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Last updated: March 31, 2017

39 Alltran Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2017

This company harassed not only I but my mother, sister, boyfriend and even called my work to try to speak to my boss. They told me they would try to get me fired, blacklisted from getting future jobs and so on. They lied to everyone they called and told them they were a different person. I paid the debt to get them to stop calling even though I couldn't afford to because my husband passed away 6 months before this. They also told me when I complained about a specific agent that she would get fired. That did not happen. They are liars. Don't believe a word they say.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

Last night at 8:45pm I received a phone call from them where they left a message that I couldn't understand! So I call them back this morning and spoke to Rebecca **. Started out ok, then she ended up hanging up! She explained to me I owe a payday loan taken out in 2011 for $400, which now is $1240 due. I asked what company is this from, an account number and a phone number for them, said can't help there. They are mediating this AND IF I DON'T PAY I'M GOING TO COURT! I need to pay now or I will have legal problems! Wanted me to pay $250 + $10 fee service now and give them my credit/debit card info so they can start services.

When I explained I don't give info out unless I have info in my hand and investigate things because I have not received any info before. Told her I'm on hardship/disability and she said well I need to pay or else! Then I asked for her company info and her name, she gave it finally and then hung up on me!!! Is this a scam? Is this legal? NOT RIGHT AT ALL WHEN AT LEAST I WAS CALM AND ASKING HONEST QUESTIONS FOR MY INFO AND PEACE OF MIND BUT GOT NOWHERE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

I have been receiving calls from this company that will not stop and they are looking for someone that has a similar last name as mine. After some research I found that that person lives in Arizona while I live in New Jersey. I gave them that information, but they still keep calling letting the phone ring two or three times, hanging up and then calling back. They do this a few times a day. The law should allow it to make it very easy to file harassment charges to companies like this!

Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

United Recovery Systems called my father looking for me. My father has nothing to do with any debt. I called URS back, was VERY polite, explained that I am not disputing the debt, I simply was requesting that they send me notification of it in writing as I had not received anything. They refused to legitimize any of what they were telling me. When I asked if they had a website I could look at to verify that the company was on the up and up I was told the website was down so they couldn't give me the web address. Absolutely every question I asked was sidestepped and unanswered. This company is collecting on debt that they refuse to legitimize. If I owe the debt I am happy to pay it but they will not give me any information and are now threatening legal action.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2016

I received a call this morning from my sister. It appears that United Recovery Systems is now calling my 89 year old Mother who has progressive senile dementia about a debt that I owe to Fifth Third Bank. My Mother has nothing whatsoever to do with any of my debt; her name does not appear on this credit card or any other credit card that I have. I am in a health crisis right now dealing with severe lung and heart diseases which has caused great hardship to me financially. I have no other income into my home but my own, and with my medical costs skyrocketing, I had to make a choice -- pay credit cards and go without medical care, or get the critical medical care that I need -- there was no choice to make -- my health comes first.

I was shocked to find out that they called my Mother and asked her if she was Janet ** to which my Mother responded "yes," and proceeded to ask her if she had a daughter by the name of "Barbara **" to which she responded "yes." My Mother is not my keeper, and this company had better cease and desist from further harassment of my Mother, Janet **, about a debt that she has nothing to do with, or I will file a lawsuit against them; in fact, I may now call an attorney as this United Recovery has over-stepped their bounds in the collection of a debt. It appears that this company is notorious for doing this, per reviews I have read.

There is no other name connected with my Fifth Third Bank credit card but mine, Barbara **; not Janet **. If any other member of my family is contacted with the name of **; ie my Brother for instance this company will be toast. How dare them contact family members who are not listed as users, etc. of this account!! There needs to be a stop put to these types of fraudulent business practices!! United Recovery has been calling my house several times a day, but I have not been able to address this issue due to my critical health problems; but this does not give them a right to start to contact innocent family members. I do not have an order number, as I have not received any letters from them, only phone calls!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2016

It is tiring the phone calls over a debt that is closed. We traded in a lease vehicle months early because we needed a bigger vehicle to carry a motorized wheelchair. A work injury forced me to retire at 37 and after too many operations I can't walk much anymore. We paid what the car company what they quoted was owed. One year later this company starts calling saying I owed all these misc. charges. I was threatened with a court case and notifying credit companies. They asked for all this information on 1st call which I wouldn't give. They wouldn't tell me who and what they wanted without it. They hung up.

