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Satisfaction Rating

It's been several years since I signed up for the 1 year membership with achieve today. The only reason I am writing this is in hope that there is some type of class action lawsuit against this company since I am sure I am not the only one taken for a complete fool and the fact that I still pay this off on my credit card about 5 years later.

First off, you will be asked what you want and what's important to you and in my case it was my pre-school aged daughter. Once they get that emotional 'in' they target that and let you explain how it would be if only you could achieve your dreams for your child and that several people have succeeded in a rags to riches way using their program; you will be led to their testimonial page and made to feel as if you would be lucky to qualify for these services. Long story short; after agreeing to pay about 7 grand I got 8 private coaching sessions, unlimited access to website and a hotline access for questions.

The coach was really focused and I actually got something out of say the 1st three sessions; after that he flaked and missed a couple appointments and my 30 min sessions were usually about 22 min or less as he always called late. The online information was long winded and mostly completely dull - of course I wasn't ready for any real estate or investment information that was offered (duh - advise people to max out their credit cards and then share investing information). Really just an overpriced one on one coaching. I would have done much better going to live Abraham session(s) for a tiny fraction of the cost.

In the end, I felt inadequate for not maximizing my coaching sessions to improve my income. I did not ask for any type of refund as I knew that they recorded these statements that it's up to the individual and there are no financial improvement guarantees... blah... blah. Learned the hard way. I would like to see this company shut down as so that others don't fall for their misleading tactics to sell complete valuelessness! PS. The one good thing that came from this is that in my continued search for valuable information on improving life situations, I rediscovered the Abraham teachings and so much is free on YouTube! Now they are legit when it comes to helping others!! Do that instead!

Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for this program. I never used the coaching. I looked over the site long enough to tell it was not something. When I signed up they claimed the membership was $1,500, but they were giving me a discount down to $1,200. I am having financial difficulties and I am strapped to pay the monthly fee. I called to ask for it to be canceled and they refuse to cancel it until I paid the $300.00 back that they discounted the program. They will continue to take $100 a month out until I have paid $1,200 or until I pay them $300 to cancel the program. Great concept... Do a hard sell on someone in a desperate situation... Sell them something that is worthless... Then trap them into paying $1,200 because they can't afford $300.00 to get out.

Satisfaction Rating

Salesman was very good at his job and I continually stated that I was not impressed and I stated I try it for 1 month and see for myself. It was a waste of my time and money. Even before the month was up I changed credit cards to avoid potential problems since I don't trust companies like these. It worked because they are screaming for their money and want to charge me a early termination fee of 300. Don't sign.

Satisfaction Rating

They use a good sales approach to get you in the program. You first have to see if you "qualify" to be a part of the program. You talk to a good salesperson who makes you feel like they can help you out. Then when you start the coaching program you talk to a coach for 4 sessions, then it is up to you to call in and talk to the different coaches on staff. You get 30 minutes with them. Some of them had good stuff to say, but I felt like I was all over the place with this. It didn't feel personal at all, and I don't even know how they're still in business. They give you access to all this different reading material, but I don't even know how that is helpful. I could've just went on google if I needed access to all that reading. Please save your money and don't waste your time with them. The coaching support manager is rude and is not supportive at all.

Satisfaction Rating

I am thrilled with the results of the program, and the individual coaches that I have worked with. This is the first program, that was able to identify my smoke screens, and offer a process that fit for me. Completing the program, I chose not to set up a personal coaching business. Staying with the materials, and the online courses, has been huge value to me.

The concepts, and especially the release techniques, continue to help me, get more out of my life. Currently I have a contract that is nearly twice the goal that I had set. The continued support is clear, and the group calls are exceptionally useful, with personal perspectives and being able to see the core benefits to the client, because of excellent coaching skills.

I wanted to believe in coaching, but felt something was missing, until this program. Now I see and feel the positive results, in many small but valuable attitude adjustments, that are creating big, outward results. And it does take time, energy, and dedication. As well as asking for what you want. This company has more resources available than any company I have worked with. Leveraging your own efforts, education, motivation, and support have been beyond my expectations.

