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Last updated: Oct. 18, 2017

22 Capital Collections, LLC Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

Spoke to the same Indian accent guy every time... Calls come in daily. Don't know who they are and why they are calling. He said and asked the same thing... ”So sorry, let me check your number. Your number is not in our system. Do you have another number? May be a miss-dial.” Miss-dial every single day??? This scammer obviously is not too smart. So don't give them any other information. He is probably building up a profile, collecting information and that's how the scam can start. Every time, he said he will take my number off... Not sure how he is going to do that if he can't even find the number in their SYSTEM!!! I don't understand the point of this ConsumerAffairs either. 99% are bad reviews except one from TN. Wonder how ConsumerAffairs really check the genuineness of the posting...!!!

BTW... What the purpose of ConsumerAffairs if they don't report to Business Bureau and do anything. Is the ConsumerAffairs just a Social Media? I am giving this ConsumerAffairs an "F" also besides Capital Collections, LLC. “I certify that this review is based on my own experience and is my genuine opinion of this business, and that I have no personal or business relationship with this organization. I understand that we, the Consumers have zero-tolerance policy in companies who do not take care of customers and resolve issues in a timely manner." Everyone makes sure keep on giving bad reviews and comments but don't give any of your information out to Capital Collections, LLC. Be safe and be well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I received a bill from my medical provider for 2 visits for which my insurance covered 100%. It was obviously a mistake on the part of the office, but they sent it to collections. I called the office and they told me not to worry about it, I don't owe the money and they will take me out of collections. Of course I received the usual threatening collection letter from Capital Collections, LLC asking for the money with all the details. I tried their phone system and online system and would not let me access using my account number Capital Collections just gave me. Therefore, there was no way to get through online to e-mail the situation and the exact same thing happened on the phone.

If the account was taken out of collections, was my account deleted? I did not receive further contact from Capital Collections so I don't know if they closed the collection process. I can't sit on it because by law I only have 40 days to respond, but I can't. Why would I receive a threatening bill, and then no followup, if closed? It is very frustrating being unable to contact them since I am a doctor and have no time during the week to deal with this non-sense. The online or telephone system did not tell me that account is no longer active. It gives me a phone number to call which makes me put in my account number which it doesn't accept. What is going on here? If the account was taken out of collections as the provider said it would, I want written confirmation and that seems so far to be impossible. It should not be this hard. It should be a simple e-mail or phone message to straighten this out. Poor business practice.

I would encourage anyone who has had problems with this company to contact the original biller to tell of your experience. There are many collection companies out there with integrity that they are able to use. If they don't know of unscrupulous business practices then they, as a medical practice or business will continue to use Capital Collections, LLC. If we, as the patients speak up to the providers and explain to them the situation and how you are being treated, then maybe they will switch agencies.

Remember, this is the United States and money is power. If you, as a collective, pressure enough businesses to change the agency, Capital Collections, LLC will need to change their rude, ruthless tactics and work with us hard working people who want to pay the bills but just ran into a streak of bad luck and were forced into a collection situation. We do not deserve to be treated this way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

I called to discuss my incorrect balance, I have printout of receipts and bank statements of my payments. Shawn with an Indian accent would not talk to me about my account unless I gave him my credit card number to process a handling fee for the free Walmart gift card. Stated "No thank you, I don't want a Walmart gift card so let's proceed." He said he could not unless I gave him credit card number. I asked for his supervisor, he said "Call back in 2 or 3 months" and I said no, he said "No! You call back in 2 or 3 months". Horrible.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

My daughter went to the Dr in Auburn AL over 6 years ago- this was a routine pap smear and yearly physical. Her insurance should have paid this bill, long story short it was turned over to this collections company. I paid the bill and ask them to send me a receipt. I have called literally for weeks asking for them to email me the receipt- of which they still have not done. They always make an excuse their computers aren't working- didn't take them 15 seconds to look up my daughter's debt. Terrible service- these people should be out of business. The doctor's office stated that the insurance had paid.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2016

Jeanine understood of my situation. I didn't even know I owed anything. I set up payment plan so I could deal with my past due medical bills. I wish medical bills weren't so confusing.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2016

I called to pay off the last of my son's medical bill $77 and some change. I was making payment arrangements prior. (I was told by my company manager that I could use my VISA HSA account on this payment.) I've been making copay payments every doctor's appointment for my daughter using my HSA visa account with No PROBLEMS... so I knew I could.

