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I sent my son to take ACT prep course at Kaplan. Before I bought the class, Kaplan customer service told me that with the class, we get access to my son's test results, we get to see which problems and questions were answered wrong and we get extra practice for him. All of these things were very important in order to improve his score. It looked very promising and I thought this was something that will work really good. I paid for the class and waited for access to get all the materials for him to practice. When his lessons started, I couldn't get into his account to do the extra things he needed in order to get a better score.

He took tests in class and we couldn't review them even when the teacher told him to go on line and review it there. This was part of the class requirement. So I started calling customer service and asked for help. I called at least 4 times and e-mailed twice. Nothing was done in order to give my son access to his account. Finally, on the last day when he was taking the last test, I called and I was very upset and told the customer service that this class was a waste of my time and money since I couldn't finish half of the things that this class required.

I finally got one customer service rep on phone who took care of us and gave my son access to his account. Well, this was his last day and at that point it didn't matter because the class was over and this account access was part of the class and his success. I spend $600 on this class and have no results. The company blew me off and didn't fix the problem until the last day of the course. I have e-mail from them on the last day of my son's course letting me know that I finally have access to practice what was part of the course contract and what I paid for. I wouldn't recommend Kaplan to anyone because they don't care and they don't want to make anything right. Still today, they left me without a resolution.

Satisfaction Rating

Kaplan offers SAT Unlimited prep course. I did sign up my daughter for this course. Please be aware of following scheme that Kaplan is pursuing on their customers. Once tuition is paid then following happens:

You register for course. In my case, it was at my daughter's high school premises. You get emails encouraging your child to register for online courses as soon as possible so she would be ready for SAT course that will take place at her high school. 4 days prior course date, you get email from Kaplan stating that course has been cancelled since they had only 3 participants enrolled, and in return you get alternative choices of courses available. Offered alternatives were not acceptable to us and I asked for refund of tuition for the part that has been cancelled by Kaplan. In return, you will get informed that since your child started online preparation tests, therefore you are not eligible for any tuition refund for the services that have been cancelled by Kaplan.

In summary, Kaplan will lure you into trap of registering online course then they will cancel course that you are registered for and if you will not accept alternative choice then you will not receive tuition refund. Please note on their website - "Money Back Guarantee". Exactly the same scheme has happened to my son who enrolled into Kaplan MCAT preparation course. We were left with no alternative, since his original course location has been cancelled; either you would accept alternate option or lose entire tuition. Person representative from Kaplan who assisted me in that matter is: Justina **.


I enrolled for nclex-rn complete, started January 16-February 7, Saturday and Sunday only and according to them including the instructor. its money back guaranty which what I understood if you don’t pass the test after completing all the requirements they either give your money back or go back for a free review. An employee named Shannon called me few times after the review asking if I took the test already and try to explain what to do if I don’t pass the test. He told me I can get my money back.

I took the test on March 17 after two weeks i got the result, I didn’t pass. According to Shannon call within 10 days after getting the result. I called the following day and let them know but Vivian is not in the office. She called me after 3 days. She said its money back guaranty for those who graduated here in United States not for international nurses. She didn’t tell me that when I enrolled or talk to her about the program. They just keep telling us in the classroom that you have to fulfill all the requirements so if you don’t pass the test you get your money back. I ask Vivian if I want to take another review if I don’t have to pay anything. She said I will have to pay 50%. Please help me; I want at least partial part of my money back. I paid $600.00 for this review. No physical damage.

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Kaplan was among the very first test prep companies, and was founded in 1938. It is now an umbrella organization supporting many other private education companies.

  • All major kinds of study: Although their flagship test prep programs operate from their own classrooms, they also offer video tutoring online, as well as personal tutors who will come to your home.
  • Experienced: With decades of research on their side, Kaplan has worked out the kinks in its various programs and study approaches.
  • Material advantage: The list of materials students can access is extensive, including over 5,000 questions, CDs, flash cards and other supplemental study aids.
  • Official test day experience: Kaplan has made arrangements for students to take practice tests ahead of time inside the real GRE testing centers.
  • No limits: Private tutors will give you all the attention you need to improve your scores as much as possible.
  • Free classes: If you aren't sure whether the classroom experience is right for you, Kaplan allows you to take a free class at one of their state-of-the-art classrooms.
  • World wide: Kaplan has classrooms in cities all over North America, including Mexico, as well as international programs in Europe and Asia.
  • Best for Students who want the most advanced technology and experienced instructors on their side.

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