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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: June 17, 2016

    Please read this review before you make ANY decisions to attend ACC. It is for your own benefit, I promise. This school is full of false promises, horrible clinical sites and general overall lies and betrayal. If I could go back in time and undo going here, I would in a heartbeat. So much happened in my 20 months at American Career College, I can barely think where to begin. I will first discuss my sign up process, then break it down term by term. Signing up with ACC: The process was relatively simple (of course, because they just hook you for the money). You meet with an advisor (a sales representative more like it), take a placement test, sign up for financial aid and Voila! You’re an ACC student.

    Upon signing up, here are a couple things we are told: 1 - The school tuition costs include EVERYTHING you will need from start to finish, INCLUDING NCLEX exam (this is listed clearly in the student handbook as well, but we will get to that disaster later). 2 - The school is available to help you with anything you need. 3 - The school has amazing clinical sites picked out where we will get in field, hands on experience. Lies, lies and more lies. Lets begin!

    Term 1: First term of LVN program. My theory teacher was amazing. She changed my life and outlook on nursing for the best. My Clinicals experience, however, was another story. We were at a facility in Brentwood, (Brentwood Rehabilitation center) where we were not allowed to do anything. I mean anything at all. We sat in a room for hours and did homework. Our clinicals professor was also a complete joke. She basically would tell us that she didn’t have time to review our care plans and that she “didn’t get paid to take work home”. How did she not have time if we were sitting there doing nothing?? What a joke.

    Term 2: Theory teacher was great, again. A much better teacher for clinicals, nothing to complain about with her specifically, but yet again the facility itself was a NIGHTMARE. Fountain View sub-acute & rehab facility, to put it lightly, is hell. The staff was beyond rude to all the students, would not let us participate in any type of patient care (besides 2 wound care nurses who were incredible, and are the only reason why I didn’t drop out of this disastrous school in term 2). Not to mention, way more than half of our clinical weekends were spent on campus, sitting and doing nothing, because we were so unwanted at the site. A site that also has so many HIPAA violations and health violations I’m sure if it was properly assessed, would be shut down in a second.

    I appreciate the study time, but that I can do at home, for free. I am paying for (or believed I was paying for) educational, hands on experience at top-notch facilities, that will prepare me for a nursing job in the real world. I can easily say more of our clinicals hours were clocked sitting on campus chit chatting about life and watching Netflix, than obtaining actual hands on experience. Nearing the end of term 2 I got completely fed up and for a third time brought this issue up to my ADON and the program director. I was assured by my ADON that this would be solved by placing me in the best clinicals site we have, LAC+USC. Great. Or so I thought.

    Term 3: Theory teacher, again, awesome. Clinicals… LAC+USC, when we were allowed to be on site, were better. BUT the lack of days we were actually allowed to BE on site, ruined it. By this point I was completely fed up and filed an official complaint to the Accreditation Board. They opened a case, and of course the school made everything look perfect, so they closed the case.

    Term 4: At this point I was so ready to just be done with this hell hole of a school. Term 4 went smoothly, we had a great theory professor again, and clinicals were actually better. I was looking forward to leaving the school with less hate in my heart towards them (LOL), but of course, that would soon change. We knew once we finished term 4, we complete VN500 (a 2 or 3 week review) and then had to take a HESI exit exam to officially graduate from the school. What we were told, since day one, is if you pass the HESI that’s it, you are done with classes and the school sends your paperwork to the board, and you get your letter to register for NCLEX.

    I took my HESI, passed on the first try (yay), and found out my paperwork had been sent to the board. We were told also, by Ms.Ina **, that we MUST attend one session of review within 45 days, in order to have the exam paid for, otherwise they will drop us from the program. Fine, understood. I attended one review as instructed. 2 months later I got my letter from the Board that I was eligible to register for my NCLEX. I was SUPER excited to have finally gotten this, so I rushed home to register and take my NCLEX ASAP so everything was fresh in my mind.