I checked my State and Federal laws on collection and the internet on rights and dealing with them. If you make any attempt to pay debt with them you lose certain rights. Check the Laws. The constant attack to get you to agree to pay something with them, even changing the price you owe. They kept calling all hours every phone possible.

I told them I'm on Social Security and can barely live now, that "I can't tell you if I can send you even $5 dollars." Plus I'm contested that I owed anything. On my Credit History it says the car has been paid off and account is closed. Still they called because they have nothing to do with that. After the constant barrage of calls and threats of Court action I told them "Let's go." In my State, Social Security can't be touched by them.

The thing is they make money by getting people to pay disputable debts. They have a host of threats and tricks to get you to agree and pay something. The minute you agree or pay a $1 you admitted to owing the money. Search for YOUR RIGHTS and what the COLLECTIONS Agencies CAN and CAN'T DO!! Good luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2016

I recently have been receiving calls from this company telling me that I owe $60.00 to a music company for a rental of a clarinet 4 years ago. One, I owe nothing, it was a rental through a contract that my daughter's school had with a local music store for rentals of instruments used by the music teacher. My daughter played for a few months then lost interest and I returned the clarinet and monthly payments for the rental ended. United Recovery Systems called telling me I owed for several months for the rental. That is impossible. I dealt with the rental store at that time personally and I had returned the clarinet and I was paid up in full. I never missed a monthly payment.

At that time I dealt with the store at a regular basis. I had bought my son a guitar there and I never was asked for any money owed. I think this company is a scam. Somehow they are getting information on customers who either were on a payment plan or a rental of some sort contacting them and scamming for money. They are very rude and nasty. I tried contacting the music store for information on what's going on, and they are no longer in business. How convenient for URS! I am reporting them to the BBB, what they are doing is illegal. No collection agency has the right to harass customers. I have call blocking on my phone and so far, I blocked two of their phone numbers from calling me. The person trying to contact me is Robert ** when I tried to explain that I do not owe them any money and he threatened to put this bad debt on my credit report and abruptly hung up. They're all a bunch of idiots who picked the wrong customer to harass.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2015

So I have been receiving phone calls from the United Recovery Services person and I keep never being able to answer the call because they call when I am at work. When I attempt to call back when I get home, I am informed that the person I need to talk with has gone home for the day and conveniently so has all the supervisors. So because I have not been able to reach them, they called my Brother on his cell phone. What an invasion of privacy considering he is NOT associated to the debt. Whenever the representative leaves a message, I am never informed of what the debt is for or how much I owe. I tried to call them today at 1pm PST which would make it 3pm their time and was informed yet again that the representative I need to talk has gone home for the day. So they harass my Brother and then when I call them back they are gone for the day. Such great customer service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

Was shocked when I had a family member called me at 8 AM in the morning informing me that United recovery systems had contacted them about a legend debt in my name. When I called them I spoke with a Charmis **. She explained that I had a outstanding AMEX debt and was aggressive about me paying it right then and there. Explain to her that I would have to contact AMEX because this was the first I heard of this. Somehow the account became delinquent in 30 days but was able to pay the full amount that was due with AMEX pay by phone which reflected in my checking account.

I sent them a certified letter stating that nothing was owed to them but they were calling me daily. Finally had enough and called Miss ** from which she still was claiming that I had to deal with her. She stated that United recovery was not a collection agency from which I cut her off, telling her she was a liar and I ordered her to stop calling me. They are the typical lowlife debt collectors will lie and say anything and be over aggressive to get to your money.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2015

Harassed my parents and family over a debt I was slowly, but steadily working to pay off. Called over 10X in 3 hours demanding to talk to me. I have not lived with my parents in over 10 years as I am an adult and they do not know anything of my business or my finances. This put everyone in an awkward position. Also called my place of employment ending in disciplinary action for me. Over 20 calls in a week from these people on my personal cell phone as well. This is not an encouragement for me to pay this debt. This just makes me angry that THIS is where my hard earned cash is going. Debbie ** needs to lay off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2015

I was told I took out a loan from a payday loan. Which I never did. Now threaten to be arrested and prison time.

