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Reviewed April 2, 2020

I completed all the online courses required for my Associates Degree in September of this year. I was supposed to graduate in November but to this day, they have been giving me the run around in regards to placing me in facility for my externship. In November I was told that I had to unenroll because I had gone past the deadline, they reassured me that it was just a formality and they have been giving me the same story every time I inquire about my externship. It’s always “We are waiting to hear from a particular site.” Every contact that they assured me was interested in interviewing me for either has been a site over 40 miles from me, the other contacts never responded to my emails, or phone calls. I have been calling them weekly for updates. Nothing.

The principal told me that they found a site and I should be starting after the start of the new year. It’s now April, I have not heard anything in over 2 months. I stopped contacting them once the quarantine started. I have even had to re-send them my resume multiple times, when I finally confronted Adriana about being given the run around and not being able to graduate in November she fired back at me with “It's not my fault you took an LOA in September, and we weren’t able to place you.” I had missed one week of school off to recover from surgery. I contacted the Dean and principal about her rude and unprofessional behavior and she was fired. So the most recent excuse I have been given is that the new girl “needed time to establish connections” but that she was working hard to get me placed.

I want to know if what they are doing is in violation of their contract I signed for externship placement and job assistance for life, something that I need to contact a lawyer for? I am now wondering because they made me unenroll, when or if I ever do finally get placed into an externship and complete the hours, am I going to have to pay more money? Because I was assured that it was nothing but a formality and that it wouldn’t cause me to have to re-take any courses. I know that I am capable of getting a job in the industry because I worked for almost a year as an RADT/Care Coordinator and then went onto becoming a case manager. So you would think that with me not only have experience, with technically an AS degree it would improve my chances at being placed.

I am so completely livid and frustrated because I had always dreamed of one day going back to school and getting my AS degree. But because I had 3 children, divorced and also had my own addiction problems I never thought I would ever be able to fulfill that dream. So knowing that I fulfilled all the required courses and not being able to obtain my degree due to them not fulfilling their obligation makes me feel as if I have been taken advantage of, lied to, and unable to advance in my career or even being able to pursue higher education. Sure, I could get find a job as RADT but I will never be able to gain the skills I need in order to advance in the industry.

I wish I would have found this website prior to ever enrolling in this “College”. In response to the person who was asking for people to join in on a class action lawsuit, I would definitely be interested in participating in the lawsuit. Your email was not displayed but you can contact me on Facebook. My name is Sarah ** and I live in Huntington Beach, California. Thank you everyone for your honesty. I hope that you all are able to succeed in your chosen careers. Your experiences have inspired me to seek legal assistance and I am going to inform them of it as well. In fact I’m going to put it into motion right now!

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2019

I only want to reach out in order to help save young lives, as my life has already been ruined by Intercoast College. Greta Brown, CEO, is liar and manipulator in chief. Money is all that matters to this school enterprise. Students, PLEASE question things if they seem suspicious. There are MANY lawsuits looming over them for their deceitful and fraudulent practices. Check and RECHECK the amount you owe your lender. The school loves to double charge, and innocent students end up owing about $25,000 instead of a proper $9,800 that was owed. Add to that the interest on such loans, and your life will be ruined. On top of it all, do not expect to get a job based on this education. The degree is worthless!

Good luck. I love and support you all!! We are all TRUE VICTIMS at the hands of Intercoast College. Many pending lawsuits against Intercoast College. I urge you to get a better, more respected education somewhere else, at a much more reasonable cost that will NOT ruin your life. You all deserve a good life. Nobody should take your money and never look back.. the way this school does. I do not know how Geeta Brown sleeps at night. No conscience and a poor upbringing, I suppose. You all deserve fairness and happiness. Especially true in the counseling field, where have studied hard to GIVE AND HELP OTHERS!! LOOK ELSEWHERE. GOOD LUCK!! XOX!

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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2019

    I attended InterCoast back in 2006-2007, Riverside, CA Computerized Accounting was the course I had taken. My teacher was very nice but did not know how to teach a class. I barely understood what she was saying due to her heavy accent. When we started working in the math book I found one of the answers in the book was incorrect. I did the breakdown to show this teacher the book was incorrect, I even showed her the example that she is providing on the board was did and what was in the book the answer did match up, and I was told to just mark what the book has and continue from there.

    I went to the Director (Jim) who told me to go ahead and continue on without the assistance of the teacher. Now if I was going to do that why do I have to pay financial aid back if I was not going to get taught the lesson I signed up for. I understand that I should pay for the books but why am I paying for a lesson I didn't get. My classmates came to me to ask me for help, and how did I get my answers. This school is sad.

