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General Revenue Corporation

Cincinnati, OH

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30 General Revenue Corporation Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2018

This company has called me an average of once a day for the past month. They never leave a voicemail or if they do, it's 2 seconds of dead air. I answered once and listened to "hold music" for a minute before I hung up. Never spoke to an actual person or even heard a recorded message. I had to look online to find out that they're a student loan debt collector and learn the company name! My student loans are currently being paid and are up to date so I don't have a clue why they're calling me. I just want them to stop!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

GRC called every living relative of mine in a single afternoon. Said something to the effect of, "He's in trouble and we need to contact him immediately." Left voicemails where no one answered. Multiple members contacted me in a confused panic. I called the number GRC left only to discover it's a debt collection agency calling about education loan which is currently in review with the FSA.

When asked why they contacted my relatives, the operator told me this was to verify that they had the correct phone number to contact me. They already had it on file, and my outgoing voicemail message includes my first and last name (it's unique). Furthermore, the second person they called gave them the same, valid number that they already had. It was a pure and simple humiliation tactic regarding a debt waiting to be ruled legitimate or not by the federal government. As incompetent as they are scrupulous - AVOID! Whether or not you carry a legitimate debt that's been sold to these clowns, I suggest taking it up with your original lender. I am. The more people that do this, the sooner these crooks are out of business.

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2 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

Trying to track down all family members for your own loan. Schools should’ve just told everyone the truth to stay at your parents and dont leave b/c you are not going to make it or pay it in full to our expectations. They will take your penny! That you dont have. And the young will harass us has beens for an extra 100k for a new house for themselves while you eat ramen noodles forever. The fight will continue forever, people love to fight. They’ll steal your spouse’s tax return that you live on to eat.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2016

I've received a few calls from them in the last week. They leave a typical "attempt to collect a debt" message. I called back to find out what this was and they would give me NO information at all until I gave them a bunch of personal info. I hung up on them and looked them up online. They say on their website they work with student loans, but all my loans are up to date and managed through another company, Navient. I called Navient to ask if they were connected to GRC and they said NO. They said my loans are all in the clear and no one from Navient has been trying to reach me for anything??

It's possible I owe something else, to someone else, not related to my student loans, and I have forgotten about it or let it slip through the cracks. But I have received nothing in the mail. No bills, no notices. I've received no emails or calls from any actual businesses (which you would think you would get BEFORE they send your bill to a collections agency). Leaving anonymous and ominous voicemails for people and asking only for personal information and telling you nothing about what you need or want when you call is NOT the way to get a debt paid.

I'm extremely suspicious of this company and I'm worried they are just trying to skim information from me for something nefarious. This is the phone # I have been getting calls from: 513-234-5408 - Shows up as Mason, OH. Here is their website: The https secured by signature shows "Navient Solutions" but Navient THEMSELVES denied being affiliated with this company, and told me that "many companies are calling around purporting to be with the government ran student loan agency, but really they are attempting to sell you debt consolidation - for an administrative fee". I hope that's all that is going on here, and nothing scarier. Their very name "General Revenue Corporation" suggests "We exist to MAKE MONEY" so this doesn't exactly breed confidence or trust.

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35 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 1, 2016

Bad customer service. Asked customer service representative twice "what type of company". He overlooked my question twice. Not sure if this a scam or not.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2016

They call you up knowing your name. Asking you for your date of birth and other personal information. Don't give them anything. They are an identity theft company. They stole my identity, and used it costing me a lot of time and money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2016

My tax refund was seized by this company because they are backed by the Federal Government. I have no paperwork/recollection of ever taking out a loan with this company. When I finally got their telephone number from the US Dept. of Education, I called them. A lady named "Kevin" who spoke very little English stated that I owed over $14K in student loans. I asked for her to provide me with proof of debt since all of my student loans are through fedloan and are currently deferred. She hung up on me. Now I am out over $2700 tax refund and I still have no idea who these people are.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2015

So, I've received several calls from this company, and finally decided to call back. A rude woman answered the phone, attempting to verify information from me. I kept asking what their company was and why they were calling. She then said she was a debt collector. After that, I was placed on a long hold, and received by a gentleman attempting to verify my information again. He then attempted to collect a debt... FOR SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!! He had my maiden name. My VERY old address but had my current phone number. Interesting. I haven't attended University of Iowa, whom I supposedly owe this $16, in 12 years. I've since been married twice. All my student accounts with University of Iowa were settled at the time of my withdrawal. This is a scam alert. Scam. Scam. Scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2015

