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Con artists. Before appointing I called around for the best deal. I was told one thing over the phone and a totally different thing when I got there. I needed new contacts for an upcoming vacation. Had I given myself more time I would have went elsewhere, but time was of the essence. When I emailed the company with my dissatisfaction they never even owned up to the dishonest way I was treated. Never again and I hope others heed my warning!

I told the salesman my budget and selected glasses within my budget. I rejected other items he pitched and told him that it cost too much. I was told that if I had insurance that I had to pay in full, which I did. I later received a voicemail "about my order" with no specifics. I called back and left a message for my salesman, who was unavailable. I never heard back from him. I called again 48 hours later and was told he made a mistake in the price of the frames and the lens and I owed them money. I requested to cancel the order and the manager, Lenora, said I would not get a refund, could not cancel the order and owed $60 more. This is not good customer service. I am working with Pearle Vision Corporate to resolve this ongoing problem.

I recently had an appointment at Pearle Vision in Birmingham, AL on August 9, 2016 for an eye exam, contact lens fitting and to purchase new glasses. I have EyeMed for vision insurance. So, I thought this should all go pretty smoothly. Let me start by saying that the eye doctor was awesome! She did a great job and also had great customer service skills. Some of the other employees were very rude and were also rude to one of their own co-worker (Paula).

My biggest issue was that I paid almost $400 for an eye exam, contact fitting and glasses. I have a daughter in college and I am single. So, I work very hard for my money and want to know where it's going. Especially when it's a fairly large purchase such as this. The manager (who I dealt with, mostly) did not explain ANYTHING about what I was purchasing, co-pays and what portion my insurance covered. Yet, they were happy to take my money! I did not realize after I paid they had not given me a receipt. So, when I go to pick up my glasses I have zero proof of payment.

I went into the office the following week to pick up my glasses and to see the doctor. I asked for a itemized receipt for my records. The receptionist acted very put out that I would be asking for such a thing. She then goes to the manager to tell him that I am requesting this information to see a an exact breakdown of what I paid for. I am walking out with the eye doctor to see and hear the receptionist and store manager openly talking about me by name. This was quite awkward for myself and the eye doctor. I did not say anything being I was quite taken back by such unprofessional behavior.

When I then Sat down with the manager to go over my bill, I see that I paid an extra $100 plus dollars for the lens in my glasses. I was not given any options to choose from. When I asked, he stated that is "normally what everyone chooses". So, again this made me feel they were all about the sale and not the customer. He was very rude and impatient when explaining my bill. I also felt very rushed. So much so that when I received my glasses from them they did not even do a fitting to be sure they worked well for me and fit correctly. Anywhere else I have ever been they had me try on the glasses and make sure that I am satisfied with my purchase.

And to top it off I chose a D&G pair of glasses and also received a broken case for my glasses to go in. You would think if they were name brand and $200 they would be sure the smallest thing down to the case was functional. Instead I had to go buy my own case. All in all it was a bad experience and I did not feel valued as a customer. I will not be using Pearle Vision in the future. I should have went with my original plan and went with their competitor.

I ordered some glasses and asked for Transitions lenses. These lenses weren't described to me, nor was I asked any other questions about them. The glasses come in so I go to pick them up and get in my vehicle. The lenses don't transition to dark. I go back in the store and a worker says they don't darken in vehicles as the windshield blocks UVA and UVB rays. I know people who have Transitions that darken in a vehicle but I wasn't given an option by the worker who reacted in a patronizing manner when I said that the lack of darkening in a vehicle didn't make sense. I was angry and the store was busy so being the better person, I decided I would go send an email.

So I did and didn't hear back after 5 days so I called the toll-free customer service number and explained I wanted regular lenses and the money back that I wasted on these useless lenses. I waited 3 days after this phone call where it was explained the store manager should call within 3 business days. He didn't so I called customer service again. I was told this would now get escalated to the regional manager. In the 12 days that have passed since the complaint supposedly went to the regional manager, I haven't heard.

