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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Education Services?
    • 4,462,919 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2019

    I’m just yet another one of these stories. Took my loan out in 2007 for just over $16k, here we are 12 years later and I still owe over $17k. I’ve paid $5k towards principal and $12k towards interest. They were supposed to have removed my co-signer after a couple years of good payments (always been paid on time) and yet they’re still stuck on this loan with me! So here I am drowning in a debt to keep my credit good, but also my co signers who should have already been removed! Who has a lawsuit already against them? Has anyone spoken to Lawyer? Something isn’t right here!!

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

    My husband started paying on his AES Student Loan in 2004. His starting loan was $57k, today in 2019 AES shows we still owe $34k. I added up the total amount of money we have paid on this since the beginning and total we have paid this company $59k. The interest rate has gone up and very seldom down. Our payments have ranged between $250-$600 per month. A couple examples of how payments are broken down are: Payment $488.06 of that, $403.48 is interest and $84.58 is principal. Payment $600 of that,$526.69 is interest and $73.31 is principal.

    I am going to contact a lawyer to see if there is anything we can do to dispute the remaining balance with this company. My suggestion to anyone looking to get a student loan, do NOT use AES. Maybe see what kind of rates you can get from your bank for a personal loan? I don't know but, it's ridiculous that I have a car with a starting price of $41k that I am able to pay off in 6 years and a student loan at $57k that will take us 15+ years to pay off.

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

    I have been trying to pay off my loan for weeks now. I get messages saying they returned my payment because it was rejected by my financial institution (PNC). I have spoke with PNC two times now and they say they never received any payments, or have never rejected anything. That something is wrong on AES end. I have called AES and customer support does not know what's going on. I have been placed on hold numerous times and transferred to multiple people. No one knows the answer. I'm basically stuck. And to kick it off, Every single day $1.25 is added to my loan through interest. So I am now on day 20 since I've tried paying off the loan. That is an extra $25 so far.

    I am on the phone with them right now and they now say it will be another week until things clear on their end to see my situation. However, the interest still builds. They "unfortunately" cannot pause interest or revert it back to my original payment. So because they are making mistakes on their end, I have to pay an extra $30-50 (don't know how long it will take). It's not a great deal of money in comparison to the loan. But anyone who paid off a large student loan will tell you, this hassle and extra money at the end is devastating. I just want it paid off but they basically aren't taking my money. Look elsewhere when trying to fund school.

    Reviewed July 28, 2019

    I have never borrowed from this company. I am 80 years old. I had a neighbor across the street some 20 years ago who apparently had a student loan from AES. I vaguely remember him. He lived across the street from me for three years. According to AES he recently died. I would guess he would have been in his 50s when he was my neighbor. Today, I received a letter from AES telling me they were sorry for MY loss (I hardly knew him), but that I need to pay off his student loan(s)! They told me I MAY be eligible for a partial or full discharge, IF I provide them with his death certificate. WHAT???? These people are insane!

    I live in a community with CC&Rs. Do our CC&Rs require that we now have to pay off our neighbors' loans? I went through the most recent 120 reviews for AES on this site. There were two 3-star reviews, five 2-star reviews, and one 4-star review. The rest were all 1-star reviews. According to my math, that is an average of 1.1 stars. How do they rate 3+ stars???? Like Ross Perot said, "This is what's wrong with America today!"

    Reviewed July 25, 2019

    This is one of the most difficult and dishonest organizations to work with. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. I have been struggling for two years to get them to realize that I am still in school and they continue to send me bills every semester for my student loans. I repeatedly call them, email forms, mail forms, fax forms, have my school call them, etc. etc. and every semester the same issue happens. It is unbelievable. I just got off the phone with them for two (2!!) hours trying to figure this out and basically they just say it's not their problem if they don't have the right documentation and so I have to fix it on my end. Even though I have paper and electronic verification of the multiple times I have sent in my Enrollment Verification Certificate and I would be happy to send it in again. For the love of all that is holy, stay away from AES.

    Reviewed July 24, 2019

    I am not surprised to read about so many other reviews of the terrible customer service of AES. Had login trouble getting into my account this morning, so I called later in the day to get help. Three different reps told me they needed an account password to verify my account. I have no idea what they're talking about. For the past four years, I've consistently paid my bill every month on time and never had a problem with the website until today. They tell me I need to send in a request in writing to fix the password issue. Really? I gave them my full date of birth and SS number and still they can't verify it without this stupid password. I don't even remember setting this up. Most "normal" companies can easily verify your identity with a SS number to resolve these issues except for AES. Anyone reading this, spread the word about AES.

