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When I signed up for the High School Program, I was told I could either pay in full (thank goodness I didn't) or pay a down payment and then pay monthly fees. I opted to pay $200 to start the program. We enrolled a few days before Christmas, so we did not have the time to really check into the whole program details until the day we started, shortly after Christmas.

Come to find out, the curriculum did not resonate with my son whatsoever. He did NOT use the program at all, just read the first few passages and the overview -- so I agreed to cancel after a long conversation with him. Now we were on day 7, not utilizing any of the tools and obviously not using the online program. I was told that the $200 was not refundable and I had to pay an additional $75 to cancel, because I only had 5 days to cancel, not 7... wow! They kept calling me to ask for the $75 payment and I asked to speak to a supervisor every single time. I was told someone would call me, which never happened. Today I got another call and I finally gave in to pay the money so they would quit calling me. $275 for nothing -- so wish I had read the reviews.

Satisfaction Rating

Since I had sign up, the site most of the times when I tried to sign in, the site was down or was on repair status, and call the school several times to give them my complaint about the site was always down. The ladies that I did spoke to, in different occasions, they had told me that was not the only one complaining, but that was not much they can do in regards to the site. I ask them to please to have someone from management to give me a call to discuss the problem. Never or anybody did call me at all. THE ONLY CALLS THAT I RECEIVED WAS FROM THEIR BILLING DEPARTMENT.

So mention to them what was going on, they told me they don't have anything to do with that. They had to transfer me in several time to their IT department, which they only think they had to say to me. They were fully aware of the problem, but they were repairing the site, so I had to login in later and keep checking the site was not way to advise the students when will be able to work.

So I did stop making the payments which two of the payments are lost. They don't know where those payments are??? When I did call the billing department and spoke to some lady, she did give me an attitude and told me that my account was all ready to be referred to a collection agency, that I had to deal with them directly. Called them and in order to avoid to damage my credit I had to pay a cancellation fee of $281 in change.

The first time that I did sign in, I did learn that they had two different prices, which is $49.99 and $59.99, the first price is without books. If I do want books were the second price, and I ask the person who enrolls me at that moment, if decided to get the books but if I decided to change, the price from $59.99 to $49.99 later, if that was possible and that person told me, of course, it's in option that I had, never did receive one book. I called them to ask them to change the tuition. They told why and told them because never had received one book, and I can print the materials at work. I got authorized by my manager to print the material. Anyways this school to me is a complete scam and fraud. Now I had to PAY $281 TO AVOID get my credit damage. I just hope someone from Consumer Affairs read all this and contacts me and does something about this.

Satisfaction Rating

I started the school five months from today. They took forever to let me start my program. They didn't give me all my credits and wouldn't talk to me about the bad reviews they have about being fraudulent. I stopped paying because I lost my job. They sent my information to a 3rd party debt collectors by the name of USCB (570)876-6309. I called them. They told me they were unaware of the school being fraudulent and I still had to pay them in full or they would report to the credit bureau. I only wanted to complete high school. This is so unfair to us. Can someone please help me with this situation.

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First of all, the teacher who speak to you through the phone catch attitude with you. I needed help and I asked them questions and they got an attitude with me. They took forever to put in my transcript and they have no manner way to speak to you. The school is **. I wish I would have never got in the school in the first place. They made me pay for work I have not started. Please do not waste your time in this dumb school. They expect me to pay but yet, can't even help me.

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In March 2016 I signed my son with this school. I was told he would be able to take his credits earned from his previous public school and finish out the year getting his credits where he left off. After first payment and 2 weeks of waiting they finally opened a course, yes just one course, then they sent an email three weeks later that they've reviewed his classes and only one was accredited. So they edited his transcript, then when I called and asked why he was only getting one course at a time they tell me that's how they work and when I replied with "that's what y'all told me," they hang up on you.

So I called back asking to withdraw him and they tell me I can't without paying them another 459.95. Seriously? He hasn't started anything but their damn orientation and I've already paid 150, so now they refuse to give his transcripts to me and are threatening to sue me for the 459.95 they claim I owe. I tried pulling him on four different occasions and they refused to let me and then a total of 3.5 weeks later I do and now they're suing me!

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Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for this school at around $1000 and paid in full. I was delayed in finishing due to life. And now when I call to finish they tell me I must pay them an additional fee of around $250 since the tuition fee has gone up. How does that matter when I already paid and this is an at your time program. I'm not signing up today or had a balance. They also will not take my high school credits towards the program. I was shy only 5 credits from graduating yet they want me to repeat the entire grade. They have also since I signed up changed the amount of credits needed to pass to more and say I now have to fall under those terms. Then how is this an at your time program. This means if you don't finish before they change their program then you just can never finish or stop paying them. THIS SCHOOL IS A SCAM!!! STAY FAR AWAY!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I attended James Madison for over a year, I had one more course to take and I went through a financial disaster leaving me to file bankruptcy. I could not afford the monthly payment any longer. I have since enrolled in a local school in Phoenix Az and James Madison will not release the classes I completed, so I have to start all over again when I had a zero balance owed because of my BK.

Satisfaction Rating

I would like to warn other parents and/or potential adult students about this institution. The computer that grades the exams has "glitches" (the exact word used by a school representative). SEVERAL times now, I have checked the results of an exam my son turned in and found the system marked a CORRECT question as INCORRECT. Once it happened to 2 questions in one exam. These circumstances were not a "judgement call"... The school tutor agreed that my son's answers were absolutely correct and gave him credit for them, explaining that "this sometimes happens. The computer is not perfect. It has glitches".

So now, after each exam my son turns in, I have to take the time to check that the computer graded it correctly... Imagine that! I PAID for the service of grading my son's exams for a fair grade and still I have to do the legwork of making sure my son's grades are graded accurately! I am glad he is almost done this high school course! My daughter starts homeschool high school this Sept. and James Madison will NOT be getting me as a return customer!!

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James Madison High School is a self-paced school that provides full academic support including teacher support, a blog and a question and answer forum. James Madison is an accredited school and has graduated tens of thousands of students.

  • Flexible payment options: Students can take single courses for a low fee or use the monthly payment option, which is interest and finance charge free.
  • Accreditation: James Madison is a nationally and regionally accredited online high school. National accreditation comes from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and regional accreditation is granted by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).
  • Year-round enrollment: Classes do not have a definitive start and end date and are truly self-paced. Students do not have to adhere to school scheduling.
  • Transfer credits: Students can save on tuition by transferring qualifying credits from other high schools.
  • Academic support: James Madison offers academic support through the use of tutors, peer support and online support courses. In addition, teachers are available for questions through the Ask Your Teacher forum that is part of each course.
  • Best for Students with other commitments, homeschooled students, working adults and military families.

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