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    Trina increased rating by 2 stars.
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    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2018

    This school is a rip off. Prior to enrolling I spoke with Chris and informed him that I would be moving out of state within six months. The course I was interested in was 12 months. I asked if it would be a problem to be out of state. He assured me there wouldn’t be an issue and that they “have students all over the country”. Well now that I have moved and informed Diane she let me know that they are not licensed (or something like that) to teach outside of California but she said she would call me back after discussing with Chris who is now the VP. That was 2 months ago and I have yet to receive a return call.

    I called 3 weeks ago and spoke to Theresa the new director, explained my situation and let her know that I need an explanation, and informed her that wouldn’t have even started the course if I knew from the gate that Intercoast couldn’t teach an out of state student. Again no return call. I also emailed Julie with no response. These people are unprofessional! The school needs to be shut down. DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS SCHOOL. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. THE TEACHING IS SUBPAR.

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    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

    I signed up and started attending Intercoast Colleges (Nov 2017), I'm 57 years old and I'm in class with 18 year olds. Every person I have had as a classmate or staff has been unbelievably smart, hard working and fun to be around. I’m probably one of the oldest students in the entire Intercoast Colleges system, but hey who cares!! I have 2 retirements. I have planned a good life for myself and family. I was probably the worst student in the public high school, I always loved to learn but I hated school back then. I was just too immature for my age.

    Today I love going to class. Everyone brings a variety of electrical problems they have experienced thru their relatives or past homes and we use those examples to help that student go back to that location, fix the problem and we discuss what he or she did and how that student's confidence gets built up!! I enrolled in the Electrical program for a couple of reasons: 1. I wanted to learn something I had always had a bit of a fear of. 2. I wanted a skill that was respectable. 3. I wanted to be able to fly into any city, any state or any country and be able to get a job!!

    One of the best decision I have ever made. You will read every unbelievable excuse in this forum... Why they weren’t happy. Everything from, why the door to the bathroom squeaked or it rained the day they enrolled or some other lame "Jerry Springer" excuse. Here is your choice. Make the necessary life adjustments and sacrifices or continue complaining about terrible boss, terrible coworkers, terrible pay, terrible life or jump on board and make some changes. Life is hard but it's not that hard!! There is nothing perfect, not your mom, not your dad, not your kids, not your neighbors, nothing is so perfect so get over it. Counselors and teachers are willing to help and go above and beyond.

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    Reviewed April 5, 2018

    I have been in contact with Intercoast Colleges, and I had the opportunity to attend several meetings. Therefore, I can guarantee you that they are accredited, that they are very concern about doing everything right and they really care about their students. It is possible that some people get angry or misjudge their own situation and write harsh comments on the spur of anger. Honestly this is a great company with a big heart and a strong code of ethics. So I suggest that before taking any negative comment as it face value, you give a call to anybody working at Intercoast Colleges, even their president will be happy to get your call in person if you request it! It is always easy to find the truth if you look for it with intention.

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    Reviewed March 17, 2018

    I've decided to leave this review to warn people about Intercoast's Online Substance Abuse program. If you're looking into this school I'd urge you to reconsider. This is why. I took this school a couple years ago. I was drawn in by the fact it was online, and they would help me find a job after. There were also other things that were promised. Well... Let me start with saying it's a bunch of BS. They don't help you find a practicum or a job. Also I completed all the school work and graduated and the school never even gave me my certification.

    Alongside that the program was down over a month. Also, I feel from my experience a middle schooler could have done this class and passed. It was horrible. The school costs $15,000 and what do I have to show for it. Absolutely nothing. This school is a scam. So I'd urge you to reconsider before taking online classes at Intercoast. Also if there's anyone out there that has gone through this school and feels the same as I do I'm trying to get people together for a lawsuit. If anyone's interested my email is **. I'd like to stop this school from scamming any more people out of their money.

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    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2018

    They are very attentive during the 1st 35 days which is the trial period. As soon as that's up you start not receiving the same attention from all the workers. There is favoritism played in the classroom especially with awards ceremonies. Textbooks start coming in late where you are completing one module and still waiting to receive the books about it. Materials start coming last in as-well.

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    Reviewed April 18, 2017

    I am writing this to inform anybody who wishes to become a drug and alcohol counselor. I have 10 weeks to go and I have been blessed with having excellent teachers and supporting staff at Intercoast. I feel the instructors that have educated me on the skills obtained to become an alcohol and drug counselor have given me an advantage over other colleges. I took these skills and quickly obtained an intern site. At this site I was given a lot of responsibility. Shortly after I had a caseload that had 17 clients and I was living my dream to help others. I have a short time to go in completing my education and obtaining full time employment. The genuine concern from the Principal and staff has left me feeling grateful for the choice I had in going to Intercoast Riverside. Thank you for all your support.

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    Reviewed March 31, 2017

    I've enjoyed my experience at Intercoast Colleges. I've been happy with my instructors and how they have helped me through my program. I graduated and they have been very helpful with my job search. I wouldn't change a thing regarding my education that I received from Intercoast.

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