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About The University of Arizona Global Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus is an accredited online university offering 60+ associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of degrees
  • 90 credit transfers
  • Accredited
  • Military grants


  • Limited resources
  • No on-site program

Bottom Line

With a wide variety of degree options and no set class schedules, the University of Arizona Global Campus offers flexibility for nontraditional students. Although resources are limited, grants and transfer options help make it more affordable.

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The curriculum from Ashford University was tailored to what I was looking for. And their classes were a little bit more condensed. ... As long as you do what you're supposed to do...

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Thank you Ashford for offering those wonderful scholarships because school is something very important ... So it's amazing that they not only partner with various companies who ar...

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What is the University of Arizona Global Campus?

The University of Arizona Global Campus is an accredited university that offers more than 60 academic degrees. All University of Arizona Global Campus degrees are completed through its online platform, which allows students to log in at any time and not just during normal school hours.

Students communicate with instructors and peers through discussion boards, submit assignments through portals and access a full range of digital materials designed to make the learning experience as impactful and straightforward as possible. Courses last between five and six weeks.

While some online schools don’t allow students to transfer their credits, UAGC allows a maximum transfer of 90 Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts credit transfers to help make learning more affordable and personalized. This includes nontraditional credits, including ones earned through the military, vocational training or professional experience.

UAGC’s master’s programs do not require students to take the GMAT or GRE, which makes the application process easier.

University of Arizona Global Campus degrees

University of Arizona Global Campus’ online degrees are designed for any skill set or career goal. Bachelor’s degrees are available in some of the most in-demand fields, including health care, information management, education and business administration.

UAGC master's degree programs include health care administration, psychology, human resource management, criminal justice, finance and more. It offers doctoral degrees in psychology, philosophy in education, philosophy in human services and philosophy in organizational development and leadership.

With the University of Arizona Global Campus degree finder, students can find options based on their desired career path. For example, students who say they want to “explore something new” are matched with degree options like instructional design, child development or business information systems based on their previous experience.

University of Arizona Global Campus tuition

University of Arizona Global Campus’ tuition varies by degree. For students pursuing an undergraduate degree, the cost is $510 per credit, plus a $115 technology fee per course. For reference, it takes a minimum of 120 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, which would add up to around $61,200 plus fees for students who take all their courses online through UAGC.

UAGC master’s programs cost between $635 and $740 per credit, and doctoral degrees cost $1,082 per credit, plus a $145 technology fee per course. The doctoral program also requires three in-residence workshops, with a cost of $500 per workshop, and a $500 Dissertation/Applied Doctoral Project Support fee.

UAGC offers a variety of scholarships and grants for eligible students, including business school scholarships, teacher scholarships, grants for registered nurses and more.

University of Arizona Global Campus FAQ

Is the University of Arizona Global Campus accredited?

Yes. The University of Arizona Global Campus is regionally accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Regional accreditation means that more credit transfers are allowed than with national accreditation.

Where is the University of Arizona Global Campus?

The University of Arizona Global Campus is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.

Is the University of Arizona Global Campus a good school?

Yes, the University of Arizona Global Campus is a good school for students who want a nontraditional learning experience from an accredited university.

How much does the University of Arizona Global Campus cost?

It depends on the degree program. Undergraduate degree programs cost $510 per credit, master’s degree programs cost between $635 and $740 per credit, and doctoral programs cost $1,082 per credit. These programs also include a technology fee per course, between $115 and $145, and other additional costs, including fees for workshops, books, diplomas and more.

Does the University of Arizona Global Campus offer laptops?

No, the University of Arizona Global Campus does not offer laptops for students.

Is the University of Arizona Global Campus legit?

For nontraditional students who want a flexible learning experience, the University of Arizona Global Campus is a great option. While the community may not be as robust as some other universities, there are a wide variety of UAGC degrees available and classes can be taken at any time, anywhere. And, based on the national cost per credit hour average of $594, the University of Arizona Global Campus offers a fair price on its accredited degrees.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 26, 2023

Ashford was very friendly. When I first started, they were very welcoming and were very helpful too. If I missed an assignment, they were there to list resources for me to get me back on track and they encouraged me to talk to my instructor. They were very good at that. The instructors were very understanding if I have issues. The university is very supportive. I get a lot of emails. I like the fact that once my teacher grades an assignment, I have an email come straight to me. That way, I can go ahead and check my assignment. Whenever the quiz has been graded or anything that posts, it goes directly to my cellphone and I can read it.

