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I entered into a payment agreement with Nationwide Credit for a charged off credit card. I completed the payment arrangement back in May... confirmed by a phone call with one of their representatives. She told me I would get the completion letter in approximately 30 days. 4 months later I still have not received it and now today after talking to yet another person am told I owe them more money?!

I was approached by NCI with an offer to pay off an old debt at a very reduced price. I was guaranteed by their rep that I would receive a letter of verification that I had paid off my debt within 30 days of doing so. I paid my bill in two monthly payments, as agreed upon, but never received my promised letter of having completed my pay off. I contacted NCI by phone several times to request my letter, but five months later it is still not here. When I attempted again to request my letter, I was sent a bill for the full original amount of the debt! I am now going to make sure I get my letter by contacting the state consumer protection office in my state, and as I am retired and on a small pension, I will also be busy on sites such as this letting people know what kind of company Nationwide is!

I have medical collections routinely sent to them and pay each and every invoice received from NCC. The last invoice contained the exact same medical invoices from the previous bill I paid. When I asked for clarification, the rep talked down to me in a totally condescending manner. Young punk. If I could have, I would have reached through the phone and slapped some manners into him. Not all people that have collections are deadbeats. I hope that you will always be able to pay your bills on time and not encounter someone as uncaring and entitled as you were to me today.

I get multiple calls from these people (I never answer and block the numbers - they change it up and call from different #s each time though). I use my phone for business and this takes time from my business and clients and could be detrimental to my work. They actually called me at a previous job and ended up getting me fired. I HAD (emphasis on HAD) debt with AmEx. It has been resolved - or so I thought. I will pay debts as I can, but I refuse to deal with collection agencies due to their immoral practices and will deal with a company directly. I have reported these calls to the FTC multiple times and it never helps. I am about to contact a local attorney who takes on cases of harassment from collectors.

I had a representative call me and put his manager on the line and told me to pay off my debt - I should borrow money from family and friends. When I told him we can't do that, he told me it's tax season so now they have the money to lend me. What the heck kind of advice is that? Nationwide calls people's numbers looking for me that aren't related to me in any way at all as well. Their representatives and managers are incredibly condescending and nosey and say very intrusive rude things.

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I had authorized repayment of my account. One $200.00 Nationwide took our additional 371.00. They can reimburse me and draw it out of my account. But they want my bank statement. No one ask for bank statement!!! American Express who do you have working for you?!!!

I paid my account off in full, but they are not paying off my credit cards. They don't want you to talk to the credit card people, because they know that they will offer you the same deal only without the exorbitant fees that Nationwide direct charges. The person who signed me up now has my number blocked so that she doesn't have to take my calls. I have left her several, several, messages. Her name is **. Every time I get another employee, they all give me different answers like they just all started yesterday. I wish I had my money back, so I could give their credit cards the money that they would settle on, and I would have 5000 more dollars in my pocket. Do not sign up with these people.

Nationwide contacted my employer harassing them looking to speak with me. Nationwide threatened to come to my place of work with a warrant. The same day they contacted my employer, they contacted my ex-husband looking for me stating they have a warrant for me. My ex-husband gave me the number they provided to him. When I called Nationwide, they threatened to pursue criminal charges against me for a pay day loan they claimed I owed money on. They claimed the amount was $700.00 but would settle for a little over $500.00 I believe if I put the funds on a prepaid debit card. As soon as I agreed to, the harassing calls stopped.

They claim they hired a third party called a processor to pursue me and it was the processor who was making the harassing calls to me at work and to my ex-husband. Yet Nationwide never called me directly on my phone line. Furthermore they could not get the correct name for the payday loan they claimed I owe money for. That was in the summer of 2012 and now for the last two weeks these calls have started again. When I did a reverse lookup this time, the number lead to Nationwide.

I received calls from this company threatening me and telling me they work for the prosecuting offices of Harris County. When I called them out on that by asking them to give me a local number to the courts and the DA's office, they kept calling me a thief and why did I write a hot check (which a check is not hot unless you write it knowingly are trying to scam). If a loan company takes a post dated check, they know that you have no money before they loan it to you. Also they have passed a law in May of 2011, if you are on any SS or Veteran disability they cannot garnish any money.