I did call the store and was told I could get an upgrade to the Transitions lenses that do darken in a car - didn't know Pearle Vision peddled these lenses until then. It was never offered to me as an option - and they could be upgraded free of charge but if I have regular lenses put in, I can't have a refund as they are out the money by having the Transitions put in the glasses. What about the money I'm out by buying a feature that doesn't work how I expected it to? Since no one will call me back from Pearle Vision, that question will likely never get answered. I am debating between taking them up on upgrading the lenses or doing a chargeback on my credit card and going somewhere customers are valued to get my glasses. The only thing I can say is my 1st and only experience with Pearle Vision will be my last.

It is all about the sales! The customer service is sorely lacking. After losing my glasses I went there for an exam. The price I was quoted on the phone was not even close to the price I paid for the exam. On the website it indicated my insurance was accepted. I found out after the exam that is not true and I had to foot the whole bill! Additionally, I was promised I could have my glasses in 3 days, because I had lost my pair. After 5 days I called and they still were not ready. I told them to cancel the order and they refused. THE MANAGER AGREED TO RETURN MY MONEY AND NEVER DID AND DENIED SHE EVER SAID THAT! As it stands now, they have not returned my money to my credit card and I do not have the glasses. I will NEVER go back there and advise anyone who considers using this store go elsewhere. It is all about the money at this place. Lies and misleading statements to get you in the door. Run away!

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My wife and I went to Pearle Vision on Legacy Dr in Frisco, TX, so I could purchase a pair of single vision glasses (Frames & Lenses) while taking advantage of Superior Vision insurance. I chose a pair of frames (Armani, numbers on tag: OAX1017, 6083 Matte Brown, 5417 MAN) priced at $189.99. Since my Superior Vision Insurance covers Plastic lenses in full, I requested plastic lenses. The saleswoman there told me that these frames can only be fitted with polycarbonate lenses, and she quoted me a price of $257 (after my $140 frame benefit!).

I reminded her that I wanted plastic lenses since my insurance covers them in full. Again, she told me I could only get polycarbonate. This even though my prescription is no more than -1.25 in either eye and the cylinder and axis measurements do not warrant polycarbonate. She insisted that there was no other way to go than to get polycarbonate (she even tried to tell me this was due to some "rimless" feature, even though it is clear that the frames are neither rimless or semi rimless).

Annoyed, I left the store and returned the next day to ask a different salesperson if I could get plastic lenses for the same frames. After telling him my prescription, he saw no problem with plastic lenses. I then told him that I had no intention of buying them - I just wanted to confirm my suspicion that the saleswoman the day before was trying to rip me off. As it turns out, I was told that the saleswoman is actually the Store Manager, so she should have known better than to lie to a customer.

Fortunately, I'm an engineer so I do my homework beforehand and buy according to the facts that make sense to me. I just really feel sorry for those people who get persuaded by the "timeshare" type of sales pitch this woman gave me. It is totally unethical to lie to a customer about their options. I recommend avoiding Pearle Vision at all cost (particularly this one). I ended up going to Costco where I got great frames and plastic lenses (fully covered by my insurance) with nice authentic customer service.

My daughter had an appointment with Pearle Vision in Mt Pleasant, SC today. After agreeing to the service and signing the approval for the $0 cost. Once she was in the room alone they ran additional examinations for which I was expected to pay. Mind you, she is a minor! I will NEVER use them again.

Went for a eye exam and glasses on June 10. They told me it would take two weeks, so I waited. Called the store. Told me my glasses did not come in yet. Waited a few more days. Called back. Manager said she would call the lab to see what was the hold-up. Call back. Manager never call the lab. Pearle had my money for a month but I had no glasses. When I did get my glasses wanted to talk to the store manager. She is always avoiding me. Talked to customer service. They said they would pass my complaint to a district manager and he would call in 3 days. What a joke. It's been 2 weeks. No call. I guess district managers avoid problems too. Then when I got my credit card bill I was charged forty dollars for my eye exam. But with my insurance it should have been ten dollars 99.

