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I have not made any mistakes. But I have to give an Indian guy that I can understand to save my life my SS#. This is a bit of an outrage in my book. The bank says the is an alert from Chexsystems but I call them and there is no alert. This is the only review I have ever done in my life. I hope it gets noticed. Chexsystems you are worthless.

The people here are crooks. I've never heard about anyone getting anywhere with them when a dispute arose. Even my bank was shocked that I had something posted about me on ChexSystems. I had identity theft years ago and ChexSystems continues to let the lie remain on my record. They need to be shut down. Email me at: ** if you have any solution or want to join together to shut them down.

I've help hundreds to thousands of dollars in my account for over 7 years and when I fell on hard times Chase reported me to Chex systems after many calls and then blacklisted me from nearly any bank. My balance was paid 2 months after the overdrafts occurred and I even attempted to pay many bills and repair my credit. I was however able to open an account so hopefully this is the end of this problem. If I incur any more issues I will report them here.

This company is in total violation of the fair credit reporting act. They verify and validate nothing while they continually destroy people's ability to operate in commerce, essentially destroying their lives. I will not stop fighting them until they pay my damages and are out of business forever. My best advice to anyone affected by them is to send them letters giving them a timeline to either verify and validate their information or pay you a specified amount that will become a self executing, accounts payable lien against them until they do. The people at ChexSystems belong behind bars.

Bank of America had reported me to chexSystems and Chase had closed my account even though I am in good standing relationship with them. I paid what I owed with Bank of America. I can't understand why we have to penalized for this thing. Now I can't open any account with any banks. I am so frustrated about this chexSystems. It should be out of business, they harmed me for one mistake.

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Someone placed a security freeze on my ChexSystems records without my permission and/Or authorization and I contacted ChexSystems to inquire how to remove the security freeze that I never requested or placed and representative named ** was nasty and emotional about my inquiry. She was rude and non informative and kept persisting that "I" was the one who put that freeze on my file. When the supervisor came on the line, she was equally nasty and just repeated what ** had just said, giving me no resolution for the problem, just like her employee. They are worst than collections agents - Nasty, rude and persistent. I file a complaint with federal trade commission about them, because they are supporting identity theft by not assisting consumers who had fraud on their file.

I have contacted them with police report showing fraudulent activity has been done under my name, and they still keep a record of me which is bad for anything else I apply for. They say they removed me from the list but they still have me under a "scoring system" which has not helped me any.

I was denied opening a simple savings account with Ally Bank. They sent me a letter telling me it was from information received from Chex Systems. I went on-line and filled out all the information required. They said they couldn't send me a report because I have an invalid drivers license. I do not have an invalid drivers license. I filled the same information out on their automated system and got the same response. I called them and spoke to both a representative and a manager and got no help. It is an impossible situation. How do these people get this kind of power? They are arrogant and offer "no customer service."

I settled a debt with First Tennessee Bank 6 months after I forgot I even had that account and seen I was overdrawn. ChexSystems were informed but do not clear the record and any new banks do not see on their systems that I paid the money back as soon as I realized. The phone number they give you doesn't work, you have to google search how to speak to someone. 800-513-7125 is the right number as of April '15.

Chase bank closed my account and sent me to talk to lost prevention and fraud. I was told that it is up to Chase's discretion to do business with me and they are ending the relationship. No explanation. Another bank told me to request a report from chexsystems. This report has wrong information such as eviction, liens, and that the social security administration has reported me as deceased. I just received the letter and will post again when this is cleared from my chexsystems history.

Banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo And Chase claim they are exercising their right to bank with some customers such as customers who are in low-income poverty level. So what does a frank client do when it is reported as fraud to ChexSystems. By being reported to ChexSystems with friend is very serious accusation and it close my bank account with Chase after banking with him for 8 years. How can I get this removed since this was reported an error?

