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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2020

I’m reading all these negative reviews and I’m going crazy I can’t believe!!! This school is amazing and the teachers too. I never had problems with the program, teachers, textbooks delivery etc... And it’s also accredited!!! I am from NYC and a lots of college accept JMDHS. Anybody can Go and check on Google, what college accept this Diploma. It’s easy. If you wanna work for the Government you have to go and take your GED (Tasc) only if you wanna enroll US Army they accept online HSD. Not other jobs for Government. Or call your state.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2020

I have had an absolute amazing experience with JMHS. Let me set the record straight for all those who have left negative reviews. First off it is FULLY ACCREDITED and second the TEXTBOOKS are ONLINE so you don't need to wait to begin learning. I see so many reviews of people saying they aren't accredited and haven't gotten textbooks yet. Those people obviously need school if they aren't smart enough to figure that out on their own and third the staff at JMHS are absolutely the best. They are very caring and just want you to succeed. I've never had anyone from the school be rude to me. In fact I wish I could have done school this way a long time ago because if I had I would have graduated before now. Don't listen to these people giving bad reviews. They are just mad because things didn't go their way. Have a blessed day.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

I didn't have my daughter enrolled in the correct program (basic or college preparatory). I was pleased to be able to talk to someone without waiting a long time on the phone. That said, the very first course is not linking up, and it's been like that for over 24 hours. I submitted a ticket and we also emailed her student advocate. We're still waiting for answers or help to get this link to work. We have 5 days to choose to cancel. For that reason, if they don't get this finished by tomorrow then I'm cancelling and considering other options.

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Reviewed July 28, 2020

Honestly I do not understand why people keep saying this diploma is not accredited. It is. Do your own research. I attend University of Phoenix and could have went to University of Memphis. It is accredited by the Department of Education. I had the best experience. Classes are hard and it is expensive but it's worth every penny.

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Reviewed April 24, 2020

I attended this school and to come on here and find out they aren’t even accredited is frustrating. I have not tried applying anywhere. Now I won’t even dare. I paid 1200 for this paper with no value. Go to school folks and get your GED. Study study and go get it the legitimate way.

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Reviewed March 2, 2020

I have paid tuition in full yet I've been waiting 2 YEARS for textbooks. The classes are difficult to pass without them. Every time I call and ask they tell me there's been a delay and they'll ship asap. I have yet to see a textbook. Incredibly frustrating and very poor/rude customer service. I do not recommend.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2020

My daughter is an outstanding student. She attended an accredited private High School for 2 years. She decided she wanted to attend college classes and complete HS online via JMHS. After submitting her transcripts, they refused to give her credit for 75% of her courses. They refused to answer calls from her former college counselor who was advocating for her. When I called to cancel the account and told the customer service agent why we were canceling she said I didn't need to make the final payment as she would file a complaint for me. Then, a month later, I received a threatening email that they were sending us to collection for not paying.

This organization is a joke and they do not have qualified staff in charge. It's impossible to speak with anyone who can actually help you and they are clearly incompetent of reading transcripts. It's a money making scheme and not a real school with real people who care about families. If "zero" stars were possible, that's what I would have rated them.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2020

I see so many bad reviews on this site, and I've yet to experience any of them. I'm an older adult that was unable to get my diploma when I was younger. My children have graduated college and decided it was time to do the right thing. JMHS has been very helpful, never pushy, and always organized! I hope this review will inspire anyone who may reading it. Thank you James Madison for making my High school experience a pleasant one.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2020

I called them to ask some questions and they quickly asked for my card number and registered my son. Then they asked me to send my son's transcripts and we sent them. My son has completed his high school up to grade 11 at a physical high school and he wanted to do his 12th grade online. So they registered him in grade 12. Then, when his profile was activated, we noticed that he is required to do his 9th, 10th, and 11th grades again, although my son has been a high achiever and got A all throughout his school!

We asked them to remove 9, 10, 11 grades courses and they said sorry we cannot! Then I cancelled his registration because they look to have a really ridiculous system of education. Then, I asked for cancellation and refund, but they are asking for cancellation fee although my son has done nothing yet with this school and we have already paid so much money to them! SCAM! They probably know that no one in his right mind would stay with their stupid system and they are making money out of registration and cancellation fees!

