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Last updated: Feb. 22, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

This company displays pure and complete unprofessionalism. They placed a closed fraudulent account on my credit report without any notice. I am an individual with two insurance policies with a $0 copay so when I hear that I have a medical debt I knew this account was not mine. I was unable to locate where this debt was originally created and I am unable to contact anyone from Orchid Emergency Physicians Group. It seems this company does not exist at all. Commonwealth will not even tell me what the bill is from or where it was created.

On the phone they apologize for this mistake but when I complain to the Better Business Bureau a representative who will not say their name tells me a completely different story. They lie about sending me notice in the mail. I never knew who these people were until my credit score went down 60 points. I have sent them a consumer statement and my fraud affidavit but they never receive my documents. I do not have a contract with them or Orchid Emergency Physicians Group, the fictitious company. The representative I spoke to who is Michael blamed this error solely on Equifax and told me to fix it with them. I am tired of being lied to.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2018

I got 3 alerts on Saturday 1 from Credit Karma and 2 from TrustedID stating that I had a new account for Collections added to my credit reports. Commonwealth Financial Systems says I owe $506 from River Valley Emergency Physicians and I havent even been to a hospital in 4 years. I called RVEP and it's actually our local hospital who no longer does business with River Valley for billing. The hospital said they saw no new charges and this is actually an account that has already been cleared off my credit report a few years ago. I called the TrustedID number and they could not help me. Only suggested I call the original creditor (which I did) and lock my account. I'm still working on getting this taken off my credit report.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2018

I use Credit Karma to stay on track with my accounts. I noticed in Jan 2018 a new account was opened for Commonwealth for $82 and dropped my credit score by 19 points. I called them and spoke to a representative. I was told I owed money for an unpaid medical bill. I was told that I had to pay them or else. I refused and said I would call the hospital about this bill. I was then told they would have no knowledge of this bill as they have already sold it and they don't keep any of those records (which is a LIE).

I hung up and called the hospital. I found out this bill was from 2011 and was 100% paid off and NEVER went to any kind of collections. I also had them mail my records for proof. I called Commonwealth back and they put me through to the same rep. She told me that whatever the hospital told me was a lie and to not listen to them. She said I had to pay Commonwealth because the hit on my credit would never go away. I told her that I wanted it removed from my credit score as I owed nothing and no debt was ever collected. She said I could remove it... for $82... I told her I wouldn't pay that and she progressively became more hostile and rude, becoming louder and louder to try and scare me into giving them my credit card and Social Security number.

I told her I would be disputing this from each credit bureau. She again started yelling at me how I would be wasting my time and I would have to pay it once they were done with my investigation. She then hung up on me. I called each of my 3 credit bureaus and disputed the collections account. Took me all of 30 minutes in total. They told me Commonwealth would have 30 days to respond and submit their claim. About 14 days later, all traces of Commonwealth were removed from my credit score.

Lesson? Do not even attempt to communicate with Commonwealth before you do your due diligence. Your credit score has to provide you where the claim is coming from. If it is a hospital, call the hospital first. Receive your invoices and all bills. If everything is 100% paid in full and you know for a fact you have no debt, dispute it with the credit bureaus. Commonwealth uses scare tactics and does their hardest to get you to pay your "bill". Don't listen to them and don't let them bully you!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2018

Poor customer service. Managers are very condescending. I ran a credit history on myself this year and notice there was hospital that reported me for non payment, I contacted Commonwealth Financial Systems, and told them this was an error because I had had insurance during this period. I provided numerous proof of insurance to them and yet they refuse remove this from my credit history. My only recourse now is to report them to the state. And get a private attorney. My advice to anyone who has been victimized and harassed by this company is to contact the state attorney's office. There is a class action lawsuit... Word to the wise do not give these guys any personal information about yourself.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 7, 2017

Everyday, I receive a call from Commonwealth Financial Services (614) 441-0047. When I call back, they say they do not have my number on their call list, and therefore deny (sometimes rudely) ever having made the call. Yet, the calls persist, day after day.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

These people are frauds. They put a collection on me for Med $325. I contacted the Med company and I owe them nothing. I let Commonwealth know this and they said they would remove collection. They did not. TransUnion removed because they say this is not a credible company. They then said the amount was now $340. I reported them and now they say I owe both $325 and $340.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

