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Car has less than 18,000. Brand new lease. Family with 2 kids under the age of 7 were in the vehicle when we were going down a hill and the brakes failed us. Steep hill during rush hour. I still do not know how my husband stopped the car because I hopped onto the back seat to shield our babies. Toyota does not know what caused this but I have lost all hope for this brand. Will never trust Toyota with my or my family's life. Purchase another brand if you need safety. Car is at the dealers and they loan us a car which I refuse to put my children in. ZERO stars!

Bought my 2009 Sienna used from dealer with 100K miles on it. Assumed the good reputation of Toyota would mean another 100K miles on it. Already had a $1000 repair on something the technician said they had seen on other vehicles, but no recall. Just lately, there was a loud crashing noise in one passenger side sliding door when it was parked. Door still worked, but how long, considering what others have written about the door problems. Reported this noise to technician who didn't even tell the repair guy. When I talked to repair guy, he reluctantly looked at it, opened and closed the door. I insisted that he put this on the service sheet. But now I suspect that they knew all along about door problems and were not going to tell me. Am sorry I bought this van. Now seeing I will be heading for a lot of really expensive repairs. Wondering if I should trade it for something more reliable before anything else goes wrong and it is too expensive to fix.

I own a 2012 Sienna, and the sensor on the sliding door would cause a beeping sound (and would not turn off) even though the door was closed. It is tough to close the door because the latch is rusty. Now we keep the door closed. They want $1,400 to fix the latch. Most other years have recall notices for the doors.

I purchased this vehicle brand new with 20 miles on it. It's been an amazing vehicle until a few days ago. The van has 78,000 miles and while driving, the transmission went out. The RPM's went revving pretty high and would no longer move forward. I was traveling at about 40mph when this happened. I had to coast into a parking lot where the van was towed. The dealer stated that the transmission had blown and needed to be replaced at a price tag of $5000.00. Bad Toyota... bad.

I have owned three Toyota Siennas. In June, 2015, I purchased a two year Prepaid Maintenance Program Extension on my 2013 Sienna for $299. We do not drive a lot, and so when this car was destroyed by a careless driver, and we purchased a 2015 Sienna, I took the paperwork down to Stevinson Toyota on Havana in Aurora, CO to get the maintenance contract transferred. I was SHOCKED when they said all they could transfer was $169.94. None of the contract had been used. That is tantamount to theft of $130 of our money. WE WILL FIND EVERY EXCUSE POSSIBLE ONLINE AND OFF, TO WARN PEOPLE ABOUT THEFT BY TOYOTA.

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Our 2008 Sienna CE rapidly lost oil when I traveled from Birmingham, AL to Bloomington, IN last fall (11/5) to see a Michigan football game with my son. It again lost oil when my wife traveled from Birmingham to St. Louis this past December. She took it to Midas (it was an emergency since the car was vibrating severely on the highway) where they charged her over $1,000.00 for various things but didn't fix the oil leak problem.

I have since learned that our engine is essentially ruined because of sludge and other issues. The car still drives but leaks oil everywhere and makes a clanging sound. I just took the van to Hoover Toyota, where (in addition to over 1k worth of repairs) the service technicians say they have fixed the recall (the woman at Toyota called it a "Warranty Enhancement") issue related to the vvt-i oil line. However, now it seems we need a new catalytic converter etc. etc., but the real problem seems to be with the faulty engine, which has been spurting oil all over the place for (I guess) several years. We were never informed of this recall. So we have spent over $2,500 on an engine that was already ruined through no fault of our own. We have regularly changed the oil on the car.

I bought it new in 2005 (it was under my husband's name) for over $35,000. It has the 8-passenger option, winter kit and some window tinting, but it's the basic model for the most part. In 2008, at three years old, the electronic door stopped working. Neither doors work in freezing temperatures. The doors freeze shut. My five children have to maneuver from the front passenger side door and enter through the trunk with one seat folded down. It's a very inconvenient design and I regret buying it. The warranty does not cover this. Using the sliding door handles also loosens the nuts inside the door. My handle fell off and the parts fell inside the door.

