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Commonwealth Financial Systems Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Commonwealth Financial Systems?
    • 4,480,424 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2020

    I just found out that this company added 4 collections to my credit report for Texas Health in Allen, TX- a city I have never lived in and a hospital I have never even been to! My score has dropped 22 points thanks to these debts that this company literally MADE UP and put in my name. I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure that's fraud! I've disputed all of them and one was removed from my report within a few hours, I'm still waiting on the others. I have also filed a very detailed complaint with the BBB. If they keep hitting my credit with fraudulent debts I will not hesitate to sue, and if there is a class-action against them please add me to it.

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    Same situation as others here. Denied for a Capital One card despite 780 FICO. Now Commonwealth says they have a new collection on my record from almost 5 years ago. Never heard of the merchant or seen the bill despite having the same address for 10 years. Very strange: the strong connection between Commonwealth and Capital One. Seems like the imaginary debts are usually small, to entice payment just to get it removed from your record.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    It has been a while since I wanted to posted this review. I am doing this now solely in an attempt to raise national awareness to the scammers like Commonwealth Financial Systems. It's with the great effort I select 1 star cause it won't let me post this if I don't. After reading other reviews I can see now these scammers target not only legal or illegal residents but citizens of this country as well. I was a legal resident. They feed on your fear. I was scared at some point of my life. I have awe for law enforcement and military and dislike doctors in general after the incident.

    The scammers work alongside the medical personnel. I was admitted to the emergency hospital by my ex boyfriend. He and the staff assured me that the service would be free. I gotta say that was my first and last time I ever used emergency services. I told them right away that my ex boyfriend’s friend offered me a 1/4 cup of wine that I suspect was a problem. I am not a drinker. Long story short all I wanted to do was to get some pain relievers. They would force me to stay. One of the examples of complete irrational practice was when the doctor walked in and said they tested me for pregnancy. Why on the earth would you do that? I could've told them if I was or wasn’t. They were doing that on purpose to add up to the ‘hilarious’ costs.

    Scammers like Commonwealth F Systems perpetrators number two. If they charge 30 k for food poisoning, then how much would it be if a person had a severe clinical condition. Then they wanted me to thank them for giving me a 10 k discount. Long story short. After my attempts to find out who, what, where, I got this all settled. Scammers are rude and like pointing fingers at others companies. I tried to be a nice person and got it settled. I shouldn't have raised a finger. Got an email from the emergency center that it was all settled. But evidently the scammers like … enjoy creating multiple accounts and trying to reinforce fear by illegally obtaining your address and sending mails with no recipient name or address.

    Now I consider myself a ‘law abiding citizen’ and have no fear or desire to think about the past after I post this review. If the dinosaurs died because of the asteroid, today these people are your asteroid. People who feed on your fear, hopes and dreams, and desire to be a good person and do good things in life. How many illnesses are linked to stress? These people are like mold or annoying flies and you posting your reviews won't eradicate them but I hope ya all feel better. You get a mail with no name or address, dump it and smile.

    Reviewed Nov. 27, 2019

    I noticed an Emergency Physician's debt on my credit two months ago. Highly unlikely because my insurance covers 100% of my medical. No idea where the bill is coming from. I've tried disputing it but it's still on my credit report. I'm not paying whatever it is. If it is a hospital bill, they can reach out to me or my insurance.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2019

    Accounts constantly pop up that I have no knowledge of every time my score seems to go up a little bit. It seems to stem from a Capital One card that I was denied. I read somewhere that if they don't approve you for a card your score could decrease a few points. Mine's went down 20+ points.

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

    I simply have no idea what these idiots are talking about! I pay my bills and there should be a law forbidding Unscrupulous practices such as this! If there is supposed to be something owed to them then why didn't they contact me before putting this on my credit report. (Probably because they know I would prove to them that I owe them nothing)! I guess this is why there are Attorneys! This company is a building full of Slugs and Idiots!

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2019

    I applied for a Capital One card last week and was approved immediately. My credit score was 747. I worked hard to get it there and applied for the Capital One card in hopes of getting it even higher. Later that evening I noticed an account (medical bill) in collections that reappeared on my report from many many years ago. My score dropped 71 points! DO NOT APPLY FOR A CAPITAL ONE CARD! THEY'RE APPARENTLY PART OF THE CWFS SCAM!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2019

    I have received call after call from CMW. This last time I answer and this guy was so rude. Says I owe for a payday loan from 2014 that was deposited into a bank that I do not bank with. This is definitely not mine. He started lecturing me, about paying my bills. After the day I had, he ended up getting an ear full. He then tried to tell me they will send an officer to come arrest me. Seriously, this place is a joke. People first do not give the any information. When they ask for your birth date, ask what this is about first. This will frustrate them. Don't fall for their crap.