    Reviewed June 17, 2019

    It's bad enough that they raise your interest rates to whatever rate they want whenever they want, but they are difficult to work with, their customer service persons are not only unhelpful, they are rude on top of it (this included their online chat persons as well. If you have a question they treat you like you're an idiot and make it almost impossible to make a change on your account. If you pay a bill the day it's due, be prepared to get a phone call. If it's due on say the 10th, and you process your payment on their website on the 8th or 9th, even though your payment is EARLY, they will start harassing you with phone calls because their system takes 3 days minimum to process the payment on their end.

    Oh and they don't call you, the primary borrower. They call your co-signers first. It's awesome knowing you're making your payments on time but they call your parents anyways because their payment system is slow, and then your parents think you're not being responsible. I am going to get these loans refinanced with any other borrower as soon as I can. I can't say enough bad things about AES. If you can hep it, do not borrow with them. You'll thank me later.

    Reviewed June 10, 2019

    I deeply hate AES. I hope they go bankrupt. I was told that my aunt who agreed to be my cosigner will be crossed out of the student loan after 4 years of consecutive payments on time. It’s been 10 years and AES still refuses to take her off. I didn’t miss a single payment and paid more than what I was supposed to. They discriminate against me because I am Canadian. They cannot accept any credit information other than from USA. I sent them multiple documents but none of them works because their bureaucrats have issues when someone does not have USA social security number. Now my aunt wants to buy a house and she cannot 'cause she has my loan on her name. Thank you AES for putting me in this situation.

    Reviewed June 6, 2019

    Allowed my daughter to only pay interest on loan for 10 years w/o consulting me!! Now she defaults and I owe full amount!!!! So I paid!! Now they owe me 'cause payoff was wrong and say 30 days? Total POS company! RUN!!!

    Reviewed June 3, 2019

    Having 2 loans through this company. Had both loans switched to same due date. After a forbearance, they decide to change my dates back to original due dates (2 separate dates). I went to pay my bill on the phone and requested to switch my dates switched back. The customer service said gladly. Few days later got an email saying I was denied due to no signature. Ok?!

    Did it online (where it asks for no signature). Got a email saying it was declined due to no dates. I looked at my Confirmation email received showing the different dates. Did it online a 3rd time and decided to call to make sure. The lady was very nice and did great but got the run around on “first person should told you need to mail a letter or online” explained every attempt. She spoke with supervisor to tell me “just mail/fax in a RANDOM paper requesting or file out a request form they can send me in the mail, NOT able to send it by email.” They are able to take some paper anyone could write instead of a printed paper emailed to a specific person? After an easy hr of my life wasted with this company. I’m going to be hit with a late fee and try a 4th attempted to try to change something as small as a due date. I have 3 other loans through other companies. I recommend using them, not AES.

    Reviewed May 29, 2019

    This company guarantor or whatever.. is inept (or they are inept). I've been dealing with this company for OVER A YEAR for a teacher forgiveness application. Unless you call, they do not let you know what you need or not need for the application. Always telling you "you are missing ... " Once you send it, unless you call, you will not know they actually received it. After they receive what they said they were missing, magically when you call again, you need something else. IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! THEY DO NOT WANT TO APPROVE ANYTHING!

    YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE MISSING SOMETHING! BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR LIFE HISTORY --- maybe from the time you were conceived to the time that you call. Maybe then, they will get a clue and learn how to do their jobs and tell you from the get go what you actually need! Keep copies of everything! Keep dates of everything and keep the names and times of the people you speak to and the dates you called!

    Reviewed May 21, 2019

    Got misinformation when I called - more than once - to ask if I needed to consolidate my loans again to qualify for the Public Service loan forgiveness program. I was ASSURED that I didn't need to do that. That ultimately cost me $54,000 and 7.5 years of payments toward the program. Now instead of 2.5 years of payments, I have to start over: TEN MORE YEARS. Pretty much says it all.

