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50 ChexSystems Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2013

I tried to open up a deposit only savings account with TruMark Credit Union, and was unable to because of a ChexSystems reporting a old overdrawn delinquent checking account with TD bank. Well, I called ChexSystems automated system to order a free report so that I might verify this information, and one of the prompts was, "Press one to pay your service fee to be removed from ChexSystems." Well, I was curious is to find out why they were able to charge you $189 to remove your name from their system and what guarantee did I have that this was legit?!

I have never ever been and felt so disrespected by the lack of professionalism in all my life handling business of such importance as our personal financial information. I was told that I was salty and sour because I can't open a account. I was told that I was "barking." I quickly questioned the operator, "So you're saying I'm a dog?!" and he said, "Well you're the one barking, and you getting mad at me. We don't need your money. You the one who needs us." He hung up on me. So I called back to complain to his supervisor and whoever answered the phone identified themselves as such. He identified himself as Bill **. I was trying to explain to him what had occurred and he said, "Yes, I heard the whole call; you were mean and were barking."

Huh, I was baffled. I cannot understand how these people can get away with being so disrespectful?! He goes on to say, "We're rich and you're not. You need us, we don't need you," and so forth and so on. It was one insult after another until I hung up. I could not continue with this abuse over the phone. I don't believe that this person was a supervisor and I feel as though there has definitely have to be more guidelines as to some structure in the call centers. What do we do? Do we have any rights? Please, somebody help!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 21, 2012

ChexSystems, unethical and unscrupuolous - I sent ChexSystems their Identity Theft Affidavit form filled out, notarized, with copies of police reports from two cities involved (city where ID theft occurred and city where I live), and a letter from one of the companies who had cleared my name and who had been involved in the identity theft. I sent these via certified mail and was placed on security freeze with PIN initially with this company. I discovered that ChexSystems had allowed two banks to run credit checks in the city where the original identity theft occurred, while I lived in another city thousands of miles away, about 1 year apart i.e. one credit check occurred in 2010 and another in 2011 and just discovered this unauthorized credit check by ChexSystems and these banks in this other city.

Now ChexSystems refused to give me any information to clear up this possible continuation of this identity theft when I called by phone (gave them my PIN and consumer ID number) as they said after a wasted 45 minutes that it would have to be in writing. When requested in writing, with the same PIN and consumer ID number, they still refused to give any information, only sending me a letter stating that, "Although you may not be a victim of identity theft, the content of your contact with us requires that you be made aware of these rights in accordance with FACTA." They also stated that rather than using my PIN in the future, I was to use my social security number and consumer ID number if I wanted any further contact with ChexSystems, even though it was my social security number that had been compromised in the first place and that is the purpose of issuing PIN’s in identity theft cases!

In other words, they are stating, they don't acknowledge the identity theft now as they did initially, so therefore, they don't have to be responsible for following up on why they authorized credit checks in another city that I did not reside in twice. Also they are now requiring I further compromise myself if I want any further contact with their company to get this information by requiring I give any of their employees my social security number rather than the PIN issued for the security freeze by ChexSystems.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: July 6, 2012

We've been calling and leaving messages all week without any response or call back regarding a very time sensitive issue in regards to a truck refinancing. The reason we had to leave messages at several different extensions is because there is never anyone available to talk or to help us. **, this number was given to us by the very helpful folks at an auto loan refinancing company who went above and beyond to help us and give us good advice **. This all happened during the week of July 4th, 2012. I called them back one more time on the 5th of July in a futile attempt to get someone to help us resolve this matter, and it seems like the only one answering the phone is an older man (and I use the term man very loosely - more appropriate way to describe him is an **).

Based on our several prior attempts in calling this place, we learned that they are not interested in trying to resolve anything except to transfer you to an extension where you'll be talking to a machine. I did not want this to happen again so I asked this guy to hear me out and that I'm calling regarding a serious, time sensitive issue and that I do not want to be transferred to a voicemail and I need to talk to a supervisor. His response was, "There are no supervisors here," and when I pressed the issue of urgency, this ** called me a Tasmanian devil and when I confronted him about his dismal attitude and lack of respect, he hung up on me.