Well this gentleman answered (a Luis **), at first seemed friendly. But the minute I stated I was paying my son's bill with my card. This guy became very rude. Telling me I couldn't use it. Saying for the best interest of his company not to accept my payment. At that time I tried to explain to this person, that I have used it a lot of times on my children and to take my payment. Anything medical, it is my money I put away. After his rudeness I asked to speak to a manager or his supervisor and he stated he was the floor manager, so I asked for his supervisor, he then told me his supervisor doesn't handle complaints. Friggin rude as can be. This company should be ashamed they have someone like him answering the phones for them. If someone calls to make a payment, just friggin accept it. If it is declined that is the person making the payments problem, not yours as an employee.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 26, 2015

I have been trying to get an illegal collection off my credit report. I cannot find any info on the bill or the provider. Capital Collections also cannot find my account or name as having an unpaid collection. This guy was very rude. He was trying to find my account in various ways and finally told me if I am not calling to pay the amount then he cannot help me. HA!! He will take my money but won't correct anything. HOW RUDE!! How can this agency be able to affect my credit score like this? IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2015

I called in reference to a letter I received. I told them my insurance company was supposed to pay this bill and that I was in the appeals process with the insurance company about the balance. I was told by ** that "everyone in the US has to have insurance" and "insurance companies do not pay all bills" and I was told I need to pay it. I explained that I had paid the copays at the time of the appointments, which was all I was supposed to pay. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, ** hung up on me. The doctor's office is resubmitting the claim and I will not pay until I hear from the insurance company. They believe this error was due to a wrong member number being entered with the insurance company. I called the doctor's office after my call and they were so upset to hear about my experience that they called this collections company and told them to not contact me.

Original review: Dec. 12, 2014

I am a teacher. When I first started I picked the insurance with a high deductible. My husband, our two children (4 and 5), and myself are generally healthy people. We never met the deductible for any of us! The only time we can change insurance options is during the open period. We were paying as much as we could on all of our medical bills. After about 9 months a doctors office (not my children's primary doctor but one we used when their doctor was working there - it's his wife's practice) they turned us to collections. A few weeks later we got our tax refund. I paid the doctor office what we owed according to the last bill.

Since then this so called "company" have called and harassed us. I explained that we paid the doctor in full and according to them we are caught up. I told the guy on the phone that it must be a scam because we were caught up. He got very rude and said they had been in business for however many years. These people continue to call DAILY! I am not paying them!!! I paid the doctor what I owed! I am not paying them for the continued harassment. Like I said I am a teacher. I have two children. I leave my phone on for emergencies and they call throughout the day! This place is ridiculous!!!!!! !

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2014

Its not me, but my Sister. Capital Collections has been calling her repeatedly and has "Threatened" her over a Debt that was Discharged in Federal Bankruptcy Court in 2011. The agent called claiming he can call her whenever he wanted. However many times he wants. Despite her Attorney telling him otherwise. And that he was "Violating" Federal Bankruptcy Law. The Calls continue.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

They called relatives from my ex wife's family. Now I am going to court over harassment because they googled my name and started calling people it showed - could be my relatives. I'm mad, this needs to stop. A global lawsuit needs to be done to shut this stuff down. I have called google, they wont block this information. I looked at it, mostly is wrong - my father died in 1993, it shows he is alive and has a phone. I hope not because he is not calling me - all fun aside, lawyers if you are reading this, please call us.