2/13/15 12:45pm - received a call from ChexSystems, with phone number ** on caller ID. I answered the phone and a computerized system responded. It said something to the effect my checking account problems (meaning "I had done something wrong" type problems), and it said if I know my party's extension, to please dial it now. It said if I do not know my party's extension to dial zero or stay on the line. I dialed 0. A lady named Melissa answered and asked what I needed. I said I was not sure, and I asked her what is the name of the company calling me? She said Checks Systems. I asked her what type of company it was and she had no answer specific to that question. Instead she asked what area code I was calling from, or was it 502, and I said not it is 520.

Then I heard some electronic dialing, and I said "what?". She said, "oh sorry it's okay, I am just trying to see your number in order to find out who was calling you". Then I heard more electronic dialing, and I heard her faintly say my cell phone number (faintly, as if she was repeating it to herself and not to me). Then she asked if I was "she gave me my name", and I said yes. Once again, I asked what type of company were they. Instead of answering me, she got angry and said in hostile tone, "well, why did you call us if you don't know what you want" (or something to that effect - at this time I am freaked out and not focusing like I will next time). I said, this company called me, I did not call you, and I do not know who you are. As I kept talking she had apparently hung up the phone.

I have the phone number of the person who called me (person or business), and that number is: **.

I have tried calling that number 3 or 4 times and each time there is a voice message - ED ** - asking whoever to leave a message. I have done so a few times, and on the last one I told them that the named person they are looking for - well, it is not me - it is someone else with the same name and that they are just trying to scam money, and committing fraud. I told them they have been reported to the proper authorities and to stop these scam calls. I have nothing going on with any bank, payday loan, car, car loan - nothing at all. I have nothing, so how could there be a problem? I then told them that if they are a legitimate company, they better figure out a better way to approach people because they act like scam artists, and you don't just call someone and hang up on them???

I went online searching "Checks Systems" and I could not open the website, found nothing on the phone number, found nothing on the name ED **, except for Chandler, Arizona, then I found ChexSystems (see spelling difference?). So I called them up and told them someone is attempting fraud, trying to scam money, and phishing for money/information and they are using the name Checks Systems. The person on the phone (strong middle Eastern country accent) said they have heard of this (sure - I do not believe him). He said I could file something with them, ChexSystems. But I told him I do not need to since I have nothing going on and that I have already been in contact with MY bank, and they have absolutely nothing going with me! Anyways, that is about it. Not all details are 100 percent due to I was not prepared for this and along with freaking out a bit, remembering every exact word just did not happen.

Chex Systems is very difficult to contact. DO NOT CONTACT the first few "companies" after doing a Google search. Search results look like they are Chex Systems, or affiliated to Chex Systems, but they ARE NOT. These companies represent themselves as if they are, and will attempt to SCAM you out of a fee to remove whatever is blocking your ability to open an account. In my case, I Googled "chex systems contact" and the first listing was "" Looks like Chex Systems right? I was thrilled to finally get a human on the phone. "Mike" stated that I had a negative report on a closed account and if I paid $384, it would be removed. TOTAL SCAM! I knew that this was not possible since I had been with the same bank for over 20 yrs and have a spotless credit record. I did however, request a freeze be placed in Chex Systems in 2011, to prevent anyone else from opening accounts in my name. This was all that was preventing me from opening a new account, not a fictional negative report. Chex Systems is aware of these scammers and try to shut them down, but they say they keep popping up. I was finally able to request a temporary "un-freeze" on the real Chex System's website.

4 years ago, I was working as a subcontractor for a company who issued me a $1100 check. I used the check to open an account at BOA. The check bounced due to fraudulent activity by the business owner of the company. I immediately contacted my employer who issued a good check and wrote a note to BoA letting them know I was not at fault. BoA stated I can never have an account with them again because now I was considered "at risk" even though I made good on the deficit 3 days after it bounced. I decided I didn't want to deal with BoA and just kept my regular checking account that I had had for 20 years.