General Revenue Corporation of Mason, OH has harassed my EMERGENCY only cell phone since February. I kept getting messages to call (800) 347-8209 in Feb. about non-existent student loans, complete with a Reference #. I sent them a letter. Now here in June I am getting calls on the same EMERGENCY only cell phone for "Tamisha **" with a different Reference #. I am sending another letter! Also called them today and was told my cell phone number will NOT be called again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 1, 2015

These idiots never leave messages when they call. They are VERY rude, and push you for answers. They will call everyone that you have ever had contact with, including your ex-spouse, and use every resource to track you down and harass the people they call. They have called me at work, which my work place doesn't allow, and pushed my boss for information as well as my other coworkers. They were told verbally to stop calling here, but still continue to do so. Very angry with this place.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2015

To summarize the background info, I have loans from my old school and they gave me a notice that it would be sent to a collections agency so I was a little prepared for that. Within 2 weeks of receiving that letter, I get a call from a GRC rep (though I had no idea who the person was at first) and the first thing she said was, "I'm calling to speak to [My Name]," and to that I replied, "Yes...speaking." Immediately after that, she says she needs to verify my...that it's me...before we can begin to speak personal business. She made it sound like it was a good business proposition of some kind and in no way stated who she worked for or what the call really was about.

I told her that I wouldn't provide my date of birth because I don't know who I'm speaking to and she just repeated herself by saying she needs to verify that it's me and she needs my d.o.b. This went on two more times before she finally said what company she worked for and I told her, "Hold on," while I googled the company to find out that it was a collection agency. I then said, "Ahh, I received a letter a while ago about this," and then I gave her the info needed to verify that it was me.

She said, "Thank you," and went on to saying that I owe 5,000+ and I need to pay it off in one payment. Of course I said, "What!?" and she replied with the same thing. The last I remembered, I owed close to 3K, but I didn't argue the amount yet because I expected some kind of interest and I was more concerned with the one-time payment. I said, "My loan was sent to you only because I couldn't pay the unfair $450 a month payment while I was still a college student!" And I asked if there was a payment plan.

After a minute or two she said, "Okay, we're trying to help you out so you can do a minimum of a 1,300 downpayment and then $375 a month thereafter." This isn't any better than what I couldn't pay in the first place so I said, "There is no way I can do that," and requested a longer payment period so the monthly payments would be less. She said she can't do more than 10 months while continuing to say she's trying to help me out.

Somewhere during the call she asked twice if the company can call me about my account and I said, "Sure. It's clear that I'm not avoiding paying my debt. I'm a 20 year old college student and I'm trying my best." I'm young and I don't know much about these things so I'm worried and trying to get some more information so I asked, "What can I do if I can't pay the amount within 10 months, and she said I should go find it out and call back when I'm ready to pay. I said okay and asked what number I could call back, and after receiving the number the call ended.

I was so angered by the unprofessionalism, the lack of knowledge, and the downright forceful soliciting that I received from this company that I had to sign up and leave a review so others can be aware. I've never went out of my way to leave a complaint about a company but this was the worse experience I've had with any company and this is about my debt, credit, and FUTURE nonetheless.

I don't want my credit destroyed before I even start living my life, but I'm scared to even pay GRC anything because I'm close to counting them as a fake company pulling a scam. It's ridiculous that a company can be so shady and they're handling important details about a person's financial situation. And for my school? I loved my time there and I only left for financial reasons but the fact that they would allow such a terrible company to take over my debt and possibly make it almost impossible for me to recover is just extremely disappointing. I would never recommend that school again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2014

I came in contact with General Revenue Corporation when they took over a debt that I owed to the Art Institute of Seattle. However, it was AiS who decided to screw me over intentionally and made it so my account was bought out by a collection company. I was sending out my monthly payments just as I had been before I moved and they decided to send them back to me for whatever reason. When I contacted them to ask why this happened I was given the run around and then eventually, no answer. Finally I was contacted by GRC by mail saying they had taken over my account and to contact them as soon as possible. So I contacted them in February 2014 and on that first and only phone call, I was told that I needed to pay the $3,855 that I owed in full.