We the people who are being hurt with this stuff want to sue, we want these companies shut down, THEY'RE GOING TO FAR. My uncle want to go to their office and beat these people...shut them down. A global lawsuit can stop this stuff, please, others are getting hurt. My girlfriend said her mom got a call for her aunt who was named after her - wrong number, wrong person, even wrong date of birth. And the guy cussed her and said she is lying and he cant even speak our language. Good we have an attorney.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2010

This gentleman contacted my mother on 7/30 and was extremely rude to her over and kept insisting that she owed them money for a bill that was paid directly to her doctors billing service. She was so upset when she called me at work. I told her I would look into it on Monday. I then called this man on 8/2 and he was also rude to me and he gave me the account numbers and amount due even though he did not get a verbal approval from my mother to give out any information.

Original review: May 25, 2010

On or before January 2009, Capital One Bank started sending me late payment notices plus they increased the monthly payment from $60.00 to $160.00. I called them and asked them why they were charging for late charges, when my account was paid up to date. They told me that my payment date was on the 3rd of every month. I told them that they were wrong and that my payment date on the 27th of every month. They said that they changed my payment date to the 3rd of every month. Since then, they have been adding late charges to my account.

They call me every day since January about 25 times every week. I have told them to stop calling me. They won't stop calling me and telling me that my account is past due. I have written them 3 letters telling them to stop calling me and to stop charging me late payments feeds. They won’t stop calling me. I'm a 69 years old person and the make me sick every time they call my house. I have to go to the doctor to get pills to release my nerves and my anxiety. Still they won’t stop calling me. I complained in writing to them, still they won’t stop calling me. I pay the $60.00 a month. She calls me and tells me that she wants me to send her $160.00 dollars every month. She won’t stop calling.

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Original review: April 29, 2010

I had a Capital One credit card with a $3,000 limit. When a few payments were late, they put me in collections without me knowing. My husband was out of work. I found out when I went on the website to make a payment and it put me on another "Capital One" website to make payments that I agreed verbally to over the phone a year ago. I agreed to pay $20.00 a month due to my husband being out of work. They told me they would drop the interest on the account as long as I made the payments. Sometimes, if I had a few extra dollars, birthday, etc. money, I put it to the payment. I told them I know that at least I could come up with that amount to be fair every month.

Again, I made payments for over a year. Then in March of this year, I got a phone call from Trisha who left a message that it was very important that I call her back and made it sound as if something bad had happened to someone. I called ASAP to find out that it was from Global Credit and Collections. I asked what it was about and she had stated that they now have my Capital One Account and I owe over $4,000.00. I told her about my agreement with Capital One and she said that they never stopped the interest on the account. Now, I have to deal with them, however, if I made a payment plan with her today and gave her my checking account information and they took the money out on dates agreed on, then they would stop the interest. I asked her how I was to believe her when Capital One told me the same thing? I did the most ** thing anyone could do and was badgered into giving them my information.

Next, I got a phone call at my job on April 20th. This time, it was from a Danielle about the payment. She told my job that I was expecting her call. I work for a physician, we are not to have personal calls at work. So I took the call to be one of our patients. I have a lot of patients call me all day with problems. When I found out that she was from Global Credit and Collections, I told her never to call my job again! They have my home phone number. Well, when I got home, I called her and she had a wrong number written down. I went over the number again. On April 23rd, as agreed, the first $20.00 was taken out of my account. On April 28th, my co-worker took a call from Erin. When they asked if they could help, he told them I was expecting his call. He began by telling me that I had not taken care of my Capital One account and that he was from Global Credit and Collections.

I told him I have a payment agreement and that they already took the money out of my account. I told him never to call my job and that he could get me fired! He said that he would talk to my boss and get me fired! He was offering me to pay half the bill. I told him I don't have that kind of money. He then began to tell me what I pay for my mortgage, what I pay for my bills, what my pay is and that he could take the money out of my bank because he checked it and I had money in there. He was wrong about the amount. I hung up on him. Erin called back again within 5 minutes of me hanging up on him and this time, asked for my boss. They gave me the phone instead because they heard his voice and heard me upset on the phone.