I moved out of state recently and got a job which didn't offer direct deposit, so I had to open an account at another bank, since my previous bank had no branches here. I was declined and told that something called "chexsystems" declined it. I was given a number to call and upon calling that number was told that for only $265 I can have this removed. I negotiated the price for $215 since this whole issue was not my fault. Upon receiving some sort of report that stated I was clear, I then attempted to open an account at one particular bank. I was denied. They couldn't tell me why. I tried 2 others and the same thing happened. I went to another bank, who actually pulled up some kind of report and I was told that the "mark" on my name was listed as "suspected fraud activity". I was shocked! The bank manager was very helpful and told me to take the info to BoA, which I did. They were actually very helpful by activating a research file in order to remove this from chexsystems.

The BoA manager went to her system and stated that she could see this was paid and it was clearly a mistake. I'll wait a few weeks to see what happens, but in the meantime...Chexsystems is, from what I discovered, some sort of reporting agency, like a credit report, for banks. Virtually all banks use them and base their account acceptances on these reports. What piss me off is that I paid some service, recommended by chexsystems, 215 bucks to do absolutely nothing. I'm calling them today to demand my money back. My advice...go to the bank you had the issue with in the first place and try to resolve it. If you can't, or they won't, there are credit unions out there that will open accounts for people that the chexsystem gods have deemed unworthy. Hope this helps.

I had an old close account with chase bank in NY. I owe $149.47 and it was paid. But when I went to open an account at Susquehanna bank at Shamokin west office north 2nd street & walnut street, Shamokin pa 1782, I wasn't allowed to cause it kept saying my name was in the ChexSystems inc, attn. Consumer relations - 7805 Hudson road , suite 100 Woodbury MN 55125.

I have been on ChexSystems since 2004 and its now 2014. I have like 8 banks reporting me and I have tons and tons inquiries from where I applied and was denied. Anyhow, I have had success opening accounts with major regional banks such as PNC, 5/3, Chase. Some banks will offer 2nd chance accounts and you take a financial course and they will open the account. I added a consumer statement in my Chex report, so when the bank has to inquire my name, they then read off my consumer statement and then I always get lucky and get a manager override.

I also obtained an EIN from the IRS and filed with Secretary of State for an LLC and Chase, Fifth Third only run the business on ChexSystems and not you (the signor) another great advantage of business accounts is that the debit card limit and mobile check deposit limit is usually higher. Some banks will run the signer and here is the trick around that before going to a bank. Call up the branch and ask them about opening a business account, then mention you will be having 3 or 4 signors on the account and that you want to make sure that they don’t run the signors on Chex and only the business is ran, and that you don’t want to waste the other signors time if they aren’t going to qualify. But make it sound like you aren't the one on Chex (even though you really are) and they will straight up tell you the opening process.

What’s funny is that some of my accounts, I qualify as a business but as a personal account, I don’t qualify. Even after being with Chase after a year, I am afraid to apply personally for a consumer account because when I show up on Chex, the branch could very well close me on the business side for seeing derogatory information from Chex - because remember a business account signer isn’t ran and they would never know unless you apply personally or tell them.

I am a victim of Identity Fraud! I went in Columbia Bank to open up an account and was denied by CHEX SYSTEMS. I have written countless letters to them to ask them what is on my report showing derogatory making it possible for me to open up a bank account! They sent me inquiries telling me that I have a right to dispute them and not actually giving me the answers to my questions??? When you call them, they are more interested in charging you money for their benefit and not telling you what is on your record! THEY DON'T HELP YOU! They just want your money!! They don't care if you are a victim! They should be put out of business!!

Having a hard time trying to speak with a live person. I need to know why was not able to open a checking account with my husband.

Tried calling to inquire about being denied for a bank account, but the guy on at ChexSystems was mumbling and being rude. I don't have any issues that I'm aware, so I simply wanted to call and see what was going on with my credit. Wouldn't answer any questions. I didn't think anyone could be worse at customer service than cable companies, but ChexSystems proved that theory wrong.