Original review: July 3, 2015

I came to visit son for holiday weekend and answered his phone at 8 a.m. in the morning... It was a person from United Recovery looking for me. I am in the midst of bankruptcy filing and attorney had advised that calls were to cease and desist, and I advised the individual who said they had no record of same. I advised NOT to call any number other than mine, and gave name of attorney, which the rep would not accept. Very rude and determined individual.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2015

If I could rate this company zero stars, I would. They hide their identity when they call, so you won't know it's them. They also somehow obtain cell phone numbers given to NO ONE but family for emergencies & cost you "minutes" by calling it. Unprofessional, to say the least!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 7, 2015

I used to work for United Recovery Systems. I completed training and received my first check for 4 days. When it came time to get a full check I didn't receive one and quit the job. It took a whole day before they gave me my check. They still owed me for 2 and a half days that should be paid to me on the next payday. I went to the company on the payday and once again they didn't have a check for me. Fed up at this point I left and now it's the weekend so on Monday I guess I have to start collection on them to get my last check. First time I had a debt collection agency in debt to me. Kinda funny really.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 1, 2015

Where do I begin with this company? Well first off, the "agent" ** that keeps calling is so rude. She is constantly giving me an attitude whenever I speak with her. She has given out personal information to other members of my family that she has talked to - that is completely illegal to do! I am appalled by this agency. They start calling earlier than any other collection agency and they call until 9:00-9:30 pm!! I was already asleep for the night and they called and woke me up. What normal company calls this late?!! The amount of illegal things they do is very wrong. You should not be giving out personal information as well as someone's debt information to anyone other than the person you are calling for, but this company does not follow these rules! I am going to start recording these calls because you should be sued! And ** should be fired.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2015

Before the caller would disclose the nature of their business they wanted my personal info. They had my name, phone number and an address. I did not confirm my address. She refused to disclose who her client was or what she wanted other than to state it was a collection action. She repeated her script - her name, the name of the company she works for, that it was a collection matter, that the call was being recorded, blah, blah, blah. She refused to disclose who she was trying to collect for and then she hung-up on me. I called back and got the same person. I advised her that she was in fact harassing me and that they were not to call me again.

I have a pretty good idea who she/they are collecting for. Frankly, it was a very bad situation - a doctor that overcharged for services which made me ill, refused to bill my insurance and refused to complete other standard medical verifications. I will be more than happy to have my day in court with the doctor. He will never show up (it would cost him at least 1/2 a day to go to hearing). So, best of luck, chickens!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2015

Breaking laws daily on fair collection practices -- what sort of doctor or hospital would hire such thugs as their collection agency? Repeated messages left on home VM about "court actions" and "legal complaints" and hearings under my social security number. When I called, they took offense to my asking their name and organization - or any other specific information enabling me to know who they are. When I asked to speak to the manager, the receptionist routed my call back to her and asked "how she could help me." I asked again for the manager, telling her I knew she was the person who answered the call. She transferred me then to "Adam **" I confirmed the spelling of his name and that's as far as I got.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

I don't answer numbers I don't recognize that come through on my cell phone. Today I received a call from ** and let it go to voicemail. I then checked my voicemail only to hear "I'LL FIX HER." and that was it. What?!? I didn't know who this was or what they were calling about and all I get is an "I'll fix her." on the message?! Nervous about who it could be. I took to the internet to discover the company is United Recovery Systems. I have no idea who they might be trying to collect for since I didn't get an actual descriptive voicemail message. But after reading everyone else's posts here, I can at least relax that some stranger isn't actually out to get me. Good grief.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2014

This company called me in regards to a debt with a local company. When I gave the male my name he told me this couldn't be my name because it's a man's name. After telling him 3 separate times that this is in fact my name as it appears on my birth certificate, he moved on to the reason for the call. I explained to him that the company that had hired him to collect from me does, in fact have the information and had been given permission to start taking the payments from my account. They were the ones refusing to do so. He then began to be verbally abusive. At this point I tried to break into the one sided (his side) conversation to let him know the company (not URS) had my permission to take the payments from my account, but only them or I could add this to my pending bankruptcy. From there on he was yelling and acting out of control and I hung up. They have also made it a point to continuously call and harass my handicapped, retired veteran father, who I had listed as an emergency contact.