I explained to the lady on the phone that that's not possible and I wanted set up monthly payments. She went on to claim that I couldn't do that and needed to pay in full. I told her that based on the letter I was sent I could do that. I also mentioned that I am a military member and was soon to be tasked to deploy so I wanted and needed to get this set up as quick as possible. It was then that she forwarded my call to a gentleman, who for the life of me I cannot remember his name. She forwarded my call to him just based on me being a military member and he said he was a Navy veteran so I assumed he could understand my situation. I told him the whole situation and read to him the letter I was sent. Once that was all said I told him that I recently did my taxes so I would have no problem putting a down payment on it and he was happy to oblige with me.

However, as I was getting online to get my bank account information he started to become extremely pushy, saying stuff such as "You gotta give me some numbers. I need some numbers now. Gotta go." It was then that I said "Look, I want to get this taken care of too. But this is my situation and it's my money. So just hold on and I'll get this information." He kept being a bit more pushy until I finally said "Listen here, I'm free all day so I've got time, but I highly doubt your phone is ringing off the hook so maybe you should just relax until I get my info." Finally I got my bank information and gave it to him and asked to have $1,000 taken out as a down payment. He then set up my account to have $126 taken out each month. Like I said before, this was the only time I ever spoke with these people.

So a month went by and I noticed that no subsequent payment was ever taken out. Before I had a chance to contact them I got two letters in the mail. One stated that my payment was declined due to insufficient funds, which was impossible because my bank account had never gone below $900. The second letter stated that all further payments had been cancelled and that I needed to make a full payment for the remaining $2,855 as soon as possible. Needless to say I was furious. I called the company but never got through to anyone. I left two messages and asked to be called back. After two days and no reply, I e-mailed the e-mail addresses I could find on any of the letters. Once again, no reply.

At this point I chose to just ignore it. I thought that if anything further was to happen I had plenty of information to give and it would be known that they were the ones who did things without my consent. It's now October 2014 and I have still not been contacted in any form. About a month ago I signed up for just to keep an eye on my credit. When I first signed up and attached all accounts I have, I noticed that after setting everything up, the collections amount I owed to GRC was on there. However, my credit score was still at least at a Fair rating.

All of a sudden, I logged on one day and noticed that my score jumped from a Fair to a Good rating by 36 points. Apparently, the collections amount had been removed from my credit report. No idea what that was about but if my credit score went up I consider it a good thing. And they still haven't contacted me. To anyone who has to deal with this company I say make sure you just ask to speak to a manager right away since it's quite obvious their representatives cannot do what they're supposed to do. They sure seem to be a "Say one thing, do another" type of company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2014

In May 2012, I received an alert through my credit monitoring membership that there was an inquiry on my TransUnion report. When I checked the alert, I saw it was from General Revenue Corporation, so I looked them up online and found that they specialize in student loan debt collection. I had just finished paying off a student loan not a month before, and was still making payments on three others. To my knowledge, I only had the four student loans, so I couldn't imagine why they were inquiring on my credit when I hadn't ever received any contact from anyone regarding any delinquent accounts since 2007, and certainly not any student loan accounts. So I called the number provided on the alert to find out if this was some kind of error.

When I called, they immediately asked for my Social Security number, which I refused to give them. They then asked for my first and last name and my address. I provided this and was told that they couldn't find anything for me in their system. After about 10 minutes of negotiating, I managed to get the agent to admit that they found accounts for the same name but none of the addresses matched, and that they might be able to locate the account with the last four digits of my social. The agent was able to find an account; however, the address was for a state I have never lived in, and the phone number was one that I have never had. When I told the agent this she immediately said, "Well, it's your Social Security number so it must be your address."

I repeated again that it wasn't my address and she immediately implied that I was lying and that I owed $8k to a school in Florida that I hadn't been to, or had contact from since 2001. I said as much and was told that they got their information from the school, and that I signed a contract saying that I agreed to pay the school this amount of money for tuition for a semester I wasn't even enrolled. When I demanded a copy of this contract, I was very rudely told that if I didn't already have a copy in my records it was my own fault and that I needed to pay the full amount right then. I advised them that even if I was inclined to believe any of this I didn't just have $8k lying around to just give to a collections agency. The agent then informed me that I needed to go get a personal loan and then call them back when I had the money.