I went to a local bank to open up a savings account (I want to give the bank money and not get any interest, which is a totally different topic) and I was told I was not qualified for unknown reasons. I then went to my own personal bank where I have been banking over 10 years and told I was declined due to Chexsystems, that there was fraud reported on my account. The fraud was reported through E-Trade (where I have never done business) and posted on my Chexsystems account. I immediately contacted E-Trade (who I am also upset with)... they said they knew that someone other than me was trying to commit fraud, but reported fraud on my account anyway. That is like convicting an innocent person. I was told to write a letter of Instruction, which I did, and I had to mail it to a PO Box. And that e-Trade would clear it up with Chexsystems.

I called up Chexsystems (after googling a correct phone number, which is a feat in and of itself after hours of trying to contact Chexsystems through their normal phone line) spoke to someone who was useless, and they are mailing me a report within 5 business days. This report doesn't do me any good, I already know what it says, as my own bank informed me of the error and e-Trade noted the same. I checked another website that clears up the error (per say) for a mere $185 and right away I knew that was a scam. This whole thing is a scam... and it is not protecting the innocent people like myself but condemning us because someone was trying to use my old contact information (an old address, phone number, etc). I am glad that the person did not get away with using my old information, I am just upset that I am held responsible for someone else's actions. This is ludicrous. If you ask me, Chexsystems is behind this whole entire operation.

I had problems with a checking account that was not my fault. I called my bank who wired in to cancel this report. The bank told me to be sure and check with ChexSystems to see that this matter had been taken care of. I have called several times. I was refused information from a Jeremy **, who talked to me very rudely. When I told him he was rude, he responded that "yes, I am." He then hung up on me. When I called back and asked for the supervisor, he refused telling me “I'm not a bank, so I may not talk to the supervisor.” I told him I would be filing a complaint against him with the Federal Trade Commission, and he just laughed. I used a few expletives telling him what I thought of him. These people are complete ** and everyone who has to deal with them should file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission to put a stop to this type of action, holding our credit hostage.

I went to apply for a bank account, and they said I had been reported to Chexsystems. Of course, you can't simply speak with someone to clear it up, you have to order a report and wait five business days to receive it in the mail. I got the report and it was clear. I called Chexsystems to inquire about the report, and they had no record of any wrong-doing, fraud, or anything negative on my part. So, not only did I not do anything wrong, as far as I know, but there's no way for me to clear this up. I could submit a dispute, but if Chexsystems has no record of a reason for me to show up as being flagged by a bank, what would I be disputing? I feel like I'm chasing a ghost. This will most likely never happen, but I would encourage banks everywhere to use another service or method other than Chexsystems to protect their assets. A lot of people are unhappy with them.

Provident Savings reported to ChexSystems and after I found the problem, I corrected it. It took a while because Provident Bank was not upfront. I paid ChexSystems the $189 and then I received my Consumer Report from ChexSystems. I brought a copy. The bank told me that it would take 30-60 days. I waited and still got, "We cannot do anything until it clears the account." I believe the bank and ChexSystems are both liars and ChexSystems just took my money like a common crook. I have a lot of reports on ChexSystems, none of them good. Can legal action be taken against them, like a class action suit, report them to FTC, BBB, FDIC, anyone who could shut this crooked operation?

I tried to open up a deposit only savings account with TruMark Credit Union, and was unable to because of a ChexSystems reporting a old overdrawn delinquent checking account with TD bank. Well, I called ChexSystems automated system to order a free report so that I might verify this information, and one of the prompts was, "Press one to pay your service fee to be removed from ChexSystems." Well, I was curious is to find out why they were able to charge you $189 to remove your name from their system and what guarantee did I have that this was legit?!

I have never ever been and felt so disrespected by the lack of professionalism in all my life handling business of such importance as our personal financial information. I was told that I was salty and sour because I can't open a account. I was told that I was "barking." I quickly questioned the operator, "So you're saying I'm a dog?!" and he said, "Well you're the one barking, and you getting mad at me. We don't need your money. You the one who needs us." He hung up on me. So I called back to complain to his supervisor and whoever answered the phone identified themselves as such. He identified himself as Bill **. I was trying to explain to him what had occurred and he said, "Yes, I heard the whole call; you were mean and were barking."

