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I've needed to contact them only once, when I got a rootkit infection. They upgraded my version of NOD-32 to the latest, then disinfected my system. No problems. The latest version not only blocks malware, it even blocks and removes boot-sector malware and scans any drives I plug in, and it's updated several times a day. Two years of first-rate protection at $50.99 is a better deal than pretty-good protection for free. It never gives me any trouble, and it always works. It does not slow down my computer, the way that some A-V software does.

Satisfaction Rating

I had prepaid 2 years of this service for mac security and the program from it beginning had constant activation problem, therefore can't be used. Contacting the company by email produces, several days later, an automated email and after some weeks to months eventually a phone number is offered which no one can be reached despite hours of being on hold. The support pretty much to my experience does not exist. I have months of email communications with ESET for the same problem. Company does not refund prepaid service.

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ESET is an IT security company headquartered in Slovakia that  that was founded in 1992.  ESET produces a number of antivirus products for PC, Mac, Linux and Android, and iOS protection for businesses, all with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Multiple computer plans: ESET offers tiered pricing plans that run from $39.99 for one Mac or PC to $84.99 to cover up to 10 devices, including Android phones and tablets. Antivirus for business is higher-priced with more features for protecting sensitive data, such as in a medical office. iOS protection requires a file server, which is not an option for most home networks.
  • Parental control: ESET plans include parental control, which filters sites that one can visit by age group or content.
  • Customer service: ESET specifically notes that they provide US-based customer service. This prevents language barriers if you need help using the software.
  • Track lost devices: This feature lets you locate lost or stolen devices. You can also erase the devices remotely so no one can get at data on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Identity theft protection: ESET opens a special secure browser window whenever you make a purchase online or access an online banking site. ESET also helps keep your social media profiles safe.
  • Light footprint: ESET takes up 90 MB of space and keeps systems running without interruptions or slowing down computers.
  • Best for Individuals, businesses and families.

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ESET Antivirus Company Profile

Company Name:
ESET Antivirus
Year Founded:
610 West Ash Street, Suite 1700
San Diego
Postal Code:
United States