An agent of CFS called several times to my granddaughter's phone looking for my husband. They also called my husband and I talked to them. May I add each time it was a different person. My husband is ill, he has Parkinson's disease and I handle most everything for him. They told me that my husband would have to go to court for attempting to fraud a banking institution. They claim that in 2012 he received an online check loan for $300. When they tried to collect the check payment, the funds were not available. My husband has never used a computer let alone make a check loan! I ask them to send me a copy of the loan paper so I could see the signature on it, they told me they did not have any of the paperwork. The first time I talked with them it was a man and when I said I could prove it was not my husband he hung up on me. Should have been a red flag!!

The second time I spoke with them it was a woman named LORI ANNE **. She said the same thing but had my husband's name and ss number, but the phone number and address was not correct. I told her we had never lived there or had that phone number. She said she believed me but there was nothing she could do to stop the charges or court unless we paid the check fee and interest which is $420. She also said I would have to pay by debit or credit card. I ask her if we could make payments and she said she would ask. I told her I had to talk to my husband and would call her back. I (like a fool) proceeded to talk my husband into paying it so he wouldn't have to go to court! I don't think he could go thru something like that! I paid $220 with my debit card and arranged for $200 to be taken out on Feb 16th. They were to send me an e-receipt and never did. I tried calling them back but Ms. ** will not respond or call me back.

Since then I have done some research on CFS and they are crooks. I feel so dumb and we cannot afford this money. We are on a fixed income. I contacted the bank and the first payment has been taken out but they canceled my card so the other money cannot be taken out. The payment went to ASR in HAMBURG NEW YORK. I have the phone number for CFS and MS. **. 1-888-895-3081 her ext is **. My payment confirmation # is **. Never have I experienced anything like this. Usually I am on top of things like this but I wanted to protect my husband. Please help us!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2016

This complaint concerns phone calls that my 91 year old mother is getting from a phone number which is showing on her caller ID as being from Macon, Georgia. She lives in an assisted living home in Georgia and has dementia. Initially, I thought the phone calls were wrong numbers, but they have continued. I called the number and to my surprise, got Commonwealth Financial Systems, which is located in Pennsylvania, not Georgia. I stayed on the line and went through their phone menu options, getting connected to a representative. This person looked up my mother's phone number and told me that number was not in their system. I told her I thought it was strange that the phone number on my mother's called ID says it's from Macon, Georgia, but when I call the number, I get CFS in Pennsylvania. She was less than helpful, even getting very rude with me.

The second time I called, I got someone different, who was not as rude, but less than helpful. She finally told me I would have to contact Mr. **, a manager. I called him this morning and explained my concern that not only might my mother be getting harassing phone calls for a debt she does not owe, but that someone could be calling people under the pretense that they are from CFS, using threats to get money out of innocent people, which I would think CFS would want to know about.

I do not know what happens when my mom answers the phone, as I have not been there when she's received a call from this number and she has dementia, so she doesn't recall the details. Are they telling her that she owes a past debt? Are they looking for someone with a different name who, perhaps, used to have that phone number? Is this simply a mix-up or something more sinister? It would seem easy to me for someone to have incoming calls to that number forwarded to the number for CFS, causing concern when people would call and find themselves speaking to a collection agency, causing people to agree to pay money they don't owe.

Mr. ** seemed apathetic to my concerns. He told me he would have to check into this matter and would call me back, which so far, he has not. I do not expect a call back, judging from his attitude. And now I find that there are numerous complaints against this company. Unfortunately, I may not be able to block this number on my mom's phone because it is on a key system at the assisted living home. Whether I get a response from Mr. ** at CFS or not, I will be contacting a local t.v. station's consumer watchdog department to see if they will investigate this. Something is just not right here and it smells of fraud. The only thing I am accusing CFS of at this point is their lack of concern that both my elderly mother AND their company may be victims of some kind of a fraud scheme. If they are a reputable company, I would think this would get their attention.