Huh, I was baffled. I cannot understand how these people can get away with being so disrespectful?! He goes on to say, "We're rich and you're not. You need us, we don't need you," and so forth and so on. It was one insult after another until I hung up. I could not continue with this abuse over the phone. I don't believe that this person was a supervisor and I feel as though there has definitely have to be more guidelines as to some structure in the call centers. What do we do? Do we have any rights? Please, somebody help!

ChexSystems, unethical and unscrupuolous - I sent ChexSystems their Identity Theft Affidavit form filled out, notarized, with copies of police reports from two cities involved (city where ID theft occurred and city where I live), and a letter from one of the companies who had cleared my name and who had been involved in the identity theft. I sent these via certified mail and was placed on security freeze with PIN initially with this company. I discovered that ChexSystems had allowed two banks to run credit checks in the city where the original identity theft occurred, while I lived in another city thousands of miles away, about 1 year apart i.e. one credit check occurred in 2010 and another in 2011 and just discovered this unauthorized credit check by ChexSystems and these banks in this other city.

Now ChexSystems refused to give me any information to clear up this possible continuation of this identity theft when I called by phone (gave them my PIN and consumer ID number) as they said after a wasted 45 minutes that it would have to be in writing. When requested in writing, with the same PIN and consumer ID number, they still refused to give any information, only sending me a letter stating that, "Although you may not be a victim of identity theft, the content of your contact with us requires that you be made aware of these rights in accordance with FACTA." They also stated that rather than using my PIN in the future, I was to use my social security number and consumer ID number if I wanted any further contact with ChexSystems, even though it was my social security number that had been compromised in the first place and that is the purpose of issuing PIN’s in identity theft cases!

In other words, they are stating, they don't acknowledge the identity theft now as they did initially, so therefore, they don't have to be responsible for following up on why they authorized credit checks in another city that I did not reside in twice. Also they are now requiring I further compromise myself if I want any further contact with their company to get this information by requiring I give any of their employees my social security number rather than the PIN issued for the security freeze by ChexSystems.

We've been calling and leaving messages all week without any response or call back regarding a very time sensitive issue in regards to a truck refinancing. The reason we had to leave messages at several different extensions is because there is never anyone available to talk or to help us. **, this number was given to us by the very helpful folks at an auto loan refinancing company who went above and beyond to help us and give us good advice **. This all happened during the week of July 4th, 2012. I called them back one more time on the 5th of July in a futile attempt to get someone to help us resolve this matter, and it seems like the only one answering the phone is an older man (and I use the term man very loosely - more appropriate way to describe him is an **).

Based on our several prior attempts in calling this place, we learned that they are not interested in trying to resolve anything except to transfer you to an extension where you'll be talking to a machine. I did not want this to happen again so I asked this guy to hear me out and that I'm calling regarding a serious, time sensitive issue and that I do not want to be transferred to a voicemail and I need to talk to a supervisor. His response was, "There are no supervisors here," and when I pressed the issue of urgency, this ** called me a Tasmanian devil and when I confronted him about his dismal attitude and lack of respect, he hung up on me.

I called back and hoped I would talk to a different person but looks like this disgruntled ** was the only one available. He taunted and bullied me over the phone again and seemed to actually enjoy his sick game when he said, "Ready? Ready? Are you ready? Here it goes," and he hung up on me for a second time. He never even got as far as getting my name and trying to help me.

The only things that are guaranteed here are attitude to no end, insult, name calling, disrespect, absolutely no interest in helping the consumer because in their mindset, their customers are the banks. So they don't give a ** to please or respect you, the consumer, because you're not the one who brings in the money. These losers are the anti-customer service and the biggest bullies you'll encounter. I plan on filing a complaint with the FTC and doing whatever I have to do to make sure that their tactics are stopped!