Thanks to the whole system.

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Satisfaction Rating

I bought their program and found it to be rather useless. However I had signed a contract for $2200 on monthly payments. Never used the counselor except for once which was not helpful. Wanted to create goals and achieve them. I paid the money as planned over a year then I see a payment from my account for $45 beginning the month after it was paid off. When I called them I was told "Sorry it was in the contract to begin monthly counseling after your $2200 was paid off." I find that a year ago I never remember seeing anything about continued monthly billing. I was told that he could not refund the money even though it was only taking out 3 days ago. Bad reviews that I should've read before I ever got into this mess. Don't use them.

Consumer Increased Rating!

That has been resolved to my complete satisfaction. My credit has been refunded and removed from the company files.

Heather of Calgary, AB on

Original Review

I signed up with Achieve Today June 29, 2015. I paid over 3000.00 for the program which expired June 29, 2016. There was a optional clause that when the program ended if I wished to carry on I would be charged a fee of 49.99 monthly. I opted out of this option. Instead I received a letter from Monterey Financial stating that I owe another 3000.00 and that my credit would be charged 183.53 monthly. I did not agree to another contract with them. This company is fraudulent. A total waste of time. They offer 4 coaching sessions which I found the coach to be really phony. It is a scam. I did not get anything out of the course that is why I opted not pay any further funds to them. To top it off I no longer have access to my account but yet they are billing me for services I do not want.

Satisfaction Rating

So, was going through a tough time. Lost my job and had little money. I am a big fan of Joe Vitale (from The Secret fame) and he is affiliated with this group. That is how I came to know them. I signed for their coaching and online support and access plan. They focus on self-improvement, goal-setting, positive affirmation etc. I think the total cost was about $3k over 12+mos.

After month 1, and what I would say was marginal coaching and advice, my wife died. I couldn't continue with the coaching for emotional and financial reasons (my last resort of income was her job). I couldn't continue with the monthly payments. I called to inform them and they said I had made a commitment and was obligated. After another 30 days I was continuously called by a group called Monterey Financial Services... a collections company. They harassed me unmercifully... calls several times a day, threats of lawsuit, garnishment etc. When I told them my wife dies, I was asked to fax a death certificate for proof. I would say stay away from Prosper and Achieve Today... They are scary and it is just a shame that Mr. Vitale has his name affiliated with a group such as Monterey Financial Services.

Satisfaction Rating

It was in 2010; I had to stay out of job for over two years due to a back pain and one day I received a link from a friend; in it, there was an ad about making money from home with great income. Got excited and submitted my info online after viewing the video on the link about successful man Robert Allen. I start to receive calls one after another by different agents everyday. Finally I had a convincing conversation with ** one of them. It was very promising of success and prosperity in every way they present it; he told me that I would start making money as $300 from the first day, they will show me the way.

Then I decided to join the coaching and paid $500 upfront out of my debit card. They used my credit card to set an autopay for a loan amount of $2500 after I was suggested a coaching program based on what I can afford. The coaching started, they told me to download a guide book from their website; I did. Then the so called coach start telling me about selling books and what ever I don't need to keep at home, suggesting me to sell them on eBay and other different websites. Then that started to annoy me, he gave me a homework which is not meant to make you productive. I tried to do what he told me but I was asked to make payment to get access.... first day.

On the second phone call coaching he called 5 minutes late. We discussed 90% of the same thing as last time. On the third call he called me 52 minutes late. This time I decided to decline the process and get a refund. I was hoping to get something helpful to make money from home. To do that I have to sit down for long period of time; that was hurting my back and getting it worse. The coaching was all deception and manipulation.

I contacted the finance department to stop and cancel the program and refund me my money and stop charging my card. They passed me to the student department to decide, didn't help. They even asked me to send them my medical report to consider my situation. They reviewed it and still didn't help. I tried all my best to get it canceled- end up unsuccessful. Then decided not to pay; the harassment started. The amount was sent to collection. And my credit got hurt so bad dropped from 730 to 543.