    Reviewed May 9, 2019

    This is the fifth year in a row that AES has not processed my IBR request in a timely manner. Every year I go and do the recertification process, enter the codes on all the websites and follow up with them. Every year they send me a denial letter and then take take three times the amount out of my account stating that without the plan this is the recalculated amount. Nobody ever calls me to let me know, it's a letter in the mail after the fact. It takes 10 phone calls from me to get things straighten out. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Again, this year my wife and I did everything on our end and they said we didn't and or it wasn't in a timely manner. I took screenshots of everything when completed, so I know it is them screwing up.

    Reviewed April 11, 2019

    AES is nothing but a ripoff loan company. They claim that the rise of the interest rate has to do from a bank from Europe. What does Europe have to do with the damn loans? I had to consolidate my current loans to beat this unjust variable rate. Stay away from this greedy loan management company! Look for the following private and federal school lenders and consolidators that have fixed rates. Earnest, Sofi, and Commonbond.

    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2019

    I pay this loan for my daughter because she is paying other school loans and would break emotionally if she knew how much this is per month. I sent an email about interest going up again and they use some lawyer terms that it is based on the United Kingdom Interest Rates. Really? This is America not London. I'm over 60 and may never get her loan paid off. How about blanket forgiveness for school loans? She is already in one plan for 20 years, is a long way off plus can't find a decent job that pays more than $10.00 an hour with a Masters in Education.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

    My main advice to anyone who is thinking of joining or leaving AES is to look closely and weigh out their 3 repayment options on their website. There is no manageable way to pay down your loan, without paying an equal or greater amount in interest. I took out 4 private student loans beginning in 2005 to help meet the costs of my tuition (as a self-supporting 18 and 19 year old). AES bought my student loans from my original borrowing company, which was a company called Student Loans Xpress. When the 2008 crash hit, AES picked up the bill on the now-defunct Student Loan Xpress company. I signed a new promissory note with them while I was still completing my degree and amidst the chaos of the financial crash, when the impact was not yet known. Ever since then, I have been stuck with them.

    This company is technically a "student loan servicer." They are not a lender, they are not a bank. You cannot consolidate your debt with them, and they are not responsible for your original lending loan. They, by design have zero accountability. And, as I've found out today, they are paid a flat-rate by the original borrowing holders to service my loan, so, as they put it to me, "they have no stake in the game." What they do do is offer guaranteed profit for the lending company. That old, predatory private student loan lending company that burst with the bubble.

    I've read past consumer reports about this company today, and I identify with people's comments about their customer service. The representatives, I suspect, have been instructed how to assert "options" rather than advise. It has taken me years of struggling to meet payments, haggling and scratching my head talking to representatives, to figure out their number, all the while having no other viable options-- I did not previously feel I'd qualify for a consolidating bank loan without the aid of a guarantor-- and zero recourse at times when I've been met with financial hardship. Meanwhile, my previous guarantor who I asked to co-sign a loan on my behalf back in college (remember, this was with the original lender, not AES) and I have been chained to this company in order to make repayments ever since.

    This company, and others like it are a cancer. They prey on young, low income college graduates who do not understand the contract they are signing. I've paid AES interest amounting on 1/5 of the original principal of my 4 separate loans in the eight years since my graduation. Technically my interest rate is 6%, so I don't know how that makes sense.

    Today I tried to make a substantial payment towards the principal and was told I cannot make interest-only payments for the remainder of the year. This is a choice even a credit card company would allow. Instead, they offer a Pay-Ahead option, which would mean I give them a huge chunk of money and that covers the interest on my premium as it remains today. Neither of these options allow me to reduce my monthly payment by any less than $100/month, and forces me to pay a great deal more interest than I was bargaining for, which supports my theory that this company and companies like it exist to guarantee the loan lenders a huge interest return. Being an informed consumer, it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth choosing the third option of paying more per month and shaving down my interest gradually throughout the year.

    My only informed option would be to leave AES, which I may finally, after 8 years and $21,000 made in monthly payments (only $4000 of which went towards my principal), be qualified to do. I never could have imagined this option before my financial situation made a leap. This is not an option for most, and that thought makes me sick to my stomach. I am pursuing every option at my disposal to expose companies like this. Good luck to my fellow graduates stuck in AES's snare. Peace.