The heater only works on the driver's side. When the heat is on, the passenger's side blows regular air. I live in Maine and it gets very cold here. I dislike having purchased an expensive vehicle and riding in discomfort. I feel that I paid more because of Toyota's reputation for making dependable vehicles. I was driving and my gas pedal stopped working. It was very scary. I couldn't move it to the side of the road because the road had no shoulder. I was worried about being in the road. I had a bad ignition coil and have a bad cylinder. This wasn't discovered with the safety inspection which I had the day before.

I don't trust this vehicle. I wouldn't purchase a Toyota again. I have also been unhappy with my dealership service. I scheduled an alignment and they outsourced it to the Ford dealership. I went to my appointment, showed up at the Toyota dealership, and they seemed confused. I didn't even know where the Ford dealership was located. It was a frustrating experience for me. I feel they didn't appreciate my patronage. (I have also had my tire fall off, but I had my tires serviced at a local tire shop, not the dealership. I'm not sure if that was connected with the vehicle or with the service center.)

I've had my 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE for a few years now. 319k miles and still going! Only repairs have been AC compressor and timing belt, water pump, which I consider normal wear. She uses a little more oil but after the undeniable dependability of this van, I don't mind at all. Transmission still shifts like it did when it was new.

I have owned my 2007 Toyota Sienna van for 1 1/2 yrs. I love it. 3rd Toyota I've owned in 6 yrs. Great cars. Only issue is bad design. Last year, extender arm broke while rear panel vent window open and window came out of track and smashed on road. And last week, opposite side wasn't even open and it fell out of track, broke off end of arm and also smashed on road. Both times I was on highway doing 65 mph. Luckily no one was hit by glass. I called my dealer Jim White Toyota in Toledo and they said they would tell the manager and they never heard of problem. This is a design flaw. I'm out about $500 in repairs and thank God no one got hurt. Has anyone else had this issue?

Third row seat rattle. Multiple times to the dealer. No luck. Toyota said it's a design issue, refuse to do anything, won't do anything. Pretty much a design issue since 2011. So much for customer relationship and quality. Do not buy TOYOTA again! I think a lawsuit needs to be started.

This is the worst car I have ever owned! Both power doors immediately broke. $2,600 each to fix? I don't think so! Now the transmission has gone! $5,000 to fix! Are you kidding me! I will never buy a Toyota again and I want to be part of the class action lawsuit that all of the Sienna owners should be a part of!

I heard a rattling noise near the serpentine belt in my 2012 Sienna. I was hoping it was a bearing in the idler pulley. It turns out it is a bearing in the water pump. 15 hours of labor to drop the engine to replace the water pump, total cost for the repair is $1750. The water pump should last longer than 3 years, but to have to drop the engine to replace it is ridiculous. What a poor design. It is my first Toyota and will probably be my last Toyota.

2008 Sienna AWD Limited Van - Bent Rear Axle: When I had my tires rotated in spring they told me I needed an alignment. Took my van to Les Schwab for alignment. They aligned the front but told me they could not align my rear axle as it was bent. They asked if I had been in a severe accident or gone airborne in my van. I am a 60 year old women that has not had a accident or gone airborne in my van. Needless to say I took it to Toyota for some recall work and had them look at my rear axle. They said only one side was bent, where Les Schwab and my husband who has been a mechanic for over 45 years said both sides were bent. Toyota would not cover my axle unless 2 parts have failed. Excuse me but I was not very happy. They told me I must have gone in a big pothole or someone backed into my wheel.

No damage to any wheels and no potholes the size of a large sink hole. My husband just took the back right wheel off of my van up on our lift and showed me how bad they are bent. He said worst design he has ever seen and would bet Toyota know all about it. It is basically designed after a motorcycle swing arm and is suppose to hold up that heavy van. He spent over $40,000.00 on that van when it was new and can't believe the shoddy workmanship it has. I am sure there are a lot of people out there that have had the same thing happen. I am basically the only one that drives my van and all I haul are groceries. Don't get me wrong I love my van, but it has lost it reliability with me. It also has an extended warranty on it up until 100,000 miles, it is nearing that right now. You can call me anytime and I will be glad to give you receipts or verify anything. Thanks for listening.