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

    This company is attempting to ruin my credit. They are falsifying claims and continue to reappear on my credit report after being removed. I’ve disputed this several times and now I believe they are creating documents to carry their claim over because it is becoming more difficult to have their claim removed. I was never seen by Count Down City Emergency. I really don’t understand how anyone would benefit from a false claim. I don’t understand why they’re doing this.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2019

    When I answered my phone, I could not understand the person calling, they stated they would get someone else for me. I could not understand person's name but when I asked what Commonwealth Financial was all she said was she wanted my social or birth date. I refused to give either until she revealed what the company was or why she was calling. I was then told she would send a person to my address. It sounded like a threat to me! Then she hung up. Thinking of calling the police as a threat of bodily harm! I'm old, live alone and in a small town. What could I have done to deserve this..

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

    Throw your letter away but post the problem here so you can be part of the national class action lawsuit. My "alleged" debt was settled years ago - I have the release. It was a medical bill - you know how things drag on with medical bills and insurance companies. The guy I spoke to at Commonwealth was an **. Apparently that's who they hire for this despicable job. Sounded like my ex-husband. Wanted my birth date - do not give them personal information. As for posting derogatory things on my credit - go ahead - my attorney will straighten it out and sue you. What a sad state of affairs America has sunk to when the only viable work someone can find is cheating - lying and stealing about your fellow Americans never mind scaring and intimidating them. Going to blog about this on all my social media pages and outing this company. Screw you Commonwealth my **.

    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

    I received a letter from Commonwealth Financial Services dated August 2019, attempting to collect on a debt placed with their company by Cascade Capital. I settled this debt with Cascade Capital in June of 2017. I contacted Cascade Capital and obtained a letter confirming payment that same day. I forwarded the letter to Commonwealth. Several days later I phoned Commonwealth to determine the status of this claim. I was told it would take several weeks for them to confirm with Cascade Capital. When I questioned why it would take so long, considering how quickly Cascade Capital had replied to me, I was told someone would look into it. I have not heard back. This fraudulent claim has already appeared on my credit report.

    Customer ServiceStaffTransparency

    Reviewed July 24, 2019

    THE MOST RUDEST, AND THE LEAST EMPATHETIC COLLECTION AGENCY EVER! The CSR Sue hung up on me TWICE, after the first call she told me my account was acquired from another collection agency, and I asked who that was, Sue stated she did not have that information. This account is 4 years old, and had already been removed from my credit report back in May 2019, and was added back to my credit report June 6th 2019. This lady wouldn't even let me explain anything to her and just kept yelling over me, which then caused me to get louder as well.

    When I asked for her supervisor she continued to speak louder than me and hung up on me for the 2nd time. The last CSR was just as bad. He told me that I can't go through life not paying my bills, and I should appreciate his phone calls everyday to remind me to pay my bills. All that information was yelled at me, like he was speaking to a DOG. I don't know if this is even legal to do this crap, but they're doing it. This company will NEVER get a penny from me for this account. I felt like they are trying to bully me into a payment, but I'll never send them one cent!!!!! Ms. Sue, if you are reading this, BITE ME!!

    Reviewed June 2, 2019

    This place is a joke. Last year i checked my credit and there was a hospital bill that this place had put in collections on my credit reports. I had never been to Mercy Hospital or lived in Cincinnati. I disputed them and they were both deleted. Now I check my credit again and the exact same thing is on there again that is not mine and they both have been deleted again. Complete idiots!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    I got a call back in April and blew it off because of all the scams lately. They called me back tonight, May 24, 2019 saying that I owed $2,800 for an account that was paid off in 2014. They told me my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! And then asked if it was me. I listened to the person who said he was a supervisor and a lawyer. Then the guy, David **, hung up on me after stating "if you don't get back with me in 15 minutes I'm sending a summons for court." Confused and upset I decided to call back. After getting connected to him again he said "I'm a very busy man, you now have 6 minutes" and when I told him I had proof, he stated he heard it all before and hung up again.