    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

    In 1999 I began paying back a $22,000 total student loan amount. After 10 years I was informed they were bought out by another company (AES-PHEAA) and my interest shot up to 13%! I paid a lump sum of $5000 to get my repayment interest down to only 8%. I have paid $370 per month since then... Most months I have rounded up to an even $400. So 20 years later, these clowns still will not give me any information. How much I have paid, interest, anything. It's absurd!

    I'm giving them my money and they will not give me any financial up to date information?? How is this legal? I have paid at least $88,000! That's me just estimating at $370 per month. They have profited over $60,000!! On a student loan! And when I recently tried to get a pay off balance it was somewhere at $21,000. Absurd, infuriating, EXTORTION! This company is a bunch of thugs. I cannot fathom how this is legal.

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

    AES reported a payment delinquency to all 3 credit agencies and but have now failed to report my payments, so my credit score continues to drop as the agencies believe I am still delinquent. I was told reporting would take place at the end of last month and nothing has been reported. Not only is this shady and disgusting and lazy, it’s also in violation of the law. This company needs to be held accountable.

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2019

    Someone seriously needs to look into this company. I took out 16,000 in student loans in 2002. Here we are in 2019 and they decided to charge me 11,000 in interest. How is this even legal??? I’m not paying another cent.

    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

    Many of these posts are accurate. You will most definitely be in a constant cycle of repayment with no end in sight. I have just made my payoff amount with my tax refund and the total I have paid them was at least double the original loan amount. Such a ripoff. I wish I knew this back before I ever took out a private school loan or at least early on in re-payment so I could have at least paid it off years earlier. Please no one do this.

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2019

    This company is useless. They never have answers for simple questions. When you call and speak to someone it's like speaking to a 1st grader. The only thing they're good at is adding interest. When you question them about anything they never have an answer and more times than not, they won't respond. This company is corrupt and only contributes to the broken student loan system. They don't follow the same rules as the government even for government back student loans.

    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2019

    I agree with every review written here. They never have an answer for you. All I do is pay more interest than principal. I had no say with my loan when this company bought my loan. I have been paying since 2000 and I am not close to paying it off. We all should join forces for a CAL.

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

    I took out loans through what was then known as "Astrive" in 2008 and 2009 to finance part of my undergraduate education. After graduating in 2009, I owed $31,000 over three separate loans. Now, ten years after paying, I owe $27,000, because American Education Services has continued to move my due dates, change my repayment terms, send my loans to a collection agency when they are paid up, and lose information I submit to them repeatedly. They are criminals who profit from hard working people. I have paid over $20,000 in interest alone on loans that should only have an 8% interest rate. I am currently "75 days delinquent" on loans that I pay twice a month. When I inquired about the delinquency, I was told it was 90 cents. Ninety. Cents. This company should be shut down immediately.

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

    I am 46 years old and I will never have my loan paid off with AES. Their interest rates are ridiculous and it is impossible. They would not accept a payoff negotiation. Every year I am frustrated at the amount of interest that accrues. Please go elsewhere and do not give these people more money!

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2019

    I’ve had this loan since 2006, I’ve paid a lot of money on it and have had to use forbearance and a couple other options to help with payments. Guess, what? I owe more now than when I took the loan out. My chest hurts from the frustration that I feel from taking this loan out. Never again, I pray someone can get all these issues everyone on here has taken care of. The representatives don’t even know what to do!

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2019

    Someone forged my name as a co-signer on a loan. The person admitted that to them. Still, this company refused to take my name off the loan. The borrower has stopped paying on the loan, and because this company refused to do the right thing, my credit rating has been messed up badly, over 100 points and plummeting. Why should they take my name off, just because I had nothing to do with the loan? How does it benefit these ## to take my name off?

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2019

    I went to school back from 2004-2008. My father paid for my tuition and room and board every year so I wouldn’t have to take out federal student loans. My parents saved for years to send us kids to college and pay for it in full at the time with NO loans involved. During my time in college, I took out 2 private student loans to supplement my low income while in school. One was through Chase Bank and the other through AES. Each loan was for $5,500, so a total of $11,000 between the two. AES bought my Chase Loan two years later, so both ended up being owned by AES. From 2008-2018, after 10 years of paying $300/month, I had finally got to the point in my life where I could safely pay them off without bringing my savings account down to practically nothing.