I called back and hoped I would talk to a different person but looks like this disgruntled ** was the only one available. He taunted and bullied me over the phone again and seemed to actually enjoy his sick game when he said, "Ready? Ready? Are you ready? Here it goes," and he hung up on me for a second time. He never even got as far as getting my name and trying to help me.

The only things that are guaranteed here are attitude to no end, insult, name calling, disrespect, absolutely no interest in helping the consumer because in their mindset, their customers are the banks. So they don't give a ** to please or respect you, the consumer, because you're not the one who brings in the money. These losers are the anti-customer service and the biggest bullies you'll encounter. I plan on filing a complaint with the FTC and doing whatever I have to do to make sure that their tactics are stopped!

Again, no one from this place has returned a phone call. The nice folks at the auto refinancing (actually their president) have suggested that we contact the individual banks that show up on their report and rectify the situation with them. Just beware that when you call them, they are no better than a collection agency (don't fall for the ** customer service they promise to offer on their webpage; it's a lie!) and they automatically assume you're subhuman, not worthy of respect, time or understanding because your name ended up on their list. Well, my name never ended up on their list! I have excellent credit and I'm the co-signer. Stay away from them! They're the middleman. They don't need your business or your satisfaction. Deal with your original creditor.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 16, 2011

Check Systems is an organization that is outside the scope of our laws. They break reporting laws with abandon. No matter what evidence one submits, they are always on the side of their bosses, ATT, BOA, The Department of Education. Listen, we must shut them down. They are dragging our economy down and fearing off of our world community.

I know America. We were formed on God and pass the ammunition. Gangsters, thieves who feed on us will not be around too much longer.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 12, 2011

I had several NSF that were paid in full with my direct deposit, and because my previous bank allowed me to overdraft my account, I can't open a new bank account with Chase because of this ChexSystems.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 30, 2011

I contacted ChexSystems to let them know that when I went to open an account with my local bank, it listed history that was incorrect. I contacted the other bank that made the error (mis-keying a social security number that resulted in reporting the account abuse under my number incorrectly) and they agreed to correct it. However, I wanted to contact ChexSystems to cover all bases and ensure that this was closed up correctly. In speaking with their "customer service" department, I was appalled at their lack of professionalism. I was told by the first account executive that, "nope, there was nothing he could do, computers ruled the world," and that he understood and felt sorry for my circumstance, appreciated my idealism, but there was nothing he could do for me.

At this point, feeling as though I may have reached a very poor quality company representative, I asked to speak with his manager, whereas he informed me that "he was the manager". I looked online for another contact number for ChexSystems and reached another account executive. I asked for an upline manager of whom I could voice a complaint to about an employee. I was asked multiple times for my name of which I would not give them and eventually was transferred to someone. The person I reached was named Vance and I asked to confirm if he was a manager. When he answered, "Yeah, what can I do for ya?", I questioned the validity of his responsibilities and asked him for his title. He responded that he was an account executive, which in my experience is an entry level title.

I asked him who he reported to and his answer was, "No one". He further stated that he was an account executive manager and he was over the 200 employees in the Atlanta, Georgia Office. I told him about the issue that I had with the account mistake and the poor quality response that I received and his reply was, "I'm very sorry that this happened, but if you don't have a valid circumstance that I can help you with, I don't know why you're calling." I couldn't believe this. First of all, I feel we are dealing with a pretty important issue, my personal finances, and if this company cannot hire, train or at least provide a phone number or proper method for people to protect their personal information, I feel they should be held liable for the false information that they are providing.