Taking classes online is very manageable for me. I don't feel pressured to take classes there and I'm on a schedule. I work two jobs and I'm able to get my assignment stuff done. I love the school. I even sometimes encourage some of my friends to try it. It's a great learning experience for me. This is one of the schools I first started off with and I'm completely satisfied.

I completed my degree with a bachelor's in Behavioral Science. I'm still now going there now to get my master's degree and will in December. It was a struggle for me at first because I started off when I was younger. Now, I was able to maintain my schedule and raise my child. At the time I was doing it, I was able to be successful. I was able to maintain my grades and finish it at Ashford. I also messed up and I had to pay $1,500 to get back in and it was telling me that I had to keep my grades manageable. I was able to do that and pay out of my pocket and get right back off on financial aid.

To be able to be a student there, just stay focused. Ashford is not a hard school to attend. Read and follow your schedule. Look at the announcements. There are announcements reminding you that your assignments are due. Make sure you do your assignments on your due date. There were times I even tried to turn my assignments in late. I suffered a few points but I had no complaints really.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 22, 2023

    I got promoted back in 2019 to be the lead teacher of a preschool classroom. They said I had to go back to school to finish my bachelor's so that was the first thing I did. I looked up some universities and found the University of Arizona. I applied for it and they called me back. I went for it as I needed to go to school right away. The classes were very flexible and I was able to do it on my time. The curriculum and the course study were really good. I really liked it because all the classes were focused on what they needed to focus on and what we needed to learn. The professors were really good and helpful. Whenever I needed some type of help, they were there. I really enjoyed every class, not only for the content that it had but also because of the professors.

    Being a student was really exhausting. I really never thought that I would go back to school, especially after having two kids. I had to deal with my work full time, being a full-time mom, and going to school. When I went to other schools before, I didn't have any kind of motivation. But now, my two kids were my motivation. I have to keep going and show them that whatever age you are, you can still do whatever you dreamed of, follow your dreams, and not give up. It's gonna be really hard at the beginning and you will have sleepless nights but it's all worth it in the end.

    The only thing that really helped me get through was the pandemic. I was working from home so I was able to get things done, even though I had to do my Zoom meetings with my students. I would do it around 10:00 in the morning and be done by 2:00. Even though I would have to clock out at 3:00, I was still able to finish with work. I was able to focus also on schoolwork. It didn't matter if I had to go to sleep at 3:00 in the morning. That was for a year and a half that I was working from home. I then had to go back to in-person classes and I had to deal with me going to sleep at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. There were times that I didn't want to do an assignment but I still did in the end.

    My commencement day was the most memorable. The auditorium was humongous and there were a lot of graduates. It was amazing. I was shaking the whole time because this was the first time I was going up on stage to get my degree. When I went to the other college, I didn't go. I didn't feel like I did something good in school. But with this one, I worked so hard for it. It was so surprising because when I was in school, I always got Cs and Bs. But at the University of Arizona, I got all As probably two Bs in the class. They gave me my magna cum laude and I was surprised when I got that.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2022

    My student advisor had been excellent from the very beginning, walking me through because I was scared out of my mind to start back to college. She became a very good friend by the end, supporting me through some personal stuff that I was going through. The classes themselves were very easy to log in to. It was a bit of a challenge to learn and basically what I was doing. But once you got the hang of it, especially after the first course or two, it was boom, you get up, you create your own rhythm, your own schedule of “Here's what I could expect of myself for today”.

    A lot of the professors were magnificent. Most of the coursework was extremely challenging. But I liked that, because it felt like I was getting my money's worth. The University's library was heaven sent to me. I would take whatever was expected for a paper that I had to write or whatever work I had to do and go, "Well, that's interesting. But let's see what the library's got." I dive in and I would crank out above and beyond what the professor would want from me in that particular assignment. So I got way more out of it. I enjoyed all of that part.