I have a 2007 Toyota Sienna with 153,000 miles. Two days ago on the way home from work, my vehicle started hesitating when I went to accelerate. As I was emerging off of the expressway it made this horrible sound and stop accelerating up the hill. No engine lights or other lights were illuminated on the dash. I immediately called AAA and the driver immediately said, "It's your transmission." I couldn't believe that's so.

In any case had the vehicle towed to the Toyota service center. The service center had my vehicle the entire day and called the following day to say that my transmission fell apart. What?? How does a transmission just fall apart? They told me that they didn't know and couldn't tell me because they would have to charge me man-hours to research. I am so upset. Toyota vehicles should get more mileage. And considering the fact that it cost $5717.00!!! That's more than what the van is worth. I called Corporate and no one has returned my calls. Outraged!!

Toyota Sienna 2005 - We bought this vehicle from Toyota dealer in 2009 and it has been problem after problem! The engine knocked after and had it rebuilt and it has engine problems again. We have spent so much on this vehicle that it's a shame we have to junk it after just 10 years of its existence! Shame shame! I thought Toyotas had long life! Wrong! I am so disappointed the power doors jammed as soon as we bought it! Will be taking it to the dealer for a trade in as a last result! Hoping for some good news!

2006 Toyota Sienna Van. Wife driving vehicle when van started to act weird. Van started losing power and engine revving at the same time. Van felt like it was going to stall. Drove a short distance and parked in a parking lot. Got out of vehicle and noticed pooling of red fluid and a trail of it from where I just drove. Turns out transmission line from the radiator just detached. Not broken or leaking from seal but literally detached. I could easily see the nut, thread, and gasket at the end of the transmission line, but cannot see any reason for it just to simply pull away from the radiator. Lost all our transmission fluid and majority of radiator fluid. The extent of the damage has not yet been determined.

My driver reported his 2014 Sienna has a bad water pump. Toyota will not cover, under warranty (over the 25,000 miles). We do not mind paying for repairs but this vehicle is only 17 months old. Come on Toyota. I have 80 plus of these vehicles in our fleet.

Waiting and waiting for spare tire cable replacement. Nothing happens. Have a Corolla with a water pump leak for which a technical services bulletin has been issued, but will not replace free of charge in the Sienna. Have had Toyotas for 20+ years... These will be the last!!! Dealers do not stand behind, meaning also Toyota does not.

The electronic rear passenger side sliding door stopped working approx. 5 years ago on my 2005 Sienna. It would not opened manually or electronically. Since it wasn't covered under recall or warranty I just opted to not use it. Recently the rear driver side manual door stopped opening. Door won't open at all. My children have to climb through the front to get into their seats. I took it to my mechanic who had to remove the door and take it apart in order to make the repairs. The cost is $600. I'm beyond annoyed having to pay this much but I need to transport my children. The fact that neither door opens is a safety issue that Toyota is not addressing. I called Toyota and filed a complaint. I also called National highway traffic safety administration and filed a complaint. If enough of us complain, maybe it will be recognized and hopefully corrected.

Honestly, my last Toyota van went 347K miles and I traded it in on my 2012 Sienna XLE AWD. I now have just over 32k miles, it has been un-Toyota like. First, I had issues with upper strut mounts, they are now plastic, and shrink and expand in the weather, which causes noise in the front end over time. The interior quality is terrible, I have a fraying of the armrest, which my last one after 12 years never had any of these issues. The dash creeks as well, which is not Toyota like.

Now I have an issue with the power doors, which randomly open themselves up at 75+ MPH on the highway. Which since I bought it because I like vans, not because I have kids, if I had kids, I would have flipped out because having doors open at highway speed should probably be something that shouldn't happen on a 50K+ dollar van. Next Toyota I buy is a 2000 - 2006 model, never buy anything past that point. They have not only taken queues from GM on style, they have started to follow them with quality. Garbage.