Our owner received a call from Nationwide Collection Agency 1(631)225-4811 from a Mr. ** in regards to invoice past due and now in collection. Mr. ** listen and was very pleasant. I explained that upon numerous attempts to call and email client for payment, our client/vendor was non-cooperative and only called back to harass our company with foul and unprofessional language. We went forward with payment. However, now he has Nationwide Collection Agency informed us of nonpayment. I return called to Nationwide Collection Agency to get email for Mr. ** to send him our numerous emails and check payment sent and for him to see that our vendor Pioneer Sheet Metal would not reply or comply with any of our emails. Upon calling back Mr. **, I was transferred to Rick where I then email him the information and advised that we will make payment on invoice of $79.88 due.

However, Mr. Rick went off and stated I was not listening and it did not matter the attempts I had made to make payment, that now I need to pay more due to interest and fees on invoice. He continue to talk with no pause and state in a very unprofessional manner "I will report your company to Dun and Brad Street, I will take your company to court, add on attorney fees" etc. I stated I will review this with our company owner and our lawyers to get more info on this matter since vendor’s invoice in dispute does not state anything about late fees added upon any terms of nonpayment. However, we are trying to pay invoice for services, it still a very disturbing matter. Still, Mr. ** for Nationwide Collection Agency became more aggressive verbally on the call. He was so emotionally involved in this conversation with lot of threatening verbiage that he then HANG UP on me with no reply. VERY shock on this behavior. Nevertheless, I have gone to research all the FILED Complaints in regards to how this agency handles collection matters.

Nationwide is calling me 10 to 20 times a day demanding information. Information that with a little research they could get for themselves. To collect a debt I am contesting.

My father had an account with Chase Bank. He passed away on Dec. 20, 2012 leaving behind my mother who is 90 and legally blind. They were married for 72 years; so naturally this has been more than rough on her. She also is living on a very small pension. He left behind a credit card balance with Chase. Chase sent it to Nationwide. We keep explaining that she was not on the account, he is deceased. They call her and I both 15 times a day.

Today the man who called my mom was mean, threatening her with sending her to the IRS and having any money she has in the bank taken away. She is not on this account. The bill should have died with my dad... But seriously to THREATEN a 90-y/o legally blind woman is beyond me. I now would rather pay a lawyer to go after them, than to pay the bill. Who threatens a 90-y/o blind woman? It's hard enough losing your husband of 72 years.

I get calls on my home number, my cell phone and even my work phone number. They never leave a message. I finally JUST picked up the phone. He asked me by my first and last name and I said, "This is she." He wanted me to confirm my home address. I explained to him if he did not tell me what he was calling about, I was unable to confirm my home address with him. He said, "Well, did you live at (my previous address)?" I said again I will not confirm any of my locations until I knew who was calling and what it was regarding. What I seriously think is that OCWEN Mortgage company is a debt collector so if you have a mortgage with them, they will take all your existing past accounts from 20-30 years back and start trying to collect old debts while you are an existing or previous Ocwen Mortgage client. So they finance your mortgage and dig up all your past to collect more money from you. I read there is a class act lawsuit going on with OCWEN? Read it on the internet. Not sure if this is true or accurate but those are my thoughts.

These people call constantly and now they say legal charges are being filed and they give the impression they are from a legal entity. They refuse to give their name. But once you call them back in, it's Nationwide. It is bad enough to be in debt but even worse to be scared to death thinking something horrible is happening and you have no idea who or what it is about. Lowlife creeps.

I am receiving 15 calls a day from this company. The calls start at 6:30 AM and go until 11:30 PM. I have told them, repeatedly, I have never heard of the person they are trying to contact, but they refuse to quit calling. I am filing a complaint for harassment. I would like to be compensated for the harassment. I go to sleep at 8:30 PM and have to wake up at 4:30 PM. I am having serious sleep deprivation from the harassment.

Nationwide Credit Corporation is responsible for reporting status of our account with Barclay Credit Corporation. Our account was included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged on 6/30/2010 and Nationwide is still showing it as an active collection status. They have been contacted three times regarding this incorrect reporting status on 11/24/10 and 12/22/10 by our attorney, and on 1/13/11 by me. They have yet to correct their incorrect information. When contacted each and every time, they respond like the information is "new" information but never follow through.

