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Thank you to those who posted reviews regarding mouth irritation. I've been using Aquafresh for about two weeks and in the past two days I started experiencing very dry, cracking lips. I also have sores on my gums. I've been trying to figure out what I've been eating to cause this problem. Nothing new is in my diet. This morning while I was brushing my teeth, I felt my throat start to itch. In fact, my throat started itching while brushing my teeth the past three days. What I realized this morning is that it must be Aquafresh. I'll stop using the product and hopefully of these strange symptoms will go away. Beware if you use this product!!

About 7 years ago I had purchased this toothpaste and it took several weeks to realize that I had been having mouth pain a lot, but this was different from just a random canker sore. This was all over my mouth, I have never had this occur before. It started out almost as if I bit a tastebud (you know that swollen feeling?) then they started to pop up all around the side of my tongue where my teeth meet the tongue. Then I started to get what felt like canker sores all over my cheeks. Something was extremely wrong. So I first looked at what have I been eating or what changed about my oral care. It was this damn toothpaste!

So fast forward to last night, I don't always remember those things clearly. I house/dog sitting for my sister and I forgot my toothpaste. And what she has in her bathroom is Aquafresh extreme clean. I remembered that I had some sort of issue with it a long time ago but wasn't sure on the details. I figured it happened so long ago that they must have changed formulas since then. So I decided to give it a shot and brushed my teeth with my electric toothbrush which has a 2 min timer. This time I felt like my mouth was clean and just to minimize the chances of getting whatever reaction I had I used my water pic to really get rid of all traces of the toothpaste, just as a safety measure.

Well I must not have cleaned enough or I must have forgotten my tongue, because this morning as I woke my tongue felt weird. I went to the mirror and l stuck out my tongue to see if I was being crazy or if I could see what was visibly wrong with my tongue. And it ALL came flooding back in an instant. Why I stopped using it. Because rather than starting out slowly in terms of reaction as it had before, all around the outer edge of my tongue are all of these swollen tastebuds, which sucks to begin with. But it gets worse. I even have quite a few ulcers on it too!! I can't taste and my sister went shopping stocking the house with my favorite things to eat! Half of which are fruits and tomatoes which are going to burn and I can't even taste and enjoy all the rest of it! How can they still be allowed to sell this toxic garbage?? Why hasn't anyone put a stop to it???

I am a registered dental hygienist, and have been in active practice for 35 years. I have NEVER experienced such a horrible product, and thank goodness I have never had a patient present with the extreme side effects from use of this toothpaste as I have experienced ALL of the PAPILLAE of the tongue were not only very red and inflamed, but fissures started forming on the top surface of my tongue. Anything with salt in it was incredibly painful to tolerate. The tip of the tongue is still numb. I have lost 5 lb in the past week. I have no appetite. My sense of taste has been radically altered. All of my teeth and gumline areas just ACHE.

How such a product can be on the market amazes me. I did call the company yesterday. 20 min for them to document to submit to their special dept for this. I doubt I will ever hear from anyone again. Whoever is reading this... please do not use this product and if you are using this product, immediately discontinue its use. It will take, most likely, a little time to get back to how you were before you purchased this product. I'm off to buy Sensodyne with no whitening properties added. Thank you!

I called and complained that 2 tubes of Aquafresh extreme split open on the first squeeze of the tubes. Was told I would receive a self addressed and stamped box to return empty tubes. That was in January or February - never received anything. I used Aquafresh for years. With the attention that was given to my complaint (NONE) I have since switched toothpaste!!! Maybe you should take care of your customers a little better cause you lost me so pay attention when a complaint is filed!

I started using Aquafresh Complete a few weeks ago. The package looked great and everything I was looking for. I noticed upon using that it foamed up more than any other toothpaste I had ever used and I thought that was a good thing and looked forward to whiter, cleaner teeth. However, I experienced negative side effects within a week. The driest lips I had ever had and even with ChapStick they would not get better. They were bleeding and people at work were commenting. They were also itchy. I did not know what was wrong and contributed it to maybe a slight cold/infection or allergies that I had.

I tried to think of anything different I had started doing which prompted me to look up the toothpaste. It was amazing all of the bad reviews I was reading with same exact symptoms as mine. I immediately stopped the toothpaste and all symptoms have gone away. Thank you everyone who posted reviews on this product to help me with my symptoms... I can only hope that my review helps others, as well.