I continued to call and try to explain my situation; Nothing positive. Then changed phone number. For over 3 years. My credit was broken. Then I decided to pay and fix my credit and paid them all with the interest and collection fees in total of over $4900. They destroyed me, they messed my credit and finances. I wanted to sue them but afraid it would be more costly to do so. I have been hoping there will be a lawsuit against them. Hope there will be sooner. WARNING!!! Flee from these people. They are terrible.

Satisfaction Rating

Due to illness I decided to start a home based business. Paid $600.00 up front for personal coaching. Well, trying to get them on the phone was hard enough but, the information was almost cryptic. No one was listening to what I was trying to achieve. Then after 2 or three short conversations with my coach (No help at all), he was moved to another department. I was never notified about this and had no coach. By the time someone did contact me 1 month past by and took $183.35 from my account. I finally cancelled but, it went to a collection agency. I explained I will not pay for services not rendered. No luck, still get collection letters and it is hurting my credit score. They are a bunch of CROOKS!

Satisfaction Rating

I received phone call after phone call from these people telling me they could help me build a home business on the internet. I ended up purchasing a coaching program from them through a third party loan company. Then I got sick with an illness that I could no longer look at the computer for long periods of time. So I contacted them, prosper about discontinuing my coaching and stopped paying the third party loan. Now I continue to get a bill and it continues to grow. It is impacting my credit. I cannot pay because I am disabled. They harass me by phone every day.

Satisfaction Rating

Prosper, Inc. represents itself as a financial coach for individuals which is committed to the success of its students. It is an aging site with outdated information. Its coaches are not committed to the success of its students. Prosper is committed to getting its students to spend increasing amounts while its coaches are committing to giving the least amount of service possible.

Item #1: Unfair Reduction of Service: My coach rescheduled me twice and all that took was one email each. I needed to reschedule due to hospitalization of a family member and sent numerous emails about this which the coach ignored. Then I was charged to missing a session which when a student is only getting 5 sessions is a significant loss.

Item #2: Ineffective Coaching: I did my homework but it was not reviewed by my coach before the session. I had to restate what I wrote and submitted before the session which resulted in my getting almost nothing out of the first two sessions.

Item #3: Unproductive Coaching: All Prosper wanted me to do was "redesign my website" which I did not need or want. I wanted to be taught how to promote the site which I did not learn in the third session and, of course, the fourth session was charged against me.

Item #4: Deceptive Promises: I was switched from one coaching program to another. I was told that I would get the full five sessions in the new program but then got an email saying I would have to buy more sessions. By then, it was clear that Prosper's intention was to rope me into buying more ineffective coaching sessions. As another student wrote, "Instead of addressing my agreed upon needs, they tried to make me fit into their cookie cutter program".

Item #5: Over-Promise/Under-Deliver: I emailed for support and did not get it. Only 2 emails out of 20 were answered by the resource line. Emails sent to the "class coach" were never answered. Out of all the email correspondence, there were only 2 that I considered helpful.

Item #6: No Follow Up: There was no overall plan in either of the coaching programs. There was no big picture to give the student confidence that the advice given would lead to making money. The sessions were like chats between friends and not money making directions given to a student by a coach/teacher.

Item #7: Non-Existent Course Curriculum: When I did the first four modules of the Miracles Coaching, the same questions were being asked repeatedly. It became increasingly clear that this was the illusion of coaching and could not work which was partly why I agreed to switch to the eCommerce coaching.

Item #8: Missing Content: Prosper promises course content that is not where they say that it is. One cannot learn when there are no course materials.

Item #9: Factual Errors in Course Content: The first four courses I took contained very significant factual errors which I reported but which were ignored by Prosper. In all the subsequent classes, I took there was outdated content, broken links, and more factual errors.

Item #10: Newbie Level: Part of my problem with Prosper is that they present information at the VERY beginning level. I learned nothing and I was upset by the high level of misinformation on their site. I noticed that any of Prosper's favorable comments come from those who do not already have websites and who do not already have extensive experience on the Internet.