He said that because I was in collections, he has all my information and was threatening me about paying in full. He wanted me to borrow the money. He said I had the money in the bank, I guess he wasn't looking at my checking account. He threatened to sue me, I told him to go ahead. I was so upset that one of my co-workers told me to record the call, which I informed him I was going to do. He said that's fine. I am calling for Capital One. I am a heart attack survivor and have many medical bills, my husband when this all started was out of work. I have made an honest effort to the best of my financial ability to pay. I told him that if I had the money, I would rather pay than have to talk to him and have him threaten me. He also brought up another Capital One account that we co-signed for our daughter, which has nothing to do with this. That is being paid on time by our daughter. It was just his way of letting me know that he has my information as a threat.

I was so upset that my office manager and nurse practitioner were going to call 911 to take me to the hospital and that I can prove in writing as well as the taped conversation of the 2nd phone call within 5 minutes. I called my bank and put a stop on any future payments that Global might try and take out. I also no longer have a checking account. I am now afraid to deal with these nasty, mean, vicious people. I don't know how they sleep or even exist on this earth with being so rotten. This person almost caused me to have another heart attack. To make matters worse, it was while I was at work. I now have pulled what I had in my checking account out. I don't have money in a savings account. I don't even remember what that is so now I had to close my checking account because of his threat of taking my money.

We live pay to pay and sometimes, things do have to wait but we do our best as hardworking and trying to pay what we owe with what we have when we can. Another thing, if I have been making payment which I can prove with my bank statements, why has my balance not gone down?

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Original review: April 29, 2010

I am contacting you to request your assistance in my attempts to work out some type of repayment plan for my credit card account, which has been turned over for collections to Global International. I would first, like to apologize for getting so far behind on my credit card payments to Capitol One. My wife was diagnosed with tumors on her left and right ovaries that were likely cancerous as her CA125 test levels were significantly higher than normal and more than doubled in just a few weeks (a serious indicator for ovarian cancer) and as such, had to be surgically removed by an Oncological (Cancer) Surgeon.

As the survival rate of Ovarian Cancer over five years is only about 30 - 40%, doing everything I could to save my wife's life became more important than anything else and some of my bills were not covered. This matter was complicated further by the fact that we did not have health insurance due to the cost of it and our income dropping far below what it used to be. In addition to taking care of my wife and doing everything that I could to get her the life saving surgery that she needed, I also became hospitalized for a few days as well. Between the two of us, we ended up with well over $25,000.00 dollars in medical bills and no insurance to cover this debt. Our income dropped due to all the work that we missed dealing with this medical issue and as a result of all this and the current economy we are currently in a financial hardship situation.

"I have tried to contact Supervisor Mr. **. from Global International at ** to return his voice mail. I left a message for him on Tuesday, then left another message for him on Wednesday morning, then tried to call him again and spoke to one of their agents who was extremely rude and threatening. She told me that they were about to file suit to sue me and it did not matter if I wanted to cooperate or not. She said that I owed approximately $3,500.00 dollars, but that she would offer me a very good deal if I could pay off the debt right away, they would settle for a payment of approximately $2,700.00 dollars.

I then explained to her, that I had a copy of a statement from Capital One in my hand, that showed that I owed only $2,738.55 on Feb 15th, 2010 and that would mean that I had been charged an additional almost $1,000.00 dollars in fees and interest in just two months. I explained that, if that was the case this was absolutely not fair and I would have to contact my attorney to see what she would recommend, I do. She then became very rude and said, have your attorney call and hung up on me while I was still talking. I attempted to call Mr. ** again and left him a message regarding this very negative experience and explaining that I would contact Capital One to try and deal with them directly on this matter, due to this horrible experience and that I was only interested in speaking to him at Global and not any of his other representatives after that experience. I tried to reach Mr. ** four more times today and left messages every time with no return call from him.