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Well after three trips to my ENT doctor, one trip to my Dentist, and a trip to my Oral surgeon and one pending. My visits were for a sore and irritated inside left cheek with pain and numbness and irritated mouth. The Doctors don't seem to know what is causing this painfully problem. I was given a steroid paste to put on the area and was told not to eat anything spicy or use anything that has alcohol in it. While using the past I didn't brush my teeth and the sore and irritation seem to subside so I started brushing my teeth again and it all came back irritation at all. Then it dawned on me could it be the toothpaste I have am using. So I did some online research and Lord and behold there it was all the reviews and complaints that are similar to my problem.

I was shocked Now. I know why Bjs took the Aquafresh toothpaste off the shelf. I tossed all that toothpaste out along with my tooth brushes. Now I am waiting for this to go away. It has subsided since I stopped using this product but not completely gone yet. It has only been a couple of days. This product should be banned and all of should be compensated for the pain and suffering we been thru. Why is this product still on the market? Thank you for hearing me out.

I wanted to share this with everyone. For many, many years I have used this product and absolutely loved it. 8 days ago I purchased a new tube. I noticed they changed it up a little bit but it still had the same taste. Day two of using it I started having a somewhat dry mouth. Day two and three it seemed like I had a whole bag of salt in my mouth. The inside of my mouth and lips were dry, and rough to touch. My tongue felt numb. I had no idea at this time what the heck was going on with me! Day four through 7 in addition to my symptoms, my teeth started hurting in the gum line and in the roots of some. It took until day seven to realize the only thing I did different was change toothpaste tubes out. So that day I switched brands all together.

I am on day three of the different toothpaste and still have had no change in symptoms. I googled just out of curiosity "Aquafresh extreme clean whitening action" and lo and behold the ratings were very poor. They were all experiencing all of the same symptoms! How is this stuff on the market still? Most people said it took a whole week to go back to normal!! Currently I have no taste and it is difficult to talk for very long due to the excessive dry mouth, numb tongue, sore teeth and gums, rough gum line! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to warn folks before they buy this product! I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone but if it does maybe you can pinpoint it earlier than I did. :)

I normally use natural toothpaste, but ran out of my brand. There was a tester of Aquafresh in the medicine cabinet, so I used that for about 5 days. After using this product for that period, the skin inside my mouth started to feel rough, and I began to develop irritation and canker sores. It also diminished my sense of taste. I stopped using the product and after a week the roughness went away, but my mouth is very sensitive, and I still can't tolerate any minty, cinnamon-y, or spicy foods. I have a very sour taste in my mouth, and my tongue is still red from irritation. This product should come with a very strong warning label, and I should have stuck to natural products.

I've been using the Aquafresh original for a decade. I loved the texture, the fresh cleanliness I felt after brushing my teeth until they stopped producing it for no reason. Since then I've tried to switch to other flavor of Aquafresh toothpaste but I have experienced lots of issues with them, either they peel the insides of my cheeks or gums or make my tongue swell or cut the corners of my mouth. I've also experienced dry bruised feeling around my lips. I've tried ultimate white, mint, and all the other flavors, I think I'm allergic to all of them and so is my husband. I'm considering to stop using this brand and switching to another. I'm very disappointed that they have removed the original from the market, it was the only one I would have paid a fortune just to continue using it again.

I am staying in San Diego, Ca. on vacation. We ran out of toothpaste and my wife was reading in our room of how the hotel will provide travel products free of charge for the asking so we called and they brought us a tube of Aquafresh extreme clean. Within a matter of hours my lower lip became numb and swollen at dinner. As we thought about it the only thing I did different was use the Aquafresh. It is now 5:34 am the numbness and swelling has spread to my upper lip, my throat is raw and I have difficulty swallowing. At this point I am assuming it's the Aquafresh extreme clean. My wife and daughter also used the toothpaste and they have no reaction.

In the past have used the toothpaste with no side effects. Recently bought it again. About an hour after using it I felt my tongue was swollen. Stopped using it and then went back a few weeks later my tongue was swollen again.

After using the toothpaste for the third time, noticed burning on tongue and lips. I had very dry, peeling and discoloured lips. No taste when eating, swollen tongue, burning inside mouth and gums. Nasal congestion, streaming eyes, very bad sore throat and cough. Have suffered due to this toothpaste. It should be taken off the market.