I can't believe this company is still in business. I purchased my daughter glasses and should have figured it out with the store employees it was a mistake. We purchased the scratch resistance and the glasses got little divots in both lenses. I went back to the store and the store was closed. Went to another Pearle Vision and they would not touch the glasses and told me to call the regional manager Edgar **. I called him and left him a message. He did not return my call. At this point I called and left him 3 messages and did not receive a call back.

I called the 1800yeseyes number and spoke with a girl there who was looking up the records and could not find them. She said the records from that store can not be found. She said it was a franchise store and there was not a company store within 100 miles. I asked to speak to a supervisor and of course one was not available. Said would have to call me back. You can guess I still have not heard back from a supervisor and it has been 56 hours. I have called back 3 more times but keep telling me a supervisor is busy and will call me. I called at 8:00 A.M. When they first open and they are still busy. I called the other store again and said I need help what do I do. The lady there told me she heard another store 25 miles away was trying to help the customers from the store that closed. I called them and they told me to come in and would see if could help me out.

I went in there and she said that they don't have the records and the store owner has left the country to Canada. She looked at the glasses and said would talk to the manager the next day. She took the glasses and read the prescription on the glasses and said they were 15 degrees off from what the prescription said they should be. I asked for her to put that in writing and you can probably guess she refused. I asked if she had a number for a regional manager because Edgar ** would not answer my calls. She said he is in Florida for meetings. At this point I have called customer service 5 times and have lost count of how many messages I have left Edgar ** but it is close to 8. I have a pair of scratched glasses with the wrong prescription for my $334.43. I would just like to speak with someone besides the people at customer service who are so sorry for my problems but can't help.

Had no problem getting eye exam and picking glasses on June 8th. A week later they had 1 pair - didn't call. I had to call them now. 4 day later they still don't have my main pair ready as promised. They did say they will have both pairs done in 8 days. They can not give me a reason and I paid cash - no insurance as I was told they take mine and when I got there they told me they don't but I needed the glasses. Poor work on that part - they did not even have respect to call to let me know the glasses will be late coming in. I had to call them.

I bought a $48 Pearle Vision Groupon. I thought it was a great deal! It included a comprehensive eye exam plus $200 allowance towards eyeglasses (frame & lenses). I really just needed glasses for reading but wanted a good brand. I've been using a pair of Kate Spade over the counter reading glasses. The frame selections are not as good as LensCrafters, but I did find a pair of Ray-Ban frame for $200.

I figured, it would be an additional $50 to $100 for a generic, single-vision reading lenses based on a comparison price chart that I saw online for Pearle Vision. I was surprised when I was told I owe an additional $294. To be certain, I said..."minus $200 for the Groupon allowance, correct?" I was told no, that I owe an additional $294 after the $200 allowance. I couldn't believe my ears, so I said, "are you saying that a simple, single-vision reading lenses cost almost $300? That is ridiculous!" in which she responded that she would give me an additional 20% discount.

I have a marketing degree and it doesn't take a marketing degree to realize that this is a deceptive marketing practice. $294 is probably what I would have paid in total elsewhere without buying the $48 Groupon and getting a 'deceptive $200 allowance towards glasses'. The fact that she was quick to offer an additional 20% discount so easily just made me even more uneasy. The counter lady wasn't happy when I said "no thank you... I will not pay $294 additional because I do not think it really is worth that much money. Would you please just give me the result of my eye exam and this transaction is over?" She gave me such a dirty look after that. Then I walked out the door.

I went to LensCrafters afterwards to compare prices. The exact Ray-Ban frame was only $115. Single-vision lenses for reading was $129. That is a total of $244. So let's assume these are the same prices at Pearle Vision, so with that Groupon deal, I really just owed an additional $44 plus taxes. I ended up not buying at LensCrafters also because I was just dismayed with the whole experience.

