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Successful Singles is committed to finding your soul mate and life partner using our unique Compatibility Profiling Systemâ„¢. We consider it our mission to bring compatible singles together with minimal stress and hassle on your end.

We know the process of finding a significant other can be time consuming, not to mention emotionally exhausting, so we do the work for you! We have thousands of satisfied customers in the New England area and plenty more waiting to find someone just like you!

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Satisfaction Rating

This person Ron ** is a con man. Sounds good when he comes over with his pitch, but gives you what he has available for members not women you desire or requested. He also said that the best negotiators received the lowest cost for his service and that by far women were the worst negotiators. The price that I paid he said was approx half of what a women would have paid. Could never get in touch with him and never returned phone calls. Also promised a full refund but only received approx 25%. Just want to say beware of this guy's service.

Satisfaction Rating

The reason I like Successful Singles is that Roberta the contact person I deal with always want feedback and also will talk at length to understand the person. To spend that extra time I consider important.

Yes, Kenny, we believe that customer service is very important. We do our best to listen, understand and guide.

Satisfaction Rating

I had a terrific experience being introduced to someone I had much in common with. I look forward to seeing him again.

Satisfaction Rating

I spend months online with no success. Joined Successful Singles and met women that were interested in having a long-term committed relationship. I don't have lots of time to spend on the computer, so have my own personal matchmaker was an ideal situation for me.

Thank you John. I am very happy that you have found success with us.

Successful Singles takes pride in what they do. We know all our members, so there is a safety factor with our members.

Satisfaction Rating

The service has been great. I don't date much, but Ron and Roberta have been very helpful. I would recommend their services.

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Satisfaction Rating

I wanted to provide 5 stars to SSI and the recent sp dating event. The atmosphere is real nice and seeing some familiar faces and meeting new people is great too. It is highly recommended to attend and be a part of a comfortable and fun environment. Roberta ** is a wonderful hostess as she truly knows how to get quality events and individuals to attend and have a great time and only waiting to come to the next great event. Thanks so much.

Satisfaction Rating

The people at Successful Singles are truly dedicated to finding their members compatible, high quality people to date. Unlike an online dating site, members are pre-screened and interviewed by the staff members. This eliminates the problem of misrepresentation that is so prevalent online and saves a great deal of time and aggravation. The people at Successful Singles get to know their members and are better able to match them with the most appropriate people. I feel they really want me to find the right one. I am very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend it to a friend.

Thank you Steven! We do our best for our members.

Satisfaction Rating

I was a client with Successful Singles for two years. They understood who I was & what I offered for romance, as well as what I was looking for. They arranged a number of dates for me & I meet many nice people. Then one day, they introduced me to N. N was a fabulous match for me & me for her. It is now a year & a half later & I haven't looked back. Thank you, Successful Singles!

Satisfaction Rating

I'm not someone who wears my heart on my sleeve, but I tell everyone that SSI has brought joy to my life. The men I've met have been exceptional. Being older and single, it's tough to get to know men outside of a social context. Since SSI does background checks, I can rest assured that my date will be who he says he is. I will also know that he is not married. (Asking someone if he is legally divorced is never a friendly question!) Also, we always give SSI feedback after a date. It's never fun telling a guy that I no longer want to date him. So often, it's just a matter of chemistry. The guy may be a fantastic human being who will make someone a great husband. With SSI, I can gracefully wish him well.


In a moment of weakness, I signed up with Successful Singles. Being an RN, my wallet isn't exactly bursting at the seams. Still, it was the holidays, my birthday was coming up and I was single, so I decided to go for it. Almost all of the men I'd met lately had girlfriends, and I wanted to meet guys who were actually single. On November 27th Ron C offered me what sounded like a great deal. Instead of $3000, I would pay $400 for a three month membership, which was to begin December 1st. Unfortunately the copier was broken, so he wasn't able to give me a copy of the contract I'd signed.