    I then called back to file a complaint on this guy and got "his supervisor" who said I should call back another day, then maybe he would be in a better mood, he hung up. One more call back to fnd out what was going on, and I told him I was recording him and he said they are advised to hang up if they are getting recorded. This company is a lie. Just google them.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 15, 2019

    I always check my credit through Credit Wise and this company showed up on my report. I called and asked what was the original billing so I called the ER I visited and on their end I had a 0 balance which I already knew was paid. I called the shady Commonwealth Company back and explained that the hospital bill was paid in full. The guy who I spoke with then explained some shady information saying my balance could be 0 on the ER end but I still had a bill with them and I’m like how and why so I hung up and quickly googled the company and came across all these bad reviews then I called TransUnion to do a dispute. I’ve been working soo hard to get my credit right and for me to lose a few points because of a shady company makes me angry. These crooks needs to be sued.

    Reviewed May 13, 2019

    I check my credit regularly. Today I saw a derogatory comment on a new account from an ER Room in Nashville, TN. I have never been to said ER. I have lived in CA the past 14 years as a side note and have never traveled to TN. I am angered that this so called company had this false claim posted to Equifax. I have disputed the claim on Equifax’s website so I am curious to see what happens next. This has to be an illegal practice. The internet is loaded with similar complaints. I am very concerned that these scam perpetrators my have some of my personal information.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 10, 2019

    This is in regards to Commonwealth Financial love a blowing my phone up threatening me that they're going to seize my bank accounts, file criminal charges against me. Truth be told it's over a vehicle I own back in 2007. It was repoed in 2009 and 2014 March I was awarded a chapter 7 and they still keep claiming that they're going to file criminal charges, seize my bank accounts over a loan that I never even took out through them. It was to another company then apparently they bought it or whatever. This is just ridiculous so as to anybody that has a lawyer that needs to speak with somebody with this matter call me but I'm calling my lawyer myself.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 17, 2019

    I don't think Cap One has anything to do with this. My fiancé found 2 entries on his CR from CFS and he has never applied for a Cap 1 credit card. Anyway this company buys bad debt (medical) for pennies on the dollar and re-ages them and puts them on your credit report. You have to call the original creditor and have them send you paperwork with the original date of service so you can send that to the credit reporting agencies along with your dispute. That's the only way to fight these people.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 5, 2019

    I disputed this thru Credit Karma (Transunion) and similar to someone else's response I also applied for a Capital One Credit card. I hope they had nothing to do with this fraud on my credit. My husband as well signed up for a credit card and we finance our car through them and same thing showed up on his credit. I will be looking out for a lawsuit because this is not right. I put a lock on my credit just in case. If anyone sees Common Wealth immediately dispute it!

    Reviewed March 17, 2019

    I had this company show up on my credit report, I see the other reviews about it happening soon after getting a Capital One credit card, to which I did in Oct... This acct doesnt list an original creditor either, says acct was 1st opened 2 months ago???

    Reviewed March 15, 2019

    This company continually re-ages the open date of the debt and reporting to the credit bureaus in order to keep the debt on your report forever, After filing complaints with the CFPB and the three reporting agencies, I have retained an attorney and we are looking for anyone else who has looked at their credit report and can see the open date of the debt is wrong and continues to update as a new debt. Please reply to this review in order to be contacted and added to the class action suit. According to Federal law the Open or original past due date is the accurate timeframe that can be reported on your CBR. or within 90 days of that date.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2018

    I paid this hospital bill and even have the statement and letter of satisfaction and this account was taken care of. Now these ** showed up on my credit score months later for an account that I already paid for. Every time I call the phone just ring and no one answer and this ** is affecting my score.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2018

    This collector sent me paperwork full of misinformation and placed a mark on my credit report that I had an outstanding debt. I tried contacting them pointing out their errors and they got furious and hung up on me. I filed a dispute with the credit agency that they showed up and disputed their claim of unpaid bills that were resoled. Commonwealth should not be dealt with even if there is an outstanding debt.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2018

    I got an alert last night from Credit Karma about 3 new collections accounts. I read the reviews of CFS on here and other sites and am furious! They were for ER physician charges and I had a chance to call only one of them today and they couldn't find any accounts for me. Literally couldn't even find me in their system, well, they found my name but neither of the profiles were my same birthdate (and my last name is very uncommon) and neither person even lived in my state. We did eventually find an account for my 28 yr old daughter from 4 years ago but it was like I'd never been treated by them, although I actually have, I just don't owe them anything.