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Original review: June 17, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016, we received a letter from CFS, stating that we owe $275.00 on a medical bill from April 19, 2010. I'm a reasonable guy - if I owe money, I'll pay it. So, I called them up and put it on a credit card - however, I told the guy I spoke with (Gordon) that I was going to investigate this further the following day.

On Tuesday, June 14, I called both the billing company for the group, as well as the medical provider. I discovered: 1. Neither company had any record of the account - in fact, both companies told me that the number listed by CFS as the "Original Account Number" doesn't match any nomenclature in their account management system. 2. The medical provider didn't have any record whatsoever of my wife being treated at ANY time in April of 2010. 3. Neither the medical provider, nor their billing company, uses CFS, or the company they claim to have received the case from, Pollino Solutions, LLC, to satisfy debt collection.

I called CFS and demanded a refund - which, surprisingly, they gave me. I also asked the credit card company for a stop payment and a block on their company for a transaction. I also demanded from CFS a printed copy of the original medical bill. I've gotten a variety of answers from the people I've spoken with - "We have that documentation, we don't have that documentation but we can get it from Pollino Solutions, and we don't have (nor will we ever be able to get) that documentation."

As it stands, CFS is telling me that they will not close this in my favor (i.e., without demanding payment) without a letter from the medical provider, relinquishing the original debt. The medical provider is refusing to give me such a letter since they have no record of the original account or debt. CFS has until Tuesday next week to provide me with the documentation that I demanded before I can file complaints against them with the AG's office and the BBB. Hopefully, I'll hear back from the local PD today, and they can get some kind of resolution.

If it goes to filing complaints, and they try to ding my credit rating, I am retaining an attorney and filing suit. If it comes to that, and any of you who are experiencing similar issues with CFS want to join in, please let me know. One hundred of us, and it becomes class action... much, much harder for them to ignore!!

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Original review: July 24, 2015

My credit is being ruined by this company. They are trying to get 1400.00 dollars from me which I do not owe. They did not file correctly so therefore they didn't receive their payment. I have disputed this in the past and was told everything was taken care of a year ago. And as of two days ago I receive another bill stating that I owe them 1400.00 dollars again. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

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Original review: March 31, 2015

I was alerted via my credit monitoring that this company placed a bill on my report. This company never mailed me anything and failed to verify any information. I explained to them that this bill was taken care of and the representative was nasty and rude. I feel that this is fraud and this company should be held liable.

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Original review: March 26, 2015

Back in September of 2014 I saw two items on my Credit Karma report from Eastern Emergency Physicians put there by Common Wealth Financial debt collection department. I investigated this by calling the Physicians and found out they did not use the proper number when submitting my claim to my NJ Insurance Company.

All three of us were on the phone at the same time, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Eastern Emergency Physicians and myself and we got this straightened out. I contacted TransUnion with proper paperwork showing this debt was satisfied. TransUnion did their own investigation and sent confirmation to me that the debt was satisfied and included 2 statements from the Physician's Group. Commonwealth continues to call me even though I have sent them the documentation proof.

I received a call 6:35am on March 18th and a call from them every day since. (Today is March 25th). They are argumentative, refuse to look at the paperwork and have said some very nasty things to me. I have all of their calls taped as you can tape conversations in the State I live in without a 2-party notification. They have threatened to put the debt back on TransUnion credit report. I now have contacted a lawyer to protect myself from these evil people. I have sent all the back up to the 3 major credit reporting businesses and asked them to block Commonwealth from trying to put this back on my report. I'm exhausted, angry and can't believe I have to get a lawyer involved at this point.

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Original review: March 13, 2015

They keep calling my phone looking for someone by the name **. I have explained to them that I am not ** nor do I know a **. They keep calling all hours of the day bothering me at work as well on my cellphone. I have asked them numerous times to please remove my name from their calling list. This time the caller hangs up and on me. I call back and he starts yelling at me. I ask him again please do not call my number again that I am not who you are looking for. He was very rude and starts yelling at me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2014