On December 20th, I called because I'd changed my mind and wanted my money back. I'd seen several red flags--I'd never received a copy of the contract despite Ron having promised to mail it to me, despite paying $400 they expected me to pay for the postage needed to return their personality questionnaire, and I'd read several complaints online about the company. Despite the fact that this was within the 3 week trial period, Ron repeatedly insisted that he was literally unable to give me my money back. He asked me several times to give me one good reason why I should give you your money back. Apparently the fact that I was a dissatisfied customer wasn't enough.

I became more and more upset, even threatening to go to the media if I had to, until I finally said call me when you're ready to give me my money back, otherwise I have some papers to write and hung up on him. About 5 minutes later he called back, saying that he had spoken to his colleagues and since I was within the first 21 days of the membership I was entitled to a full refund. He promised the check would be sent out in the mail the next day and that I should receive it within 5 business days. Which meant I should receive it on December 29th.

When I hadn't received it by Saturday's mail delivery, I called him. He promised me that he had spoken to someone, and the check had definitely been put in the mail that Friday, December 29th, so I should definitely get it by January 2nd. On January 2nd he called to let me know that the post office had been closed because of the death of Gerald Ford, so I should receive it on January 3rd instead. When on the 3rd I still hadn't received it, I called to let him know. He then promised to put it in the mail for overnight delivery the next day, promising I would have it on Friday, January 5th. I even called him back on his cell phone and left my address so they could make sure they had my correct address.

Today is the 5th, and I still have not received my check. I have given up the hope of every seeing my money again, unless I have help. $400 is a lot of money for me, especially when it literally gets me nothing in return.


Ron says that Successful Singles has “thousands” of members. But don’t be surprised if they have nobody who fits your requirements for age, location, or anything else. They may even “accidentally” send you the same referral multiple times. It seems they simply don’t have enough of a membership base, perhaps because of the explosion of internet dating services. You’ll be lucky to get more than one or two referrals over a three month period.


Mr. Cater was very charismatic and did not give me sufficient time to read the airtight contract that negated the many promises he made verbally. (For example, he told me that this service attraced men of similar financial means as mine, as they would have to be able to afford the high fee. In the contract, however, there is a clause allowing SSI to allow people in at "a discounted rate" to even out the male:female ratio.

Also, he assured me that they do a "background check" on everyone. I did not provide my social security number, so I later wondered about it. Roberta, the VP of the company, told me, "Don't worry, I guess Ron just decided to trust you, so he didn't do one." I know that I'm OK, but he does promise to check EVERYONE's background. How do I know whether he has done the check that he claims to do? When I called him on it, he sent me a hastily prepared "background check" that was just a list of addresses where I had lived.

The "background check" he did on me revealed nothing significant about me. I could have had a criminal history, and it would not have shown. I could have lied about my profession, education, etc. He had told me that $250 of my fee was for the background check. I could go on.)

After reading the contract the next day, I immediately asked for my money back, but he refused and tried to reassure me. I have investigated him and have found that he has had many similar complaints against him, but he seems to get out of it every time with fancy legal footwork. He has complaints with the AG's office and the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, several TV consumer advocates have reported on him.

He has offered me $1000 in return for my silence. He told me that if I took his offer, I would have to say that the situation was "resolved to my satisfaction". Recently, in a telephone conversation with me he was so threatening and nasty that I actually feared for my safety. This man's business practices prey on women with money who are finding it difficult to meet appropriate men. I should have read the contract more thoroughly. If I had, I would not have signed it. However, Mr. Cater was so convincing, with smooth answers to every concern I raised, and he dismissed the contract as "a mere formality".

By the way, when they sent me my "profile" to review they sent someone else's by mistake, and then they sent me profiles of two men who were totally inappropriate. One was 17 years older that I am, and the other lives several hours away from me. They never followed up with an actual introduction, so they have done nothing for me.

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