    I thought I owed around $3,500 on each, totaling around $7,000 after paying for 10 years on them on time every month. Boy was I wrong. When I called to get a payoff on each loan, after 10 YEARS OF MAKING ON TIME PAYMENTS, my payoff on each loan was more than the original amount borrowed. I ended up paying around $6,000 on each loan, so $12,000, total to wipe this debt clean. I went ahead and paid them off, because every CPA, financial guru, anyone who knows anything about student loans knows that whatever you do, always pay your student loans. If it’s a choice between making mortgage payments and student loan payments, THEY ALL SAY TO PAY THE STUDENT LOANS OFF BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR. So I emptied my savings, and three months later, I checked my credit report.

    Paying off my student loans made my credit score go down 100+ points? WTF?!?! I researched this and spoke to several individuals and this is in fact, TRUE!!! That goes against all credit standards across the world! You pay something off, your score goes up because your debt to income ratio is lower, RIGHT? NOPE. It’s all a scam. They threaten and say these loans will never die and you must make your payments, but when you do and pay them off, then it hurts you?!?! It’s a total SCAM. The government is really responsible here because they are letting these banks get away with it. They bet on the long term stability of on time payments in order to sell the loans off to other companies and so on.

    So basically I made them mad because I paid mine off and they can’t use me anymore to make more money. It’s absolute crap. I would be completely in on a CAL. I’m still trying to rebound from them. Now I have no savings, and my credit literally dropped from a 722 to a 608. I have no credit cards or car payments. I have a Gold Rewards American Express charge card, not credit card. My balance is paid in full every month. I paid my 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited off this past year after a 48 month loan. I have done exactly what they have said to do and what happens??? I GET SCREWED FOR DOING WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING! DON’T TAKE OUT PRIVATE STUDENT LOANS!!! You will DIE WITH THEM!!!

    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2018

    Been paying for these student loans since 2002. Found out recently that AES is a third party. Just the collection agency for these loans. The loans are held by National Collegiate Trust Funds which actually sells the loans off to different institutions. This is why you will never receive a straight answer form AES representatives. They have no binding agreement with anyone actually involved in the loans. Tried to do a settlement agreement with them and according to their representatives they have no authority to resolve your loans. They are just a collection agency. Are there any alternatives to try and get this resolved that anyone is aware of. Frustrated Consumer.

    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2018

    I have been paying on my student loans for 10 years. My interest continues to go up. I called to inquire about public service loan forgiveness as well as teacher loan forgiveness, due to the fact that these are private loans. They simply told me I’d have to repay my loan in its entirety. They were not helpful nor understanding of opinions to reduce the stress of paying these loans every month. I expressed to them that I would let my high school seniors know how their company operates and to never use them if they need loans.

    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2018

    I recently completed my Masters Degree in August. This company bought my loans from Great Lakes in June of this year. I also have loans through Fed Loan who has been wonderful. In the time they have had my loans they decided to delete two months from my grace period with no explanation, have raised my interest rate on what is supposed to be a fixed rate government loan four times, dropped my credit score 20 points before my grace is even overdue to refinancing (not aware they could do this) and have now sent me a bill even though my grace period is not up till March.

    I have already filled out a loan consolidation form and they won't be my loan holder as of March and thank god for that cause this company is horrific. Customer service are rude and unknowledgeable. I can't believe that 10 years in to borrowing these crooks can just buy these loans and change all the terms without any need to follow government regulations, these are government loans? How are they getting away with this?

    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2018

    How many times do I actually have to complete an application and submit my earnings??!! I've done it 6 times already this year!!! Ever since AES took over Sallie Mae/Great Lakes I've had to pay over 20x the amount I paid before on the IBR plan! So you know I'm broke!!! Whenever there is an email or letter stating that "We are not able to process your (IBR) plan" I call immediately and ask what the problem is, what do I need to do? They ALWAYS tell me something is missing. I have faxed, mailed AND completed these things online several times!!!

    Get this, I sent the proof of income for my spouse and I in the SAME envelope and mailed it. The last rep told me she received them both and to do ANOTHER application to print and fax. Today the rep told me she only received one proof of income! How?! They were in the SAME ENVELOPE??!! I'm so outdone with this company. I really want to repay but the stress and redundancy is ridiculous!!! I Googled reviews just to see how 'savvy' AES is with other consumers. Now I see it's not just me.