    I'm going to call the other ER physician group Monday. I'm also, thanks to suggestions by you all, calling the WV State Attorney General. I've worked extremely hard to clean up my credit report and have gone from around 550 to 660 in the past year. I was even able to buy a brand new 2018 vehicle with a low-interest rate on my own with no downpayment. That says to me I've really accomplished something by cleaning up my report. And now this crap company wants to mess with it? I think NOT! I have disputed them on Transunion and expect no problems there but Equifax disputes are virtually impossible to fill out and submit (I have another acct in dispute with Equifax over my newborn grandson's visit to the ER but he had a Medicaid card at the time and all it shows on my credit report is that I disputed it.) Transunion removed my grandson's collection acct within 24 hours when I disputed it with them. Thank you all so much for your informative reviews!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2018

    I was contacted by a CWF representative regarding outstanding medical bills which I didn't owe. She was very rude and unprofessional. I informed her that I have medical insurance and I check my credit report every month and there has never been a mentioning of them. She abruptly hung up on me.

    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2018

    I have been checking my credit scores and this company reported a fraudulent debt, they said I was at a hospital on February 6, 2018, and I have not been in the hospital for at least 6 yrs. I reported the fraudulent charge with Transunion and Equifax, I was able to get it off my credit report on only one of the credit bureaus. I requested more information about the charge to no avail, my credit drop 20 points. If you have my same experience please report this company to the BBB.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 15, 2018

    I received a letter in the mail from this company on Friday May 11, 2018 stating they were attempting to collect a debt that was assigned to them from original creditor EDI-1 Practices of CA. I call them immediately after to acknowledge receipt of the letter and to inform them that I had no such debt with the said Company. The rep advised that it was for a medical ER service with no additional details provided. I requested all records pertaining to this debt ASAP, in which he advised that the company will send to me by mail. The of debt of $879 appeared on my credit report from the company stated in the notice as the original creditor, which is EDS-1 Practices of CA on May 13th per view of a Credit Karma alert I received. This negative reporting caused my credit score from Equifax to drop 55 points. I called Commonwealth Financial Systems today, May 14th to discuss the negative reporting and to advise them again that this isn't my debt.

    The rep (Frank) stated that he requested records from the original creditor and that there was nothing else he could do. After my discussion with Frank I researched EDI and found a few listed numbers including (214)712-2406, (800)355-2470, and (661)382-5000. Per contact to these numbers, I received only voicemail greetings, none of which citing EDS-1 Practices as their business name. Also, one website cites Corona, Ca as their only medical treatment facility, and I was a resident of Texas at the time of this fraudulent debt and now currently residing in Ohio as of late January of this year.

    The gist of this complaint is that I've never had a medical debt, Commonwealth reported this debt on my credit without validating this which can be extremely harmful to consumers if allowed, and also I researched Commonwealth complaints per website ( and most the of complaints are similar to mine involving fraudulent attempts to collect debt on medical bills and negative credit bureau reporting. My hopes are to stop this company, if they are involved in any wrongdoing, from operating and doing business due to their potentially harmful impact on citizens. Desired Resolution. Correction on my credit report and debt removed from their records and any of their affiliates. Also termination of business entity if consumer abuse and/or fraud are found in their business practices.

    Reviewed April 30, 2018

    This company is dishonest and commits shameful practices. I wanted to improve my credit score so I started carefully monitoring my credit report. Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. fabricated a medical collection account that wasn’t mine, then duplicated records of that account and submitted them to the credit agencies so they would appear multiple times on my credit report - with different account numbers. I disputed the account for months through each of the credit agencies. The agencies would see that it was a fraudulent account and remove it but Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. would simply submit the false information again with a different, fabricated account number. After months of disputing the accounts I contacted the BBB and the account has suddenly disappeared from my credit report.

    If this company is harassing you or submitting false information about you, do not bother trying to speak to them. Don’t let them bully, intimidate, or harass you into paying money that you don’t owe. They are likely to lie and use anything you say against you. Rather, report them immediately to the BBB ( - they are located in Dickson City, PA under the name Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.) and see if you can pursue damages in court against them. Put companies like this out of business by reporting them and holding them responsible for their unethical and illegal actions.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 22, 2018

    This company displays pure and complete unprofessionalism. They placed a closed fraudulent account on my credit report without any notice. I am an individual with two insurance policies with a $0 copay so when I hear that I have a medical debt I knew this account was not mine. I was unable to locate where this debt was originally created and I am unable to contact anyone from Orchid Emergency Physicians Group. It seems this company does not exist at all. Commonwealth will not even tell me what the bill is from or where it was created.

    On the phone they apologize for this mistake but when I complain to the Better Business Bureau a representative who will not say their name tells me a completely different story. They lie about sending me notice in the mail. I never knew who these people were until my credit score went down 60 points. I have sent them a consumer statement and my fraud affidavit but they never receive my documents. I do not have a contract with them or Orchid Emergency Physicians Group, the fictitious company. The representative I spoke to who is Michael blamed this error solely on Equifax and told me to fix it with them. I am tired of being lied to.

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