmission in my vehicle replaced, parts and labor. If I am not at least offered that much, I will have no other choice but to file a suit through small claims court and will then seek punitive damages and court cost as well. I just want the issue solved as quickly as possible because I have already suffered enough and waiting for court will cause me to suffer more financially, which will cause more stress being that Christmas is 2 months away.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2015

This company was a godsend at first. My credit is not very good so I was happy to get financed. HERE'S WHERE IT TURNS BAD. I was hit from behind by a car going 80 miles an hr and the impact broke my back and totaled my car. After the insurance company paid I still owe $4000 and I told them I would start paying them as soon as my disability starts but they keep calling me, my sister and my old employer. They have no compassion that I'm laid up with a broken back and can't barely stand let alone work.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2015

I bought a car back in 2004 I think. Well some issues occurred in my life and I wasn't working with 2 small kids so I asked them to come pick it up. Well after about 2 or 3 years later and the car on my credit report I get an officer at my door saying I needed to fill out some paperwork bc coastal federal credit union is taking me to court about this car. The officer instructed me what to do and I did next thing I know another officer wants payments on this car.

Now with me alone with 2 kids barely making it they wanted a high amount that I couldn't afford. So time has passed and the same paperwork. Again I fill it out and get another letter about payments!!! They already put a lien on my credit report. What more am a struggling single parent!!! It's funny how the courts can enforce this but can't enforce child support. SMH.

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Original review: June 5, 2015

Got a loan from them and wound up needing to file gap on it. After being told everything was settled, I get a call 2 months later saying because of a mistake they made with filing the gap I now owe all the back car payments since the insurance was first filed. Although they openly admitted they were at fault I was still expected to pay. Spoke to a rep named ** and she was horrible, completely rude. Worst mistake you'll ever make is doing business with these people!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2014

Stay away. My ex-wife purchased a vehicle for which I was the co-signer. We got divorced and I began making payments on it after they had repossessed the vehicle. They called me on the phone and stated how she used me and how they don't care who pays for the vehicle. Instead of going after her for a deficiency they sent false letters to my command stating that I had cursed them out after they had called me after I emailed them a cease and desist. Furthermore they obtained some judgement against me without me even being notified of the court date. I plan on suing them for damages. If you want to build a class action email me. They will continue to break the law unless they are stopped.

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Original review: July 12, 2010

My car was repossessed and I was never notified with any paperwork or notice of the company taking the vehicle. They took it and refuse to tell me where I can get my car back. I admit I was late sometimes on payments but they always worked with me. It resulted in me losing my job, my kids losing their childcare. I explain to them how I will make a payment like always to keep the vehicle but they refuse to talk. I also have a payment coupon book stating my vehicle was to be paid off in June. It is paid to that point and now they repossessed my car from interest, which again, I was never notified about.

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Original review: May 14, 2007

I had a car loan with Coastal Credit LLC. The car ended up being a complete lemon. The 2nd day I had it, the brakes fell off. I moved and decided that I had had enough problems with this car and told them to come get it. They repoed and reported the account as charged-off. This means that they are reporting the amount as a company loss and are no longer making a profit off of it. Well, they are making a profit because we are paying for the car even though we don't have it. They refuse to report to the crediting agencies that they are receiving payment. They threaten us with court action, wage garnishment, etc... Shouldn't they have to report that they are receiving payment?

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Original review: May 7, 2006

We opened an account with this company on a loan for a car, a 1998 Dodge. Not only did we find out that the company did not apply the $2,000.00 we gave as a deposit and deduct it from the total due, but actually is charging us interest on it along with the loan. In the 1 1/2 years we have had the car, it has had to have a rear end installed, as well as a motor, which blew on us and stranded us in Kentucky for 3 weeks, 14 hours after the rear was repaired. And, now the transmission is out. This company also has accepted consistently late payments from us. We contacted them May 4th, 2006 by phone and talked to Brian's manager, and explained to him that we were having trouble with the phone, and we would be in that Monday to discuss the account. He agreed, saying that perhaps we can negotiate something.

