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I have been on the phone for at least 2 hours with different reps to get this crazy resolve - can't close acct unless I go to Conn. Bank and I live on Long Island, NY. I finally got a rep who suggested that I would be able to close acct if Bal was down to 0. The problem was they (ATM) was only allowing me to take out $20 and not $25. The next rep told us to go to a grocery store and buy something for $5 and the bal would be zero. This was truly a waste of 4-5 hrs of my life that I will never be able to get back.

Recently, my computer was hacked and rerouted to a scamming agency that basically froze my screens. I did not know this at first. When it was frozen, a message alert popped up indicating that it was Apple Security, that the computer was getting locked due to virus attacks, and that here was this 866 number to call with a case id number provided.

Not realizing that this message was a scam, I called it and the next thing I know, I was told that Apple insurance doesn't cover software but that an antivirus software would be needed. The person indicated that they were an offshoot of Apple Services that handled such software and antivirus needs and that for $199.99, I could have 2 years of this protection. I had my doubts and asked tons of questions - but these seasoned pros had answers to everything. Not knowing any better, I made the payment - it required paying through the bank via ACH.

There was even a message next to the payment process that said that there would be fines and federal reporting if payments were not legitimate! Basically threats about making legitimate payments -- talk about hypocrisy. The person took over my computer to install this software but the computer continued, though now unfrozen, still had issues -- strange messages and alerts. I took the laptop to Apple the next day. Apple told me that this company was a scamming company that victimized at least 5 people a day on their end in this one store! In other words, they were familiar with this scammer! They said to call the bank right away and tell them the situation and put a stop to the payment.

So I called Citizens Bank - I explained it. The representative understood the situation and completely agreed with the fact that such scams can occur and that they would look into this. I was worried about the scammer's ability to go into the account again and asked about protection. The rep said that if they found the scam to be legitimate then they would block the company. If not, then I could change the account number.

Today I received a letter from Citizens for the wrong amount - $119.19 - and the claim was denied on the grounds of "Items under written statement of unauthorized debit cannot be used to dispute non-receipt of goods and services." What does that even mean? An ambiguous statement that is meaningless but the perfect way to not assist and protect the customer?!

I called the claims department and they said well, if it is the wrong amount then I have to file it again. REALLY?! They got it wrong and I have to redo it?

Then I asked about what the statement of reason they gave meant and they said because I authorized it, they can't do anything about it. That's not what the statement read! Worse yet, this was a Chinese rep who couldn't speak well enough to explain anything. She was rude and unwilling to listen. Then she proceeded to say that I should've done my research first on the scamming company before paying.

Well sure! When I am being told that this is an Apple support company and my computer is locked so that I can NOT research anything, suddenly it's all on me. This was synonymous to saying: 'If I got robbed at a store, why did I go to the store in the first place and I should've researched the potential robbers likely to go to that store at that time when I anticipated going!'

I asked her what protection can they give to customers with regards to such scams. She said - none. I told her that this doesn't bode well for Citizens customers and that if word spread on this, then it would reflect poor practices on Citizens Bank. She didn't care. I am definitely considering moving my account, my business account, and my parents' accounts from this bank!

Long lines fewer branches open. More and more branch closing. Now if I need a teller closest one is twenty miles away.

In early June 2016, I called their customer service line and spoke to Diane. Advised her that it appeared all monies I was sending to pay down principal on car loan was instead going to future interest payments. She asked if I was sending it on computer, and when I answered yes, she stated computer was not set up to handle extra principal payments. On future investigation, I also realized that the payments I was making by mail for the same reason were also going to future interest payments. At that time, I asked for a print of all payments going back to beginning of loan (October 2014). This report clearly shows that the extra principal amounts that are being applied DO NOT MATCH the amount I have been sending.