    I begin registering and I get to the payment page, so I look on my letter for my code for the school to cover the cost (Like we were told from day 1), and there’s nothing! So I called my term 3 teacher, who is now the schools ADON, and he said that the school does NOT pay for Nclex! I was shocked and befuddled completely, because like I said since term 1, we were told otherwise. I presented my concerns to him, and he then changed the story. He said, “Well, there is a stipulation. The school will pay for your NCLEX IF you attend all review sessions (after having already graduating and passing HESI exit) and you get a 60% or higher on Ms.Ina’s practice exams and she feels you’re ready”.

    I was like, excuse me? I graduated already, I passed my HESI first try, I am ready. I shouldn’t have to take another exam to prove myself AGAIN, when I don’t even go to the school anymore. He suggested I speak with Ms. Ina and Dr. ** (the schools director). Lo and behold I emailed Ms. Ina and left a voicemail and didn’t hear back till she emailed me a day later basically ignoring all my concerns and telling me to speak to Dr. **.

    Dr. ** at least pretended to hear me out. He stated he would look at my grades and get back to me. Being I am a straight A student that passed all my exams with flying colors, I assumed it was a case by case basis and he would get back to me with the code. However, he then proceeded to tell me that this is not the case and what is listed in the paperwork is that the school pays the registration fee of $150. I explained to him yes, that IS in the paperwork, right above where it says the school covers the $200 for NCLEX. I even screenshotted the paperwork and sent it to him. He then proceeded to state all paperwork had been revised and he began to list ALL of the conditions in which the student must complete, in order for the school to pay for the Nclex; NONE of which we were EVER informed of!!! NONE of which are listed in our paperwork. Completely just made up rules so they don’t have to give us what they promised us.

    All we were informed of was the “45 day rule” which he claims he never even heard of!!! It seems that the administration just makes up rules as they please in this school. I was told by Dr. ** that he would bring my case to the “Executive director” of the school, so I waited 2 days to hear back from him. When I finally reached back out to him, it sounded like he had zero intentions of calling me back, and just gave me the same BS runaround.

    A bunch of my classmates have reached out to him as well and he doesn’t return their calls. I understand that passing rates are important, especially to a school like this, BUT that is not my problem. I know when I am ready to take my exam. I am already fully graduated and done with the program. Why should I be required to pass some other BS exam that I was NEVER informed of to begin with, from some ridiculous woman. Who, by the way, talks about a mile a minute and her lecture style is ALL over the place.

    The administration of this school is just a nightmare to deal with overall, and they don’t give a damn about their students at ALL. All they care about is getting you to sign up, getting your money, and then they completely push you aside along with ANY concerns you bring to their attention. It’s a scam. It’s a lie. Its all about the money. Do yourself a HUGE favor and go elsewhere. Even if it means being on a 2 year waiting list at a college. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I’d be glad to talk to you!

    152 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: June 5, 2015

    Such a horrible/school and training center. There is this person by the name of ** at the long beach campus and she is the dental coordinator. She needs to be fired. They took my money but never delivered what they promised as far as career service. I tried to get a job following my training but was unable to due to lack of knowledge about dental assisting. They failed to train me correctly. I am totally dissatisfied with the way they treated me after I paid all that money in order to get trained. I hope they fire that liar and trust me when I say DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL.

    62 people found this review helpful

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 6, 2015

      I am currently a student at LA ACC campus, studying the surgical technology associate of science (AOSST) degree program. I also already work in surgery (ortho/neuro/vascular) in another field (perfusion). I highly recommend the program, and have high respect for the instructors. I cannot speak for the other programs at ACC, but the AOSST is pricey, but worth it. Is surgical technology for everyone? Big no. Perhaps their admissions advisors could do a better job of screening people who will potentially be OR material.

      I say this based on the number of people who've dropped from my class (I'm 7 months in of 18, and our class size has already dropped from 55 to 32), and the reviews I read here and on other sites. The instructors are surgeons, RNs, and all of them are certified STs. We have an excellent lab, with a lot of instruments and equipment. Our director is on the board of the Association Of Surgical Technologists, and helps write the exam. I see recent grads come in every week to brag about getting hired, usually just where they wanted. Based off of what I see everyday working in a major hospital OR, I can say with confidence that ACC is an excellent school, where I am learning much more than the average ST out there. As I mentioned, I guess I'd like to see their screening process weed out more people, so there is less time wasted on those who aren't serious (and then write bad reviews because they couldn't cut it).