I am a disabled senior and in 2009 an ER doctor put a bill into collections. I sent proof that the bill was paid not only by the car insurance company but by Medicare also. 5 years later they are still harassing me - calling at all hours and using local "call back" numbers and for the first couple of years I would try and explain only to be told that I should just pay them a reduced amount to get them to stop. This Dr. WAS paid... TWICE... and I refuse to be extorted by a financial debt collection agency when I don't owe the debt. A couple years ago they reported me as a debtor to the credit reporting agencies and I have NEVER owed a debt in my life! I have paid off thousands in Medical bills (both for myself and my late husband who died from cancer). I am not someone who doesn't pay what I owe. Right now this company is taking my peace of mind and right to peace over a debt I proved was paid years ago. They are lowlife and I can only hope that someday their karma will catch up to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2014

I got a letter from this company about 4 months ago saying i owe "X" amount of money from a past bill. The thing is i had filed bankruptcy and this debt fell under that. I called and talked to them and informed this of this problem. The lady i first spoke to was rude and told me they can't do anything till i proved i did filled bankruptcy and this debt is from that. So i did called my lawyer, got all the information i needed and called back to give them this information. This time a man answered the call and i explained to him what was going on and he asked me if i had filed chapter 7 or 13. I told him which one i had filed and he said "ok we will look into it", so i stopped him and said "well the lady i talked to was rude and told me i needed all this information" and he said "nope we can find it if it is real" and then hung up.

A few days later it was off my credit report and my score was back to normal, so i thought the problem was fixed, but then a couple of weeks ago i got a notice that my score had changed so i logged on and there it was, they reported it again! So i have emailed and called them about this. So we will see how this goes again.

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Original review: July 2, 2014

Calling several times a day... Always a recording... If a true debt, never notified through mailings.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2014

Today I received a call from 678-487-8393, one of many phone numbers used by a collection agency called Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. purchases debt including debt which is no longer legally collectible due to the age of the debt (SOL) as well as debt of questionable origin. NEVER agree to make any payment whatsoever to them. If you do you will lose some of your legal rights. Also, a legally valid debt must be verified (proof which shows that this is a debt owed by you) and the collection agency must also show they have a legal right to collect that debt (proof that they are either the original creditor or that they purchased the debt from another party which had that legal right).

It is the collection agency's job to show you this proof. Without such proof they have no legal claim. Let them take you to court and then tell the court that you requested this legally required proof. Tell them in writing to stop contacting you. Please report them for any violations. The only way that consumers will be free of bad collection agencies is by reporting them every time they break the law!

Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.
245 Main Street
Dickson City, PA 18519
Tel: (800) 848-2170

Fax: (570) 963-1644

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2014

I noticed a $71.00 collection appeared on my credit report in December 2013. The collection was a medical collection from January 2008. I was not notified, did not receive phone calls or any mailings. Rather than argue with them over $71.00, I called and paid it. They charged a $10.00 fee on top of that for a total of $81.00. The collection still is on my credit report. I paid the $81.00 on 12/20/13 and the transaction posted on 12/22/13. We’re over 60 days and it's still out there. As a side note, this $71.00 came up in 2008 as a collection with another agency and it was a double bill. I sent the documentation to that agency and they removed the collection.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2013

I saw a ding on my credit report for $90.00 for a physician’s bill back in 2008. I had paid this bill to a previous debt collector. I told them all this and showed proof they said that the information did not match which I know it did since I only went to that doctor once and it was for the same amount and the same exact date. They would not give me any other information and they stated that I needed to pay this to have it erased. I paid the money and this is still not erased... Robert ** on chat does nothing to help then disconnects. The only time he will help is when you mention that you will pay your bill. If not, he will just end the chat when he is done and if you start a new chat he will see your name and end again.

When calling the 800 number to pay the bill the reps do not give you their names. They just answer hello and are pretty rude. I suggest you do not give this company any money as they are scam artist with no personal skills at all. If you do call, ask for ext ** for SAM **. He seemed to help me out the most...although I was on the phone with him and I heard one of his colleagues screaming saying "eff you, I will keep calling you whenever I want." I asked Sam "what was that screaming, is that how y’all do business?" He stated no that was someone saying they were going on lunch. Yeah okay, I know what I heard...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2013

I have been receiving phone calls from this company for a 58 dollar bill from 2007. They will not send out anything to verify the debt. On one call, a person named James was rude and disrespectful towards me. He threatened me that he would keep calling whenever he wanted, then hung up and called right back. I have sent emails and did the live chat informing them to cease all phone calls and they still call me. I have also reported them to the FTC.