I went to Costco that day and asked the optical people for pricing. When I told them my experience at Pearle Vision, they weren't surprised. One of the employees said that she has a friend that works for an optometrist. She told her that they are at liberty to mark up the pricing for whatever they want. There are no rules.

On April 23, 2016, I went to Pearle Vision at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, MI to pick up my new (progressive) glasses. When I put them on, I could not see clearly at any distance. Up close, the typeset looked like black ink blobs instead of letters. Far away, the letters were blurry. Computer length, everything was wavy. I could not see anything clearly and my head was beginning to hurt. The employee helping me said I should take them home and try them for a week. I declined and asked for my money back. I was told that I cannot get my money back.

I refused to accept the glasses and asked for a manager or owner to speak to. I was told I could not talk to anyone but I could email the franchise owner with my complaint. I was given a business card: **. After I left the store, I called the phone number on the card but the phone number went to the store. I was still not allowed to speak with the manager whose name was on the card (Martha **). I asked the lady who answered not to do anything with my glasses until I sent an e-mail and received a response.

After speaking with the manager in the background, she returned to speak with me. She said they could make the glasses single vision lenses (no progressives). She said my eyes really hadn't changed that much and I wouldn't even notice the difference. I believe this since I do not have difficulty seeing at a distance with my current glasses and do not need glasses to read. The lady on the phone said my other choice was to pay more for premium progressives, but if those did not work, I would still not get a refund.

On April 26, 2016, I emailed the franchise owner, explaining that I didn't think I should pay for glasses that don't improve my vision and I asked for a refund. I requested the response within 3 days. As of May 3, there has been no response from the franchise owner. However, there is a voicemail from the store saying my glasses are ready for pickup.

I order my glasses, waited ten days and when I got them they had the prescription info etched into the lens. Told they would give me new lens. Been back 3 times to get the lens fitted to my new frames and cannot get the tech to do the work.

Ditto to every review I've read! Had an okay exam experience. Not great but okay. Waited 15 minutes while I looked at frames. No one seemed interested in helping me. Finally a young woman from the optometry side came to apologize for the delay. All this while 4 'service' people tried on glasses in mirrors and joked with each other and 2 other customers in the store. I finally interrupted one of them to let her know I would go elsewhere. She stared at me blankly. This was in Branson, Mo.

The following Saturday I was in Springfield, MO so I stopped in the store there. I didn't have my paper script but I had my husband text me the script. The young lady said she couldn't use it. I asked if I could email it to them... No, of course. There was no one else in the store!! I went next door to Eyeglass World, which was busy, got assistance and ordered two pairs of glasses. So very sad and disappointing.

Used vision plan of employer and was limited in selection of vision care provided by plan. Every pair of glasses I have ever got were of poor quality and made from cheap material. Every pair practically disintegrated because they were constructed from flimsy metal. The "scratch proofing" was a deception because I can barely see through them through the scratches. They are now held together by a combination of twine and rubber bands (seriously).

I purchased a pair of glasses with premium lenses (discounted frame, bifocal lenses, transition, with glare and scratch guard coating) 11 mos ago to the tune $618.47. This reflected a 30% "special promotional discount" so full price would have been $900+. My lenses are showing white flecks, the lenses are totally scratched but unevenly so. It looks as if the coatings are coming off and scratch guard seems to be nonexistent. I visited store to inquire if they would stand behind their product especially as these glasses are only 10.5 months old. I was told their warranty covers only 50% and they were going to charge me $357+ to replace these lenses. This is clearly more than 50% of original price which included the frames. They indicated that the warranty price is based on List Price NOT actual purchase price.