      35 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: April 19, 2015

      I attended their for-profit program in the mid-2000's, to learn to be an Optometry assistant. They give just 5 days to decide if you like the program, to either quit or fully commit. I had doubts and tried to quit, but the school counselor brought in my instructor who then said, basically, that I would be a fool not to continue, because of all the higher income I would make after completing the program. This was before I learned what 'For-Profit Schools' were all about.

      I went ahead and completed the program, though many of the study materials were handtyped and copied, and saw that the program dragged out much too long, for what one learned. Also, the school talks about their placement office helping to find a good job-position, but all the applying and interviews for working in an Optometrist office, I had to go make on my own. In the end, the only job I was offered was at a Lenscrafter’s, and the job did not require any previous knowledge at all, and the job was listed in the newspaper, so they did not do much more than look it up online which anyone can do.

      And lastly, they are not honest about job prospects in a field that hires mainly younger females that are bilingual - as I later learned on all my job interviews. I was in mid-forties when I finished their program, and as a male, and only fluent in English, no doctor's office would hire me. I later found one that would hire me part time, but it was for much less than what I was earning as a security guard, at the time. So, all in all, I got into continuing student loan debt and wasted over a year of my time for a big fat 'nothing'! I came away feeling they just want students, and they have no real regard for their course actually being right for someone.

      46 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 17, 2015

      PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU JOIN!!! I Am currently in my last term for the full time vocational nursing program. During my full year here I have seen teachers leave left and right. As I joined even the director had just been rehired and once again a few months later left the director position and we stayed without a director for weeks. We finally received a new director but it seems the director is obviously not in it for the students or the improvement of the school. Most of the exchanges or student interactions with him will end up being talked to in a condescending manner as he ignores any complaint or suggestion you have for the program. Sadly the assistant director is doing the same thing. Any attempt to resolve an issue will end up with "it's the students' responsibility not ours".

      You figure with a tuition of $35,000 you would have working equipment... Projectors don't work which affects us greatly, skills lab equipment outdated or broken, the class size is too big leading to an abundance of talking all day not allowing you to listen to the lecture. Overall morale of the class is very low and the guidelines are made to work to protect the staff not the student.

      I have been asked to drive to different places all in great distance from me to obtain things they should have originally done and upon completion get told I have to make up for the day I missed doing their request. I am a good student and do what I am asked. I have good grades and respect my instructors. Please don't think I am some poor joe who is doing this out of anger for my grades etc. There are alternatives to joining this school - much cheaper, better staffed, better structure, and better student support.

      I'm sure someone from the school will comment underneath this post asking to speak to me and that they apologize for the inconvenience blah blah blah. All they want is for the negative review to be deleted. This school BARELY IS RATED AT 3 STARS. Think about it... I hope you make the right decision and you open your eyes to the sad reality of this place.

      115 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Feb. 18, 2015

      This school was a NIGHTMARE. Extremely unstable administration. In 18 months one Dean of Nursing was fired, then her replacement ended up quitting. Our first 20 weeks in the program of theory was spent with an instructor who wasn't even supposed to be teaching. She was the assistant director of the VN department. She had failing health throughout the 20 weeks and as a result we could barely understand her lectures, and sat there as she read powerpoints off to us... for 5 hours. The skills labs are like watching the 3 stooges, totally unorganized, no one is on the same page, the staff hasn't a clue what's going on because the admin is so unorganized.

      Clinical locations are completely not conducive to learning. Especially if you are in the weekend evening program. The nurses and doctors don't want you there, and unless they know or have a long standing history with your clinical instructor, they won't let you do anything other than CNA work. The nurses see you coming and say, "oh good! They can help us feed and clean/change our patients.“ You’re not going to give injections or insert foley catheters, or have anything to do with their IV's. We also were required to have so many clinical hours of OB/Maternity/Peds and Mental health, but they didn't even have a hospital for us to go to do our clinical hours at!! They stuck us in a simulation lab with a guy who's not a nurse or doctor who spent about 30 minutes with us trying to explain OB on mannequins. You will be LUCKY if you get to perform any of the nursing skills ACC requires you to learn in order to graduate!

