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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2022

UPDATED 10/31/2022: Tried signing up to create an account to see if I could add money to an inmate, didn't see nowhere in the site I would be charged over 45.00, I received an email from the site while still in sign up letting me to register this number. (That's when I put the brakes on and checked my bank account and noticed the charge) after a few hours requested a refund of something I didn't agree to purchase. Just trying to sign up. NOT EVEN GETTING A FULL REFUND never even used the service of this website.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Just wanted to create an account to see if I could add money to for my brother, nowhere did it mention I was purchasing a 45.99 order, very deceptive and misleading. Cancelled order after checking my bank account and seeing the charge. Not cool at all.

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Reviewed June 3, 2022

I used GTL's Getting Out app to send a message to an inmate in jail. I used the inmate's first name and a nickname in the contents of the message. I had to register with my phone number to use the service. About 2 weeks later I received a call from a company "Jefferson **" asking to speak with (First Name)(Nickname) I used in my message. I have never used those names before. How interesting! BEWARE USING GTL GETTING OUT!

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Reviewed May 24, 2022

Somehow I got from "PayTel" (an inmate telecommunications service) onto the "InmatesTalk" website. I guess I clicked an "advertisement button" by mistake. I filled out my personal information and even gave my credit card. Immediately, my card was debited $44.99 without my consent. This account cannot not be connected to the detention center my son is at. The company refuses to refund my money.

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Reviewed May 20, 2022

I was trying to put money on a loved one's acct and in order to do so I put all my info in and they charged me $45, Without so much as a review of charges. I had NO IDEA I was being charged. VERY MISLEADING! I tried to get a refund immediately. They said I would hear from them in 2 days, after 4 I emailed them. They said they could give me $31, that they keep 14.99. I said, "No. I want all my money" and they were nothing more than scam artists and thieves. I needed my money so 2 weeks of back and forth and and I said, "Screw it" and took the $31. Because of this my insurance payment was returned by my bank and I was charged a return fee and a late charge. Ended up costing me almost $50 PLUS the 14.99 that Global tel stole from me!! BEWARE: SCAM ARTISTS, All around crappy dishonest people! Do not use this site.

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Reviewed May 18, 2022

In the last 11 months of using Global Tel*Link's services, I have repeatedly encountered problems. Their staff are trained to feign incompetence, pretend to forward the concern to the appropriate department or ignore it altogether. In the latest incident, some system-wide issue resulted in GTL resetting inmate's tablets - used for communication and entertainment - and balances dropping to $0.00. As yet, there has been no acknowledgement of the problem, demonstration of effort to fix it, or offer to restore the balance. From what other industry do we tolerate such atrocious service? Global Tel*Link is the exoskeleton on the cockroach of the "criminal justice" system.

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Reviewed April 7, 2022

This company is definitely scamming people. I signed up for their service in error and immediately emailed them to cancel, it was actually 5 minutes Later. First of all, they don’t display how much you are being charged till after you put your Credit card info in, they charge you a flat rate of 49.99 without your consent to that price.

After I asked for the cancellation and refund, they said they could only refund me 31.00 And that there was a 14.99 refund charge... this is unacceptable. How many people do this in error and they make 14.99 per person per mistake. There is no grace period to cancel and the only way to get any money back is to

Agree To pay the 14.99. Stay away from this company, there are other companies that have the same service as them. Just look on the internet.

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Reviewed April 5, 2022

I thought that I was just creating an account for this company. I entered all my info and was automatically charged $45.99 for something that I didn't and don't want. When I call this company, no one ever answers the phone. I was able to cancel the service immediately but they still took my money. I've been trying to get a refund for almost a week. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. They do not handle business the right way. Never again with them!!

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Reviewed March 31, 2022

GTL or Global Tel*Link is THE ONLY company where you may get a phone call from your loved one in jail. This goes to explain all the other comments about "NOT RECOMMENDING THIS COMPANY;" well, there is NO OTHER company to choose from if you want your son, wife, or simply, your loved one to call you, or, to get in touch with. Therefore, these people are CROOKS with a badge to cheat and rob individuals in need to get in touch with any inmate.

Moreover, due to this situation; the calls are cranked, mess with, phone calls have most of the time interference, meaning: out of 5 calls, one is lucky to get ONE clear call from the inmate, if there is a free call (like in the case of the MCJ-Men Central Jail, Los Angeles County, every Monday inmates have one free call) GTL makes sure the phone call gets hang up, over, and over, until the inmate uses the paid system and get a call with interference where one may not understand a thing the inmate is speaking to.

Thereafter, when you call to complain, there is NO ONE available for more than 40' of wasted time and, then, they are rude, don't fix the problem, they don't give any credit, and in addition: they hang up on you! Why? Because they can, because there is NO ELSE one may use to hear the voice of your love one. MONOPOLY!!! To the max! Disgusting! They play with people's feelings and emotions with no regard for human kindness. I wish this gets to the TV NETWORKS to unveil the madness and all the people making money off the need of others.