I have now called back numerous times (July 2, July 13, 25, 28, 8/1,10, 17,21), and have supposedly spoken to both Mary ** and Joel ** from the Chairman's Office (highly doubt this) and no one can seem to answer where my money is going. At first they tried to state that I must be filling the payment coupons wrong. Since the coupons state what do you want to go to additional principal, and being able to read and write English, I know this is not true. They then stated they would have to get copies of coupons to see how I filled them out.

I keep getting passed around from office to office and today (August 24th), I received another call from the "Office of the Chairman" and I am back to square one waiting to find out where my money is going. In the meantime, I am doing myself a disservice by not sending extra payments as I know they will not be applied.

I have now reached out to the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Counsel in order to seek assistance filing whatever paperwork is necessary in order to get all back principal payments credited to my account.

Wait for over one week to open a checking account. Their online system is terrible and the customer service is hard to reach.

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Applied to consolidate student loan. 800+ FICO score. $100k+ income. Never missed payments. Applied for less than $50K to LOWER a monthly payment that I've always been good on. Sent in everything they asked. Denied. What?

I co-signed a car loan for my daughter who defaulted on payments. Citizens Bank took every penny from my checking account without my knowledge, went food shopping and no money. Stay away from them.

I hate to even check off 1 star for the review, they don't even deserve that. Please save yourself a lot of trouble and do NOT use Citizen Bank. They are horrible. I applied for a HELOC. I have excellent credit rating of 750+. I was told what to submit for information, which I did do. NO call or emails back. After a few days I called for an update to be told they need more info, which I sent. Days later same thing, no calls or emails. I had to call every time to get updates. Finally after 5-6 times of sending info, they sent an appraiser to my home. Then I was told 3 things needed to be taken care of before I was to get the loan (a railing on steps, primary heat in house, and paint the outside because of the paint chips on the house) and as soon as they were done the appraiser would get right back out there to check the work.

I worked day and night over the weekend as well as pay contractors to get the list done. After that no appraiser. I asked him if it would help if I went up and took pics of the work and emailed them to him, he said yes, it may help move the process along which I did. Everything was done and electric heat was installed in every room. Do you believe after looking at the pick he asked me where the pipes from the electric heat run too. He asked if they ran to a furnace??? I called and emailed and was told an appraiser would call me that day. Never happened, I called again and was told I would be contacted within 24 hrs. Never happened. Every time I spoke to the loan officer (whose name I will not give but the initials are BS) I was told he was working on it and he would get back to me shortly.

After working my ass off, 2 weeks later and still getting the run around, I was told I needed to finish the bathroom. I had told them in the beginning that was one of the reasons for the loan. He flat out lied and told me he had told me earlier that the bathroom had to be done. I have all emails and voice mails to prove it. I finally told him that I was going to my local bank (which I should have done to begin with) and to cancel everything. I went to my local bank yesterday, with the paperwork and was approved. ONE DAY. Imagine that. Save yourself a lot of trouble. Do not use Citizen. These people don't care about you. Citizen needs to really look at the people running the online service because as far as I am concerned, they don't care about anyone and have no clue as to what is going on.

The issue that I am addressing is with one branch in particular, the one on Rodi Road in Pittsburgh, located in my local Giant Eagle. At every other branch that I've gone to, the customer service has been exemplary, except at this one particular branch, and to even bring it down to a micro level, one person, Garret **, the assistant manager of the branch. I've dealt with what I perceived to be rude behavior on a couple of occasions once on the phone and another time in person. The latest occurring on May 23, 2016. Whilst discussing matters of my account, Garrett, in the middle of me talking, turned around and walked away from me. When addressing this, he told me that he had nothing else to say, and also that he had to make a deposit drop, without resolving my issue.

I immediately went to Mark the manager of the branch and complained about Garret's behavior, and I also asked for the regional manager's information. Upon further brainstorming, I realized that my argument was moot because I was able to resolve the issue, so I did not contact the regional manager. On June 6, 2016, I received a letter telling me that my relationship with Citizens Bank was being terminated. I immediately felt that this was due to retribution because of my complaint, and possibly discrimination because I am black and Garret the Asst. Manager and Mark the Manager of the branch are white.