After hanging up I filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB and made it clear that I no longer wanted contact from this company. Not even 15 minutes after I received an email from the BBB, I got a call from a different number of theirs (502)690-6411. According to federal collection laws them calling a 2nd time in 1 day, after having made contact, is harassment. Now this is being turned over to my lawyer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2014

I have received several calls from these people and they keep telling me that they have and I quote "private information" and then they start to ask me what my social security number is and my date of birth, when I ask why they want that information I get the line "so we can compare it to what we have on file". When I told them I would not give them that information over the phone, to send me a letter stating their business and who they are collecting this "debt" for I tell them if they have this information then you give it to me and I'll say yes or no. They cannot even get my name correct. When I ask questions of them, they hang up. They start calling me at 7:30 AM Central time and call all day until about 8:00 PM. I am turning this over to my lawyer. I'll let you know what happens.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

A URS collector called my elderly disabled sister and told her that I left her number with them as an emergency number and they needed to get a hold of me. They asked my sister for my number but she demanded to know what the emergency was and the lady refused to say so my sister declined to give out my number and told them she would give me a message. After hanging up with URS my sister immediately called me worried and wanted to know if I was all right. I was very angry and knew what URS did was illegal. I called URS and spoke with "OV" and told him what had happened and he denied that the collector told my sister it was an emergency and that they record all calls. I then asked to hear the recording and OV let me hear the first maybe 15 or 20 seconds of the call but refused to let me hear the entire call.

When I told him I knew my rights and what had transpired was illegal, he told me his division manager advised him to NOT let me hear the entire recording. I asked what they had to hide and OV said they had nothing to hide but still refused to let me hear the recording. OV went on to tell me they would close the account and return it to the original creditor. I was smart enough to record the conversation. These people are shady.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2014

Somehow these people got hold of my business line and have been calling me for weeks. Since I didn't recognize the called ID "UNITED RECOVERY" I never answered it. I know there are no surprises on my credit. I stay on top of my credit closely, since nowadays there are scammers everywhere you turn. So when this BS "recovery" company shows up on my caller ID on a landline I barely use, I knew it was utter BS. I use that phone line for one thing, and it has nothing to do with any credit I've extended. I wanted to hear what this lousy P.O.S. liar would try to scam out of me, so today I answered the phone. The United Recovery rep asked if they could speak to Jeff **, and I replied I was he. Next, he said he'd need my address to verify that he was speaking to Mr. **. I immediately asked him what the call was about, and what this company did and he replied, "This is a personal call for Mr. ... uh Dan **. Is this Dan **?" This time I replied, "No. My name is Jeff **." He immediately hung up. Stay on guard or lazy, crumb-snatching, leeches will hustle you out of every nickel or ruin your credit.

Original review: May 6, 2014

Capital One sold my Best Buy account to Citibank. Citi switched my statements to e-statements without my knowledge. My last paper statement was in Feb 2013 which I paid in full. I did not use the card again until December of 2013 for a $137 charge. I did not receive a statement and didn't realize that I had used the card. At the end of April, I received a letter from United Recovery Systems for $283.35 which was the $137 plus interest plus 4 late charges @ $35 each. I explained that I had no record of a charge and had not received a statement for over a year when I last paid it in full. I was told that even if I didn't receive a statement that I still owed the debt and all late charges plus interest.

I then tried to contact Best Buy Citi and was told that the account had been sent to recovery and they could not provide me with any information. My husband then remembered that we had been receiving a computer call each day saying that Citi was calling about my Best Buy card. At that time, I did not know that Capital One had sold my Best Buy card to Citi. I tried calling the phone number and the person required that I give them my full social security number, which I would never do without knowing exactly who I was speaking to. I was given no information and despite attempts to block the number, we were unsuccessful in doing so.