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Original review: May 25, 2013

I am receiving several calls from agents in PA representing Commonwealth Financial Systems claiming that I have unsettled debts worth over $700 with certain medical facilities. They are unwilling to reveal the facility in question or any other details, but offer a rebate in the settlement amount if I will pay them over the phone using a credit card. On one of the calls, I was shocked to hear an agent named David ** from 800-848-2170 when he read out my SSN, date of birth and address. Soon after, he briefly threatened to report my delinquencies to the credit bureau and hung up. I am very worried how such agencies/people get our SSN and other details and make harassing calls or can use such information in STEALING IDENTITY. They need to be sued and penalized for FRAUD and HARASSMENT.

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Original review: May 15, 2013

An account that was improperly billed by the provider landed with this company. I never got a bill as it was sent to the wrong address. When I called Commonwealth, they told me that Tricare has bill like this, that I had to pay it to them if I wanted it off my credit report, and that the provider would no longer bill Tricare. And then he told me a story about an Active Duty person just like me that he told this to and the guy just had to pay it, so he did. They also told me that if I paid the bill to them, Tricare would send me the money!

I was floored. Sadly none of the above is true! They were literally bold face lies. After this call, I called Tricare. No insurance provider will pay a beneficiary directly; they will only pay the provider. Additionally, after calling the provider, they agreed to send another bill to Tricare with the current information and it was done. When I called to ask them to not say these things to active duty members, they said "it didn't matter" that he hadn't threatened me and people still pay them every day.

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Original review: April 8, 2013

I have thankfully only gotten four phone calls from Commonwealth Financial Systems (so far); the last one being about an hour ago. That is how I found this website as I was looking for a higher up to complain to. The first call, they left a voicemail and I called right back. I was on hold for almost 10 minutes and the woman picked up and asked how she could help me. LOL. I informed her that I was simply returning her call and had no clue who she was, so how could I help her? She was quiet a few minutes then just hung up the phone! The next two calls, I simply ignored. Earlier though, they caught me. I didn't feel well and just picked up the phone.

At first, I thought things were going to be okay. Ha! She said she was called about a past due ER bill from late 2011 regarding a blocked ureter. (I did go to an ER for that somewhere in that time range, but I thought it had been taken care of.) She wanted to verify my identity. (I thought okay, here we go.) But she asked if my name was Jane Doe and I said yes. She asked if I lived at 123 Main St. I said yes. Then (scariest of all) she asked, "The last 4 of you Social Security # are 4567, correct?" And yes, it was correct. I still wasn't too worried though. This could be legit still. I said, "No problem. I was recently declared disabled so I have Medicare and some other insurance now and they all backdate the start of their medical coverage to well before that bill, so it's covered! Let me grab my cards and I will give you the numbers you need to get the debt paid through them."

Then she said, "Oh, we don't do that for you. You will have to go take care of all of that yourself then send in some paperwork or something when it's taken care of." I said, "Look, I am disabled. I have no car to do the required driving and I have no fax machine in my rural home. How do you suppose I might....?" and she had hung up! How do these people continue to operate so many different schemes and rip offs all over the place and get our personal information to use so easily on such an ongoing basis right here under our noses?! The number they been calling me from is right here in my state, KY!

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2013

This company is a disgrace to any company I have ever come in contact with. I can only assume their employees are raised by monkeys or something of less intelligence because of their lack of communication/people skills. All of their employees have been rude to me and always hang up on me while I am in mid sentence, which is extremely unprofessional from my perspective. I have never even used this company, but they continuously call me asking for a Tammy which I have no idea who that is. This has been going on for 2 years at least and every time I try to tell them they have been mistaken and that I am not Tammy, they cut me off and quickly say they're going to make note of it then hang up on me while I am still talking.

I have come to the conclusion that they are incompetent, ignorant and do not pay attention to people who may or may not be their customers. Also, I repeatedly asked to speak to their manager so I could finally get off this call list, and they refused and hung up on me then as well, also extremely unprofessional. I looked online to search for an email or extension for a manager or some higher authority and there was none to be found. I hope this business fails and is sued for harassment. However, I don't have time for their idiocy or to deal with it.