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

    Any one of the comments here could be my story; repaying more than I owe, not a qualifying financial Institute for PSLF, have paid more than double the original consolidation amount, "matter of fact" arrogant customer service, etc. It's reassuring to know that I am not alone in the AES scam. But what is being done about it? Are there currently any lawsuits pending? Posting my story will not solve the problem. What action can/should we be taking to see results in the near future and not years from now? I am retiring the end of 2018 and still owe over 13,000. Have paid over 45,000 since 2004 without missing a single payment with an original consolidation amount of around 24,000. In my opinion AES appears to be able to get away with these fraudulent practices while nothing is being done. Horrible!!

    Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

    AES is by far the worst customer service I have received. I refinanced my loan and my refinanced loan made a payment to AES based on the last billing statement and so ended up paying more than the actual payoff amount. Since then I have been trying to contact AES about the status of this overpayment and how and when can AES return this. They have completely ghosted me - no response to my many emails.

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2018

    In 3 years, I will finally pay off my student loans through AES after nearly 20 years of payment. For the last several years I've been paying $500 a month or double my minimum payment. If you don't pay double your minimum payment you will never pay off your loan. I originally took out $27,000 for my undergraduate. Due to AES's gouging, by the time I'm done, I will have paid over $100,000 for a $27,000 debt. I don't know how this company is allowed to gouge their clients this way. It is hard to believe it's illegal, but it is. After calling and complaining numerous times, it's also clear that AES does not care. I don't know how anyone who works for this company can sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror in the morning. They are ripping off thousands of people and destroying lives. You'd be better off consolidating your student loans with a Payday Loan Company. Don't walk, run away from AES! Someone needs to stop AES's unscrupulous practices!

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2018

    If all the reviews below don’t scare you away, allow me to add to the long list. DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT, take a loan from them. You will be in a perpetual, never ending cycle of repayment. Allow me to share my case, the math is surely not in the favor of the borrower as with all the examples before. In 2007 I borrowed $5,586.59. Since then I’ve made a payment of $54.82 for a total repayment of $7,169.75. As of today, I still owe $4,296.03. How you ask? Who knows. This company makes up their own rules and keeps stealing from hard working people. At a fixed 5%, I would’ve been done paying it off by this month. So basically, I’m gifting them the $4300 of the remaining balance at this point. Unbelievable.

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2018

    In 2002-2003 I borrowed a total of $27266 for AES to pay for college. To date I have paid $31,076 and they still say I owe them another $12,312... How!!! If I have already paid $20,236 towards principal and $10,839 towards interest, how on earth is my balance still $12,312 when my original loan amount was only $27266? How does a loan that was $27,266 end up costing me $43,388? That's literally $16,122 in interest!! That's insane.

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2018

    This company is terrible- no one knows what they are doing. I have been on the IBR and resubmitted everything for an IBR reapplication over a month ago. I have had to be on the phone for hours having to tell these people how IBR's are calculated. I literally have the form I submitted with the correct answers I filled out in front of me. They are telling me that the same form that Navient used to completed my IBR (with no problem)... their system could not process my answers?? So their system doesn't not know how to process a government mandated form for IBR that is submitted through Literally wasted so much of my time...

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

    On February 8, 1996 I consolidated my student loans, totaling $16,414.86. As of September 24, 2018 I still owe $18,837.14. Yes, after TWENTY TWO years of paying $230.44 I owe more than when I consolidated my loans TWENTY TWO years ago! These people are THE ABSOLUTE WORST WORST WORST when it comes to educational loans. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!!

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

    Long story short, I wanted to remove my co-signer, quickly, and they required I filled out a form. That's fine, except for the fact that they put the WRONG ADDRESS TO RETURN IT TO ON THE BOTTOM. Literally question every request they make. Awful company - called to get answers and the person I spoke with, and their supervisor, couldn't care less.

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2018

    My loans are serviced through AES Success. I have been in the IBR/IDR program for years and have kept my account current. AES contacted me as they do every year and stated I had to renew my IBR program. I sent in the form and paystubs over a month ago. I feel that they are intentionally delaying my right to reduce my payments under this law of this program. I have sent my paperwork in several times and they keep denying it due to additional documentation needed. I've sent my paystubs 3 times in the last six weeks to get this resolved.