"I only received a phone call from another person at Global International, who left a message on my voice mail and was virtually as rude and threatening as the other lady that I spoke to. This is the threat that he left on my voice mail in a very condescending manner which I saved: "I am the supervisor of the division" (no name or extension number given by this person). "I am contacting you because you have not responded to our calls" (even though I had made 6 calls in the past two days and left 5 messages for them, spoke to one of them who hung up on me), "I want to warn you that your cooperation is not required and you should return my call immediately. If you do not, I will inform my client that you are not willing to be an active participant and the outcome will be very unpleasant for you!"

So far, in my attempts to deal with Global Credit and Collection, I have received unnecessary and very negative threats from two employees of Global. I was hung up on by one of them. I was told that I was not returning any of their calls after having spoken to one representative who hung up on me and leaving 5 messages for another, who never returned my phone calls. I also did a little research online on Global Credit and Collection and found numerous consumer complaints and many law suits in multiple states against Global for illegal collection practices. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to deal with Capital One directly and will resolve this matter with you, if you will.

I am also more than willing to make a payment by phone with you, as soon as you call me, if you will deal with me directly. "I do not trust this collection company at all and think they are trying to add bogus illegal fees to my debt and using illegal practices in their collection of this debt. Please, if you can provide me with a current statement showing what I should owe at this point on my account, as I can not believe that my debt could have grown from $2,738.55 to approx. $3,500.00 in just two months and it also seems quite amazing that I owe approximately $3,500.00 when my credit limit is $2k on this card and my charges are less than $2k and I have numerous interest payments on this card. So, it seems like if they are correct, that you have more than doubled what I used on my card, when you add in the previous interest I have paid and now approx. $1,500 on a balance of less than $2k. Please help me with this.

"I will gladly provide you with copies of our recent medical bills, if you like, so that you can see that we are in a real financial hardship situation and that it is primarily due to medical problems requiring major surgery with no insurance. If there is anyway that you can work with me directly on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you get my voice mail, please leave me a detailed message, as I can't take phone calls at work but will return your call and you can also email me as well. I will send a copy of this to my attorney, Helga **, as well, to see if she feels I need to retain her services in this matter."

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Original review: March 30, 2010

I am writing to file a complaint against this company called, Capital Collections LLC (A.K.A.: Capital Corporation, LLC; A.K.A.: Cash Advance Now). They list several Florida Postal Service as their address.

The Western Union account, they want me to send money to "Payable to: Capital Collections, LLC". The phone number they are calling from is 1-888-. I have reviewed each of the listed states Business Incorporation's Filings and all are listed in an in-active status. Someone claiming to be from Capital Collections, LLC is calling me at work, at home, by email, and via the US Postal Service and threatening, harassing generally been menacing towards me. Even leaving these constant threats on my voice mails in English and in Spanish.

I will attach or send the threatening letters, emails, and phone calls from this companies representative named "Jerry G.". This person claims I owe a debt to a cash advance company, but do not give details. I completely disagree with this debt claim. This Jerry G. has called me names like rat and a scammer. They threaten to call my employer, my friends, my family and expose. They threaten to have me thrown in jail if I don't pay $400 to Western Union, Code City: ECHECK, State: MS, Account Number: 54279.

On March 25, 2010, I sent an email to Mr. G. clearly stating stop the harassment and threats and explain the debt. That day he continued to call and threaten and send various correspond to me at work and home. On March 26, 2010, he kept calling and threatening me by phone and hanging up on me between the hours of 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM he called at least 10 times to my home. I don't believe this is a real debt and even if it was all of this harassment and threats are clear violations of the Fair Debt Protections Act.