At that point I demanded to know the contact information for person at the school which provided them with this information, stating that I would be calling up the school to verify this information. The agent told me that they don't have the information and if they did they couldn't give it to me. I told her that was fine, I'd look up their financial aid department number online and hung up on her. I called the school and was informed that they couldn't find anything in the system with my name. So I was transferred to another office. They were able to find an account; however, the address and phone number were completely different (still very much incorrect) from GRC address and phone number, and there was no balance showing on the account. Not only that but they had an address for my parents from 2007 or 2008.

When I asked if there was a way to find out if there was any kind of contract stating that I owed them $8k, I was sent to another office and had to leave a voicemail. When someone finally got back to me 4 days later, I was told that they had an account with my name and Social Security number that had a balance of $8k. I asked about the supposed contract for this account and was told that it was signed electronically and that I should have a copy in my records. When I said that I had looked through all of my records from them and couldn't find anything, they told me that it was turned over to collections and told me that I needed to contact them. I asked why I had never received any contact from the school regarding the account, they had my forwarding address and phone number from the other two loans that I DID have for them that had been paid off, and was told they sent it to the address on file.

When I said that wasn't my address, they told me I must have lied to them so I wouldn't have to pay, told me I needed to make arrangements to pay with the collections people and hung up on me. I have never been able to get anyone to provide me with proof that the "loan" was mine and was advised by a lawyer that I just needed to make payment arrangements because that was the only way the issue would get resolved. I was basically forced to make arrangements to pay them $125 a month with no proof as to whether or not the debt is actually mine. All this after I had worked so hard to clean up my credit report and get myself back on my feet after years of hardship, and IMMEDIATELY after I had just finished paying off one student loan for the SAME school.

Now, I see that GRC hasn't taken a payment for my account since December 2013, and I have received no contact from them regarding the account via mail or phone... and it is nearly February. I have called and left messages with them and contacted them via their website, but I have received no contact from them about this account. I very strongly believe that they and the school forced me to pay on a debt that wasn't even mine, and that the addresses and phone numbers that were incorrect were fabricated to make it look like I deliberately falsified my information to keep from paying them, so they could say they sent contact to me when they never did. Now I must find out why the payments have stopped, and if by some miracle they found the person that the debt does belong to, I will have to find out how I can get the money that I paid to them back into my bank account.

These people are horrible. They lie, threaten, and deliberately try to make you feel like a scum bag. The school in question isn't any better and I tell everyone I know that they should never go there because their financial aid department cannot be trusted. I think it is completely ridiculous that that I owed that much money that I never received any contact from the school or a student loan company about the debt, ESPECIALLY when the collections agency and the student loan company had access to my credit reports, and the school had access to my forwarding address when I moved from Florida. On top of that, no one can seem to tell me how it is that it's ok for them to only attempt to "collect" after the supposed debt in question was 12 years old. Again GRC is horrible, never having to deal with them again won't come soon enough.

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69 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 5, 2013

On November 4th, 2013 my phone rang. I answered, an unidentified woman called asking for Wendy. I advised this is she speaking. She immediately asked for my social security number. I asked who was calling and why are you asking for me and wanting me to prove who I am when you have not identified who you are, the company you are calling from and the reason for the call.

The woman continued to talk over interrogation style like trying to intimidate me into giving her personal and private information. I told her I don't know who you are and I don't have to prove I am who I am to anyone to calls my house unidentified. I told her she was extremely unprofessional and then she informed me she was calling about my student loan from CMU. Now she still had not identified herself and was making it seem as though she was calling from CMU. I said I still don't know who you are but I am dealing Angela ** the Senior Specialist Collections Clerk.

I again asked her where she was calling from she said GRS. I asked what is GRS? She said General Revenue Services. My called ID showed she was calling from 855-397-2355. I immediately told her to cease communication as she has violated several laws under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act. I have not received my a validation notice giving me 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt and request proof of same. This notice is required to have the Mini Miranda Notice within the document which states "This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose". Also within this document it must also state, "If you are disputing any portion of the debt you have 30 days to request validation". If a person calls you they must give you the Mini Miranda rights over the phone on the first phone call regardless if the notice was sent or not which it is required to be sent prior to contact.

The woman kept talking over me. I finally disconnected the call... I called Central Michigan University and spoke to Angela ** about the abusive collection agency they are using who is insinuating they are calling from CMU and is trying to collect interrogation rogue style and is breaking the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act on all fronts and I explained those to her. She seemed clueless as to the laws. She gave her supervisor as Brian **, the Associate Director of Financial Operations at Central Michigan University. I advised her that I have paid the school well over $30k in undergraduate tuition and graduate tuition and this is how they are going to treat a faithful student by sending them to a barbaric company who violates students' rights and breaks laws set in place to protect consumers.