      This school is very expensive and not at all what I was told or promised when I enrolled. I was so excited to start my nursing education when I first joined, but after attending this school I feel so cheated and robbed. I definitely don't feel confident that I can go out and work as an LVN. Don't waste your money here. Do your research and go to a community college. It will take longer but you will get an excellent education there.

      72 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Feb. 13, 2015

      I would not recommend any private schools at all. After I did a lot of homework on the schools I actually thought it was the best, but I found out it was not true after attending the lvn class. Some instructors were very good in theory not in clinical, some were lazy, others expected you to know when you didn't. Better to take this course at community college, may take longer but way cheaper.

      58 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 7, 2015

      I was in the VN weekend program. Well besides being caught up in the middle of having the DEAN changed, I was re-entering term 3 due to being dropped for being punished for apparently absences from term 2, when I thought that had been cleared. As well, I was just starting my re-entry to term 3 and had an emergency...had surgery. That was something I could not control and I was not given the option of continuing later on. I was fully dropped. I understand the responsibility as a student, but it bothered me to see many other students given other options or chances just for crying or making a show in the DEAN's office. Not fair!

      41 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Jan. 29, 2015

      I attended the norco campus (now ontario) in 2006, graduated in 2007. I went for ultrasound tech fresh out of high school, youngest in my class. Thinking this was it I was gonna be making good money, great career. YEAH RIGHT!! They changed instructors a lot, some of the instructors spoke horrible English, couldn't really understand them, not a lot of lab hours or able to practice due to a limit amount of machines. Our clinical sites were far. I had to go to Whittier, Westminster. They didn't help with job placement. I am now 20,000 dollars in debt and not even working in that field. It's so upsetting to pay this loan even month knowing it did nothing for me.

      48 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      Original review: Oct. 9, 2014

      I remember enrolling at LACC's Rosewood campus several years back and thinking to myself... Okay, I'll invest the $35k and get a skill which is in high demand. Well, first of all, before we address what the school cannot deliver, there's a lot of variables which you must be made aware of before considering the field of surgical technology: The good news is that, yes, SOME STUDENTS do land jobs in the same hospital where they are sent to complete their mandatory clinical rotation.

      Let's be clear, however... You're not just passing instruments! You will be required to set up complicated and very expensive equipment (we're talking in the thousands) before the OR proc. even starts, which you may, or may not be allowed to even touch while you're doing your mandatory clinical rotation. Why not? Because it's not about what you do right, it's all about what you do wrong! If you anger a surgeon in the slightest - that's it. Everyone in the matter of seconds finds out what you did wrong - even if it's not too terrible.

      If you succeed at setting up, know this, you have to do everything with lightning fast precision and accuracy. Fast? NO! Lightning fast!! If you're the type of person who does things kinda fast and you're just kinda organized - believe me, you will most likely fail. Everyone in this environment is SUPER OCD about every single thing. EXAMPLE: You could be working on a procedure lasting eight hours and do everything right. But, if you pass something to the surgeon at the last moment too slow or incorrectly, you'll get SCREAMED AT for not being focused - sometimes, even banished from even returning to the operating room.

      The OR environment is kinda like "Hunger Games" in that, if you have a hard time forging alliances with people who work there - forget it, you will be isolated and forgotten and you'll be wondering why it seems that every five minutes a different surgeon is yelling at you for incompetency. Now, let's talk about what the school (ACC) DOES NOT provide...

      1. Small classes (forget it!) The classes are PACKED and no one is necessarily encouraged to drop if they're performing poorly. 2. Large variety of instruments and specialty instruments (forget it!) You get to practice with a general instrument tray and some laparoscopic instruments -- that is, before the next student's turn (No! You don't get to take anything home to practice with). 3. ACC admissions will not reveal the fact one is required to pass a 20-minute setup test in the surg. tech lab - you get three chances; otherwise, do not pass, go and do not collect $200.00 (regardless of your GPA) and they'll make you come back after 20 weeks to try again.

      Bottom line: Success in this field is hardly about grades!!!!!! ACC doesn't say it, but what it wants are students who are physically/mentally super-fast, accurate, and super-attentive to detail to the point of being almost OCD. Know this, too, in the OR, more often than not, it will be just you and the surgeon so don't think for a second you'll be able to wing it and keep a job...

      46 people found this review helpful
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