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Original review: June 21, 2011

I have been attending Intercoast College in Sacramento, California. Upon my start date, August 18, 2009, I signed up for financial aid. My first academic year total was $15,096. My second academic year, $1,850. Intercoast College said that I qualified for $10,000 in financial aid and would have to take out the rest in loans ($6,946).

On the Lender Disclosure and request form, I requested Citibank as my lender. While time passed by, I hadn't heard anything back about the loan. So I assumed, financially, everything was taken care of. Now months later on April 28, 2010, I was called into the financial aid office and was advised that I needed to sign a Retail Installment contract, due to an error in their system. I was made to sign this contract because Intercoast College said that they wouldn't be able to receive financial aid for me because I had been attending Sac City College and that school received my financial aid.

The contract stated that for 124 months, I, Jamari ** would pay $150.00 every month and would not receive my completion certificate until the balance was paid in full. I agreed and signed. I contacted the main office and they said they don't approve contracts for cash payments for over two years. I am at the point to where I don't know what to do. In May 2010, I received an e-mail from EdFund to sign a MPN. Intercoast College now has requested loans in my name that I had no knowledge about, nor signed or agreed to, from the lender, Sallie Mae.

On May 27, 2010, a month later after I signed the Retail Installment contract, I got five papers in the mail (notice to student of disbursement of funds) advising me that Intercoast College has received $9,500 towards tuition on my behalf. I have withdrawn from the program as of June 17, 2010. I believe this school has misled me, defrauded me, in many ways. And furthermore, I have been a victim of fraud. I've spent almost a year of my time trying to better myself, achieve a higher level of education, to be a great example for my family and peers. Now, it means nothing. I'm unable to get a job without my certification; all I'm left with is balances owed, with the school and the lender, Sallie Mae!

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Original review: May 30, 2011

I'm a medical student. I just started my intern site and I'm very disappointed and in a way depress since now I know I didn't get the proper training. We pretty much read and worked on our text books, which I didn't have a problem but I was expecting more use of the lab like showing us how to actually use autoclave, centrifuge, microscope, more blood draws, ekgs, we never ever learned how to actually works any of this machines. Some of the stuff we had was expired and we had a sink with no water. We never learned how to actually do a glucose test on hands on just by reading the book.

I got certified in CPR by watching a video! That was totally not right since I was expecting hands on with a CPR dummy that you normally use to train students but we sure didn't use one. So if I come to a situation, I'm screwed because I didn't get no proper training. Oh my god and they also did not teach me medisoft or billing insurances. I got a grade for it which was a B but that was by doing work book not computer work like it should be.

When they actually told me that they found me a site, I had mention to them that I didn't get the correct training for it and they said that I had to stay 2 weeks extra at school and guess what I was there for 3 days tops and the man that gets your intern sites, tells me that I need to go to a site which I had told him that I was gonna stay in school for medisoft training, and he told me, oh that's ok, not that many places (clinics) use medisoft. I had to pay 200.00 fee for just entering their school cap and gown will be 65.00 and total cost for medical assistant without grant money is $18,000 and I believe that with the grant money deducted, I owe financial aid for this course $10,000 and I sure did not get 10,000 dollars of education.

I feel ripped off for not getting the proper training for myself since the school said that they were going to work on this errors, so that way the next student gets the correct training. It's not only me that got ripped off, its others students also but we just don't know what to do or if we could actually do anything about this matter. If any body has any advice, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what to do please.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2011

In January 2010, I enrolled in the Electrical Training Program (I was told that if I didn't enroll quickly after the first visit, the tuition would change). I am on my fourth instructor now. The school's claim to fame is that they can complete this training program in 12 months. They will rush you through the course with set limits on how much time the instructor can spend on any particular subject. So, if the student can't pick it up, the teacher is forced by the school rules to move on. If you fail the module, you have to repeat it and it would take maybe three to six months before that particular module is being given again at the student's cost.

There was never enough supplies for the class to complete any hands-on assignments. Student Services like to place job openings on a board for the students to see. It's great if you are in Drug and Alcohol counseling or paralegal, but since I have been there, there has only been one job posted for ETP and that job requires five years of experience. Financial Aid has rewritten my paperwork at least three times to the point that I no longer have a clue on how much I owe.

There is only one person on the administration staff left that was there when I started. If I had known what I was getting myself into when I started, I wouldn't have. One time, they asked all students there to try and recruit friends for the school. But someone said that if I recruit any of my friends to this school, they would no longer be my friends.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2010

I am writing this in regards to the formal complaints published on this website about Intercoast Colleges. I am a former student at the Roseville Campus in Roseville, CA. I enrolled in March of 2009 and graduated with honors in the alcohol/drug counselor program in February 2010. I have to say that I have had a wonderful experience and I was shocked to hear what some of my former classmates have stated about the school on this website. All of the staff there have been very helpful to me and sensitive to my needs. I have never had a problem from the first time I walked in to enroll to the present moment.

The education that I received there is extremely advanced compared to other levels of education from different schools and cost me less money and definitely saved me a whole lot of time, which I didn't have. I have noticed that being in the field, I have just as much education as someone with a degree and I am just as much competent in my area of expertise than the next person. I now have a job in the field doing what I love to do and I make good money with good benefits. I never would have landed a job like this if I never went to Intercoast.