She had nothing to say. I told her I am contacting legal aid and this has to stop. I told Angela ** to call the company and gave her the date and time of phone calls and insisted she pull the recorded phone call. She did not indicate she would do anything and would not pull my account back from GRS who broke laws and devalued Central Michigan University students. THANKS, CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY FOR SENDING MY ACCOUNT TO A COLLECTION AGENCY AND ADDING $300.00 FINE TO MY SMALL BALANCE OF $1000.00. I SEE YOU REALLY VALUE YOUR STUDENTS AND THE LAW!!!!!

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2013

Call was a recorded message, utilized voice changing technology to garble my first name (could have been "Sara" or "Sally") and used my maiden name. Told me to contact same 800 # back, no reference number, gave company name as "KNSKNF." Looked up the number online, saw that it's actually General Revenue Corporation. I paid off all my student loans in full years ago and my credit rating is clean as of last month - there is no reason I should be being contacted by a collection agency. Furthermore, I have not had any bills or accounts in my maiden name for over 10 years. Called the 800 # and operator that answered could not find any record of my current phone number in their records. Told the operator I would be reporting the call to the NYS Attorney General's Office for using a recorded telemarketing call and falsely trying to collect on a debt that does not exist.

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Original review: April 14, 2013

I have nothing nice to say about this company. They are extremely pushy and the woman I spoke with out and out lied. I received a phone call while at work and with a patient. They left a voicemail and then they called right back and left another voicemail. No more than an hour later, I got another call from the same number. When I answered, I was told who they were. I explained that I had just made a payment to Sallie Mae and they were supposed to send me some paperwork to start having the payment taken out of my bank account each month as direct payment. I was told that they would be handling that for me. The lady asked why I was having difficulty paying my loan back, something I had already gone over with the rep at Sallie Mae. The whole reason I was going to have it deducted each month automatically.

So again, I went over the fact that my hours had been cut down to 32 hours instead of 40. Also, my pay had been cut by about $250-$350 every two weeks and that paying my house note and eating was coming first. The lady stated that they were there to help and made everything sound like this would be a good arrangement. At this point, I was asked to pay in $3,000 down and $200-$300 each month. I just kind of laughed at her and told her she must not have been listening. Hello, do you think I have that in the bank? I'd be paying my loan off with that if I did. She asked how much I could pay and my response was the same, I was paying Sallie Mae $100 a month. We made the arrangements and so far, I have paid the first month a total of $200. It was $100 down and then $100 on the 25th of each month.

Okay, so I've gotten three statements already and it is only the 14th day of the following month and now I owe more than what I did when this whole thing started. The interest rate has doubled. Who in the heck can pay off a loan that just keeps increasing? I called them and got a voicemail, no return call. So tomorrow, I will be calling to cancel their service and if they don't stop, I will close my account. I have contacted my lawyer and was told that I signed a 10-year agreement with Sallie Mae to pay off this loan. It has only been six, so why is it going to a collection agency in the first place? I had three loans, one was a 3-year pay off and it was paid before three years. These last two were a 10-year agreement and it will be paid before then. I think these people are sneaky and misrepresent themselves to people as helping you.

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Original review: March 19, 2013

I made several attempts to make arrangements with GRC. The first attempt resulted in a verbal confrontation between the collection agent and myself. I asked to speak with a different rep and they just played the transfer/hold game. The second attempt led to the agent making aggressive threats to my employer. The third attempt was just Friday where the supervisor stated for me to give her my checking account number and routing number over the phone before she could fax over a rehabilitation program application to me. I asked her to give me until after the weekend to research if that procedure was accurate. She then threatened to seek out my employer, as if I am not trying to cooperate with my debt voluntarily. My message to them is "You'd get more flies with honey vs. vinegar." Georgia Higher Education Asst. Corp. must not realize that GRC is making them look very bad.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2013

I received bill with the incorrect principal amount I owe the school. General Revenue insists I owe $4467.61. I owe $337.61. The staff was rude when I attempted to explain. The school emailed General Revenue verifying the amount I owed. Today, I received another bill from them attempting to collect $4467.61. Included is updated ledger from the school indicating I actually owe $337.61. They are still attempting to collect $3100.00 more than I actually owe. Of course, they chose to be rude before they would acknowledge their error. I will be following up with reports to the Ohio State Attorney General, as well as the Michigan State Attorney General.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2013