I immediately went to the branch to inquire if my account was in fact being closed due to retribution. I spoke with Mark the manager at the Rodi Road branch, and he told me that they would never close a customer's account because of a disagreement and proceeded to tell me that Steve ** at the Edgewood Towne Center branch was in fact the person that put in the request that my account be closed. Mark told me that he wasn't even allowed to tell me that but he wanted to help me.

I then went to the Edgewood Towne Center branch to see if more light could be shed on this situation and spoke with Virginia in customer service and with the Asst. Manager at that branch (who were very nice), and they told me that Steve did not make the request for my account to be closed because they had never seen me at the branch and looking over my account they could not see why my account was being closed. All they knew is that it was being closed and that's all they could really tell me. They were able to see that in fact the request to close my account had actually come from the Rodi Road branch where Mark and Garrett worked.

I then proceeded to go back to the Rodi Road branch to speak with Mark again in regards to why (in a non threatening way) he told me that it was closed from the Edgewood Towne Center, when in fact in was closed from his branch. He listened and said that he didn't believe that Garrett the Asst. Manager would do something behind his back, and he told me that he would do some investigating and get back in touch with me.

Customer service to me is tantamount. I am stickler for it, and I demand good service. If I acted the way that Garrett treated me at my job, I would have been written up or possibly fired. I am disappointed with the way I have been handled by Citizens Bank, when all I've tried to do is be a good customer. I try my best not to bounce checks. I don't commit fraud with my account. I do whatever I can do legally to ensure that my account stays in the positive. I sincerely believe that Garret requested that my account be closed because I complained about his poor customer service.

Then the letter I received made me feel like I am a criminal, especially the last paragraph. I can't believe that as much business that I've done with this bank which on the most part has been positive that I am treated like this. I don't want to go to another bank. I have my direct deposit and everything else linked to this account. I feel that it is my right to complain if I'm not pleased with the service. Not one time during my diatribe with Garrett did I become hostile, I didn't raise my voice, I didn't try to jump over the platform, and I did not threaten him in any way, shape, or form. I just was trying to explain and make my point.

Today is 6/03/2016 and sold my car on 5/06/2016. It was financed through a different bank. On 5/28 I got a letter in the mail dated 5/23 and the payoff check that the bank sent to pay off my car loan (Not sure why they wouldn't overnight something like that). I called customer service and fought with them for 45 minutes about why they wouldn't except that payoff check that was obviously good because it came from a bank. They said I would have to get ahold of the person who bought my car and they would need to call that financial institution. For some reason they didn't accept a motor vehicle proceeds check. So, on May 31st the buyer got a check remade and I had to pay another $100 because my 15 day pay off was no longer correct and my payment was late. We took the payoff check and my personal check for the other amount to the post office and had it overnighted. It was guaranteed to be delivered by noon on 6/1.

I just called on 6/3 to make sure they received the checks and they said it hasn't been paid yet and that it MIGHT get processed today or Monday. The lady on the phone said she had no phone number for the processing department and there wasn't anything I could do. I would just have to wait for my $16000 check to get processed and try to call back later. I have never experienced a situation like this in my life. The buyer of the car is still waiting for the title so she can put it in her name. Her temp plates are about to expire. This financial institution DOES NOT have the best interest of their customers. I would NEVER recommend anyone to use this company for anything. Consumer checking accounts and definitely not any loans.

Another thing that is irritating is they ask for your entire social security number in their automated system and then they ask again when you finally get to talk to a person. Why isn't there another way to verify us as a customer? I know they have more information that they could verify. Anyways, just don't. Just stay away from this ridiculous company.