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

Because JMS is a self-paced institution, in some cases the child can attend JMS after the age of 18, making the custodial parent eligible for child support beyond the child's 18th birthday due to being a student. The catch is - The Attorney General (AG) wants to know if the child is a full-time student or not and JMS does NOT report full-time or part-time. They report "active or inactive". The AG's office will deny the custodial parent continuation of child support based on "active or inactive" status. I spoke to JMS about this and what they do to comply with the requirements of the AG and I was told "active or inactive" is already pre-loaded on the form they send to the AG's office and cannot be changed!

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2019

Take take take nothing but greed. No classes. We canceled. Now 300 dollars to do so. This place is a total RIP off! Ever want to change schools be prepared for a hefty fee. They do not tell you this and the student signs it when they log into their portal. I despise this type of money hungry type of business. Shame on you!

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2019

I read several negative reviews on James Madison High School, and I can't understand why! My son has been enrolled in this school since September. We received our transfer credits, and we only have 3 more credits before we are finished with the program. The school took 17 of the 19 credits that my son had. They only took 17 because they require you to take at lease 6 credit hours from them to receive their diploma. I can reasonably understand that. While we were waiting on our transcripts to be evaluated which they say can take 7 to 10 business days, they were able to get ours evaluated in 4 days after receiving the transcripts.

My son loves the classes. They provide books, lectures, assistance, learning videos, and other learning material. There has not been any issues with payments, or our understanding of our obligation. They only problem we have experienced with is computer system not unlocking another class to take after you've completed one. They allow you to take up to 2 classes at one time. If we finished one, then the class got stuck in their system, and we could not open the next class to make it two classes again, but this was easily fixable by calling them and telling them the issue and they would manually close the class and open the next one - simple as that. Again, from our perspective so far, the school is awesome, and every one I have spoke to was very helpful and nice. Again, this was our experience, not to minimize any other's experiences. Just from our experience, it has been great!

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2019

Bahamians: I would NOT recommend this product to any of my Bahamian Homeschoolers. I completed application and paid...after 2 weeks of following on receipt of transcripts and insisting they were received I was advised that they were received but not in the system, because they need to be evaluated. HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT IF YOU DIDNT TELL ME. ERIC ** couldn't even give a requested returned call...This is clearly indicative of the type of services expected. DON'T waste your time.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

They will lie to you and tell you they can help with children that have special needs. They don't have anything in place for this at all. They just want money. Should have looked at the reviews first. I am very disappointed. I will be reporting them to the BBB. They just take advantage of people and want to be paid when there is nothing in place for someone with special needs. The salesperson assured me there was a program for kids with disabilities. I hope I can help someone else avoid this terrible experience.

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Reviewed June 29, 2019

I AM SHOCKED OF ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!!! My daughter has been in this program for 2 years. She was unable to attend regular high school due to anxiety so she only had one single credit after 2 years of inconsistent attendance. At this point, she is 50% done and has a 3.43 average in this online program. Some classes are tough. Sometimes she gets it done consistently, sometimes she does not. There is plenty of help available and many many tools to learn. Sometimes she needs assistance from myself or a sibling, as with any other schooling. I am so happy this choice was available for us. I have had 3 courses open at once with a simple request. We have never had a grading issues and there is even 2 chances to take the exams. Staff has been very nice in every instance and you get 6 years to complete the program. Not sure what anyone is complaining about. I wholeheartedly give 5 stars.

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Reviewed March 25, 2019

Going to be brief and quick. We live in California, where everything is high and inflated. It's just my high schooler and I. My daughter works 5-8+ a wk while also sickly, we decided an online school would be much more flexible and less stress. She transferred her credits over to this school. (Took them a month and a half to process so she would clear courses they didn't have to re-take. They only gave her HALF credit.) She was always a wonderful student that was always motivated for good grades. Boy, were we wrong about this school. My daughter doesn't make enough in a month to cover to full prices, so we worked together on paying for the courses so they would be on time. She devoted herself to doing multiple classes a day and finish courses in weeks.

They advertise you can "work at your own pace", but you actually have to wait for them to grade so they can unlock the next steps. Who knows how long that will take. Found out they were robbing over $200 from me monthly though I opted in for the $29 a month. The school deleted her courses (literally, after an update) and told her she was just going to have to do it all over again. The staff are rude, and hard to reach. We both had to keep fighting her these charges and wrong grades, etc. They were ** and unprofessional. They always told us they could've fix certain problems and we'd have to wait. Can't even talk to their management directly. It was even hard to reach the teachers who took days to weeks to reply at most.