I was behind my student loan. I made monthly payments of $105 to them because they told me they will take my 2013 Income Taxes. I agreed to the payment and before I did my incomes tax, I called to check the status of my account. When I spoke to someone, I was informed my account was updated. I filed my taxes, checked the status of my tax refund and found out the IRS will be keeping my money because my refund has been applied to a past due obligation. This is **! The whole point of making the payment arrangement was not to have my 2013 Income Tax taken away from me. No one in General Revenue Corporation is available to take my call.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2012

General Revenue Corporation called one of my clients, saying they found her place of business by looking up my name, and harassed her for my information. But they were looking for the wrong person with my same name. They were pushy and rude. I called GRC and cleared up the mistaken identity, and then I asked them to call my client and apologize and state that they were looking for the wrong person. They told me it was illegal for them to call my client back once they knew I was the wrong person. I don't know if that's true, but the woman I spoke to was also rude to me about my request. Having a client contacted and harassed by a collection agency is very bad for my business. Their irresponsible actions and attitude are unacceptable.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2011

I placed a call to GRC to learn what my payback options are for a loan. The woman on the phone said she would go over my "payback options" but that she first needed my contact phone number. I told her I did not want to give that to her and I had every right not to. I then again asked for my payback options. She said she would give those to me after I gave her my contact phone number, which again I refused to give. We went back and forth for a few minutes the same way until she finally said to me, "Then stay in default!" I then told her I was contacting the Attorney General, which I have done.

There is a "cease and desist" placed by GRC regarding any contact with me. I am still working with one Attorney General's office to move the process forward with GRC. I have also filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and a complaint against Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority with the US Dept. of Education. This is the second time I have been illegally harassed about this loan.

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23 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 30, 2011

I recently discovered that I have an account with a company. The way I discovered was when I pulled my credit report and this company are reporting "two accounts" to credit bureau. I arranged monthly payments of $100 to be taken out from my account each month and also I requested a copy of my loan documentation. I advised this company that I was under the impression that all my Sallie Mae loans were in one sum which is currently up-to-date, but I guess this one wasn't. I received the papers that the General Revenue sent me and when I reviewed them, amounts and accounts do not add up. I was not trying not to take care of the matter but I am not willing to pay additional money that I do not owe. Based on the papers, I think this company is very shady and they do not calculate their numbers correctly.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2011

On 24 Aug 11, Kelly called and left a message that it was important to call her back. I returned the call on the same day and Jeff answered. He demanded that I contact our son who had listed us as a reference. He used threatening tones and was extremely abusive--absolutely no tact. I tried to explain I had no recent contact with him, and after verbally abusing and interrupting me, he hung up. I called back at the same number and Angela answered. She said Jeff had removed my number. I indicated to her my position that I would be pursuing an official investigation into their practices and refusal to divulge information required by law.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2011

Liberty University, through General Revenue Corporation, is reporting fraudulent and inaccuracies on my credit file, resulting in denial of credit.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2011

The call I received was for Victoria ** and was live on my answering machine that is answered by a male voice. The voice told me this was about a debt Victoria has. The voice said the message was private, but the voice answering for the answering machine should have told them the call was not necessarily going to Victoria's private line. I received three calls, an hour apart, from 8 am to 10 am on August 9,2011. I know someone by that name, but she does not live at my address.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2011

I recently had to do business with this debt collection agency because I had gotten behind in my student loan payments. I came to an agreement with this company to pay my monthly installments and I paid them with no problems and no late payments for 10 months straight. The agreement stated that after 10 months of making good on my payments, I would be back in good standing and my case would then leave their office and return to my original lender and my credit would be restored. Everything was going great. Then, I received phone calls from my mother, my sister, my aunt, and even my grandmother, telling me that some undisclosed company had called them stating the following, "(My name) has used you as a reference and I wanted to ask you a few questions about her as well as can you tell me where she is".

I find two things extremely disturbing about this. Firstly, General Revenue Corporation is undeniably misrepresenting themselves and their intentions when calling people. I have never used my sister, aunt, or grandmother as a reference for anything. And they should, in no way, try to squeak information out of people who have no relation, but blood to me. Each and every family member they called got the same speech stating that I had used them as a reference. I cannot help, but think that this is some shady, underhanded way for them to try to get some innocent person to disclose information they would not ordinarily disclose. Luckily, I come from a smart family, that did not buy this company's lines for a second. Secondly, I would love to know how this company acquired my family members' names, addresses, and phone numbers and under what authority do they have to harass them over and over again with phone calls? I say harass and I firmly mean it.