I received a credit card from Citizens Bank saying that 0% APR rate for 15 months. Needless to say I used the credit card and paid everything on time and in a timely manner. However, I was charged interest for 2 months on the credit card. I called the bank and asked them why? They told me that I received 0% APR on bank inquiries, while interest is applied on purchases. That was not written in the application that I signed or anywhere where I as a customer could have made that correlation when signing the contract. I recommend that no one use Citizens Bank because it is public enemy #1. They are not out there for your best interest and they do not care about their customers. They are a very bad company. I would never use their services again, and I recommend the same for anyone else.

Citizens Bank holds the mortgage to my house and I go to bed nightly praying for help. This is the worst bank I ever had to deal with. I never saw such shady practices! I used to have a checking with Citizens Bank years ago and to this day still get checks from lawsuits that Citizens Bank had to pay over shady business practices. If you live paycheck to paycheck, go to Capital One, much friendlier bank that does not rape you. Karma Citizens Bank, karma.

My husband and I had a car loan through Citizens One, Auto Finance, we paid the loan off on April 13, 2016. We have been waiting for the Release of Lien. Collectively, my husband and I have spoken to 6 people inquiring as to when our paperwork would arrive. Not one person had the same answer. We literally have had 6 different answers. What is so ironic is you hear the "this call may be monitored"... They must never listen to these calls. The same ridiculous customer service is still occurring.

We have spoken to multiple supervisors, inquiring if we could please have an original copy of the Release of Lien overnighted to us, at OUR EXPENSE. But that request was refused. They were so kind to send us a copy of what they supposedly sent. That is not worth the time it took to press send. We have sold the vehicle but cannot move forward with our sale until we have an original. The customer service and lack of action is a complete embarrassment to Citizens One Auto Finance.

On April 9, 2016 I deposited $1000 in cash at a branch ATM. There was an error and my deposit was not processed. I went to speak to the branch manager and filed a claim. She called later that same day and told me that the ATM was serviced and my $1000 was found jammed in the machine. I was told that the money would be credited in a timely manner. As of today April 27, 2016 the $1000 has NOT been credited. I contacted the corporate office today and they apologized and then told me that it would take another 3-5 business days to process. I will not be holding my breath as that's what I was told on the 9th. This is the second time that this has happened at a branch ATM. The first time was on 10/8/15 and it was for $400. After several calls I was credited on 10/21/15 for the entire $400.

This was a small business account. Due to both incidents I have concluded that Citizens Bank does not care at all about their customers. Once the $1000 is credited I will be closing my accounts with them and will be reviewing them negatively on every consumer protection website. I feel it a duty to warn any business or person of their terrible business practices.

It is Citizen One's official policy to send their loan customers a monthly billing statement. You are supposed to get a monthly statement for the amount of payment due and the payment due date. When Citizen One suddenly and unexpectedly stops sending you your billing statements you'll be charged $20 in late fees for not making a payment. How convenient (and profitable) that Citizen One gains from their own failure! When you call Citizen about not getting a statement they'll promise to deliver one. Don't hold your breath. I didn't get a statement for over 6 months. What's even worse is that Citizen One refuses to take responsibility for their blunder and rejects out of hand any reasonable resolution.

Citizen's called me and resolved the issue completely. I have updated my rating based on the additional action they took.

I do believe the inactive account workflow could be improved to include customer email notification and talked to them about it. The representative was polite and understanding.

I appreciate the responsiveness and action taken.

Original Review

Fees charge without notifying the customer. My husband and I have multiple accounts with Citizens Bank- savings, checking, mortgage, etc. One account opened long ago was done as required. Since the mortgage was paid, that particular account has a balance in it but no real activity. Citizens has classified this account as "dormant". Their policy is to charge a fee of $5/month after the account is dormant for a specific amount of months. NO notice is sent to the customer as a warning or alert that this is about to happen or HAS happened. Our other linked accounts are active and we check them online, etc. We have been customers and have had multiple mortgages over the years as new homes were purchased. I called to explain that all of our accounts are linked and have balances more than adequate to qualify for "no fee" accounts. I was told I am not being charge an account fee but am being charge a monthly "dormant" fee.