    Most of my peers in the class were really great. When we would turn in our assignments that were submitted for the entire class, and everybody could comment on it, it was collegiate for the most part. There were very good conversations back and forth so that we could each learn. One of the things that I truly enjoyed about the classroom experiences was that because of my age, I would have all this information plus experiences that some of the stuff that we were learning in the classroom. I was there when the space shuttle launched for the first time ever, and explained when the Challenger exploded and how that affected me. That was such a cool experience to be able to share that with younger generations who were with me. I loved my experience.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 24, 2022

    An older gentleman from Ashford called me and he was interested in trying to get me to go to Ashford. I wanted to do something with my life. The gentleman moved me over to the military adviser. The enrollment process was very easy. One of the biggest hurdles for me barring entry to applying to college was I heard a lot of horror stories about how hard it was. Being naïve and out of the game, I didn't know anything about college. I was just so confused. Fortunately, both of the academic advisors were really helpful and they didn't force me to do anything. All I needed to was fill out the forms that they would send to me. They were on the phone with me when they sent me the form. They walked me through step by step, what blocks I needed to sign, and what each block meant. They gave me the time to read if I wanted to, which I did. I could call them at any time.

    I had a wonderful experience with the university. They changed my life. I focused hard on applying myself academically. During the time when it was scary because they lost the funding from the VA, the univeristy was still helpful. I was one class away from graduating and that was stressing me out. They said, "You'll finish out your semester here. And then once you're done, what you're obligated, the classes, you won't pay a dime. We already have funding ready to go.” They were very willing to work with me.

    I earned my bachelor's degree recently and I was very happy about it. I'm really excited about it. This university has done right by me. Some of the academic advisors told me that it looks good to say master's degree in progress versus not having it on your resume at all. They wanted me to consider pursuing my master's in psychology because I was very interested in that. They wanted me to try to get as far as I could, pause then come back when I could.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 20, 2022

    My company said they had this corporate grant program with the University of AZ Global and asked me to listen to the presentation. I did and thought about it for just a little bit. They were gonna pay for it all. I had to pay for it first then my company reimbursed me right away. There were a few courses that were really annoying. I knew I would have to take courses and that they were not all going to be fun. That was okay. But you take a course that was a waste of time and money that says, "These are the things that you need to do." It was one of the 100 classes and it was a nothing class.

    The professors were very good. I liked the survey at the end of the class that they would not read until after I got all my grades. There were a few that were a little annoying but there was one, in particular, that was very worldly. He spent his summers in Switzerland with his three kids and he would go on and on about this when he could have just said he was going to be running a little late grading papers. All of us can't go and do all of these wonderfully worldly things. He was very knowledgeable but he was not professional. The other thing about him is he's too busy to give feedback on anything. There were a lot of papers and most of the professors gave very good feedback.

    There were only five-week classes so in the second week, you would make a small paper and the professors would give you feedback on it. This was all building up to your final paper for that entire class. I could still use some of these same references and that was great. I ended up with a 3.97. My other issue was with the ethics and moral reasoning class. I am a conservative Christian and I was forced to disregard anything that I was thinking and pretend to write good papers. I quoted a simple proverb from the Bible and I had it referenced. It came back with, "Don't be quoting the Bible. Don't use the Bible. It's not a scholarly reference." I had a problem after that and that was really early on.

    There was one thing that was really annoying and it took me hours up because it was always during work time that I had to deal with it. When I first started with this university, it was the end of April. I had to submit payments for each class until it added up to 5,250. When the next year started, you had to add it up to 5,250, do your reimbursements and then the rest of it would kick in. I did this three years in a row. On the second year, I found out in April that there was an overpayment.

    First, they sent this big whoop dee doo thing saying I made it to the Dean's list. Two weeks later, all of my classes that had been scheduled for me disappeared. I was told it was because I haven't paid. I told them that I sent in reimbursements for last year and I started in January of the year. They said that January was still the previous academic year. They said, "Your academic year was from April through March of the next year." So first, I was overpaid then it took hours and lots of emails and more hours. It took more than a year of fighting.

    When I finally got done towards the end, they said, "You need to make sure you have a zero balance or you can't graduate." They said I still owed $1,530. But I didn't. I was reprimanded. They said, "You're not supposed to do it that way. You were supposed to pay this and this and this. Now, we have to go through and itemize it." Nobody explained that the academic year started the month that you started. That was the worst.

    In the end, I said, "Fine. Here's the $1,530. I just want to graduate. I'm sick and tired of this. I don't want to spend hours." They had somebody review it and eventually, they came back and said, "You're overpaid by 1,530." Most of the financial people were very nice but they were just sorting through things manually. At this age, I was keeping it on a spreadsheet and I knew what I had paid.