A friend introduced me to Aquafresh extreme clean original and when he did I had sensitivity problems and bleeding gums. I had tried everything but no luck until I started using extreme clean original. For about ten years I have been a happy man because of the extreme clean. If you know what it like to have bleeding gums until they stopped producing extreme clean original in South Africa. Please please help even if it meant paying more. I am willing to do so and be a happy man again.

I have used Aquafresh ultimate white toothpaste for years and have loved the results! People would comment on how white my teeth looked. This was especially amazing considering that I am a smoker and drink coffee daily. I used nothing else except that toothpaste. I loved it! Recently the store where I do my grocery shopping hasn’t had it on their shelf so I decided to purchase a different Aquafresh toothpaste. I have been very disappointed. My lips are starting to feel and look chapped. I will now be forced to switch brands.

I started using Aquafresh high definition tingling mint white toothpaste recently. I then began to experience cracked lips and a very dry mouth. I put this down to the cold weather we were having at the time. Then after another two weeks my taste buds were affected and my tongue became swollen, sore and painful. So much so I went to the doctors. She advised me to wash my mouth out with salt water. I then thought about what I had changed recently - my toothpaste. I then Googled 'allergic reactions to Aquafresh toothpaste' and my symptoms were there!! This toothpaste should be banned immediately. A week after discontinuing use I am still in considerable discomfort and having problems although my tongue has improved.

We recently stayed at a hotel. Aquafresh Extreme Clean was in the restroom. I used it and was impressed with how white my teeth were. I took the toothpaste home and within 2 days of using it my gums became swollen and tender. I have white bumps on my tongue. My taste buds seem effected also. I was very frightened and almost scheduled an emergency dental visit. After reading this site info I suspect it is the toothpaste. I have not used it in two days and hope to see improvement but it is still very poor. I have used Aquafresh products in the past and this never happened. I hope this is resolved and the people on this page will hear an apology from the company.

I cannot believe what I am reading! I was having the same issues after I could not find regular Aquafresh. Unknowingly I bought the 'new and improved' (foaming) formula which caused the lining of my mouth to begin to slough off after the first use! My lips are burned, I have sore on the inside of my lower lip, my tongue is raw and my taste buds are deadened. I can only hope it will correct itself now that I will discontinue use of this damaging product. I will definitely alert the makers of Aquafresh so they may research the claims and seek a solution to the problem.

I purchased Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste recently, after the store I was at, did not carry my usual brand. I used it for only three days. Suddenly, I felt like my lips had gotten severely sunburned. But I had not been outside! Thinking I might be allergic to my new toothpaste, I did a Google search and found this forum. I want to warn others about this product. It cannot be a coincidence that so many people have had problems.

I stopped using the toothpaste immediately after the three days, but I still suffer immensely with swollen lips, painful lips, dry lips, and blisters/sores on the left side of my mouth on the outside. I have tried everything to get rid of it - to no avail. It seems to get worse everyday - even though I am no longer using this product. I also cannot believe this product is still on the market - beware all! I just hope my lips clear up soon.

I can't believe and perplexed as to how Aquafresh Triple Protection passed tests of their product. I've never seen so many complaints on one particular product. I've been having problems for months now and have been to doctors, taken pills for what was thought to be a mouth fungus (it wasn't). I changed some food items thinking it might be an allergy. Here are what my symptoms were. Swollen lips and inside tissue of mouth. Tongue red and swollen and very sore and painful. Very dry mouth. Since reading these complaints, I removed Aquafresh from my life and my mouth is almost back to normal after a couple of weeks. I am so frustrated of what Aquafresh put me through. DO NOT PUT THAT CANCER AGENT IN YOUR MOUTH.

I've been using Aquafresh Iso-Active for over 5 years and have had no cavities in that time. I've not changed any of my other habits (still not flossing much) but I've had hygienist ask if I have been flossing because my gums look better. I've seen some complaints from people having issues with this product and they must have some weird oral issues because I am a long term user and have had none.

I started using Aquafresh Extreme Clean about 3 weeks ago. The natural coating from my tongue was stripped bare, burning, inflamed and raw. I thought I might have cancer or something. I was a nervous wreck thinking I might have a terminal disease. It took me two weeks before I connected the dots. What a bad product. This should NOT be on the market. You would think, of all the different products, that you would be able to trust that a toothpaste would not strip your tongue bare. It's like putting acid in your mouth. DO NOT USE IT! I give it ZERO stars (only had to give it one, because it was required).