The fact that we use all the other accounts and pay a mortgage monthly does not matter. That one account is "dormant". I then requested that they close the dormant account and waive the very fees charged of $30. They said they could only waive $10- even at the management level. While the fees charged are small, in principle I believe this is extremely poor customer service. The courtesy of sending a reminder email warning that this account was dormant and could be accessed fees would be an easy and customer focused process to put in place. I work in IT. Customer notification could be done using the email address on file with electronic banking alerts, etc.

I did a deposit at the ATM since the line at the bank window was so long and then the ATM took my money and told me my transaction couldn't be completed. I called the 800 number to be told the ATM was updating and my money would be in after 12 pm. Well after 12 pm no money still. I called the 800 number again to be told it would take 3 to 5 days to get my money.

The worst banking experience I have ever had. The overdraft policies are medieval and embarrassingly tilted toward the banks own procurement of more $$ for themselves. Closed my check acct with them after getting beat by long deposit wait times while my bills were being paid on auto payment. Big big mistake. Very quick to charge fees but takes forever on getting deposited money for actually accounted for. Good for them bad for the consumer. Have an overdraft acct. set up for pay off of remaining fees. Do you think they could even notify me of when the fee is due? No of course they say they, Citizens Bank cannot do that! Why? Oh maybe you will forget on a pay due then they can can charge $20.00 late fee on a 50.00 due payment. Will they notify me ever? No they cannot do that as I no longer have a checking acct with them. Broken, horrible and predatory!

Do not ever do business with this bank!!! You will do yourself a huge fave especially if you are elderly. Not good. And the supervisor (Ashley) from the state of PA, I am from Mass, thinks/thought she owned the bank. She kept me on the phone for over 40 minutes just to get a new atm. Upper management... (training, training) CS is very important these days. I will be closing my account in the next couple of days. Do not open an account there.

I hate everything about Citizens Bank. They are the worst bank out there. I have had so many issues with them. The latest being, I set up overdraft protection on my account, and they still charge you every time you overdraft and they take the money out of your savings account, and then still charge you a service fee. A SERVICE FEE FOR TRANSFERRING YOUR MONEY TO YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT. When I spoke to a rep, she said "Citizens was technically doing you a favor, by correcting your mistake." ** you Citizens Bank.

I transferred money from another bank on a Friday then decided I did not want to send that much so I transferred some of it back the following Wednesday. The Citizens returned the transfer and charged me $35 and caused the other bank to charge me $25 for the return. After talking to my other bank they said they processed both the same day and refunded the $25 and most banks record the deposit first and it would not cause a insufficient funds situation. Citizens however recorded the withdrawal Wed. the deposit Thur. When I called they said they have been doing it that way for yrs and I would have to pay the $35.

Worst bank ever! They discriminated me when I tried to get a loan for their Apple product. They lied on my application saying I failed to provide information which I was never asked to provide. A representative by the name of Gabriella was very, very rude and made me feel as if I just was not entitled to get a loan. Even though I has my aunt as a co-signer, whom has a good credit score and history, they denied me a loan for a MacBook that I need for school. Worst bank ever, cannot trust them. I have never felt so humiliated and inferior in my life. Stay away from them, they do not care about their customers, and I only say that because after going through all of it, I emailed and contacted many times, to have someone from higher authority reach me about my complaint, no one ever did! Stupid bank!!! I wish one day they go out of business!

I have recently been dealing with paying off a Home Equity Loan with Citizens. The process has been frustrating to say the least. From incorrect address given for payoff check, to having to cancel payment on the lost check, only to find that they wouldn't post the 2nd check (overnighted FedEx) for weeks, and being told having to stop payment on the original check was my fault (even though the check was lost due to the wrong address), to subsequent conflicting information and assurances call after call, to representative after representative having no record of my prior calls (they don't write comments on your records, you are reassured that all the calls are recorded).