The school portal was always buggy and she liked keeping many resources open for her exams and quizzes, except for the school to keep kicking her out. We both became frustrated. The school really killed her ego. All she wanted to do was to graduate early so she could pursue her career. Her GPA was ruined after they rolled back all her work and she even got accused of cheating by a Science Teacher who still gave her a high grade and even though we already submitted proof. He couldn't go back and fix it. Anyway, instead of a 0.

My daughter even just gave up at some point and said she should be a dropout. I'm not letting this slide. They proceeded to "close out her courses" for collection, owing in $1,494, but after all the robbing, it adds up to more than $2,000 which is the full course fund. They said they kept contacting us, never did. I had to update this info TWICE. I guess they're just so lazy and making us look suspect. Thinking about taking legal action.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2019

I was going to enroll my son but never signed the enrollment agreement. I had been charged $29. I found a school close to home so decided not to put him in JMHS. I called to cancel and they are saying I owe $285 to complete the cancellation. What? I keep calling and they are saying that they will credit me my $29 back to my card and that I owe nothing. They keep lying. I just woke up and checked my emails. I have one saying that they are sending me to collections because I haven't paid the $285. Now I have to call and speak to someone again this morning. Unbelievable! I didn't even sign the enrollment agreement. There is a lot more I can say with this experience but it will take too long. Long story short, DO NOT TRUST THIS SCHOOL OR ANYTHING THE PEOPLE SAY, IT'S ALL A BUNCH OF LIES! I have only been in contact with this school for less than a month and have all these problems.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

I called for information and she was going to walk me through watching a video of how it works. Call dropped. I called back and a guy answers. I told him I was talking to a lady and he said he would help me, I was going to have to go through all the info again. She calls back, I click over to tell him, she called me back. I click back to her and she is not there. The call didn't hang up, It was like I was on hold. I waited 2 minutes before hanging up. I called back to ask for her, the guy said he could help. I repeatedly told him, I wanted to talk to Jessica and he told me she went out to lunch. Excuse me? I was just on the phone with her. He continues to say he can help me.

I asked him if they get some kind of commission getting people enrolled, he beated around the bush with no actual answer. I asked him how she ran to lunch so quick within a moment of switching over to tell the guy that she had called back, which only takes 10 seconds. His reply was, "Well she is on the other line." I questioned more, "well I don't know, she just isn't at her desk." I told him I didn't want to do business with him, I would leave my number and she could call me back. Felt like trying to steal someone out from under another person. I wanted her to know what he was doing. She never called back so either he didn't pass the number or she really wasn't interested.

MY opinion is they are like vultures to get your money, nowhere on the site can I find a list of classes they offer. I asked repeated if they teach Algebra 1 and 2. I cannot get a straight answer or find it on the page. I am going to continue to search. I really wish Connections academy had a program here. They were wonderful when my kids were in middle school. My kids had online classes where they could chat live, work online, tutor, easy to turn in, actual field trips with the other students and teacher. My daughter actually skipped all of middle school and tested into high school when I put her back in school. I hope I can find something because my son wants his diploma not a GED.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2018

There are hefty enrollment fees. Transferring credits from public high schools takes 7-10 business days, but you only have 5 days to cancel or you are hit with a $225 cancellation charge. The school is not accredited, so students will not receive a diploma and will still need to take a high school equivalency test. Coursework is mediocre.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

We were in between houses and were staying with my parents. We needed an in-between option for my high schooler. I contacted this school and asked if it was possible to enroll for just the time that we were in-between homes. They told me not a problem and that I could cancel at any time without financial implications. When I called to cancel when we moved I was told that no I could not cancel and that we were going to have to pay for the entire school year and that if I didn't pay they would send my bill to collections. That aside my daughter was never able to access all of her classes and the textbooks took months to arrive. Do not touch this school.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2018

This online school is really not prepared to do online school. The video content is broken in many cases, will not play, when it plays it is blurry, in one of the classes the teacher apologize for not getting video to work. We saw all this in a couple of weeks and decided it's not for us. I'm still getting emails they want us to pay them anyways. I recommend you look for something other than this school.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2018

There is always a different excuse when contacting them in regards to my diploma which has been finished months ago. First, the counselor said, “Congratulations on finishing. We are just waiting for the final payment.” Now it’s failed classes, attitude after attitude, dropped my GPA, and they will ignore my ticket submissions requesting as little as my transcripts. I’ve told them countless amounts of times to stop having me do geometry as I’ve already failed and passed twice now. I have been putting my military career on hold for two years now because of their foolishness. Really wasted my time and money with this school. You’d think for as much money as I’ve been robbed for the least they could do is give me my diploma... Disgusting.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2018