This company has contacted my jobs Human Resource Department under false pretense. They are threatening to contact all people that they identified through my Human Resource Department. When I confronted this Jerry G. about this, he said that no agency has any authority to his company and that he can do anything he wants. Finally, if you do a Google search you will see many other complaints about this so called business, it appears to be a scam. Please assist. This company needs investigated if not put out of business and finally arrest these extortionist. This is a clear scary scam and some agency needs to do something about it.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2010

Harassing collection phone calls from 8am to 9pm at night. I am retired, partially handicapped, have custody of 2 grandchildren. One is asthmatic. Got behind on car payments. Tried to restructure my loan. I was told I could not. Original loan had co-signer who is now deceased. They still ask if she is alive. I am frightened for my grandchildren and myself.

A friend was visiting me recently. I asked her to answer the phone while I was out. She was asked for private information about herself. Who she was. Asked to look outside to see what cars where there, and what kind they were. They wanted her name and how she was related to me. My only form of safe transportation at 9pm Wednesday evening 1/21 was repossessed out of my driveway. All I wanted to do was try to restructure my loan so I could catch up. I am now 3 months behind, but when all of this first started I was 1 1/2 months behind. The constant harassment has caused me great stress. I'm afraid for my health. Now I am without safe transportation for my grandchildren aged 15 and 6. Can you help me get my truck back?

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Original review: Jan. 2, 2010

My husband had sent two letters to this company requesting his wife name on the account or permission to speak to his wife because he is an out-of-town truck driver. He wanted his wife to speak with them concerning a hardship on this account. They would not speak to her, put the account on hardship with a reduced interest rate. In the letter, he informed them the cell phone he has from his job will not allow personal calls in/out. He wanted $50.00 monthly payments with no extra fees and reduce interest, according to President Obama's law. I have been making the 50.00 dollar hardship payments every month because that is all that is affordable. With fees the charge card are charging, the payment I am making is not reducing the balance, it is increasing.

Original review: Nov. 25, 2009
Original review: Aug. 7, 2008

It began in march of 2007. I started receiving letters and phone calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA). They told me that the purchase a Capital One Credit Card Account that was over due from 2000 in the amount of $1500 and were looking to collect the past due amount. The account that they purchased was actually settled.

In the beginning of 2005 Captial One offered my to open another account, transfering the old balance and removing the old late fees. I agreed and opened the new account. I paid on the account every month on time. At the beginning of 2006 Captial One sold that account to Cross Country Bank. A few short months later Cross Country Bank went out of business and sold the account to Bank Card Services.

I still have this account open and in good standing with Bank Card Services. I have explained, have even sent copies of proof to PRA. They still to this day (Aug.2008) are calling me at home, cell phone and work. I do I get the calls to stop? I do I get this company to leave me alone?

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Original review: July 29, 2008

I received an email saying they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest, and I would have to pay three times what I owed and other fees. I have a copy of the email. This is a cash advance company and Capitol Coorporation is collecting for them. I became very upset and stressed at work after receiving an email of this sort on my job, was unable to work for the rest of the day.

Original review: July 15, 2008

I have submitted this statement before and have had no feedback. I will try again. Capitol One charged me numerous amounts of fees and late charges although I was not late. They would apply fee after fee. I wrote them letters after letters asking why they continue to do this. Meanwhile they requested so much money at one time and I could not afford to send them 1400 at that time. They sent me to at least 8 different collection agencies whom used very nasty tactics and I wanted to correct this because I wanted alway to keep my good credit rating at that time. However they would not accept a reasonable payment.

When I did send a payment they tore it up and sent it back to me. I did not pay them due to their methods and always coming up with a different balance. I wanted to be able to pay it off knowing that it was going to make a dent. However they were acting so crooked in their fees that Im not real happy throwing money in the air and being ripped off! They have taken me to court and I responded however I made a mistake by not bringing an attorney. The judge sounded as if he sided with me and has had many cases with this same company and said he will have to think about his decision (It has reached a statute of limitation) and I had alot of evidence.

This legal recovery service could not provide the original contract. However I have just found out they have gotten a judgement against me for double the amount of the original debt! This is so unfair PLEASE HELP! I have suffered dramatically with my credit, unable to rent an apartment, undue amount of stress, palpitations, HARRASSING PHONE CALLS,

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