We concluded that this had to be a scam trying to capture my personal information. Ultimately, it seems that the call was about my account, but since the caller required my full SSN and would provide no information, I refused to give out my personal information. Now, to avoid a continued drop in my credit score, which was nearly 800 before this mess, I want to pay the balance to avoid the continued negative credit reporting. I can't believe that I would ever submit to this extortion, but the damage to my credit score could cost much more. Now that I am trying to pay the account, Citi will not speak with me and United Recovery keeps cutting me off or sending me to empty voice mail boxes. Messages have gone unanswered.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2014

I called the number listed on a bill I received and used the extension listed. I was not given Mrs W ** as listed in my letter, I was connected with Angela ** who laughed when I explained I did not wish to disclose my social security number over the phone and told she would not speak with me. I was then connected with Jazmin ** who was equally rude and unhelpful with her remarks. "That if I didn't pay it really didn't affect her like it does me." I openly gave both ladies my addresses, date of birth and account number. I explained to them I wanted to settle the debt and just wanted to verify what it was for as it is not listed on the bill.

They both refused to help me or tell the original source without me telling them my social security number. I was only attempting to verify the source before handing over money, this is reasonable and understandable. I have verified with an attorney that I am not required to disclose my social in attempt to pay a debt. People are a victim to fraud daily. They take into consideration that there are good people in this world who may struggle at times but that does not mean they should be treated unfairly or with unhelpful attitudes. I truly wanted to settle this, if it is a debt I owe but I refuse to be mocked by a call center employee because I fell on hard times. I hope they will take this into consideration and that no one in the future has so much trouble simply trying to do what is right. Thanks for your time.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2014

This company has been calling me both at home and at work non-stop. They call one my relatives in another state and misrepresented themselves claiming that they are looking for me. Citibank hired this company for collection services despite numerous complaints against them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2014

I had received a phone message from my Mother who I do not live with to call Stasha **. Nothing else was said. I called the phone number given and used the extension number provided. I did not reach Stasha. I asked the woman on the other end what the name of her company was which she provided. The company is unfamiliar to me so I had asked "What does their company do?" I was told that unless I give my name she could not give out that information. I gave her my name but she did not find it in her system and she proceeded to ask for other names and spelling I may use and for my SS number to speed things up as this was the only way I was going to get any further information on anything from her. I called 3 times and got the same run around.

WHO in their right mind gives out personal information to anyone they are not familiar with or are completely sure they are communicating with a known safe source? I have personally found out the source and reason for the calls from inside my own inner circle. It is Very SCARY to know that some companies" prey on the ignorance and naivete of others" to gain personal information they would otherwise not be able to get. It would seem that this Company went through the phone book to search for names they felt may be connected to their "person of true interest" hoping to get find someone willing to participate in their "random search" and "score" a find on the "person" they are looking for.

I have also contacted my Mother on this issue and reminded her to be VERY Careful with those type of calls. It is best to just Hang up. As for consequences, I don't know if there are any or will be any yet? Given the times we live now, with theft of personal information that can and does destroy innocent and unsuspecting people, this activity Must STOP and be made ILLEGAL! This practice is legal so I have been told by this company. Or is it legal? I would appreciate it Greatly if someone can look into the practice I have just described.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2013

I worked for URS for 2 years. This is by far the WORST company that I have ever been employed by. URS requires that you work anywhere from 4 hours to 20 hours of MANDATORY OVERTIME a WEEK! This job robs you of a social and personal life. They give you goals that are outrageous and they increase the goals so that you can't reach them in the event that you ever do. They tell you that if you are even 1 second late for your shift that you have to work an extra hour of overtime that day. They can require you 40 hours of overtime for a 2-week period and only pay you $4.00 hourly for that time...

I have had this happen on SEVERAL occasions. They threaten you with your job all of the time, and for people that they know "need" their job to support a family they hold that over your head for leverage so that they can squeeze more time out of you. They have a very high turnover rate because of the way they treat their employees. In the employee handbook, it says that at times depending on production employees may be asked to work 4 hours of overtime to help meet the needs of the production... BUT they truly MANDATE that you work 5-6 at a MINIMUM but most of the time MANDATE more than that.

When you go in for an 8am-5pm shift they will drop an extra couple of mandatory hours on you at 4:55pm or your manager will tell you to go sit back down and work more hours when you go to leave at 5pm. It's a very abusive environment. I have lower back issues that I never had before I worked there and I blame it on them being abusive in the fact that they made you sit in a chair for hours upon hours of mandatory overtime a week. Very emotionally abusive as well in the fact that I now have a fear of having my time and efforts being taken advantage of and abused like URS did for 2 years. This employer seriously needs to be investigated and have a class action against them!! The way they treat people is truly unethical and immoral.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2013

So far, my experience has been largely satisfactory, though I frankly never again want to be in a financial situation where I have to work with debt collectors. The biggest problem I have is the excessive calling if my payment doesn't process. It's $50 a month on a credit card that was originally about $3000, but the way they call me, one would think I owed a million dollars.