My complaint is that they do not seem to stand behind their product, their warranty is not very good, nor is the little "trick" of charging list price replacement cost versus actual original cost properly disclosed. I do not even want to go into their pricing structure or service (delivery of my glasses took more than three weeks) but we are talking about a rather expensive consumer expenditure and charging more than 50% of actual cost for a repair that is most likely due to underlying product defects - is outrageous. I or any other consumer would not be able to determine if they actually received scratch guard or any of the other coatings that they are being charged for. Thus it is very disturbing when it appears that those either are absent or not performing. I get much better service from my Board certified Optometrist and same or better prices with much less gimmicks. I have to get new glasses at least once every year - but I do not plan on returning to Pearle Vision.

Called Melodie, made an appointment at gunbarrel rd store in chattanooga, tn. I live in flintstone, ga. Had been using rosenthal eye dr. for several years. My wife and I both. It is a thirty minute drive to brainerd rd from flintstone. When I got there on appointment day, store was open. My appointment was at 9.30 am. We arrived at 9.15 am. Lights were on in showroom and a light in back was on. DOOR WAS LOCKED. I knocked. Even called store no one answered. We will never go back there. Store mgr. said she was there. But we know she wasnt (I think she stepped out for a quick biscuit).

Terrible service! The manager is rude, disrespectful and only cares about the next person walking in the door. I have never in my life had an issue with getting a pair of glasses made until I walked into the Naperville Pearle Vision. After remaking my glasses (only because my insurance paid for it) I still could not read print on a page of paper without moving like a bobblehead. It was then that the manager and now optometrist discovered that the lenses they gave me really were not what I asked for. Good news. They could remake them but only if I paid because my insurance was tapped out. The $350 after insurance was not enough to compensate for the fact that everyone else in the store except me needed their attention.

Pearl Vision Rt.22 Springfield NJ: My daughter had her new frames break at the hinge and arm so we needed a replacement frame. The employee stated they didn't have her color in but did have the same style frame and that she would put it on hold till we got there a day later. We arrive and no one can find the frame. They scour the store for 20 minutes and finally ask if they can replace the frame with another. And since they can't find the frame, they have to use another without the replacement cost that was quoted me. It's twenty dollars more so I agree.

The tech put the lenses in the new frames and get a little miffed that the frames don't fit to my daughters liking but she agrees to try them for a while. We go outside and I take the glasses and look at them. The lenses are even a close fit to the frames and there are huge spaces. Now I'm furious and go back inside and ask what kind of trick are you trying pull. I get a refund and give the staff a few choice words about their incompetence. I had to order her frames from a company that will take up ten to deliver them. I'll install the lenses myself.

I purchased eyeglasses and lenses from Pearle Vision in Las Vegas, NV. They said it would take 7 days to make up the glasses. I called to ask if they could put a rush on them because I can't see without them and I have to take time off from work and I'm blind as a bat without them. Monique ** at Pearle Vision on Nellis said, "No, they can't and deal with it." I asked her last name. She refused to give it to me stating that it is against company policy to give last names. She then said in very high pitched voice that hurt my ears, "MY NAME IS MONIQUE AND I AM THE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS AND I AM NOT GIVING YOU MY LAST NAME BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST COMPANY POLICY!"

Monique then told me to never call there again, and she said she is putting negative comments in my file and cancelling my eyeglass prescription. I called the main number and found out that Monique lied and she is not the Director of Operations, but rather Denise ** is the Regional Director of Operations. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BUSINESS. YOU WERE WARNED!

Last Saturday I went into Pearle Vision at Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke. I needed to purchase new lenses. I gave the girl my prescription and asked the cost of purchasing new lenses for the frames I had. She took the prescription, barely looked at it and stated point blankly "$400.00." I asked if she was kidding and she stated no. She also told me if I purchase new frames the cost would be cheaper. I explained that these frames were less than two years old and could not afford to buy lenses and frames. She abruptly said "well that is the cost." I took my prescription and walked out. I then went to two other optical stores and was given a purchase price for lenses from $268.00-284.00.