Item #11: High Pressure Sales: Those who sell you the program figure out what a person's needs are and then will say anything to get the sale. What was sold was not what was delivered.

Item #12: Inflexible Refund Policy: That Prosper charges everything upfront and then will not allow students to get a refund (unless it was done in the first three days) should have been a big red flag to me. There is a good reason for this: it does not take students long to discover that Prosper is just a big scam that the government should shut down immediately.

Satisfaction Rating

I invested $7500.00 into Prosper Inc. to receive coaching for earning an extra income. I had 6 month access to their website with various ways to earn money, real estate investment, etc. I accessed this site only to find out that there was way too much information for me to absorb and was not what I was looking for. I feel like I'm out of $7500.00 and nothing to show for it. This was over a year ago and I never tried to get a refund because the time frame had passed for that. I just feel cheated out of my money. I did get a few calls from coaches over a few months but nothing after that. I get emails for other events but I just feel like they want more money. I feel like another customer that complained similarly.. When you invest thousands of dollars you should get what you pay for and that is assuring you earn money, guaranteed. After all, you are paying them to work you not the other way around. I wasn't looking to go back to college, I just wanted earn honest money.

To further complicate matters this was put on my credit card and now I am paying more than 12% on top of this money. Just like others that have written complaints, I bought into the slick talking telemarketer promise of earning back on your investment in short period of a few months. Don't remember exact amount time guaranteed. As a consumer, I just think this is wrong. The amount of money charged was much more than the service the company delivers. It's not even worth $750.00 yet alone $7500.00. I feel really scammed. Whether I am able to get my investment back or not, I just want to say investors beware of these kinds of companies. Never again for me.

Satisfaction Rating

Credit card payments kept coming out of my account and could not stop them. Received little or no service and what service received was of little or no value. There are far better services available and would urge anyone else to look around and make a better decision than I did. Far better services available for far less money. To me this is not much better that a scam. Please look for better services.

Satisfaction Rating

It started out I signed up with Anthony Morrison to make lots of money with affiliate marketing on the internet. The next day I got a call from Prospering, sometimes called Prosper, for one-on-one coaching to teach me how to make tons of money on the internet. 5 coaching sessions cost me 1,000 dollars and they did not teach me anything about how to make money on the internet. And to make it even worse, every time I had a coaching session, they would ask me for more money. I finally told them I was out of money and they stopped calling me. And they continue to charge my credit card 183 dollars a month. Now they say I owe them $3,000.

Satisfaction Rating

I signed a contract for 7,400 dollars for business coaching believing that I could cancel the contract within three business days. But the fax number leads nowhere. Registered letters will not arrive. Phone messages will not be passed on. After two weeks of no reaction, I took massive action by calling the fraud department of my credit card company, sending an email to the student support and contacting Dr. Joe ** who had recommended the course. It took one month but I got my money back. Don't be fooled by the salespersons - they use hypnotic marketing and probably subliminal strategies. The best thing: get off the phone immediately.

Satisfaction Rating

I wanted to be self-employed in an at-home business and learned that e-commerce can be a legitimate occupation. I wanted legitimate training because there are a lot of others on the web marketing this training in a scam way. Prosper Inc. offered one to one training in a potentially lucrative business. These guys are very good at luring you in and I am now surprised that I fell for it. I was told that I would be able to earn the tuition cost back in 3-5 months. After I agreed to almost ten grand, I researched and found lots of complaints on a number of places like this one. Fortunately, I am protected by the "buyer's remorse" laws and cancelled before the three business days had gone by. However, that third day is today and I cannot get anyone to acknowledge that I faxed in a written cancellation of agreement as instructed in that agreement. I can only hope that I will get refunded, or I will definitely have a legal case because the three-day grace is written in the agreement.

The worst part is Mr. ** called me and was angry about my cancellation. He accused me of being a "frightened child" and "living in fear," which is not his place to diagnose. The salesperson was smooth and I thought I was talking to one of the mentors, not a salesperson. I feel misled. Mr. ** was harassing in his conversation, so he knew I had cancelled. I'm rather nervous if I can get confirmation for refund. I have never experienced such smooth luring in for the program, then harassment when I called within legal time frames. They groom you to take the bait. Run from this business. Mr. **'s behavior confirms what kind of people they are.