Also, would be much easier if they didn't hassle people about setting up these automated payment arrangements. When people are walking the wire financially, all it takes is one thing to hit their checking account at an inopportune time and, before they know it, they've racked up a bunch of overdraft fees. Granted, in an ideal world, I think everyone would always want to have money in their checking account at all times. But sometimes, for people who are juggling a lot financially and don't have a lot of money to work with in the first place, that is not always possible. So giving people more options to pay down their debt, such as sending in money orders (with the customer requesting signature confirmation so that they can be assured that it was received at URS) would be helpful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2013

As an ex-employee, this company robs employees of commissions, raises goals three days before the end of the month when you have hit your goal for the month so they don't have to pay you. After working 70+ hours a week, you will walk away with nothing but heartache and feeling robbed. They will take advantage of you and make you feel as if you will make good money with them just to shaft you. Someone needs to bring a class action lawsuit against this company for their criminal actions. We have families that count on us for you to take care of your employees and you stealing money from us is like stealing money from my kids. It's no wonder they have off duty police there because they know what people's reactions will be to being taken advantage of. I will make it my sole duty to see this company is brought down and humiliated all over the web.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2012

On February 14th 2011, I was contacted by Brian ** with United Debt Recovery Systems regarding an outstanding credit card debt that I had with Capital One. Due to the loss of my job and my husband's, we fell behind on payments. After contact with Brian regarding the debt, I agreed to set up a payment arrangement at the lowest amount possible due to the fact I was the only one working. The amount was to be $135.57 a month with 0% interest. I agreed and made my first payment that day. From that point further, I had it taken out of my bank account every month. In July, when I got my statement in the mail from Capital One showing that I had barely paid anything off due to not having a 0% interest, I was very upset and called my representative back Brian ** and asked him why he had not honored what we talked about. He then said he didn't realize that was the offer but would add 0% interest on from that point forward but could and would not back date the change of interest. So I went on making my monthly payments.

On December 24th 2011, I got my six-month statement from Capital One showing that once again the 0% interest had not been applied. I called livid at this point as in 10 months I had made $1355.70 in payments and only $300 had gone to paying down my principal when at this point all of it should have been applied to my principal. I received a return call from Brian ** on 12-26-2011 which at that time he apologized for the mistake and said Capital One forgot to apply the 0% interest but there was nothing he could do. He did offer to settle with me at $4100 and allow me to make monthly payments on it at 0% interest until paid off. I refused and said, "No. You messed this up before I don't want to do it again." I informed him that I just wanted to pay it all off in February and be done. He said, "Well, if you call back in February and offer $2800 in full, we will take the payment and show it as a charge off settled on your credit and you will be done with us." He agreed to email me the paperwork. At that point, I hung up and thanked him. After not receiving the paperwork, I called multiple times to Brian with no avail at speaking with him.

I then on 2/13/12 called United Recovery Systems and asked to talk with Brian ** and was informed that he was out but Ashley could help me. After not being of much help, she put me on with another Bryon and then he put me on with a manager named PJ ** who belittled me and said that Brian ** made no notes on my account about anything and that it was my word against his. After getting upset and ending the conversation frustrated, I called back 20 minutes later and spoke with a Stacey, Bryon ** and then was transferred to another manager named John ** who made me feel the worst basically laughing at me refusing the help me or call Capital One with my offer of $2800 as it was a joke and he would not even entertain an offer of that amount and that Brian has no authorization to settle accounts.

After a long conversation with him with no help at all, I called Capital One and filed a complaint and was told that an email would be sent to their liaison who would in turn contact me. I have not heard back. I called this morning, 2/14/2012, and spoke with John ** again who still would not work with me offering me $3600 by 5 pm central standard time or the offer would be off the table and that would be it. No more offers. I offered him $3200 as that was all I could borrow and he just laughed again and refused to call Capital One and see if they would accept. They are a bunch of liars and cheats and do not care about who they are trying to help. They don't make notes, don't do as they say and refuse to help you even though you are trying to pay them back.

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