Even though my issue was resolved by my own effort, I feel sorry for those individuals who run into this company's blind arrogant ignorance and again very adamantly, I feel that they should be held liable for the incorrect information that they are providing that is responsible for damaging people's finances.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 29, 2011

I was put on their list almost 5 years ago and have been unable to open an account or keep one open since. They have me as suspected fraudster, not proven and I am innocent. I unknowingly deposited a stolen/fraudulent check into my account. Even after I called the bank, the check was written on and had the check verified. I was told by the bank that it was okay and to deposit it, only to have my bank tell me a week later the check was bad. I only received $80 when I initially deposited the check and since the check never cleared I received no more money, so I paid my bank the $80 back and they have on the Chexsystems file that they don't know if I paid the money back or not.

I contacted the FBI when my bank suggested that I do that. It's so incredibly unfair that I am still on this list and I can't get ahead financially. It causes me much embarrassment not to have a visa/debit card to be able to do normal things like go on vacation, rent a car, get a hotel and buy online. Not to mention, I have to pay to have my paychecks cashed and since my company switched to direct deposit, my job has been in jeopardy because they no longer want to pay someone to print up checks just for me.

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9 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 7, 2010

I was notified that my bank account was canceled due to conflicting information from Chexsystems. I was advised that I may be a victim of identity theft and needed to order the report from Chexsystems. I ordered the report immediately on 08/26/2010 via their website and received a message that it would take up to 5 business days before I receive the report.

It is now 09/07 and six business days have passed (7 by the end of today) and I have received nothing. I cannot report this identity theft to the police or the Federal Trade Commission without this report. You cannot get a phone number to speak with anyone at Chexsystems as the number will be provided on the report. Today, I have also faxed a written request for the report and for a representative to call me immediately. Until I receive this report, damage continues to occur to my credit. My bank account was cancelled and car loan was revoked. The person attempting to steal my identity can continue to open bad accounts, attempt to buy a car or even a house. This report is critical in clearing my name of such wrongdoing.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2009


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Original review: Nov. 3, 2008

1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2008

called the number had 3 choices could not get a numbver fora live representive so I went to the web site and then there was limitewd info. Still nno number fore a person I completed the report inf. but there was no E mial confromatiuon or any contact info that was valuable, stillinsame situation as when I started, No help!

I can not open a bank account until this matter is solved. My last bank that I had an account with has no evidence of any NSF reported, however the banmk that I am trying to oen an account with can not open it still.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2008

This morning I went to a Wells Fargo branch to open a new account. Soon I was told that I couldn't open an account there. They said something came up with Chexsystems and Equifax, however they couldn't tell me what it was. The only thing I could think of was an overdrafted account with Bank of America in the past, but that was 7 years ago in 2001 and I had settled that account in early 2002. I had no negative banking experience since.. I furiously called Chexsystems but found an automated service and no live person to talk to.

After a brief google seach under chexsystems customer service I found their customer service number where you can talk to a live rep. I called the number, which connected me to some office probably somewhere in cambodia where the representative was speaking in a clear Asian accent and pretending to be an Amanda. I briefly explained Amanda what my problem was and after a long search, she said I was not on their system and her system was showing nothing in my name. I told her that's not what the bank says, and then she began to constantly read from a script in front of her for everything I tried to say. Realizing this was pointless, I hung up.

Then I called Wells Fargo and spoke to some manager and she said she understood my frustration but there was nothing she could do. What a joke. These people are like mafia! As for equifax part, I immediately pulled out my 3-in-1 credit reports with FICO score and saw a lot of listed collections, which were way old and very inaccurate. So inaccurate that back when I had challenged them the3y had been removed from there immediately years ago. Yet I saw they came back under different accounts by different collectors, and since they were brought up in a recent time, they look like new, but in fact, they are re-aged, which should be illegal. I called all those collectors to see who they are and what they are doing in my credit report.

After a brief investigation as such, I noticed that these people actually knew nothing about nothing other than what writes in front of them. They are simply employees of a company who bought those accounts from a previous collector who was dusted off of my record years ago. When I ask them if they had any proof or evidence that I was actually the one involved in that business transaction, they quickly stall. However it's their final attitude that is the source of frustration: yes but we got you here and what are you gonna do about it! I immediately disputed all of them, but this time, I'm seriously considering hiring an attorney if it comes in an affordable price.