Again, no one from this place has returned a phone call. The nice folks at the auto refinancing (actually their president) have suggested that we contact the individual banks that show up on their report and rectify the situation with them. Just beware that when you call them, they are no better than a collection agency (don't fall for the ** customer service they promise to offer on their webpage; it's a lie!) and they automatically assume you're subhuman, not worthy of respect, time or understanding because your name ended up on their list. Well, my name never ended up on their list! I have excellent credit and I'm the co-signer. Stay away from them! They're the middleman. They don't need your business or your satisfaction. Deal with your original creditor.

Check Systems is an organization that is outside the scope of our laws. They break reporting laws with abandon. No matter what evidence one submits, they are always on the side of their bosses, ATT, BOA, The Department of Education. Listen, we must shut them down. They are dragging our economy down and fearing off of our world community.

I know America. We were formed on God and pass the ammunition. Gangsters, thieves who feed on us will not be around too much longer.

I had several NSF that were paid in full with my direct deposit, and because my previous bank allowed me to overdraft my account, I can't open a new bank account with Chase because of this ChexSystems.

I contacted ChexSystems to let them know that when I went to open an account with my local bank, it listed history that was incorrect. I contacted the other bank that made the error (mis-keying a social security number that resulted in reporting the account abuse under my number incorrectly) and they agreed to correct it. However, I wanted to contact ChexSystems to cover all bases and ensure that this was closed up correctly. In speaking with their "customer service" department, I was appalled at their lack of professionalism. I was told by the first account executive that, "nope, there was nothing he could do, computers ruled the world," and that he understood and felt sorry for my circumstance, appreciated my idealism, but there was nothing he could do for me.

At this point, feeling as though I may have reached a very poor quality company representative, I asked to speak with his manager, whereas he informed me that "he was the manager". I looked online for another contact number for ChexSystems and reached another account executive. I asked for an upline manager of whom I could voice a complaint to about an employee. I was asked multiple times for my name of which I would not give them and eventually was transferred to someone. The person I reached was named Vance and I asked to confirm if he was a manager. When he answered, "Yeah, what can I do for ya?", I questioned the validity of his responsibilities and asked him for his title. He responded that he was an account executive, which in my experience is an entry level title.

I asked him who he reported to and his answer was, "No one". He further stated that he was an account executive manager and he was over the 200 employees in the Atlanta, Georgia Office. I told him about the issue that I had with the account mistake and the poor quality response that I received and his reply was, "I'm very sorry that this happened, but if you don't have a valid circumstance that I can help you with, I don't know why you're calling." I couldn't believe this. First of all, I feel we are dealing with a pretty important issue, my personal finances, and if this company cannot hire, train or at least provide a phone number or proper method for people to protect their personal information, I feel they should be held liable for the false information that they are providing.

Even though my issue was resolved by my own effort, I feel sorry for those individuals who run into this company's blind arrogant ignorance and again very adamantly, I feel that they should be held liable for the incorrect information that they are providing that is responsible for damaging people's finances.

I was put on their list almost 5 years ago and have been unable to open an account or keep one open since. They have me as suspected fraudster, not proven and I am innocent. I unknowingly deposited a stolen/fraudulent check into my account. Even after I called the bank, the check was written on and had the check verified. I was told by the bank that it was okay and to deposit it, only to have my bank tell me a week later the check was bad. I only received $80 when I initially deposited the check and since the check never cleared I received no more money, so I paid my bank the $80 back and they have on the Chexsystems file that they don't know if I paid the money back or not.

I contacted the FBI when my bank suggested that I do that. It's so incredibly unfair that I am still on this list and I can't get ahead financially. It causes me much embarrassment not to have a visa/debit card to be able to do normal things like go on vacation, rent a car, get a hotel and buy online. Not to mention, I have to pay to have my paychecks cashed and since my company switched to direct deposit, my job has been in jeopardy because they no longer want to pay someone to print up checks just for me.

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