This past Wednesday I called Pearle Vision head office customer service to inquire about the excessive cost of lenses. I asked customer service why their lenses are nearly double that of other optical places. The customer service person I was speaking with could not account for the cost, saying well maybe they were pricing wrong or maybe I didn't understand what the sales girl or she didn't understand what I wanted. He seemed to be making up excuses. He then finally told me that the stores can set their own prices for lenses and that this store must have felt they needed to charge $400.00. I said "how can the owners of this company allow that kind of pricing buy its stores?" I was told that's how it is. I proceeded to tell him that I would never go into another Pearle Vision store and will not recommend them. I also told him I would be posting my complaint here and his comments. He said "go ahead."

It is obvious they do not care about good customer service. Pearle Vision is in it for profit only. I find it very disturbing that a large company like this needs to price gouge customers. There is no reason for this kind of pricing. This is not the first time I have questioned some of the things Pearle Vision does. This includes their so call 50% deals, buy one get one free. Stay away from any Pearle Vision store. They will rip you off.

Somehow with my insurance I still had to pay $358 for a pair of glasses. Total came to 700 and something close to 800 and my insurance I guess took care of some and my total out-of-pocket was 358. I will never go back there. I could go to America's best and get two pair glasses for less than that.

I purchased glasses on May (Hwy 7, Markham location). The day after I picked them up, I noticed a scratch on the right lens. I called the store and went in the next day as agreed, only to be told it was my fault. After much back and forth she agreed to replace the lens. While waiting for the replacement lens 10 days, I noticed there were chips on the outer edges of both lenses. This time I called and again after much debate and being told there was no chips, she agreed to order a new left lens (keep in mind she hasn't even seen the chips). Another 5 or so days go by. I get the call both lenses are off I go. Once I get there, she proceeds to tell me there is no chip, so I show her and get told it's not her fault, it's the manufacturer and it's not a defect so she's doing me a huge favor by replacing them. The manufacturer is Essilor (I've had their products before and never had an issue).

Fast forward approx. 4 weeks lo and behold there is another chip, this time just the left lens. I called the store made a time when the owner would be there, got there and she once again can't see the chip, once again I point it out. She now doesn't want to do business with me, wants the glasses back. I am being discriminated against because I refuse to take the horrible service and agree to a less-than-perfect product and because even though I paid a majority of the cost out of pocket, the small remaining balance is being covered by ODSP and she is still waiting for their payment. This is a simple case of terrible customer service, discrimination against somebody on disability. This pertains to the Pearle Vision on Hwy 7 in Markham, Ontario. Buyer beware.

During my eye exam, I was told I should have 2 more eye tests with their "updated" equipment. Both tests, of course, added $65.00 additional cost on my bill. Upon questioning, I was told there was no medical reason to have these tests, other than it would give me a "complete" eye exam, which was not included in the advertised "complete" exam represented in the ads.

When my eyeglasses arrived they were not what I had ordered. I was told my lenses were too thick and that thick, crooked look to the frames was the best they could do. I was told that I could order a new pair of frames. However there were no refunds. I found a new pair, which I ordered reluctantly. Today, I found the same frames at Costco for half the price.

Purchased 2 pairs of eye glasses, one pair was to be ready overnight; the second pair was outsourced and would return in store within 7 to 10 days. I received one phone call concerning glasses ready for pickup. While in the store, only the pair that was outsourced was ready for pickup. I refused the second pair when I returned to the store 2 weeks after not receiving a phone call concerning pickup for the overnight pair. I know it's because they didn't want me to understand that they did not follow through as promised. So I requested a refund.

The manager was rude and gave me a hard time. I walked out of the store leaving glasses and all. I never want anything else to do with Pearle Vision whatsoever. I immediately called Pearle Vision corporate office to file a complaint. The next phone call that I received was on 08/27/2015 and on the other end of the phone was another rude customer service representative explaining and wasting my time. Guess what? No results for the the consumer. So I said Pearle Vision you got my money and your glasses, do not call me any more. I would not recommend anyone to shop at Pearle Vision stores ever. A Dissatisfied Customer.