At 7 a.m., Saturday morning, a collection agency called USA Meridian International Corp. (ph. 330-538-8885) sneaked onto our property and in our yard, after being warned not to come on our property and asked not to take the car, and stole the vehicle. Ohio law constitutes this as breach of peace. Not only that, but his continuous acceptance of late payments & his arrangement to discuss our account the Friday morning before neutralized the former contract according to Ohio law, as well as his acceptance of a partial payment negotiated by him because of the transmission problem. When we contacted the creditor, he denied knowledge or involvement in this collection action.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2004

I am in the United States Navy and was deployed to the Gulf last year in Jan. While I was gone, I had two problems occur, one was a furniture store placed a stop on my checking acct and tried to hold all my pay until it reached a certain amount and then take that amount. I told the store (USA Discounters in Virginia) that my rent money was in there and that was leaving my wife who was 5 months pregnant without the money to pay the rent. I asked just for the rent money (I was way out near Iraq and couldn't do much else). The company told me no and that was something I would have to deal with. So they kept the lock on my acct.

I had to try to get a loan from somewhere to pay for the rent and keep food in the house for my wife and child. Finally, a month or so later, someone at my ship made a deal with them and they settled for less and took their money out of the acct and unlocked it. On this issue, my only problem was that they was bullying me around when I was in the water near Iraq, left my wife and kids with nothing and didn't even care. It took me to the following year to pay off the loan I had to get for food for my wife and kids.

And my second issue was with a finance company called Coastal Credit also in Norfolk/ Virginia Beach, Virginia. They took me to court while I was gone and placed a garnishment against me which is still going on till this day. I am wondering. Is there anything I could do about this? I tried and tried to make arrangements with these people while I was gone but I guess they figured since I was not there, it was their chance to get me. I am not forgetting my part in the whole mess (paying bills on time) but when you are gone and out there so far away from home and in a war at that, we, as servicemen and women, need to think about getting the job done and getting back safely, not spending hundreds of dollars on phone cards trying to get money to your wife and kids because others saw a chance to pounce. If you have any suggestions, please, please give them. Any help is good help. Thanks.

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Original review: April 19, 2002

In March of 2001, I wanted some information on my son's account at the above referenced bank. At that time I was told that the account had been closed, I had no knowledge of this at all. Since that date, I have called several times and written two (2) letters to them, one through the U.S. Mail, and one hand delivered and signed for, still I have had no response from the bank, and still no idea where my son's monies are, they told the the account was closed in 1997, I never closed the account.

I am the guardian of the account and my son has no access to the account. They said it was closed because there hadn't been any activity on the account, but it is a savings account for my minor son. Please advise me on what I can do. Thank you in advance for you help. Consequence: Well my son has no monies that he can account for, and he is getting older and would like to use if for a car.

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Original review: March 29, 2002

This happened in '98. I have an ex-husband and this has to do with him. He was in the Navy and you know how easy it is to get a car. I mean anyone would sell to him knowing he is in the navy no matter what. Well, we got a car in Norfolk, VA where he was stationed and it was a used car and was in okay shape, I guess. Anyways some guy hit us in the back and left the scene. His insurance company paid for the damages and the car ran for about two weeks and the transmission went out. My ex refused to pay for it and it was impounded. My ex left me in VA and did not pay for the car at all. How was I going to pay for it myself?

Well, now I am remarried and finally happy and it's three years later and I get garnished by Coastal Credit. They want the money for the car. So my wages are being garnished for over $4500.00. I co-signed for the vehicle which was a big mistake. I asked Coastal Credit if they would garnish his wages as well, and they will not because he has a kid and I guess they don't think he can afford it. He has a job just like me so I think it's very unfair. It is not my fault he has a kid so why should I just be punished and not him.

I feel like it would be fair if I paid half and he paid half but Coastal Credit will not go that route because I guess it does not work that way. Anyway let me get to the point. I would like to know if there is anyway possible I can do something about this. I have already paid almost half of the garnishment. It is killing my check. I have worked so hard to get where I am today and now I'm paying for this alone. He always got away with everything, he even went AWOL from the Navy and had to go to jail for a week. He got out of that too. Now I am paying for a car that I don't even own and did not get anything out of it.

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Original review: April 3, 2001

I am paying on a repossession and they are wanting me to fill out this, that, and the other. Please Help Me.

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