This company is deceiving and preying on people wanting a quick loan. I received a loan from this company without knowing it and have paid them $625 on a $300 loan. They say I still owe them money. I put a stop payment on my account and have called them.

I did not want this loan and did not receive anything from them. They say they sent me an email. If I did, it went to spam and I never saw it. I believe that if companies are going to give loans over the Internet they need to receive a confirmation email from the applicant before any loan can be completed. I did not know I was authorizing a loan. I thought I was applying for a loan only not accepting a loan. I would like to see this company stop their deceptive contracts and stop charging unbelievable interest on small amounts of money.

I received a threatening call from Mr. ** a manager of Nationwide credit. A complaint was filed to the federal trade commission, Illinois Attorney General, Illinois Better Business bureau. A complaint was filed to Indiana Attorney General, as a letter was sent indicating this company stops contacting me. Every three weeks or so I am still being sent correspondences. This company indicated the bill resulted to Mercy Hospital. I do not owe the amount, and have responded mention harassing and collection parties by sending my two insurance information. I was denied further treatment as I was also being harassed by Dr. ** office.

A lawsuit is currently been filed against him, although he indicated to the Illinois Attorney general, he lied to this agency as o send this bill by Fed ex, embarrassing me in the community where I live, to contact him three times as the medication he prescribed, did little or no relief.

He further added to my medical issue by allowing this employee to defame me and abuse me over the telephone. A lawsuit is filed against him. I want to sue Mercy Hospital and Nationwide Credit each $4 Million Dollars and the arrest of Mr. ** I am tired of the parties sending me letters. I have been assigned a different oncologist, after two visits he referred to me as being another Michael Jackson. I have contacted by The University of Chicago where my surgery Dr is on staff and Primary Care Doctor and have asked by this being my last chemo therapy, could I be treated at The University of Chicago. My Chemo was cancelled from this past Thursday and I am scheduled to see Dr. ** of Mercy hospital June 22, 2010. I did nothing to this Dr. and feel I am being retaliated against for filing the complaint. I do not want to be blamed for delay in my treatment.

I received for about a month calls from an unavailable number, and twice received messages to call them. They were looking for a Carmen **. I was also called by my father that they received calls and were requesting I call. I was very angry that they were calling my parents. I called this company. I had researched and knew that they were contracted by DirecTV. I called them and told them I have a neighbor, who I do not know named Carmen ** but I am Carmel **. They forwarded me over to DirecTV fraud department.

I had DirecTV service 5 years ago under my former name Carmel **. But for some reason between DirecTV and the collection agency, they linked my name and social security number to a Carmen **. I even received in error letters and boxes to my address because DirecTV had too many numbers for this other person's address. Both the collection agency and the DirecTV rep asked me if I had seen this person. Of course I hadn't, she is no relative to me nor do I live directly by her. So I was advised they dinged my credit report 484 for something I do not owe. I also made a complaint about Verizon today. So I have gotten dinged two times by two agencies and big communication corporations for things I do not even owe. At least this rep. promised to send a letter to clear my name from this charge. What a way to have my 2010 start.

I received notice that a postdated payment of $1,750 will be made on 1/25/2010 and to make sure that my account has sufficient funds to cover the payment.

This payment is unauthorized.

This collection agency went in and performed a unauthorized debit to my checking account in the sum of $3,000. I was once an authorized user on my soon to be ex-husband's American Express account. I have not used the acccount in over 2 years and closed it sometime ago. My husband who lost his job 2 years ago made a payment plan with Nationwide with his checking account number. We NEVER authorized this company to go into my account and debit the $3000.00.

I was in contact with this agency as well as my husband in trying to resolve the balance. This is not my debt this is my husband's debt. REGARDLESS I NEVER authorized any payment coming out of my account. They fraudulantly got a hold of my checking account number with Capital One bank and fraudulantly stole these funds from my account.

How can the get away with this? I am in the process of trying to stop payment, but I am scared that they will tap into my account and try and charge me again. $3000.00 fraudalenty stolen from my Checking account without authorization.

I have told them for 3 months they have the wrong Karen and they continue to call and harass me at home. The SSN is not the same, the PO Box is not the same yet they continue to call me at all hours.

I am self employed and it is taking time away from my business and my productivity.

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