The 3 employees including the Doctor were extremely rude, disrespectful, dismissive, unprofessional. I got the exam and got the heck out of there. I was going to go ahead and get the glasses but after I saw the way they acted I will never ever use Pearle Vision again. I should of gone to LensCrafters like my husband wanted to go since he has been there before with one of his employees and went through the same thing of rudeness and unprofessional act. I said to my husband maybe they were having a bad day & we should give them another chance since they are closer to our home. Biggest mistake. I will rather drive an hour away to LensCrafters than to go back to those 3 nasty attitude employees. They need to go back to school and take a course of how to treat patients & customers!! Absolutely disgusted.

I bought frames with the transition lenses. Mind you I need a new prescription but these lenses are complete garbage. The coating on them failed miserably. It has a spidering effect to them. Not scratches but an appearance like when a piece of laminated glass cracks in a lot of directions. I asked the manager and she was not interested at all in helping find info on them. Like common complaints, can I get some kind of credit towards new ones? Nothing. Will never set foot in that place ever again. Lousy...

On Aug 6, 2015, I brought my (disabled, wheelchair, Vietnam War Veteran) to Mall of Georgia Athens GA location for an eye exam. HMO listed said vendor. Glasses to be put following day. Rude, disrespectful, dismissive, unprofessional svc.

I had bought a pair of glasses. When they called I went in to find out that I didn't like the ones I ordered so I replaced them with a cheaper frame, in turn I saw some sunglasses also but the ones I ordered was much more expensive so the person I was dealing with (very nice) credited me with the first purchase then I had a balanced for my sunglasses. I went in to pick up my glasses that was paid for and came across a nasty, rude lady that said she worked making the glasses. She claimed that I still owed on my glasses. I told her I did not owe anything. She looked really didn't know what she was doing then I said how can I owe on a cheaper frame anyway.

When asked for my money back she didn't even know how much I paid stating a different amount. NEVER going back and I'm seriously thinking of returning the pair that I have and going elsewhere. If she nasty and rude to me she'll do it to someone else. Consumer services is not there.. Finally the manager came and settled the matter, I feel upset and I'm paying my money.

Pearle Vision baited me with their '2 for 1 Sale'. Unfortunately, I took the bait.... The first hint that I had made a poor choice came once they had completed the examination of my eyes. The cost was $50 above what our province pays for eye exams. I was only told about the extra charge once the exam had been completed. I later called several opticians to find out if indeed this was common practice... it's not. There are a large number of opticians in British Columbia that do not charge more than our province allots for eye exams. After the examination I proceeded to choose my new eyeglasses. The frames I choose were not a good fit for me. I returned to Pearle Vision with both pair of glasses on 3 occasions in failed attempts to get them to fit properly. Both pairs have the annoying habit of literally slipping off my face.

I had my glasses upgraded with Transitions. The lens get darker with sunlight. I asked for a green tint but was told by the salesperson that the only colors available were grey or brown. I was assured grey would be a good choice... it wasn't. At the time it seemed to me that grey would not be a good choice. I was right. The glasses were fitted with progressive bifocals. I have worn progressive bifocals before. These new glasses have turned out to be the worst progressive bifocals I have ever owned. I constantly adjust the eyeglasses on my face to use them properly. One pair sits too high, the other too low.

Considering that I paid over $800 + an additional $50 for the eye exam... these eyeglasses certainly were not a bargain. Six months ago I gave up on both pairs, and started reusing my old reliable eyewear. Because it has now been 2 years since my last exam, Pearle Vision has been sending nonstop reminders for me come in to get an eye exam. I have NO intention of ever going to Pearle Vision for another set of eyeglasses at any price.

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