I start using Aquafresh 6 months ago, at first was ok, but later I started to have burning mouth. I could not drink or eat properly. At first were some sore white spots, then my lips started to swell. I went to my doctor that told me it might be some virus and gave me some pills but no use, I still had the same problems. Not for a moment I think that the toothpaste could be the problem! And when I was feeling burning mouth I just keep washing my teeth longer, very often... it was a hell. Later when my toothpaste finished I bought the same brand!!! I was thinking on having horrible disease or something since the sore was permanent. Then I went to another doctor that put me into some tests and finally got the result that the toothpaste was the problem. I really want to sue the company since my life was a complete hell because of it!

Aquafresh Extreme Clean should be banned. I started using this toothpaste and about 1-2 weeks later noticed blisters in my inner bottom lip. I thought maybe I was run down. I've never had a cold sore or blisters like this ever. As I use this toothpaste when at work away from home during the week, and a different one at weekend, I started to notice I felt a bit better during weekend.

I now have blisters on upper inner lip as well as bottom. They are painful and feel like chemical burns. There are so many now on the bottom lip and I have finally realized it is this blimin toothpaste. Really. It should be banned. My mouth is very painful and it is hard to believe that people put an ingredient like SLS in something which goes in your mouth. Or its my fault for not reading any and all literature before using a toothpaste. Dreadful stuff.

I have used Aquafresh Extreme Clean intermittently for a few years, and have liked it very much. I am a dental hygienist and have also recommended it to my patients. I recently purchased the Micro-Active Foaming Action and Whitening version, in Fresh Mint. After a few days of use, I thought I was developing a painful canker sore just inside my lower lip. Over the next few days, my lower lip became more and more irritated and started to become swollen. That's when it finally occurred to me that it could be the new Aquafresh. I searched around online and, sure enough, I find many other people with the same issue. Was this product not tested before it was released? Now I am hesitant to purchase Aquafresh of any version or recommend it to my patients. Is there any way to address this with GlaxoSmithKline?

I started using this variety of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste 2 days ago after having no problems with a previous brand of Aquafresh. I started experiencing painful sores around my gums and also ear pain and jaw achiness. I was wondering if I was having a tooth problem or other more serious problem. However, I suddenly realized that I experienced a similar effect before when using Colgate Total Protection toothpaste, which has Triclosan in it (and which cleared up after I stopped using it for a few days). I just discontinued the Aquafresh and the pain has diminished somewhat. I'm hoping it clears up completely soon. How can toothpaste be allowed to cause this kind of pain? It is shocking and disturbing.

I have occasionally used Aquafresh briefly and experienced only burning on my lips. This time I used it for ten days, resulting in a sore on my lip and the whole lip swollen and painful. Since changing toothpaste, the lip is healing and less painful.

I got large burns on my tongue. It is very painful. I am unable to eat, or drink. I had to reschedule dental work, I was to have done.

I had painful ulcers appeared throughout my mouth along the gum line - top and bottom. My gums were red, swollen and throbbing for days. It was so bad that I thought it could be gingivitis and brushed again, but it only got worse. My dentist was shocked that the chemical burns were so bad.

I had to wait a week before I could go near my gums with a toothbrush, and a fortnight before the sores healed completely. Avoid Iso-Active Citrus Foam Toothpaste.

Great site by the way.

I was doing routine shopping as usual and thought I'd try a new toothpaste. Aquafresh Ultimate White was my choice along with a few other brands.

The whole left side of my mouth was burning and I felt like I had a toothache as well. The pain was so bad it gave me a headache and I hardly got any sleep for the past 3 days. I had no idea that the problem could be the toothpaste until I found this site. At first I'm skeptical, but I had nothing to lose with the pain I was in.

So I started using another brand of toothpaste and instantly, the pain starts to fade! The headache - gone! I would not wish this type of pain on my worst enemy. I mean the cops could use this type of stuff for interrogating criminals. Aquafresh seriously needs to fix this problem or change their name to "Aquaburningflesh".

I used Aqua Fresh Extreme toothpaste less than two weeks and my lips were burned right away and are now discolored. I'm embarrassed to go without lipstick, in fact, I had to buy lipstick just to cover my burned lips.

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