My son and I decided after his first year of high school this would be a better fit for him... HUGE MISTAKE. He regrets it and so do I. He had nothing but problems, the portal was constantly down, grades were wrong, waited weeks to over a month to get more classes when he finished everything. He finished last November and STILL NO DIPLOMA. Bottom line is he lost interest because he had to wait so long to get classes, fight about grades with them. There are much better options out there. $1200 is what I paid for the worst experience for both my son and I.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2018

My son and I signed up with James Madison last for a recovery class. We are yet to receive the transcript or have it emailed to the school. We have been calling since last year and different stories each contact. And again this past summer same scenario only 10 times worse.

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Reviewed July 17, 2018

I have read all the negative reviews on this site. I have to admit I am a bit confused. My daughter and I have had a good experience with this program. The teachers she has had have been professional, and helpful. I have called in to ask questions on classes for her to take, confusion about the website, and accounting questions. Each time my questions are satisfied, and problems resolved. My only reason for not giving them 5 stars is because I have witnessed a couple glitches with the website. I hope I do not regret this review, but as for now things are great. I have recommended this program to three other people who are now using this program and they too are enjoying it.

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Reviewed April 5, 2018

Whatever you do don’t sign up with this school. It’s a complete rip off. They are rude and you can’t get anyone to contact. Your site hardly works And I got charged a lot of money for 14 days. Didn’t even submit anything due to site being down and no one getting back to me.

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Reviewed March 20, 2018

My son Cameron has been enrolled in JMHS's online college prep course which is through Ashworth College; huge mistake. My son receives his final submission back today and it is marked as 100% plagiarism. Being that I am working on my Master's and had reviewed his paper prior I knew that it was not right. We had also run it through VeriCite and it came back as 12% plagiarized which is well within the 20% allotment; when the teacher runs it through it is 100%, really (Marta **). I ran his paper through Turnitin which is a subsidiary of VeriCite and it said 16% for plagiarism. When I inquired they did not understand what the problem was or the bottom line; wow.

It is like going to a lab getting one test result and then going to another lab and getting completely different test results; you are not going to return to the original lab they appear incompetent. I will not pay my sons remaining balance as I feel that a judge would inquire as to why there are different percentages when it comes to checking for APA mishaps. They actually told me that Turnitin does not understand APA formatting! So, the college that I am going to receive my MBA is actually using a bogus program! Turnitin merged with VeriCite so hello! I would use great caution because if a teacher with a teaching degree in English is no good; yikes! They can't fix my problem because they do not understand what it is.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2018

I just began a month ago to utilize this program in order to have the opportunity to finish high school through online schooling as opposed to going for my GED. I think that my chief complaint so far about this program is that it seems to have a few flaws in how they do their grading. I have also become agitated with the fact that when I clearly have not taken my 2nd attempt at a quiz on the few that I have so far completed that it marks it as taking that 2nd attempt when clearly I never did.

I also am not very pleased that when you submit any type of complaint in regards to a technical issue or so forth that you're given a 'ticket' and have to wait for someone to get in touch with you. With the type of money that all of us in this program are paying I would think that this would not be an issue but this has been the 2nd time that I have had trouble. I'm almost close to cancelling the entire enrollment and saving the money as I am also reading a lot of negative consumer reviews left about this supposed 'accredited' high school.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2017

I put my assignment up for grading English part 2. I get Mr. ** telling me to send my plagiarism honesty policy with my work in which I did. He said I didn't. I also got told to send my Grammarly report in which I did. He lied and said I didn't. Therefore resulting in a failing grade. It's like they want you to pay them in full and then accuse you of plagiarism or not completing your assignments. Very poorly organized and way too expensive to pay for this kind of treatment to an honest student. I also post to them when I use an outside source such as Wiki. And they support it. Then I am told they don't and it's not reliable. Very misleading and very low of them to do this to a paying student. Will not answer calls or emails. They will not open the new course. Bad technical issues. They aren't getting one more penny until this is resolved.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2017

A rip off. First off they lie about tuition and say you can get a discount depends on what grade your children are in. That's a lie. It's the same amount, no matter what. I made a deposit to enroll my children in one hundred dollars. Never finished enrollment, never signed any paperwork or anything and they told me I could not get my money back. I do not recommend these money hungry people.

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