I do realize that there are "locate people" sites on the internet and that is probably where they retrieved their information. However, harassing my family and misrepresenting who they are, how they know me, and what they want has got to be illegal or at least unethical, bad business. Of course, I have no choice in the matter because I have to deal with whichever collection agency my file got sent to. Because I am in the unfortunate position of dealing with a collection agency does not mean that I deserve less than ethical service. It is just a side note that when I spoke to the customer service rep for the company, Angela, she was rude, unclear, and berated me for not taking care of the situation earlier. I know that rudeness is not criminal, but I would like this company to be investigated and, at the very least, reprimanded for their blatant misrepresentation and stalking.

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Original review: May 11, 2010

I have been receiving telephone calls from General Revenue Corporation every month looking for someone that does not live at my address, stating that I should pay this person's student loan. I told General Revenue Corporation that I don't know who this person is and I don't have a student loan. I'm a disabled person, and I get nasty phone calls from this company every month.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2008 Harassing threatening collection calls, the one where i spoke to jeff they did not document, i complained about this to ftc also. Jeff said he was going to double the garnishment of my wages, they always threaten garnishment, i made a payment arrangement w/them, they added more than 6k to the principal amount of my loan in fees, over 3000 in collection costs, the remaining "other fees" undisclosed.

They called my mother when the loan went to collections and told her details about it like i was going to be garnished, that was renee. Like i said i have made arrangements to pay the loan, i am struggling extreme financial hardship, personal situations but their collection tactics should be dealt w. Jeff also told me that when they were done w/me i would not be able to buy a cigarette. He told me how much my car payment was and told me i was stupid because most people only paid 300 a month for a vehicle. I don't want to allow them to get away with using these tactics.

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Original review: March 14, 2008

Pursuant to the above referenced I was contacted in regards to my over-due student loan by General Revenue for Michigan Guarantee. I made an agreement to pay $100.00 a month which was to be automatically debited from my bank account.

The represented withdrew funds on the 7th when I agreed up the 15th of each month. Accordingly, the aggreement also states that if the money is not available you have 20 days from the due date to make said payment. I called General Revenue to inquire about the date the company intercepted the $100.00 from my account and to my dismay, the representative began to raise her voice. I then asked to speak with her supervisor, whom also talked to me in a nasty tone. She did not want to hear anything I had to say. She kept repeating over and over, how about I garnish your wages and take 25% of your wages. I asked to speak back to the representative.

I begged and pleaded with her and told her it would be a hardship to have 25% of my wages garnished. I told her I am a single parent with 3 kids and a high mortgage. The representative informed me that it was too late, and she already issued an order for my wages to be garnished. On a Sunday all in a matter of 5 minutes. My wages are being garnished in the amount of $750.00. Also General Revenue is taking $100.00 from my bank account. When I call to speak with a manager, there is never one available when I call. I need help! This should be against the law, to have my wages garnished together with my bank account being automatically debited.

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Original review: March 18, 2002

Mr. Alpol contacted me by phone at my place of business after I had contacted GRC to let them know that I needed a current balance owed and that I would call them back within a two week time frame to set up repayment terms. I did not originally speak to Mr. Alpol, and he is not my assigned case manager (Ms. Bobbi Messer is listed on all documentation).

He harrassed me at work, calling every 5 to 30 minutes demanding to speak to me. I told him on his first phone call NOT to call me at my office again. He proceeded to call right back and from that moment for three continuous weeks, he called and called and called--AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS. He was very very rude, obnoxious, degrading, belittling, and just a big JERK! I have never been so humiliated in my life. He told my co-workers who answered the phone who he was, what he wanted with me, and why he had better speak to me. I would like someone to investigate their debt collecting practices.

I called and had to leave a voice mail for Ms. Bobbi Messer in regards to Mr. Alpol. I did not receive a phone call back from her, but I did indeed receive one the very next morning from Mr. Alpol--AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS ONCE AGAIN!!! Needless to say, I have not contacted that company since, but I have contacted my original debtor and let them know that I would be filing complaints against this creditor & agent. Thank you!

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