To receiving a bill and a late fee for my last monthly payment 15 days after I'd received a letter stating that I had paid off the loan in full (?! ), to a full hour on the phone once again today trying to clear that up with the only offer being made to me being to remove the late fee, and being told that interest had been accruing on my account since the last payoff quote since the check had not gone through and that my new payoff amount was going to be about $500.00 more.

I have finally received a convincing reassurance that this won't happen and the matter will be resolved from someone who seemed to understand the situation fully, but still have to call back in two weeks to see if it is all fixed. I will certainly never use this bank again. I never write reviews, but this experience has been so bad, and the matters at hand so important, that I thought it was important to write one in this case.

When I signed up for my Citizens Bank account, they told me that I would have to use my account once a month or I would be charged with a $9.99 monthly fee. Fair enough I thought. What they forgot to mention was that if you don't put money into the account monthly, that is when you will be charged. They charge you with the fee, without any notice. From there, they then proceed to charge you with an overdraft fee of $35, and still do not notify you of this. At this point I was $45 in the negative. I deposited a check for $85 and then was paying for catching up on my overdraft fee's, without even knowing. I then got gas and checked my balance and now in the negative again, waiting to be charged with an over draft fee.

This bank could at least send you an email when you reach a certain amount in your account because at this point I lost out on approx. $80, and now do not have money to buy food for the week. I am a broke college student and am furious with how this bank handles their customers accounts. Will be canceling my card.

I deposited a mobile deposit. Which you see as a deposit and as a negative until it clears. So the next day the mobile deposit negative cleared and shows up as a deposit. A payment hit on same day the deposit cleared. Citizens charged an overdraft on same day. Why do they post the check deposit as cleared if they not going to honor it? Why do they offer overdraft protection if they just going to charge you for it anyway? All they are doing is taking money from my saving and putting it into my checking which is an automatic thing anyway. Why should there be a fee for every time they make a automatic transfer between my accounts?

What happen to keeping your customer happy? I put my in their facility for their use which I am getting close to nothing in interest. We as Americans are getting killed with service fees for using our money, I am not using theirs. Do they want me to leave? If we all leave, there will be not Citizens. Let go back to keeping the customer happy or at least let be fair. If you are using my money from savings to cover checking there should only be one annual fee, this was the way it was. NO HAPPY WITH CITIZENS - LET'S LEAVE.

In 2 words "they suck"! Same money grubbing unfair fees & policy as their big brother mentor bank of Russia.. I'm mean America. Excuse my freudian slip. Anyhow; they charge $8 fee for the privilege of cashing one of their own biz checks if you don't have an acct with them, I incurred $150 today in insufficient funds & nearly same yesterday in fees after checking online prior nights & talking with local branch over 1st prior days fees. My rep said she would call me by close of biz of 1st hit & acct looked good & no call was received.. surprise surprise when I found out differently in am.

I deposited $300 to cover overnight shortage but by 11 am two hours later the $150 in fees hit. One was for a $9 Pay Pal auto transaction which they hit me $39 fee with. Bottom line is if you set up with text alerts & monitor balance online you still have to track each & every penny in real time since they don't allow for same day deposit to cover deficit if overnight. This is a big money game for them. Also expect to give a fingerprint next time you cash a check with them even if theirs & you have plenty of id. What's next a urine specimen? Might be better than inky fingers.

I have a car loan through Citizens. Things have not been the best financially lately. We woke last Thursday morning to a repossessed car with NO warning! We were behind on the July payment but a payment was made on Aug 22 and accepted. We made a phone call Aug 31 to explain our situation, (my boyfriend was unemployed and just started driving for Uber) and to say the balance (late fees) and another payment would be made on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of that same week when he got his unemployment and first pay from Uber. We were assured by the lady in customer service that the vehicle WAS NOT is repo status. That making the payment this week would be fine. She would make a note of it in their system and gave another phone number to call to make the payment.