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Reviewed March 22, 2022

Trying to reach inmate packages this screen pops up. I thought I was enrolling into care packages for inmates, instead it was for phone service for them. It automatically charged my card 45.99. I tried to cancel immediately and here 6 days later, still trying. I have never used the services, have no need for them. I have a house phone, why would I pay for a service? Beware, huge rip off company. (I had to rate it a 1, because there is nothing lower.)

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Reviewed March 8, 2022

I was looking for connect network but unfortunately clicked on the first related company (Global TEL) because it's a paid ad. I went thru sign up process and immediately was charged $49 and have caught heck getting a refund. They continue to try and get me to remain with them saying they have a nonrefundable fee per terms and cond. But let's be honest, who reads the fine print. Irregardless, that's a sincerely crappy way to conduct business by defrauding people upon sign up to review products and charging immediately for plans you never saw info on. So even if I could use this company... NO WAY IN HELL!!

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2022

They pull up when you are trying to pull up another site. You create an account thinking that it's something different and then as soon as you put your information in before you can look at plans or anything they take your money. Then when you call they only want to give you some back.. They're very rude. They hang. When you ask for transfer they stop speaking. You are waiting to see if you can be transferred thinking that has happened then after a min or two you speak they just on the line saying nothing then they say, "We don't do that." Then if you ask for the billing department they online do email.. It is a scam. I will be posting on all sites I know to be aware.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2022

I was trying to sign up for email, only. I signed up with this company in error. I've never had anyone in jail and I wasn't aware this was a different Company. I realized the error right away and attempted to get a refund. They emailed right back trying to get me to keep this. When I finally told them I don't want to receive phone calls, just email! They emailed again for me to keep it. They are charging me 14.99! What a SCAM. I never saw a price either, until I looked up my bank account to see if email Co. took out right amount, that's when I saw their charge. I am very upset about this. They are taking people's hard earned money!!! Totally not fair! *SCAMMERS*.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2021

Googled Global Tel*Link. This consumer pops up. Not everyone is used to love ones going to jail. This company knows that no one is paying 45.99 for collect calls. They ask for all your info all the while I am thinking once I place my info in they will ask the amount I wish to put on my phone for collect calls. They never answer the phone once you submit. They take your money then will not answer when you call and when they do. It's a charge of $15 to cancel. Never used anything. This business needs to be shut down completely. They are taking advantage of people. Taking people money. I guarantee they only get $15 each person because everyone cancels once realized this was not the correct global tel link although it's what pops up on Google as well. I hope the BBB takes heed to all these reviews and shut this place down.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2021

Just as others stated in previous reviews this is a big scam. I DO NOT recommend!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND & they don't answer the number they provide but will email you back to back.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2021

They use Google Ads to place their scam of a company on the top front page of Google and make it seem like they are another company. Charge you almost $50 for something you can get for free with an app, and even if you don’t use it and you call right away they keep your money.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2021

GTL have been taking my money when I do the transactions then when it’s done pending they take it again but keep telling me to send in my statements now? When I’m using a prepaid card and on top of that the only way for them to be able to see what I’m talking about is to screenshot my balance. SMH. This is beyond sad. I’m looking for an attorney so that they can get into my banking account, see me set up the visits and see how they’ve been double charging me. I’m beyond sick of them. If y'all balances are getting low and you use GTL THIS IS WHY. They are charging you twice and your bank can’t even see it unless they are watching every transaction in your account and waiting until it’s done pending.

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Reviewed July 14, 2021

The service did not work in Lake Co, FL. I have been trying for over a month to get a refund. There is no way to talk to customer service or if they have such. In less than a few seconds they can take your money then want $15 to refund you if they get around to it. I am still waiting after a month. These companies should not be allowed to run scams in government facilities.

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Reviewed June 26, 2021

I signed up for this service, thinking this was the only way to contact a family member that was incarcerated. I did not use the service and canceled it within 24 hours. The service is $45.99. However they only refunded $31. From a service that was never used. I would advise anyone that is trying to set up a Phone account to talk to someone that is incarcerated, to use GTL connect. It is much simpler and you are much less likely to get ripped off.

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Reviewed May 31, 2021

Their website misleads you. When you think you are just registering you find out that they actually charged your card. I could not get anyone on the phone after several tries. Thru email they said they would refund part of my money but not all of it. TOTAL RIP OFF.

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Reviewed May 10, 2021

Once you sign up for this service you are charged a fee. That is simply bad business and I want everyone to be cautious before signing up. All reputable businesses give some time to change your mind without charging you a fee.

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Reviewed May 7, 2021

I made account, added money. I missed first initial call Jan. 2021. Since then I only get robo calls when daughter adds my number. It doesn't ring, no missed call. Goes straight to voicemail. After 48 hr she gets message that "the number she trying to reach has not been approved in given time frame." It hasn't been approved because I'M NOT GETTING THE CALLS! NOT EVEN A MISSED CALL SO I HAVE A NUMBER! I have called GTL every week since Jan, sometimes 2x a day. I have talked to so many ppl. They started changing their name. Talked to Kari and at end of call she said "this is MISTY thanks for calling gtl." REALLY! They say it's the facility, my phone, block. They have supposedly removed block18x since I started keeping notes. Haven't had any trouble with any other phone service in any jail till gtl. So thankful we have jpay to email.