The spare tire assembly in my 2009 Toyota Sienna (mounted under the car) was found to rust in the area of the country where salt is used (in winter months). The danger is that the spare tire can fall off causing accidents leading to possible injuries and even death. Toyota knew about the problem and was corrected in the later models. Galvanized steel of vinyl coated parts can prevent rusting (5th grade science student can tell you that). Toyota is dragging their feet telling owners they are working on the fix.

The "temporary" solution was to clip the cable holding the spare tire and place the spare tire in the trunk. This basically eliminates Toyota's liability. I have been riding with the spare tire in my trunk for almost a year. The spare tire in the trunk prevents me from folding last row of seat into the floor. The feature that allowed easy folding of the last row of seats into the floor was important in my decision to buy Toyota Sienna. I have contacted Toyota with my plight. Their answer is they working toward the fix and will get back to me later this summer (no date).

This minivan has been a lemon since the run. Flat tires blew twice! Since then this van has cost me over $13,415 in repairs. This car was never touched by anyone other than a Toyota service station. Everything that can and will go wrong has and now it died while driving on the highway. It was towed to another Toyota dealer and now they need $5000 for the transmission. I hate this car and will never buy a Toyota again!

I have received the third Recall notice for my Toyota 2004 Sienna Van to have the cable that holds the spare tire outside under the floor inspected to see if needs to be replaced under the recall. I had this checked on the first recall notice on 11/10/10 (3 1/2 years ago). They said the cable was OK. They said they applied a rust inhibitor to the cable and installed a "Floor Seal Kit". Since then, I have received two more notices about the recall, the last one arriving 05/29/15. This is the problem: The final fix is to replace the cable with a newly designed one when the recalled part is available. In the meantime, if they inspect it and find you do not have the latest cable, their documented guidelines say the obsolete cable will have to be cut and rolled back up so it cannot be used again until the recall parts are available. (There is no defined date for that).

Now, the spare tire will have to be relocated inside the van by leaving the back row of seats up to make room for the tire to strapped down in the space left by raising the seats. I would now lose the use of the third row of seats when used as a passenger van. I would now have a 4 seat van instead of 7 seats. If I needed to use the van to carry cargo, I would have to remove the spare tire in order to lower the rear seats back into the floor.

This all means I could no longer use my van in a 7 passenger configuration, or use it to hall cargo as I do many times a week, and carry my spare tire. This situation would exist until the final recall, which is undefined, provides the new cable parts. I lowered my tire to check the status of my cable. While it is not rusted and appears to be safe to use, it is not the new required cable, and will probably have to be cut and replaced. I cannot afford to have my Toyota dealer cut my cable to relocate the tire, and leave me without the normal full use of my van for what could be months away. Toyota certainly dropped the ball on this one.

Bought a new Toyota Sienna xle 2014 model. Right from the second day, I observed rattling noise from 3rd row seat. Pop noise from passenger door (Intermittent). So far I've done 7-9 trips to the dealer (Victory Toyota Canton, MI), but no luck. Tried Arbitration with Toyota, but didn't work out. Since rattling noise is not a security concern, they can not do anything. My suggestions to future buyers - Don't buy a Toyota Sienna, if at all you decided to buy, don't buy from Victory Toyota Canton, MI. My experience with them is very bad. Hope this will be of some help to new buyers.

In November 2013, my husband of only four months stopped to help an elderly couple stranded on the side of interstate with a flat on their 2009 Sienna minivan. The couple had no clue how to get the spare to drop from underneath the van. They had even taken it to Walmart Tire & Lube and another tire and wheel business to ask prior to this day and they couldn't tell them how to do it either. In the process of looking around under the van at the spare housing to attempt to figure it out, the jack fell and my husband was crushed by the couple's van. He spent 5 days in ICU before we removed him from life support due to no brain activity.

Even after he was taken from the scene by rescue workers and an AAA worker arrived, he had problems figuring out how to access it and finally found two lines buried deep in the owners manual about removing the clipped in mats and popping out a piece in the floorboard. My aunt had this same van and experienced problems when she had a flat one day. Rather than continue to risk the safety of the young man who had stopped to help her, she had him remove the flat tire and rim and her husband carried her to the nearest Walmart for a brand new tire while they left their vehicle on the side of interstate. All because they could not figure out how to drop the spare.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience accessing the spare tire? This seems like the type of thing that should be self-explanatory to your average vehicle owner/operator. What if they had purchased a used vehicle without the owners manual? A ten cent sticker stuck to the jack or a warning label on the spare housing could have prevented this tragedy.