Well my boyfriend woke up Thursday morning (Sept 3) to NO car! The low life towing company had come in the middle of the night and dragged the car out of our driveway! My boyfriend called their so called customer service. They would not speak to him because they said he WAS NOT on the account. Meanwhile I have written permission on the account that they ARE allowed to speak with him! He was told that notification had been sent out. I have NEVER since I've had this car loan EVER received a piece of paper from Citizens Bank! Then he was told that a note was made in their system that he WAS INFORMED that the car was in repo status. Believe me if the car was in repo status we would've borrowed money to make the payment so we wouldn't be going through this right now!

I posted a negative comment on Citizens Bank Facebook page. Someone got back to me asking that I private message them my information. I sent a private message and was told that the Chairman of the Office would be in touch. She did get in touch with us. Her name is Maria. She is trying to be very helpful but the poor girl can't even get answers for us from her OWN COMPANY!! She is totally dumbfounded as to why this happened. I once again post on Citizens Facebook page on Saturday on their incompetence. Checked on their Facebook page this morning and my post has been DELETED! I asked how to get in touch with the President, VP, CEO or CFO and got no response. I replied to other people's complaints on their Facebook wall saying good luck, that I've been dealing with the chairman of the office since last Thursday and still no answers and my responses were DELETED!!

I sent a private message to Citizens on Facebook and still have yet to receive a response. We spoke to Maria once again this morning and she still had not received a response of any kind to her emails! No one can give us any answers! We were also informed that they DO NOT have a record of our call on Aug 31st!! My boyfriend has now been out of work for 6 days now with NO income because this car was his income!! Thanks Citizens Bank for your incompetence and wonderful customer service!!

I sent a check for a payoff with all the loan numbers like you are supposed to. Sent it registered. Went to a mail room. Where it went after, who knows? Certified checks are hard to get reissued. Big problem. Auto pay out of my account. The next check was posted on the 12th, auto deductions on the 19th. Try to get money back. The computer was not told the loan was paid early. I am still waiting for a answer after many frustrating phone calls to many people. This has been going on since May this year.

WORST MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE EVER! It took them 84 days to close a tiny easy 50k loan that was promised in under 30 days. They admitted to shelving it for 3 weeks to work on larger more urgent files and repeatedly dodged requests for information and timeline. I am a realtor and I have never ever seen a more convoluted bs system and pass the buck culture. I will never use this bank and I will never again accept an offer for a client if the buyer plans to use them for financing. The sellers were relying on receiving their funds on time due to the wife having a baby and being out of work. The buyers were displaced and had to resort to hotel hopping for almost 3 months while this bank repeatedly lost the same paperwork, admittedly spilled coffee on documents that then had to be replaced, and disappeared for weeks at a time.

This caused the sellers to be unable to pay bills and face issues on their credit reports that will haunt them for the next 7 years which is just WRONG when they and the buyers followed every ridiculous request made by this bank. Citizens uses constant stall tactics that hurt their clients. Finally on day 84 parties signed to close and guess what? Another joke. The bank didn't fund the loan. It took a barrage of harassment by the title company to get them to finally send the money. Even involving an executive Citizens Bank throughout the process didn't help. They did not give a crap about their clients or the damage they were causing everyone. Citizens Bank is where mortgages go to die.

I just had a very unpleasant experience with Citizens Bank. I went to one of the branches (the lady was very nice there) and she faxed over all the information to their corporate office. We were told we would then have to call the corporate office after 48 hours. Well we did and were told that only part of the paperwork had come through. When we asked "can you call the branch and have the info done?" Williams reply was no - he was not customer service - and we would have to go back into the branch and fax it again. Tell me why we would have to do it when he should have easily said "let me just get the branch on the phone and see if we can resolve this." I have closed two accounts I had with them over the years because of their attitude -- this is the third and soon to be final one!

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