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Original review: March 2, 2012

I paid off an overdue credit card with a balance was $500. I gave Martin ** all the information for my bank account. We both agreed upon $500. I went online to my bank later in the day and $550 was taken out. I called Martin ** and he advised me of a security deposit of $50 was taken out and he did not tell me. He advised it would be credited to my account in 15 days. We are now going on 4 weeks and still no return to my security deposit. I have left several messages for Martin's supervisor Blake **, but he will not return my phone call.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2012

I get daily calls from this number **. I believe the company is NCC Commonwealth but I’m not sure about that. I recently found out they are a debt collection agency. I do not owe anyone money and have no idea why they are calling me. This is an unwanted phone call. I have been keeping a record this past month of their calls and will continue to do so until this is resolved. I have contacted their phone company, hoping they can stop them from calling since my phone company wants to charge me $5 to block the calls. Ridiculous. Their phone company also transferred my call to NCC's direct line.

Someone picked up the phone and said nothing. I heard a lot of people in the background talking. When I said hello they hung up. I also contacted VoX Communications whom I recently found out is one of NCC's customers. They have sent my complaint to their consumer care department. I contacted the Better Business Bureau as well. I have recently contacted them, so they have not had a chance to tell me what NCC's reply was. Other than that, I have tried everything I can think of that will stop them. So far nothing has happened. This has to stop.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2012

Every time NCC Commonwealth calls me for a collection notice that I owe they hang up. I have spoken with the company in the recent past about paying the debt and have said I will keep them posted on details when I can afford the bill, but the company insists on calling everyday except Sunday. And when they call I get an automated message asking that I press 1 to listen to this message in English. When I press 1 I am connected to an operator who states the name of the company and asking if they can help me.

I then state, "You called me, what can I help you with?" I am immediately hung up on at that point. This has happened at least 10 times. Last week I called the company back asking that they note my call and to please stop hanging up on me. I thought the issue was resolved, but I was wrong as they did it again 3 more times. I called the company again today asking that they stop hanging up on me after they call me. I was given the run around and when I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told they were all too busy and I would have to leave a message. I asked that the operator note my call and told her to have a nice day. This company is a joke and I wish they would call me less and when they do at least speak with me.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2012

Commonwealth Financial continues to call me with harassing collection phone calls after being told not to call on at least 6 times. The phone number they are calling from is ***.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2011

For a month, I have been receiving calls saying "If you Rafael **, press 1. If you're not R.S., press 2". I have been pressing 2 every time, but I still get the calls.

Today, I returned the call and was able to reach NCC, a division of Commonwealth Financial. I spoke to a gentleman and told him that I was not happy that I keep on getting these calls, then he hung up on me. I called again, and he hung up again. If Rafael ** had this number before me, I've had it since April, please stop calling me. Thank you.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2010

I have been called everyday or every other day from this company saying I owe around $700 for an outstanding bill. I asked them to mail me a copy of that account. They claim they've sent out 4 copies to my residence of what I owe.

I've called and asked to be taken off the call list. I was lied too when I asked to speak to a supervisor. Today, I called back and asked for the mailing address to send in some kind of payment w/check or m.o. The operator said, "I can do it over the phone." Amber asked me how much I wanted to send in. I said about 5 or 10 dollars cause I don't have any credit cards or any money. She said I'll need to send a minimum of $25. I told her if they can't accept what I send in, well kiss my blank.

These calls has been going on for at least 8 months. The operators lie to you. I've called and left several messages to the CEO and even the hiring department. The calls may stop for a few days or so but then they'll start calling regular again. If you say you're not the person and call the number they tell you to call, well it doesn't work.

One male operator told me that they've sent out 4 copies of the account and that it is a waste of paper for them to continue sending out paper statements. I told him it was a waste of electricity for them calling me! Then when you answer the phone and automated operator tells you to hold for the next operator and when they come on, they act like you called them. I am sick of it and I need to know what's the next step because I am sick of this company calling everyday. Sometimes, they'll call you after 7! What bill collector calls around dinner time?

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