They prepared me to take my CAADAC exam and I passed. I am now a certified AOD counselor associate (CADCA). In case you're wondering, you don't have to be certified to obtain employment in the field. You just have to be persistent and determined with drive. Also, the 4,000 hours is to reach the next level of your credential. All you have to do is pass the written test in order to get certified, which the school pays for. What else do you expect? If you don't pass, that's on you. Their only requirement is that you show up for class and maintain a 2.0 GPA, which really isn't hard to do if you pay attention to what's going on in class.

I, too, have a criminal background and am a convicted felon but that never stopped me from getting employment. Some places is harder than others and that is true. But if you want to work and are willing to do what it takes to get it, then work is out there. Even though Intercoast offers lifetime job placement, it is up to you to get the job. They can't hold your hand forever and you can't expect them to. What I thought was really cool about the school is that if you graduated in good standing, you can always go back for refresher courses free of charge. A lot of places don't offer that or have the room for you. I am very pleased with the education that I've received and I feel that it was money well spent. Even though I've already graduated, the staff there still welcome me with open arms and I have met some new friends along the way. Kudos to Intercoast! Keep up the good work and don't let any one get you down.

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Original review: July 28, 2010

Well I started InterCoast to have a new career 01/29/09. I was told that by the time I graduated, I would have my testing fees paid for and my registration fees would be included and that was all I would need to be a drug and alcohol counselor. Well, things were forever changing. About half way through school, we were told we would not be making very much money in our field and they hope we were not looking for a rewarding job because that it wasn't good money or very rewarding. Our testing fees for the CAADAC test and our registration fees were covered, oh that's if you did not miss too much time, we discovered later on. A schoolmate lost her son to a traffic accident. She lost her fees, only $500 or $600. My loan for school was done over about three or four times and the last time I had a balance of $300. I paid $265 back. The new gal in the office has no record and the balance I'm told is now over $400.

I was threatened over the phone by the owner Geeta Brown. She told me if I did not get on the internet or come in this evening-- mind you she called about 4pm, that she would drop me from my intern sight at the Salvation Army, where I counseled young men with their drug addiction problems. Where I finally felt that all that schooling was paying off. Well she had me get on the internet with Sallie Mae for another $2000-loan. Now in loans for InterCoast, I owe close to $20,000 and I can't get a job as a drug and alcohol counselor as they promised.

I need 4000 hours of working in the field until I can be certified as a counselor. Their job assistance is old Craigslist listings that I have already gone over. At this time, I only get one or two a month. I have to volunteer for a year almost two until I can be certified, unless I can find some one to hire me. Well I am not certified. My graduating InterCoast does not do a thing for me in AOD Counseling field.

They made us take out all those loans, which is life changing. Now I have a debt which I don't know how I will pay back. I am unemployed and owe a lot of money. I am frightened about my future. I don't think that InterCoast should be allowed to do this to not one more person. We are people who are just trying to better ourselves and they signed us up for their school, took out loans for us, and lied all the way so we could go through their course to hardship and debt; signed us up for a low paying job, and a $20,000-debt. I think this matter should be looked into as this school should not be allowed to get one more person and have them sign themselves into a horrific debt. Thank you for your time

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Original review: July 27, 2010

I enrolled at Intercoast College in January 2009.The school told me that after my studies were finished that there was job placement assistance for life. I graduated in March 2010 and am still not employed. The school also told me that even with having a past that it wouldn't interfere with me finding employment in this field. Well, come to find out that is completely not true and with having anything on your record, even from 8 to 9 years ago, you cannot get employment with youth.

My hardships are a huge debt with student loans and invested a year of my life to get a career for nothing. I can't even find employment in this field with a certificate from this school. I need more experience. So I am trying to further my education because of this.

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Original review: July 27, 2010

I enrolled at Intercoast College of Roseville, CA in February 2009. Upon enrollment, I was told that with a certificate in AOD studies, this would be more then enough to obtain an entry level position in the field of recovery. This is not true. I along with several other students paid upwards of $18,000.00 to attend this fast-paced school with a goal of finding employment in the recovery field. The school says that they offer lifetime job placement assistance. This consists of handing individuals leads from Craigslist.

I am not the only student with a formal complaint, there are several others. I am simply getting the "ball" rolling to file formal complaints and expose this school for what they are. They prey on individuals who are in recovery, with marks on their criminal record, most of us have children, and they promise us jobs in the field for which we dream of working. Mrs. Connie ** has used intimidation in the past, is full of false promises, and it appears the school is simply interested on enrolling as many individuals as possible to fatten there wallets, even knowing some individuals cannot work in this field due to their background. We have been taken for a ride with this institution and simply want someone to help us expose the truth. We are all facing a huge deficit of financial loans. We just want them to make good on their promises of helping us to obtain employment. We have been ripped off. Please help.

I now owe several thousand dollars in student loans. All of which would be okay if I was able to land a minimum wage job as the school promised. I am a single father raising two children without support, and I feel everything, what I invested in Intercoast College was a rip off. What can I possibly do now? .All agencies say that you must be certified to work in recovery, while Intercoast College told us with our diploma we would easily be able to obtain an entry level position. I now have to start all over at a reputable community college. Please help me and the others.

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