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Reviewed April 8, 2021

I was setting up an account to have contact with my son. After I set the account up they immediately charged my account $45.99 instead of letting me decide if I wanted to fund the account. When I attempted to contact them on 5 different days all I could get was an automated system that takes a message and says someone will call you back. No calls were received. However, I did receive an email from the company from someone who called herself Princess saying if I wanted a refund there is a 14.99 processing fee. I have been trying to get a refund for over a week and still have not been able to speak to anyone in the company. This company is a scam. I would not recommend using this service. I have given up all hope of a refund and now have to cancel debit card. Have another card issued to guarantee they will not charge my account again.

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Reviewed April 1, 2021

Don't do it, it's a scam. It says phone calls then soon as they take ya money boom only post cards. Scammers....scammers....scammers. Don't do it. DON'T DO IT, they are scamming. THIS IS A SCAM... SCAM...SCAM.

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Reviewed March 18, 2021

This is a scam. You set up a account thinking it's to be able to accept phones calls..but you're not. They charge you 45.99 right when you set up your account. I never agreed to any payment at that time. Then they said they can only refund 31.99 because they charge 14.99 as a fee... fraud company!!! They got my friend's mom too. Same charge.. I told her what happened to me and I looked at her email and she got the same thing. She thought she was setting up for phone calls not some postcards deal. DON'T CREATE A ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ROB YOU.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2021

Needed to set up phone service to receive calls from a grandson in jail.. I tried their plan, 45.00 fee processed in seconds. Then I found how complex setting it up was and tried to cancel within 1 hr. I was charged 15 bucks for set up which was never done. CROOKS.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2021

As others have stated you are taken to the website by an offer of a 50 cent postcard and you have to make an account then boom your bank is charged a $49.99 fee for phone service that you didn’t agree to. After many calls and emails customer service arguing the facts and threatening a $250 dispute fee! This company is terrible based out of the rehab scamming capital of the world (West Palm Beach). I will never recommend this company or use their services! The charge will be disputed! Despite the threat, false claims and deceit of the vulnerable families!

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

Like many others on here, unfortunately I thought they were the legit GTL only to find out that they are "postcard" scammers! You will be quickly billed $45.99 and within 5 mins you will realize that it is not the correct system. So then you panic. Then you try to call them, they don't answer (because scammers are cowards), so you call them again, and again, and again until your only option is to leave a voicemail. Then 5 mins later you'll get an email begging you to keep their stupid postcards. They will then continue to hide behind their emails and bicker with you back and forth until they finally drop the "well we are scammers so we are entitled to keep $15.00 of your hard earned money" and you'll only get a $31 refund if that!! TRASH TRASH TRASH! Will be reporting to the BBB! HE should be shut down ASAP!!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2021

This inmate phone services at times receive your payment, and do not provide or make difficult for service. I mailed a money order payment on Dec 22, 2020. The money order was Cashed on Jan 11, made out to GTL. I have spoken to Raq on 1/8, 1/14 Raul then an escalations supervisor Evelyn (she was the most considerate as well as explained the 1st person entered 1 digit incorrectly) which she fixed, on 1/20/21, I spoke to Richard, then a supervisor Max, could not track, but asked me to email any copies that I had. I sent an email with 4 pic attachments to, Attn. Backofficeteam!

Yes, today my little $30 that they cashed is still not on my account. Today, 1/22/21 spoke to Stephanie, then the supervisor JOANNE, both unhelpful, with Joanne even saying it's No one else to talk to, I have to hang up and call back to get a different supervisor. Well, I took the time to write this review first.. Do not know what was done incorrectly, but my money order made to gtl was cashed. Bad business, but they have been allowed to get away with this for so long. I may see if the news channel is interested in how these businesses are allowed to rip off consumers, who are family and friends of offenders. Because, the state allow as well for these select companies to have control, where we have no choice.. Anyone reading, report to BBB.... DOC VA,GTL, Global Tel*Link, inmate phone system, GTL Advanced Pay Service Dept, P.O. Box, 911722; Denver, CO 80291, 1-877-650-4249.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2021

Requested a refund from this company, my funds disappeared quickly from my account making me think I was getting my money back. But no, haven't received any of my money back nor any communication in regards to my money.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2020

We recently changed from GTL AdvancePay phone service to another company specified by the institution. When asking for your money to be returned, they are short and unhelpful on the phone, trying to come up with a question you can’t answer and then telling you to call back. I ended up successful, after giving them the original info they asked for (date of last deposit, deposit amount, last four of the card funds were paid from, after validating the account), then they threw in extras to the info they had asked me to prepare. "So what’s the first six numbers on the card, do you own the phone, what’s the expiration date, etc." Luckily I had all that, but they tried to tell me to call back 3-4 times with the extra questions. As a reminder, it’s OUR money. We already paid their service charges.

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