I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna. Since 2007 my engine has had pinging noise coming out of it. I took it to the dealer and the service guy said "that's called engine ping. It's due to bad gasoline." That's what the service man told me and there was nothing he can do about it. Since then now 2015 the sound is worse than ever. I have to get to 25 mph so that the sound can go away. Saw an article online saying that Toyota has had problems with Toyota Sienna model year 2004-2006. What a surprise. What can I do?

Toyota Sienna 2007 - My mini van was recalled for the spare tire located under the car due to corrosion of the cables. The remedy is to pull up the 3rd row seats and tie the spare down in that space. I can no longer put the 3rd row seats down and have lost all cargo space. They have no solution at this time how to fix the problem nor a time estimate when this will happen. I travel with a wheel chair and can no longer have the chair and groceries or any other items in the back at the same time. The recommendation from the service area was to take the tire out and store it in another space i.e., my garage. I asked them if I get a flat tire would the come out and bring a tire at that time. This recall is covering 2004-2011 mini vans. I cannot believe I am the only one with this issue. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Toyota. I can say I will never buy another Toyota and we have always owned one.

Drivers side rear sliding door started intermittently not unlatching and could not open at about 65,000 miles. Then Passenger side rear sliding power door stopped opening. I took to the dealer for recall on doors and they could only fix the passenger side door. Said the latch was not covered under warranty. Supposedly fixed this problem but stopped working again soon after. Car has been back 2 times to be fixed again because unable to open properly. Just picked up car this afternoon, and again it is not working properly. I believe this is a safety hazard, as only one door now opens, and that door is sketchy. I used to be a huge Toyota fan, but will never purchase a Toyota again. If you look on the internet there are countless issues with the sliding doors.

I believe the product to be defective/less quality because of the issue that I had faced with this vehicle 2 weeks back while driving in the freeway. Two weeks back while I was driving with my family (wife and 2 kids) the vehicle on 275 S freeway @ 70 mph on 8th March 2015 1:00 AM, the Engine Check light turned on and I noticed the engine heat indicator fluctuate like a fuel indicator. I tried to slow down, but by that time I lost the power of the vehicle, which made it really hard for me to steer the vehicle between the lanes and take it out of freeway to a shoulder, the brakes were not functioning either.

It was one of my scariest ride I had in my life (You can imagine yourself, engine losing power while driving in a Freeway, I was with my entire family, and not having control on the vehicle), it put me and my family at such a big risk. Glad I was able to somehow take the vehicle out of the freeway and used the parking brake to bring the vehicle to a stop at a Freeway shoulder @ 8 mile road exit.

The next day, I took the vehicle to Victory Toyota of Canton, a Toyota dealer for diagnosis. After thorough diagnosis from the dealer, he figured out the Engine water pump failed, which lead to the engine getting overheated and engine got damaged, which needs to be replaced. They came back with the cost of 10,000 USD for fixing the vehicle. The vehicle has only 66,860 miles on the odometer.

If you own a Sienna Model Year 2008-2010 and your Power Sliding Door Cable Assembly breaks, PLEASE report it to TOYOTA Customer Care at 800-331-4331. If enough people complain, TOYOTA will extend their existing Warranty Enhancement from 2004-2007 to 2004-2010. Toyota is aware that this cable assembly is faulty on 2008-2010 but haven't included us in their "Customer Support Program" due to the fact that they haven't received enough complaints. My 2010 Sienna, which is currently 5 years old, had the cable split. My dealership wanted to charge me $2500. When I complained I was advised to called Toyota Customer Care, who after several painstaking hours on the phone, offered to pay for a portion of the repair. They suggested I hold onto the bill so that I may be reimbursed in the future should they ever decide to extend the warranty to my vehicle's model year.

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