I couldn't open a new account and a secured loan account which I needed! And I didn't even bank with any institution for 6 years! SIX years! I thought this thing stuck with you for 5 years.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2008

Two days ago, I applied to open a new checking account with my university's credit union. I was denied a checking account because of a previous NSF at a different bank which had been paid in full for two years. I didn't even realize this had been reported against me especially considering how small the amount was and how short a period of time my account was delinquent.

I contacted my previous banking institution and asked them why they had made such a report to ChexSystems after being such a good customer for over two years. The lady at the bank apologized and could not give me an answer. She then removed the report from ChexSystems while I was on the phone with her. I wanted to double check that the information had indeed been updated with ChexSystems--the lady at the bank gave me her direct line to give to ChexSystems in case the matter wasn't resolved right away.

I could not speak to anyone at CheckSystems for over an hour while trying to find a number for their customer service department. The information both on the company's website and the information given to me by the bank which declined my account request had the same phone number. Both of these numbers were for requesting a copy of a ChexSystems report. There was no way to speak to a representative. I finally found a number on a third party website while doing a google search. I was directed to a call center in India where I was given at most minimal information. When asked about filing a complaint about the difficulty in contacting the company, I was referred to my state's attorney general's office.

Unable to access my own information held on ChexSystem's files due to the concealment of the company's contact information and the secretive nature of their customer service policy which greatly hinders any semblance of transparency. If not unlawful, this company is certainly unethical.

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Original review: June 24, 2008

the individual refused to take my name of the checking system list stating that it's company policy. why shouldn't they take my name of the checking list since the debt was settled more than a year a go? i have not been able to open any other bank account due to the incopetence and luck of moral judgement by this organization.

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Original review: June 18, 2008

I went to open a checking account at a Washington Mutual branch in Modesto, CA. I had $9,000 worth of checks for deposit. I was denied the account from WaMu, and told that they couldn't even tell me why--just that ChexSystems had a report for me, and that I needed to call the WaMu 800 number to find out what was wrong. I made the call, where I again was not told what the problem was due to privacy reasons? and that Id have to call ChexSystems, which I did.

First of all, there's no way to talk to a live person: you MUST use the automated prompts or the web site to order a report that will supposedly explain why you have been denied the account. I requested my report. I have Bank of America checking and savings accounts, and have since 1996. I called them to make sure that there was no fraud or problems and was told that they had not reported me to ChexSystems, and that I was a premiere customer and they would never report me. They offered to call ChexSystems with me on the line to see whether they could mitigate the situationbut got the same automated response that I got, despite being members of ChexSystems as well! I subsequently received my reportand there was not one problem on it. In fact, the only mention of anything in any category was the WaMu incident.

When I called ChexSystems to inquire what was in my report that couldnt be verified, I spoke with a representative named Sean.? Sean informed me that there was nothing on my reportand again, that ChexSystems does not make the decision. If there is nothing in my report, then how can WaMu deny me an account based on nothing? And how can I prevent this from adversely affecting me again in the future? Ive done nothing, and theres no evidence of anything, but Im being denied on the basis of nothing. Furthermore, theres not even a place to go to try and rectify this, because WaMu and ChexSystems are both pointing the finger at each other. (I called WaMu after I received the report, and she said there wasnt anything there, and that I shouldve gotten information from the branch!)

I had to remain with Bank of America (at $6.95 per month) instead of receiving the free checking I was clearly eligible for. I feel like I was discriminated against for having nothing on my Checking report.

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Original review: March 17, 2008

Chexsystems solutions bank list guide never provided a list of banks who do not use use chexsystems. I was also Promised a valuable e-book as a free gift just for signing up. Grey Fox document also said I would receive help tip messages weekly.