Satisfaction Rating

I've only been with the company for a couple of weeks now, but I have no complaints. They promised to teach me the ropes of having my own website and have lead me by the hand every step of the way so far. My coach has his own websites, which he directed me to, and they are making a profit. In my opinion (so far), I think that they are a reputable company as long as you follow their guidelines.

Satisfaction Rating

Wow! The 10 grand sounds ooh too familiar. The weird thing was that I was reading about Prosper Inc. and the formula looked familiar. It's Bobby Allen up to his old tricks. He was running something out of Boca Raton a while back. He took 2 of my friends for $10K a piece with his multiple streams of income garbage. Here's a good one that he was running with his real estate boot camps back in 2004. Buy real estate in Detroit because the Super Bowl is coming and the prices of the real estate will go up. Super Bowls are real estate neutral unless you're selling beers, pizzas or renting out your house for a party. Bobby was running a real estate boot camp for about $10K with Glenn ** at the time.

The funny thing about his programs is that the folks who answer the phone are strictly employees and are not vested in the programs. Mr. Allen should get people who have used his programs to get rich and have them actually engage the students. You won't find any! Look at it this way, if his programs were truly

on the up and up, anyone of us should be able to find members or graduates in any major city across the US to physically speak to. If anybody asks what your credit limit is, it's a scam. If you ever have the turn done on, you run like hell. The turn is, you should be honored to work with me. Not! Give me your money and the honor is all mine.

Interview process to have someone take your money! Scam! I recently had someone interview me to see if I would be a good fit for his organization and he was accepting money. No! I don't think so. Testimonials can be bought, pictures can be bought, ads in magazines puffing up a product can be bought albeit the look like true articles, fake news broadcasts can be bought.


I was lead to believe that Prosper could show me how to make as much money as I set my goals to. Now the salesmen double-teamed me by switching one to the other and just conned me into signing, I was on the phone with them for over 3 hours. For 10 grand I did not want to sign but they convinced me I would make my investment back within 6 months. Their contract gives me no guarantee to making any amount of money. This pretty much says it all to give any company 10 grand and they do not have the confidence to guarantee their work. Prosper is a fraud, everybody that defends them has taken on their fraudulent ways. No, I was not a committed student that is why I put up 10 grand.

The only success with Prosper is learning how to scam strangers out of the money. And those that claim they succeeded give me a call at ** after 5 pm pacific. First of all, why are you even surfing the complaint boards, second why can you not help the broke failing student if you're so successful. I am here to warn people about Prosper Inc. I know what they're not telling you, believe me or not, but will all find out that is a guarantee. The mental damage is not reversible, I will not stop telling people that Prosper did me wrong. I trusted them to a tune of 10 thousand that is the highest kind of trust I have. And to have them play me for a fool learning that this is not going to work for me, yea there is damage control on this ship.


When I was contacted by Prosper Inc., they only seemed interested in how much I could pay. When I told them specifically the help I was looking for, they assured me that they had experts in the field that would help to walk me through every step in the process. After signing up, when you are speaking with your coach is the first time you find out that the coach actually knows little or nothing about what you really needed. I was informed after nearly every question I asked that I needed to hire a professional. When I pointed out that the salesperson informed me that they were the professionals, they became very rude and I was told that they can not possibly know how to do everything. This type of an answer would be okay if I had not asked before signing up for the coaching program, if this type of question would be answered. They were also unable to give answers in other areas as well and they seemed unwilling to admit that there were any answers that they should know.


Robert Allen of Prosper, Inc e-mailed me on November 19th, November 28th December 1st and 3rd 2008.He eurges me to take his 90 day challenge and promises me that if I would invest in his program I would get coaches that would take me by the hand and walk me through getting real estate property, (i.e. Foreclosures).