    I've sent in several emails including this one today to AES which states the following: "I have been trying to get my IBR/IDR case processed through your company for over a month. The last letter I received says you denied it because you don't have all the documentation. I have sent over my paystubs which displays I cannot afford a $650 monthly payment and I have a 1 dependent in my household. I take care of me and my daughter. I am a single mom. I feel like you are intentionally delaying this process and therefore, I am going to put in a complaint with the government regarding your company.

    You are not allowing me to exercise my right to reduce my student loan payments due to income. Once again today, I have sent over my IDR form and my paystubs. There is no other documentation to provide you. I am not married. I have been in this program for years and it is very ironic that you are delaying my right to reduce my payments all of sudden. I would like a supervisor to contact me to get this resolved or I will be moving my loans over to another company."

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2018

    This company is a joke, the worst of the worst!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT RECEIVE A LOAN FROM THEM. I received this loan in 2007, My original principal balance was 20,000. I've as of today, paid $18,992.86, $15,456.52 towards interest and $3,482.80 towards the principal. How is they even possible? $316 dollars a month (Which still doesn't add up since I've been paying since 2017). We need to all band together and expose this horrible company for what they are, SCAMMERS!! Please if anyone is doing something or have advice on what to do, please let me know.

    Reviewed Aug. 27, 2018

    I had 2 loans with a cosigner (relative). I had been paying my loan for several years, never late, paid extra each month. A few months ago (May 2018) I tried to release the cosigner from both loans but due to missing a payment in February of 2013, I didn't qualify to release the cosigner. I was in good standing for 4 years but due to a missed payment over 5 years ago, I couldn't qualify? That's crap. Another thing, to release a cosigner, you can't have paid extra on your loans. You must not be paid ahead on your loans. How screwed up is that??

    However, thanks to generous friends, I was able to pay my loan off fully, but even then, my automatic debit payments (which I called to cancel the day of my payoff), still went through after the payment. I just got off the phone with a very grumpy customer service agent who constantly cut me off (employee ID started with **...) who told me that that automatic debit payment that went through would be refunded in 30 days. If corporations are now like "people", they shouldn't be allowed to take their time refunding their system error. Just as I get calls daily for supposedly missing a payment, which eventually get forwarded to collections, they should be bothered daily with their mistakes.

    Also, the automatic debit payment reward (this is not limited to just AES, other providers also offer this) is a scant .25% interest rate reduction. It's appalling. It's not even a whole 1 percent. Student loans have been around for several years now, they are not new territory. There needs to be more federal legislation to protect the students who are so desperate (a little naive, and definitely stupid) to get a college education. This wouldn't fly in the housing market. It's a Federal issue with lots of legislation surrounding it. Student loans should be as well.

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

    When I embarked on an education, I knew that a student loan was the only means by which I could attend college, however, I never expected it to become the bane of my existence. First, I struggled with securing a well paying job and although I tried to make the payments, I was soon forced into delinquency and slapped with a $25,000 penalty by the State of NY, so instead of a loan amount of $49,000 I now had a loan amount of $74,000 on which I have been paying for some years to the tune of $43000. I did not expect this debt to go away overnight, but a recent review of my balance shows that the principal amount has only been reduced by $3,000 which makes no sense and suggests that this company is manipulating the payment terms to drive interest. Having read some of the other complaints here, I am prepared to be part of a class action suit against this company.

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2018

    I got injured several years ago on a previous job and went back to school to further my education while I was recovering. I got two loans over 10 years ago with AES (which was under a different name at the time ) in order to go back school. I have been paying almost $300 a month on these for years and they hardly move... I still owe almost the same as when this started. I've had a couple of obstacles over the years but usually get them paid even if it's little late. I recently lost my job and it's become a burden to pay these high payments right now. I called this afternoon to try to see if they could help with at least a temporarily lower payment, but the lady said there is nothing at all they can do to help so I let her know I guess they will get the payments whenever I can pay and I wished I had never used this company.

    She said the only suggestion she had for me was to get a consolidation loan from somewhere... I asked how am I going to do that since I currently am not working. She said, "Well don't know what to tell you then" and hung up on me. This is not the first time they have been unhelpful and downright rude... Almost every time I've had to call them about something this is what they are like. If anyone out there is considering using American Education Services for college just do yourself a favor and find some other company.