Paypal collected money for services. I was never told that there would be a charge for using my credit card through paypal. Charge one time fee of $10.00 for receiving instant access to the most current up to date, of bank and credit unions in all 50 states that do not use chexsystems solutions.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2007

I had a dispute with Ebay over a charge. Despite the dispute they reported me to ChexSystems who prevented me from opening a checking account dispite a perfect credit record otherwise. They would not even let the bank know the dispute was only $33. You can't even get a person on the phone at Chexsystem. They ***** *** and are unreachable.

Unable to open a checking account. Damage to my credit score. Emotional distress. Embarrassment. I had a perfect credit rating until this.

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Original review: May 23, 2007

On May 17, 2007 I went to open a Certificate of Deposit account with the Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh and was denied the account because when they ran my SSN through Chexsystems they received feedback showing something that was questionable.

They gave me a printout of a computer page with this information and showed me the questionable line. This line was included within a box titled ChexSystems and read exactly: FraudChex1: Ravinovich Motel, Hotel/Motel? They gave me a paper with included instructions on how to contact Chexsystems to get a consumer report and which stated that I had a right to dispute the information in the consumer report.

I looked up the Ravinovich Motel, and found that there is no such hotel/motel, that Motel Ravinovich is actually a tenant who lives in my building. There are plenty of websites purportedly listing Hotels/Motels that erroneously include people named Motel. It is a common Yiddish name. Thus, it appears that a check on my address showed that I may have given an address for a motel instead of my home address based on hotel/motel sites that erroneously include private citizens named Motel.

The main problem is that my Consumer Report from Chexsystems does not show this Ravinovich Motel reference. It shows that everything is clean with nothing negative on my record. Thus, I am not able to dispute the erroneous report item re: Ravinovich Motel that Chexsystems is reporting to banks.

I do not know how to get out of this mess. After banking for over 30 years with no problems, I am suddenly treated like a criminal and am afraid of what the future will bring in terms of my ability to bank and access my money. I am retired and depend on my savings. I am thinking of moving to a building where nobody named Motel lives, but even then I am afraid that this association of my SSN with a motel may stay in my record for 5 years.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2007

I recently attempted to open a checking account with a Washington Mutual branch in my residing city. After sitting there for a few minutes, having a friendly conversation with the representative, I was told I could not open a checking acct with them. I was handed a piece of paper and was told to call the 800 number to inquire and was sent on my way. I realized this was an issue that was obviously still shadowing me from almost 3 years back, due to a very unfriendly divorce!

I made several phone calls (lost count). I called the bank that had placed the report to make sure their records were up to date and showing that this acct had been satisfied (surely it was a mistake). Come to find out, yes, indeed their records showed as satisfied and so did ChexSystems'however the information stays for 5 years!

My former finacial institute did offer an alternative. They told me to contact a company called Springboard and that all I had to do was take a 5 hour weekend class and upon completion I would receive a certificate (I suppose that would make me much more worthy of opening an account, never mind the fact that it's been paid off for more than 2 years now). The certificate will allow me to open a checking acct. with any participating bank that will take the certificate as assurance that I am in fact a law abiding citizen.

As for CHEX-SYSTEMS themselves. Well, I called the 800 number and I basically had 3 choices (talking to a live representative was not one of them), I could receive a copy of the report by #1 internet, #2 fax, #3 mail. Those were my 3 choices. I obviously knew what was in the report since there was no possible way that I could have had another bank report me to CHEX-SYSTEMS since I CANNOT open a checking account.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2000

I was with washington mutual, and there was a point my account was over drawn. The total was $227.00. For a while I was not able to pay it, so they closed my account. Then I was sent a letter from ChexSystems saying i owed Washington Mutual some money. And i had 30 days to pay it or get in touch with them to make a payment. They never gave a number to call. I then sent the money off with in 2 weeks.

So, recently I called Washington Mutual to get my account reinstated. They told me since I went to ChexSystems, I couldnt get a bank account for about 5-7 YEARS! In the letter I got, there was nothing mentioning this at all. If i had any idea that this would happen I would of barrowed the money. I really need help with this. In this day and age there is no way I could live with out it. I feel this is very unfair and I need help.

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