    I completed the program on April 18. I finished three years. When I was 18, I joined the Navy because I wanted to get my education. Little by little, I did. It's taken 40 years. On the whole, there are things that can be improved upon. But I would recommend the University of AZ Global because that was the way that I finally got this goal accomplished. I told other people here at work, "Go there. But let me tell you, your academic years start whenever you started."

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 20, 2023

    UAGC is partnered with my company to offer tuition reimbursement and I took the opportunity to get another degree. There was a little bit of paperwork but they were fantastic. They helped me step-by-step and didn't miss a beat. I very much enjoyed my experience there. It was very different doing online versus being in class. That took a little bit of getting used to. But once I got used to it, it was nice not having to be sitting at a desk first time of the day. The teachers were very knowledgeable, helped in the transition and were available to answer questions. They were prompt to respond to any emails I sent to them.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2023

    I liked the availability of degree programs in the University of Arizona. I'm in the masters program now for Health Informatics, which is one of the leading ones right now. The enrollment was painless and simple. It didn't take long. They asked for minor things. I graduated with my bachelor's from them, so it was easy to just enroll into the master's.

    The professors are pretty good. I had a incident where I was leaving to deploy. According to the school rules, first thing is to get in contact with your professor and make sure they're in the know and understanding of the situation. We also contact our military affiliate, who gives us our tuition assistance, and we let them know that we're in a situation where we will be deploying. They straighten everything out and make sure that either the class can be completed or that we can retake the class upon return.

    I got with my professor and we made sure that I was able to still turn in my work in a timely manner. I still was able to complete the class and continue on to eventually graduate. A highlight of this experience is the overall sense of completing the engagement with the professors for multiple classes. I haven't had a class where I didn't have a professor that wasn't very welcoming to the experience or engaging and helpful with getting the class accomplished in a timely manner. It's just that overall feel and that experience of being able to complete the course work over the period of time as military members. It's hard to go to school but this school makes it very easy to do so. I have promoted the University of Arizona with my military members saying, "Hey, if you wanna do your bachelor's, I know this school. You choose your program, you get started enrolled, and it should be a seamless process."

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2023

    After I got my Bachelor's, I started looking into some different options for schools. Once I talked to somebody at the University of Arizona Global Campus, I realized it was gonna be a good program. I liked what they said and it's way better than a lot of the other programs I looked at. The enrollment was great. The experience, the help, and the support were amazing.

    The learning experience was awesome because any time there was an issue, there was always somebody that was willing to help or it was easy to find somebody. The resources were really easy to find. That was huge because that hasn't been my experience, even in the bigger schools. Their ability to answer questions and get me to the right department was one of the main reasons that I stayed there and went there. Also, every professor I worked with was knowledgeable. If you ever reached out directly, it was never a problem getting back, even for little things -- touching base before the class started. I would recommend it to anybody. It was pretty challenging but rewarding. It was worth doing.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2023

    University of Arizona Global Campus was military-friendly. I could complete my degree on a quick basis. I like to get things done as fast as I can proficiently. So, I love that the courses were quick. It was only five weeks. And the amount of work was perfect for the course timeframe. I acquired a lot of knowledge after completing my degree, prior to embarking on that journey. The teachings were easy for me to comprehend. So, the teaching experience for myself was great. I'm an independent person, so I like searching for things. I like reading. It was the best setup for me. Anytime I experienced any issues, the professors responded immediately. If I experienced any issues with last-minute PDYs, they were more than willing to work with my work schedule and accommodate me based on what they could do on their end.

    I completed this one course where it was a scientific lab. I thought it was dope because I did not expect to experience that with an online school. I received all of the soil and liquids. Everything I needed for my science project was mailed out to me prior to the class even starting. I thought I would have to go to some type of facility to complete that portion. The cost is within a feasible amount. It's very convenient for a single parent, for anyone who works full-time to complete their degree, someone who may be similar to myself just needed something that was a more fast-paced, I would recommend that University of Arizona to them because it was a good option for me.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2023

    Some of the professors at the University of Arizona Global were great and some are very lenient. It seemed like they were just doing it so they can get a paycheck. University of Arizona could improve their products. A lot of their products were outdated. They were difficult to use.

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