On November 25th after specking with Harry Belliston at Prosper He e-mailed me:


It was good talking to you. You see, Robert Allen is looking for people who are serious about making money. Reading his books and downloads will give you a good idea, but coaching is what will get you there. Watch the videos at this link

and think about what you could accomplish if you had one of his experts on your side.

Twelve months from now you will arrive somewhere, the question is where. Will you be

celebrating success...or will you be regretting the lack of it?

Most people never build the life of their dreams because they are afraid of making a mistake

or of looking foolish in front of their friends and family. We have developed proven systems that

will give you the confidence to accomplish your goals.

Call me now to see if you can qualify for this invitation only program.

Best wishes,

Harry Belliston | Program Consultant




I wanted to personally take a moment and again congratulate you on being welcomed aboard the? SUCCESS TEAM?. I want you to expect good things to happen! We feel that you are an exceptional candidate and truly look forward to helping you achieve the level of success you desire.

I would like you to begin this exciting educational journey with the following thought From me to You.

Our Deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of god.

Your playing small doesnt serve the world.There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you. We are born to make manifest the glory of god that is within us. It is with in us. It is not just in some of us: It is in everyone.

When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others. Nelson Mandela

Please, dont hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Sincerely Yours

In Success

Joshua K. Christopherson

Senior Executive



My name is Bunny. I am a single, 61 year old therapist living in Oxnard, CA. I hold a Ph.D. in clinical Hypnotherapy.

I am filing a complaint against a company that represents itself as a financial coach for individuals and small businesses. The name of the company is Prosper, Inc. They are located at 5072 North 300 West, Provo, Utah 84604.

I invested a total of $11,920.00.00 with their company.

I have been in business for myself for over 35 years and am in good standing in my community. I hold Hall of Fame status with the Better Business Bureau of the Tri Counties and am a member in good standing with the Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo Chambers of Commerce. I am a Paul Harris Fellow with Rotary, International and have been a Soroptomist as well as a member of many other organizations. I have been on the board of over 25 non-profits over the years.

Due to my busy schedule and community outreach, I contacted Prosper, Inc. with the specific goal of attracting potential consumers to purchase my educational CDs on my website. I really wanted to focus on and draw attention to my website which showcases my educational CDs. After I signed the contract, I noticed immediately that things werent as promised. Not only did I did not receive all the appropriate materials, I only received half of the shipment of materials and found out later, by accident, that I was missing much of my product. In addition, they sent me faulty and inferior CDs, DVD and workbooks. Some of the items had to be sent back because of the poor quality of the materials.

At that time, I told Prosper that the subject content was clearly not appropriate for my needs and 80-90% of the materials sent to me had nothing to do with the goals we spoke about. It went downhill from there.

During my numerous conversations with their staff I reiterated that selling my CDs was my highest priority. I continuously shared my specific needs and goals with Prosper and they continuously tried to put me in a cookie cutter mold that did not apply to my business or me. As I look back, I realize that, instead of addressing my agreed upon needs, they tried to make me fit into their cookie cutter program.

This is my major complaint against Prosper, Inc.; They werent honest with me regarding the promises they made and, instead, took my money and strung me along for two years. At this point, they are trying to take credit for my successes that I have worked very hard for, over the years, instead of refunding my money as I have requested. To date, I am not only out my $11,920.00 original investment but have seen absolutely no profit connected with Prosper, as promised.

The career coaching I received was inconsistent, had no continuity and the follow-up was incomplete. It was obvious that they were/are still trying to fit me into their business model. I shared with them my concern and seriously questioned if my goal was realistic with their business program. They repeatedly reassured me and promised me that if I worked with them, I would not only make my money back but went so far and to have one of the staff members, Damon Willis, promise me that I would double my money within a year or Prosper would return my investment. I questioned this and he repeated it 3 times.

The reason I am contacting you is because Prosper, Inc., stated they wanted to provide 100% customer satisfaction. It is apparent, in my case, that this did not happen. To add insult to injury they now trying to take credit for my personal successes which has nothing to do with Prosper. Presently, they are trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage by offering me further useless services instead of refunding my money as I have requested many, many times.

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Achieve Today
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